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PENCE-Shelby Co, OH


Shelby County Will Abstracts Bk2 1869-1881, Published 1999 by SCGS.

pg70 Jonas Harshberger 11/7/1871  11/28/1871 (A-2005)
Names heirs: Isaac Harshberger, Barbary Staley, Rebecca Ann Trap and Jacob Harshberger,
children of Jacob. Wife mentioned but not named. Exec Oliver C Staley.
Wit: Robert Simpson, Jesse G PENCE
Signed Jonas Harshberger

pg 179 dated 8/19/1873 probated 10/27/1874 (A-2209)
Mentions wife and children, none named. Wife to be Exec. Wit: H M Ailes. /s/ Jessee G Pence

pg504 James Sims 4/12/1880   8/26/1880 (A-3389)
Of Spring Creek Twp, Miami Co. Names wf Ann Maria Sims and sis Jane Sayers and Sarah
Garbey. Also following nephews and nieces: Samuel F Sayers, Marleen J Mattiers, Francis D
Moore, Margaret A PENCE, Sarah E DeWeese, Annette S Caven, Harriott E McKinney,
W B Garbey,Margaret J Duncan and Mary Y Patterson. Also named, no relationship stated,
James M Brocaw, Lauty G Weaver and Francis L Wilkinson. Exec to be wife
Ann Maria and Paul N S PENCE.  
Wit: Paul N S PENCE, H D McKinney, Michael Howard. Signed James Sims

Shelby County Death Records Bk 1 1867-1881.Betty Bevans, compiled by Mrs
Verna Geer Taglieber

PENCE, Elizabeth, Housekeeper, b Salem Twp died Salem Twp 1/26/1876 49y10m12d
Typhoid Fever. , Widow Bk1pg45
PENCE, Jesse, Farmer, b Oh died 10/14/1874 Salem Twp of brain disease, married,54y0m25d Bk1 pg37
PENCE, Jesse G, Laborer b. Salem Twp, died 2/13/1876 Salem Twp of consumption 19y7m0d bk1pg45
L.C.R. PENCE, b Shelby Co, died 9/1876 Jackson Twp 2y5m10d Bk1 pg49
PENCE, Mary Ann born Shelby Co, died 2/25/1877 Jackson Twp, married, age 23y2m5d Bk1 pg49
PENCE, Rachel, born Virginia, died 11/6/1876 in Infirmary, married, age 60y Bk 1 pg54
PENCE, William E, born Shelby Co, died 1/19/1876 Green Co, OH of Dropsey. Last res Shelby Co,
age 1y8m13d Bk 1 pg 44

Shelby County Death Records Bk2 1882-1890.Betty Bevans, compiled by
Mrs Verna Geer Taglieber

PENCE, Charles, born Clinton Twp died 12/10/1884 Clinton Twp of Croup, age 1y6m pg248
PENCE, Emma Ellen, housewife, born, Perry Twp died 2/7/1888 Perry Twp, of consumption, single
age 23y11m  pg 250
PENCE, Laura, born Michigan, died 8/4/1885 Jackson Twp of dropsey, widow age 74y6m10d pg248
PENCE, Mary E born Newport Oh, servant, died 10/15/1885 Newport Ohio of dropsey, single,
age 20y4m28d  pg249
PENCE, Samuel, farmer, b Montgomery Co, Oh died 11/16/1881 Turtle Creek Twp Cong of Brain,
married, aged 55y - pg247
PENCE, Z R b Sidney, died 3/2/1885 Sidney unknoen causes, age 11y11m0d  pg 248

Shelby County Death Records Bk3 1890-1904. Betty Bevans, compiled by
Mrs Verna Geer Taglieber

PENCE, Donald died 8/22/1902 Salem Twp , born Salem Twp, unknown causes, 3m13d
PENCE, Effie May died 7/4/1901 Perry Twpof cunsumption, res Port Jefferson, single, 28y3m18d
PENCE, George E died 3/19/1891 Green Twp no cause 1y1m24d
PENCE, Henry Erven died 9/24/1899 Salem Twp of Croop 5m2d
Infant PENCE son of Elza and May Faulder died 1/22/1898 Salem Twp of liver inflamation 6days
PENCE, William died 6/8/1890 Sidney of suicide born Champaign Co res Sidney, married,
occ house mover, 55y5m24d

Shelby County Death Records Bk4 1904-1908.
Betty Bevans, compiled by Mrs Verna Geer Taglieber, published 1999 Shelby Co, Gen Society

PENCE, A.I died 10/11/1907 Perry Twp; 71y 10m 8d: brights Disease: M/W, md, farmer, res Perry Twp
PENCE, Cleo; b Shelby Co; d 10/16/1904 Salem Twp; 2m 8d; suffocation: female, res Salem Twp
PENCE, Susie, d 12/9/1907 Salem Twp; 3y 10m 14d; pneumonia; res Salem Twp

Shelby County Marriage Records Vol1 1819-1870.
Barbara Adams & Gene Mozley, Gateway Press 1981
PENCE, Levi to Christena Fox 4/9/1866 by J P Huston, Bk 5 pg3
PENCE, Samuel to Caroline Fosnight 12/14/1864 by J P Huston bk4 pg 284, consent of lad's father
PENCE, Wesley to Mary C Smith 1/3/1869 by John C Elliott, JP  bk 5 pg194
PENCE, William to Susannah Humble 12/29/1867 by John Mathias, JP  bk 5 pg 126
PENCE, Delila to Joshua Barker 2/11/1852 by William Critton, JP bk 3 pg293
PENCE, Frances A to Oliver Hall 10/2/1869 by Elisha Dick, MG, bk 5 pg233
PENCE, Mary Ann to John Huffman 10/18/1855 by  A T Tullis, MG bk 3 pg 480
PENCE, Mary A to Hiram T Jenkins 8/29/1861 by J H Walton JP bk4 pg185
PENCE, Mary J to Martin M Neher 4/1/1860 by S M Brower, MG bk 4 pg 145
PENCE, Ose to Jabez Lucas 10/4/1827 by Jonathan Nichols, JP bk1&2 pg 17

Shelby County Marriage Records Vol2 1871-1899.
Barbara Adams & Gene Mozley 1983 Gateway Press  
PENCE, Alfred F 38 yrs of Milford Center to Leona D McCashen 25 yrs of Sidney, 12/15/1896
by J W Beck, Bapt bk 8 pg395
PENCE, A J to Carrie B Zimmerman 5/16/1879 by S J Hatfield, JP  bk 6 pg255
PENCE, Arthur L to Evalyn Wead 2/23/1893 by John P Robb bk 8 pg135
PENCE, Edgar W, 22yrs of Jackson Center to Clorie L Morris age 19 of Jackson Center 12/28/1898
by Rev L L Corwin Bk 8 pg541
PENCE, Elza 21yrs of Maplewood to Mary Faulder 16yrs of Maplewood 6/1/1896 by Rev W B Bender
bk 8 pg 366 Consent of Mary's father, Wilbur Faulder
PENCE, Floyd G 18 yrs of Santa Fe to Ina B Millison 18 yrs of Jackson Center, by W D Burdick
bk8 pg306 consent of guardians for both parties
PENCE, Frank 35 yrs of Pemberton to Mary A Gearhart 25yrs of Quincy 11/25/1894 by N Y Mathews,
DeGraff, Oh  bk 8 pg259
PENCE, General G to Ida J Calhoun 1/20/1889 by J W Beerline JP kb7 pg425
PENCE, Ira Kelso to Bertha Swader 11/12/1893 by J W Neerline, JP  bk 8 pg193
PENCE, J W to M B Butt 4/9/1891 by Elder M C Skates bk 8 pg11
PENCE, John C to Phoebe Ludlow 2/22/1877 by Thomas Conner bk 6 pg110
PENCE, John W, 42yrs of Rosewood,  to Mrs Anna Craft, 42yrs of Maplewood,  2/1/1896
by Rev S W Scott bk 8 pg342
PENCE, L.E. to Francis Clawson 6/26/1884 by J P Sharp bk 7 pg81
PENCE, Louis I to Bertha O Baker 12/18/1890 by J B Fenner bk 7 pg560
PENCE, Noah W, 29yrs of Port Jefferson to Emma B Dressback 19yrs of Port Jefferson
3/11/1896 by H S Ailes, Mayor bk 8 pg351
PENCE, Oratio W to Sidney M Hogan 1/1/1874 by James A Pence, JP bk 5 pg492
PENCE, Russell  to Etna Arbogast 12/29/1887 by R McCaslin bk 7 pg340
PENCE, Samuel to Mary A Cox 2/9/1873 by Samuel Fuson MG , bk5 pg440
PENCE, Walter, 21yrs of Port Fefferson to Cora Kelley 20yrs of Pemberton 10/4/1896
by Rev Geo C Enders, bk 8 pg 382
PENCE, Annie, to Jacob Miller 5/21/1893 by J G Sailer, Pastor  bk 8 pg 150
PENCE, Eliza to S J Smith 2/1/1877 by A Ailes, JP, bk 6 pg104
PENCE, Emma R to William T(?) Martin 3/29/1888 by R McCaslin  bk 7 pg361
PENCE, Jennie to Joseph Mault 2/18/1889 by E Ludlum, JP, Bk 7 Pg 429
PENCE, Lucinda to John McCormick 6/6/1880 by A J Davidson, JP Bk 6 Pg 335
PENCE, Mariah to Thomas F Meeker 2/5/1876 by A Ailes, JP, Bk 6 Pg 42
PENCE, Mary to William Castle Mar (day not given), 1893 by Elder H H Witter
Bk 8 pg 136 Lic issued 3/3/1893
PENCE, Mary J to W H Bryan 1/27/1880 by R J Miller  bk 6 pg 306

PENCE, Mattie to S N Shidakel 12/23/1880 by E M Rapp  bk 6 Pg383
PENCE, Nancy A to William Wade/Wede 2/15/1880 by P Hunt, JP Bk6 pg311
PENCE, Malinda age 56 of Botkins to George R Wade age 55 of Botkins 9/27/1895
by John Reeves bk 8 pg315
PENCE, Minnie to Charles Kiser 10/30/1890 by R McCaslin bk 7 pg550
PENCE, Rhoda to George W Voress 1/22/1880 by R McCaslin bk 6 pg305
PENCE, Rosalie to George W Jackson 6/22/1879 by J C Beade bk 6 pg 259 "By consent of father"
PENCE, Sarah C to Jonathan L Lindsay 2/18/1875 by John R Colgin, MG bk 5 pg562
PENCE, Sarah D to Mark E Voress 6/25/1881 by R McCaslin bk 6 pg422
PENCE, Siddney to Thomas Herring 4/2/1887 by G W Meranda, JP  bk 7 pg286
PENCE, Mrs Susannah to S A Johnston 12/24/1893 by Eld J M Pyle  bk 8 pg203

Shelby County Marriage Records Vol3 Book 9 1899-1904, Sherri Jensen, Harold Van Horn,
Betty Wolf, Compiled by Barbara Adams Published 1997 by SSCS.

PENCE Elwood A age 29 son of A I PENCE and Mary J Loudenback
to Leathie B Hering age 19 dau of Henry Herring and Hattie Miligan
7/30/1899 by D G Hall, ME MG, pg 51

PENCE, B Franklin age 32 son of Samuel PENCE and Carooine Fosnight
to Della Cox age 22 dau of Noah Cox and Susan Markley 1/29/1902 by W R Wheatley, pg330

PENCE, Eugene V age 25 son fo Jesse PENCE and Sarah J Putnam
to Nell O Ewing age 22 dau of S W Ewing and Sarah Brown 1/4/1903 by Leroy M Coffman  pg 521

PENCE, F Allen age 22 son of John PENCE and Serilda Wirt
to Hattie A Shroyer age 26 dau of T J Whitney and Mary E Consolver 12/6/1899
by D G Hall, ME, MG Port Jefferson, OH  pg 96

PENCE, William H age 28 son of Samuel PENCE and Caroline Fostnight
to Anna M G Klocker age 19 dau of Henry Klocker and Mary Bans
1/18/1899 by Michael Muehe, CP  pg 3

PENCE, Mrs Anna B age 47 dau of Isaac Consolver and Jane Hall*
to Frank P Douglas age 46 son of Henry Douglas and Ann Miller
3/7/1901 by A G Crofoot, MG pg237
*It has never been proven that Anna was a dau of Isaac Consolver and Jane Hall

PENCE, clara B age 18 dau of Wm L PENCE and Sarah E Ellis
to Ross Rike Glick age 22 son of L M Glick and Rose Rike 10/3/1900 by W G Waters, MG pg173

PENCE, Daisy B age 22 dau of Noah PENCE and Clara Weavel(r)
to Nicholas C Enders age 24 son of Christian Enders and Margaret Dormire
2/26/1906 by Geo C Enders, MG Cong Christian Pittsfield, OH  pg 336

PENCE, Hattie age 24 dau of Abraham PENCE and Jane Loudenback
to John Dodds age 22 son of Joseph Dodds and Elizabeth Shroyer
12/1/1901 by J M Bechtel, DVM pg309

PENCE, Hattie age 21 dau of Frederick PENCE and Elizabeth Blackford
to Emery A Stewart age 27 son of Willoughby Stewart and Martha Clayton
12/20/1899 by M M Figley, MG pg 104

PENCE, Mary L age 36 dau of Thomas N PENCE and Clarentine Lukemires
to William H Richeldeffer age 35 son of Wm M Richeldeffer and Mary Ellen Marrs
8/3/1902 by J W Bechtel, MG Maplewood pg367

Perry T DeVelvis age 24 son of Allen DeVelvis and Jane PENCE
to Fairy Mae Guthire age 19 dau of Cornelius Guthrie and Elizabeth Young
12/29/1900 by L J Baker MG  pg210

Huffman, Mary Ann age 26 dau of John Huffman and Mary Ann PENCE
to William M Fuller age 24 son of Ezekiel Fuller and Amanda Pickering
10/1/1903, by W R Wheatley, MG  pg 484

Huffman, Elmer C age 31 son of John Huffman and Mary Ann PENCE
to Bertha DeHaven age 19 dau of Joseph DeHaven and Sarah Carrington
11/30/1899 by J D Lusk, MG  pg 95

Lott, Grace C age 20 dau of Lee Lott and _________  PENCE
to Christopher J Lenhart age 24 son of John Lenhart and Mary Magdalena Rinehart
6/30/1903 by D R Cook, MG  pg 460

Stafford, Frank P age 32 son of Anthony Stafford and Margaret PENCE
to Elberta Dressback age 32 dau of William Dressback and Margaret Dunstan
12/23/1903 by Leroy M Coffman, MG pg 517

Voress, Howard C age 20 son of Elmer Voress and Deliah PENCE
to Carrie Gatlon age 20 dau of Franklin Gatlon, mother not given
2/4/1904 by T P James, MG  pg 527

Shelby County Marriage Records Vol4 Book 10 1904-1910
Compiled by Barbara Adams Published 1998 by the Shelby Co Gen Society.

PENCE, Charles E age 22 son of John C PENCE and Phoebe Ledlow
to Matilda Sarah Lauterbur age 20 dau of John Lauterbur and Sarah Spillers
10/27/1909 by Wm J Spickerman, CP  pg 532

PENCE, Frederick age 28 son of Frederick PENCE and Elizabeth Blackford
to Jennie Ely age 22 , mother Lizzie Wrigley
5/31/1905 by R G Smith, MG  pg 101

PENCE, W Delman age 37 son of Wesley PENCE and Mary C Smith
to Mary E McKercher age 26 dau of J Charles McKercher and Thursa Wren
11/14/1907 by M J Nash, MG, pg 347 (Groom previously married)

PENCE, Naomi age 28 dau of Frederick PENCE and Elizabeth Blackford
to Wirt A Ewing age 40 son of John Ewing and Hadassah Glascoe
12/22/1904 by Robert G Smith, MG  pg62

PENCE, Irma age 19 dau of Russell PENCE and Edna Arbogast
to Omer B Frazier age 22 son of Solomon Frazier and Belle Robinson
4/18/1908 by L M Coffman, MG  pg 390

Bailar, Zalia Oca age 22 dau of Geo Riley Bailar and Susan Ann PENCE
to Wm Oscar Anderson age 24 son of Geo D Anderson and Hannah A Wert
12/12/1909 by L W Ryan, MG  pg 544

Martin, Violet M age 19 dau of Wm T Martin and Emma PENCE
to Ralph L Atkinson age 20 son of J L Arkinson and Retta Woolley
8/9/1909 by J B Fenner, MG  pg 509

Brunner, Elmer J age 23 son of Noah Brunner and Louisa PENCE
to Eva G McCormick age 21 dau of Frank McCormick and Susanna Cox
11/23/1904 by N D Bigelow, MG  pg 55

DeVelvis, Christian Earl age 25 son of Allen DeVelvis and Sarah J PENCE
to Clara Alice Line age 18 dau of Chas Line and Elizabeth Staley
4/12/1906 by L S Woodruff, MG  og 191

Goode, John H age 28 son of Abraham Goode and Susanna PENCE
to Bessie L Weatherhead age 29 dau of Albert Weatherhead and Mary ______
12/30/1909 by John Montgomery, MG  pg 554

Hogan, Clay Cleven age 25 son of L C Hogan and Lydia PENCE
to Mabel Rebecca Umsted age 16 dau of Benjamin Umsted and Mary Cole
9/18/1909 by W R Wheatley MG  pg 520

Weidner, Mary P age 34 dau of Abe Goode and Susan PENCE
to F B Miller age 55 son of Daniel T Miller and Eliza Buck
2/24/1908 by B F Patt, MG  pg381
Both once married, bride divorced from Chas Weidner

Voress, Edith R age 19 dau of Geo W Voress and Rhoda E PENCE
to Frank C Proctor age 22 son of Geo W Proctor and Sarah Hetzler
10/25/1906 by J B Fenner, MG  pg 238

Alloway, Adrian Ashley age 27 son of Charles M Alloway and Frances Karic
PENCE, Estel Durelda age 24 dau of G G Pence and Ida Calhoun
6/15/1914 by J W Kinnett, MG pg413

Shelby County Marriage Records Vol5 Book 11 1910-1915, Copied by Barbara Adams
typed by Sherri Jensen Published 2000 for Shelby Co Gen Society

PENCE, Frederick Jr age 38 son of Frderick PENCE Sr and Elizabeth Blackford
to Lillie R Henne age 29 dau of Charles Henne and Margaret Brill
1/26/1915 by J W Kinnett, MG  pg477
(Groom once previously married)

PENCE, (page 4 missing, Shelby County mailing)

PENCE, Hattie M age 41 dau of Thos Whitney and Mary Consolver
to Elmer E Forsythe age 52 son of Robert Forsythe and Jane Powell
7/30/1914 by S Z Smith, MG  pg 421
(Groom once previously married. Bride twice previously married. Second marriage
div from Fernando Pence)

PENCE, Marvel Iona age 16 dau of E L PENCE and May Faulder
to Paul Smith age 20 son of James E Smith and Clara ______
1/31/1915 by Ollie E Smith, MG  pg477

Lindsay, Raymond Walter age 23 son of Chas Lindsay and Sarah PENCE
to Bertha Estella Muter age 23 dau of Geo A Muter and Josephine Cox
5/17/1912  by C F Stansburger MG  pg174

Lump, Marion age 40 son of David L Lump and Susan PENCE
to Anna B Cotterman age 37 dau of Robt Cotterman and Sarah Williamson
8/1/1911 by C P Hess, JP  pg 115 (Groom twice previously married,
bride once, div from Elmer Cotterman)


Shelby County Divorce Records 1819-1900
Compiled by Barbara Admas Published 1996 by the Shelby Co Gen Society

No PENCE Entries

Shelby County Birth Records Book I 1867-1880, Compiled by Mrs Verna Geer Taglieber
PENCE, Banjamin 3/30/1889 McLean Twp to Samuel PENCE and Caroline Fosnight pg 29
PENCE, C. S. (female) 11/1876 Perry Twp to A J PENCE andJane Sanderbock pg117
PENCE, Edgar W 9/20/1876 Jackson Twp to Samuel PENCE and  Mary Ann Cox pg 110
PENCE, Effa May 7/4/1872 Perry Twp to Abraham PENCE and Mary J Loudenback pg67
PENCE, Eliza Jane 10/28/1872 McLean Twp to Samuel PENCE and Caroline Fosnight pg 63
PENCE, Elwood 10/15/1870 Perry Twp to  ____PENCE and _____PENCE pg355
PENCE, Frederick 12/31/1875 Orange Twp to Frederick PENCE and Elizabeth A Blakford pg 101
PENCE, Hattie 1/1/1878 Orange Twp to Frederick PENCE and Elizabeth Blackford pg 121
PENCE, Minna F 2/15/1872 Green Twp to Fredercik PENCE and Elizabeth PENCE  pg 49
PENCE, Raymond 9/24/1873 Salem Twp to  Wm H PENCE and Amanda Ogden  pg 72
PENCE, Ruth E 2/15/1870 Green Twp to Fred PENCE and Elizabeth Pence pg 25
PENCE, Susan B 12/15/1879 Perry Twp to A J PENCE  pg 150
PENCE, Walter Scott 10/26/1874 Perry Twp to A J PENCE and Mary J Loudenback  pg83
PENCE, ____ 3/31/1869 Turtle Creek Twp to Samuel PENCE and Caroline Pence  pg 18
PENCE, ____ 3/4/1876 Green Twp to Isaac PENCE and Mary E Frank  pg 103
HOAKS, Lamon C 9/4/1874 Champ Co, Johnson Twp to Joseph Hoaks and Eliza J PENCE
pg68, res Shelby Co, Green, OH
HUFFMAN, John C 9/29/1873 Turtle Creek Twp to John C Huffman and Mary A PENCE pg78
DEVELVIS, F B (female) 4/7/1878 Franklin Twp to Allen Develvis and Sarah J PENCE pg134
DEVELOIS, E.M. (female) 10/3/1874 Franklin Twp to A Develois and S J PENCE pg 92
DEVELVIS, ___(female) 4/8/1878 Franklin Twp to Allen Develvis and Sarah PENCE pg130
DEVELVIS, Christian Earl 6/3/1880 Franklin Twp to Allen Develvis and Sary Jane PENCE og 164
DEVELVIS, Perry J 10/6/1876 Franklin Twp to Allen Develvis and Sarah J PENCE  pg 108
DEVELVIS, William A 9/3/1873 Franklin Twp to Allen Develvis and Sarah J PENCE  pg 72
LINDSAY, Lula M 5/6/1877 Turtle Creek Twp to Jonathan T Lindsay and Sarah PENCE pg 120
HOGAN, Birdi B no date Jackson Twp to S C Hogan and Lida PENCS  pg 124

Shelby County Birth Records Book II 1880-1890, SCGS- Mrs Verna Geer Taglieber
PENCE, Bonnie Daise 8/13/1883 Perry Twp to A J PENCE and Mary J Loudenback
PENCE, Charles M 11/30/1882 Clinton Twp to Jessie PENCE and Sarah J Putnam
PENCE, Erma Mae 5/28/1888 Orange Twp to Russell PENCE and Etna A Arbogast
PENCE, Forest 12/20 or 30/1883 Salem Twp to Jno A PENCE and Sarah Kizer
PENCE, Georgie 2/20/1890 Orange Twp to Russell PENCE and Etna Arbogast
PENCE, Harry E 8/10/1881 Orange Twp to Fredie PENCE and Elizabeth A Blackford
PENCE, Moda 2/13/1889 Sidney to John PENCE and Ida PENCE
GOOD, John 7/1/1881 Franklin Twp to Abraham Good and Susan PENCE
JACKSON, Ellora Irene 1/31/1883 Salem Twp to George W Jackson and Rosella PENCE
LEE, Edward Marion 2/13/1888 Washington Twp to Doctor Lee and Mary Ann PERCE (sic?)
LOTT, Charley A 1/23/1885 Jackson Twp to Lee Lott and Elvira S PENCE
LOTT, Grace Erthe 3/1/1883 Jackson Twp to L A Lott and Sarah E PENCE
MARTIN, Leroy 12/16/1888 Orange Twp to William T Martin and Emma R PENCE
MAULT, Lizzie May 8/26/1889 Van Buren Twp to Joseph Mault and Jennie PENCE
McCORMICK, Ellen 2/17/1882 Salem Twp to John McCormick and Lucinda PENCE
McCORMICK, G.C.(male) 8/10/1884 Marion Co, Larne, OH to John McCormick and
Lucinda PENCE residents of Salem Twp, Shelby Co, OH
McCORMICK, James 9/15/1887 Shelby Co to John McCormick and Louise PENCE
residents of Salem Twp
McCORMICK, Sylvester 8/24/1888 Salem Twp to John McCormick and Lucinda M PENCE
HOGAN, James 6/28/1881 Jackson Twp to S C Hogan and Lydia PENCE
VORESS, Earl H 9/29/1884 Orange Twp to G W Voress and Rhoda Ann PENCE
VORESS, Edith A 10/13/1887 Orange Twp to Geo Voress and Rhoda PENCE
VORESS, Harry W 5/1/1882 Orange Twp to M E Voress and Sarah D PENCE
VORESS, H Cleveland 12/17/1889 Orange Twp to M E Voress and Sarah D PENCE

Shelby County Birth Records Book III 1890-1904
Transcribed by Harold Van Horn, Compiled by Gladys Shroyer Dearduff for the SCGS
PENCE, ___ (male) 1/15/1898 Salem Twp to Elza PENCE and May Faulder
PENCE, ___ (female) 1/15/11900 Salem Twp to Elza PENCE and May Faulder
PENCE, Anna Gertrude 6/8/1902 Turtle Creek Twp to Franklin PENCE and Della Cox
PENCE, Cloyd D 11/29/1899 Newton Twp Miami Co to Edgar W PENCE and Flora L Morris
PENCE, Donald 12/10/1901 Salem Twp to A E PENCE and Ethel B Henning res Pt Jefferson
PENCE, Ethel Myrtle 9/1/1896 Salem Twp to Noah W PENCE and Emma Dressback
PENCE, Forest 6/26/1894 Orange Twp to Wm PENCE and Ollie Moore
PENCE Harry A 11/20/1900 Logan Co Stokes, Oh to A J PENCE and Alice Burklow res
Jackson Twp, Shelby Co, OH
PENCE, Marvel I 1/22/1899 Salem Twp to Elza PENCE and May Faulder
PENCE, Nellie May 11/10/1901 Salem Twp to Elwood PENCE and Letha E Kraft
PENCE, R (female) 9/10/1901 Orange Twp to Lewis PENCE and Bertha O Baker
PENCE, Ruby 3/22/1893 Orange Twp to Russell PENCE and Etna Arbogast
PENCE, Ruby S 3/22/1892 Orange Twp to Russell PENCE and Etna A Arbogast
PENCE, Sylvester Roy 8/23/1902 Jackson Twp to E W PENCE and Cloie L Morris
PENCE, Wm A 8/10/1900 Salem Twp to N W PENCE and Emma Dressback
CRUSEY, Cyril August 9/19/1900 Sidney to August Crusey and Elsie PENCE
HUFFMAN, Frank W 9/10/1890 Turtle Creek Twp to Samuel Huffman and Mary C PENCE
KISER, Ernest Russell 10/14/1900 Orange Twp to Chas Kiser and Minnie PENCE
McCORMICK, Silva May 11/23/1890 Salem Twp to John McCormick and Lucinda Ann PENCE
MARTIN, Minnie V 9/16/1890 Orange Twp to W T Martin and Emma R PENCE
SHIDAKER, Hazel 4/4/1895 Champ Co, St Paris, OH to S A Shidaker and Samantha PENCE

Shelby County Birth Records Book IV 1904-1908
Copied & typed by Betty Bevans published 2001 Shelby Co, Gen Society

PENCE, Cecil Pauline (male) 4/25/1906 Maplewood to A F PENCE and Hattie Whitney
PENCE, Charles Millard 5/25/1908 Orange Twp to Fred PENCE and Jennie ELY
PENCE, Cleo 8/9/1904 Salem Twp to A E PENCE and Lethie Herring
PENCE, Ernest 1/44/1904 Turtle Creek Twp to Frank PENCE and Della Cox
PENCE, Forest F 7/7/1906 Turtle Creek Twp to Frank PENCE and Della Cox
PENCE, John E 1/5/1905 Salem Twp to N W PENCE and Emma Dressback
PENCE, Orville Carl 9/20/1908 Turtle Creek Twp to Frank PENCE and Della Cox
PENCE, Rexie 8/18/1905 Salem Twp to Elwood PENCE and Leathie B Herring
PENCE, Ruth M 5/17/1906 Perry Twp to Fred PENCE, Jr and Jennie Ely
PENCE, Walter 4/30/1908 Salem Twp to  A Elwood PENCE and Titha Herring
SWIGER, Laura M 11/28/1907  Clinton Twp to Edw Swiger and Maud PENCE
TERRELL, Iola M 12/6/1908 Logan Co, Bellefontaine, OH to Luther Terrell and Ella PENCE,
res Sidney, OH

Shelby County Memorial Records 1819-1975,
(Barbara Adams & Gene Mozley Gateway Press Inc 1977)

PENCE, Cloyd W 1899-1927
PENCE, Chloey L 1879-1959
PENCE, Edgar W 1876-1948
PENCE, Elizabeth N 1903-1935
PENCE, Ethel E 1911-1962

PENCE, Alma d 9/8/1920 4y10m 18d
PENCE, Della Cox 1879-1928
PENCE, Dorothy R 1915-1934
PENCE, Howard M 1917-1941
PENCE, S Franklin 1869-1960
PENCE, Forest E 1906-1969

PENCE, William H 1870-1914

PENCE, Noah d 9/20/1944 88y res Sidney Lot 156-B
PENCE, Clara d 9/23/1944 age 86 res Sidney Lot 156-B
PENCE, Cloyd 1908-1909 Lot 9-A
PENCE, Jennie d 7/28/1910 27y 13d  Lot 9-A
PENCE, Elizabeth A d 2/12/1923 81y res Sidney Lot 10-A
PENCE, Frederick d 6/1/1917 79y 10m 20d  res Perry Twp Lot 10-A
PENCE, Frederick Jr d 12/22/1923 age 47y res Sidney Lot 9-A Veteran
PENCE, William O d 2/12/1924 age 56y res Lima Lot 9-A
PENCE, John C b 1/21/1855 Chapaign Co, OH d 1/9/1929 res Sidney Lot 75- East -C
PENCE, Pheba Ann b 9/11/1857 Pemberton died 9/7/1939 res Orange Twp Lot 125-East-C

PENCE, Lew d 5/17/1875 un the 48th yr of his age

PENCE, Rachel b Virginia res McLean Twp d 11/6/1876 69y  buried ?
PENCE, Charles b? res?  d Aug or Aoct 10 1884 age 6m . buried ? parents dead.
"Our Charley has gone where trouble is no more."
PENCE, Fernando A son of John W and Serilda (Wert)
b 2/5/1877 Urbana d 5/9/1965 bur Informary Cemetery

PENCE, Jesse G born Clark Co, OH  (no date)  died Salem Twp 10/14/1874 age 54 no lot or sec
PENCE, Ollie A born 4/11/1865 died Salem Twp 5/20/1866 age 1 no lot or sec
PENCE, Jessey born (no date or location) died  (no date)  age 20 no lot, Interred 2/14/1876
PENCE, Hosea W born Clark Co, OH (no date)  last res Port Jefferson died (no date)  age 25
no lot or sec #  Interred 1/16/1879
PENCE, A J born 7/23/1866  died 7/5/1886  no age no lot#
PENCE, Emma A born 3/11/1864 Perry Twp died 2/7/1888 Perry Twp age 23 lot 1-E
PENCE, Infant b 1/15/1898 Salem Twp died 1/21/1898 Salem Twp age 6d Lot 19-H
PENCE, Henry Ervin b 5/21/1899 Maplewood died 10/8/1899 Maplewood age 4m Lot 8-B
son of Noah and Emma
PENCE, John W b 11/5/1854 Champ Co d 1/29/1900 Maplewood age 45 Lot 5-H
PENCE, Gerold W b 11/19/1898 Port Jefferson d 2/10/1900 Pemberton age 1 Lot 59-E
PENCE, Effie May b7/4/1872 Perry Twp d10/18/1901 Perry Twp age 29 Lot 1-E
PENCE, Donald b12/10/1901 Salem Twp d5/30/1902 Salem Twp age 5m Lot 43-E
PENCE, Cleo b8/9/1904 Salem Twp d 10/18/1904 Salem Twp age 2m  Lot 43-E
PENCE, Abraham I b12/3/1835 Clark Co, OH d 10/11/1907 Perry Twp age 71 Lot 2-E
PENCE, Bonnie Susie b2/23/1902 Salem Twp d 12/9/1907 Salem Twp age 5 Lot 43-E
PENCE, Infant b1/15/1908 d 1/21/1908  no lot #
PENCE, Wilbur (Leroy?) b 11/16/1911 Salem Twp d 11/30/1913 Salem Twp age 2 Lot 43-E
son of Edw and Letha PENCE
PENCE, John Rex b 9/15/1916 Salem Twp d 10/20/1916 Salem Twp age 2m Lot 43-E
PENCE, Infant b 5/12/1920 Salem Twp d 5/12/1920 Salem Twp lot 43-E dau of Elwood (Edward?)
PENCE, Florence (Louise?) b 8/26/1910 Sidney d 11/10/1910 Sidney age 2m Lot 59-E
PENCE, Walter Raymond b 5/24/1897 Salem Twp d 10/18/1918 France age 21 Lot 59-E
died in Service WW-I
PENCE, Mary Jane b 8/23/1844 Champ Co, OH d 1/18/1921 Sidney age 76 Lot 2-E
PENCE, Mary J b 8/28/1844  died 1/19/1922 no age no lot #
PENCE, N Webster b 1/17/1867 Perry Twp d 9/22/1925 Sidney age 58 Lot 8-B
PENCE, Maye b10/5/1880 So of Sidney d 7/30/1934 Maplewood age 53 Lot 19-H
PENCE, Webster b 9/20/1921 Salem Twp d 10/5/1936 Salem Twp age 15 Lot 43-E
PENCE, Lethabelle b 11/2/1880 Shelby Co d 7/26/1941 resSidney age 61 Lot 43-E  auto accident
PENCE, James M b 1/15/1879 Logan Co, OH d 11/3/1947 res Logan Co age 68 Lot 48-N
PENCE, Elwood b 10/10/1870 Shelby Co d 9/25/1948 res Shelby Co age 78 Lot 43-E
PENCE, Walter b 10/26/1874 Pt Jefferson d 5/1/1953 res Sidney age 78 Lot 59-E
PENCE, Mrs Cora b 10/17/1876 Pemberton, d 9/21/1956 res Sidney age 79 Lot 59-E
PENCE, Wilbur Wesley b 6/19/1901 Logan Co d 1/12/1958 res Sidney age 56 Lot 4-I
PENCE, Myrtle Belle b 1868 Shelby Co d 5/1/1959 res Shelby Co  age 91  Lot 29-G
PENCE, Jonas William b 1/1/1869 Pt Jefferson d 12/27/1961 res Cridersville, Oh age 92 Lot 27-G
PENCE, Elza b 3/14/1875 Logan Co, Bloomfield, OH d 2/24/1963 Miami Co, Troy, OH
age 87 Lot 19-H
PENCE, Rexford b 1905 Salem Twp died 4/1/1964 res Chicago IL age 59 Lot 93-G
PENCE, Myrtle Hughes b 7/3/1886 Jackson Twp d 2/23/1965 res Sidney age 78 Lto 100-G
PENCE, Cecil b 4/25/1907 Shelby Co, died 7/14/1956 Dayton VA Hosp age 59 Lot 58-I
PENCE, James E b 9/2/1904 Sidney, Oh died 9/10/1973 res Tampa FL age 69 Lot 15-N

PENSE, ____ last res Sidney, OH died 3/2/1885  Lot 78 Sec 3
PENCE, Arthur  b 4/6/1881 Oh d 4/11/1936 res Sidney age 55 lot 128 single section
PENCE, Charles Elzia b 2/9/1887 Champ Co died 2/26/1947 res Shelby Co, age 60 Lot 38-B
PENCE,  Evalyn b8/19/1872 Orange Twp d 10/13/1908 res Miami Co, OH age 36 Lott 100-3
PENCE, G G b 1/5/1868 Logan Co d 8/25/1915 res Sidney  age 47 Lot 49-4
PENCE, Ida J Calhoun b 10/5/1868 Shelby Co d 8/27/1954 res Covington KY age 85 Lot 49-4
PENCE, Irene Frances b 2/6/1919 Clinton Twp d 3/25/1919 Clinton Twp age 1m  Lot 115-B
PENCE, Michael b 2/20/1948 Sidney died 2/20/1948 res Sidney age 10m Lot 258-B
PENCE, Nellie Mae b 8/12/1928 Michigan d 11/30/1934 res Sidney age 6 Lot 103-Single Section
PENCE, Sara M b 5/11/1925 Santa Fe, OH d 8/29/1965 res Sidney age 40 Lot 655-B
PENCE, William b 1/12/1832 Sidney d 6/8/1890 res Sidney age 58 Lot 78-3
PENCE, William b 5/11/1862 Logan Co died 9/9/1938 res Champ, Urbana age 75 Lot 162-
single section. Note * Removed from Urbana, OH

PENCE, infant son of Frederick and Elizabeth died 5/1/1880 age 1d

PENCE, Mrs Etna A b Green Twp d 8/1937 res Akron, Oh Lot 292 Sec 57
Parents Allen and Lydia Arbogast
PENCE, Georgia E b 1/25/1890 Orange Twp d 3/19/1891 Green Twp age 14m  Lot 292-57

PENCE, Mary A wife of Samuel B d 2/25/1877 24y 9m 29d
PENCE, Liuvicy E L dau of S B and M A died 9/13/1876 2y 4m 23d

PENCE, Allie A dau fo A I (J?) and M J, d 5/20/1866 1y 1m 14d


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