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All Saints Dudwell : Graveyard

The graveyard of All Saints' Church, Dudwell.

The following people, and/or members of their family, were buried and/or have memorials here:

Benjamin Aaron
Benjamin Aaron
Benjamin Aaron
Sir Alfred Arnold
Isaac Horsfall Astin

Harry Barraclough
Joshua Barstow
Joseph Bedforth
Michael John Bedforth
Gerard Norman Singleton Bennett
John Berry
John Frederick Berry
Herbert Boocock
William Henry Boocock
Emma Bradley
Thomas Braithwaite
Lawrence Bramley

Robert Midgley Calvert
James Walker Clark
George Collinson
Joseph Collinson
Anne Crossley

Algernon William Dargue
James William Davis
Astin Dinsdale
James Willie Dinsdale
Jonas Wilfred Drake

Arnold Earless

Arthur Farrar
F. Thomas Fielding
Thomas Fielding
Joseph Henry Frobisher

Norman Garforth
Eleanor Gaukroger
Mary Jane Gilchrist
Arthur Henry Gledhill
Edmund Gledhill
Edwin Gledhill
George Henry Gledhill
Gilbert Gledhill
James Albert Gledhill
John Gledhill
William Gledhill
Cornall Goodman
David Smith Elliott Greenwood
Walker Greenwood

Martha Habergham
Arnold Haigh
Rev Daniel Haigh
Donald Sagar Haigh
George Adair Haigh
George Edwin Haigh
Robert George Haigh
Benjamin Hallewell
Henry Arnold Hardcastle
Herbert Harwood
William Hemingway
Harold Hey
John Hey
Joseph Hey
Joseph Benjamin Hey
Samuel Hey
Thomas Hey
Henry Percy Valentine Hickman
George Walker Highley
Robert Highley
Ernest Hatton Hill
William Henry Hirst
John Gregson Hitchen
Clement Holdsworth
George Holdsworth
John Holdsworth
Tom Holdsworth
Walter Holdsworth
Colonel William Irving Holdsworth
Herford Hollas
Robert Hollas
Joseph Holt
Hampshaw Horner
John Horsfall
John William Horsfall
Percy Horsfall
Whiteley Horsfall
Dr Tom Harold Hunt
Edward Huntriss

John Henry Jagger
James Jevons

William Kaye

Ernest William Lawrence
Robert Emmett Lawson
Edward Crosland Lumby

John Mackintosh
Douglas Graham, son of John Douglas Victor Mackintosh
Eliza Ann Mallinson
James Mallinson
Charles Manger
Harold Cuthbert Marchant
Arthur Marsh
John Marsh
Thomas William Marsh
James Henry Massam
Norman Mellor
Cyril Metcalfe
Edgar Mitchell
Harry Morton

John Bagworth Newcomb
Jane Elizabeth Nicholson
Charles Edwin Norris
Charles Wallace Norris
Gertrude Mary Norris
Henry Alexander Norris
James Edward Norris
Priestley Haigh Norris

Frederick Ogden
William Henry Ormerod

Frank Patchett
George Patchett
Thomas Pinder

George Henry Radcliffe
John William Ramsden
Gerald Rawnsley
Christopher Tate Rhodes
Christopher Taylor Rigge
Samuel Taylor Rigge
Samuel Taylor Rigge
Henry John Riley
Rowland Ernest Riley
Charles Frederick Roberts
Fred Robinson
John Robinson
R. H. Robinson
Robert Harold Robinson
Rev Ralph Rumney

Donald Sagar
Donald Joseph Sagar
George Sharp Sagar
Joe Sagar
Thomas Smith Scarborough
Harry Schofield
James Scholefield
Ernest August Schumann
Thomas Henry Croisdale Scratcherd
Catherine, wife of John Shaw
Dr William Shaw
John Shillito
Denton Shoesmith
Denton Shoesmith
Emily Jane Shoesmith
James Shoesmith
John Shoesmith
Alice, daughter of Joseph Shoesmith
Margaret Ann Shoesmith
William Shoesmith
James William Shuttleworth
William Shuttleworth
Edwin Arnold Sladdin
Sir David Wadsworth Smith
Joseph Smith
Joshua Smithson
L. Spink
Walter Storey
James Swift
Horace Sykes

George Tate
James Tate
Arthur Taylor
Charles Henry Tidswell
Walter Ernest Tidswell
Isaac Tillotson
George Richardson Townsend
John Edwin Turner

Albert Horace Wadsworth
Percy Wadsworth
Arthur Walker
James B. Walsh
Francis Wark
Roger Bourne Wark
Chrissie Dora Warneford
Minnie Laura Warneford
Lawrence Robert Washington
Frederick Widdop
John Widdop
Joseph Harold Wilkinson
Benjamin Wilson
John Arthur Woodhead
Seth Woodhead
John William Woolerton
Samuel Wright

The Holdsworth family of Halifax 


Some of the monumental inscriptions in the graveyard are shown in the CD entitled Halifax Monumental Inscriptions #2

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