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Passengers of the Elizabeth

Left Ipswich,England in April of 1634. Arrived at New England.
Master: William Andrews

John Sherman 20 -
Joseph Mosse 24 -
Richard Woodward 45 miller; bound for
Rose Woodward 50 wife of Richard
George Woodward 13 son of George and Rose
John Woodward 13 son of George and Rose
Edmond Lewis 33 bound for Watertown
Mary Lewis 32 wife of Edmond
John Lewis 3 son of Edmond and Mary
Thomas Lewis 9mo son of Edmond and Mary
John Spring 45 bound for Watertown
Elinor Spring 45 wife of John
Mary Spring 11 daughter of
John and Elinor
Henry Spring 6 son of John and Elinor
John Spring 4 son of John and Elinor
William Spring 9mo son of John and Elinor
Thurston Raynor 40 from Elmsett, Suffolk, England
bound for Watertown
Elizabeth Raynor 36 wife of Thurston
Thurston Rayner (sic) 13 son of Thurston
Joseph Raynor 11 son of Thurston
Elizabeth Raynor 9 dau. of Thurston
Sarah Raynor 7 dau. of Thurston
Lidia Raynor 1 dau. of Thurston
Edward Raynor 10 with Thurston Raynor
Elizabeth Kemball 13 with Thurston Kimball, or
possibly Henry Kimball
Thomas Scott 40 from Rattlesden, Suffolk, England
bound for Cambridge
Elizabeth Scott 40 wife of Thomas
Elizabeth Scott 9 dau. of Thomas
Abigail Scott 7 dau. of Thomas
Thomas Scott 6 son of Thomas
Henry Kimball 44 from Rattlesden, Suffolk
bound for Watertown
Susan Kimball 35 wife of Henry
Elizabeth Kimball 4 with Henry
Susan Kimball 1-1/2 with Henry
Richard Kimball 39 from Rattlesden, Suffolk
bound for Watertown
Ursula Kimball - wife of Richard
Henry Kimball 15 with Richard
Richard Kimball 11 with Richard
Mary Kimball 9 with Richard
Martha Kimball 5 with Richard
John Kimball 3 with Richard
Thomas Kimball 1 with Richard
Isaac Mixer 31 from Suffolk
bound for Watertown
Sarah Mixer 33 wife of Isaac
Isaac Mixer 4 son of Isaac
Martha Scott 60 -
George Munnings 37 from Rattlesden, Suffolk
bound for Watertown
Elizabeth Munnings 12 with George
Abigail Munnings 7 with George
John Bernard 30 bound for Watertown
Phebe Bernard 27 wife of John
John Bernard 2 with John Bernard
Samuell Bernard 1 with John Bernard
Thomas King 15 with John Bernard
Thomas Kilbourne 24 from Wood Ditton
bound for Wethersfield
Elizabeth Kilbourne 20 wife of Thomas
John Cross 50 bound for Ipswich
Anne Cross 38 wife of John
Robert Sherin 32 -
Humphrey Bradstreet 40 from Suffolk
bound for Ipswich
Bridgett Bradstreet 30 wife of Humphrey
Anna Bradstreet 9 with Humphrey
John Bradstreet 3 with Humphrey
Martha Bradstreet 2 with Humphrey
Mary Bradstreet 1 with Humphrey
Henry Glover 24 bound for Dedham
William Bloomfield 30 bound for Cambridge
Sarah Bloomfield 25 wife of William
Sarah Bloomfield 1 dau. of William and Sarah
Robert Day 30 bound for Ipswich
Mary Day 28 wife of Robert
Sarah Reynolds 20 -
Robert Goodale 30 from Dennington, Suffolk
bound for Salem
Katherine Goodale 28 wife of Robert
Mary Goodale 4 with Robert Goodale
Abraham Goodale 2 with Robert Goodale
Isaacke Goodale 6mo with Robert Goodale
Samuel Smith 31 bound for Wethersfield
Elizabeth Smith 32 wife of Samuel
Samuell Smith 9 with Samuel Smith
Mary Smith 4 with Samuel Smith
Elizabeth Smith 7 with Samuel Smith
Phillip Smith 1 with Samuel Smith
Thomas Hastings 29 bound for Watertown
Susan Hastings 25 wife of Thomas
Susan Munson 25
Martin Underwood 38 from Elmham, Suffolk
bound for Watertown
Martha Underwood 31 wife of Martin
Henry Gouldson 43 bound for Watertown
Anne Gouldson 45 wife of Henry
Mary Gouldson 15 with Henry Gouldson
William Cutting 26 -
Richard Cutting 11 with William, or
possibly Henry Kimball
John Palmer 24 -
Daniel Pierce 23 bound for Newbury
John Clark 22 -
John Firmin 46 bound for Watertown
John Lauericke 15 also Lavericke
Rebecca Isaac 36 -
Anne Dorifall 24 -

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