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Celebrity Relations

MATHER, Increase, Rev. [1639-1723] -- English colonial preacher

Relationship to me: Cousin (by marriage)

Was the son of the famous Puritan preacher, Richard Mather, and the father (by his first wife, Maria COTTON) of the even more renowned Cotton Mather.

Preached in England (1658-61); Pastor of Boston (MA) Second Church (1664-1723); President of Harvard (1685-1701); Returned to England (1688-92) to represent MBC interests and secured a new charter and governor. His Cases of Conscience Concerning Evil Spirits (1693) is creditied with ending the witchcraft persecutions and executions. He was active in the church throughout his adult life and was a spokesman for Congregationalism. Besides the above, he was the author of many religious treatises, political pamphlets, sermons, and A Brief History of the Warr with the Indians (1676), which is a primary source book on King Philip's War.  -30-

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