Cecil Long was born in the Waldensian community near Monett on October 5, 1901 and died near Eureka Springs, Arkansas, August 30, 1969.  He was the son of Henry Long and Catherine Courdin.  He married Trink Jeffries March 20, 1929 in Monett.   After working as a fireman on the Frisco railroad, he was Monett city clerk in the early 1930s, Barry County Recorder of Deeds from 1935 to 1950 and state representative from Barry County from 1951 to 1957.  He was a member of Monett's legendary 1921 football team and a locally noted outdoorsman active in the Barry County Hunting and Fishing Association and Monett Sportsman's League.

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Cecil Long, right, and his cousin Walt Reynaud
Clip from a Yardlong Photo, Monett's 1921 Football Team

Cecil Long
Snapshot Ca. 1920s

Cecil Long, unknown, a Mourglia, a Reynaud. Trip to Yellowstone.
Snapshot Ca. 1920s

Cecil Long
Snapshot Ca. 1920s

Cecil Long & Lalah "Trink" Jeffries
Wedding Portrait 1929

Cecil & Trink Long, Cecil's sister Christine Mills & Sherm Mills, Ted Walton
Snapshot Ca. 1930s

Cecil Long
Snapshot Ca. 1940s

Cecil Long, Bob Banks Sr., Float Trip
Ca. 1950

Barry County Hunting and Fishing Association, Cassville.  Letter from Bernie Carlson to Cecil Long postmarked September 30, 1943.  In the middle of World War II, the talk is fishing trips and bird dogs.  Page 2.

Cecil Long, Barry County Recorder of Deeds, Deputies Blanche Snider & Ruth Sullivan.
Mounted photo 1937.

Cecil Long, State Representative,
Missouri General Assemby.
News Photo Ca. 1951-57.

Cecil Long.
Studio Portrait Ca. 1940s.

Cecil Long & Others.
President Eisenhower's 2nd Inaugural,
Washington D. C.
News Photo, January 57.

Cecil Long.
Studio Portrait Ca. 1950s.

The Jeffries Collection of Monett Photographs & Documents.

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