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838                                                                          SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.


Fawley John, Green grocer, 149 Allen st

Fawley Josh., butcher, 136 Scotland street;

  37 South st. P. and 77 Killing Shambles

Fawley Wm., butcher, 6 Scotland st

Fawley Wm., butcher, 158 West st., and 1

  Clarke st

Fay Patk., feather mercht. and furniture

  &c., dealer, 34 and 95 Fargate

Fearn Eliz. S. school, 41 Spital hill

Fearn Jas., shopkr., 192, Allen st

Pearn John, cutlery, &c. founder, Allen st

Fearn Joseph, beerhouse, Saville St., East

Fearn Thomas, file mfr.; h Newtown Park

Fearn Thos., vict., Brown Cow, 3 Radford st

Fearnehough Joseph, sycthe, &c. mfr.,

  29 Copper st.; h Parkwood Springs

Fearnehough Wm., sycthe, &c. manufr., 43

  Broad lane

Fearnley E., schoolmaster; h Manton st

Fearnley Edward, farmer, Brightside

Fearnley John, beerhouse, 200 Brook hill

Fearnlcy Jph., scissor mfr, Neepsend lane

Fearnley Linder, beerhouse, 16 Shepherd st

Fearnley Wm., beerhouse, 20, Paradise st

Featherstone A., dressmaker, 41 Trafalgar st

Fee Geo., vict., Shrewsbury Tavern, 109

  South street, P

Fell Wm., shopkeeper, 25 South st., P

Fellows Steph., screw maker, 24 Smithfield

Fellows Wm., auger maker, 16 Thomas st

Feltrup Geo., joiner, 5 Joiner st

Fence Coal Co., M. Railway Depôt; T, Loft-

  house, agent

Fenney Mrs. Hannah, 331, Glossop road

Fenton Ann, tobacconist and picture dealer,

  99 West st

Fenton & Anderton, silversmiths, and mfrs.

  of every description of silver and electro-

  plated goods, Cadman lane

Fenton Jno., silversm.; h Park Wood Springs

Fenton John, springknife mfr., 235 Solly st

Fenton Jph., solicitor, 54, Queen street; h

  Westgrove place, Winter street

Fenton Jph., cutlery manufr., 88 Scotland st;

  h Broomhall road

Fenton Jph., shoemaker & furniture broker,

  48 Pinstone st

Fenton Mrs. Mary, 8 Cross Burgess st

Ferguson Robt. shopkeeper, 57 South st., P

Fernell Wm. Burgoyne, solicitor, &c., 3

  Vicar lane; h Oaklands, Broomhall

Fewsdale Thos. & John, joiner and builder,

  Stanley st

Fidler Jasper, mason & builder, 105 L. Shef-

  field, and quarry owner, Ecclesall New rd

Fidler Saml., green grocer, 67 Broomhall st

Field Esau, ironmonger, &c., 81 South st

Field Jacob, tailor, 6 Westfield ter

Field John, architect and land surveyor 12

  St. James st.; h Lydgate lane

Field John, tailor, 121 Fargate

Field Richd., furniture broker, Corporation

  st., and butcher, Gibraltar st

Fielding Chris., provision dealer, 35 Snig hill

Fielding G., shoemaker, 16 Edmund st

Fielding John. cutlery mtr., 21 Union st

Fieldhouse Richd., vict., Golden Lion, 5

  Forge lane

Fieldsend Geo., cashier, Andover st

Filesmith’s Committee Rooms, 11 Coalpit ln

Fillingham Thos., tailor, 53 Meadow st

Fincham Owen, shopkpr., 229 Attercliffe rd

Finnigan Michael, comb maker, 23 Fargate

Finney Henry, shopkr., 15 St. Thomas st

Firth Edward, mercht:, and manufr.; h 227

  Western bank

Firth Eliz., news agent, 79 Broomhall st

Firth John, mercht. & mfr.; h Wilkinson st

Firth John, fork and nut pick maker, Bath

  street, and grocer, 51 Hanover street

Firth John, artist, yd. 19, High street; h

  42 New Brunswick st

Firth Joseph. fork maker, Grimesthorpe

Firth Luke, pen, pocket, and sportsman’s

  knife mfr., 57 Broad lane; h Beighton

Firth Mark, mercht. & manufr; h End-

  cliffe vale

Firth Mrs. Mary, Mount Villa

Firth Robt., ironmonger and whitesmith,

  Corporation st

Firth Thos. & Sons, merchants, and steel

  manufrs., Saville st., East; and tilters and

  forgers, Clay Wheel

Firth Thos., mercht. and manufr., Highfield

Firth Wm., union clerk, and superintendent

  registrar of Ecclesall Bierlow Union; h

  The Edge Villas

Firth Wm. & John, pawnbrokers and flour

  dealers, 10 Coalpit lane

Firth Wm., tobacconist, 34 Infirmary rd

Fish Henry, clerk, Lead mill rd

Fish Mr. James, 135 Upperthorpe

Fish Richd. joiner and builder, 169 Pitsmoor

Fisher Aaron, clerk, Nottingham st

Fishbourne Charlotte, brush, comb, & gene-

  ral fancy warehouse, 33 High st

Fisher Caroline & Harriet, stay makers, 24

  Angel st

Fisher Chas., ivory & bone mercht., Brown

  st.; h 260 Western bank

Fisher Chas., nurseryman: h Handsworth

Fisher Chas., shopkeeper, 218 South st., P

Fisher Mrs. Esther, vict., George, Com-

  mercial Hotel, opposite the Post Office,

  70 Market place

Fisher Miss Frances E., Brightmoor pl

Fisher Geo., shopkpr, 36 Washington rd

Fisher George and Co., circular saw, &c.,

  mfrs, 78 Hoyle st; h Northumberland rd

Fisher George John, grocer and tea dlr., 30

  Pond st

Fisher Hy. Brown, surgeon, Eyre st

Fisher Mr. Geo. H., 9 West bank place

Fisher, Holmes, and Co., nursery and seeds-

  men, &c. 98 Old Haymarket, and Hands-



SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.                                                839


Fisher John, scythe mfr, Millhouses

Fisher Mr. John, 1 Cheney sq

Fisher John, glass and china dlr., 14 Para-

  dise sq., and 51 South st

Fisher Mrs. Mary, 2 Fernley pl

Fisher Paul E. hornpresser, &c; h Shirecliffe


Fisher Peter, file manager, Sunnybank

Fisher Sarah, vict., Old Cup, 7 Market st

Fisher Thos., plated ware mfr; h Harwood

  Mount, Crabtree

Fisher Thos., joiner, Kenwood rd, Sharrow

Fisher Thos., scythe mkr., Millhouses

Fisher Wm. and Sons, horn pressers, and

  tortoise shell, &c., mchts, 27 Orchard pl

Fisher Wm., jun., horn presser, &c. ; h


Fisher Wm., spring knife mfr., Attercliffe

Fisher Mr. Wm., 123 Pitsmoor

Fisher Wm., spring knife mfr, Milton Works,

  Suffolk st

Fisher Rev. Wm. (Catholic) Norfolk row

Fitter Richd., screw mkr., 25 Nursery st

Fitzakerley Richd., baker, 9 Coulson st

Fitzpatrick Bernard, tobacconist, and billiard

  table mfr, 41 Fargate, & 20 West Bar gn

Fitzpatrick Hy., carver and gilder, 13 King

  st; h Oxford st., Upperthorpe

Flather David and Sons, joiners’ tool, &c.,

  mfrs, 251 Solly st

Flather John James, joiners’ tool, &c., mfr;

  h 55 Radford pl

Flather Rev. John (M.N.C.), 37 Hanover st

Flather Thos., vict., Rising Sun, 144 West st

Flather Walter, joiners’ tool, &c., mfr; h 57

  Radford pl

Flather Wm., watchmkr, &c., 30 Scotland st

Fleck Miss Emma, Sunnybank

Fleming Chas. James, jun., engraver, &c., 1

  Milk st; h Clarke House rd

Fletcher Charles, painter; h Birkendale


Fletcher Edward, tailor, 12 Chapel st

Fletcher Geo., shoemkr, 231 Silver st head

Fletcher Hy., basket mkr, 57 Strafford st, P

Fletcher Hy., beerhs, 142 Trafalgar st

Fletcher Hy., shoemkr, 263 Up. Allen st

Fletcher Hy., shoemkr, 191 Attercliffe rd

Fletcher Jarvis, springknife mfr, New st ln, P

Fletcher John, shopkpr, 8 Hereford st

Fletcher Jph., shoemkr, 38 Silver st hd

Fletcher Jph., fishmonger, 8 Harvest ln

Fletcher Jph., beerhs, Turner st

Fletcher and Smith, painters, 84 West st

Fletcher Wm., painter, 106 South st

Fletcher Wm., hairdresser, 7 Bridge st

Flint John, plumber; painter, &c., 67

  Meadow st, and 295 Shalesmoor

Flint Jph., bootmkr, 4Bank st; h 13 Gray st

Flint Robert, tailor, 118 Peacroft

Flint Thos., tailor and outfitter, 17 Westbar

Flint Edward, joiner, builder, & contractor,

  82 Division st; h 120 Rockingham st

Flockton Thos. James, architect, &c.; h

  Broomhill ter

Flockton and Son, architects and surveyors,

  3 East parade

Flockton Wm., architect, &c.; h 275

  Glossop rd

Flower John, hairdresser, 28 Chapel walk

Flower Saml., plasterer, Clinton pl

Flower Wm., stove grate mfr; h Tomcross ln

Foley Mary, egg, &c., dlr., Shambles; h

  Castle gn

Foers Wm. George, grocer, 25 Wicker

Foote Mrs. Julia, Brown close

Forbes Mary, upholstress, 33 Scotland st

Ford James, schoolmaster, and agent to the

  Wesleyan Provident Society, Broom Park

  Schools, William st

Ford Martha, cutlery founder, 18 Sheaf st

Ford John, jun., stationer, 8 Bridge st

Ford Joseph, shopkpr., 55 Orchard st

Ford Saml., joiner, and beerhs., 130 Solly st

Ford Wm., stationer, and Eliza, dress mkr.,

  6 York st

Ford Wm., ginger beer mfr., Infirmary rd

Fordham John, wine, spirit, and hop mcht.,

  and vict., Black Rock Hotel, 17 Castle st

Forster George, pawnbroker, 16 and 11½

  Pinstone st

Forster James, scissor mfr., Smithfield; h

  Dun st

Forster Ralph, pawnbroker, 108 South st

Foster Albert, etcher, Union ln ; h 15 Wel-

  lington st

Foster Chaa., engraver, 41 Fargate; h 12

  New Brunswick st

Foster Mrs. Eliz., 132 Spring ln

Foster Geo., English timber dlr., 77 Eyre

  st; h Matilda st

Foster George, architect, 168 West st

Foster Geo., diesinker, yd 50 Fargate; h 20

  Cumberland st

Foster Mrs. Hannah, Pitsmoor

Foster James, butcher, 192 Attercliffe

Foster John, coml. trav, Mount Pisgah

Foster Joseph, manager, Mid. Heeley

Foster Lydia, shopkeeper, 15 Wellington st

Foster Mr Rich., 21 Broomhall pl

Foster Thos., news agt, 13 Wentworth st

Foster Wm., joiner, 30 St Thomas st

Foster Wm., shopkeeper, 18 Pond hill

Foster Wm., tailor & outfitter, 12 and 14

  High st; h 5 Claremont pl

Fotherby Mr John, 27 Change alley

Fotherby Wm. F., surgeon, 27 Change alley

Foulds Joseph, vict, stone mason, & builder,

  Bay Horse, Up St Philip’s rd

Foulston Geo., coal dealer, 79 Allen st

Foulston George, painter, 1 Tudor pl

Foulston John Thos, butcher, Hammond st

Foulston Samuel, shopkeeper, 9 Peacroft

Foulston Thomas, file mfr, Monmouth st

Fowlston Henry, shoemaker, 41 Lee croft

Fowler & Caney, corn millers, 84 Division st

  and 35 Exchange st


840                                                                          SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.


Fowler Chas., civil engiueer, 7 St James’

  row; h WadsleyHall

Fowler Edward, butcher, 122 Scotland st

Fowler & Howe, Britannia metal ware

  manfrs, 1 Love lane

Fowler Mrs Jane, Williamson rd

Fowler J. & Son, land agents, and surveyors,

  8 St James’ st

Fowler John, vict, Pheasant Inn, Atterciffe,

  and farmer, Waleswood

Fowler Jno., land agt, &c; h Wadsley Hall

Fowler Jonth., hosier, Infirmary rd

Fowler Wm, land agent, &c; h Wood hill

Fowler Wm., iron founder, 34 Fturnival

  rd; h 60 Spital hill

Fowley Joshua, butcher, 37 South st, P

Fox Alex. H., farmer, Little Common

Fox Amos Tingle, engraver, &c, yd 13 Far-

  gate; h 38 Monmouth st

Fox Ann, fruiterer, 44 & 45 Market hall;

  h Castle st

Fox Benj., steel refiner, 19 Arundel st, h

  196 Granville st

Fox Benj., shopkpr, Carlisle st

Fox Charles, steel & silver fork, table knife,

  steel, &c. manfr; New Church st

Fox Chas., vict, Royal Oak, Hollis croft

Fox Edw., tinman, &c, Attercliffe

Fox Eliz., shopkpr, 99 Carver st

Fox Geo., beerhs 22 Siddall st

Fox Geo. Belk, butcher, 58 Lansdowne rd

Fox Geo. springknife mfr, 38 St Philip’s rd

Fox John Jacob, mngr., Cemetery rd

Fox Joseph, springkf. mfr, 61 Peacroft

Fox Joseph, currier, 123 Gibraltar st

Fox Joshua, carv. & gilder, 14 Bridge st

Fox Levi, tobacconist, 34 Westbar gn

Fox Mary, fish & game dlr, 12 Fargate

Fox Robert, plasterer, Edgerton st

Fox and Slater, analytical chemists, and

  wholesale dealers & manfrs. of commercial

  and agricultural chemicals, 69, Fits-

  william st

Fox Saml., analytical chemist; h 66 Fitz-

  william street

Fox Thomas, shopkeeper, 132 Tudor st

Fox Stephen, farmer, Fullwood

Fox Thomas, farmer, Abbeydale

Fox Wm., herbalist, 6 Coal pit ln

Fox Wm., shoemaker, Boston st

Foxton John, grocer, 56 L. Sheffield

Foxton Mrs —, 55 Watery st

Foxton Michl., timber manager, 2 Tudor st

Foyster Chas. hairdsr, 10 Netherthorpe pl

France Peter & Sons, coal owners, Railway

  depôt, Nursery st

France Rich, builder, 34 Spital hill

France Samuel, springknife manufr, 44

  Trippet ln

Francis Chas. shopkeeper, 227 Moorfields

Francis Thomas, joiner, 20 Allen st

Frank John, tailor, 34 Chapel walk

Frank Wm. A., clerk, Burngreave pl

Frankish Jno. metal broker, and iron & steel

  mert., and agent for John Hartland & Co.’s

  warranted steel iron, Central chambers,

  High st; h Cross villa, Occupation rd

Frankish Mr Wm., 14 Spital hill

Franks Ambrose, butcher, 98 Devonshire st

Franks Wm. butcher, 94 Peacroft

Frazier My. Ly. tailor & drpr. 3 Broomhall st

Frearson Thos. vety. surg. 162 Duke st, P

Free Library and Reading Rooms, Sur-

  rey street

Freeman Chas. shoemaker, 26 Bow st, and

  73 Scotland st

Freeman Geo., tailor, 2 Brook st

Freeman Thos, comb mkr, 82 Brammall ln

Freeman Ts. vict, Talbot Hotel, 40 Hoyle st

Freeman Wm., comb mfr. 8 Union ln; h

  60 Brammall ln

Freemantle Hy. John, music profesr. And

  dealer, 21 High st

Fretson Jonth., pawnbrkr, 95 Devonshire st

Fretson Wm. solr, 22 Bank st; h Claremt pl

Fretson Mrs My. 57 Hanover st

Fretwell Arthur J., managing clk at County

  court; h 7 Northumberland rd

Fretwell Isaac Jarvis, furn. broker, Gibral-

  tar st ; h Infirmary rd

Fretwell Mr John, 13 Broom close,

Fretwell John, manager, Burngreave ter

Fretwell John, manager, 25 William st

Fretwell John, billiard table mkr. & tobnst,

  100 Devonshire st

Fretwell Zaccheus E., engraver, 5 Division

  st; h Spring lane

Friends’ Library, Meeting House ln

Frith Miss Ann, Canton pl

Frith Geo., piano tuner, 311 Glossop rd

Frith Mrs. Hannah, 155 Devonshire st

Frith James, powder flask, &c., mfr., 105

  Arundel st

Frith James, horn presser, ct 2 Thomas st

Frith John, architect, 14 Bank st; h Barns­

  ley New road

Frith John, agent, Infirmary rd

Frith John, scale cutter, Millsands; h

  Watery st

Frith John, prof. of music, 14 Broomhall st

Frith Mr. Joseph, Crabtree

Frith Peter & Co., opticians, and mathema-

  tical instrument, &c., mfrs., 81 Arundel

  st; h Broomgrove cottage

Frith Robt., coffee roaster, Ct. Water ln; h

  77 Pye bank

Frith Thos., architect, 2 Bank buildings; h

  228 Brookhill

Frith Wm., shoe knife mfr., 63 Milton st

Frith Wm. Hy., borough rate collector, 2

  Arundel st; h 238 Brook hill

Froggatt Geo., beerhs 100 Back fields

Froggatt John, spring knife, mfr; h Dorset st

Froggatt John, shopkeeper, Cherrytree hill

Froggatt Mary, shopkeeper, Sutherland st

Froggatt Thos., optician, 139 Attercliffe rd


SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.                                                    841


Froggatt Thos., optician, Monmouth ln

Froggatt Thos., table knife mfr., 91 Carver st

Fromings Thos. Hy., forge hammer mfr;

  h Heeley

Frost Chas., earthenware dlr., Infirmary rd

Frost Hy., hosier, 133 Allen st

Frost Hy., vict, King’s Head, 29 Canning st

Frost Hy., beerhouse, 112 West bar

Frost Rchd., pork butcher, 6, Bow st

Frost Thomas, shopkeeper, 107 Broad ln

Frost Thomas, surgeon, Bright st

Frost Wm., green grocer, 165 Broomhall st

Fry Alfred, schoolmaster, 10 South st; h

  Stafford st

Fry John Fdk., pork butcher, 11 Castle st

Fry Wm., engvr, Surrey ln; h Langsett rd

Fulford John, pearl button mfr., 3 Union ln

Fullforth Robt., cabinet mkr. & joiner, 75

  West st

Furbank Octavius, provision dealer, 124

  Gibraltar st

Furness Helen H., dressmkr., 12 Regent ter

Furness Matthew, cheese and bacon factor,

  4 & 6 Exchange st; h 139 Upperthorpe

Furniss Benjamin, table knife maker, yd. 9

  Angel st; h 17 Castle gn

Furniss Benj., eatinghouse, 54 Snig hill

Furniss Charles, butcher & vict,Woodman,

  166 South st

Furniss Charles, brace and bit maker, 245

  Rockingham st; h Hammond st

Furniss David, diesinker and modeller, Car-

  ver ln; h 2 William st

Furniss Edward, solicitor, 29 Church st; h

  Endcliffe cres

Furniss El.iz., shopkeeper, 90 Meadow st

Furniss Geo., furniture bkr., 58 Ecclesall rd

Furniss Geo. W., horn knob, &c., mfr., 6

  Pond hill; h Endcliffe cres

Furniss Henry, mcht; h Whirlow House

Furniss Herbert, green grocer, Smithfield

Furniss John, beerhouse, 190 South st, P

Furniss Jph., butcher, 4.5 Westbar gn

Furniss Luke, spring knife mfr., 122 Snow

  hill, P

Furniss Robt., shopkeeper. 2 Suffolk rd

Furniss Ruth, vict, King’s Head, Tapton hill

Furniss Thomas, tabacconist, 101 Allen st

Furniss Thos., joiner’s tool maker; h Park-

  wood spring

Furniss Wm, shoemaker, 100 Button ln

Furniss Wm., scythe maker, Whirlow hall

Gainsford Robt. John solr; h Darnall hall

Galbraith John, tailor, 87 Norfolk st

Gale Geo. & Son, bricklayers, 42 Clarence st

Gales Miss Sarah, The Mount

Gallimore Mrs. Abigail, Buckingham ter

Gallimore Brothers, spring knife mfrs., 74

  Edward st

Gallimore Eliz., spoon and fork mnfr., 42

  School croft

Gallimore Wm., shopkpr., 51 Campo ln

Gamble Chs., table kf. mfr; Hermitage st

Gamble Thos. & Jph., mrchts and mfrs; h

  250 Western bank

Gambles Mary, shopkpr., 58 Elders st

Gambles Samuel, bootmkr., 51 Townhead st

Gardam, Earle, and Woodall, wharfingers,

  Canal wharf

Gardner John, hosier, 90 Allen st

Gardner Saml., mcht. & mfr; h 14 Red hill

Garfitt James, fork mfr., Grimesthorpe

Garfitt Thos., saw file mfr., Little Common

Garfitt Thomas and Son, scythe, sickle, &c.,

  mfrs., Bath st; h Shirebrook

Garland Walter, butcher, 153 West st

Garlick Saml., spring knife manufr., court,

  8 Hammond st

Garner John, beerhouse, Young Street Tav.,

  162 Young st

Garner John, boot maker, 7 Mulberry st.;

  h Norfolk st

Garner Wm., beerh., 34 Trinity st

Garnett Henry Wm., surgeon-dentist,, 298

  Glossop rd

Garnett Henry Jph., surgeon-dentist, 10

  Norfolk row

Garnett Jane, beehouse, 77 Porter st

Garnett John, gardener, 6 Market hall

Garnett Thos., post office clrk., Belfield hs.

Garrett John, insurance agent, 56 Hoyle st

Garratt Rd., tobacconist, 87½ West st

Garrett Thos., vict., Red Lion, 149 Duke st

Garrett Walter, tailor, 4 Cross Burgess st

Garrett Wm., farmer, Ranmoor

Garside Ann, shopkeeper, 103 Broad lane

Garside John, butcher, 116 Trippet lane

Garside Jph., timber mercht. & brick mkr.,

  Harmer lane; h Parkwood springs

Garside Robt., beerhouse, 94 Cricket Inn rd

Garris Hy, woodtrnr, Milton st; h Hodgson st

Garton J ph., cricket bat maker, 3 Regent ln

Gascoigne Chas. springknife mfr., Attercliffe

Gascoigne Edwin Jas. beerhouse, Fawcett st

Gascoigne John Hy., wood turner, 138 Ed-

  ward st.; h 3 Cornhill

Gascoigne Robt., plumber and glazier, 50 &

  51 Holly st

Gascoigne Thos. M., mark mkr., ct 5 Eyre st

Gaskell Peter, vict., Queen’s Hotel, Baker’s


Gatley Thos., beerhouse, 60 Norfolk st

Gatley Thos., farmer, Ranmoor

Gaunt John, gent., Darnall House

Gaunt Jph., stag and wood haft cutter, 94

  Peacroft; h 35 Red hill

Gaunt Jph., jun., scale cutter, Corporation

  st.; h 217 St. Philip’s road

Gaunt Robert, butcher, 60 Meadow st

Geary Michael, tailor, 70 Howard st

Gee Mrs Ann, 83 Andover st

Gee Ann, butcher 73 Hill foot

Gee Mr. James, Broomhill

Gee Thos., shopkeeper, 114 Harvest lane

Gee Thos., fishmonger, 18 Division st

Gelthorp Jas., horn presser, 40 Bowden st.;

  h 50 Milton st



842                                                                          SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.


Gell Jas., hairdresser, 172 West st

Genn Geo., butcher, 7 Shambles h 103


Genn Hy., butcher, Shambles; h Tinsley

Genn Wm., butcher, Shambles; h Rock st

Genn Wm, plumber, 106 Dovonshire street;

  h Hanover st

Gibbins Hy., scissor mfr.; h Handsworth

Gibbins Jph. & Sons, scissor, shear, nipper,

  snuffer, corkscrew, &c. mfrs., St. John’s

  road, P

Gibbins John, scissor mfr.; h Bow st

Gibbins Jph., scissor rnfr.; h Cricket Inn rd

Gibbins Jph. jun., scissor tnfr. ; h 18 Cricket

  Inn road

Gibbins Saml., scissor mfr.; h Snowhill

Gibbons Aaron, tobacconist, 83 Broomhall st

Gibbons John, fishmonger. &c., 17 Bow st

Gibbs Wm. Hy., tailor, 2 Howard street; h


Gibson Chas., mason, 144 Lord st

Gibson Chas., joiner, Blast lane; h Atter­


Gibson Rev. John, M.A., chaplain of Parish

  Church, 17 Wilkinson st

Gibson Henry, whitesmith, &c., 55 Carver st

Gibson Harriet, green grocer, 13 South st

Gibson James, dyer, 110 Barker’s pool

Gibson Jas., wheelwright, Ecclesall New rd

Gibson John, beerhouse, Neepsend

Gibson John, jobsmith, 40 Smithfield; h


Gibson Robt., screw maker, 190 Watery ln

Gibson Rev. Wm. L., incumbent of Darnall,

  Darnall Hill

Gibson Wm., potato mercht., 47 Exchange

  st.; h 171 Duke st., P

Gibson Wm., joiner & builder, Edgerton st.,

Gibson Wm., whitesmith, 30 Burnttree ln;

  h 95 Allen st

Gilbert Bros., razor mfrs., 107 Eyre st

Gilbert Jas,, agent for Gillott’s steel pens,

  and ink mfr. &c., 27 High st.; h 69 Suf-

folk road

Gilbert John. grocer; h 278 Glossop rd

Gilbert Jph., fishmonger, 53 Silver st. head

Gilbert Robt., joiner, 104 Edward st

Gilbert Wm., beerhouse, Button lane

Gilbert Wm., razor maunfr.; h East view,

  Parker’s road

Gilbert Wm., fruiterer, 46 Westbar green

Gilchrist Robt. Murray, trav, draper, 172

  Broad lane

Giles Rev. John E., (Baptist), Gatefield

Gill Alfred, manager, Turner’s lane

Gill Geo., beerhs., Club Garden walk, L. S

Gill Geo., scissor mfr., Lambert’s place; h

  Infirmary road

Gill Hannah, farmer, Whirlow

Gill Hy., Wm., & Geo., ironmongers & nail

  manufrs., 161 Gibraltar st

Gill Hy., druggist, 15 Scotland st

Gill Hy., grcr. & spring knf mfr, 9 Lambert st

Gill Hy green grocer, 10 Button ln

Gill James, cricket bat mkr., yd 20 Carver

  ln h 3 Clarence st

Gill John, farmer, Millhouses

Gill Jph., spring knife cutler, 9 Sheaf grdns

Gill Mary, coffee house, 9 Watson walk

Gill Richd., joiner, 23 Nursery st

Gill Saml., spring knife mfr, 75 Hollis cft

Gill Saml., news agent, 47 Broomhall st

Gill Wm. and Sons, comb mfrs. in general,

  4 Furnival ln., 14 St. James’s St., and 14

  Philip st., Birmingham

Gill Wm., vict., Ball, and sec. to land and

  building societies, Up Heeley

Gillatt Charles, shopkpr., 274 Shalesmoor

Gillatt Edw., hotelier, 56 Ecclesall New rd

Gillatt Hanh, cabinet mkr., &c., 1 Hartshd

Gillbee Mrs. Hannah, 258 Western bank

Gillett Mrs. Elizabeth, Lydgate ln., Crookes

Gilley Wm., warrant officer, Monmouth st

Gillies Bryce, linen and wollen draper, 219

  Rockingham st

Gillott Alice, vict., Harrow, 34 Harvest ln

Gillott Edw. D.L., surgeon, 256 Glossop rd;

  surgery, 30 Bank st

Gillott Edw., fur. broker, 8 Townhead st

Gillott Mrs. Eliza, Up Hanover st

Gillott Eliz., shopkpr., 88 Bridge st

Gillott Mr. Enoch, High st., Park

Gillott Jas., file mfr., King st

Gillott John, traveller, Pitsmoor

Gillott John, horn & bone dlr., 7 High st, P

Gillott John, detective police, Pomona st

Gillott John, table knife mfr., 12 Coalpit ln

Gillott Jonth., coml. trav., 18 Arundel st

Gillntt Jph., steel pen depôt, 27 High st;

  James Gilbert, agent

Gillott Saml., butchem, 11 Duke st, Park

Gillott Thos., vict., Barrel, 64 Pinstone st

Gillott Thos., wgh. mch. clrk, Penistone rd

Gillott Wm., cabinet mnkr., yd 7 Westbar

  gn; h 7 Steelhouse ln

Gillott Wm., shopkpr., 56 Scotland st

Gilman Saml., coffee roaster, yd 9 Angel st;

  h Lydgate ln

Gilmour, Duncan, and Co., wine, spirit, and

  porter mchts., 58 Queen st, and Exchange

  st; h 329 Glossop rd

Gilpin Edmd. O., grocer; h 239 Glossop rd

Gilpin Wm., beerhs., 24 Westbar

Girdham Wm., spring knife mfr., 35 Smith-


Girls Charity School, 15 St. James row;

  Eliz. Adamson, mistress

Gladwin John, paper mfr., Bank buildings,

  and Ecclesfield Mill

Gladwin Wm., wheelwright, 161 Attercliffe

Glasham Thos., shoemkr., 47 Lee croft

Glave Jas G., painter, &c.; h 15 Granville st

Glave Wm., beerhs., Attercliffe com

Glave Wm, and Son, painters. &c., Gran-

  ville st; h 7 Duke st., Park

Gleadall James, surgeon, 115 Norfolk st


SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.                                                843


Gleadall John. vict., Sheffield Arms, 42

  Meadow st

Gleadall Sarah, chain mfr., 145 Attcrcliffe

Gledhill James, cutlery dlr., 261 Solly st

Gledhill Wm.,tailor, 15 Bow st. & 89 Tenter st

Glencross David, flour and corn dlr., 31

  Church st; h 289 Glossop rd

Glew Abm., boot and shoemkr., 5 Market st

Glew Jonth., egg & poultry dlr, 31 Wicker ln

Glossop Albert, scale presser, Arundel st; h

  240 Bright st

Glossop Benj , horn scale presser, Orchard

  rd., Waikley

Glossop George, scale presser, Arundel st;

  h 15 Monmouth st

Glossop George, coml. trav., Clinton pl

Glossop Hy., cabinet mkr., 36 L. Sheffield

Glossop Mrs. Eliz., 235 Glossop rd

Glossop John, grocer, 12 South st

Glossop John, shoemkr., 34 Wicker

Glover George, pork butcher, 13 Flat st

Godbehere George, tailor, 97 Pyebank

Godber Thos., vict., and coach propr.,

  Cutlers’ Arms, 7 New Church st

Godby Fredk., bone dust dlr., 51 Hawley cft

Goddard Ann, slater, Pye bank

Goddard Mary and Maria, upholsterers, 15

  Regent st

Godley John, shoemkr., 19 Bridgehouses

Godley Wm., plasterer, Broomhall st

Godwin Fisher, nursery & seedsman, 2 & 3

  Market Hall, and Heeley

Goldie George, architect; h Belmonte, P

Golding Thos, vict , Windsor Tavern, 1

  Silver st

Goldthorpe Hy., shopkpr., 97 Fargate

Goldthorpe Hy., self-tip handle cutter and

  dlr., 26 Wellington st

Gomersall Wm., joiner, 19 Dixon st

Goodacre Edw., coal dlr., 92 Hoffis cft

Goodall George, vict., New Inn, Penistone rd

Goodall John, glass and china dlr, 77 Westbar

Goodall Saml, confr., Long Henry st., and

  202 Market hall

Goodall Wm. Anderson, stove and fender

  mfr., 26 South street, and Carver st

Goodchild Robt., news agent, 38 Kenyon alley

Goodier James, painter, Shalesmoor; h

  Watery st

Goodine John, butcher, 120 Westbar

Goodison Thos., shopkpr, Infirmary rd

Goodison Wm., beerhs., 56 Westbar

Goodison Thos., solicitor, Oxford st., Upper-


Goodlad George, hairdresser, 9 Peacroft

Goodlad Wm., clerk, Glossop rd

Goodlad Wm., baker, 15 Meadow st

Goodman Mrs Gertrude, Fullwood rd

Goodwin Mrs Ann, 35 Gell st

Goodwin Chas. tailor & shoemnkr, 46 South st

Goodwin Geo. Geo. & tea dlr, 95& 97 West st

Goodwin Geo. vict, King and Miller, 16

  Norfolk st

Goodwin Geo., wheelwright, 71 Duke st

Goodwin Thos. beerhouse, Lansdowne rd

Goodwin Thos., ivory cutter; h l2 Birken-

  dale view

Goodwin Wm, grocer, 130 South st

Gordon John, comb maker, 58 Coal pit ln;

  h 8 Furnival st

Gorrery Thos, iron and steel mcht. 10 Bank

  st; h Windsor ter, Broomhill

Gorrill Rnbt., scissor mfr. 159 Eyre st

Gosnay Mary, coal owner, Cross pool

Gothard Jas., joiner, Creswick st, Langsett rd

Gould Chas., solr ; h 4 Paradise sq

Gould Jph., vict, Norfolk Inn, Saville st

Gould Joseph, rag & bone dlr., 17 Button ln

Gould Micah, tea & coffee dlr., 14 Fargate

Gould Thos., solr; h 32 Wilkinson st

Gould & Son, solrs., 4 Paradise sq

Gould Wm., shoemkr, 48 Mitchell st

Goulder Eliz., vict, Robin flood, 86

  Duke st, P.

Goulder John, agent to Tinsley Coal Co.,

  New Haymarket

Goulder John, shopkpr, 92 Cricket Inn rd

Goulding Thos., tailor, 69 Doncaster st

Gouldthorp & Greaves, horn haft and scale,

  &c. preasers, 16 Burgess st

Gouldthorp Henry, vict, Norfolk Arms,

  Norfolk st

Gouldthorp Joseph, horn pleaser, 67 Wel-

  lington st

Gouldthorp Mrs Rebecca, 32 Regent ter

Graham Eliz. conf., 143 Arundel st

Graham Geo., travlg. drpr, and beerhouse,

  32 Change alley

Grandin Stph. John, dyer, 4 Regent st

Grant Eliz., vict, Fox & Duck, 50 Broad ln

Grant Mr. James, East view, Pisgah

Grass Moor Coal Co., M. Railway depôt,

  and Canal wharf

Grattan John, cabt. case, &c mfr. 18 Union st

Gray Chas. & Sons, saw, file, steel, &c. mfrs.

  71 Watery st

Gray John, saw, &c. mfr; h 71 Watery at

Gray Edw. & Wm., saw mfrs; h Oxford st

Gray Edwd., poulterer, and eating house,

  24 Watson walk

Gray Fdk. Geo. & Co., brewers, Scotland st

Grey Fdk. Geo., beerhs, 52 Silver st head

Gray Geo. draper; h Shrewsbury cottage,

  Intake road

Gray Geo. & Thos., saw manfs., and mchts,

  Melinda st

Gray George, saw mfr; h 212 St Philip’s rd

Gray John, surgeon dentist, 14 Howard st

Gray John, butcher, 35 Shambles; h


Gray John & Son, razor mfrs. Radford st

Gray Jph., grocer, &c., 137 South st, P

Gray Joseph, scisr. mfr. Gray st

Gray Jph.. surg’s inst. mfr : h 1 Broom ter

Gray and Lawson, surgical inst. mfra. 154

 Fitzwilllam st


844                                                                          SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.


Gray Robt. and Geo. & Co., silk mercers,

  linen drapers, hosier., glovers, haberdash-

  ers, &c., Exchange drapery establishment,

  Victoria buildings, 25 to 29 Fargate

Gray Robt., draper, &c; h Victoria bldgs

Gray Thos., saw mfr; h Willow bank

Gray Thos., portrait painter, 21 Gray st

Gray Thos., scisr. mfr. 150 Fitzwilliam st

Gray Wm., shoemaker, 33 Broad ln

Gray Wm., shopkeeper, 112 Trippet ln

Gray Wm. & Edw., saw mfrs; h Oxford st

Gray Wm., tailor, Infirmary rd

Grayson Benj., plated ware mfr; h Glou-

  cester st

Grayson Edwin, tea and coffee rooms, Cor-

poration st

Grayson Geo., news agt, &c, 1 Hoyle st

Grayson John, springknife mfr. Darnall

Grayson Jph., farmer, Fullwood

Grayson Thos., springkf. mfr., Darnall

Grayson Wm., springkf. mfr., Darnall

Grear John, johsmith, 18 Bridge st; h

  Parkwood springs

Great Northern Railway Co.’s—Passen-

  ­gers Booking office, Victoria station;

  Goods’ Station, Bridgehouses; Goods’

  Agents, John Powers, 33 Nursery street,

  and Mrs Lister, 106 Eyre st; and Parcels’

  Receiving office, 15 Change alley; Chas.

  Dunhill, agent.

Greaves Bros., German silver & brass fndrs.,

  105 Arundel st

Greaves Chas., shemkr, 134 Broomhall st

Greaves Danl., bookkpr; h 74 Soho ter

Greaves Edw., brass founder, 56 South st;

  h 29 Broomhall pl

Greaves Edw. M., 135 Spring ln

Greaves Mrs Eliz. 193 Western bank

Greaves Fredk., table knife manfr; h 5

  Montgomery place

Greaves Francis & Sons, horn pressers, and

  table knife mfrs., 49 Redford st

Greaves Geo., brushmkr, 13 New George st

Greaves Geo., butcher, 67 Granville st

Greaves Geo., grocer, 3 Bridgehouses

Greaves Hy. Marwood, Esq., Banner Cross

Greaves Hy., manager, 65 Hermitage st

Greaves Horatio, horn presser, &c. ; h Steel


Greaves Isaac, edge-tool & shear mfr., Broad

  st ln.; h 257 Glossop rd

Greaves Jas., clerk, 124 Ecclesall rd

Greaves John, mcht. and cut nail manfr.,

  17 Broad st, P.

Greaves John, surveyor, 18 Bank st; h


Greaves John, steel mfr., 36 Dunfields

Greaves John, shoemkr., 266 Shales moor

Greaves Mr. John Hy., Hill foot

Greaves Jph., shopkpr., 30 Charles st

Greaves Miss My. Broomhead, 190 Brookhill

Greaves Mary A., vict., American Stores, 36

  Westbar gn

Greaves Saml. H., table knf. mfr., Broomhill

Greaves Saml., treacle mkr., Bacon Island,


Greaves Mrs. Sarah, 5 Montgomery pl.,


Greaves Thos., tailor, 130 Scotland st

Greaves Wm. & Co., brewers, Norfolk Brew-

  ery, 86 Broad st., P.; h 203 Shrewsbury bnk

Greaves Wm., shopkpr., Walkley

Greaves Wm., painter, West hill in; h 16

  Fitzwiiliam at

Greaves Wm., bootmkr., 137 West st

Green Alfred, edge-tool, tanner’s & currier’s

  knife, surgeon’s instruments, patent truss,

  file, steel, &c. manufactr., 86 Pond st; h

  Cherry mount

Green Alfd,, shopkpr., 15 King st., Portmahon

Green Ann, dressmkr., 16 Westfield ter

Green Benj., cab owner, Doncaster st

Green Benj., pork butcher, 72 Rockingham st

Green Chas., vict., Tankard & Punch Bowl,

  94 Broad st

Green Chas., pork butcher, 42 Division st

Green Eliz., shopkpr., 11 George st., Infir-

  mary st

Green Eliza, fruiterer, &c., 43 Markethall

Green Eliz., coffee house, 100 Wicker

Green Elijah, pork butcher & beerhouse, 60

  Shepherd st

Green Geo., vict., Grapes, 11 New Church st

Green Geo., springknife mfr., Nether Heeley

Green Geo., bricklayer, ct 51 Carver st

Green Geo., brush mfr. and shopkpr., 144

  Portobello st

Green Geo., cab prop., 11 St. Philip’s rd

Green Geo., joiner & vict., Bowling Green,

  Cherrytree hill

Green G., vict., Grouse & Trout, Redmires

Green Geo. Hy., coml. trav., Up. Hanover st

Green Harriet & Maria, school, Broom parade

Green James & Co., pen, pocket, sportsman,

  and desk knife mfrs, 49 West st

Green Jas., fishmonger; h Wicker

Green John, brewer; h Neepsend

Green John, beerhouse, 11 Meadow st

Green John, wheelwright, Neepsend ln

Green John, jobbing smith, Bridge st

Green John, cabt. mkr., 32 Wellington st

Green Jonth., farmer, Darnall

Green Jph., farmer, Fullwood

Green Jph., butter factor, 8 Market st; h

  48 Nursery st

Green Jph., cabinet mkr., 80 Carver st

Green Jph., shopr. & beerhs., 30 Burnt tree ln

Green Jph., greengrocer, 73 Garden st

Green Mary Ann, grocer, 2 Spital hill

Green Mrs. Mary Ann, 15 Broom close

Green Matthew, beerhouse, 4 Ellison st

Green Matthias, joiner, 31 Netherthorpe pl

Green Saml., cutlery founder, Holy Green

  Works; h 110 Button ln

Green Saml., vict., Ball i’ t’ Tree, Clark-

  house rd


SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.                                                845


Green Saml., farmer, Fullwood

Green & Steel, fishmongers, Shambles

Green Thos., boot & shoemkr., 110 Westbar

Green Wm., beerhouse, Gibraltar st

Green Wm., whitesmith & furniture broker,

  Infirmary rd

Green Wm., joiner and builder, 89 South st

Greenham Wm., hatter, Watson walk

Greenhaugh Robt., confectioner, 7 Grindlegt

Greenhough Geo., tailor, 28 Earl st

Greening Geo., sec. to the Waterworks Co.,

  8 Division st; h 155 Brookhill

Greening Wm. Hy., drgst, 147 Attercliffe rd

Greensmith Chas., butcher, 65 Broad ln

Greensmith Charles, bntcher, 96 Trippet ln

Greensmith John, hosier, 67 Townhead st

Greenwell Thos., grocer, Franklin st

Greenwood Chas., beerhouse, Spring st

Greenwood Chs., cabinet maker, 9 Campo ln

Greenwood Daniel, tanner, Upperthorpe and

  Penistone rd

Greenwood John, timber merchant, Porter

  st; and lime dealer, Railway depôt,

  Nursery st

Greenwood Mr. Wm., Taptonville

Greenwood Wm. and John, timber mchts.

  and sawmills, Porter st

Greenwood William, timber merchant; h

  Handsworth, Woodhouse .

Gregg Geo., currier, 25 Flat st; & Bright st

Gregg Wm., asphalter, 75 Thomas st

Gregory Abraham, music seller, Cemetery rd

Gregory Benj., builder, 56 St. George’s sq

Gregory Benj., wheelwright, Russell st

Gregory Charlotte, vict, Rifle Tavern, 15

  Bower st

Gregory Edw., post office clk., 37 Spring ln

Gregory Geo., fleam mkr., 44 St. Philip’s rd

Gregory Geo., fender maker, 60 Coalpit ln

Gregory George, farmer, Intake rd

Gregory Geo., beerhouse, 186 Rockingham st

Gregory Geo., ink, blacking, and polishing

  paste mfr., Bowden st

Gregory James, surgeon, 2 Gell st

Gregory Jas. & Co., cheese factors, 16 Old

  Haymarket, and Gt. Longstone; Henry

  Calvert, agent

Gregory Jas. & Co.,merchants, and steel, &c.

  mfrs, 23 Arundel ln; h 19 Broomhall pl

Gregory John, agent to Levick Brothers;

  h 309 Glossop rd

Gregory John, butcher, Wicker

Gregory John, shopkpr., 16 Brightmore st

Gregory John T., mark maker, &c., yd. 80

  West st

Gregory Jph.,shopkpr., 20 New Brunswick st

Gregory Joseph, tailor, Grimesthorpe

Gregory Joshua, beerhouse, 118 Duke st, P

Gregory Samuel, surgeon 17, Eyre st

Gregory Saml., grocer, 33 Porter st

Gregory Saml, beerhs, 143 Gibraltar st

Gregory Thos., clerk, 100 Highfield

Gregory Ths., saw handle mkr., 144 Solly st

Gregory Wm., shopkpr., 28 Wellington st

Gregory Wm., shoe & butcher’s knife mfr.

  37 Fullwood rd

Griffin Thomas, cabinet case maker, 46

  Hermitage st

Griffith Ann, milliner, 27 Division st

Griffiths Rev. Thos., (N.C.M.) Upperthorpe

Griggs Thos., shoemaker, 210 Gibraltar st

Grindrod Mrs Sarah, 11 Hanover st

Grinold Henry Thomas, spring knife mfr.,

  Eyre ln; h 12 Clarence st

Groves Fredk., fishmonger, Shambles; h

  Watson walk

Groves Mrs Jane, Upperthorpe

Groves Rchd. & Sons, saw edgetool, &c.,

  mfrs., 71 Snow ln. and 207 Moorfields

Groves Wm., saw, &c., mfr; h 88 Spring ln

Grubb John, surgical inst. mk., 61 Eyre st

Grundy Jph. Ely, shawl and mantle warehs,

  47 High st

Guest Ann, school, Cemetery rd

Guest Henry, bone button mfr., 55 Corpo-

  ration st

Guest John, tailor, 44 Scotland st

Guest Rd., painter, &c., 102 Devonshire st

Guite Joseph, hosier, Langsett rd

Gunn & Hay, wine and spirit mchts, 67

  Norfolk st

Gunn Mrs Eliz., 21 Hanover st

Gunson John, engineer of Water Works, 8

  Division st

Gunstone John, scissor mfr., Pond wheel;

  h 176 South st P.

Gurney Edwin, accountant, 64 Queen st

Guy Wm., Canteen keeper, Barracks

Guttmann Isaac, jeweller and watch maker,

  38 High st

Guttmann Brothers, watchmakers, jewellers,

  &c., 22 High st

Gyngell Lionel P., pyrotechnist, Cricket rd,

Gyte Thomas, shopkeeper and coal dealer

  14 Bishop st

Habbershaw Frank, gas fitter, 48 William st

Habershon Charles, butcher, 38 Trippet ln;

  h Regent st

Habershon John, butcher, 27 Shambles; h


Habershon John, spring knife mfr., Darnall

Habershon Joshua, grocer; h Pitsmoor

Hahershon Jph., scissor mfr., Brittain st

Hahorshon Matthew, butcher, 34 Shambles;

  h Handsworth, Woodhouse

Haden Wm., grocer, &c., 1 Meadow st

Hadfield Charles, spring knife mfr., yd. 1

  Bow st; h 232 Allen st

Hadfield Eliz., shopkeeper, 80 Coalpit ln

Hadfield Geo. Edwin, butcher, 177 South st

Hadfield John, table knife mfr., 107 Eyre

  st; h 80 Coalpit ln

Hadfield John Styring, mfr; h 7 West bnk

Hadfield Jph., sculptor and stone & marble

  mason, 69 Norfolk st and 5 Norfolk ln;

  h 27 Eyre st


846                                                                          SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.


Hadfield Matthew Ellison, architect; h Belle

  Vue rd

Hadfield Robert, assistant overseer for the

  township of Attercliffe-cum-Darnall, col-

  lector of poor, highway, & watch rates,

  and clerk of the highway board, Hill top,


Hadfield Thos., shoemaker, Darnall

Hadfield Wm., horn, &c., dealer, 173, Rock-

  ingham street

Hague Benj., shoemaker, 107 Eldon st

Hague Geo., builder, 9 Henry st

Hague George tailor, 10 Hoyle st

Hague Isaac, shopkpr, 9 Orchard st, Harvest ln

Hague John T., coal owner, Railway depôt,

  Nursery st.; h Broomhill

Hague John, shopkeeper. 99 Meadow st

Hague John, brushmfr., 64 Trinity street;

  h 43 Wentworth ter

Hague Robt., joiner, 37 Fullwood st

Hague Saml., springknife mfr., 23 Devon-

  shire lane

Hague Saml., joiner, 12 Broad st., P

Hague Saml., coal agent; h 2 Clarkehouse rd

Hague Saml., clog & patton maker, South

   st.; h Boden st

Hague Thos., toy dealer, Meadow st

Hague Wm., mason and vict., Mason’s

  Arms, 85 South st., P

Hague Wm.. bellows mfr.; h Potobello st

Haigh Benj., mason, Crookes

Haigh Chas., clerk, Portland st

Haigh Geo., grocer, 202 Attercliffe

Haigh Fras., tailor, 29 Wicker

Haigh Thos., silver, german silver, & brass

  and iron founder, on the premises occupied

  by the late T. Hague, 50 West st

Haigh William fishmonger, 10 Fargate

Hale John, & Pennington John, steel mfrs.,

  237 Shales moor

Hale Mr. Matthew, 281 Glossop road

Haley Geo., vict., Tuscan Tavern, 17 St.

  Thomas st

Halifax Geo., shoemaker, 93 New George st

Hall Alfred, pen blade grinder, William st

Hall Mrs. Ann, 292 Glossop road

Hall Chas., table knife, &c. mfr., Pepper

  alley; h 91 William st

Hall Chas., merchant; h 333 Glossap road

Hall Chas. jun., file, &c., mfr.; h East view


Hall Chas., joiner, 34 Peacroft

Hall & Colley, scissor mfrs., 9 Eyre lane

Hall Ebenez., silver plate mfr; h Abbey-

  dale Villa

Hall Edwd., cooper, 36 Campo lane; h 193

  Western bank

Hall Edwin, hosier, 25 Snig hill

Hall & Co., news agents, &c., 10 Blonk st

Hall Fras., grocer, &c., 84, Westbar

Hall Frederick, file maker, yd. 97 Allen st

Hall Frederick, coml. trav., Lower Heeley

Hall Geo., shopkeeper, Stafford street

Hall Hy., electro-plater, &c., Shire House

Hall Henry, painter, Ecclesall New road

Hall J., shopkeeper, 25 Earl st

Hall Jas., forkmaker, Grimesthorpe

Hall Jas., shoemaker, 15 Westbar

Hall Jas., bone & scale cutter, Burgess st.;

  h 187 Eyre st

Hall John Chas., M.D., 12 Surrey street

Hall John, grocer, 9 Broad st., P.; h East-


Hall John, jun., grocer, 6 New Haymarket;

  h Eastbourne

Hall John, bookseller, 153 South st

Hall John, forkmaker, 31, Lambert st

Hall John, house surgeon, Infirmary

Hall John, fur. broker, 16 South st., P

Hall John B. schoolmaster, 165 Rockingham

  st.; h 28 Fitzwilliam st

Hall Jno., springknife mfr. and vict., Moon,

  13 Silver st

Hall John Machin, house, sign, and orna-

  mental painter; paper hanger and dealer,

  plumber and glazier, gas fitter, &c., 137

  South st., Sheffield moor, and Pearl st.

  L. Sheffield

Hall John Sutton, academy, 14 Hanover sq

Hall Jonathan, forkmaker, Grimesthorpe

Hall Jonth., grocer, 27 King street

Hall Jonth., corkscrew mfr., Burgess st

Hall Joseph, horn presser, Chester lane; h

  Clinton villa

Hall Joshua, silver plate mfr.; h 184 South

  street, P

Hall Leond., joiner, Cemetery road

Hall Mrs. Mary, Hanover sq

Hall Mary M., lodgings, 223 Gell st ter

Hall Miss Mary, 39 Farm bank

Hall Mary, shopkeeper, 145 St. Philip’s rd

Hall Peter, file manufr., Peaoroft; h 45

  Regent st

Hall Saml., tortoise shell comb mfr., & ivory

  & shell dealer, 262 Bright st.; h Summer

  Hill, Sharrow

Hall Saml. P., manager, 46 Carver st

Hall Sarah, beerhouse, 14, Scotland st

Hall Thos., spring knife mfr., Britain st

Hall Jonth. button hook, &c., manufacturer,

  Arundel lane

Hall Thos., tea dealer, 18 High st.; h 14

  Fernley pl

Hall Thomas Henry, brass and German

  silver, &c., founder, mfr. of every descrip-

  tion of water, steam, and gas cocks,

  chandelier,, brackets, pillars, gas fittings,

  beer machines, &c., plumbers’ brass work,

  saw screws, brass weights, coating pots,

  and stand pipes, or guards for water, Lee

  Croft Brass Works

Hall Wm., mcht. and table knife mfr., Pool

  sq., 96 Fargate

Hall Wm., brewers’ traveller, 71 New

  Brunswick st

Hall Wm., coml. trav., 95 Ecclesall rd


SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.                                                847


Hall Wm., N., bookseller and stationer,

  Infirmary rd

Hallam Miss Ann, 15 Brunswick ter., Full-

  wood rd

Hallam Charles, cutlery mfr; h 74 Hanover st

Hallam James and Co., spring knife mfr.,

  160 Edward st

Hallam John, shoemkr., 19 Button ln

Hallam Jph., famer, Barber Nook

Hallam Jph., needle, &c, mfr; h Park Farm

Hallam Mark, jun., profsr. of dancing, 61

  Wentworth ter

Hallam Robt. and Son, spring knife mfrs.,

  19 Garden st

Hallam Robt., shoe knife, &c., mfr., 87


Hallam Thos., spring knife mfr., 23 New

  st., Park

Hallett George, hairdresser, 13 Grindlegate

Halliwell James, bricklayer, 60 Broomhall st

Hamer James, comb mfr., 32 Westbar

Hamilton Michael, cutlery mfr., 27 Wicker;

  h Taptonville

Hamm Christian Hy., pork butcher, 13

  Castle st

Hammerton John, joiner, 75 Pye bank, and

  Eliz., stay dlr., 38 Market Hall

Hammond Charles Hy., pawnbroker, 42

  Church st; h Priory ter

Hammond Geo., table knife mfr., 237 St.

  Philip’s rd

Hammond Jas., type founder; h Burton hd

Hammond Mrs. Jane, 11 Hanover sq

Hammond Mary Matthewman, shopkpr., 54

  Tenter st

Hammond Wm., bank porter, 3 Meeting-

house ln

Hampshire Edw., coal dlr., Morpeth st

Hanby John. green grocer, 19 Norfolk row

Hancock Benj., spring knife mnfr., St.

  Philip’s rd

Hancock Charles, spring knife mnfr., 186

  Bernard st

Hancock Miss Eliz., Ecclesall rd

Hancock Edmund, wire worker, 72 Fitz-

william st

Hancock Geo., farmer, Bent’s gn

Hancock Geo. Hy., spring knife mfr; h

  Corn hill

Hancock Harriet, vict., White Horse, 18

  Effingham st

Hancock Hy., beerbs. and shopkpr., 117

  Granville st

Hancock Hy., spring knife mfr; h Bright-

  moor st

Hancock Isc. quarry ownr, nr Banner Cross

Hancock Jas. electro plater; h St Philip’s rd

Hancock John, brass turner, 16 Waingate;

  h yd 80 South st., P

Hancock John, shopkpr., 24 St. Thomas st

Hancock John, mason, quarry owner, and

  shopkpr., Park Head

Hancock John, spring knife mfr., Burgess

  st; h 24 St. Thomas

Hancock Jnth. S, cutlery mfr; h 16 Broomhill

Hancock Mr. Joseph, 210 St. Philip’s rd

Hancock Martha, dress mkr., 39 Eyre st

Hancock Mrs. My. A., 5 Northumberland rd

Hancock Saml. and Sons, table knife, &c.,

  mfrs., 45 Peacroft

Hancock Saml., cutlery mfr; h 40 Wm. st

Hancock Saml., hairdresser, 173 Gibraltar st

Hancock and Sons, scale and spring mfrs.,

  25 Corn hill

Hancock Thos, & Co., spring knife mfrs.,

  39 Arundel st

Hancock Thos., shopkpr., 158 Portobello st

Hancock Wm., brass turner, yd 10 Waingate

Hancock Wm., spring knife mfr., Daisy bk

Haneock Wm., scale presser, Monmouth st;

  h 53 Broad ln

Handley James, beerhouse, Attercliffe

Handley John, hammer, &c., mfr., Rodgers’

  yd, 20½ Carver ln

Handley Thos., fur. brkr, 28 New Meadow st

Hands Hy., electro plater, Norfolk st; h

  Pomona st

Hanger Charles Hy., brewer; h 6 Oxford st

Hansley Geo., shopkpr., Pyebank

Hanson Alfred, saddler, Attercliffe

Hanson Alfd. Jas., greengrocer, 59 Green ln

Hanson Edw., saddler, 21 Waingate

Hanson John, vict.,Old Ball, 61½ Duke st., P

Hanson Jph., confectioner, 55 South st

Hanson, Walker, and Co., coach bldrs., &c.,

  25 Norfolk st., and 19 Sycamore st

Harben Henry, accountant, 62 Norfolk st

Hardcastle Hy., shopkpr., Darnall

Hardcastle Hy., vict. and grocer, Wellington Inn,


Hardcastle Saml., wheelwright, Darnall

Hardcastle Thos., printer, 41 Campo ln

Hardcastle Wm., relieving officer, 187

  South st., P

Hardesty Miss Esther, ladies’ school, 13

  West bank

Hardesty Geo., iron mcht. and agent for

  Milton & Elsecar Iron Works, and agent

  to the Scottish Provident Life Assurance

  Co. 18 Orchard st; h 12 Victoria st

Harding John, tailor, 16 York st

Hardman Thos. baker, 19 Paternoster rw

Hardwick Fras. shopkpr, 140 Arundel st

Hardwick Wm, grocer, 212 West st

Hardwick Mr Wm. Geo., 71 Hanover st

Hardy Ann, school, Broad Oak

Hardy Geo. cabtmkr, 10 Union bldngs

Hardy Hy., draper, 31 Wicker

Hardy Hy., dessertkf. mfr. 40 Carver st

Hardy Jas., steel plate mkr, 26 Morpeth st;

  h Crookes

Hardy Samuel, painter, 36 Silver st

Hardy Thos. fruit knife mfr. 8 Union ln

Hardy Thos. mfr, of nail files, cork screws,

  stilettos, tweezers, desk knives, erasers,

  nut picks &c, also of button hooks, crtcht

  needles, &c. 44 Milton st; h 134 Broom

  mount, Ecclesall rd


848                                                                          SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.


Hardy Thos, linen draper, 67 South st

Hardy Wm. joiner, Marshall st

Hargreaves, Smith, & Co., table knife mfrs.

  28 Eyre lane

Hargreaves Wm. mcht. and mfr; h Broom-

  hall park

Harker Mrs Dorothy, 92 Derbyshire ter

Harley Hy. laceman, 40 Angel st

Harley Julia, milliner, 40 Angel st

Harley Samuel, hairdsr, 296 Shalesmoor

Harmer Hannah, school, 16 Hanover sq

Harmston Geo. confr. 304 Shalesmoor

Harper Wm. shoemkr, 125 Porter st

Harper Wm, brewer, St Philip’s rd

Harris Francis, cabtmkr, 49 Westbar, and

  13 Watson walk

Harris Geo. Winter, auctioneer, &c, 12

  Pinstone street

Harris & Hancock, elctr-pltrs, 23 Orchard ln

Harris Wm. electro-pltr; h Yale rd, Park-

  wood springs

Harrison Misses Ann & Eliza, Weston Hall

Harrison Ann, milliner, 9 Old Haymkt

Harrison & Brown, cabt. case, &c. mfrs. 245

  Rockingham st

Harrison Bros. & Howson, cuttlery manfrs.,

  45 Norfolk st

Harrison Bros., silver plated ware manfrs.,

  &c, 12 Tudor st

Harrison Bros, joiners’ tool mfrs. 6 Union ln

Harrison Chas. S., engraver, yd 6 Norfolk

   row; h 71 Meadow st

Harrison Edw., surgeon, 15 Orchard st

Harrison Edw., vict, Q in the Corner, 17

  Paradise sq

Harrison Fdk. Chas., tablekf. &c mfr; h

  66 Milton st

Harrison Hy. farmer, Fullwood

Harrison Hy. druggist, 1 Flat st

Harrison Hy. & Co. tailors, draper’s, &c. 27

  Old Haymkt; h Wadsley

Harrison Jas. timber mcht. 49 Effingham st

Harrison Jas, architect, 11 & 12 St James’ rw

Harrison Jas. Wm., & Hy., mchts, & manfrs.

  h Fullwood rd

Harrison Job, painter, 108 Broad ln

Harrison John, electro-plater, & gilder, and

  mfr, of all kinds of silver, nickel silver,

  patent plated, and Britannic metal wares,

  Norfolk Works, 116 Scotland street; h

  Western bank

Harrison John, plumb. 68 Pinstone st

Harrison John, hosier, 24 High st

Harrison John, joiner & builder, Bath st

Harrison John, butcher, 35 New Baunsw. st

Harrison John, mason & shpkpr, 85 Pyebnk

Harrison John, clerk, 21 Paradise st

Harrison John, scale presr., 41 Norfolk st

Harrison Jph. brass turner, 94 Wellingt. st,

  and dentist, 30 South st

Harrison Mrs Mary, Fullwood rd

Harrison & Pawson, bookslrs., stationer,

  printers, & props. of the Sheffield Times,

  5 High st

Harrison Mr Richd. Crookesmr side

Harrison Richd, shoemkr, 27 Earl st

Harrison Robt. silver plated ware mfr; h

  Clinton place

Harrison Saml. bookslr; h 36 Gell st

Harrison Saml. plastr., 123 Fitzwm. st

Harrison Thos. cowkeeper, 62 Coalpit ln

Harrison Thos. Spence, plasterer, colourer,

  & cement dealer, 36 Holly at.; h Brook hl

Harrison Wm., nail, washer, forge, nut, and

  scythe. strickle, and snaith mf., Eckington

Harrison Wm., vict., Pilot, 2 Green st

Harrison Wm., shopkeeper and tableknife.

  &c., mfr.; h 13 Union st

Harrison Wm., cabinet case maker, 17 Lans-

  downe road

Harrison Wm. Henry, silver-plated ware

  manufr., Clinton pl

Harrison Wm. W. & Co., electro-platers,

  &c., Pepper alley; h Winter st

Harrop Absalom, bellows manufr., &c.; h

  113 Trafalgar st

Harrop Alfred & Co., mfrs, of the highly-

  approved circular bellows, portable forges,

  blowing machines, portable vice-work

  benches, tue irons, &c., &c., warranted of

  superior quality and of the best materials

  and workmanship, Orange Street Works;

  h 12 Mackenzie place, Baoomhall park

Harrop Aseneth, milliner, 84 Ecclesall road

Harrop & Hague, mfrs. of patent & common

  bellows, and portable forge blowing ma-

chines, &c.. Cadman lane

Hart Saml., shopkeeper, Orchard st., Har-

vest lane

Hartley Abm., vict., Old Cutler’s Arms, 38


Hartley Mr. Geo., Andover street

Hartley Geo., mason & builder, Edward st.,

  Rock st

Hartley Geo. and John, springknife mfrs.,

  27 Granville st

Hartley Geo, & Co., ale and porter brewers,

  St. John’s Brewery, Cricket Inn road,

  and Aston st., P

Hartley John, springknife mfr., South st., P

Hartley John, fishmonger, Gibraltar st

Hartley Jph., beerhouse, 58 Charles st

Hartley Joseph, shopkeeper, Walkley road

Hartley Mary, dressmaker, 108 Hanover st

Hartley & Robson, potato merchs., Canal wf

Hartley Richd., potato dlr; h 44 Andover st

Harvey John, upholsterer, 52 Trippet lane

Harvey John, jun., table knife manufr., 17

  Orange st

Harvey John, musical inst. dlr, 36 Fargt

Harvey Joseph, baker, Portmahon

Harvey Mary, ragged schoolmistress, Peacft

Harvey Mary, shopkeeper, Owlerton road

Harvey Wm., corn, flour, &c. dealer, and

  cheese factor, 14 Castle st., Corn market,

  83 South st., and miller, Rivelin mill; h

  Oxford st., Upperthorpe


SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.                                                849


Harwood Ann, vict., Theatre Tavern, 37

  Arundel st

Harwood Mrs. Hannah, Broomgrove rd

Harwood John, whitesmith, 16 Arundel ln

Haselgrave Wm., tailor, 163 Rockingham st

Haslam Edw, Jas., fancy pen & pocket knife

  mfr., 15 Pool Works, Burgess st.; h123

  Barker pool

Haslam Edw., tailor, 123 Barker pool

Haslam George, beerhouse, 50 School croft

Haslam John Henry, spring knife mfr., 188

  West st.; h 28 Palestine pl

Haslam Wm., scale cutter and presser, 188

  West st

Hasland Wm., beerhouse and fork maker,

  22 Button lane

Haslehurst Mr. Philip M., 14 Victoria st

Hasler Wm., planemaker, yd. 16 Fargate; h

  Fitzwilliam st

Hassall Josiah, clerk, 28 Spitall hill

Hastings John, tailor, 16 Clarence st

Hastings Wm., trav, draper, 9 Paradise sq

Hastrop Jas., earthenware dlr., 98 South st

Hatfield Ann & Eliz. earthenware, &c. dlrs.,

  183 Glossop road

Hatfield Aaron, shopkeeper, 67 Infirmary rd

Hatfield Jas., coml. traveller, Stalker Lees

Hatfield Jno. brwr, &c; h Endcliffe Grange

Hatfield John, gardener, Clarkehouse road

Hatfield Robt., shoemaker, 62 Duke st., P

Hatherley Edwin, cowkpr, 180 Broomhall st

Hattersley Geo., hair seating manufr., 18

  North parade

Hattersley Geo. & John, ironfounders, 1

  Wentworth st

Hattersley Geo., ironfounder; h Crookes

Hattersley John; h 174 St. Philip’s road

Hattersley John, fur, broker, 22 Paradise sq

Hattersley John, cabinet maker, 11 Campo

  lane and 51 Westbar

Hattersley Jph., assay office marker, Sheaf


Hattersley Thos., grocer, 59 New George st

Havenhand Hannah, fruiterer, 210 West st

Hawcroft Wm.& Sons, razor, &c. mfrs., Bath

  Works, Bath st.; h Shirebrook, Heeley

Hawcroft Isaac, razor, &c., mfr.; h Bath st

Hawke Edwin, shoemaker, 164 Allen st

Hawke Geo. butcher, 40 Shambles; h Dar-


Hawke Henry, solicitor, 3 Vicar lane; h 95

  Burngreave villa

Hawke John, green grocer, 72 L. Sheffield

Hawke Jonathan, farmer, Darnall

Hawke Mr. Saml., 97 Fitzwilliam st

Hawke Wm., farmer, Darnall

Hawkin Mrs. Hannah, 290 Glossop road

Hawkins Wm., pen, pocket, & table knife

  mfr., and beerhouse, 101 Eyre st

Hawksley & Burch, springknife manufrs., 23

  Brightmore st

Hawksley Geo. & Co., electro-plated ware

  mfrs., 32 Charlotte st

Hawksley Geo., millwright, engineer, farmer,

  and land valuer, Owlerton

Hawksley Geo., mercht.; h 44 Hanover st

Hawksley Geo. & John Wm., powder flask

  manufrs., 75 Carver st

Hawksley John Wm, powder flask mfr.; h

  Collegiate cres

Hawksley Jph., springknife mfr.; h 23

  Brightmore st

Hawksley Robt., beerhs., 81 L. Sheffield

Hawksley Thomas, vict., Hillsbro, Inn,

  Langsett rd

Hawksley Wm. Thos., joiner, 83 Pye bank

Hawksley Wm., razor mfr; h 22 Lambert st

Hawksley Wm., joiner & bldr., 54 Pye bnk

Hawksley William, steel tilter and forger,

  Walkley bank Tilt

Hawksworth Charles, silver plate, &c., mfr;

  h Spital hill

Hawksworth, Eyre, and Co., plated ware

  mfrs., 68 Nursery st

Hawksworth (John) and Ashby (John) fire

  iron mfrs., 23 Wicker ln

Hawksworth John S., silver plate mfr.; h

  Clarkehouse rd

Hawksworth John W., mercht and mfr.; h


Hawksworth (Jonthn.) and Tivey (Thos.),

  fork mfrs., 13 Hawley croft

Hawksworth Jph, table knife mfr., Club


Hawksworth Jph., school, Attercliffe

Hawksworth Joseph H., landscape painter,

  Bank view

Hawksworth Robt., tobccnst, 49 Furnival st

Hawksworth Thomas B., mercht. and mfr.;

  h Cherrytree hill

Hawksworth Thos., bank clerk, 1 Bank st

Hawksworth Thos., currier, 4 Coalpit ln; h

  New Porter st

Hawley Mrs Hanh., 276 Western bank

Hawley Jas., scissor mfr., 105 Peacroft

Hawley John, beerhouse, St. John’s st

Hawley John, clerk, 69 Watery at

Hawley Joseph, vict., Cross Daggers, 56

  West bar gn

Hawley Wm., beerhouse, Lansgett rd

Hawson Samuel, vict., Sportsman’s Inn,


Hawson Jas., reporter, 82 Hanover st

Hawxwell John, ironmonger and shovel

  maker, 26 Broad st

Haxton Robt., table kf. mfr., Love st

Haxworth John, surgeon, Figtree ln

Hay Alex., wine mercht; h Priory villas

Hayball Arthur, wood carver, 50 Hanover st

Hayball John, joiner, Cemetery rd

Hayball Thos., joiner, 60 Rockingham st

Hayes Mary Ann, ladies’ school, 22 Gell st

Haykin Eliz., ornamental hair worker, and

  Henrietta, straw hat mkr., Ecclesall rd

Haykin Wm., brass caster, 72 Ecclesall rd

Haynes Patrick, tailor, 43 Leecroft

3 H


850                                                                          SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY,


Haynes Mr Roger, 15 Cumberland st

Haywood Alfred, sweep, Portobello ln

Haywood Eliz., school, Duke st; h Chester st

Haywood Geo., beerhs., 12 Fitzwilliam st

Haywood John, vict., Falcon, 88 Peacroft

Haywood Jph., Esq. Grove Hs., Pye bank

Haywood Jph. & Co., merchants and mfrs.,

  16 Garden st; h Broomhill ter

Haywood Rd., vict., Napoleon, 74 Green ln

Haywood Thos., tobaccnt., 277 Shalesmoor

Haywood Wm., wood carver, 8 Burgess st;

  h Lawson st., Hanover st

Heald Sarah, & Anne A., school, 130 Fitz-

  william st

Heald Robert, plumber, &c., 79, Arundel st

Heald Robert, hook presser, Church st

Heald Sar., shopkpr., 177 Gibraltar st

Heald William, joiner, Clinton pl

Healey Geo., schoolmaster, Rock st

Hearnshaw Paul, coal dlr., Canal wharf

Hearnshaw Thos., plasterer and colourer, 89

  Arundel st

Heath Anthy., cheese and bacon dealer, 3

  Fargate; h Collegiate cres

Heath Jph., spring knife mfr., 94 Welling-

ton st.; h 70 Milton st

Heath Robert, tobacconist, 113 Meadow st

Heath Thos., shopkpr. 35 Silver st. head

Heath Wm., vict, Old Brown Cow, 56 Wicker

Heathcote Chs., springkf. mfr, 91 Bernard st

Heathcote Chas., ivory merchant, 56 Coalpit

  ln; h 12 Wilkinson st

Heathcote Dd., springkf. mfr., 26 Suffolk st

Heathcote Francis, baker, 30 Duke st., P.

Heathcote Hannah, vict, Hyde Park, Cricket


Heathcote John, musician, 18 Pinfold st

Heathcote John, shopkpr., 55 Furnival st

Heathcote Ths,, butcher, 150 St. Philip’s rd

Heather Rev. Wm., curate, Wybourn house

Heaton Jph. S., dpr., 5 Bridgehouses

Heaver Wm., saddler, &c., 140 Duke st,, P.

Hebblethwaite Edw., accademy, 18 Paradise

  sq.; h 10 Broomgrove rd

Heeley Henry, file mfr,, New st., P.

Heeley Mr. Thos., Bloomsbury pl

Heiffor John, cutlery mfr., 3 Paradise st

Heiffor Thomas, razor, &c., mfr.; h Burn-

  greave pl

Heigold Geo. Hy., pork butcher, 24 Westbar

Hellier Priscilla & Annie, boarding achool,

  15 Hanover st

Helliwell Geo., vict., Bridge Inn, Owlerton

Hemingway Hannah, shopkpr., 128 Pitsmoor

Hemmings Geo., provision dlr., 24½ Union st

Hempsall Hy. Turner, brewer’s traveller,

  Ecclesall New rd

Hempsall John, butcher, 76 Fitzwm. st

Hempsell David, shopkpr., 38 Bow st

Hempson John, beerhs., Crookes Moor side

Hemsley Thos., police officer, Heeley

Hemsoll Geo., ironmonger, 58 Division st

Hemsworth John, tobacst, 28 Brammall ln

Hemsworth Jph., joiner, Yellow Lion

  yd; h 70 Chester st

Henderson John, draper; h Victoria bldgs.,


Henderson John, gngrocer, &c., 61 South st

Henderson John, traveller, 8 Hanover sq

Henderson Mary, lodgings, 233 Portobello st

Henderson Matilda, dress mkr., 116 Han-

  over st

Hennessy Michl., brush mkr., Duke st; h

  15 Duke ln

Henry James, electro plater; h 23 Wash-

  ington rd

Henry John James, currier, 32 Bank st

Henry Wm. A., vice and hammer mkr.,

  Green ln; h Oxford st

Hens Hy., grocer, 61 Broad st

Henson Jph., confr., 55 South st and 23


Henson Miss Harriet, East View, Pisgah

Henstock Jph., provision dlr., Effingham st

Heppenstall Andw., shopkpr., Harvest ln

Heppenstall Philip, agent to the W. R.

  Tradesmens’ Protection Assoc., 10 Bank

  st; h 93 Wentworth ter

Heppenstall Philip, jun., tobacconist, Bridge-


Heppinstall Wm., shopkpr., 25 Ellison st

Hepworth Benj., rag dlr., 83 Porter st

Hepworth and Clifford, drapers, 21 Angel st

Hepworth Hy., scale and spring mkr., 42

  Holly st

Hepworth John, waiter, 11 Church st

Hepworth Joseph, spring knife mfr., 36

  Nursery st

Heworth Matt., draper; h Arundel ter.,

  Rock st

Hepworth Wm., clerk, 58 Broomhill st

Herford Rev, Brooke (Unitarian), Peel ter

Herring Geo., shoemkr., Darnall

Herring James, hairdresser, &c., 69 Wicker

Herring John and Sons, edge tool mfrs., 31

  Broad-street lane, P.

Herring John, and Alfred and Fdk., edge

  tool mfrs.; h Parkwood springs

Harren John, mason, 21 High st., P

Heslop Rev. Richd., incumbt. of St. John’s,

  Park hill

Hessey Charles, cutler, 130 Broom mount

Hessey John, professor of music, & organist

  at South st Chapel, 94 Derbyshire ter

Hessey John, etcher, 142 Rockingham st

Hetherington Saml., spirit mrchant, &c.; h

  Clarkehouse rd

Heward Isaac, shear, nut cracker, &c., mfr.,

  Cadman ln; h 23 Pinfold st

Heward Susannah, shopkpr., Darnall

Hewett and Allott, accountants, 33 High st

Hewett John, accountant, &c; h Priory rd

Hewitt Anna, ladies’ school, 202 Brookhill

Hewitt Edw., fruit and potatoe mcht., 29

  Scotland st

Hewitt Hy., W. druggish, 61 Westbar gn; h

  Silver st hd


SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.                                                851


Hewitt John, cowkeeper, Surrey ln

Hewitt John, hairdresser, 62 Coalpit ln

Hewitt Wm., green grocer, 72 Bailey st

Hewitt Susannah, schoolmistress, Red hill

Hewitt Thos., brace mkr, 248 New market;

  h Tenter st

Hewlett Geo., hatter, 33 Snug hill

Hewson John, shopkpr., 40 Rockingham st

Hewson Wm., butcher, Infirmary rd

Hibbard John, etcher, 4 Sycamore st

Hibberd John, spade mkr., 2 Stafford st

Hibberd John, coal dlr., 21 Peacroft

Hibberd Jph., shopkpr., 66 Edward st

Hibberd Peter, shopkpr., Bellfield st

Hibberd Rowland, butcher, 10 Moorhead

Hibberd Thos., haft and scale cutter, yd 107

  Eyre st

Hibberson Thos., tobacconist, Meadow st

Hibbert James Morley, silver chaser, &c.,

  Aldine ct., 19 High st; h Neepsend ln

Hibbert John, merchant’s clerk, 25 Clark-

  son st

Hibbert John, carver, gilder, looking glass

  and picture frame mfr., 84 Fitzwm st

Hibbert Jph., grocer. 122 South st and

  Cemetery rd

Hibbert Robt., tailor, Twelve o’Clock st

Hihbert Saml., razor scale presser, Coalpit ln

Hibbert Wm., slater, Eldon st

Hibbert Wm., carver, gilder, looking glass &

  picture frame mfr., and dlr. in artists’

  materials, 78 Fargate, Barker pool

Hickling Wm., beerhs., 1 St. Mary’s rd

Hickman Geo., fork mfr., ct. 6 Dun st; h

  Harvest ln

Hicks Thos., joiner, Woodside ln

Hickson Henry, house and sign painter,

  grainer, & general decorator, 139½ Broad ln

  h Milton st., Hanover st

Hickson John, brickmkr, Gatefield; and

  builder, Infirmary rd

Hickson Thos., vict. and builder, Horse

  and Jockey, Attercliffe

Hickman Wm. Clark, shopkpr., 110 Lans-­

  downe rd

Hides Edwi8, engraver and printer, 24 York

  st; h 51 Broom, Spring ln

Hides Geo. and Robt, table knife mfrs., 12

  Hollis cft; h Birkendale View

Hides Hy., butcher, 35 Meadow st

Hides Mrs. Sus., 53 Spring ln

Hides Sarah, butcher, 117 Lansdowne rd

Hield Joseph, vict., York Hotel, Broomhill,

  Glossop rd

Higginbotham George and Wm., fine scissor

  mfrs., 10 Joiner ln; h 79 Andover st

Higginbotham Mrs Anna, 79 Andover st

Higginbotham Jas. shopkpr, Langsett rd

Higgingbotham John, vict, Old London

  Apprentice, 81 Westbar

Higginbottom Hy., beerhs., Greaves st,


Higgins Luke, vict, Hen and Chickens, Castle gn

Higgott Thos. boot & shoemkr, 100 South st

Higham Wm. shoemkr, 155 Portobello st

High Royds Colliery Depôt, M.R. depôt

  Saville st.; W. H. Stone, agt

Highway Offices, 40 Queen street, John

  Wheatley, clerk

Hill Abm, saw mfr. 52 Furnival st

Hill Alfred, saddler, 18 South st, P

Hill Mrs Eliz., Hillfoot cottage

Hill Geo., gent., Don Bank

Hill Geo, tinner & bzr., 167 Gibraltar st

Hill Hy. Fras,, file hardener, 164 Fitzwm, st

Hill Isaac, joiner, bldr., contractor, & wood

  letter mkr, yd 62 Orchard st; h 66 Well-

ington st

Hill Isaac, vict, & joiner, Chequers’ Inn,

  4 Meadow st

Hill Jas. corn miller, Shrewsbury rd

Hill Jas. & Son, spring knife manfrs. 102

  Broad st, P

Hill John, file manfr., 189 Young st; h

  158 South st

Hill John, potatoe dlr. &c, 125 Gibraltar st

Hill John, butcher, 36 Broad st, P

Hill John, farmer, Bents gn

Hill John, dispg. chemst., 123 West st

Hill Rev. Jph., (Catholic) Norfolk row

Hill Leonard, shopkpr, 155 Potter st

Hill Mrs Sarah, Upperthorpe

Hill & Newman, corn millers, Albion mill,

  Shemeld croft

Hill Samuel, shopkpr, 82 Pyebank

Hill Thos. shopkpr. & joiner, 72 Button ln

Hill Thos. ironmonger, 286 Beet st

Hill Wm. beeths. & umbmkr, 63 Spring ln

Hill Win, butcher, 11 Wicker

Hill Mr Wm. Brightmore st

Hill Wm. jun. file manager, Cemetery rd

Hill Wm, pork butther, 19 Edward st

Hill Wm. & Chas., horn pressers, Milton st

Hiller Geo. pork butcher, 3 Market st

Hiller Geo, pork butcher, 117 Barker’s pool

Hiller Hy. cattle dlr. 30 Wilkinson st

Hiller Louis, pork butcher, 36 South st

Hills Hy. grocer & sharebkr, 3 astle st

Hilton David, elect-plated ware manfr.,

  85 Edward st

Hinch Geo, joiner, Attercliffe forge

Himsworth Jph. joiner, 70 Chester st

Hinchcliffe Benj. springkf. mfr, 20 Garden st

Hinchcliffe Danl. vict. Union, Bridgehouses

Hinchcliffe John, springkf. mfr. 5 Duke st;

  h 38 Fitzwm. st

Hinchcliffe Thos. springkf. mfr. Jericho

Hinchcliffe Thos. farmer, Ran moor

Hinde Benj. tablekf. mfr. 44 Westbar gn

Hinde Geo., dpr. &c. Broomhill

Hinde Thos. joiner, &c. 15 Pinfold st

Hipkiss Thos. stag & horn cutr. 48 Trippet ln

Hirst Geo. whs. drugst. &c. 34 Nursury st;

  h 139 Pitsmoor

Hirst John, vict, Freedom Hotel ,Walkley rd

Hirst Wm., hosier, Cricket Inn rd

3 H 3


852                                                                          SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.


Hirst Saml. Germ, silver fndr. 102 Eldon st

Hirst Thos. John, land agt, Broom parade

Hirst Walter, watchmkr, 18 York st

Hirst Wm, fruit & prov. dlr,, 97 Devonsh. st

Hitchen Elizabeth, viet, Golden Ball, 6

  Townhead st

Hives Aaron, tablekf. mfr. 47 Trafalgar st

Hives Fdk. hairdsr, 135 Gibraltar st

Hives John, markmkr; h 45 Bellfield st

Hobson Alfred & Son, cutlery mfrs., 95

  Edward st; h Mount Pisgah

Hobson Benj. shopkpr. 96 Hanover st;

Hobson Benjn. edge tool manfr. 124,

  Fitzwilliam st

Hobson Miss Catherine, 7 West bank pl

Hobson Mr Edward, Grove cot., Pyebank

Hobson Elijah, shopkpr, Netherthorpe pl

Hobson Francis, mcht, & steel and file mfr.

  26 Saville st; h 36 Collegiate cres

Hobson Geo. shopkpr, Darnall

Hobson Hy., beerhouse, 140 Tudor st,, L. S.

Hobson Henry, vict., The Ball, Grimesthorpe

Hobson Hy., soda water, &c., mfr., Meeting-

  house ln; and coal mcht., Canal wharf;

h Mount Pisgah

Hobson John, scissor mfr.; h Tapton Elms

Hobson Jno. Barber, ctlry. dlr., 67 Snig hill

Hobson Joseph and Son, scissor mfrs., 71

  Arundell st

Hobson Jph., vict., Atlas, 52 Saville st East

Hobson Joseph, brace, bit, &c., maker; h

  Sylvester st

Hobson Samuel, shoemaker, 24 Hicks ln

Hobson Mrs. M. A., Cemetery rd

Hobson Miss Sarah, 201 Western bank

Hobson Mrs. Rebecca, 155 South st., P.

Hobson Thos., spring kf. mfr., Nether gn

Hobson Thos. B., druggist,  150 Portobello st

Hobson Thos., plumber, &c., yd. 1 Bow st;

  h 150 Portobello st

Hobson Thos., tailor, 142 Eldon st

Hobson Thos., farmer, Nether gn

Hobson Mr. Wm., Hillfoot

Hobson Wm., furniture broker, &c., 120

  Devonshire st

Hobson Wm., saw maker, Sheldon rw

Hobson Wm. Hy. & Co., file mfrs. & mchts.

  yd. 19 Arundell st

Hodgett John, shoemaker, Nether gn., Up.


Hodgkinson Jane, vict., Barrel, 16 Charles st

Hodgkinson John, vict., Milton Hotel, 14

  Milton st

Hodgkinson John, etcher, Eldon st.; h Lans-

  downe rd

Hodgkinson Joseph., hay & straw dealer,

  Oxford st., Infirmary rd

Hodgkinson Maria, beerhouse, Millhouses

Hodgkinson William., coal dealer, 24 New

  Church st

Hodgson Chas. Marshall, file manfr., &c.;

  h 101 William st

Hodgson Chas., beerhouse, 28 Union ln

Hodgson Chas. John, grocer and beerhouse,

  Crookes moorside

Hodgson Edmund Wm., steel and file mfr.,

  Plum st.; h 5 Priory ter

Hodgson Mrs. Eliz., 133 Spring ln

Hodgson Geo., blacksmith, Gool gn

Hodgson James, beerhs., 39 Nursery st

Hodgson Mr. John, Goddard Hall

Hodgson John, shopkeeper, Orchard st.,

  Harvest ln

Hodgson John, tailor, 23 South st., P

Hodgson Jph., tillage mcht. and emery grin-

  der, Walk mill; h Priory ter

Hodgson Miss Margaret, Norman villa, Glos-

  sop rd

Hodgson Miss Mary, Lwr. Heeley

Hodgson Rcbd,, hay and straw, dlr., 18 and

  165 South st., P.

Hodgson Robt., saddler, 107 Westbar; h

  Fox st

Hodgson Robt., prov. dlr., 127 Division st

Hodgson Robt. Hutson, file mfr.; h West-

  grove pl

Hodgson Saml., shopkpr., 53 Townhead st

Hodgson Wm., scripture reader, 32 Fitz­william st

Hodkin John, comb maker, yd. 32 Cumber-

  land st; h Jessop st

Hodson Nathaniel, joiner, Spital st

Hofton Hy., shopkpr., 89 Duke st., P.

Holbem Thos., painter, yd. 13 Fargate

Holborn Mr. Robt., 236 Brook hill

Holden Geo., watchmkr. and jeweller, 47


Holden Jas., asst, dpr., 166 West st

Holden John, scissor mfr., Attercliffe

Holden Jph., joiner, Orchard st., Harvest ln

Holden Jph., scale, spring, and blade mkr.,

  yd. 122 Scotland st

Holden Nathaniel, scissor mfr., Arthur st.,

  Belfield st

Holden Rchd., butcher, 60 Bridge st

Holden Rchd. W., cattle dlr., 4 Tomcross ln

Holdsworth Albert, bank clk., 17 Church st

Holdsworth Hy., shopkpr., 168 Gibraltar st

Holdsworth Wm., silver and metal roller,

  Old Park Mill; h Aston

Holdsworth Wm., grocer, 60 Snighill

Holland Alwin H., grocer, 119 & 167 West

  st.; and stay dealer, 23 Market hall

Holland Amos., shopkpr., 4 Cross Smithfield

Holland Geo. Calvert, M.D., 69 Norfolk st

Holland John, curator, Lit, and Ph. So.,

  Music hall; h Intake rd

Holland John, brass founder, 56 Button ln

Holland Peter, vict., Albion, 232 Sylvester st

Holland Rich., steel and file mfr.; h 9 Nor-

  thumberland rd

Holland and Turner, file and steel mfrs.,

  Bower spring and Sussex st

Holland Wm., vict., Punch Bowl, 66 Bridge


Holley Samuel, ivory and wood turner, Por-

ter st.; h 108 Ecclesall rd


SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.                                                853


Holiday, Reid, & Co., manufctng. chemists,

  Sussex st

Hollin Wm., mason, Wood grove, Hillfoot

Hollin Wm., palette knife mkr., 104 South

  st., P.

Hollingworth Valentine, bldr., Millhouses

Hollingsworth Geo., joiner, 65 Eyre st

Hollingsworth Saml., fruiterer, 42 Market

  hall; h Broad st., P

Hollingsworth Wm., joiner and hair seating

  mfr., Sheaf st

Hollins John, vict., Sportsman’s Group,


Hollins Geo., vict., Wentworth House, 260

  Rockingham st

Holman Nicholas Robt., steel manfr; h

  Barnsley New rd

Holman Richd., skin and manure mcht.,

  Millsands; h Pitsmoor

Holme Richd. tablekf. mfr. and beerhouse,

  53 West st

Holmes Chas. springkf. rnfr. 109 Allen st;

  h 196 St Philip’s rd

Holmes Edw. nurseryman, &c; h Hands-


Holmes Edwin, grocer; h 13 Wain gt

Holmes Geo., butcher, 80 Westbar

Holmes Hy. shomkr, 150; h 144 South st, P

Holmes Hy. shophpr, 17 Robert st

Holmes Hy., grocer, and tallow chandler,


Holmes Jas., genl. contractor, 45 Broomhall st

Holmes John, mangle and wringing mach.

  maker, Pool sq; h Clough bank

Holmes John, coal dlr. Bath st

Holmes Jph. & Son, springkf. mfrs. Ellis st

Holmes Jph. springkf. mfr; h 56 Morpeth st

Holmes Jph., jun., springkf. manfr; h 56

  Shepherd st

Holmes Jph. R,, managing bwr. 27 Pond st

Holmes & Lawton, joiner, &c, Greystock st

Holmes My. Ann, shopkpr, 111 Duke st, P

Holmes Reuben, dyer and scourer, 50

  Orchard street

Holmes Robt. joiner, Russell st

Holmes Robt. Wiley, spirit mcht. &c; h

  Adelaide place

Holmes Saml. Furness, civil engineer, land

  surveyor, and surveyor to the Ecclesall &

  Brightside Bierlow Board of Highways,

  Branch Office for Patents and Registered

  designs, 48 High st; h Spring In, Glossop


Holmes Saml. beerhs, Chapel st, Owlerton

Holmes Solomon, manfr. of plaster of Paris,

  124 Pond st

Holmes Thos. plumb. &c, 8 New Haymkt

Holmes Wm. Tobnst, 76 Scotland st

Holmes Wm. shormkr ,30 Stanley st

Holmes Wm. Hunt, drgst, 248 Moorflelds

Holroyd Hy. scale prsr., 101 Meadow st

Holroyd Wm.joiner, 18 Suffolk st

Holt Geo, horse slaughtr., 13 Pond hill

Holy Danl, & Geo., Esqrs., Burnt Stones,

  Up. Hallam

Holy Thos. B., Esq., 16 Norfolk row; h

  Norton House

Hood John, manager, Fullwood rd

Hoole Chas., grocer & tea dlr. 16 Castle st;

h Hallamgate

Hoole Eliz, shopkpr, Cemetery rd

Hoole Francis, solr., and notary; h White


Hoole Geo, spring knife mfr. 29 Redford st

Hoole Hy. Elliot & Co., stove grate, fire-

  iron, &c. mfrs. Green ln

Hoole Henry Elliot, mcht. and manfr; h

  Crookes moor

Hoole James, gent. 191 Western bank

Hoole Jas. vict, Old Grindstone, Crookes

Hoole Jph. stove grate mfr.; h 9 Gell st

Hoole Misses Sarah & Margt. 179 Western bk

Hoole, Staniforth, and Co. steel, file, saw,

  railway spring, hammer, &c. mfrs. Minerva

  works, 31 Arundel st

Hoole & Yeomans, solrs. 9 Meetinghs. ln

Hooper John N., reptr., 129 Upperthorpe

Hooper Geo., spring knife mfr., Infirmy. rd

Hooton Wm. G., tailor, 30 Fitzwm. st

Hope Ralph, locomotive foreman, Ivy house,

  Carlisle street

Hopkins Andrew, tailor, 3 Corporation st

Hopkins Jph., bookseller, general and fancy

  stationr., bookbinder, circulating library,

  and patent medicine vendor, and agent to

  the London Stereoscopic compy., & sub-

  Post office, 179 Glossop rd; h 32 Gell st

Hopkins Mark, tailor, 192 Gibraltar st

Hopkinson Charlotte, beerhs. 130 Duke st.,


Hopkinson Eliz,, shopkpr, 196 Fitzwm. st

Hopkinson Patrick, bracemkr, 46 Campo ln

Hopkinson Saml. shopkpr, Bents gn

Hopkinson Mr Wm.. Crookes

Horn Wm. Ibbetson & Co., mchts., & steel,

  file, saw, edge tool, scythe, &c. manfrs.,

  67 Bridge st; & tilters & rollers, Wise-

  wood; h Carwood

Hornby Edw. Preston, chemist and drugst.,

  guano & artificial manure moist., & naptha

  black varnish mfr., 13 High st., manfr. of

  fluoric acid, and cyanide of potass & other

  chemicals, Laboratory, York st

Horncastle Hy., drugst., 46 Fsrgt

Horncastle John, vict., Royal Oak, 138

  Pond st

Horner Hy., coms. agt., &c, 10 Bank st,

  h Sharrow

Horner Wm., tailor, 6 Nursery st

Horrabin Saml., mcht. and mfr; h Beech

  house, Broomhiil

Horrabin Mr Saml., 207 St Philip’s rd

Horrabin Wm. & Saml., mchts. and manfrs.

  12 Red hill

Horrabin Wm., merchant, &c; h 221

  Western bank


854                                                                          SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.


Horrax John D., bookseller, 8 Norfolk row

Horridge Wm., buck, stag horn, and wood

  haft and scale cutter, and dealer in ivory

  and tortoise shell scales, Pool Works, 101

  Fargate; h Northumberland road

Horsfall Wm., pawnbroker, 113 Scotland st

Horsfield Chas., plumber, 3 Ellison street

Horsfield Hanh, vict., Britannia, 124 Porto-

  bello st

Horsfield Henry Richd., saw mfr.; h Vic-

toria road, Heeley

Horsfield John, manager, 10 King st., Port.

Horsfield Jonth., blacksmith, Crookes

Horsfield Wm. John, plumber & painter,

  shopkeeper and beerhouse, Wentworth st

Horton Fredk., plated ware mfr.; h Oak villa,

  Broom bank

Horton H. V., schoolmr., Carr rd., Fir view

Horton Jas. A., ivory cutter. 193 Rockm. st

Horton Mrs. Mary, 1 Clarkehouse road

Houfe Wm., shopkeeper, 210 Attercliffe

Hough Benj., tailor, 142 Broomhall st

Hough Fras., shoemaker, 58 Button lane

Hough Geo., green grocer, 125 Button lane

Houldsworth Chas., joiner, Winter st

Houldsworth Geo., joiner, 65 Shepherd st

Houldsworth Jph., forkmaker, Woodside ln

Houlgate Eliz., lodgings, 183 Western bank

Hoult John, beerhouse, 60 Broad st.. P

Hounam Jph, springkf mfr., 157 Edw. st

Hounsfield Ezra, coach &c, proprietor, 3

  Waingate; h Barnsley New road

Hounsfield George, Esq., coal owner &c.; h

  Clough house

Hounsfield Thos, gent., Springwood, Grimes-

  thorpe road

Hounsfield, Wilson, Dunn, & Jeffcock, (Shef-

  field Coal Company) coal owners, New

  Haymarket, and Soap House, Manor,

  Corker Bottoms, Birley vale, and Carbrook


House and Martin, bookbinders, machine

  rulers, pattern card, and account book

  manufrs., 1 Watson walk

House John, bookbinder; h The Tower,


Houseley Eliz., vict., Fountain, 19 Pinfold

  st., and poulterer, 3 Bow st

Housley Geo., blacksmith, Acorn st

Howson Richd., beerhouse, 7 Shude hill

Hovey Geo. H., linen draper, 44 Angel st

Hovey Peter, flour dealer, 4 Norfolk st

Howard E. S., silver plater; h Bridgefield,


Howard Edwin, beerhoese, Harmer lane

Howard Geo., blacksmith, Matthew st.; h

  8 Shepherd st

Howard Harry, clasp mkr, 8 Banner ln gdns

Howard & Hawksworth, plated ware mfrs.,

  &c. 9 Orchard lane

Howard Mr. John, 23 Button lane

Howard John, lancet mfr., 2 Bowling Gn. st

Howard John, grocer, 59 Tenter st

Howard John, blacksmith, 16 Commercial st

Howard Mary, news agent, 88 Meadow st

Howard Thos., fruiterer, 112, Allen st

Howard Wm., silver plate mfr.; h Bridge-

  field, Pitsmoor

Howarth James, mfr, of edge and joiners’

  tools, engravers, carvers’, die-sinkers’,

silversmiths, print cutters’,

screw, plasterers’ moulding,

and all kinds of fancy tur-

ning tools, &c.; also, mfr. of

hard hammered cast steel.

Prize medals were awarded

by the jurors of the Great

Exhibitions, London, 1851;

Paris 1855; and by the

Society of Arts, London,

  1856,   to James Howarth, for the superior

  quality of the articles manufactured by

  him, Broom Spring Works, Bath street;

  h Sharrow Vale

Howarth Rev. Thos., M.A., boarding school,

  Glossop road

Howe Mrs. Ann, 347 Glossop road

Howe Mr. Chas., Steel bank

Howe John, hosier, 155 Lansdowne road

Howe Jonth., farmer, Bell Hagg

Howe Michl, prov. dlr., 76, and confct. 125

  South st

Howe Wm., table knife mfr., 83 Hollis cft

Howell Isaac, shopkeeper, 39 L. Sheffield

Howell Jph. B., steel, &c. mfr.; h Talbot

  place, P

Howgate Benj. & Co., steel, &c. mfrs., 203

  St Mary’s road

Howgate Geo., foreman, 127 Ecclesall rd

Howgate Henry steel refiner, William st

Howgate Mrs. Betsy, 238 Brook hill

Howgate Mrs. Hannah, 125 Ecclesall road

Howlden Edward, japanner, bronzer, tea

  caddy mfr., and dealer in scales, beams,

  weights, coffee mills, &c., 125 Solly st

Howlden John, house and estate agent, 13

  Brunswick ter

Howlden John. wholesale grocer and seed

  mercht., &c. Post Office bldngs. Broomhill

Howlden Richd., manager, 193 Pitsmoor

Howlden Walter Jas., grocer & tea dealer,

  34 Broomhill place

Howman Hanh., gn..grocer, 88 Trippet ln

Howson Mrs. Ann, Clarkehouse road

Howson John, hair drsr., &c., 8 Old Haymkt

Howson Jph., awl blade, &c., mfr., 87

  Oborne st

Howson Thos., shopkeeper, Walkley

Howson Wm., mfr.; h 18 Northumblnd. rd

Howson Wm., beerhouse, 52 Morpeth st

Hoyes Thos., grocer, 1 Highfleld

Hoyland Chas., brush mfr.; h Paradise sq

Hoyland Bros., brush mfrs., 16 Paradise sq

Hoyland Mrs. Eliz., 302 Glossop road

Hoyland Fdk., vict., Sun lnn, 78 South st, P

Hoyland Geo. Wm. R. & Son, tailors La drprs,

  5 Surrey st


SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.                                                855


Hoyland Geo., gardener, 269 Allen st

Hoyland John, shopkeeper, 10 Fowler st

Hoyland Jonth., cowkeeper, Trafalgar st

Hoyland Jonth., bristle mcht., 53 Queen st;

  h Adelaide pl

Hoyland Joshua, whitesmith, 72 Broom-

  hall st

Hoyland Saml., haft and scale cutter, 78

  Brown st

Hoyland Walter H., brush mfr.; h Para-

  dise sq

Hoyland Wm., beerhs., 43 Green ln

Hoyland Wm., butcher, 39 Broad ln

Hoyland Wm., file mkr, Sandy gt, Up


Hoyle Henry, and Co., diesinkers, &c., 57

  Orchard st; h Steel Bank

Hoyle Henry, designer, 213 St. Philip’s rd

Hoyle John, type founder; h 145 Harvest gn

Hubbard and Adams, electro platers, 19

  Norfolk ln

Hubbard Wm. Hy., vict., Queen, Gatefield

Hucknall Richd., shoemkr., 104 Broad ln

Hudson Benj., solicitor, 29 North Church st

Hudson Charles, grocer, 164 Solly st

Hudson Edw., vet. surgeon, & Ann, hosier,

  44 Infirmary rd

Hudson Edw., tobacconist, 72 New Queen st

Hudson Edw., merchant; h East Cliffe

Hudson Eliz., beerhs., 19 Duke st

Hudson Mrs. Eliza Ann, 15 William st

Hudson Fretwell, druggist, 100 Westbar

Hudson Hy. Herbert and Co., grocers, 51

  West bar gn

Hudson Mr. Hy., 216 Brook hill

Hudson Mrs. Isabella, 8 Fernley pl

Hudson Mr. John, 45 Button ln

Hudson John, file mkr., 44 Garden st

Hudson John, shopkpr., Neepsend

Hudson Jph., druggist, 116 South st

Hudson Jph., horn button mnfr., ct. 62

  Broad st, P.

Hudson Mr. Robt., 158 West st

Hudson Robt., fur, broker 79 Division st

Hudson Thos., brass, &c., founder, yd 80

  Trippet ln; h 13 Holly st

Hudson Thos., vict. and saw handle mkr,

  Star, 181 Gibraltar st

Hudson Thos. mason and bldr., Woodside ln

Hudson Wm., shoemkr., 24 Saville st

Hughes James and John, silver polishers,

  Bridge st

Hughes James, silver polisher; h Rock st

Hughes Jno, silver polisher; h 12 Russell st

Hughes Margt., schoolmistress, Johnson st

Hughes Wm., plated spoon, &c., mnfr.,

  Sarah st

Hughes Wm., shoemkr., Smithfield

Hukin Hannah, shopkpr., 7 Chester st

Hukin John, butcher, 40 Bramall ln

Hulbert Alfred, shopkpr., 121 Boomhall st

Hull Hy., manager, Steel bank

Hull Robert, coml. trav., Steel bank

Hull Geo., sweep, 36 St, Thomas st

Hulley Robt., shopkpr., 39 Chester st

Hulley Saml., shopkpr., 170 Young st

Hulme Rev. Thos., incumbent of St.

  Thomas’, Brightside

Humfrey Wm., hosier and shirt mnfr., 16

  Fargate; h Machon bank

Humphrey Aylmer, inkstand mnfr., 34

  Sycamore st

Humphrey Wheatley, farmer, Ecclesall

Humphrey Wm., cowkpr. and shopkpr., 116

  St. Philip’s rd

Hunsley John, vict., Old Queen’s Head, 18

  Castle st

Hunt, Fernall, and Warhurst, ale & porter

  brewers, importers and wholsale dlrs. In

  foreign wines and spirits, Albion Brewery,

  Ecclesall rd

Hunt Fredk. and &c., general carriers, 60

  Eyre st and 32 Furnival st; Wm. Murfin


Hunt Fredk., brewer, &c.; h Broom Hall

Hunt Hy., coal owner and farmer, Abbey-

  dale rd

Hunt James, plumber, glazier, &c., and vict.,

  Lansdowne Hotel, 2 Lansdowne rd

Hunt and Jennings, silk mercers, &c., 76

  Market pl

Hunt Jph., draper, &c.; h 256 Western bk

Hunt and Lyons, wine and spirit mchts.,

  Bank bldgs

Hunt Mrs. Sarah, 46 Fitzwilliam st

Hunt Rt. M., corn and flour dlr., 31 King st

Hunt Wm., fishmonger, 108 Campo ln

Hunter and Atkin, surgeons, 25 Howard st

Hunter Edwin, scissor mfr., 29 Eyre st; h

  16 Northumberland rd

Hunter Ernest, shopkpr., 32 Bailey ln

Hunter Fredk., cattle dlr., Intake rd

Hunter Geo. C., butcher, 30 Shamble.; h


Hunter Hy., painter, yd 35 Norfolk st

Hunter Hy. J., surgeon; h Broom parade

Hunter Isaac, tinman, &c., 74 Peacroft

Hunter Isaac, shovel mkr,, 95 Peacroft

Hunter John, shopkpr., 62 Bramall ln

Hunter John, vict., Parrot, 9 Button ln

Hunter Jph., butcher, 12 Shambles

Hunter Jph., shopkpr., 118 Trafalgar st

Hunter Michael & Son, mchts., steel conver-

  ters and refiners, and mfrs. of solid cast

  steel cutlery, table and spring knives,

  razors, shoe knives, &c., Talbot Works,

  Andrew st, Nursery

Hunter Michl, mcht, and mfr.; h Barnsley

  New rd

Hunter Michl, jun., mcht. and mfr; h Glen

  View, Western bank

Hunter Thos., shoemkr., 75 Coalpit ln

Huntington John, joiner 31 Marcus st

Huntsman Fras., steel refiner, &c., Atter-

  cliffe; and tilter, Wicker Tilt

Hurlstone Fdk., station master, Darnall


856                                                                          SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY


Hurst John & Sons, joiner’s tool, &c., mfrs,

  40 Smithfield; h Parkwood springs

Hurst Wilson, hosier, 27 & 28 Market hall;

  h Cricket Inn rd., P.

Hurt Francis, shopkpr., 130 Allen st

Hurworth Louis, working jeweller, 5 Milk

  st; h Langsett rd

Husler Wm., mason, 20 Russell st

Hutchinson C., farmer, Fullwood

Hutchinson Fras., fruiterer, 75 Earl st

Hutchinson Henry, surgeon’s instrmnt.

  mfr.; h Broomhill ter

Hutchinson Henry, vict, Victoria Inn, 2

  Mulberry st

Hutchinson Hy., butcher, 37 Shambles; h

  179 South st., P

Hutchinson Jasper, spring knife mfr., Green

  ln.; Dun st

Hutchinson Jph., druggist, 47 Wicker

Hutchinson Robt., bookkpr, 118 Ecclesall rd

Hutchinson Robt., butcher, 35 Shambles;

  h Lamb hill

Hutchinson Thos., butcher, 64 Meadow st;

  and 50 St. Philip’s rd

Hutchinson Thos., baker, 58 Westbar gn

HutchinsonWm. & Hy., mfrs of surgical

  instrmnts., &c., 76 Norfolk st

Hutchinson Wm., surgical instrmnt. mfr.;

  h 54 Colleigate cres

Hutchinson Wm., shoemkr., 43 Robert st

Hutton Chas., grocer, 110 Duke st., P.

Hutton John & Co., millwrights, engineers,

  &c., Royds Wks; h Bridge st., Attercliffe

Hutton Wm. & Son, electro platers, gilders,

  and mfrs. of silver plated wares, dessert

  knifes, forks, and spoons, 27 High st

Hutton Wm. Carr, silver plater, &c.; h 3

  Claremont pl

Hyde Christopher, comm. agt; h Crookes

Hyde Jas. Albert, hosier, &c., 175 Gibraltar st

Hyde John, tobacconist, 11 Baker’s hill

Hyde Wm., news agent, 1 Ellison st

Hydes Edwin, cutlery fondr., 11 Bowling

  green st

Hydes Henry Thos., cowkpr., 9 Gilbert st

Hydes John, hosier, 10 Duke st., P.

Hyman Jas., shoemaker, 29 Hartshead

Hyslop Alex., trav. draper, 46 St. Geo’s. sq

Hyslop John, trav. dpr., 60 West st

Ibberson Edwin, spring kf mfr, 91 Hollis cft

Ibberson Jph., gardener, Brightside ln

Ibberson Saml., butcher, 76 Button ln

Ibbetson Thos., tobacco mfr., Sidney st

Ibbotson Alfred B., mcht., &c.; h Northum-

  berland rd

Ibbotson Benjamin, marine store dealer,; h

  16 Burnt Tree ln

Ibbotson Bros. & Co,, edgetool, cutlery, &c.,

  mfrs., 19 Cross Smithfield

Ibbotson Chpr., farmer, Bannerdale

Ibbotson Geo., ivory cutter, 56 Coalpit ln; h

  Fir view

Ibbotson George, farmer, Ecclesall

Ibbotson Hy., bootmaker, 56 Norfolk st

Ibbotson John, scale cutter, Rockingham st;

  h 47 Radford pl

Ibbotson John, shopkeeper, 46 Hoyle st

Ibbotson Jno., table blade mfr., 17 Backflds

Ibbotson Jph., beerhouse, 31 West bar

Ibbotson Levi, vict., Moseley’s Arms, 73

  West bar

Ibbotson Mary, spring kf. mfr., 8 Silver st

Ibbotson Mary, butcher, 89 Thomas st

Ibbotson Mrs Mary, Pentonville, Northum-

  berland rd

Ibbotson Rchd., machine knife, &c., mnfr.,

  109 Norfolk rd

Ibbotson Robt., gardener, 154 Gibraltar sr

Ibbotson Thos. & Co., steel, file, saw, joiner’s

  tool, &c., mnfrs., Charles st; and Pater-

  noster row

Ibbotson Thos., mcht. & mfr.; h 4 Broomfld

Ibbotson Thos., jun., mcht.; h 33 Gell st

Ibbotson Thos., grocer, &c., 17 Infirmary rd

Ibbotson Vincent, rag dlr., 8 Ebenezer st

Ibbotson Wm., mcht. & mfr.; h Kenwood


Ibbotson William, farmer, Bannerdale,


Ibbotson Wm., farmer, Carter Knowle

Ibbotson Wm., vict. Ship, 284 Shales moor

Ibbotson Wm. Fdk., merchant and mnfr.;

 h Northumberland rd

Illingworth Jph., day and evening school,

  131 Thomas st; h Parkwood springs

Illingworth Joshua, spring kf. mfr., Watery st

Ingall Mrs. Grace, 11 West bank place

Ingall Thos., agent to Moilliet & Gem, 6

  Eyre st.; h Oakes bank, Broomhill

Ingham Dan Taylor, bookseller & printer,

  41 South st

Ingle Joshua, gent., 38 Gell st

Ingleby Miss, teacher of music, Windsor ter

Ingleson Mrs. Eliz., 8 Nelson place

Ingleson Thos., tobacco mfr, 2 Bridge st

Inkersall Jph. Geo., professor of singing, 17

  Regent st

Inland Revenue Office, 99 Norfolk street,

  Alex. Fraser, collector

Innocent Geo., shopkr., 47 Fitzalan st

Innocent Jas., springknife mfr., 69 Charles st

Innocent John, bookseller, 7 Campo lane; h

  Burngreave ter

Innocent John, spring knife mfr., Darnall

Innocent Mary Ann & Emily, ladies’ school,

  7 Campo lane

Innocent Saml., spring knife mfr., Darnall

Irish Wm., whitesmith, 15 Ward st

Irons Edward, boot & shoemaker, 13 Old

  Haymarket, 190 Gibraltar st., and 31

  Broad st., P.; h Brightside

Ironside Isaac, accountant sharebroker,

  Bank buildings, & stationer, printer, Pro-

  prietor, & publisher of the “Free Press,”

  25½ Angel st.; h Alma grange, Fir view

Ironside Jas., news agent, 36 Scotland st


                                                          SHEFFIELD DIRECTORY.                                               857


Irving Nath., silver plater; h Farm bank

Irving Wm., merchant, &c,; h New York

Isele Bernard, clock maker, 36 Bow st

Jackling Edmd., fishmonger, 86 Division st

Jackman James, shoemaker, 20 Peniston rd

Jackman Wm., shoemaker, Infirmary rd

Jackson Alfred Chas., druggist, 198 West st

Jackson Aaron, vict., Falcon, 13 Flat st

Jackson Ann, shopkeeper, 115 Barker’s pool

Jackson & Bagshaw, nail mfrs., 285 Atter-

  cliffe rd., and 57 Lambert st

Jackson Chas., merchant; h 297 Glossop rs

Jackson Chas., baker, 42 Silver st. head

Jackson Chas., butcher, Attercliffe

JacksonChas., shoemaker, 49 Kenyon alley

Jackson Misses Charlotte & Eliz., 74 Eyre st

JacksonEbenez., saw mkr.; h East view

Jackson Edwd,, surgeon; h 15 Conway pl..

  Hanover st

Jackson Edwin F., Foreign & British fancy

  emporium, and general toy, brush, comb,

  and perfumery, basket, cocoa fibre matt,

  And matting warehouse, agent for the

  White Star Line of Royal Mail Australian

  Packets, 80 Market place

Jackson Mrs. Eliz., Spring vale, Steel bank

Jackson Mrs. Eliz., 110 Spring lane

Jackson Eliz., green grocer, 173 Allen st

Jackson Fras., pork butcher, 1 Townsend st

Jackson Geo., tailor, 51 Ecclesall rd

Jackson Hannah, glass cutter, Pear st

Jackson Hy., surgeon, and surgeon to the

  Infirmary, 1 St. James’ row

Jackson Henry, butcher, 148 Portobello st

Jackson Isaac, brush maker, 19 Carver st.;

  h 24 Palestine place

Jackson Jas., accountant, &c.; h Brincliffe


Jackson Jas., shopkeeper, 19 Coalpit lane

Jackson John, vict., Eagle Vaults, 41 West-


Jackson John, scissor mfr., 20 Peacroft; h


Jackson John, grocer, 1 Washington road

Jackson John, fishmonger, 16 Princess st

Jackson Joseph, grocer, 126 Gibraltar st

Jackson Mr. Joseph, Carr road, Fir view

Jackson Jph. B., smoke consuming aprts.

  mfr., Etna Works; h Barnsley New rd

Jackson Martin, grocer & provision dealer,

  18 Carver st

Jackson Mrs. Olivia, 4 Spring place

Jackson Robt., merchant; h Kenwood Park

Jackson Robt., mason & shopkeeprt, 64

  Talbot st

Jackson Robt., hairdrsr., &c, 70 Pinstone st

Jackson Saml., merchant; h Carlton House,


Jackson Saml. nail manufr. and shopkeeper;

  h 285 Attercliffe road

Jackson & Styring, house agts., accountants,

  &c., 188 West street

Jackson Thos., beerhouse, Alma st

Jackson Thos. Bookseller, printer, stationer,

  &c., 34 Angel st

Jackson Thos., druggist, 39 Howard st

Jackson Thos., beerhouse, Manor

Jackson Wm., green grocer, 252 Beet st

Jackson Wm. & Co. merchants, steel con-

  verters and refiners, and cutlery, saw,

  edge tool sheep shear, sickle, &c. mfrs.,

  Sheaf Island Works, Pond hill

Jackson Wm., farmer, Crabtree

Jackson Wm., merchant and steel manufr.;

  h Broomfield House, Glossop road

Jackson Wm. & Son, surgeon, 18 Bank st

Jackson Wm., surgeon; h Nelson terrace,

  Glossop road

Jackson Wm., cabinet case, &c. manufr.; h

  Paxton pl., Clarkehouse road

Jackson Wm., comb manufr., dealer in toys,

  fancy goods, &c., 25 Market hall; h Occu-

  pation rd

Jackson Wm. Plumb. & glazier, 51 Charles st

Jackson Wm., furniture dealer, 25 Campo ln

Jackson Wm. Scissor manufr. 124 Scotland st

Jackson Wm., brush manufr., 17 Norfolk

  lane; h 114 Ecclesall New rd

Jackson, Wm.,hair dresser, 40 Bridgehouses

Jackson Wm., broker, 28 Campo lane

Jackson Wm. H., brush mfr., ct. 9 Carver st

Jacobs Fredk., clock maker, 46 West st

Jacobs Ephm., watchmkr. &c., 21 Fargate

James Geo. station master, Midland station,

  Spital hill

James Hy., master National school, Carver

  st; h Washington rd

James John, pattern & clog mkr, 8 Silver st

James Jp, tailor, Cobden view

James Thos., cowkeeper, Greystock st

James Wm. beerhs, 50 Trinity st

James Wm. vict, Hare and Hounds, 51

  Trinity st

Jarvis Chas. Kedman, bookslr., 2 Division st

Jarvis Eliz. news agt, 198 Allen st

Jarvis James, spring knife manfr, 6 ct

  Lambert st.; h yd 58 Furnace hill

Jarvis Joshua, vict, Sportman’s Inn, 14


Jarvis Thos. horn prsr., & mcht, 25 Orchard

  lane; h 231 Glossop rd

Jarvis Mr Wm, 122 Pitsmoor

Jeeves Jas. Brushmkr; h 19 Eyre st

Jeeves Wm. & Hy. brush mfrs, 61 Eldon st;

  h Gloucester pl

Jeeves Edw. coml. trav, 1 Priory ter

Jeeves G. & Sons, brush mfrs, 32 Howard st

Jeeves Jas., surgeon, 32 Cemetery rd

Jeeves John, gent., Sharrow Grange

Jeffcock Eliz. Drsmkr, 145 Duke st, P

Jeffcock Horatio Wm. vict, Bridge Inn,

  Heeley Bridge

Jeffcock Thos. Dunn, Land and mineral agt,

  18 Bank st; h 121 Woodside, Pitsmoor

Jeffcock Wm. Esq, coal owner; h High

  Hazles, near Darnall