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Bertrand Rockwell, Age 19, residence Chariton, nativity Illinois, Promoted Sergeant Major from Company K, Oct. 15, 1862. Promoted First Lieutenant of Company G, Feb. 20, 1863
Joseph T. Meek, age 29, residence Palmyra, nativity Indiana; promoted Quartermaster Sergeant from Fifth Corpora of Company C, Nov. 16, 1862; promoted Second Lieutenant of Company C, March 5, 1863.
John Throckmorton, age 36, residence Chariton, nativity Pennsylvania; promoted Commissary Sergeant from Company E, Nov. 16, 1862; discharged for disability July 23, 1863, Vicksburg, MS
John S. Davis, age 20, residence Des Moines, nativity Indiana; promoted Hospital Steward from Company D, Oct. 15, 1862. Died Feb. 11, 1863, Chicago, IL; buried in Woodland Cemetery, Des Moines, IA
Jerome B. Davis, age 39, residence Hartford, nativity Maryland; promoted Drum Major from Drummer of Company B, May 1, 1864. Transferred to Field and Staff, Thirty-fourth Consolidated Battalion, Nov. 12, 1864.
Orson M. Ingalls, age 33, residence Warren County, nativity Vermont; promoted Fife Major from Company A, March 1, 1864. Transferred to Field and Staff, Thirty-fourth Consolidated Battalion, Nov. 12, 1864.

Eli H. Alexander, Captain; Co A
Jonathan R. Waters, First Lieutenant; Co A
Rowland T. Sloan, Second Lieutenant; Co A
William P. Guthrie, Captain; Co B
John C. Watson, First Lieutenant; Co B
James Dunagan, Second Lieutenant; Co B
Dan H. Lyons, Captain; Co C
Hubbard C. Henderson, First Lieutenant; Co C
James S. Clark, Second Lieutenant; Co C
James H. Knos, Captain; Co D
Elias W. Perry, First Lieutenant; Co D
John M. Lee, Second Lieutenant; Co D
Nelson B. Gardner, Captain; Co E
Francis Nolen, First Lieutenant; Co E
Jacob Swank, Second Lieutenant; Co E
John N. McClanahan, Captain; Co F
John B. Hatton, First Lieutenant; Co F
Benjamin F. Jared, Second Lieutenant; Co F
Stephen B. Low, Captain; Co G
William Goltry, First Lieutenant; Co G
Milo L. Doty, Second Lieutenant; Co G
John Kern, Captain; Co H
Ebenezer Herring, First Lieutenant; Co H
Thomas G. Milligan, Second Lieutenant; Co H
Thomas Ward, Captain; Co I
John R. Andrews, First Lieutenant; Co I
William K. Maxwell, Second Lieutenant; Co I
William Boyle, Captain; Co K
John O. Coles, First Lieutenant; Co K
John Chaney, Second Lieutenant; Co K

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