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Casualty Roll: 1stNC Sharp Shooters at Fredericksburg 5/3 & 5/4/1863
Confederate States Army Casualties M836-6
National Archives & Records Administration
Abstracted by Billy Markland

Transcriber's Note: This roll was extremely faint on the microfilm. I have cross-checked the names against the Compiled Service Record Index (C.S.R.) for the 1st NC Sharp Shooters for accuracy's sake. I have added notes where either the person from the Casualty Roll was not listed in the C.S.R. or if a major difference between the C.S.R. & the Casualty Roll occurred.

Surname Given   Rank   Co.   Casualty   Location   Remarks Notes
Baxter H.   Pvt.   B   Wounded   Arm   Severely  
Buchanan J.   Capt.   A   Wounded   Side   Severely Not listed on C.S.R.
Chitty Reuben   Pvt.       Wounded   Side   Slight  
Close S?.D.   Corp.   B   Wounded   Hand   Slight  
Cook J.   Pvt.   B   Wounded   Thigh   Severely  
Denny E.   Pvt.   A   Wounded   Hand   Slight  
Fogle Saml.   Pvt.   B   Wounded   Arm   Amputated  
Hauser W.H.   Pvt.   B   Wounded   Thigh   Severely  
Hendrix L.   Pvt.   B   Wounded   Stomach   Slight  
Ingram E.J?.   Pvt.   B   Wounded   Arm   Slight  
Marchman? Wm.   Pvt.   B   Wounded         Not listed on C.S.R.
Miller W.L.   Pvt.   B   Wounded   Side   Slight Not listed on C.S.R.
Philips C.T.   Sgt.       Wounded   Hand   Slight  
Schultz C.A.   Lt.   B   Wounded   Thigh   Slight  
Shouse Wiley   Pvt.   B   Wounded   Head   Slight  
Shugen Isaac   Pvt.   A   Wounded   Hand   Slight C.S.R. has Isaac L. SHUGART as enlisting as a Corp. Co. B.
Snyder Wm.   Pvt.   B   Wounded   Hand   Slight  
Williams R.H.   Pvt.   A   Wounded   Hand   Slight  
Wilson J.H.   Corp.   B   Wounded   Thigh   Slight