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107th Supply Train Co. A

Peter J. Pangborn

Harry E. Jones
John T. Welhoefer

Hilton F. Doege
E. W. Ming
Guy F. Buth
Iva B. McCallister
Everett Herbert Hale KIA-FR 


Russell J. Morrison


Edward James Paulus


L. T. Dignan
Ora L. Briggs

Fred Arthur Duxbury
Clarence Chester Andree
A. E. Schmidt
Perry A. Sullivan
Ralph Roger Wescott 
G. L. Stengel
Edward Charles Boehmke
James Dillon Chilson
Robert H. McCarty
John Loftis
J. A. Lonnevik
Aaron W. Rhodes
David M. Rickerd 
Charles Phillip Merten
William R. Olson
Lyle Barnhart
N. R. McIntire 

WISCONSIN - Continued

Kirkwood Durrant 
Charles H. Jacobson
Ryder L. Leer
M. J. Cosgrove
E. Yell
Herbert Ernest Hurd 
George A. Borgenheimer 
William R. Gereau
F. R. Tapper
Claire Metzenbaugher KIA

Edward F. Paul
Clarence Edward Mitchell 
Theodore Wilhelm Regling
Edmund Palmer Johnson
Walter E. English
R. S. Lough
Dell E. Rogers
Barney McMahon
Charles Pregent
Richard C. Thornton
George E. Shaw
Rudolph Stone
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Louis J. Hartman
John Jacobson
Ingwald H. Hanson
Leo E. Corneiller
E. Benz
Edwin Bushland
Earl J. Fox
Oscar Bjork
Arthur N. Harvey KIA
Earl Odearl Weisenberger KIA
Charles Brush Felton DOD-FR


Peter Zukoski 

I am the granddaughter of Herbert Ernest Hurd, one of the survivors. I am thrilled to see your site. I was helping my sister pack her things and came upon the form that identified Herbert as one of the survivors. My Grandma Selma Hurd spoke about the meeting and the bottle of booze for many years, but never really described in detail what went on. I suspected that it was a sad, mixed emotion event that took place each year.

Kathleen Kronenwetter
Feb. 16, 2011

Very informative site! My grandfather was a Tuscania survivor, Edward F. Paul, Co. A, 107th Supply Train.

Steve Paul
November 19, 2002

My Father in Law, Clarence Mitchell, was aboard this ship. We have his prayer book and assorted memorabilia from his trip. Looking for his name on list. This is wonderful to read this. It gives all of us a sense of what happened at that time. Blessings

Maureen Mitchell
Aug. 27, 2007

I am the Grandson of Tuscania survivor, Clarence Mitchell. He returned home safely to have one son, my dad, Dean, with wife Mildred. Dean had four children with wife Maureen. We have given Clarence 9 great-grandchildren. Clarence died in 1964, Mildred in 1986.

Patrick Mitchell
Aug. 27, 2007

My Grandfather's brother, Charles Felton, was on the Tuscania when she went down, fortunately he survived the sinking but later caught pneumonia in the Argonne Woods from which he died. Buried in Bruce, Wisconsin.

Steven Felton
July 17, 2010