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My grandfather was a survivor also; his name is William Douglas Pine. He was one of the men quarantined because they had the mumps. He was shaving when the torpedo hit and didn't even have time to finish or even get the shaving cream off. He wrote about his experience and it was interesting to read.

March 5, 2009

My grandfather was on the Tuscania when she was sunk; William Douglas Pine was his name. He was in quarantine for having the measles or the mumps. He was also a member of the Oregon Agriculture College. He too wrote an account of what happened to him and I still have a copy. It is nice to have a bit of history first hand. Thanks for having the web site for viewing.

Margaret Robertson
July 9, 2008

Private Lee E. Rigg (20th Engineers Co D) 16th Co. is my Great Grandfather. I never got to meet him, he passed away July 14, 1963. Thank you for all the information on the SS Tuscania I can add it to our Family History.

May 21, 2009

My grandfather, John Guy Barger, was a survivor of the last voyage of the S.S. Tuscania. I remember that he was a member of the Tuscania Survivors Association. I read an account that he wrote of the sinking and how he landed on the coast of Ireland on top of an overturned lifeboat. From there he was transported to France where he served with U.S. troops in the trenches of WWI. He later in life was a state legislator in state of South Dakota.

Robert G. Fogarty
March 5, 2010

Victor, Montana is a very small town, other than my father (James Everett Babbitt), a young man by the name of Elmer Cowan was also on the Tuscania. Elmer Cowan was a Tuscania casualty, my father and mother knew him well. I have stopped by his grave marker in the Victor cemetery several times, my father & mother are buried there in Victor as well. It would be very interesting to meet the young lady whom authored the story of Elmer. I have a picture of Daddy and Elmer standing side by side in a group of young Victor men, taken in 1917. I also have another picture of both of them, in 1915, in their track uniforms of the Victor High School team. Also in this track team photo is Lawrence Watters, another Victor boy who survived the Tuscania sinking. After the war, Lawrence returned to Victor, married a lady named Lois, and raised 5 children, one of his daughters was my classmate.

Betty McGillen
Feb. 5, 2008

Albert C Tillman (20th Engineers, CO D) was on the Tuscania when it was hit and sank. I have a letter dated 3 Mar 1918 which he wrote to his sister detailing the events of 5 Feb 1918 and his escape and rescue by a British Patrol boat. His words eloquently convey the emotion as well as the perils he was fortunate to have lived through. He was my father's brother and my much loved uncle. He was always very humble and appreciative of the way he survived and was able to live a long and full life.

Lee Ann Stanton
July 31, 2009

My great uncle Wilber Nutt was aboard the Tuscania when it was sunk. I have a newspaper account that quotes from my great uncle's letter to his parents (my great grandparents) Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Nutt. It is quite a well written, harrowing account of his experience and survival. As the newspaper says, "It reads like a page from the adventures of Robinson Crusoe.."

It appears that there is a mistake regarding where Wilber S. Nutt he was from Spring Valley, Greene County, Ohio, not Oregon. I am attaching a copy of the article that appeared in the local paper that I mentioned to you in my last email. I have the original clipping but can't tell the name or date of the paper. The nearest large town to where the Nutt's lived was Dayton. Wilber's sister, Julia Nutt Blowers is still living and will be 90 this coming September. Her health is very good for her age. I will ask her the name of the newspaper when I send her a copy of the material I copied from your website.

I met Wilber as a boy by the way and remember him well. He was quite a character, as they say. Thank you very much for your work in persevering this interesting history.

Kenneth Brown
Saturday, May 23, 2002

Elvin Stephens was a kind and gentle man who never had a bad word for anybody. The family was always grateful that he was assigned to the engineers as he would never have made a fighting front line soldier. He was dearly loved and greatly missed.

Lori Stephens
Jan. 1, 2008

Thank you so much for all the info on the Tuscania and the people aboard. I certainly have learned allot. Just never thought to ask him about the war, didn't seem to be interested until it was to late.!!! I have more info about my Uncle Elvin, my mother (Gracie) said he was ill with mumps or measles ( I don't know which). After the Tuscania was sunk, Elvin was thought to have been a casualty, as my Granddad had received Elvin's life insurance check but had not cashed it yet (15 miles to town by horse and buggy). Afterwards they got a letter from Uncle Elvin that stated that he was safe and that he went on to France and worked in the lumber mills. Elvin was married first to Myrtle (Lindley) Stephens.

Again Thanks.

Velma Hammer
Aug. 12, 2007

My step-granddad, Leland Crump, was a survivor of the Tuscania. He passed away in 1990, at the Vet's Home in Boise, ID at the tender age of 98-99. I am trying to find info or photos of him during that time but not having much luck. I found a couple of 'postcards' that possibly show him but not sure. I'm trying to get some of this info for my ailing dad, John. He has a sister that is also interested in any info. Hope you can help.

Mollie Rhea
Sept. 16, 2009

I am the Grand Daughter Of one of the survivors of the SS Tuscania George Perkins with the 6th Battalion Forestry Unit. I have a great deal of info and photo's that has been handed down to me from my Father Hamlin. P. Perkins the son of George Perkins the memories can continue to be passed down. What a great adventure and loss these men went through. It truly is a sit back and take a look at what our service men go through so we can have our freedom. God Bless them all.

Effie Perkins
April 9, 2008

My father's brother, John Richard Chapman, with the 20th Engineers, kept a diary after leaving Eugene, Oregon. He always told of grabbing in total darkness his coat off his bed as he headed to the lifeboat. Whether the diary was in a coat pocket, or he grabbed it separately, I do not know, but the diary got into the lifeboat with him. After his arrived in England, he purchased a small journal book-- blank pages except for the lines to write on. He copied over verbatim what he had written in the original diary that survived the sinking, and then kept up the 2nd diary until discharge. I now have the possession of both diaries. My uncle kept a very large ("full page") article from the Portland Oregonian newspaper once about a big reunion of the survivors, which was held in Portland. I have this long newspaper article that my uncle saved, as well. Also some picture postcards of the Tuscania, and photos taken of the 20th Engineers' work in France.

His story was about a lifeboat that was lowered into the water, the rope on one end "hung up," keeping that end of the lifeboat from entering the water. And someone called out, "CUT THE ROPE!" Other than telling of grabbing his coat in total darkness as he headed up toward the lifeboats, that "Cut the Rope" story is all he ever said orally about the sinking.

Lertis Harold Chapman
Sept. 20, 2007

I am a Grandniece to Percy A. Stevens. My Grandfather Milton Alonzo Stevens was Percy's older brother. I have live in Europe for quite sometime, and hope to communicate to others relatives of this Stevens family. Wish to share information and photos.

Mary Phillips
Nov. 16, 2004

My G-Grandfather Riley F. Murray died aboard the Tuscania. I have worked on researching my ancestry for over one year now. My G-Grandmother told me the story of Riley when I was about 7 years old. I never forgot it, but I did not know what ship he was on. I had just about given up when I found your website. Thank you for such a fitting tribute to our ancestors. It is very much appreciated.

Devora Reis
March 15, 2007

My Great Uncle was Norman G. Crocker. First Texas A&M Aggie to die in WWI due to the sinking of the Tuscania.

Ronald Crocker
June 16, 2007

Private John Sloss 6th Battalion 20th Engineers was re-interned in Lochwinnoch Cemetery on 26 May 1922 he was laid to rest beside his mother Marion died 11/3/1921 aged 71 yrs and his father Thomas died 4/2/1921 aged 69 yrs in section 7 lair 93. The inscription reads " Private John Sloss American Army drowned off Islay through sinking of the Tuscania 5 February 1922. Could you supply me with any information regarding John's army career or time in America or direct me to a source where I might obtain this information. If I can be of further assistance please contact me as my brother lives on Islay. Kind regards

Bill Davey
July 4, 2009

I am the Granddaughter of George Hobart Pekins.
Thank you
Marilyn Perkins-Morgan
Feb. 12, 2013





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