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Toronto, Ontario,
1905 Ontario Veterinary College Graduates

The Ontario Veterinary College was founded in 1862 in Toronto. In 1922 it moved to Guelph, Ontario, which is its current location.

Graduates identified so far are as follows: F.J. Anderson, F.W. Anderson, H.H. Bair, C.H. Bay, C.F. Beamer, G.W. Benjamin, J.W. Broadfoot, A.H. Brother, R.A. Byer, Geo. A. Campbell, R. Carmack, W.F. Carr, Fred Chappele, I. Christian, G.L. Clark, J.A. Cordick, S.E. Cottrill, E.B. Cowan, H.A. Coxe, A.R. Crooks, B.M. Deavenport, J.A. Decow, F.H. Dettman, P.A. Dewar, T. Drown, C.B. Estay, J.R. Fulcher, W.H. Galbraith, B.T. Gibson, H.J. Gordon, E.S. Greenwood, A.L. Haggerty, H.J. Henrickson, W. Hilton, R.L. Humphrey, W.R. Hunter, O.J. Johannes, J. Jones, M.J. Jones, Jr., T. Kain, A.G. Keller, H.R. Kidder, A. Knight, S. Knight, P.B. Labrosse, C.C. Lane, J.F. Lavery, Jr., A.N. Lawton, W. Lenton, A.M. Lloyd, F.S. Lowery, Wm. Mahon, C.A. Matthew, H.C. McCartney, J.D. McCartney, R.A. McCartney, J.A. McCreight, D.M. McLeish, D.M. McLeish, F.A. McNally, J.C. McNeil, W.A. Meiser, J.T. Mollison, F.J. Montague, C.F. Moore, W.G. Moore, D.B. Morgan, H.E. Myers, C.H. Newton, G.W. Newton, F.C. Pearce, D.R. Philip, G.C. Pinhorn, L. Porter, W.M. Pugh, H.H. Ross, H.H. Ross, R.K. Russell, W.A. Scott, H.B. Sears, W.A. Shearer, O.L. Spidell, O.C. Stoner, W.H. Sweeney, C.L. Thompson, E.L. Thompson, H.N. Thompson, J.R. Thompson, A.L. Tiffany, O.H. Titterud, J.C. Tornquist, G.W. Valentine, P.K. Walters, C.W. Watson, M.B. West, W.H. Winans, A.W. Young.

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