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U of Edin. Lib. MS File La.IV.7.1 : Document 4
Letter to David Laing (1793-1878) from W.H. Blackie dated October 6, 1831

But in a MS. in the Lyon Office said to be in the hand of William Hamilton of WisLair(?) I find Layng 2 coats quartered 1st and last azure; 3 piles in point sable for the name of Laying; 2nd and third quarters argent an pale sable by the name of "Erskine"(1) - The difference in tincture for field of the 1st bearing upon this shield is curious, but the charge as it forms is evidence of the conjecture that the principal House of Laing bore the three piles in point. There is a copy of Sir Patrick Hume's MS and above(?) in Lyon Office. We have - "Laing bearing quarterly 1st and 4th arg. A pale sa. 3 pyles sa.:" This is the same as Mr. L's sketch from the Advocate's Library and in another MS. in the Lyon office which states to be from James VI at latest, the Arms of "Laying" as the name is there spelt are illuminated agreeably to the blazon of Sir P. Hume.