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"Choctaw Cherokee Nation Heritage". Not just a way to find Indian Nation registration, but a way to learn about an Allen Perguson Pendley Generations beginning on record from 1600's to present day 21'st century, Nineteen Hundred and Six. From the Siberian Straits to Bering the Straits down across the Alaskan Tundra down through Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, across Tennessee, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia Cherokee strip, removed from Cherokee County Forsyth (Pickens) County Georgia, New Echota Cherokee Nation, removed in 1838 to Tahlequa Oklahoma Indian Nations walking what was known as the "Trail of Tears" 1838-1839. Petitioning for Federal Acknowledgment on Sept 28, 2003, we as a Choctaw Tribe from Historical Times have come to except the many "Trail of Tears" that have been made a part of our exceptance that being Recognized within Washington DC comes a very high price to pay. You risk seperating your family over unhappy tribal positions. You risk splitting a family thats been together for many hundreds of years of generations over Tribal issues. You risk bringing back Federal Control that was once escaped for more than 500 years. Then why petition, what good comes from it? You enter into Washington DC many federal and Indian files that becomes public information that otherwise would not be available to the many generations of lost Tribal generations that otherwise wouldn't be made accessable to the public. Genealogy and sharing your direct descendant heritage will always be worth much more than any "miners gold claim". Sharing a Great Heritage that was paid for by the blood of a long ago people.

John W Allen 1855 Ala wife Martha Elisabeth Carpenter 1856  Miss. 1900 Federal Census showing a family of (6) living in 1 NR 20 East of the Indian Meridian, Pushmataha Kiamitia Oklahoma Indian Territory. John died 1926 and Martha in 1916, both are buried in Finley Pushmataha Ok Cemetery. The Allen Threlkeld Young & Edwards families were members of the Choctaw Congregational Church Pushmataha Ok dating back on record (Marriage/Funeral) 1902. The Church is no longer there today, like the old faded memories, the wooden structure have also faded away into dust. There are some great Indian Nations stories told by the elders of this family. I'm only 63 years young & someday my memories will also fade away like my elders have done over time and will someday fade away like the blood of our True people of long ago yester years. Anumpa Kinkush" Choctaw meaning "Learn from the Heart"


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