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KELLOGG Family Outline Descent Tree(s) (ODT)
Name forms
Kellock, Kellodge, Kellog, Kellogg, Kellouge, Kellug, Kelodg, Kelog, Killoch, Killock
English, Irish, Welsh :
English: derived from the Middle English words kellen and hog, meaning to kill and pig. The name was given to those who butchered hogs.
Irish: transformation of Kelly.
Welsh: uncertain etymology. Possibly derived from the Welsh word ceiliog, meaning cock.



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chg * KELLOG, Daniel [1630-1688] – American colonial immigrant ::> CT: Norwalk founders (1649) ::> KELL1 10GGFa
chg • KELLOGG, Albert [1813-1887] – American botanist KELL423 6C6
He was a brother of George, ¤ and uncle of Clara Louise Kellogg. ¤ He attended Wilbraham academy, Mass., removed to Kentucky and was graduated from the Transylvania university, M.D., in 1834. He travelled in the western states, and made the earliest scientific description of the big trees of California, which appeared in 1845 in John C. Frémont's "Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in 1842 and to Oregon and North California in the years 1843-44." Mr. Kellogg explored the republic of Texas with John J. Audubon, at the time of its annexation to the United States, and later made botanical explorations along the western coast of America from Terra del Fuego, to Alaska. In 1867 he visited Alaska in the capacity of botanist of the special expedition under Prof. George Davidson, of the U.S. coast survey, and made large collections of the plants of the coast region, of which he furnished complete collections to the Smithsonian Institution, the Philadelphia Academy of Sciences, and the California Academy of Sciences, of which last he was a founder. He contributed largely to scientific journals and to state and national reports. His more important work consists of beautifully drawn figures of the West American Oaks (1889), and at the time of his death he had in preparation a similar series, of the West American Pines. He died in Alameda, Cal., March 31, 1887. BDNA
chg • KELLOGG, Barzillai Bulkley [1818-1882] – American legislator KELL141 5C6
Member of CT Senate from 11° district, 1858.
chg/ • KELLOGG, Clara Louise [1842-1916] – American diva KELL44 7C5
chg • KELLOGG, Clement Augustus [1825-1913] – American inventor (mowing machine knife grinder) KELL477 6C6
Invented the first hand corn planter, pruning shears, and the mowing machine knife grinder, that grinds the knives without requiring removal from the cutter bar.
chg/ • KELLOGG, Edward [1790-1858] – American economist KELL313 3C8
chg • KELLOGG, Florentine Erwin [1816-1889] – American pioneer to California KELL1181 5C7
chg • KELLOGG, Francis William [1810-1879] – American lumberman and politician KELL1542 5C7
He first attracted public attention by his earnest appeals in the temperance cause. In later life he carried his labors into Canada. In 1852 he made a tour of England, lecturing in one place thirty successive nights [...] In the Fremont campaign of 1856 was [elected] a member of the Legislature. In 1858 he was elected to Congress from Western Michigan and was re-elected in 1860 and '62. After the close of the [Civil] war he was appointed Collector of Internal Revenue for the District of Alabama; represented the Mobile District in the Fortieth Congress. ["Kelloggs in the Old World and the New, The" (3 vol)]
chg/ • => KELLOGG, Frank Billings [1856-1937] – American lawyer, politician, diplomat, Nobel Peace Prize KELL463 8C4
chg • KELLOGG, George [1812-1901] – American inventor (chain manufacture) and manufacturer KELL46 6C6
He was graduated from Wesleyan university, Middletown, Conn., in 1837, and was married, Aug. 25, 1837, to Jane Elizabeth Crosby of Middletown. He was principal of Sumter academy, S.C., 1838-42; was a manufacturer of pins in Birmingham, Conn., 1842-44, and in that year invented the jack-chain machine, applied to the manufacture of well-chains. He went to England with the jack-chain, hook and eye, and pin machines in 1844 and established a manufactory of hooks and eyes with American machinery in Redditch, England. He engaged in the manufacture of surgical instruments at Birmingham, Conn., 1846-55, and in the latter year, in order to give his daughter, Clara Louise, the advantages of superior musical instruction, removed to New York city, where he was a manufacturer of dental supplies, l856-62. He was the defendant's expert in the suit of the Singer vs. the Grover & Baker and Wheeler & Wilson companies in 1857. He was U.S. revenue officer in New York, 1863-60, and was employed as plaintiff's expert in the phonographic copyright suit of Graham vs. Pitman in 1864. He accompanied his daughter to Europe in 1867 and in 1868 established in London a manufactory of hats. On his return he resided in Cold Springs, N.Y. He died in New Hartford, Conn., May 6, 1901. BDNA
chg/ • KELLOGG, John Harvey, Dr. [1852-1943] – American physician KELL582 6C7
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  • Brother: ¤KELLOGG, Will Keith [1860-1951] American businessman, breakfast cereals
chg/ • KELLOGG, Joseph [1691-1756] – American colonist, Indian Captive, Interpreter & Guide, Explorer & Soldier KELL1052 2C10
  • Half-brother: ¤KELLOGG, Martin [1686-1753] American colonist, Capt.
chg • KELLOGG, Martin [1686-1753] – American colonist, Capt. KELL1050 2C10
  • Half-brother: ¤KELLOGG, Joseph [1691-1756] American colonist, Indian Captive, Interpreter & Guide, Explorer & Soldier
chg • KELLOGG, Nathaniel [~1600-?] – American colonial immigrant KELL35 1C13
A founder of Hartford, CT (1636).
chg • KELLOGG, Samuel [1669-1708] – American colonial KELL1158 1C11
He was among the first party of English captives taken by Indians and marched to Canada in the 19 Sep 1677 raid on Hatfield.
chg/ • KELLOGG, Samuel Henry, Rev. [1836-1899] – American missionary in India KELL1483 5C6
chg/ • => KELLOGG, Will Keith [1860-1951] – American businessman, breakfast cereals KELL586 6C7
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chg/ ◊ THOMAS, George Henry, General [1816-1870] – American soldier KELL1056 5C7
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Candidates Work List

This is my working list of candidates to include -- I'm not yet sure if they are related to me! As candidates are eliminated (proven not related) they are marked appropriately (THUS) and an explanation included. They are kept in the list in case future research proves they can be included. (And to keep them from popping up on the list again!) Never discard good research!

Proven candidates' names are marked with an asterisk (*) until they can be added to the database.

KELLOGG, Abraham Lincoln [1860-?]
American jurist (NY)
KELLOGG, Charles [L.1874-1875]
American legislator (NY)
KELLOGG, Clement Phineas [1859-?]
American legislator (VT)
KELLOGG, Daniel [L.1829-1841]
US DA for VT
KELLOGG, Dorothy M. [*1920]
American legislator (SD)
KELLOGG, E. B. [L.1851-1852]
American legislator (CA)
KELLOGG, Edward W. [<1880->1953]
American inventor. Chester W. Rice and Edward W. Kellogg, both of GE labs, invented the first usable Dynamic Loudspeaker [in 1901], which they coupled with a primitive (and revolutionary) one-watt amplifier. It was sold as the "Radiola Model 104" for $250, a very large sum at the time.
KELLOGG, Edwin Manville [*1939]
American physicist
KELLOGG, Elijah [1813-1901]
American clergyman and author
KELLOGG, Franklin W. [1874-?]
American legislator (VT)
KELLOGG, George [L.1866]
American legislator (CT)
KELLOGG, George W. [L.1867-1869]
American legislator (Dakota terr.)
KELLOGG, Henry B. [L.1854-1855]
American legislator (CA)
KELLOGG, Henry Theodore [1869-1942]
American jurist (NY)
KELLOGG, Hilde [*1918]
American legislator (ID)
KELLOGG, Isaac [L.1807-1811]
American legislator (NY)
KELLOGG, John A. [L.1879-1880]
American legislator (WI)
KELLOGG, John M. [L.1903-1920]
American jurist (NY)
KELLOGG, John Russell [1793-1868]
American legislator (MI)
KELLOGG, (Lt.) Joseph [?-1707]
American colonist & a founder of Hadley, MA
KELLOGG, Keith [1892-1980]
American legislator (MI)
KELLOGG, Lewis G. [L.1913-1915]
American legislator (WI)
KELLOGG, (Eva) Louise Philips [1862-1942]
American historian
KELLOGG, Lyman Beecher [1841-?]
American educator, 1st president (1865-71) of KS State Normal School (now Emporia State College)
KELLOGG, Martin [1828-1903]
American clergyman, educator
KELLOGG, Martin [L.1837]
American legislator (CT)
KELLOGG, Nathaniel O. [L.1849]
American legislator (CT)
KELLOGG, Orlando [1809-1865]
American legislator (NY)
KELLOGG, Paul Jesse [*1927]
American physicist
KELLOGG, Philo [L.1844-1845]
American legislator (CT)
KELLOGG, S. Alonzo [L.1900-1903]
American legislator (NY)
KELLOGG, Stephen Wright (1822-1904]
American legislator (CT)
KELLOGG, Steven [*1942]
American illustrator and author
KELLOGG, Vernon Lyman [1867-1937]
American zoologist, entomologist.
KELLOGG, William [1814-1872]
American legislator (IL), jurist (NE)
KELLOGG, William Pitt [1830-1918]
American soldier and carpetbagger; jurist (NE), legislator & governor (LA)
KELLOGG, William S. [L.1912-1933]
American legislator (MI)
KELLOGG-SMITH, Peter [*1920]
American sculptor, educator

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This article may name additional candidates: Kellogg (name)




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