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Mail I received about Earl of Donegal passengers and their descendants, and anyone else who received Royal Land Grants on the same day in Charleston, SC is posted below.

If you e-mail me, please write "EARL OF DONEGAL" in your subject line, name your ancestors who were Earl of Donegal passengers and provide links to your own web-site. If you write about one of my web-pages, please provide its address (URL). The e-mail addresses below were posted in order to help possible descendants of Earl of Donegal passengers contact each other, and will be removed upon request. If information you sent me is not posted below, please email it to me again to make sure I received it. Mail from people who are not sure they are descendants of persons named on Earl of Donegal documents is posted separately, at the bottom of this web-page.

To see a good example of the kind of information I like to post on this web-page, please click on this link: RUSSELL

Any of the following information about Earl of Donegal passengers is welcome:

  1. the names of their ancestors, siblings, children and grandchildren
  2. the names of the towns or farms, etc. from which they came, where they settled in America and the location of their land grants
  3. the locations, email addresses, phone numbers, oral traditions, history, genealogy, religious affiliation and web pages of their descendants

To read what descendants of some of the passengers aboard the Earl of Donegal wrote to me, please scroll down, or click on the HIGHLIGHTED passenger names in the following table:

1..Alston 245
2..Anderson 39
7..Andrew 180
6..Ballentine 102, 105
7..Bell 24
4..BLAIR 225
1..Bonar 75
3..Boyd 210, 238
3..Brown 76
6..BROWNLOW 288, 295
2..Cahy 14
7..Caldwell 151, 177, 229, 294, 296
3..Carol 240
1..Carson? 150
2..Cary 212
1..Crawford 239
1..Dunlap 269
2..DUNSMAN 243
2..Frazier 124
1..Gaston 164
1..Glass 268
7..Gray 197
12.Hall 136, 187
1..Hamilton 31
1..Hannah 293
9..Harbison 116, 172
13.HARPER 273, 276
1..Hook 129
1..Johnston 297
9..KELSO 79
3..Kirkpatrick 147
7..KNOX 232, 270
3..Lamont 222
4..MAN 214
6..Marshall 204
2..McCartney 230
8..McCLELAND 104, 247, 272
3..McCullough 16
3..McDougal 43, 246
8..McDowell 45
5..McKewn 32
1..McKinney 101
1..Moore 9
1..Murphy 160
2..Owen 41
8..Robinson 126, 131
2..Rodgers 274
7..RUSSELL 253
1..Simpson 1
1..Singleton 130
19.SPENCE 19, 37, 144, 153, 161
7..TAYLOR 109
6..Thomson 260
6..USHER 40
1..Vernon 267
6..WALKER 191
9..WHITE 63, 74
15.WILSON 10, 88, 120
1..Winter 271
15.WYLIE 95, 152, 165, 266

Click on highlighted names (links) below for more information about a family. I used bold format to emphasize some text.


From: Deborah "Debbie" Plagens <> 6 Mar 2001 ...I am from Northeast Texas. The 4 Armstongs on this Ship were my ancestors.... I have been working on this for about 4-5 years. I have looked often and found nothing. I travel and visit libraries, etc.... One decescendant of Samuel is John Robinson that Married on Dec 9, 1840 in Benton Co., AL an Elizabeth Jane Walker, a Cherokee. I have found date in both books on Alabama marriages, but nothing about her. She was 14 making her born in abt. 1826.... Would love to find proof info on her.

From Larry  D. Humphries <> 3016 Richfield Dr. Columbia, SC 29201 on 4 Sep 2000. ...I am a descendant of three families that came over on the "Earl of Donegal." 1. Michael Wilson family... settled in Abbeville Co. SC. 2. Robert Man family... settled in Newberry Co. SC. 3. Samuel Armstrong family... settled first on Wateree Creek... then moved to Abbeville Co. SC.


From : "Debbie Owen" <> Oct 01, 2008
I am descended from the Blair family in this list. Please double check the age of James Blair on line 227. Debbie Owen

STEWART's ANSWER: A large Blair family lives around Blair in Fairfield County, SC. I think they have a book about their genealogy. I do not know whether their ancestor was aboard the Earl of Donegal.
I think the Earl of Donegal list is published in a book, possibly named "Scots Irish Immigrants to SC".

BLAKELY, Blakeney, Blakney

From: Charis <> Aug 05, 2006 04:10 PM I am descended from Chambers Blakely & his brother David. Chambers married Catherine WHITE who also was from Ireland in 1774 in SC. They removed from SC in 1782 and came to Nova Scotia & New Brunswick as Loyalists. I have written a book on them AND THEIR NEIGHBOURS IN SC from 1767 to 1782 - My Help Comes From Above. Ray H. Blakeney

From: Tom Blakney <> 425-432-2928, Feb 28, 2006 I am descended from David Blakeney, son of William Blakeney (or Blakely) and just recently found your web site.

From: Debbie BLAKELY Cox "C & D Log Homes" <> 30 Sep 2000 about BLAKELY family ...I'm descended from Chambers BLAKELY, son of William and Elizabeth BLAKELY aboard the Earl of Donegal. Do you know of other descendents?

STEWART''s ANSWER: Please send me information about the web pages, history, genealogy, and first few generations of this family in America.


From: Gretchen Boyd <> 31 Jan 2001 My family went to New Zealand, but most of the original family is in Ardara, Donegal. They have well documented family history, as they still use the same churches, houses etc. The Morrorows' in Donegal are Boyds' too. So you could try them.


From: Bette Brownlow <> 18 Mar 2001...I am a Brownlow descendent from the Earl of Donegal which sailed from Belfast to Charleston in 1767.

From: "Jason Lee Edwards" <> 18 Apr 2000 ....I am a descendant of the William and Jane Brownlow through their son John. I have always heard that the family arived on the Chichester from Ireland. If you would like any information please respond...


From: Signe Parrish, Yucaipa, CA <> Jun 18, 2006 Our Cunningham family arrived on the Earl of Donegal: Arthur b. 1737 age 30 received 300 acres (he was b. in 1725 by our records); Jane, his wife; Anne, daughter age 7; James, son age 1. Arthur lived until 1828, 103 years old. He settled on Beaver Creek, Kershaw county in SC. He and his wives are buried in the Summerville-Cunningham cemetery on Liberty Hill..

DUNSMAN, Dunsmore, Dinsmore

From : William Lindsey Oct 24, 2007: Hi, I've just revisited the Earl of Donegal website, and see that the information posted in the share section about my contact information needs to be updated. Could you please replace the email address you have on the site with my current one, I'm also sending you a genealogy report (see DINSMORE.htm) on David Dunsmore/Dinsmore, my Earl of Donegal ancestor. I believe I have found much more information about his life and family since I last sent you information. This may be useful to others--please feel free to share it. Thanks, Bill Lindsey
From: William Lindsey <> 29 Jun 2000 I've just found your website about the passengers aboard the Earl of Donegal which arrived on Dec. 10, 1767, in Charleston.
I had ancestors aboard the ship. They were David and Margaret DINSMORE, whose names often are transcribed as Dunsman.
They received land grants south of the Tyger River in Craven, later Spartanburg, Co., SC. Later land records place the land on Jamey's Creek of the Tyger.
David Dinsmore was born in Ireland in 1750, and died in Spartanburg Co. in 1779. Margaret was born in Ireland in 1747, and died after 21 April 1806 in Wayne Co., KY.
I know of at least three children: John (15 Sept. 1774, Craven Co., SC--16 Dec. 1858, Lawrence Co., AL), who m. Phebe (Woodruff?); Mary Jane (1779, Craven Co., SC--10 March 1853, Oakville, Lawrence Co., AL), m. Mark Lindsey; and Mary (m. Nathaniel Woodruff).
I don't have any substantial information on the Irish origins of this family. Histories of the New England branch of the Dinsmores say that they all descend from a family in Ballywattick, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Ireland.
But there are some indications that David Dinsmore is closely related to a Dinsmore family that settled in Morgan Co., AL, and which brought papers from a Presbyterian congregation in Fahan, the parish of Templemore, Co. Donegal, Ireland....
P.S. Mark and Mary Jane Dinsmore Lindsey are my gggg-grandparents.
From William D. Lindsey <> 06 Jul 2000: ...the announcement of the arrival of the ship Earl of in the issue for Monday, Dec. 14, 1767 (vol. 33, #1681), p. 3. The announcements of ship arrivals are usually in a little column in the GAZETTE called "Maritime News." I read the original at the SC Archives, which has the GAZETTE on microfilm. I would imagine that the LDS libraries also have filmed copies, since they seem to have about the same items as the SC Archives.

STEWART''s ANSWER: If somebody scans the annoucement or any other document relevant to the ship as a .jpg or .gif file, and emails it to me, I will add it to this Earl of Donegal web page.


From: LEROY HARPER JR" <> Mar 15, 2009 - Do you have a list of all of the Harper Family that arrived in Charleston in 1767. I am trying to get information on James Harper age 16. Is his Father listed? I just found this link yesterday and hope that this will break my wall. Leroy Harper

From: "Joanne Harper" <> Jul 16, 2007 - In recent tracings of my family genealogy I find that William Harper (born 1704 in Belfast, Antrim County) his wife Margaret (born 1711) and their children were passengers on the Earl of Donegal in 1767. You may be delighted to know that Margaret's maiden name was Knox, her father listed as William, I am unaware of her mother's name. I believe that the Knox family listed aboard the Donegal to be her close relatives.
Daniel (listed aboard) eventually set up practice as a doctor along with Dr. JAMES KNOX (also aboard the Donegal) and practiced medicine until his death at the age of 46. Daniel married Sarah Dickey Cantzon who was the widow of Dr. Jean Cantzon(Canson) a Frenchman who practiced medicine in Waxhaw and vicinity. Daniel Harper and James Knox both continued to practice medicine in the Waxhaw area. Dr. Harper lies buried in the Old Wazhaw Presbyterian Church cemetery in Lancaster County, SC.
My family descends through William Harper son of William and Agnes Harper, he married Dicey Hundley daughter of Charles Hundley of South Carolina and they gave birth to James Southern Harper (1801) John Wesley Harper (1806) and Henry B. Harper in 1809. William, after the death of Dicey, along with his sons migrated to Caldwell County Kentucky .
The Harper family in South Carolina is reported to have attended the old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church. I do not know if that is where Reverend Knox preached. The Harper family continued to have strong Presbyterian ties even as they migrated to Kentucky.
I hope that this information is helpful to someone and of course, if you have any "stories" of these interesting ancestors, I would love to hear them. I am also seeking information regarding the origins of William Harper (1704) Belfast Ireland and would like to know who his parents were.

STEWART''s ANSWER: The Harper family received four or five contiguous royal land grants which were located almost adjacent to the royal land grant of my tritavus James Stewart, and near the Fairfield and Chester county line. They were later combined into a thousand acre plantation owned by Major John? Moore. I think a Mobley sold that tract to a pulpwood company a few decades ago.

From : Jean Carter <> Nov 19, 2006 - Hi, Just found your site. Been working on my family lines. WILLIAM and MARGARET HARPER.
In my family book: Descendants of William Harper, Irish Immigrant to Lancaster County, SC. by Viola C. Floyd.
The SC Council Journal lists all the immigrant who came to South Carolina from 1763 throught 1773. These have been compiled and published by Miss. Janie Revill.
The December 1767 the ship, the Earl of Donegal, arrived at the port of Charleston, SC carrying a load of immigrants from Ireland. Duncan Ferguson, the ship's master, signed a sworn statement that all those aboard were Protestants.
Anyone else searching for this Harper lines? Also searching for Hercules Huey from Ireland and William Odom.

From: Todd Alexander <> 26 May 2005 - Hello, I just wanted to tell you how happy I was to find your website with the ship Earl of Donegal that came to America in 1767 - The Harper family (William, Margaret, their
sons/daughters/grandsons/daughters) are my ancestors and I was just doing some research and was happy to find their info on your website. Anyway, thank you! Todd Alexander, 25, Tucson, AZ

From K.L. Johnston <> 21 Aug 2000 - I stumbled on your page on Earl of Donegal passengers, and I believe that I am a descendant of the Agnes Aston Harper in the lists. If I have figured this out correctly, I am descended from her by her second marriage to Joseph Lee. I tried to check out what other folks had written in about the Harpers, but could not seem to get that page to come up. Do you have further information on Agnes, the Harpers, and/or the Astons? I can give you some pretty complete information about the man I believe was her second husband and his family. It was pretty exciting seeing finding your page....

From : "Fuller, Kelly" <> Nov 01, 2007: about Earl of Donegal descendants
My relatives were on board that vessel. I wrote a previous post, but my e-mail address has changed since then. I am re-married and my name is now Kelly Fuller. I have two daughters who are very interested in family history. My email address is Thanks so much!
From Kelly Marshall Burch <> <> or <Kgirrl@excite.com22> Jul 2000 ...I had relatives on that ship. My ancestor was William Harper, who received land in Craven County, on Wildcat Creek. That's now known as Lancaster, County, in South Carolina.
The Harpers and the Marshalls still live around one another in the Elgin Community, right where they settled long ago. I now live in Georgetown, S.C. I am married and have two children. I am looking for more information about the Earl of Donegal. What size boat? What made the people climb on that ship and leave Ireland? Where were they from. I have a lot more info. at home about William Harper and his descendents. I'm at work right now, so I don't have it with me. There were also Marshalls on that ship. Marshall was my maiden name.

KELSO - Kelsey

From Stephen M. Lawson, Port Orchard, WA, USA on 6 Dec 2000 about KELSO on the Earl of Donegal ....My KELSO/KELSEY line and what information I have on the immigrants Samuel and Susannah is at .

STEWART - Some history and genealogy about other families of Chester and nearby counties is also at Mr. Lawson's excellent web site.

From Robert E. Morrow <> 5 Feb 2000 Thanks for posting the passenger list for Earl of Donegal. I was able to find my gggggrandmother, Margaret Kelso. Chester County

From "Marolyn" <> 6 Feb 2000 I know very little about the Kelso family other than Margarett married David Morrow. They moved to Dallas Co. Ala. in 1819 with their children. I have attempted to locate Margarett's grave without success. I am trying to find out what I can about the Morrow family. My guess is Margarett and her family were Presbyterians as were the Morrows....

Posted on the Chester County Bulletin Board by Robert Morrow <> on Thu, 10 Feb 2000 in response to ships list posted by Tammy on Mon, 07 Feb 2000 Surname: Kelso, Morrow, Wylie Chester County,SC
My Margarett Kelso was the daughter of Samuel Kelso and Susan Mills. Born in Co. Antrim Ireland about 1760. Married David Morrow 1783 and lived in the Rocky River section of Chester county. Moved to Dallas Co. AL in 1819.
Peter Wylie gave an affidavit for John Morrow's widow in the 1840s, saying his father, William Wylie was with John Morrow when he was killed during the Revolution...

STEWART - Please see the name WYLIE below.

From: Chuck Gibson <> 30 Mar 2000 17:09 My Mary Kelso/Kelsey was a sister to Samuel and was married to Hugh Cooper (of Fishing Creek) but the page won't load so I can see if they are listed....

From Donna Brown <> 19 Mar 2000 22:04 Hello, I am looking for the parents of my GGGGrandfather James S. YOUNG b. 1790 SC. He married Susannah KELSEY 1821 in S.C. Susannah dau of Hugh & margaret (MILLS) KELSEY. James & Susannah had 8 children all born in Chester Co., S.C. James & Susannah left Chester Co. abt. 1840 and moved to Monroe Co., Indiana. there James died in 1854. The family later moved on to Christian Co., Illinois. I can not seem to find a lead to whom James parents were.....
From: "Donna Brown" <> 16 Apr 2000 23:13 about Young (Chester Co., S.C.....Yes, my KELSEY family is the same KELSO family you mentioned. If you ever run across the parents of my James S. YOUNG that married Susannah KELSEY, let me know....


From : "Joanne Harper" <> Jul 16, 2007: In recent tracings of my family genealogy I find that William Harper (born 1704 in Belfast, Antrim County) his wife Margaret (born 1711) and their children were passengers on the Earl of Donegal in 1767. You may be delighted to know that Margaret's maiden name was Knox, her father listed as William, I am unaware of her mother's name. I believe that the Knox family listed aboard the Donegal to be her close relatives.
Daniel (listed aboard) eventually set up practice as a doctor along with Dr. JAMES KNOX (also aboard the Donegal) and practiced medicine until his death at the age of 46. Daniel married Sarah Dickey Cantzon who was the widow of Dr. Jean Cantzon (Canson) a Frenchman who practiced medicine in Waxhaw and vicinity. Daniel Harper and James Knox both continued to practice medicine in the Waxhaw area. Dr. Harper lies buried in the Old Wazhaw Presbyterian Church cemetery in Lancaster County, SC.
My family descends through William Harper son of William and Agnes Harper, he married Dicey Hundley daughter of Charles Hundley of South Carolina and they gave birth to James Southern Harper (1801) John Wesley Harper (1806) and Henry B. Harper in 1809. William, after the death of Dicey, along with his sons migrated to Caldwell County Kentucky .
The Harper family in South Carolina is reported to have attended the old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church. I do not know if that is where Reverend Knox preached. The Harper family continued to have strong Presbyterian ties even as they migrated to Kentucky.
I hope that this information is helpful to someone and of course, if you have any "stories" of these interesting ancestors, I would love to hear them. I am also seeking information regarding the origins of William Harper (1704) Belfast Ireland and would like to know who his parents were.

From Jim Davis, Atlanta, "Carol Comstock & Jim Davis" <> 18 Sep 2000 ...I BELIEVE that the John, Elizabeth and Hugh Knox in your list are my ancestors. Their names and dates match up with published genealogies, and I'm willing to buy into the idea, at least tentatively (having been burned many times by telling people that I had no doubt about something, only to be proven wrong).
If they are indeed my guys, Elizabeth's maiden name was Gaston, and she was the daughter of William Gaston and Olivet Lemmon Gaston of Clough Water, County Antrim. William was the grandson or great-grandson of Jean Gaston, who left France for Scotland in the 1600s. The most popular source for Gaston info is Max Perry of Midland, TX. I have no info on John's parents (maybe the William listed below was his twin brother or cousin)....


From Larry  D. Humphries 3016 Richfield Dr. Columbia, SC 29201 <> on 4 Sep 2000. Hi, I am a descendant of three families that came over on the "Earl of Donegal." 1. Michael Wilson family... settled in Abbeville Co. SC. 2. Robert Man family... settled in Newberry Co. SC. 3. Samuel Armstrong family... settled first on Wateree Creek... then moved to Abbeville Co. SC.


From: "Jennie Motheral" <> May 31, 2008
I am trying to find out any information regarding the McClelands on the Earl of Donegal in Dec. 1767. My ancestor was Robert McCleland, age 19 (Line 272) and I have been looking for information that might connect him with the James McCleland family (Lines 247 – 252). There is also a Margaret McClelan, age 21. Their ages fit that they could possibly all be of the same family but I have never found any real documentation. James is not a name that followed down through Robert’s family, as most generations seem to include and be much like the first generation using Samuel, Thomas, Elias Baxter (reported to haves been a neighbor), and Robert. Anne ? was his wife and Mary Anne was his only daughter who married another McCleland (McClellan).
If there is any other documentation regarding these passengers that might shed some light on this lineage I would greatly appreciate knowing about it.
Thanks for all the work that has been done on the Earl of Donegal.
Jennie McLellan Motheral, Texas

From: "Bruce Motheral" <> Apr 25, 2007
I am looking for any information regarding Robert McCleland (McClellan) who departed on the ship "The Earl of Donegal", Duncan Ferguson, Master, from Belfast, Ireland, on the 17 August, 1767 and arrived in Charleston, SC harbor on December 3, 1767 with 250 Protestants. Robert was age 19 and was awarded a bounty of 100 acres in Craven Co., SC, as recorded in council Journal 33, at a council meeting dated December 22, 1767. I have a lot of family genealogy on his descendants but none on his ancestors. He married Anne ? perhaps soon after his arrival and his will was probated on 19 January, 1802 in Will Book A, York Dist, SC. His will was dated 10 Dec, 1801. His children were:
Samuel (22 Sep 1768)
Thomas (abt 1770)
Elias Baxter (1772)
Robert (1774)
Mary Ann (1776)
All were born in York Dist. or county, SC.
Any insight to Robert's parentage and/or ancestors in either Ireland or Scotland would be greatly appreciated.
"Jennie McLellan" <>

From: Sam Stewart, Anniston, Alabama <> 28 Aug 2000 about Robert McCleland, named on the 2nd list of Earl of Donegal passengers. The 19 year old Robert McCleland, according to family records, is my gggg grandfather. Is there information in Ireland or Scotland that might be available ? He was a father at 20 and his wife was named Ann (?). Were there marriages recorded on that voyage?
My Matthew Stewart, b ca 1773, appeared in Greenup County, Ky. in 1793 when he married Elizabeth Gitthens. Where do you suggest that I check on their entry to the USA?


From: "Brian Swann" <>, <> Jan 26, 2008 about the Russell Family: I believe that some of my ancestors are on this list (Line 253). The Russell family came from Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland aboard the Earl of Donegal in 1767. I am descended through the son David and his son David C. Russell who moved to western Alabama about 1823 with his family.

Descendants of William and Margaret Russell
1 William Russell b: 1725 in Ireland d: August 04, 1815 in SC
.. +Margaret b: 1723 in Ireland d: March 03, 1803 in SC m: Bet. 1743 - 1745
........ 2 David Russell b: 1749 in Ireland d: 1813 in Kershaw County, SC
............ +Olive Leavel
................... 3 David C Russell b: June 22, 1792 in Lancaster District, SC d: December 21, 1877 in Millport, Alabama (Pickens - now Lamar County)
....................... +Ann B Collins b: 1800 d: March 16, 1840 m: June 18, 1820 in South Carolina
............................. 4 James Leavel Russell b: October 06, 1823 in Kershaw District, Lancaster County, SC d: January 24, 1904 in Millport, Alabama
................................. +Mary Ann Stevens b: January 24, 1825 in Georgia? d: October 13, 1910 in Millport, Alabama m: 1848
............................. 4 Margaret L Russell b: 1825
............................. 4 Agnes Olivia Russell b: 1828
............................. 4 William L. Russell b: 1830
............................. 4 Mary Elizabeth Russell b: April 07, 1832 d: September 01, 1913 in Alabama
................................. +Robert Cleveland Rector b: April 22, 1833 in Greenville District, South Carolina d: December 11, 1915 in Alabama
............................. 4 Sarah A. Russell b: 1838
................... 3 William Russell
................... 3 James Russell
................... 3 John Russell
................... 3 Joseph Russell
................... 3 Jesse Russell
................... 3 Mary Russell
....................... +John Covington
................... 3 Martha Russell
....................... +Samuel Owens
................... 3 Margaret Russell
................... 3 Elizabeth Russell
................... 3 Sarah Russell
........ 2 Mary Russell b: 1747
........ 2 James Russell b: 1751
........ 2 William Russell b: 1753
........ 2 Margaret Russell b: 1748
............ +James Love


From: Connie Williams <> Sep 21, 2006 My ancestors David and Jannet Spence arrived in December of 1767 in South Carolina with their children aboard the Earl of Donegal. Our family tree is posted on the One World Family Tree site. So far I have only been able to go back as far as this couple. If you have information about the remaining family in Ireland I would be grateful...

STEWART's COMMENT: I found a list of people in your tree of Lillus Bilyew at may require free registration before family trees can be viewed.


  1. If the Stewart tradition that they were friends and neighbors of the White family before they left Ireland is true, they came from near Broughshane, County Antrim, Ireland (according to a 1968 book about the White family). Broughshane is in the Valley of the Braid, the region of Northern Ireland which is most Scottish in speech and custom.
  2. A descendant still owns some of the Stewarts' 150 acre Royal Land Grant, which is located in Chester County on Stover Creek just north of the Fairfield County line (about a mile west of Hebron Chruch)
  3. Many Stewart descendants still live in Chester County, eg. Larry Stewart is well known and works for State Farm automobile insurance in Chester. Mack Stewart also sells insurance in Chester.


From: "Ron & Lisa Taylor" <TAYFAM@BACKROADS.NET>  Dec 05, 2008: I have two ancestors on the passenger list for the Earl of Donegal, William, Sr. and William, Jr. Taylor.  I have a picture of WIlliam, Jr.'s grave and copies of both land grants.  How can I post these on this site?  I also have a very large genealogy of both. James Ronald Taylor - Laurens, SC

From : "Ron & Lisa Taylor" <> Oct 17, 2007: The Taylors on the shipping list are my ancestors. They all settled and stayed in Laurens, SC. I have a complete history on them. I have tried to piece together where the others went on the list.

From Lana Carrol Taylor of Corpus Christi, Texas <> 18 Dec 2000: ...the following Taylors who arrived in America on the Earl of Donegal were my ancestors.. William Taylor, Jannet Taylor, Margaret Taylor, Jannet Taylor, Robert Taylor, John Taylor, William Taylor.


From: Mark Usher <> 7 Feb 2000 Saw your post about the Earl Of Donegal. I have a website dedicated to all the different Usher branches and have posted the info there about the Usher's along with a link to your web site. I would like to add some more info about the ship, ie. Port of departure, and disembarkation point etc.

From: "John Leonard" <> 29 Dec 2000 I came across your posting on the Earl of Donegal sailing to Charleston SC in the 1760's. My ancestor David Usher w sons John, David and Daniel were on that ship. Apparently, they were drawn to the New World by promises of land via a "Bounty Act."
What, if any advice/recommendations, can you give me as I would like to find out more about this family and hopefully the land they eventually received. I have read that these Scot-Irish went "up the Santee and/or Catawba" and established homesteads and if they could survive a year eventually received land grants. Any directions / research websites, books or genealogist recommendations in this part of the country would definitely be appreciated. Thank you.


On Oct 17, 2008 Marshall Huey <>, wrote:
Dear Sir, My name is Marshall Huey. I am an Episcopal priest in Charleston. My family history records state that my direct ancestor, James Huey, emigrated to Charleston on the Earl of Donegal on December 22, 1767, at age 8. He was born in Antrim County, Ireland. He married Jane Walker, who is listed as a passenger on the Earl of Donegal. James's father, Hercules Huey, and wife Katherine, are listed in my family history records as having been passengers on the Earl of Donegal as well. Hercules Huey died in 1775 and is buried at Waxhaw Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, SC.

I am seven generations descended from Hercules Huey and six generations from James Huey. I have a son named James Huey as well.

Can you help me know why Hercules Huey and wife Katherine, and son James, are not on the passenger list for the Earl of Donegal?

Thank you very much.
The Rev. Marshall Huey
Charleston, SC

STEWART''s ANSWER: If you have any documents and evidence or reasons to believe that your ancestor James and his parents Katherine and Hercules Huey were passengers on the Earl of Donegal, please e-mail it to me, so I can post it on this web-page. I was also told that the names of some of the other passengers on the Earl of Donegal are not listed. For example, a descendant of Elizabeth White told me that Elizabeth White was a passenger on the Earl of Donegal. Elizabeth White's name is not on the list of passengers, but she received a grant of 100 acres (see line 65 of the list). Unless someone discovers that I made an error when I copied it, I shall not alter the copy of the list which I posted on this web-site.

On Aug 18, 2006 Marshall Huey <>, an Episcopal priest in Charleston, SC wrote: that his family history states that his ancestors, Hercules Huey and wife Katherine Persse Huey, with their 8 year old son James Huey, emigrated to Charleston on the Earl of Donegal from Antrim County Ireland, and settled in Lancaster County, SC; that James Huey served under General Sumter, was captured with Andrew Jackson by the British, and married Jane Walker, who is on the passenger list with her father; that Thomas Walker Huey, the oldest son of Jane Walker Huey and James Huey, was born in Lancaster in 1798 and was elected to the State Senate from the Lancaster District three times. He asked why James and his parents, Hercules and Katherine, are not named on the passenger list.

STEWART''s ANSWER: Only petitioners and their dependents are listed. Some passemgers may not be on the list.

From: "Joseph Sullivan" <> 1 Mar 2000 - I THINK I have found my ancestors on the ship list - John WALKER, Elizabeth WALKER, Andrew, Thomas, Jane, and Mary. My notes have listed "James" instead of "John", but his wife was Elizabeth WYLIE, and later in this country, their dau Jane married a William McMillan. They came from Antrim County Ireland.

STEWART''s ANSWER: I think I remember reading names of a Walker family on tombstones or on a Revolutionary War monument at Old Catholic Presbyterian Chuch, which is in Chester County a few miles north of the Fairfield County line about 8 miles west of Great Falls, SC. Please inform me if you can trace your kinship to them.


From: "George Stewart" <> Dec 20, 2008 - What a great job! Great site!   I am George Stewart and I descend to the Chester Co. White family through the Torbit - Henry - Elder Families. I have been told of this White Family Book by my grandmother, who was a Henry. Since you started site has anyone come forward who has complete book? What a goldmine? I have wrote to a great uncle in Florida who have many of the  books taken from the old Henry home in Chester. He has many family history books that have been collect by the family over the years. He might even know of some other White's. He is about 82 yrs. old. He is my "Godfather" on my "Chester Co." family history. He got me started on this 30 yrs ago! I had the basic outline of White family, this just filled in all the blanks.   George Stewart West Chester, Ohio 

From: Craig & Beth Turner <>16 Jul 2000 - ...In tracing my family tree I was able to trace back to Hugh White, a son of William and Jane Brown White. Your info provided me with two additional generations... Here is some additional info...
Craig Turner
Betty Hood Turner
Hugh Lawrence Hood
Joseph White Hood
John Archer Hood married Elizabeth Jane (Betsy) White
Hugh White (1787-1867)
I have traced the Hood family back to William Hood Sr. (born 1720 - died 1790) of England. Thanks again, Craig Turner


Both John White and James and Rose (White?) Stewart had grandsons named Hugh, and Hugh BONAR (born about 1749) was listed next to Eleanor WHITE on the list of Earl of Donegal passengers. Scroll down to read e-mail about the Bonar family.

A 25 Jan 2001 letter from "Bob Wilkins" <> made the following six statements:

  1. Elizabeth White married James Wilkins in 1769. She was born 1752 according to her 1830s application for James Wilkins' Revolutionary War pension. She had 13 children and raised the ... child of James Kennedy and her daughter Ann Wilkins.
  2. Although Elizabeth White was not named on the list of passengers, according to the 22 December, 1767, record of her petition for her Bounty of 100 hundred acres to the South Carolina Counsel, she was a passenger on the Earl Donegal.
  3. Elizabeth might have been Eleanor White's daughter and John White's niece.
  4. Parish records are being searched for Elizabeth's birth, and for the marriage of Eleanor to Johns' brother. The records of John and Ann's marriage and their children that were listed on the Earl of Donegal have been found.
  5. It is likely that John and Ann White named their daughter Eleanor after the older Eleanor White. This is even more likely if Eleanor was married to John's brother who was killed in some battle.
  6. Both Eleanor & Elizabeth received 100 acres (anyone over 15 was entitled to 100 acres).

Stewart's comments:

Page 18 of "The White Family", 1968 edition (updated since 1932)) by Bonner Dale White, states that Elizabeth White lived near a large spring about two miles south of Chester, SC on the highway to Columbia (close to her White kinsmen who were aboard the Earl of Donegal). She and her husband James Wilkins moved to about seven miles from Elkton, Kentucky.

A copy of Eleanor and Elizabeth White's original royal land grant surveys showing boundaries, creeks, springs, etc. might be obtained from the South Carolina Department of Archives, and closely match property lines shown on current tax maps. A title search of Chester or Fairfield County deed, property tax and other records might help might help determine where Eleanor White lived, what church she belonged to, where she is buried, what happened to her, etc.

  1. John White (killed by Cherokees) and his large family came from near Broughshane, County Antrim, Ireland, according to a 1968 book about the White family.
  2. Whites still own some of their 450 acre orginal Royal Land Grant, which is marked by a roadside monument south of Highway 72 about three miles south east of Chester, SC.
  3. Not many Whites now remain in Chester County. John White's descendant Russell B. White (son of Blair White) owns Russell & Co. Restaurant at 129 -133 Gadsden Street, Chester, SC, 29706, 803 385 2154
  4. The Whites have been socially prominent.


From Larry  D. Humphries 3016 Richfield Dr. Columbia, SC 29201 <> on 4 Sep 2000 Hi, I am a descendant of three families that came over son the "Earl of Donegal." 1. Michael Wilson family... settled in Abbeville Co. SC. 2. Robert Man family... settled in Newberry Co. SC. 3. Samuel Armstrong family... settled first on Wateree Creek... then moved to Abbeville Co. SC.

From Lu Hickey Ellsworth Kansas "Lu Hickey" <> 22 Oct 2000 about Ocheltree Ochiltree
I have been searching and searching for families from Ayrshire Scotland to America with surnames, OCHILTREE OCHELTREE - I cannot find them.
Matthew, Michael, Alexander, Thomas, Mary and Elizabeth came to PA-VA after Culloden.
David and Duncan along with the McCraney family came to SC in 1739.
It has been stated the family was sent to America for religious reasons. The story begins, they were Stewarts in Scotland and Jacobites from Ochiltree area of Ayreshire. During the transatlantic crossing they agreed to take the name of Ochiltree, dropping the connection to Stewart. We are thought to be descendants of Wolf of Badenoc..
I found a couple listings of where Mary meets a Mr. Patton on the ship and they get married in PA. Elizabeth married a Blake in VA. There are no last names. It is said, Lord Andrew Thomas Stewart was the father of the five coming to America. It is said Lord Ochiltree from the Isle of Jura is the father of David and Duncan.
Do you have any reference material that could point in any direction? I have searched passenger lists for that time. My Wilsons are on the Earl of Donegal.
I think my Ochiltrees came to America ca 1749....

WYLIE (The name Wylie is mentioned in email under Kelso and Walker above.)

From "Nena D. Kerber" <> Aug 17, 2008: Hi, I am Nena D. Kerber, one of my gggreat grandmothers and her family came over thru south carolina on the Earl of Donegal: James Wylie 45, his wife Sarah 38, and their children Rebecca 11, Margaret (my gggreat grandmother) 9, Samuel 6, and John 4.
i am kinds of confused i am looking for John Dick who came over also i thought on the earl of donegal at the same time (i thought) I was told he came over on the earl of donegal and he was about 20 yrs

STEWART''s COMMENT: Not all passemgers may be listed, since only petitioners and their dependents are listed.

From : "Gary Dick" <> Apr 13, 2008
Hi, I am searching for when John Dick came to America. He married Margaret Wiley who came over on the Earl of Donegal to S. C. on December, 22, 1767. I thought I read where John Dick Who was born in Ireland in 1747 was also on the ship. John was a revolutionary war hero and is buried in Pulaski County, Ky. Here is what I have found from another searcher…
John Dick was born in Ireland, of Scotch parentage, in the year of 1747. When he was 18 years of age, his family came to America, landing at Charleston, South Carolina. On the same ship came the family of Margaret Wylie, his future wife, daughter of James and Sarah Wylie. She was not quite three years old. These families settled in Chester District, South Carolina. On March 1, 1778, John Dick and Margaret Wylie were married.
It looks as if, he was on the same ship as Margaret. Since you were researching this, I thought you may have some more information to determine, if in fact, John Dick was on that ship. Appreciate your time. Gary Dick
Gary Dick, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Social Work, University of Cincinnati, 1611 W. French Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221

A query posted by drtaurus on 12 Nov 2005 at stated:
I descend from the WYLIE on this ship. I also have WALKER, DUNLAP, and BOYD in my ancestors from the Chester SC area, but do not know if the were from ship families.

From Tammy Berkey "Alan Berkey" <> 7 Feb 2000 ....ships list of passenger on the internet. I found all my "WYLIE" relatives that came to this country from Ireland....
Posted by on the Chester County Bulletin Board by Tammy <> on Mon, 07 Feb 2000 Descendants of Earl of Donegal passengers, posted by STEWART on Sun, 06 Feb 2000 Surname: Wylie Do you have a Peter Wylie and family on your list for the Earl of Donegal? He is my very distant great-grandfather. I would also like to know how to obtain a copy of the passengers list. I've just recently began my research, but have come across info that he and family arrived in US by this ship....

From: Sandy Wilson <> 20 Jul 2000 ...My lineage comes down through The James Wylie family who were on board The "Earl of Donegal". James is a Revolutionary War Vet. He family settled in South Carolina, Chester Co., My lineage comes through their daughter, Margaret "Peggy" Wylie who married John Dick, another Rev. War Vet.. If anyone wants to exchange information, will be glad to.

Mail, etc. from POSSIBLE DESCENDANTS of persons named on Earl of Donegal documents.

Please share your success stories if this web page helps you, and inform me so I update your status once you confirm that your ancestors were Earl of Donegal passengers.


From: Neal Brown <> 06 Jun 2000 - Particularly interested in the Armstrongs shown as passengers. Particularly the young William, age 2. I have hit a brick wall tracing my Armstrong ancestors back to Scotland.


From: Sally McDaniel <> Aug 18, 2007: Hello, My name is Sally McDaniel Thornton, and my mother was a Bell. I have traced her ancestry back to ... Thomas Bell. According to my information, Thomas Bell (250 acres, iirc) and his son Robert (100 acres) both recieved land in the up country (then Craven County or the Long Canes, later Laurens County). Thomas arrived on the Lord Dungannon. The James BELL on the Earl of Donegal list might be Thomas's brother.

From: Neda" <> 22 Feb 2001 I am researching Bells in SC. ...please give me some more info on the Bells or direct me to where I need to go. My line is from Thomas Bell who married Mahala and is listed in the 1850 census for Spartanburg, SC. Do you think this is of the same family? I believe his mother was Elizabeth but that has not been verified yet. There are several males listed with families that we think are brothers, Thomas, Samuel, James (and we think- Vincent Wilson Bell).

STEWART'S REPLY: You may post questions on the bulletin boards for your county such as those linked to at the bottom of this web page and at . You may join Rootsweb lists to receive e-mail about your county or ancestral name. Decades agp I met an intelligent family history minded Scots Irish looking Bell family that for generations had lived in an old fashion two story white house in the area where many Donegal passengers settled, in southern Chester County near the Fairfield County line on a back road (that intersected the east end of Fairfield's Dave Jenkins Road) on the way from Chester city to Highway 215 in Fairfield county. Please check the telephone book and tell these Bells about this web site, and write again if you trace your ancestry to James Bell born 1727.


From: Samantha Bonar <> 22 Dec 2000 - Both my father and grandfather were named Hugh Bonar. My father told me our ancestors were originally from Scotland, then lived in Northern Ireland before coming to America where they settled in Virginia, later Pennsylvania and Iowa. I think it is a good bet that the Hugh Bonar on the passenger list is my family's immigrant.

From: <> 25 Nov 2000 - I am responding to your request that anyone descending from someone listed on the passenger list contact you. My husband is descended from a Bonar who came to this country from Ireland and landed in South Carolina.


From : "Sharon James" <> Jul 10, 2006 06:59 PM Please send more information on the Brownlow family that traveled on the Earl of Donegal Thank you, Sharon


From: <> 30 Jul 2000 - a long shot Looking for Francis Cunningham. According to family stories, Francis arrived in South Carolina as a stowaway on a ship from Ireland. He was befriended by passengers on board the ship, that furnished him with food and drink. These kind folks also assisted him after they arrived in SC. As you can see, it has been difficult to link him to Ireland, as he was probably not listed on any passenger list. The arrival date of the Earl of Donegal could be close to his arrival, for his last of 12 children was born in 1801. His first wife was Isabelle Mackreel (Mackrell), and second wife was Mary ?. He appears in Pendleton District, SC census in 1800. Believed to live in the Long Cane area. If anyone can provide info on this Cunningham, I would be very grateful.. Thanks, Dan Cunningham


From 30 May 2000 - learning more everyday about the dunlaps. do you know anything? i have found quite a bit in the book the house of dunlap by rev hanna. kit dunlap edmonds

From: Duane McCullock <> 12 Sep 2000 - I would like to get more informaton on the Dunlap that came on the Earl Of Donegal Passenger List and also Royal Land Grant List. Wm Dunlap born in k1740 in Londonderry, Londonderry County;, Ireland. I would like to know if this was a Wm Dunlap that was listed and also any information about him. Thank you very much. Barbara


From: Ron Frazier <> 08 Apr 2000 18:16 about possible connection to Earl of Donegal - I just read your posting on the Fairfield County Web page. My earliest knowN ancestor is William Frazier. He was born in Fairfield County, SC, on April 23, 1824. He had several brothers and sisters, but I do not know anything about his parents... Do you have any suggestions to determine if Samuel and Elizabeth Frazier, who are on the manifest for this ship, are related to William Frazier? Thanks, Ron Frazier


From : "J. D. Harper" <> May 01, 2008 My ancestor is a John Harper who was born about 1757 (or so). He seems to have been born in Craven county, N. C. or perhaps in Ireland. On the list is a John Harper, born about 1761 who could well be the same person.
Is there anything else I might be able to do to track down my ancestor?
Joseph D. Harper (Doyle)

STEWART'S REPLY: Read about the accuracy of the dates on the list at

From Ben Harper <> 7 Jul 2000 - I have a 4th great grand father who was named William Harper, I also had Several John's and Mine and my dad's names are Benjamin Franklin Harper! What countys did these passengers settle in and if you don't know do you know whom I might could ask for some lead as to how to find out? Thank you very much! Ben Harper 1979 EFI coupe T/S #77

STEWART'S REPLY: According to the passenger list Harpers received four tracts of 100 acres each. More definite and detailed dates, names, maps, etc. about the ownership of this land can be found in the Chester County Court House, etc., but I think that 1) all four tracts were adjacent to each other, on Little Rocky Creek in Chester county, about a mile north of the Fairfield county line, about ten miles west of Great Falls, SC. 2) about the time of the Federal Invasion a military officer named Moore bought these four tracts and about 600 acres which surrounded them. 3) J. D. Mobley sold this approximately 1000 acre tract to Champion Paper Company in 1965.


From : Connie Beck <> Nov 13, 2008 about James Knox, b l723, resided in Co. Tyrone, Ireland.
I descend from James Knox, b l723, who lived in nearby Co. Tyrone. I believe he was related to the Knoxes aboard the Donegal. Please contact me if you might also be related to this Knox family. Connie Knox Beck, 2765 130th St., Lenox, IA 50851

From <> 3 Mar 2002
hi, i think i'm related to the knox's if you have any info, i'd greatly appreciate it. thanks.


From: "Larry" <> Apr 28, 2007 Hi, I believe my Mann ancesters were on the Earl of Donegal. I do not have positive sources yet to prove all my theories but I think this to be the case and this was wonderful information to find!
The first list shows 4 Man 214
The next list shows Robert and 3 of his children with 340 acres. It doesn't show his wife Susanna or a 4th child James, these 2 do appear on the passenger list on Could this also explain the additional acres?
I was so excited to find this web site and all the marvelous information you have amassed here. It will take quite a while to read through it all!!
Thank you for sharing all this information it answers so many questions, of course it poses many more as well!! Bee Gatliff


From Tim Kane 04 Dec 2000 - Just found your "Earl" sites on the web. Terrific!! First, thanks for all your obviously hard work. It's much appreciated. While I'm not absolutely sure they're related, I'm very hopeful. The Russell line of my family can document their origins back to SC around 1845. A "professional" genealogist in DC many years ago continued the line back to David Russell Sr (b. 1749) and his father William Sr. (born Ireland, 1725) and his wife Margaret. Unfortunately, the "pro" admitted he had no documentary proof of the connection between David and my gggrandfather, John R. Russell, who would have been David's son, but the pro noted "the names matched." (Regretably, I don't even know where that came from.) That said, this data matches exactly with three of the Russells on the "Earl of Donegal" which arrived Charleston SC 1767. Several of our family members are working a bits and pieces of this puzzle at the moment, and any help you can provide will really help. Do you have any info on the land grants that the Russells received, where they were, etc? You mention a couple of churches on your site. Are the membership lists of these churches available anywhere? Have you come across any of the Earl's Russells in marriage, graveyard or other records in your research? I'm quite excited about the possibilities. If I can be of any help to you, don't hesitate to write. Again, many thanks. Best, Tim

STEWART'S REPLY: I recommend you also post these questions on the bulletin boards linked to below.

From "Tom Russell" <> Feb 24, 2007 - hello, I found the web page of the earl of donegal land grants. There are many russell's listed which is my family name. I was inquiring how I could get more info specifically I am looking for a John Russell that arrived aroung 1767 whoseson was Andrew Russell. They possibly arrived on the Nancy of the same year to Charleston, but relatives could also have been on the donegal. Andrew owned 300 acres in the Newberry, S.C. area from 1832 will which could have been the original royal land grant. Any knowledge on research in the archives or what to look for would be appreciated. Thank You, Tom Russell

From: "Bill Mathis" <>
Date: Thu, Dec 02, 2004
Is there information about the Russell family? Please reply to Thank you

From : "Marion Couvillion" <> Aug 18, 2007
It is with great interest that I read your postings on the Stewart families of South Carolina. My Great grandmother was Martha L. Stewart born in S.C. on November 2, 1820. Her father was James Stewart born about 1799 and her mother was Sarah (?) Born about 1801 in SC. James was a Blacksmith.
James and Sarah had several other children but Martha was the only one born in South Carolina, the rest were born in Jefferson County Florida. They migrated sometime between 1830 and 1839, which is the time that Martha was married and Sarah's second child was born.
Other children born to James and Sarah were; Robert G., Lusana (Luraney?) and Lucretia (twins), Julea
In the 1850 Census there was a Thomas Stewart age 72 living two places from a William Stewart. Living with Thomas was Kezia Stewart age 39 and George W. Baylor 12 years old. In 1860, James was then living next to Thomas, and Kezia was still there. All were from South Carolina. I would think that it is probable that Thomas was James father and it is possible that Kezia and William were his siblings.
I know that it is a long shot, hoping that I can connect my James Stewart with your lines, as the name was so common. My hopes were encouraged by the fact that Martha Stewart and Joshua McCann had several children with common names with the Stewarts in your line. They were Hugh Buckhannon, my grandfather, Marion Robert who died in the War of Northern Aggression, Ransom Jefferson, John Wellesley, David Ashary, Patrick Henry, Daniel Thomas, Sarah Tobitha, Martha (Mattie) Susan, William Henry, Frances Marion and Mary Elizabeth.
I have only two Stewart family stories told to me by my grandfather concerning the Stewarts. One is that there were two brothers who came over on the boat together called James and John Stewart and for some reason (possibly an argument) John took the name of Steward on his arrival in South Carolina. The other story was that the Stewarts were definitely Scots Irish, which would make them a family that came over from Ireland rather than Scotland. It would also make them Protestant rather than Catholic. This is verbal stories rather than written so could be just stories. Another story that I discount is that they were of the Royal Stewarts. I would bet that most of the Stewarts claimed this. Another fact of interest is that the McCann's throughout the generations were strong Methodists, even being involved in the ministry. They came from Armagh Ireland.
Any possible help on this family would be appreciated. My family history from this point forward is well documented and I would be happy to share it, if persons are interested. The McCann's moved to Mississippi in the 1850's and were there through the War of Aggression when Joshua and two sons fought in the war. After the war they moved on to central Louisiana where the descendants live today.

STEWART'S REPLY: Please identify the county and state in which the census records cited in your letter were taken. Have you found members of this Stewart family in the census records of any county in South Carolina?

From: <> May 05, 2007 about Taylors on the Earl "What hapened to them?"


From: "Darlyne McCullen" <> Aug 14, 2008 Hi I'm interested in what you found on the Walker I have been looking for Thomas Walker
And maybe this one is mind possibly We belive his wife name was Mary and that is basically all
We know except he arrive in the States around 1771 maybe earlier this part is unclear he was in the Revolutionary war and left and went to New Brunswick and died about 1815 his son name is John so I see a John Walker in the list and thought maybe they are related also to each other father son or brothers.
I Thank you for your time, Darlyne (nee Walker) McCullen
PS - no, my McCullen name is not Irish believe it or not it is Polish some one change my husband family name to Americanize it.

From: Aug 14, 2008 Hello, I feel strongly that my husband's ancestors, John Walker and son Thomas Walker were protestant immigrants from Ireland and settled for a time in South Carolina. My Thomas Walker was a loyalist during the Revolutionary war and was forced to leave his home in South Carolina. He escaped with his life and was given land in New Brunswick. Do you have anything on the Walker family? Thank you, Colleen Wells

From : "Jeannine Stacey" <> Sep 15, 2007: I am searching for any available information on the following person:: John Dick, Born: 1747, Scotland. Immigrated from Belfast to the USA in 1764 on the Earl of Donegall. Married: Margaret Wylie 03-01-1778, Died:11-19-1832

Miscellaneous E-MAIL

From : "ddwest2489" <> Apr 01, 2009: I believe my ancestor, William McFadden may have been on the ship "Earl of Donegal". Is this possible that he was on this ship but his name does not appear on the list? William received his survey for his 200 acres on Dec. 23, 1767 for Fishing Creek, Chester Co., SC. He does not receive the actual grant and occupy the land until January 1770.The McFadden's and the Blair's were good friends. They had land close to one another and went to church together where Rev. Martin preached. Both families lived in Antrim Co., Ireland. The Blair's had been at both William and Anne McFadden's estate sales. To this day, I do not know where William and Anne are buried. They sold the land at Fishing Creek and moved to Camden, Fairfield Co., SC, just a short distance away. That is where they died in 1790 and 1794. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Debbie

STEWART'S REPLY: Elizabeth WHITE and other people may have been on the ship even though their names are not listed. The Earl of Donegal arrived on December 22, 1767. Could a passenger have received a survey the next day? Are you kin to Mr. Buster McFadden, deceased, who was an elder of the Longtown Presbyterian Church <> in Fairfield County?

From: Lee Ferguson <> Feb 20, 2009: My ancestor John Ferguson is listed a receiving a patient for land "at or near the Long Canes or in Craven County"  John got his first land Patient from Robert Whitehaire in 1667 Patent Book 6, pg 45). He married Ann Stubbleson in 1683 (Book D7, pg 129)...  I hope this is enough to help you link the name. Thanks, Lee Ferguson

From : "Linda Oar" <> Nov 12, 2008 about a ship called "Standard"
I'm looking for information on a ship called "Standard" that sailed from Belfast, Ireland in June 1850 and arrived in NYNY in July, 1850. My gg grandfather was on it. I'm doing a family book and would love to have a picture of it. His name was Thomas Ross. Any information you can share with me is so greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance. Linda Ross Oar

From "Richard Archer" <> May 27, 2008
I enjoyed your Stewart website.
You should consider replacing Scots-Irish with the name they chose back in the 1700's that is Scotch-Irish. It is the only designation I can find that they used during that time period and if modern Scots want to use that's fine but our ancestors didn't use Scots-Irish. And we shouldn't change it to be politically correct. So to honor my ancestors I refer to them as Scotch-Irish immigrants. No matter how many insults are flung that my ancestors must have been drunk cause Scotch is whiskey. Don't forget there is Scotch Whiskey and Irish Whiskey and the Irish still call themselves Irish.
Hope you will incorporate the accurate term in your website.
Richard Archer

STEWART'S REPLY: Thanks for the suggestion and loyalty to tradition. I have heard from earnest Ulster-Scots too, so I'll think about it.

The natives of Scotland refer to themselves as Scots or, in the singular, Scot, Scotsman, or Scotswoman. The related adjectives are Scottish or, less commonly, Scots. Scotch as a noun or adjective is objected to except when used of whisky and in established phrases like Scotch egg and Scotch pine. In the United States, Scotch is often used where the Scots themselves, or some Americans of Scottish descent, would prefer Scottish or Scots. The term Scotch-Irish is standard in the United States for the descendants of the Scots of Ulster who immigrated to America beginning in the 18th century.

From: "Don Agnew" <> 3 Aug 2000 about Agnew's and Darby's of SC
...I am also trying to find out how one finds a passenger manifest of a ship called the "Donegal". Supposedly it left Ireland with my GGGGrandfather John and an Agnew son, George, on board sometime around 1769.

STEWART'S REPLY: Did the "Earl of Donegal" make more than one trip to America?

Posted by Barbara hasty <Bbankroll@AOL.COM> on Tue, 10 Oct 2000 at What County? I AM SEARCHING FOR SINGLETONS FROM S.C. THAT WENT TO GA.STEWART
Thank you for your question about where Earl of Donegal Passengers settled.

STEWART'S REPLY: If you find more specific information about the names of the creeks, rivers, etc. on which any Earl of Donegal passengers settled from the plats and land grant records of the grantee(s) you are interested in, at the South Carolina State Archives Building in Columbia, SC, etc. please email me so I can inform others.

I know that one Earl of Donegal passenger (my Stewart ancestor) settled where Stover Creek intersects the Fairfield/Chester county line. The family of another, John White, settled about three miles south east of Chester, SC near Highway 72. Chester and many other counties were formerly part of Craven County (South Carolina's territory was divided and named differently before its FIRST "civil" war for self government and independence against the imperialists). The Long Canes (where is that?) were also mentioned in the records posted at .

Many descendants of my gggggrandparents Rosannah and James Stewart lived and still live in the vicinity of the orginal land granted to my ancestor James Stewart. I found their deeds and other records in Fairfield and Chester county court houses, etc. and knew the names of creeks, etc. in the area where my tritavus James Stewart settled.

Posted by Carolyn Powell <> on 04 Apr 2000 at in response to Rosannah STEWART Harvey - - 1767 Earl of Donegal Passenger list, posted by STEWART on Mon, 07 Feb 2000 Surname: Harvey, Young, Rosborough, Martin. Thanks for the information re the Donegal Passenger list. I am seeking several families arrival (all ending up in Fairfield District.)


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