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Excellent site! Very interesting to read the narrative of the sinking. I came here as a result of some genealogical research. It turns out my great-uncle survived the sinking of the Tuscania. He was 1st Lieutenant Robert Elmer Brady, officer-in-command of the 100th Aero Squadron. He went on to serve in England and France, and survived the war. He studied at the Sorbonne, Paris before receiving his discharge in 1919. He stayed in Europe and worked with the Red Cross in Albania until spring of 1920. He went on to work for the New York Times as a journalist, and died in New York City in 1951.

Kevin M. Brady kmbrady{at}
Oct. 21, 2002

Seeking information on Sergeant Richard R. Vineyard. My request is made because his father's grave has been unmarked for 90 years. The VA has approved a headstone for it, and this will be placed mid Aug. 2009. I seek lineal descendants through Richard R. Vineyard, the only son. I do have information to share.

Floyd W. White
July 3, 2009


This website is absolutely amazing. I was able to locate my great uncle Corporal Julius H. Janetsky on the SS Tuscania manifest for the 100th Aero Squadron and under Tuscania survivors from California, specifically, San Francisco. Thank you so much for the gift of this historical preservation and opening a door to a family member who is gone but not forgotten.
Kenneth C. Janetsky 
February 13, 2010


My great-uncle, Cpl. John Wesley Shell (100th Aero Bombardment Squadron), was a survivor. I was very young when he died, but my father used to tell me that 'Uncle Wes' had washed up on the coast of Ireland (may have been Scotland) and was put in a shed that served as a makeshift morgue, until a woman passing by heard groaning from inside and discovered he was still alive. After recuperating in a hospital (England, I think) he was able to rejoin his unit. This is a great sight. Thank you.
Edwin Lawrence 
June 28, 2007

My dad, Charles Daniel Arendell, served with the 100th Aero Squadron. He was on the Tuscania when it was torpedoed. He and several others was able to launch life boats and make it to Ireland. I have an account of that day that I gave to a local newspaper reporter. If I can find it I will forward it to you if you think it would be of any value. I also have a book of the history of most of the WW1 squadrons.
James Luther Arendell 
May 17th, 2000
I pulled up your web page and was thrilled to see the results of the many years and hours of research you have devoted to this project. It is a beautiful piece of work and I am sure you are very proud.

I have looked for and have not found a e-mail ADR for the History Channel. If they have not already contacted you, I believe it would make a great story for them to pursue. Congratulations on your work.

James Luther Arendell
March 3, 2004


My  Great Uncle left me a little treasure box, a compass he carried in the war, a few rounds that fit a weapon that no one recognizes, some of his childhood toys, and pictures he had taken on the Tuscania, in England, and in France. The photos are very small, but if you would like to see them, I will scan and send them to you.
My Uncles best friend Atilla Stregler was also a Tuscania survivor. I was in contact with his daughter years ago, I think she may be gone now. I have one photo of him, if you would like to post it, I can scan and send that to you as well.
Philip Moffitt 
Oct. 22, 2011


My great great Uncle was Stanley Collins.....
Donna Collins Lamont
June 25, 2009 


My mother, Marguerite Siplon (Wood) was Arthur Siplon's younger sister, and was in high school in Muskegon when the Tuscania was lost. She told often how the family was notified that Art's ship had gone down, and they believed for several days that he had perished with the others. They were completely stunned again when they got the word that he had survived, were almost afraid to believe it, and then felt that it was a miracle.
Barbara Wood Donner
June 26, 2008


My father Arthur Siplon was a Tuscania survivor. He died in 1975 at age 81. I have visited Islay twice, in 1993 & 1997. Hope to return again. The story of his survival was a family story repeated may times to his children. He spent a week on Islay before continuing on to France. He was an active member of the Tuscania Survivors Association until his death.
Robert Siplon
Dec. 9, 2007

My Great Uncle was on the Tuscania. He wrote an account of his rescue from that ship in 1955. I was wondering if anyone had pictures of the men that were rescued after the fact. His name was Arthur Siplon, from Muskegon MI.

Cindi Mitchell
May 14, 2002

I am putting together a tribute to my uncle, Frank D. Reilly. Uncle Frank was the first American from Cleveland, Ohio to die on his way to WWI. He was on the Tuscania. I am excited to find the information on your web site.

Janet Murphy
Feb. 11, 2009

I have two photo's taken at Kelly Field, Texas. One is of E. J. Moore from San Francisco, CA. The other photo is of Wilburn Adair from Harrisburg, Michigan, R.R. #3. My Great-Uncle Archie Gillette was aboard the Tuscania when it was torpedoed in 1918. I found these photo's & would like to send them to any relatives if they would contact me.

Darrell J. Gillette
Jan. 25, 2009

I am searching for info on the 100th Aero Squadron in WWI. Paul J. Zernie was a Private in the Army from 1917-1919 and his military unit was the 100th Aero Squadron. I would like to know what he did during this time, and where he might have been. Paul was b in 1886 and d 1934, Any help would be greatly appreciated. He is listed on your Tuscania Passenger List. They have him listed under Private Paul J. Czrenahowski, in the 8th Squad. Paul's fathers name was Czernichowski, Paul used the surname Czernichowski and Zernie. I want to thank you for all the work you put in on your site. So far I do not have any photos of Paul. But if I get one I will send you a copy.

Pat Rohwer
17 Oct 2003

My Father, Joseph Colwell was A soldier being transported on the Tuscania when it sunk. He survived, as he was washed up on shore and nursed back to health by a family in Scotland. His family was told that he was lost at sea. One evening he came walking down the street and needless to say surprised everyone. I would very much like to communicate with family members of others from the ship.

Patricia Colwell-Lenhard
May 7, 2009

Hi Steve, Thank you for a great web site. I have been trying to research my father's, Joseph J. Colwell, history. My mother told us he had been on the Tuscania when it was torpedoed. He was one of the survivors. He never talked about the experience. He died when I was eight. I would like to find out if his name is on the passenger list and any other information that might be available. Any information will be appreciated.

Marie A. Colwell
August 5, 2002

My wife's uncle Richard F. Dreyer perished in the sinking of the Tuscania. He was in the 100th Aero Squadron.

Henry W. Gauding & Norma Dreyer Gauding
November 15, 2002

Harry Carpenter was killed on Tuscania, he was my Grandmothers brother.
William Stone
February 7, 2013

Thank you so much for this website! I used to see my great-uncle Cullen Beers Snell every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas when I was a child. I remember my great-aunt Merle saying he'd been in WWI, but I had no idea he'd been on a torpedoed ocean liner! Thank you again!
Tom Snell
March 30, 2013




Harry Truman - Headgear