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107th Supply Train, Co. D

Henry J. Pettigrew

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Asa R. Willey 
Ralph A. Mayo
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William A. Ruechel
Arthur Herman Otto 

Arthur Allen Cantwell
George Edward Doman
Alexander Stewart Jr.
Martin C. Winter
Hjalmer Swanson 

WISCONSIN - Continued

Gustav A. Rollefson
Elmer A. Hebbe
Arthur L. Steffen
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Fred H. Casperson
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Leonard Thomas Meshke
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My father, Arthur Allen Cantwell was a survivor. I am impressed with the photos and data on your website. My brother John Cantwell has written some articles about our father in WWI. I am sending you some photos, I don't know the identity of some of these men, but it would be good to know who they are.
In the photo of the group of four at Camp Douglas, Arthur Cantwell is second from the left. I think the man on the right might be Charles Naber. I don't know who the others are, but I'll bet they are from Shawano, Wisconsin.
In the photo of the group of three men, my father Arthur is in the middle; I don't know the others. My father had Auburn hair.
You got me searching through my articles, etc. and I found a few things you might like:  "The Sinking of the Troop Transport, H.M.S. Tuscania, February 5th, 1918." And "The Last of the Fleet" by Leo V. Zimmermann, Historian, National Tuscania Survivors Association, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The other newspaper article dated September 10,1967 is from the Milwaukee Journal (10 page article) it's about the final reunion of Company F.  Good thing I kept these things!!!  My kids will probably toss it all.
Sally Basting
March 11, 2009

My grandpa, George E. Doman, was a survivor on the Tuscania, (from New London, WI). He was in the Army. He never talked about what happened to my mother, so it is like surreal to us. But in his possessions we found a US Navy blanket and wondered if he might have received it when he was rescued? Would anybody know, or have any pictures of him on the ship? Thank You.

Christine Huolihan
October 27, 2009

Great site, My wife's great uncle, Leonard Meshke was a survivor of the Tuscania disaster.

Bob Mellberg
June 13, 2007

My Grandfather was in the 32nd (Red Arrow) Division and was aboard the Tuscania with other New London Wisconsin boys. I have done a bit of research on the sinking of the S.S. Tuscania several years ago when I was in college. Shortly after the sinking, the New York Times printed a story about it and over several days, as information was available, also included a manifest of survivors.

As I feverishly scrolled through the news pages on micro-fiche, I found my Grandpa's name "Leonard Thomas Meshke." I must admit, it sent a chill down my spine and brought to life, in a personal way, that dreadful night during the World War. When he was alive, he told me that at the time of the torpedoing, he was playing checkers with a buddy who flipped the edge of the board and said, "we've been torpedoed!" As Grandpa raced upstairs, he had discovered the superstructure had crushed the life boat he was assigned to. To further compound the situation, he did not know how to swim! I remember him telling me about the lifeboats that dropped their human payload into the dark, icy February sea. He also recounted the rough sea state and how the small destroyer would hit the stricken Tuscania and crush those who misjudged the timing of their jump onto the destroyer. He was among the last to be taken off the ship.

Leonard Meshke, a 23 year old doughboy from New London Wisconsin, survived the war and lived 88 years. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about him fondly. People of his like and generation gave so much to this country---his memory, and the memory of his comrades, must remain fresh and never be allowed to fade. I will always admire him with respect and thankfulness for he was truly a part of the "Greatest Generation."

Elliot Fager
April 8, 2002








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