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My father was on the Tuscania, his name was Thomas Ellis Evans; he passed away in 1984. He joined the Army in Wisconsin and was a member of the 2nd Inf. Div. and he was stationed in Waco Texas.
There was a Tuscania survivor's meeting in Wisconsin in the 1930’s the Capt. of the German sub attended the meeting. My father was on BBC in the 70’s with a minister who had written a book and credited my father with having saved his life.
Trevor Evans
April 29th, 1999

I enjoyed this site very much. I had two uncles on the Tuscania, John and Joe Inda, brothers. They both survived but neither knew if the other was alive for months after the ship went down. They lived long and productive lives.

Kathleen Lehman
June 17, 2009

Edward Ueeck was my great-uncle. I believe I only met him once when I was a child. A cousin of mine, Kim A. Ueeck, wrote a book about him - it is called "The Man from Sheep Mountain". There is an account of his ordeal on the Tuscania in the book. He was also used as a model by the painter Fred Machetanz in some of his most famous paintings.
Carol Heide
Dec. 20, 2008