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People in North Tawton, Devon, UK


The census is listed by street or area, since families and their in-laws often lived close together; a set of maps includes most of the place names (link below). The search-engine covers all pages in the 'history' database; however, 'history' applies only to people in Buckinghamshire and in Devon. The 1851 Census listings are by [given name] [family name] (e.g. William TAYLOR); other North Tawton pages may mention a person as [family name] [given name] (e.g. TAYLOR William). Any name, word or phrase will give a search result, if the same is mentioned in the database.

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Exeter Lane,
Street, Road


Lakeway Street


Fore Street


The Square


Market Street


Essington, Rectory,


Barton Lane


Okehampton Street


Rosebery, Court Green


Park, Waterloo,
Mill & Church Lanes


Bather Farm, Bathe Moor,
Cottles Baston






Lamber Week,
Week Village


Bridge Farm, Yelland,
Week (North, Wood),
Yeo Farm, West Down,
Tawton Wood


Ashuridge House, Farm,
Moor; Buchers Hill;
Slade, Staddon, &
Westacott, Farms


Clapps Beer, Great Beer,
Hole, Upcott Farm,
Moor, Farm, House;
New Houses,
Lower Nicholsnymet Farm


Broadnymet Farm, Cott,
Broadnymet Moor;
Halse Farm & Gate;
Crook & Sandford Farms;
Paffords; Middle, Higher,
& Lower Stone; Wardens

Situation of Some of the Places Listed

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