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From U of Edin. Lib. MS File La.IV.7.1 : Document 1

Nisbet(1) p.202 gives for the Arms of Laing - Argent, three piles(2) conjoined in point, sable. This blazon is copied from Ponts M.S. (AD 1624) & may be considered as the proper coat of the chief line of the name.

(1) Nisbet, Alexander - A System of Heraldry, Speculative and Practical: With the True Art of Blazon; According to the Most Approved Heralds in Europe: Illustrated with Suitable Examples of the Most Considerable Surnames and Families in Scotland, &c. Edinburgh: 1722

(2) Pile - One of a honorable ordinaries, having the form of a wedge, issuing from the chief, with the point ending with the lower point of the shield. When borne plain it contains one-third of the chief in breadth; when charged, two-thirds. The pile is a very early bearing, and its origin is obscure. It has no diminutives. (Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry)