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Magna Charta Sureties

The 25 Magna Charta Sureties (+ King John)

The twenty-five barons who were surety for the enforcement of the Magna Charta. I include King John, as it was he who signed and sealed it under oath at Runnymede, on the bank of the River Thames near Windsor, England, on 15 June 1215.

All these folks are related to me, the degree of relation of each indicated in red.

1. d'ALBINI, William [1146>-1236]
23GGFa Lord of Belvoir Castle

2. BIGOD, Hugh of Norfolk [?-1225]
S24 English baron, Magna Charta Surety
3. BIGOD, Roger [~1150-1221]
23GGFa English baron, Magna Charta Surety
4. de BOHUN, Henry [1176-1220]
22GGFa English baron

5. de CLARE, Gilbert [~1180-1230]
21GGFa English baron
6. de CLARE, Richard [~1153-1217]
22GGFa English baron

7. FITZWALTER, Robert [?-1234]
23GGFa English baron

8. John "Lackland" [1167-1216]
21GGFa English monarch

9. de LACY, John [~1192-1240]
21GGFa English baron, Magna Charta Surety

10. MARSHAL, William [1190-1231]
S23 Lord Marshal
11. de MOWBRAY, William [~1170-1222]
1C23 English baron

12. de PERCY, Richard [1170c-1244]
1C24 5 Baron Percy

13. de QUINCY, Saher [1155-1219]
22GGFa English baron, Magna Charta Surety

14. de ROS, Robert "Furfan" [~1170-~1226]
23GGFa English baron

15. de VERE, Robert [1164c-1221]
22GGFa English baron, Magna Charta Surety
16. de VESCI, Eustace [1169-1216]
1C23 Lord of Alnwick Castle

(The last item in the left column above may be awkwardly split to the right column, because of a deficiency in HTML.)


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