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FAIRCHILD Family Outline Descent Tree(s) (ODT)
Name forms
Fairbairn, Fairchild, Fayrechild

These people are all related to me.  -30-


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chg • FAIRCHILD, Cassius, Brig. Gen. [1828-1868] – American soldier FAIR1253 4C6
He was born in Kent. Ohio, Dec. 16, 1828; son of Jairus C. Fairchild, state treasurer of Wisconsin, 1848-52. Cassius migrated with his father's family to Wisconsin Territory in 1846, settling at Madison, and acted as private secretary and assistant to his father in his public and personal business affairs. He was a member of the state assembly in 1860 and in 1861 was commissioned major of the 16th Wisconsin volunteers. He was wounded at Shiloh, April 6, 1862, and was unable to rejoin his command until April 18, 1863. From October, 1863, to March, 1864, he was on court-martial duty at Vicksburg, Miss. He commanded his regiment in the battles of Big Shanty, June 3, and Kenesaw Mountain, June 27, 1864, marching from Clifton, Tenn., to Ackworth, Ga. After the capture of Atlanta, Ga., he was detailed on recruiting service and rejoined his regiment at Beaufort, S.C., in January, 1865. He commanded a brigade of the 3d division, 17th army corps, in the Carolina campaign and was mustered out of the service in July, 1865, his commission as brevet brigadier-general of volunteers dating from March 13, 1865.

He was appointed by President Johnson U.S. marshal for the eastern division of Wisconsin and continued in the office until his death, which was caused by the reopening of the wound received at Shiloh. He died at Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 26, 1868. BDNA

chg/ • => FAIRCHILD, Charles Stebbins [1842-1924] – American public official, Treasury Secretary FAIR1484 5C4
wiki: Wiki
chg • FAIRCHILD, David Grandison [1869-?] – American botanist FAIR895 5C5
Appointed botanist (1889) and agricultural explorer (1898) of U.S. Dept. of Agriculture and head of division of Foreign Plant Exploration; conducted (1895 et seq) researches for economic plants in Netherlands East Indies, South Sea Islands, Australia, South America, Egypt, Japan, China, and Persian Gulf; distributed (1906-07) 800 tung-oil trees to pioneer growers in U.S.; retired in 1935. His collection of tropical trees and plants is [in 1954] assembled in the Fairchild Tropical Garden at Coral Gables, Fla. Author of "The World Was My Garden". NCCN

Brother of ¤Edwin Milton Fairchild, educator.

chg • FAIRCHILD, David Sturgis, Dr. [1847-1930] – American surgeon FAIR267 5C5
chg • FAIRCHILD, Edward Henry [1815-1889] – American educator, abolitionist FAIR890 4C6
He was born at Stockbridge, Mass., Nov. 29, 1815; son of Grandson and Nancy (Harris) Fairchild; and a brother of James Harris Fairchild, president of Oberlin college, and of George Thompson Fairchild, president of Kansas state agricultural college. His parents removed to Brownhelm, Ohio, in 1818, where he was brought up on a new farm in the woods. He was sent about 1831 to the Elyria high school and became greatly interested in the anti-slavery movement. He was one of the first freshman class at Oberlin college, and was graduated from the college in 1838 and from the theological seminary in 1841. While at Oberlin as student he favored the admission of colored students and in 1836 he was commissioned by the American anti-slavery society to lecture on the anti-slavery question and was sent to northern Pennsylvania. In 1837 he was teacher of a large colored school in Cincinnati, Ohio, and in 1838 was employed by the Ohio anti-slavery society as lecturer. He was married Aug. 31, 1841, to Maria Babbit of Strongsville, Ohio. He was pastor of the First Congregational church of Cleveland in 1841 and teacher in Birmingham, Mich., Elmira, N.Y., and Hartford, Ohio, till 1853. He was principal of the preparatory department of Oberlin college, 1853-69, and in April, 1869, he became president of Berea college, Madison county, Ky., founded by the Rev. John G. Fee, an earnest anti-slavery advocate, as an anti-slavery school. Howard hall was erected the same year by the Freedman's bureau at a cost of $18,000 and later other buildings, including Ladies' hall, Lincoln hall and a chapel, were added. An endowment of more than $100,000 was secured. The students included both white and colored of both sexes. President Fairchild, feeling the weight of years, selected as his successor Prof. William Goodell Frost, who was elected in 1888, but declined to serve, until re-elected in 1892.

President Fairchild died at Berea, Ky., Oct. 2, 1889. BDNA

chg • FAIRCHILD, Edwin Milton [1865-?] – American lecturer, founder, author FAIR900 5C5
He was born Nov. 7, 1865, in Lansing, Mich. He proposed visual instruction in ethics as a method for use in Sunday and public schools, which was first tried in 1898. He is the author of "The Function of the Church"; "Commandments Father Wisdom Taught the Child He Loved"; "The Educational Church Marriage Service"; and "Ethical Instruction in School and Church". [HE]

His wife, ¤Salome (Cutler) Fairchild, was a noted librarian. He was brother of ¤David Grandison Fairchild, botanist.

chg • FAIRCHILD, Egbert Nelson [1802-1864] – American construction contractor FAIR835 3C7
He built the Manhattan Croton Reservoir, now Central Park's Great Lawn
chg • FAIRCHILD, George Thompson [1838-1901] – American educator FAIR893 4C6
He was born at Brownhelm, Lorain county, Ohio, Oct, 6, 1838; son of Grandison and Nancy (Harris) Fairchild, who removed to Brownhelm from Stockbridge, Mass., in 1818; and grandson of Daniel and Mary (Buttles) Fairchild, and of William Henry and Mary (Plumb) Harris.

He graduated at Oberlin college in 1862, and in the department of theology in 1865. He was instructor in the Michigan agricultural college, 1865-66; professor of English literature, 1866-79, and president of the Kansas state agricultural college, 1879-97. He was ordained a Congregational minister in 1871. At the session of the National educational association at Saratoga, N.Y., in 1885, he was made a member of the National council of education, and appointed a member of the committee on technological education, to which membership he was re-elected in 1891, and again in 1898. At the meeting in Chicago in 1887 he was made president of the industrial section, and in 1888, at San Francisco, was re-elected to the same position.

In 1886 the faculty of the Kansas state agricultural college presented him with a life directorship in the National educational association.

One of his brothers, James Harris Fairchild, was for twenty-one years president of Oberlin college, and another brother, Edward Henry Fairchild, was for twenty years president of Berea college, Kentucky.

President Fairchild was from 1879 to 1897 ex officio member of the Kansas state board of education. He was twice Vice-president and once president of the American association of agricultural colleges and experiment stations. In 1893 he was a member of the advisory committee of the agricultural congress at the World's Columbian exposition. In 1898 he accepted the chair of English literature in Berea college, Kentucky, with the title of vice-president. He received from Oberlin the honorary degree of LL.D. in 1893.

He published addresses in the Proceedings of the National educational association and of the Association of agricultural colleges and experiment stations, and in agricultural reports of four states, and is the author of "Rural Wealth and Welfare" (1899).

He died in Columbus, Ohio, March 16, 1901.

chg • FAIRCHILD, George Winthrop [1854-1924] – American legislator, business executive FAIR1517 6C5
He was a six-term congressman from New York, 1907-1919, and chairman 1915-1924 of the C-T-R Company (Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company) -- later renamed IBM. wiki: Wiki
chg • FAIRCHILD, Herman LeRoy [1850-1943] – American geologist FAIR1027 4C5
He was born at Montrose, Pa., April 29, 1850; son of Harmon Canfield and Mary Amanda (Biasell) Fairchild, grandson of Asa Fairchild of New Milford, Conn., and a descendant of Thomas Fairchild of Stratford, Conn., 1689. The Fairchilds were from Litchfield county, Conn., and the Bissells were from Cooperstown, N.Y., but earlier from Rhode Island.

In 1869 he left the homestead farm, at Brooklyn, Pa., and spent one year as clerk in a railroad office at Scranton, Pa. He was graduated from Cornell with honor in 1874 with the degree of B.S. The years spent at Cornell during the early life of the institution and in the laboratory of Charles Fred Hartt determined his inclination toward science, and geology in particular.

He was professor of natural sciences in Wyoming seminary, near Wilkesbarre, Pa., 1874-76, and engaged in science lecturing in the schools and institutions of New York city and vicinity, 1877-88. Meanwhile he published numerous articles on paleobotany, zoölogy and geology. He became secretary of the New York academy of sciences and published its history in 1887. In 1888 he was called to the chair of geology in the University of Rochester, where in addition to the work of instruction he was active in the investigation of the Pleistocene geology of western New York, publishing numerous extended articles in geological journals.

The more important articles describe the glacial lakes which were held at the ice front during the retreat of the glacial ice sheet across New York state. In the American association for the advancement of science he was the local secretary for the New York and Rochester meetings and was secretary of the council, 1893; general secretary, 1894, and vice-president and chairman of Section E (geology), 1898. In 1889 he was elected president of the Rochester academy of science, and in 1890 secretary of the Geological society of America.

His writings include: two papers on zoölogy, nine on physiology, eight on paleontology and nineteen on geology; thirteen official reports of proceedings of the American geological association (1892-97); and "Memoir of John Strong Newberry" (1893). BDNA

chg/ • => FAIRCHILD, James Harris [1817-1902] – American educator FAIR891 4C6
chg/ • FAIRCHILD, Lucius, General [1831-1896] – American Civil War hero, politician, diplomat, Governor of Wisconsin FAIR250 4C6
chg ◊ FAIRCHILD, Salome (Cutler) [1855-?] – American librarian FAIR901 5C5
She was born in Dalton, Mass., June 21, 1855; daughter of Artemas H. and Lydia (Wakefield) Cutler, and granddaughter of Jonas Cutler. She was graduated from Mount Holyoke seminary in 1875, and was instructor in Latin in that institution, 1877-79. She held various important positions in the American library association from 1889. She was chairman of the committee in charge of the library exhibit at the World's Columbian exposition in 1893, and chairman of the committee on the" American Library Association Catalog Supplement" from 1894. She was made the vice-director of the New York state library school, Albany, N.Y., in 1889. The degree of B.L.S. was conferred upon her by the University of the state of New York in 1891. She was married July 1, 1897, to the ¤Rev. Edwin Milton Fairchild, lecturer for the educational church board. She is the author of "Home Libraries", and "Scientific Study of Philanthrophy", and editor of the "Catalog" of the A.L.A. Library. BDNA
chg • FAIRCHILD, Sherman Mills [1896-1971] – American entrepreneur and inventor (camera shutter) FAIR1526 7C4
chg * FAIRCHILD, Thomas [1610-1670] – ::> CT: Stratford settlers (1639) ::> FAIR1 10GGFa
chg ◊ JAMES, Darwin Rush [1834-1908] – American legislator, Representative from NY FAIR1500 4C6


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Candidates Work List

This is my working list of candidates to include -- I'm not yet sure if they are related to me! As candidates are eliminated (proven not related) they are marked appropriately (THUS) and an explanation included. They are kept in the list in case future research proves they can be included. (And to keep them from popping up on the list again!) Never discard good research!

Proven candidates' names are marked with an asterisk (*) until they can be added to the database.

FAIRCHILD, Benjamin Lewis [1863-?], of New York
American lawyer and congressman
FAIRCHILD, Blair [1877-1933]
American composer
FAIRCHILD, Edward Thomas [1872-?], of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
American jurist
FAIRCHILD, Egbert Nelson [1868-?]
American flour mfgr
FAIRCHILD, Fred Rogers [1877-*], of Nebraska and Connecticutt
American political economist
FAIRCHILD, Henry Pratt [1880-?], of Illinois and New York
American social scientist
FAIRCHILD, Hoxie, Neale [1894-1973]
American author: The Noble Savage
FAIRCHILD, Louis W. [1901-1981]
American author
FAIRCHILD, (Gen.) Muir Stephen [1894-1950]
American military officer, educator
FAIRCHILD, Raymond Wilber [1889-?], of Illinois
American educator, president of Illinois State Normal University
FAIRCHILD, Thomas [1667-1729]
English horticulturalist
FAIRCHILD, Thomas Edward [1912-2007]
American jurist


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