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38th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry

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Some links to other Civil War Sites

Below are links to other sites I have visited on the web. If you are researching your ancestor's service in the Civil War, these are some good sites to visit. Even if you aren't, they are still interesting in an historical aspect. I will add more as I visit more sites.

Camp Pope Book Shop
Has many interesting books and CD's related to the Civil War.

the American Civil War Homepage

Civil War Photographs Home Page
Selected Civil War Photographs

Iowa Civil War Page
Letters from soldiers serving in various Iowa regiments and more.

Iowa Civil War Book Page
Great selection of books.

Civil War List Homepage

Iowa in the Civil War

36th Iowa Infantry

People interested in specific units

Cyndi Howell's Civil War Research Links
A great site listing links to sites about the Civil War, Union and Confederate.

Michigan - Civil War Rosters
A site with rosters of Michigan regiments, and other links.

Camp Ford
An article on Camp Ford

The Memorabilia Corner
A bookstore in Oklahoma, that has a great selection of books on the Civil War and more.

Civil War Clipart Gallery
Site with free Civil War clipart and other graphics. (Where I got mine.) This is the only site, that I have found with graphics specifically for Civil War related websites.

Non Iowa related Civil War sites
Great sites to visit anyway.

Texas Pensioner List

Smith Family Letters - 2nd TN CSA

The John Freeman Diary

Women Soldiers of the Civil War
Many women posed as men and served during the civil war. This site has pictures and bios.

James River Publications Civil War Homepage

More to come later. So check back.

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