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chg/ ◊ ACHESON, Dean Gooderham [1893-1971] – American lawyer and statesman STNL37 (STANLEY) 8C4
chg/ • => ADAMS, Abigail [1744-1818] – American writer, First Lady of the United States, FLOTUS SMIT1473 (SMITH) 6C8
chg • ADAMS, Benjamin [1764-1837] – American lawyer and legislator ADMS600 (ADAMS) 7C9
chg • ADAMS, Brooks [1848-1927] – American historian ADMS129 (ADAMS) 9C5
chg • ADAMS, Charles Francis [1807-1886] – American diplomat and author ADMS195 (ADAMS) 8C6
chg • ADAMS, Charles Francis jr. [1835-1915] – American soldier, railroad expert and historian ADMS98 (ADAMS) 9C5
chg • ADAMS, Charles Francis III [1866-?] – American financier ::> Cabinet level advisors, ministers, etc. ::> U.S. secretary of navy (1829-33, Hoover) ADMS101 (ADAMS) 1S4
chg/ • ADAMS, Comfort Avery [1868-1958] – Electrical engineer, professor ADMS122 (ADAMS) 5C6
chg/ ◊ ADAMS, Constance [1874-1960] – American actress DMIL7 (DE_MILLE) 1S2
chg • ADAMS, Elmer Bragg [1842-1916] – American jurist ADMS668 (ADAMS) 1S6
chg/ • ADAMS, Henry Brooks [1838-1918] – American historian ADMS225 (ADAMS) 9C5
chg • ADAMS, Isaac [1802-1883] – American inventor (Adams printing press), legislator ADMS701 (ADAMS) 9C7
chg • ADAMS, Jasper, M [1793-1841] – American educator ADMS730 (ADAMS) 8C8
chg/ •
=> ADAMS, John [1735-1826] – American politician and statesman, 2° POTUS ADMS1 (ADAMS) 6C10
chg • ADAMS, John Coleman [1849-1922] – American Universalist clergyman and writer ADMS836 (ADAMS) 8C5
chg/ • ADAMS, John Quincy [1767-1848] – American politician and statesman, 6° POTUS ADMS104 (ADAMS) 7C7
chg • ADAMS, John Quincy jr. [1833-1894] – American statesman ADMS130 (ADAMS) 9C5
chg • ADAMS, John, LL.D. [1772-1863] – American educator ADMS793 (ADAMS) 7C9
chg • ADAMS, Myron [1841-1895] – American clergyman and writer ADMS276 (ADAMS) 6C4
chg • ADAMS, Samuel [1722-1803] – American Revolutionary Patriot, Governor of MA ADMS553 (ADAMS) 6C10
chg • ADAMS, Samuel Hopkins [1871-1958] – America writer and journalist ADMS278 (ADAMS) 7C3
chg • ADAMS, Suzanne [1872-1953] – American expatriate operatic singer ADMS763 (ADAMS) 1S6
chg/ + ADAMS Family
chg • ADGATE, Dea. Thomas [1620-1707] – American colonial immigrant ::> CT: Norwich founders (1659) ::> MARV481 (MARVIN) 1C11
= Áed mac Cináeda see: Áed of Scotland (ALPIN)
chg • Áed of Scotland [<858-878] – King ALPN18 (ALPIN) S34
= Aedh of Scotland see: Áed of Scotland (ALPIN)
chg * Afonso I of Portugal [1110-1185] – King of Portugal BURG130 (BURGUNDY) 23GGFa
chg * Afonso II of Portugal [1185-1223] – "the Fat", King of Portugal BURG42 (BURGUNDY) 22GGFa
chg * Afonso III of Portugal [1215-1279] – King of Portugal BURG25 (BURGUNDY) 21GGFa
chg * Afonso IV of Portugal [1291-1357] – "o Osado", King of Portugal BURG96 (BURGUNDY) 19GGFa
chg ◊ AGAR, John [1921-2002] – American film actor LROP68 (LATHROP) 9C1
= Albania (1928-1939), King see: ZOG I, King of the Albanians (PRATT)
chg • d'ALBINI, William [1146>-1236] – Lord of Belvoir Castle DBNY27 (DAUBIGNY) 2C25
chg * ALCOCK, Anne (Amy?) [1586-1630] – ::> MA: Massachusetts Bay Colony (MBC) founders, the Winthrop Fleet immigrants (1630) ::> sister of Rev. Thos. Hooker, wife of George Alcock HOOK1 (HOOKER) 8GGMo
chg * ALCOCK, George [1581-1640] – American colonial immigrant ALCO96 (ALCOCK) 8GGFa
chg * ALCOCK, John, Dr. [1627-1668] – ::> RI: Block Island (New Shoreham) purchasers and first settlers (1661) ::> lots 14N & 7W ALCO145 (ALCOCK) 7GGFa
chg • ALCOCK, Thomas [~1609-1657] – ::> MA: Massachusetts Bay Colony (MBC) founders, the Winthrop Fleet immigrants (1630) ::> brother of George, also likely from LEI ALCO199 (ALCOCK) S10
chg + ALCOCK Family
chg/ • ALCOTT, Amos Bronson [1799-1888] – American trancendentalist, writer and educator ALCO521 (ALCOCK) 6C3
chg/ • => ALCOTT, Louisa May [1832-1888] – American novelist ALCO551 (ALCOCK) 7C2
= ALCOTT, William Alexander see: ALCOTT, William Andrus, M.D. (ALCOCK)
chg/ • ALCOTT, William Andrus, M.D. [1798-1859] – American educator and writer ALCO583 (ALCOCK) 6C3
= Alexander the Fierce see: Alexander I of Scotland (ATHOLL)
= Alexander the Glorious see: Alexander III of Scotland (ATHOLL)
chg • Alexander I of Scotland [1078-1124] – King ATHL3 (ATHOLL) S26
chg • Alexander II of Scotland [1198-1249] – King ATHL41 (ATHOLL) S25
chg • Alexander III of Scotland [1241-1286] – King ATHL55 (ATHOLL) 1C24
chg * Alfonse II of Aragón [1157-1196] – King of Aragón BRNG7 (BERENGER) 23GGFa
= Alfonso the African see: Alfonso V of Portugal (AVIZ)
= Alfonso the Battler see: Alfonso I of Aragón (NAVARRE)
= Alfonso the Emperor see: *Alfonso VII of Castile (CASTILE)
= Alfonso the Wise see: *Alfonso X of Castile & León (CASTILE)
chg • Alfonso I of Aragón [1073c-1134] – "the Battler", King of Aragón NAVR67 (NAVARRE) S26
chg • Alfonso V of Portugal [1432-1481] – King of Portugal AVIZ14 (AVIZ) 1C17
chg * Alfonso VI of León [1040-1109] – Emperor of Spain NAVR98 (NAVARRE) 25GGFa
chg • Alfonso VI of Portugal [1643-1683] – Second king of the House of Braganza, King of Portugal BRAG56 (BRAGANZA) 7C11
chg * Alfonso VII of Castile [1105-1157] – King of Castile CSTL36 (CASTILE) 23GGFa
chg * Alfonso VIII of Castile [1155-1214] – King of Castile CSTL52 (CASTILE) 22GGFa
chg * Alfonso X of Castile & León [1221-1284] – King of Castile & León CSTL97 (CASTILE) 21GGFa
chg • Alfonso XI of Castile & León [1311-1350] – King of Castile & León CSTL103 (CASTILE) 1C20
chg • Alfonso XII de Bourbon [1857-1885] – King of Spain BBON75 (BOURBON) 17C7
chg • Alfonso XIII de Bourbon [1886-1941] – King of Spain BBON82 (BOURBON) 18C6
chg * Alfred the Great [849-899] – WSSX70 (WESSEX) 32GGFa
chg/ * => Aliénor of Aquitaine [1122-1204] – Queen of England AQUI1 (AQUITAINE) 22GGMo
chg • ALLEN, Ethan [1738-1789] – American Revolutionary hero, General ALLI567 (ALLING) 3C8
chg • ALLEN, Winifred [1896-1943] – American actress SPER282 (SPERRY) 7C3
= Allison (pen), Sam see: LOOMIS, Noel M(iller) (LOOMIS)
chg * Alpin of Kintyre [?-834] – Scotland ALPN24 (ALPIN) 34GGFa
chg + ALPIN Family
chg/ ◊ ALSTON, Joseph [~1779-1816] – American politician and rice-planter BURR265 (BURR) 3C9
chg • ALVORD, Albert "Burt" [1867-?] – American lawman-turned-bandit ALVO120 (ALVORD) 7C4
chg • ALVORD, Clarence Walworth [1868-1928] – American historian, Professor ALVO92 (ALVORD) 5C5
chg • ALVORD, Corydon Alexis [1813-1874] – American printer ALVO199 (ALVORD) 4C6
chg • ALVORD, Henry Elijah [1844-1904] – American educator, soldier, military instructor ALVO85 (ALVORD) 5C5
chg + ALVORD Family
chg • Amalric I [1136-1174] – of Jerusalem ANJO7 (ANJOU) 1C25
chg ◊ Amalric II [1205-?] – of Jerusalem ANJO72 (ANJOU) 2C24
= American Cato see: ADAMS, John (ADAMS)
chg * András I of Hungary [1014c-1060] – King HUNG38 (HUNGARY) 29GGFa
= Andrew the Catholic see: *András I of Hungary (HUNGARY)
= Andrew the White see: *András I of Hungary (HUNGARY)
= Andrew I of Hungary see: *András I of Hungary (HUNGARY)
= Anglo-Saxons (878-899), King see: *Alfred the Great (WESSEX)
chg • Anne [1665-1714] – Queen of Great Britain & Ireland STRT268 (STUART) 11C12
chg • ANTHONY, George Tobey [1824-1896] – American state governor (KS) ANTH203 (ANTHONY) 6C6
chg • ANTHONY, John Gould [1804-1877] – American zoologist ANTH167 (ANTHONY) 5C7
chg/ • => ANTHONY, Susan Brownell [1820-1906] – American suffragette ANTH20 (ANTHONY) 6C6
chg + ANTHONY Family
= Antigua and Barbuda (1981-), Queen see: Elizabeth II (WINDSOR)
chg • António I de Portugal [1531-1595] – King of Portugal AVIZ95 (AVIZ) 4C14
chg/ • APPLEGATE, Jesse [1811-1888] – American surveyor, legislator, and Oregon pioneer APPL60 (APPLEGATE) 4C7
chg/ + APPLEGATE Family
= Apulia (1127-1130), Duke see: Roger II (NAVARRE)
= Aragón (994-999), Count see: *García II Sánchez of Pamplona (NAVARRE)
= Aragón (1035-1063), King see: *Ramiro I of Aragón (NAVARRE)
= Aragón (1063-1094), King see: *Sancho V of Aragón (NAVARRE)
= Aragón (1094-1104), King see: Pedro I of Aragón (NAVARRE)
= Aragón (1104-1134), King see: Alfonso I of Aragón (NAVARRE)
= Aragón (1134-1137), King see: *Ramiro II of Aragón (NAVARRE)
= Aragón (1137-1164), Queen regnant see: *Petronila of Aragón (NAVARRE)
= Aragón (1162-1196), king see: *Alfonse II of Aragón (BERENGER)
= Aragón (1196-1213), King see: Pedro II of Aragón (BERENGER)
= Aragón (1479-1516), King see: Ferdinand II of Aragón (CASTILE)
chg/ ◊ ARMSTRONG, John [1758-1843] – American soldier, politician and diplomat, General ARMS1 (ARMSTRONG) 14C7
chg • ARNOLD, Benedict [1615-1678] – American colonial governor (RI) RNLD5 (ARNOLD) 2C12
chg • ARNOLD, Benedict [1741-1801] – American Revolutianary War traitor, General RNLD26 (ARNOLD) 6C8
= Artois (1384-1404), Comte as Philippe IV by jure uxoris see: Philippe II (VALOIS)
= Artois (1405-1419), Comte as Jean I see: Jean "Sans Peur" (VALOIS)
= Artois (1419-1467), Comte see: Philippe III, le Bon (VALOIS)
= Artois (1467-1477), Comte see: Charles "le Téméraire" (VALOIS)
= Artois (1477-1482), Comtesse see: Marie de Bourgogne (VALOIS)
= Artois (1482-1506), Count as Philip VI see: Philip I the Handsome (HABSBURG)
chg • ARUNDEL, Thomas [1353-1414] – English prelate, Archbishop FZAL271 (FITZALAN) S18
chg ◊ ASTOR, Caroline Webster (Mrs.) [1830-1908] – American high society ruler ASTR7 (ASTOR) 16C5
chg • ASTOR, John Jacob III [1822-1890] – American capitalist and real estate magnate ASTR32 (ASTOR) 16C5
chg/ • ASTOR, John Jacob IV [1864-1912] – American capitalist, inventor (turbine engine) and real estate magnate; Titanic victim. ASTR12 (ASTOR) 17C4
chg • ASTOR, John Jacob V [1886-1971] – British publisher and politician, 1st Baron Astor of Hever ASTR20 (ASTOR) 18C3
chg • ASTOR, Vincent [1891-1959] – Head of the American Astors (1912-1959) ASTR38 (ASTOR) 18C3
chg ◊ ASTOR, Viscountess [1879-1964] – British politician ASTR22 (ASTOR) 18C3
chg • ASTOR, Waldorf [1879-1952] – British politician ASTR19 (ASTOR) 18C3
chg ◊ ASTOR, William Backhouse [1792-1875] – American capitalist and real estate magnate ASTR1 (ASTOR) 15C6
chg • ASTOR, William Waldorf [1848-1919] – Anglo-American capitalist, real estate magnate and diplomat, 1st Viscount Astor of Hever Castle ASTR15 (ASTOR) 17C4
chg • ASTOR, William Waldorf [1907-1966] – British politian, 3rd Viscount Astor of Hever Castle ASTR25 (ASTOR) 19C2
chg/ + ASTOR Family
= Æthelic, Aaliz see: *Matilda, the Empress (NORMAN)
chg • Æthelstan [895-939] – Anglo-Saxon ruler, unified England, King of England WSSX57 (WESSEX) 1C32
= Athelstan see: Æthelstan (WESSEX)
chg/ + ATHOLL Family
= Aumale (1237-1252), Count see: *Fernando III of Castile and León (CASTILE)
= Australia (1952-), Queen see: Elizabeth II (WINDSOR)
= Austria (1493-1519), Archduke see: Maximilian I (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1521-1564), Archduke see: Ferdinand I, HRE (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1576-1608), Archduke see: Rudolf II (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1590-1637), Archduke of Inner see: Ferdinand II, HRE (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1619-1623), Archduke of Further see: Ferdinand II, HRE (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1619-1637), Archduke see: Ferdinand II, HRE (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1637-1657), Archduke see: Ferdinand III, HRE (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1658-1705), Archduke see: Leopold I of Austria (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1665-1705), Archduke of Further see: Leopold I of Austria (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1765-1790), Archduke see: Joseph II (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1790-1792), Archduke see: Leopold II (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1806-1835), Emperor as Franz I see: Franz II (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1835-1848), Emperor see: Ferdinand I (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1848-1916), Emperor see: Franz Joseph I (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1854-1898), Empress see: Elisabeth of Austria (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1916-1918), Crown Prince see: Habsburg, Otto von (HABSBURG)
= Austria (1916-1918), Emperor see: Karl I (HABSBURG)
chg • AVERY, Cyrus [1807-1884] – American inventor (farm machinery) AVRY469 (AVERY) 19C5
chg + AVERY Family
chg/ • AVIZ, Fernando (Blessed) [1402-1443] – Portuguese soldier and divine, Grand Master of Aviz AVIZ6 (AVIZ) S18
chg + AVIZ Family



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