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Township 19 North - From Ranges 13 West to 5 West - And Down to Township 12 North - -Including 36 Sections 1 Mile Square- - And Being All Parts Between Elizabeth, Fulton County, Arkansas and East to Alfred Gay and William Tompkins' Places and South to Mark Goodwin and Neal Princes' Places and West to Stone County Line and North to Beginning

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Note: Locations of towns, counties, cemeteries, families, county seats, courthouses, etc, or being researched, the actual locations of those listed may be off by a few yards. Each Township Survey is not yet loaded and t14 r9 survey is used as a common background image. V. 14Jul07

T19N R13W
Bull Shoals
NorforkWhite River Scenic Rail Road

T19N R12W
Baxter Co
Mountain Home

T19N R11W
Fulton Co

T19N R10W

T19N RW9


T19N RW7

T19N RW6

T19N RW5

T18N R13W
Baxter Co
Survey commenced 1Nov1829
George Lewis Dept Surveyor
Contracts Instructions 27Jun1829

Buffalo Nat'l River

T18N R12W
Ozark Nat'l Forest
Baxter Co
Survey commenced 1Nov1829
George Lewis Dept Surveyor
Contracts Instructions 27Jun1829

T18N R11W

Izard Co
Approved 1Aug1821

T18N R10W

Ash Flat

Evening Shade

T18N R9W

T18N R8W
DM ID 7212
Survey Commenced 1Aug1817
Kimber Barton Gen'l Surveyor

Survey Approved 22Aug1817
22895.87 Acres
William Rector Gen'l Surveyor

DM ID 50462
William Pelham Gen'l Surveyor

T18N R7W
Perry Isom

T18N R6W

T18N R5W
Crowley's Ridge

T17N R13W
Buffalo City

t17n r12w north west detail

T17N R12W
Baxter Co, Izard Co, Stone Co

T17N R11W


S20 1835 s29 1836

Charles Findley S28 N of Rv
Stone County
Calico Rock White River Crossing

T17N R10W
Cave City
George French
n15w10 South of River

T17N R9W

T17N R8W

T17N R7W

Giles Johnson
NE 13/ 17-N 7-W
Issue Date: 11/27/1820
Land Office: Arkansas
Authority: May 6, 1812:
ScripWarrant Act of 1812 (2 Stat. 728)
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land entry file from the
National Archive and Records Administration, click here

T17N R6W

T17N R5W
Crowley's Ridge
Isaac King
Wm Tompkins
Alfred Gay

T16N R13W
Searcy Co
Big Flat
Ozark Nat'l Forest, Blanchard Springs Caverns,

T16N R12W
Stone Co

T16N R11W
Mount Olive White River Crossing

T16N R10W

T16N R9W

T16N R8W
Mt. Pleasant

T16N R7W

T16N R6W

T16N R5W

T15N R13W
Stone Co

T15N R12W
Fifty Six

T15N R11W
White River Crossing
Nathan Gardner
James Harris
John Adams

T15N R10W

T15N R9W
John Gray

T15N R8W

T15N R7W

T15N R6W

T15N R5W

T14N R13W


T14N R12W

T14N R11W

Mountain View
County Seat 1874

Case Cemetery

Marcus Goodwin Family

T14N R10W


T14N R9W

T14N R8W
Pleasant Grove
Pleasant Grove

T14N R7W

T14N R6W

T14N R5W

T13N R13W
Searcy Co

T13N R12W

T13N R11W

T13N R10W

T13N R9W

T13N R8W
Independence Co
Locust Grove

Bellmore Cemetery

T13N R7W
Desha, South Side

cherokee boundary cherokee boundary

T13N R6W

T13N R5W
Grubbs, Pitts

T12N R13W
Old Lexington

T12N R12W

T12N R11W
Heber Springs

T12N R10W

T12N R9W
Wolf Bayou

T12N R8W
Cleburn Co
Independence Co

T12N R7W
Oil Trough

T12N R6W

T12N R5W

The Land

Tomatoes and Apples
The Equator is the Latitude 0 Degrees. Latitudes are Parallel Slices of Earth cut like a tomatoe. Hence we get the term Parallels of Latitude. From Horizontal Equator N or S there are 90 Degrees. From N and S Poles there are 180 Degrees ( Slices ). Everyone aggrees the center slice of tomato is biggest. The Diameter is way smaller at the ends, in fact, the diameters of each Pole Slice is exactly Nothing. In all of History This Latitude Position has been given Primus Numeral. Mountain View, Arkansas sports in at 35 Degrees North ( 35N ). Rectangular Grid Surveys begin with Baseline ( Equator ). Townships are slices of the tomato numbered from one up as far N or S as one could reach from the Baseline. Townships consist of 36 Sections Square, that's 6 across and 6 high. Each Section is 640 Acres Square. 25.3 Acres times 6 Sections is about 152 Acres, Squared would be over 23,000 Acres within a Township. Another interesting fact is that 1 Mile Square contains 640 Acres and can be measured across 25.3 Acres down the Baseline from the Start Point or due N or S from the Baseline.

The Curvature of Earth, as our tomato slices, diminishes enough acreage that every 36 Miles or 6 Townships a new Baseline is Plotted with 152 Acres of Baseline Sections 31 through 36. Each Section is Halved and then quartered and each quarter is quartered again, by the time you reach the North and East Borders of each Township you have less than half the acres which are rehalved and quartered. This makes them Fractional Sections and are Sections 1 through 6 at their N Boundaries and Sections 6, 7, 18, 19, 30 and 31 at their W Boundaries.

This brings us to slices of apples which are cut into pie shape through the core. Each of these Slices represents the Earth's Meridians of Longitude. Longitude for Centuries was a mysterious diminsion. While on land at the Equator knowing the diameter of Earth, some of the 360 Degrees of Longitude can be Plotted until you reach the water. To measure distance across water an algebraic formulae is required to compute Time and Speed, for many years the pendulum clock refused to work while bobbing on the water. The early 17th Century finally succeeds in measuring Longitude across the Atlantic. Prior to this, Greenwich, England has always been the center of the land and Time has been measured from this Prime Meridian. The early days of America Meridians of Longitude were measured from Washington and many Early Maps denote these Meridians from Washington. So don't be fooled by what appears to be a typo error when in fact a certain meridian may have two deliniations, one from Washington, one from Greenwich.

In 1815 Surveyors Prospect K. Robbins and Joseph C. Brown set the Baseline at the confluence of St Francis and Mississippi Rivers. The Principal Meridian, the 5th one in the dividing of the land started at the confluence of Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers. This put the cross point of Baseline and Meridian known as the Initial Point right smack dab in the middle of a Great Swamp in the Lowlands of the Lower Mississippi Delta Region in present day Monroe County, Arkansas. A Land Office was established at Little Rock on the Arkansas River and The Arkansas Territory began being sectioned off for Sale of Public Lands. By 1829 our dauntless surveyor reached the Lands which comprise Stone County. It is by these Acts of Congress that we begin to see our fathers recieving the Lands. While there are many people who actually settled here prior to Act of 1820. It is these Documents of Grants that place our fathers on their very own piece of land. Looking at Township 14N of Stone County we see the relation of our fathers to their neighbors and can see how the next generation married and aquired land and settled into Stone County.

There are some declinations more than 8 degrees from True North.
Scale is 40 chains to the inch.
Grampa used to say...
Boy, magnetic north may waver the compass
but ne'er will'it steer your feet off'n the Truth.

Legend - Magnetic North Declination