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Camp Travis Detachment 2


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Thank you so much for doing this website on the Tuscania, to help keep the memory of these brave young men alive. It is a wonderful website and of course we are all enjoying watching Daniel's special page come together. Thank you!!

Marilyn Privat Brown
May 27, 2008

Daniel Trowbridge out of Travis was my great Uncle. He is buried, now, at Osage City, Kansas and has a name plaque on the Avenue of Flags at the cemetery there. The Trowbridge roots of my grandmother Rosa Ethel Trowbridge and Daniel's (her brother) go back to the Captain Trowbridge who served with Admiral Nelson in battles which preserved the English way of life of that era. The archives of the family are in Trowbridge, England and Taunton, England. Thank you so much for all the work you have done in this bit of history.

Elaine Privat Stankis
May 17, 2008

I knew that William E. Vickers had died on the Tuscania, but I did not know that he was actually buried there in Scotland for a period of time until he was relocated to Arlington National Cemetery in 1920. I found the information very fascinating, and I forwarded it to my father, who also loves family history. William E. Vickers was my great grand-uncle on my father’s side of the family.

William was the first resident of Afton, Oklahoma, to die in World War I, and the local American Legion post there is named in his honor. Thank you for a wonderful website in memory of those who gave their lives for our benefit.

Randy Whitesell
March 16, 2007

For Veterans Day, [11-12-07] I told the local genealogy group about my mother's oldest brother, GILBERT GRAHAM, of Weleetka, OK, who was aboard the Tuscania when it was torpedoed. I have two of his original letters written to my mother. The first, written March 6, 1918 said, "I landed safely and liked my trip fine but got a little seasick on my way but I got over my sick spell when we got torpedoed." He served in the Rainbow Division and remained in Remagen, Germany, to help reconstruct that country.
Shirley B. Alexander
Dec. 10, 2007

My father-in-law, Earl Wilder Drake, was on the Tuscania when it was torpedoed. He was ill with the mumps! He was sent by life boat to Londonderry Ireland and stayed with a family until able to join his 357thInfantry in France. We have a postcard he sent from Verdun. Thanks
Mary Marie Drake
Aug. 27, 2007

I found an old newspaper clipping with a picture of the Tuscania (flying a British flag) and an obituary, with a picture, of one of the men who was killed, Tula B. Thompson. He was the 'boyfriend' of my Mother's sister. The clips are in pretty good shape, considering their age although the picture of the ship has a small corner torn off at the bottom.
Mother never identified anything so I don't know the name of the paper or the date it was published. I imagine it was in the Dill City, OK paper since that was his hometown. Dill City is in Washita County in Western Oklahoma.

If possible, please include his picture on the website. He's such a nice-looking young man and I'd hope some descendant of one of his sisters would see it.

Jan Morrison 
July 26, 2007

My family and I are very impressed and grateful for your excellent web site. My great grandmother's brother died when the Tuscania went down. He was Private John B Bishop, b. 3/15/1893, d. 2/5/1918. On his gravestone in Foster Cemetery, Foster, OK it says "32nd Co. 9th Bat. 165 Dept. Brigade Camp Travis. I found him in your lists.
Movita Harris
February 17, 2007

I just found out that my grandfather, Pvt. Victor A. Monnier was on the Tuscania when it sunk. He survived and returned home to marry in 1923 and had 3 children. This has been a fascinating thing to read.

Carol Forsyth
May 19, 2007

My Grandfather was William Henry Venable. He was a soldier in one of the Camp Travis groups from Texas. He had the mumps and was in the sick bay on the Tuscania at the time of the sinking. When the torpedo hit, he was playing cards with a man he had met who was a Baptist minister. He said that this man did not survive the sinking. I don't know his name.

I didn't realize how lucky my grandfather was, since it sounds like many on the lifeboats didn't make it. He always said he was picked up the next day by the trawler Elf King. The picture we have is of a group of survivors in front of a hospital in Larne. He went on to fight until the armistice, he was wounded twice, at Soissons in July and then in the Argonne a week before the war ended. He came home and had a long, relatively happy life, though he was somewhat scarred emotionally by his war experience. He died in 1986. I would appreciate it very much if you could check your records and tell me what they say.

Joe Langford
July 30, 2001

Thank goodness I found this webpage. I searched for many years for information about the sinking of this vessel. I wasn't even sure of the vessel's name. My grandfather, Sidney R. Nall, was an American soldier, aboard the Tuscania, enroute to Europe to join the fighting in WW I. My granddad died in 1972 and was reluctant to discuss his WW I experiences. He received the Purple Heart for his contributions in the battle of Soissons, July 1918, but again, he declined, for the most part, to discuss his experiences in WW I. He was trying to retrieve a comrade who had fallen in "No Man's Land", and received a glancing blow (in the mouth) from a German machine gun.  Needless to say, my granddad lost all his teeth that day, and endured a nervous tremor in his hands that he lived with from that day until his death in 1972. 
He provided very sketchy information about the sinking of the Tuscania and what little he did share has faded in my own memory. It was only by accident that I stumbled upon this site and found my granddad's name among the survivors. Many thanks to the kind folks who established and maintain this site. You have made it possible for me to uncover a fragment of my beloved grandfather's past.
Robert Price
frisco53{at}yahoo.comMay 24, 2009

My Uncle George Moreno was one of the American doughboys who died on the Tuscania. I believe he washed ashore on Islay and was later disinterred and shipped home to Pearsall, Texas. One disgraceful bit of information which my father, George's younger brother who also served in the U.S. Navy in WW1, told me was that my grandfather had to fight to have his son buried in the main cemetery in Pearsall instead of in the "Mexican" cemetery.
Albert Moreno
December 7, 2009

I looked at your web site and it is very, very nice. It has answered questions we all had about our Uncle Ed, as how he died and where for sure. I am the Grand Niece of Edward F. Young. The burial information was really great; and those people in Scotland were the nicest. I cannot find a picture of Uncle Ed in his uniform though I remember seeing one...probably with another family member I do not know about. I had been told by my grandmother that she believed that they had sent an empty casket home to be buried; so this is very good news to find out that he in fact was buried in the Enon Cemetery, in Texas.
Sondra Nicholson
April 12, 2009

Private Arthur R. Zybach whom was attached to the Camp Travis Detachment #2 was killed in action on November 4, 1918 at the battle of Beaumont in the Argonne's. He was a good friend of my Grandfather, Henry Venable. I visited Arthur Zybach's grave once at the WWI cemetery near Verdun. I was then able to track down and visit his youngest brother in the Texas panhandle, who at that time was in his 80's. He is listed on the State list in the miscellaneous cities part as being from "Zybach, Texas."

Joe Langford

My Grandfather Private Herman Stoss was on the Tuscania when it was torpedoed he lived to be 82 years old he died in 1973 in Tuttle, Oklahoma. Love this site, Thanks.
Charlene Hess
August 5, 2012

My Uncle, Tom Patterson was on the Tuscania, I believe he told me his lifeboat landed on Ireland soil, I do not know how many were on his boat. I was told on several occasions Army personnel came to Tom’s home in Fresno Ca. and recorded his account of their boats landing; two or three soldiers were never accounted for .Tom knew their names and were in fine shape when they landed on Ireland soil. My uncle said he never saw them again or received any correspondence from the missing men.
Judy Mello
February 12, 2013 

My Great Uncle George Moreno was one of the soldiers that drowned on the Tuscania. My Grandmother who just has passed away at the age of 95 was born in Pearsall, Texas. I have visited Texas a few times but I have not visited his grave. I served in the United States Marines Corps for 17 years; and  I’m also a wounded combat veteran of the war in Iraq.
SSgt Ernesto M. Gutierrez USMC

 ** THANK YOU for your service! **



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