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From U of Edin. Lib. MS File La.IV.7.1 : Document 1

The only Arms for the name of Laing that are recorded in the Register of the Lord Lyon (1) are those for Laing Portioner of Morisland, AD 1672, But it is most probable that the others were recorded though the evidence is now lost.
From An Ordinary of Arms
by Sir James Balfour Paul, 1994
4546) The arms for James, Portioner of Morisland (1672) are given as: Parted per pale engrailed argent and sable a chief indented counter-changed.

(1) At the time that the letter was written, this apparently being the first of several letters in the file.  In a reasonably short period considerable effort was expended upon researching the arms of Laing and Laing as later letters by other researchers to David Laing indicate.    The statutory basis for the jurisdiction of the Lyon King of Arms consists mainly of three Acts of the Scottish Parliament, of 1587, 1592 and 1672. (The Act of the British Parliament of 1867 mainly reorganized the Court and set the salaries of the Scottish officers of arms). This being the case, Crests, Arms, and Ordinaries which predate 1587 may be considered to be in fact of ancient origin and assumed by the bearer, not requiring establishment by Lyon's Court, but may be revived by that court based upon their ancient and honorable origins and evidence of descendency.