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Camp Travis Detachment 1

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Robert A. Giger

My Grandfather Henry O. Binkley was on board the Tuscania when it was torpedoed on way to France, he and a serviceman friend from Oklahoma Tom Boone couldn’t get on overcrowded life boats so they slid down ropes of Tuscania into the ocean and swam until they were picked up by rescuers from a destroyer, unknown name. He and Tom spent about 3 weeks in Londonderry Ireland recovering from rope burns on their hands.

They shipped out to England and boarded a ferry to France. He walked across France into Germany. H. O. Binkley was shot in the right knee July 1918, and was separated from T. Boone. H. O. Binkley recovered went back into battle and made Corporal. In Sept. of 1918 he was shot again in right side. He rehabbed in town along the Rhine River. H. O. Binkley had walked into Ahrueller, Germany December 1918. Went back to battle and policed until he got to come home to Oklahoma then was discharged May 1919. Tom Boone and H. O. Binkley both made it back to Oklahoma. Henry O. Binkley passed away in 1962, but his memory lives on.

Janice Binkley
November 10, 2004

I am the grandson of Oliver F. Crump, an Army Private who was one of the survivors of the sinking of the Tuscania. While on vacation last week, I visited a small museum in Wyoming. The museum's WWI display reminded me of stories my grandfather had told me as a child of his personal experience aboard the Tuscania when it was struck by a torpedo from a German u-boat.

I remember my Grandfather telling me that after the war he had actually met the commander of the German U-boat. I always thought it was an amazing story, and I remember distinctly how my grandfather harbored no animosity for the commander, telling me that they were all just doing their jobs. I never knew the German commander's name, but I remembered the name of the Tuscania. Now that there is an Internet, I was able to search for some information and found the site, and a link to the American History Tuscania web site. I enjoyed reading the information on this site, as well as the accounts on the site.

Jack L. Cox
Aug. 8, 2005

My grandfather, Private Arthur D. Hartline, from Camp Travis Detachment #1, survived the sinking of the SS Tuscania. I was trying to find out more about this tragic incident. I was not aware he was involved until just recently when I was ran across an old newspaper article.
Karen Hartline Thomason
August 12, 2008

I enjoyed this website. My Uncle was on this ship and told the story how he lowered life boats until his hands bled. He was a very special man and this was an example of his service to his country, family and others. His name was among the passengers. He was from Texas and his name was Millard Finch Boatwright.
Kathy Thomas
Aug. 10, 2009

My grandfather, Millard Finch Boatwright, was a survivor of this sinking. He died in 1978 when I was almost 30 years old. He would never speak of it and I only know that he spent a long time in the water before being rescued. He was an American soldier in the US Army and went on to be a part of several battles in Europe.
Kenneth Boatwright
January 4, 2010

I am great nephew to Sixto Flores, who was (lost-at-sea), on the Tuscania sinking, WWI., and interested in knowing more of any/everything regarding the sinking of the "Tuscania" ship. Thanks, any recollections will be greatly appreciated, as I am trying to tie some family history into a more intact manner, with a slight more detail. PS. his two other brothers, Manuel & Pedro Flores, from Alice, Texas, survived the war, WWI, and returned; but not much is known of their brother, Sixto Flores. If anyone can add, please do so...
Joe A. Flores
December 4, 2007

Edgar Carl Barnes was my grandmother's brother. His grave is in the Bullock Cemetery in Ranger, Texas

Colbert L. Dupree
February 1, 2007 

Ben Barker, was the first soldier killed, from Montague Co., Texas during WW1. I do have a picture of Ben, possibly from high school. I was able to track down Ben's gravesite and headstone, but no other info on him.
Your site is very interesting, I have looked at several pages, but not all of it yet. What else I find interesting, is about Harry S. Truman, as I was living in WA during the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.
Pam Shurtleff
May 14, 2007  



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