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Walker, Mr
[17??-18??] He went into partnership – Walker & Edmondson – with Thomas Edmondson at Mytholmroyd

Walker, Mr
[18??-18??] Bolt and screw manufacturer at Hipperholme [1866].

He married Unknown.

Children: Rhoda.

In August 1866, Rhoda was working in her father's shop when she stooped near a machine and caught her hair in the mechanism. She was literally scalped and was not expected to recover

Walker, Miss
[18??-19??] Of Knutsford, Cheshire.

In January 1881, she opened a School for Little Boys at Halifax.

In 1905, Miss Walker had a school at 87 Savile Park Road, Halifax

Walker, Admiral
[1879-1937] Son of Benjamin Walker.

Born in Midgley [6th August 1879].

He was a coal merchant of Midgley.

On 5th June 1911, he married Minnie Elizabeth Holmes at St Augustine's Church, Pellon.

Minnie Elizabeth Holmes was the daughter of Martha [née Ingham] [1851-1928] and John Adam Holmes [1853-1920], grocer & butcher

In 1912, he bought Lacey Hey Farm, Midgley from Richard Whitaker.

He died in Halifax [9th March 1937]

Walker, Abraham
[1629-1695] Second son of William Walker.

In 1654, his father bought Upper Walterclough, and Abraham went to live there.

On 13th November 1672, he married Ann, daughter of Richard Langley.

Children: (1) William; (2) Hannah; (3) Elizabeth [b 1670] who married [26th June 1694] William Maude; (4) Richard; (5) Abraham [1675-1692]; (6) Sarah; (7) John [b 1680]; (8) Grace.

The family went to live at Lower Walterclough. He lived at Crow Nest Mansion [1692].

Their second son, Richard inherited the Walterclough Hall from his father, and – after Richard's death – the hall passed to his son John

Walker, Abraham
[1813-1870] On 4th September 1834, he married Mary, daughter of John Edwards.

Children: (1) William Edwards [b 1835]; (2) Hiram [b 1837]; (3) John [b 1839]; (4) Hannah [b 1841]; (5) Matthew Draper [b 1843]; (6) Betty [b 1846]; (7) Benjamin [b 1850]; (8) Sarah [b 1852]; (9) Emma [b 1855]

Walker, Acquilla
[18??-18??] Or Quilla. A local stone-throwing player.

Bell's London Life of 20th March 1840 reported

Isaac Townsend of Midgley, Yorkshire, states that Acquilla Walker knows very well that he will not throw more than 15 stones, and that if he (Walker) means throwing he can be accommodated for any sum above £25; or Townsend will throw 15 stones against any man in England, either most scores or farthest throw. His money is ready at the Shoulder of Mutton Inn, Midgley, near Halifax

Walker, Agnes
[15??-1???] A widow from Warley.

She married John Lane.

In April 1599, she was found guilty of causing the death of Richard Stansfield by

a diabolical sorcery

Walker, Ann
[1757-1847] Of Crow Nest.

Youngest daughter of William Walker.

In Anne Lister's journals, she identifies the lady as

Miss Walker of Crow Nest

There was a memorial tablet for her in Eastfield Chapel

Walker, Ann
[1803-1854] Youngest daughter of John Walker.

She was a neighbour of Anne Lister.

Ann joined Anne at Shibden Hall in September 1834 and became her life-long partner.

See Mr Brown and Smith House, Brighouse

Walker, Arnold
[1917-2008] DFC.

Aka Blondie.

Son of Joseph Walker.

Born at Warley Edge.

He was educated at Heath Grammar School.

He left school in 1932 to work in his father's stone mason and building business, and took over in 1935 when his father died.

He was a Hurricane fighter pilot in World War II, and flew 169 sorties. He served in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. He was shot down 3 times, on one occasion he was marooned on a small island where he survived on biscuits and barley sugars.

He won the Distinguished Flying Cross twice.

In 1946, he returned to the family business.

In later years, he divided his time between the UK and Australia.

He died in Perth

Walker, Arthur
[1848-1915] Son of Samuel Walker.

Born at Old Lane, Northowram [31st December 1848].

He became a Master Worsted Spinner.

He married Jane Hoyle at Park Congregational Church [24th June 1884].

Jane was the daughter of Thomas Hoyle

Children: (1) Cyril; (2) Mildred; (3) Beatrice [b 1889] who became second wife of George Chapman – they had no children; (4) Kathleen [b 1891] who married Bernard Lucas Sutcliffe; (5) Samuel; (6) Maurice; (7) Edith [1896-1982] who was baptised at St Jude's Church, Savile Park [18th November 1897] and married Charles Frederick Jonas.

The family lived at 25 Savile Park Road [1900s]; Arden House, Halifax [1896, 1915].

He died [18th May 1915], shortly after his son, Samuel.

Arthur and Jane were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Walker, Rev Augustine Harley
[18??-1889] Curate at Hebden Bridge [1870]. He was ordained in 1870. His first curacy was when he became the first assistant curate at Hebden Bridge. During his time at Hebden Bridge, the chancel was being built and the church was being largely reconstructed, and he threw himself into the work with enthusiasm, even climbing the ladders that he might assist in holding and fixing the stone cross on the eastern gable.

In 1878, he left for reasons of health, becoming Curate at Babbacombe, Devon.

He died suddenly in London in 1889, and was buried in the Brompton Cemetery

Walker, Benjamin
[17??-18??] He had been the chief accomplice of George Mellor in the murder of William Horsfall [1812].

He turned King's Evidence for the £2,000 reward. Mellor, William Thorpe and Thomas Smith were tried for the murder and executed [January 1813].

Shillitoe visited him and suggests that he never received the money and was reduced to a life of beggary

Walker, Benjamin
[18??-18??] In 1850, he and his brother, Edmund, leased land in Clifton from the Armytage family for mining coal.

He built a school in Highmoor Lane for his younger workers.

The brothers built the Clifton colliery railway.

His brother died [1855] and he surrendered the mining lease. The mines were subsequently worked by the Low Moor Iron Company

Walker, Benjamin
[18??-18??] Worsted spinner at Bower's Mill, Barkisland.

He lived at Mount Pleasant, Mytholmroyd [1845]

Walker, Benjamin
[1827-1???] Born in Stainland.

He was relieving officer [1874]; registrar for births and deaths at Ripponden [1874, 1881]

Around 1859, he married Elizabeth [1836-1???].

Elizabeth was born in Greetland

Children: (1) Mary Elizabeth [b 1859]; (2) Jessie [b 1864]; (3) John Herbert [b 1867].

The family lived at Prospect House, Soyland [1871]

Walker, Benjamin
[1843-1897] Born in Midgley [3rd October 1843].

He was a coal merchant.

On 15th March 1873, he married Emma Walton [1845-1916] in Halifax.

Emma was born in Midgley

Children: Admiral.

Benjamin died in Halifax [16th May 1897].

Emma died in Halifax [22nd November 1916]

Walker, Caroline Wyvile
[1774-1831] Daughter of Richard Walker.

Born at Walterclough Hall, Southowram.

She was educated at Mr Lumley's Boarding School for Ladies, York, where she met Anne Lister, Elizabeth Patchett and Elizabeth Wadsworth.

She admired a family friend, Lord Evelyn Stuart, who fought a duel on Beacon Hill with an officer, Captain Collington, who had made threats to John, Caroline's younger brother.

See Mr Etherington and Jonathan Walsh

Walker, Charles John
[1844-1???] Son of Edward Johnson Walker.

Born 3rd May 1844

He was a Church of England minister.

On 15th October 1879, he married Elizabeth Tindall in Chatton, Northumberland

Walker, Captain Charles Selborne
[1875-1955] RFA.

Son of Fredrick Walker.

He qualified as a solicitor in October 1899.

He was Halifax solicitor with Frederick Walker & Son [1934]; Clerk to the Calder & Hebble Navigation; Clerk to the Governors of the Waterhouse Charities [1941].

He married Kathleen Marian Holdsworth, at Halifax Parish Church [28th September 1904].

Kathleen Marian was the daughter of Clement Holdsworth

They lived at Fairfield / Farfield, Huddersfield Road, Halifax [1911].

Kathleen Marian died 19th November 1946.

Charles died 23rd September 1955

Walker, Christopher
[1796-1858] He married Sarah [1803-1879].

Children: (1) James; (2) Grace [1833-1910]; (3) Sarah [1841-1863].

Members of the family were buried at Christ Church, Pellon

Walker, Cyril
[1886-19??] In 1944, he married Milcie, daughter of William Fleming.

They had no children.

They lived at Hazelwood, Halifax

Walker, Rev D. I.
[19??-19??] He was Curate at Todmorden [1971] before becoming Vicar of St John The Divine, Rastrick [1971-1977]. He left to become Vicar of St Barnabas's, Huddersfield

Walker, Denton
[1870-1949] Son of John William Walker.

He was Governing Director of John Walker & Sons (Halifax) Limited. He was associated with C. H. Walker & Company

Walker, Donald
[19??-19??] He was Chief Designer at Kitchen & Wade. Around 1939, he left to join George Carter at the Ajax Machine Tool Company. Around 1949, he returned to join Albert Kitchen as partner in Kitchen & Walker

Walker, Douglas
[1889-19??] Son of Walter Walker.

He married Ethelle Kate Wright [b 1879].

Children: Harold

Walker, Edgar
[1879-1955] Son of William Arthur Walker.

Born in Elland.

He was a gas engineer [1903].

In 1903, he married Ethel Scholey Waring [1882-1940] in Elland.

Ethel was born in Elland

Children: (1) Alice Blanche [1904-1976]; (2) Muriel [1917-2000].

The children were born & died in Worthing.

Ethel died in Worthing.

Edgar died in Chichester

Walker, Edmund
[18??-18??] In 1850, he and his brother, Benjamin, leased land in Clifton from the Armytage family for mining coal.

The brothers built the Clifton colliery railway

Walker, Edward Johnson
[1817-1880] Son of Thomas Walker.

Born in Halifax [26th May 1817].

Local journalist and antiquarian.

He was Editor of the Halifax Guardian [from 1838] for about 50 years.

He compiled a pedigree of the Akroyd family.

On 2nd May 1842, he married Mary Hannah Ibbetson [1819-1874] in Halifax.

Children: (1) Thomas Ibberson; (2) Charles John; (3) Edward Johnson; (4) Alice Amelia Gertrude [1850-1925] who married Walter Townsend; (5) Walter James; (6) Mary Ibbotson [b 1856] who was a Governess; (7) Katherine Annie [b 1859].

The family lived at 11 Brunswick Street, Halifax [1845].

Edward died in Halifax [20th May 1880]

See Edmond Hoyle

Walker, Edward Johnson
[1847-1942] Son of Edward Johnson Walker.

He was an accountant.

On 24th August 1871, he married Eliza Edwards Haigh [1840-1927] from Halifax, in Halifax.

Children: (1) Henry Haigh [1873-1942] who was an electrician and married [1909] Elizabeth Foster; (2) Joseph Ibbetson [1875-1941] who was a cabinet maker and married [1910] Mary Jane Haigh; (3) Mary Hannah [1876-1952] who never married; (4) Arthur Johnson [1877-1925] who was a musician-bassoonist and married [1903] Henrietta Mona Hall; (5) Francis William [1881-1943] who was a wood carver.

Edward Johnson died in Halifax [29th November 1942]

Walker, Elijah
[18??-18??] Of Stainland.

He married Unknown.

Children: Sarah Phœbe who [1863] was the first wife of naval surgeon Sir John Denis Macdonald KCB [1826-1908]

Walker, Elizabeth
[1751-1829] Daughter of William Walker.

She married John Priestley.

There is a marble tablet in memory of members of the family in Sowerby Church

Walker, Elizabeth
[1801-1844] Daughter of John Walker.

With her sister Ann, from 1830, she was co-heiress to the Walker family estates of Crow Nest Mansion and Cliffe Hill Mansion.

She married Captain George Sutherland

Walker, Ely

He lived at Stannary House, Stainland [1851, 1887].

He was one of the people involved in the move of the Methodists from the shared chapel at Stainland to their own Stainland Wesleyan Chapel. He laid the foundation stone at the new chapel.

Established Ely Walker & Sons.

He married Unknown.

Children: Sarah.

He died at Surbiton [7th March 1887]

Walker, Frank Egerton
[1882-19??] Son of Frederic Walker.

He was a mechanical engineer [1901].

In 1904, he was one of the first people to be granted a motor cycle registration

Walker, Frank Herbert
[1857-1892] Born in Huddersfield.

In [Q2] 1891, he married Edith Ambler in Halifax.

Edith was the daughter of
James Ambler

He died 1892.

Edith never remarried

Walker, Frank Sherwin
[1899-1918] Son of Fred Walker.

Born in Elland.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the Machine Gun Corps (Infantry).

He died of wounds [3rd April 1918].

He is remembered on the Pozières Memorial [90-93]

Walker, Fred
[18??-191?] He was employed by Baldwin & Walker Limited.

He served during World War I.

He (possibly) died in the conflict.

He is remembered on the Baldwin & Walker Roll of Honour

Walker, Fred
[1871-1927] Born in Elland.

He was a stone hewer [1896].

In [Q3] 1896, he married Matilda Gledhill [1893-1949] in Halifax.

Matilda was born in Elland

Children: (1) Frank Sherwin; (2) Walter Leslie [1900-1953] who was a boot maker and married [1928] Phyllis Booth [1902-1987] of Halifax.

The children were born in Elland.

The family lived at 3 Common Road, Elland Edge [1901]

Walker, Fred
[1893-1916] Son of John Walker.

Born in Outwell, Norfolk.

He was a weaver [1911].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 12th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers.

He was killed in action [3rd July 1916].

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial [10B, 11B & 12B]

His brother Hugh was also killed in 1916

Walker, Frederic
[1840-1908] Born in Lindley.

He was a solicitor [1871, 1881, 1891]; a solicitor – law (employer) [1901]; President of Lee Mount Band.

In 1867, he (possibly) married Ada Atkinson [1847-1???] born in Cleckheaton, in Dewsbury.

Children: (1) Henry [b 1871]; (2) Edward Talfourd [b 1873]; (3) Gerald Philbrick; (4) Charles Selborne; (5) Winifred [b 1878] who married Ernest William Shaw Hughes; (6) John Cyril [b 1880]; (7) Frank Egerton.

The family lived at Trinity Place, Halifax [1871]; 6 Park Villas / 6 Park Road, Halifax [1881]; Carlton House, Halifax [1891]; Ovenden Hall [1901].

He died after falling from the pier at Bridlington, whilst talking to a fisherman, and drowning [21st April 1908]

See Fredrick Walker, Son & Dickie and Frederick Walker & Son

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £420 10/4d. Probate was granted to Charles Selborne Walker

Walker, Frederick
[1???-1965] Halifax attorney. Partner in Frederick Walker, Son & Dickie and Finn Gledhill & Company

Walker, Frederick
[1838-1???] Son of James Uriah Walker.

He was a newspaper clerk [1861] and (possibly) a printer [1881].

He lived at (possibly) 302 Lytham Road, Layton with Warbreck, Lancashire [1881]

Walker, Fredrick
[17??-18??] Attorney. Recorded in 1810

Walker, George
[18??-1???] Brewer at Hopwood Lane, Halifax

Walker, George
[18??-19??] Quarry owner and stone merchant at Southowram [1905].

He lived at Bankfield Farm, Southowram

Walker, George Henry
[1856-1896] Son of John Walker.

Born in Fixby.

He was a flag dresser [1871, 1877]; a stone delver [1881]; landlord of the Black Bull, Elland [1891].

In 1877, he married Mary Pearson [1857-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary, of Rastrick, was the daughter of woollen spinner Simeon Pearson

Children: (1) John [b 1878] who was a stone quarryman [1901]; (2) Harriet [b 1879] who was a woollen weaver [1901]; (3) Albert [b 1880]; (4) Emily [b 1884] who was a cotton reeler [1901]; (5) Eliza [b 1887] who was a worsted spinner [1901].

The family lived at Upper Edge, Elland with Greetland [1881]; 54 Dewsbury Road, Rastrick [1901].

He died 26th October 1896.

Probate was granted to Fred Brook and Richard Pearson, stone merchants

Living with the widowed Mary in 1901 was he widowed sister Catherine Cookson [aged 49]

Walker, Geppe
[11??-12??] Or Geoffrey. Halifax dyer.

He married Unknown.

Children: Nelle. He and his son are recorded at a fulling mill near North Bridge [1200s]

Walker, Gerald Philbrick
[1874-19??] Son of Frederic Walker.

He was at Cambridge [1893]

Walker, Gillian Ida
[1923-1930] Daughter of Maurice Walker. She died on 13th December 1930 at the age of 7 of complications from asthma. She was buried at Warley Town Cemetery.

A ward was named after her at the Holiday Home at Norland. A stained glass window was dedicated to her memory at Charlotte Street Congregational Chapel, Carlisle. The window was designed in the arts & crafts movement style by Louis Davis, a stained glass artist, illustrator and watercolourist

Walker, Godfrey
[1???-1633] He lived at Nether House, Hove Edge. In 1633, he gave a sum of £2 to the Vicar of Halifax to preach a sermon on the 3rd Wednesday of April every year to commemorate Godfrey and his wife, Catherine

Walker, H.
[18??-19??] Medical practitioner in Halifax [1895]

Walker, Haigh
[18??-19??] Established H. Walker & Sons at Elland

Walker, Hannah
[1668-1???] Daughter of Abraham Walker of Lower Walterclough.

Heywood writes that

John Mitchell of Crow Nest stole Hannah away and married her on 16th February 1684

After John's death, she married Richard Scarborough

Walker, Harold Wright Harwood
[1915-19??] Son of Douglas Walker.

He married Elizabeth Llewellyn [b 1915].

They emigrated to Canada

Walker, Henry
[18??-18??] Of Savile Hall, Halifax.

He married Unknown.

Children: Jane [1836-1870] who married Dr Edmund Strickland

Walker, Henry
[1808-1874] Born in Halifax.

He was a worsted manufacturer [1841]; a worsted spinner [1851]; a worsted spinner employing 25 males and 108 females [1861]; a partner in Baldwin & Walker Limited; retired [1871].

He married Ellen [1812-1???] from Manchester.

Children: (1) Jane [b 1836]; (2) Baldwin [b 1838]; (3) Ibbetson [b 1839]; (4) Christopher [b 1842]; (5) Eleanor [b 1844]; (6) Harriet [b 1845]; (7) Frances [b 1847] who married Joshua Sutcliffe.

The family lived at 6 South Parade, Halifax [1841]; 7 Rhodes Street, Halifax [1851]; 12 Hopwood Lane, Halifax [1861]

At the 1871 census, Ellen was living at Park Road, Halifax with her sons, Baldwin and Christopher, and Henry was at Southport with his daughter, Eleanor

Walker, Herbert R.
[1???-19??] Born in Ripponden. He wrote about 40 books, mainly boys' romantic fiction. His daughter was an editor of The Lady magazine

Walker, Hugh
[1896-1916] Son of John Walker.

Born in Outwell Isle, Cambridgeshire.

He was a spinner [1911].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st Company Machine Gun Corps (Infantry).

He was killed in action [29th August 1916] (aged 20).

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial [5C & 12C].

His brother Fred was also killed in 1916

Walker, Isaac
[1???-18??] Of Brighouse.

In 1844, he and Mr Mallinson were involved in a law case brought by Mr Wainwright following the coach accident in which a coach driven by William Smith overturned, injuring Wainwright and killing John Dearden. Mallinson and Walker had been involved in organising the coach and the excursion, and the jury found that they were partners in the transaction. Wainwright was awarded 40/- damages

Walker, Isaac
[1815-1892] He was a cart driver for the Firths, at Lilly Lane Mills, Halifax.

He was attending the boilers at the mills as a replacement for Joseph Hellewell when the explosion at Lilly Lane Mill occurred.

He was critically injured in the explosion.

He was a coal merchant [1861].

He married Mary Hirst [1809-1867].

Mary was born in Mirfield

They had no children.

They lived at 3 Wesley Street, Halifax [1861]

Walker, J.
[18??-19??] Coal merchant at Luddendenfoot. In 19??, the Sugden family left Wood Lane Hall, Sowerby to Walker

Walker, Rev J. F.
[19??-19??] Vicar of All Souls' Church, Halifax [1966]

Walker, James
[1750-1820] He was schoolmaster at Sowerby Free School for 51 years.

He married Mary [1763-1808].

Mary died 16th August 1808 [aged 45].

James died 14th March 1820 [aged 70].

The couple were buried at St Peter's Church, Sowerby: Mary [18th August 1808]; James [17th March 1820]

Walker, James
[18??-18??] Clog, patten and last maker, and peppermint and lemonade manufacturer at 23 Wade Street, Halifax [1845]

Walker, James
[1801-1865] Of Brighouse.

He married Ruth.

Children: (1) Mary [1826-1854]; (2) Harriet [1833-1859].

Members of the family were buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse

Walker, James
[1822-1886] Son of Christopher Walker.

He was landlord of the Dusty Miller, Halifax [1864, 1874, 1881].

He and his parents were buried at Christ Church, Pellon

Walker, James
[1865-19??] Son of contractor Thomas Walker.

Born in Stainland.

He was a mason of Rob Royd, Stainland [1886]; a mason [1891, 1901]; publican at the Branch Road Inn, Greetland [1911].

In 1886, he married Mary Alice Priestley [1867-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary Alice, of Lindwell, Greetland, was the daughter of overlooker Jonathan Priestley

Children: (1) Fred [b 1887] who was a woollen spinner [1901, 1911]; (2) William Henry [b 1888] who was a doffer worsted [1901] a labourer [1911]; (3) Clarence [b 1892] who was a bottler [1911]; (4) Tom [b 1903]; (5) Harry [b 1906]; (6) Bertram [b 1909].

The family lived at Beestonley Lane, Stainland with Old Lindley [1891]; Middle Dean Street, Greetland [1901]

Walker, James Uriah
[1812-1864] Son of Thomas Walker.

Baptised at Halifax Parish Church. [9th July 1812]

Printer and music & musical instrument seller at 8 Silver Street, Halifax [1834].

Partner in Hartley & Walker.

He was proprietor of the Halifax Guardian from 1838. He employed 13 men and 4 boys [1861]. He was a letterpress printer at the Guardian Office, 13 George Street, Halifax [1863].

His brother Edward Johnson Walker was Editor.

He was a Methodist; a local preacher for 33 years; a Wesleyan historian. In 1836, he wrote The history of Wesleyan Methodism in Halifax and its Vicinity from its Commencement to the Present Period.

He married Elizabeth Walton [1803-18??] from Halifax.

Children: (1) Thomas James; (2) Frederick [b 1838] who was a newspaper clerk [1861]; (3) Julia [b 1840]; (4) John William [b 1843] who was an apprentice damask manufacturer [1861].

The family lived at George Street, Halifax [1841]; Fountain Place, Halifax [1845]; 6 Fountain Street, Halifax [1851]; 4 Fountain Street, Halifax [1861].

Elizabeth died a short time before her husband

Walker, Rev John
[1???-18??] Recorded in 1841, when he was a Wesleyan minister.

In [Q3] 1837, he married Amelia Knowles [1805-1852] in Bradford.

Children: (1) William Knowles [1840-1841] who died aged 14 months; (2) Eliza [1842-1902].

Amelia died at Bacup [19th November 1852].

Members of the family were buried at Bolton Brow Wesleyan Chapel

Walker, John
[1???-18??] Recorded in 1855, when he was a Methodist minister in Todmorden

Walker, John
[1699-1771] Son of Richard Walker of Walterclough Hall. He was a cousin of Sam Stead

He was a farmer and woollen manufacturer.

In 17??, he married Ruth Nodder.

Children: (1) Richard; (2) John; (3) Grace; (4) Mary

The family – and 4 aunts and 2 uncles – lived at Walterclough Hall which he inherited from his father.

He adopted his nephew, Jack Sharp.

When John retired, his son Richard did not want to continue the business, so the Hall and the business were left to Jack Sharp. Sharp went to live at Walterclough Hall.

John went to live at The Square, then to St John's Lane, and to York.

When John died, Richard ordered Sharp to leave the Hall. Sharp complied, but destroyed much of what he left behind

Walker, John
[17??-18??] A member of the Walker family of Sowerby Bridge.

In 1795, Samuel Waterhouse John Waterhouse conveyed the Mearclough estate to Walker.

He married Unknown.

Children: Joseph

Walker, John
[17??-18??] Of Halifax.

In 1802, he married Sarah Shaw in Halifax.

Children: John.

The family worshipped at Square Chapel.

They lived at 2 West Parade, Halifax [1879]

Walker, John
[17??-18??] Clothier at Scammonden.

Around 1799, he built the King's Arms, Rishworth

Walker, John
[17??-18??] In 1803, he established a Wesleyan Sunday School in a hayloft at Mearclough Bottom.

See Bolton Brow Sunday School

Walker, John
[17??-1831] Landlord of the Duke of York, Stainland [1822].

He married Rachel Thornton. She took over the Inn on her husband's death

Walker, John
[1735-1???] Second son of John Walker, and rightful heir to Walterclough Hall which his father had left to Jack Sharp.

In 17??, he married Unknown.

On his father's death in 1771, he ordered Sharp to leave the Hall, but he found that the estate had been heavily mortgaged and most of the contents of the Hall had been removed. Only 2 rooms remained habitable, and the rest had been vandalised

Walker, John
[1753-1823] Halifax merchant.

Son of William Walker. Sister of Elizabeth. He lived at Crow Nest, Lightcliffe.

In 1795, he married Mary, daughter of John Edwards of Pye Nest.

Children: (1) William [1798] who died in infancy; (2) Mary [bapt 1799-1815]; (3) Elizabeth; (4) Ann; (5) John.

He was one of the subscribers to the Leeds Infirmary [1782 and 1792]

Walker, John
[1798-1876] Of Burrwood.

He married (1) Mary [1797-1832].

Children: (1) Martha [1819-1834]; (2) Letitia [1820-1840]; (3) Hannah [1822-1860] who married Rev James Little; (4) Priscilla [1824-1847]; (5) Rebecca [1828-1844]; (6) William Wilkinson [1829-1850]; (7) John Joseph [1832-1834].

He married (2) Sarah [1801-1881].

The family lived at Heathfield Terrace, Halifax [where he died 27th April 1876].

Members of the family were buried at Stainland Wesleyan Chapel [Plot Number 1-10]

Walker, John
[18??-18??] Of St Michael's Mount, Barkisland.

Partner in James Walker & Sons. When the partnership was dissolved in 1864, he carried on the business alone

Walker, John
[18??-19??] Worsted coating manufacturer at Norwood Green Mill [1905]

Walker, John
[1802-1879] Of Halifax.

Son of John Walker.

He was associated with C. H. Walker & Company.

He married Sarah [18??-1884].

Children: (1) John William; (2) Elizabeth who married Dr George William New from London.

The family lived at West Parade, Halifax

John and Sarah were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 1151]

Walker, John
[1804-1830] Son of John Walker and brother of Ann.

In 1830, he married Fanny Penfold.

He died on honeymoon in Naples [19th January 1830].

His wife was pregnant but the child was stillborn.

He was the last male heir of the Walkers of Crow Nest and Cliffe Hill.

His sisters – Elizabeth and Ann – then jointly inherited the Crow Nest estate.

There was a monument to him in the old Lightcliffe Chapel

Walker, John
[1828-1???] Son of mason William Walker.

He was a carder of Brighouse [1852]; an overlooker (cotton mill) [1861]; an overlooker [1871].

In 1852, he married Hannah Zilpah Turner [1829-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Hannah Zilpah was the daughter of farmer Robert Turner

Children: (1) Hannah Rebecca [b 1854]; (2) John William; (3) Mary [b 1858] who was a mill operative [1871]; (4) Bowman [b 1859].

The family lived at Park Street, Brighouse, Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse [1861]; 38 Bethel Street, Brighouse, Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse [1871].

Living with them in 1871 was niece Mary J Caldwell [aged 2]

Walker, John
[1835-1???] Born in Halifax.

He was a overlooker (Brussels carpets) [1891]; an overlooker (carpet works) [1901].

He married (1) Unknown.

Children: (1) Benjamin [b 1868] who was a carpet printer [1891]; (2) John [b 1875] who was a works in carpet works [1891]; (3) Harry [b 1877].

In 1890, he married (2) Mary Anna [1860-1???] in Halifax.

Mary Anna was born in Ruskington, Lincolnshire, the daughter of Mr Wilcox, sister of
Joseph Wilcox, and widow of Mr Smith.

She had 3 children by her first marriage: (1) Elizabeth Smith [b 1885] who was a winder worsted (carpet manufacturer) [1911], a twister (worsted) mill [1901]; (2) Gertrude Smith [b 1887] who was a carpet weaver [1911], a twister (worsted mill) [1901]; (3) James W Smith [b 1888].

The children were born in Halifax


Children: (4) Herbert [b 1892] who was a bottler (brewery) [1911]; (5) Ellen [b 1893] who was a setter (carpet manufacturer) [1911]; (6) Arthur [b 1897] who was a doffer (worsted spinning) [1911].

The family lived at 5 Dean Clough, Halifax [1891]; 41 Stannary Lane, Halifax [1901]; 55 Corporation Street, Halifax [1911].

Living with them in 1911 was nephew John Henry Wilcox.

Living with them in 1901 was granddaughter Ethel Walker [b  1899].

John died between 1901 & 1911

Walker, John
[1835-1881] Born in Elland.

He was a stone quarryman [1861]; a quarrier [1871]; landlord of the Black Bull, Elland [1874]; an innkeeper at Elland Edge, Fixby [1881].

He married Harriet [1836-1???] born in Rastrick.

Children: (1) George Henry; (2) Ellen [b 1858] who was a woollen weaver power loom [1871]; (3) Alice [b 1860].

The family lived at 16 Ridge Edge, Fixby [1861]; Upper Edge, Elland cum Greetland [1871].

He died 9th June 1881

Walker, John
[1839-1???] Born in Boothtown. He was a leading light in the Ovenden Naturalist Society. He lived at Lee House, Shibden [1880], then at Coley Mill House [1890]. He died at Coley.

He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery

His natural history collection went to Belle Vue Museum

Walker, John
[1846-1928] Son of Joseph Walker.

He was a blacksmith's apprentice [1861]; a blacksmith [1871].

In 1861, 1871, he was living at Church Street, Rastrick with his brother-in-law Joshua Bentley.

On 30th January 1881, he married Agnes Jubb [1855-1931].

Children: (1) Richard Lister [1882-1969]; (2) Ada Kathleen [1884-1966]; (3) Barbara May [1887-1966]; (4) Helen [b 1889]; (5) Edna [1892-1986]; (6) Joseph [1894-1982]; (7) Arthur [1897-1968].

He died in Brighouse [1928]

Walker, John
[1870-1???] Born in Bradford.

He was a boiler maker [1891]; a welded boiler maker [1901]; a boiler maker [1911].

In 1890, he married Harriet Eliza Peatson [1869-1???] in Derby.

Harriet was born in Breadsall, Derbyshire

Children: (1) Austin Charles [b 1892] who was a worsted spinner under overlooker [1911]; (2) Edward William; (3) John Thomas [b 1895] who was a cotton creeler [1901, 1911], and served with the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment); (4) Florence [b 1897] who was a worsted spinner doffer [1901, 1911]; (5) Elizabeth Lily [b 1901]; (6) Nelly [b 1904]; (7) Emily [b 1907].

The family lived at Facing Chester Green, Chester Street, Little Chester, Derby [1891]; 18 New Chester Street, Derby [1901]; 19 Beech Street, Halifax [1911].

Living with them in 1911 was visitor Annie Peatson [b 1904]

Walker, John
[1870-19??] Born in Salters Lode, Norfolk.

He was a packer [1911].

Around 1890, he married Grace [1871-19??].

Grace was born in Outwell, Norfolk

Children: (1) Florence [b 1891] who was a worsted spinner [1911]; (2) Fred; (3) Hugh; (4) Ella [b 1900]; (5) Daisy [b 1902]; (6) Percy [b 1905]; (7) Ralph [b 1906].

The family lived at Raggalds School House, Queensbury [1911]; West Field Terrace, West End, Queensbury [1916].

Sons Fred and Hugh were killed in World War I

Walker, Rev John
[19??-19??] Vicar of All Souls' Church, Haley Hill [1962].

See All Souls' Amateur Operatic Society

Walker, John Cyril
[1880-19??] Son of Frederic Walker.

Born in Halifax.

He was a road instructor [1911].

In 1908, he married Mary Elizabeth Gowland [1884-19??] born in York, in York.

Children: John Eric [1909].

The family lived at 9 King Edwards Mansions, Waltham Green, Fulham [1911]

Walker, John Ernest
[1941-] Chemist and Nobel Prize winner.

Son of Elsie and Thomas Ernest Walker, a stone mason.

His family moved to Elland and to Rastrick. He was born at Church Lane, Lower Edge. He was educated at Rastrick Grammar School. He studied at St Catherine's, Oxford, then at the Molecular Biology Laboratory in Cambridge. In 1959, he received the A. T. Clay Gold Medal.

Between 1969 and 1971, he worked at The School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin, and from 1971 to 1974 he worked in France. He returned to the UK, and from 1974, he worked at the Medical Research Council's Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

In 1992, he received the Johnson Foundation Prize from the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1995, he became a Fellow of the Royal Society.

In 1996, he received the CIBA Medal and Prize of the Biochemical Society, and the Peter Mitchell Medal of the European Bioenergetics Congress.

In 1997, he received The Gaetano Quagliariello Prize for Research in Mitochondria by the University of Bari, Italy. In 1997, he became a Fellow of Sidney Sussex College Cambridge and became an Honorary Fellow of St Catherine's College Oxford. In 1997, with American Paul Boyer and Dane Jens Skou, he won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his contribution towards the elucidation of the enzymatic mechanism underlying the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate.

He is married and has 2 daughters

Walker, John Kenworthy
[18??-19??] Physician at Barkisland [1861]

Walker, John Thomas
[1872-19??] Son of Robert Martin Walker.

He was a railway signalman [1901].

In April 1895, he married Florence Emily, daughter of Henry Kershaw, at Fenwick, Yorkshire.

Children: (1) Annie [1901-1997] who never married and cared for her parents until they died; (2) Beatrice E. [b 1896].

In 1901, the family were living with Florence Emily's family. at 32 Rosedale Road, Eccleshall Bierlow, Sheffield

Walker, John William
[1837-1905] Son of John Walker

He married Elizabeth, daughter of William Denton.

Children: (1) Denton; (2) May.

The family lived at Heathfield Terrace, Halifax; Heathfield House, Halifax.

See C. H. Walker & Company and John Walker & Sons (Halifax) Limited

Walker, John William
[1855-1???] Son of John Walker.

Born in Brighouse.

He was a cabinet maker [1871, 1877]; landlord of the Bridge Tavern, Brighouse [1890, 1891]; a stone miner [1897]; a fish and chip shop proprietor [1911].

In December 1890, he was charged with allowing PC Keeble to remain in his house when he should have been on duty. Inspector Punton had watched the pub, having seen a light inside. Three-quarters of an hour later, Keeble came out. Walker said they were only having a friendly glass. He was fined £1 plus costs.

In 1877, he married Isabella Booth [1855-1898] at Halifax Parish Church.

Isabella was the daughter of cotton turner Joseph Booth, from Sowerby

Children: Mary [b 1878] who married Albert Roberts.

The family lived at Waring Green, Brighouse [1897].

Living with them in 1891 visitor Rose A Brown [aged 5].

In 1901, he was living at 45 Manley Street, Brighouse with son-in-law Albert Roberts.

In 1903, he married Mary Ann Bottomley [1857-19??] at St John, Cleckheaton.

Mary Ann was the daughter of Isaac Wiggle (deceased), a guard on railway, and widow of Mr Bottomley

The family lived at 44 Westgate, Cleckheaton [1911]

Walker, Rev John William Faulkner
[1861-19??] MA.

Born in Oxfordshire.

He was Vicar of Sowerby [1901, 1905].

He was living at St George's Vicarage, Barnsley [1911].

In [Q3] 1891, he married Marion Ellen Williams [1860-1943] in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

John William died at St Boniface View, Shanklin, Isle of Wight [26th May 1934].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £2,931 1/10d. Probate was granted to his widow Marion Ellen.

Marion Ellen died at Seaview, Isle of Wight [11th November 1943]

Walker, Johnnie T.
[18??-191?] Of Todmorden.

During World War I, he served with the Devonshire Regiment.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Walker, Joseph
[1797-18??] Born in Golcar.

He was a postman [1841]; a letter carrier [1851].

On 28th December 1835, he married Hannah Smith [1809-18??] from Rastrick, in Rastrick.

Hannah had an illegitimate daughter Sarah Smith [1832-1888].

Sarah Smith married Joshua Bentley


Children: (1) William; (2) Joseph [1842-1896] who was a silk dresser [1861]; (3) James [1843-1914] who was a shoe maker [1861], a cordwainer [1871]; (4) John; (5) Frederick [1848-1906] who was a silk dresser [1871].

In 1841, the family were living at Oaks Green, Rastrick with Joseph's widowed mother Rebecca [1762-1848]

The family lived at Church Street, Rastrick [1851, 1861].

Joseph's mother Rebecca died 11th July 1848.

She was buried at Rastrick Church

Joseph & Hannah died between 1851 & 1861

Walker, Joseph
[18??-18??] Son of John Walker.

In 1879, he was declared bankrupt and the Mearclough estate was sold

Walker, Joseph
[18??-19??] Of Priestley Green, Lascelles Hall, Kirkheaton, and Millshaw near Leeds.

He married Unknown.

Children: Edith [who died unmarried in 1909] and other daughters

Walker, Joseph
[18??-1935] He established Joseph Walker & Son.

He married Unknown.

Children: Arnold.

After his death, son Arnold took over the building business

Walker, Liza Ann
[18??-19??] In 1882, she opened Clifton Board School

Walker, Matthew
[1829-1???] Son of Matthew Walker, delver.

He was a weaver [1851].

In 1851, he married Sabina Aspinall.

Sabina was the daughter of
Duke Aspinall

Walker, Maurice
[1893-1975] Son of Arthur Walker.

Born 10th September 1893.

Baptised at St Jude's Church, Savile Park [18th November 1897].

He was a Master Worsted Spinner. He and his brother, Samuel, were amongst the first people to sign up for the army in Halifax for World War I. He served with the West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own) and saw action in Gallipoli and France.

On 20th April 1922, he married Alice Ida Hepworth [1898-1977] from Carlisle, at Charlotte Street Congregational Church, Carlisle.

Children: (1) Gillian Ida; (2) John Samuel Hepworth; (3) Nicholas Frank Maurice. The family lived at Stanwix House, Trimmingham Lane, Halifax.

He died 23rd December 1975

Walker, Mildred
[1887-19??] Daughter of Arthur Walker.

She never married and lived for many years at the St George Hotel, Harrogate

Walker, Milton
[193?-1972] Taxi-driver who had been shot and his body dumped in a quarry at Denshaw, his taxi was found burned out in Batley Street, Halifax.

John Michael Reed and his wife Shirley, of Oldham, were arrested and found Guilty of the murder.

It was suspected that Milton had known of Shirley Reed's former profession as Irish Liz in Halifax

Walker, Nelle
[11??-12??] Or Nigel.

Son of Geppe Walker. Halifax dyer.

He married Unknown.

Children: Robert. He and his father are recorded at a fulling mill near North Bridge [1200s]

Walker, Percival
[1881-1943] Son of William Arthur Walker.

Born in Elland.

He was a gas engineer [1906].

In 1906, he married Annie Walker [1882-1955] in Elland.

Annie was born in Elland

Children: (1) Phyllis May [1907-1985]; (2) Frank [1913-2001].

The children were all born in Elland

Walker, Percy B.
[18??-191?] Of Todmorden.

During World War I, he served with the East Yorkshire Regiment.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Walker, R.
[16??-16??] Vicar of Elland [1656-1661]

Walker, Richard
[1???-18??] Relieving Officer for Elland [1862]

See Jonathan Slater

Walker, Richard
[1672-1721] Son of Abraham Walker of Walterclough Hall.

He inherited the Hall.

He married Grace, daughter of John Batley.

Children: (1) Caroline; (2) John; (3) Ann who married Abraham Sharp.

He was a worsted spinner at Shaw Syke. His business failed and he sold the business to his brother's branch of the Walker family at Crow Nest.

The Northowram Register records that he

rid out Jan. 17. [1721/2], & was found drown'd in the River Calder Jan. 18. near Crumblebottom [Cromwellbottom]

On his death, Walterclough Hall passed to his son, John Walker

Walker, Richard
[1731-1???] Eldest son of John Walker.

When his father retired, Richard did not want to continue the business, so Walterclough Hall and the Walker family business were left to Jack Sharp.

On his father's death in 1771, Richard ordered Sharp to leave Walterclough. Sharp left, but took most of the contents with him, and destroyed what he had to leave behind.

Richard he found that the estate had been heavily mortgaged. Only 2 rooms remained habitable, and the rest had been vandalised

Walker, Robert
[18??-19??] Landlord of the Prince of Orange, Shelf [1904]. He was known as the Poetic Landlord

Walker, Sir Roger
[15??-15??] Curate at Elland [15??] and then Curate at Halifax [1561]

Walker, Rev Samuel
[17??-1796] He trained at Scott's Academy at Heckmondwike [1771] before becoming Minister of Heywood's Chapel [1774]. In 1783, he transferred Scott's Academy to Northowram, and was tutor there.

In 1793, he resigned as Minister

owing to some unpleasantness

but continued to teach at the Academy until 1795.

He married Unknown.

Children: (1) Cornelius [17??-1810]; (2) son; (3) son; (4) daughter.

After his death, the family lived at Field House, Shibden.

Eldest son Cornelius died in London [6th October 1810]

Walker, Samuel
[1796-1860] Born in Stainland.

He had an engineering business at Bankhouse Mill, Stainland.

He was a woollen manufacturer and worsted spinner, employing 65 men, at Bankhouse Mill, Stainland [1854]; a manufacturing iron merchant [1881]. He was on the committee of the Huddersfield & Liverpool Direct Railway Company [1845]. On 19th January 1828, he married Mary Milnes [1799-1874] from Halifax.

Children: (1) John [1821-1881] who married Eliza [1819-1881]; (2) Eliza [b 1822] who married James Sugden [1816-185?]; (3) Frances [b 1824] who married [1847] Benjamin Whiteley [b 1824]; (4) Edward [1825-1897]; (5) Benjamin [1826-1894] who married [1856] Elizabeth Stott [1826-1923]; (6) Mary Ellen [b 1828] who married [1850s] Edward Tiffany [b 1827]; (7) Sarah Hannah [1829-1891] who married Henry Edmunds; (8) Emma [1831-1861] who married Samuel Shaw; (9) Maria [b 1835] who married [1863] William Stert Milnes; (10) Lucy [1838-1896].

The family lived at Stannary House, Stainland [1861, 1896].

Samuel and Mary both died at Stannary House.

See John Briggs

Walker, Samuel
[1803-18??] Son of Benjamin Walker [1766-18??] of Idle.

Born at Idle / Calverley [17th March 1803].

Woollen manufacturer.

He married Sarah Ann, daughter of James Oates.

Children: (1) Hannah Elizabeth [b 1841] who married Edward Binks Ambler; (2) Samuel [b 1843]; (3) Mary [b 1845] who married George Henry Highley; (4) Marie Antoinette [1846-1876]; (5) Arthur; (6) Walter; (7) child.

The family lived at Rock Cottage, Old Lane, Halifax [1861, 1881]

Walker, Samuel
[1835-1???] Born in Wortley, Leeds.

He was a sanitary tub maker [1891].

Around 1872, he married Elizabeth [1833-1???].

Elizabeth was born in Oulton, Leeds

Children: (1) Clara [b 1872] who was a silk twister [1891]; (2) Lora [b 1874] who was a silk winder [1891]; (3) Sarah [b 1876] who was a silk spinner [1891].

The family lived at Shibden Hall Road [1891].

Living with them in 1891 was granddaughter Amy Fry [b 1901]

Walker, Samuel
[1891-1917] Son of Arthur Walker.

He and his brother, Maurice, were amongst the first people in Halifax to sign up for the army for World War I.

He served with the 15th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

He died on active service in France [16th June 1917].

He was buried at the Ste. Catherine British Cemetery [GRAVE E 13]

Walker, Sarah
[16??-17??] She was housekeeper for Samuel Crowther at Lands Head, Northowram.

She married him

Walker, Sarah
[1786-1833] Daughter of Ely Walker.

She married (1) Samuel Shaw.

After Samuel's death, she married (2) Benjamin Mellor.

Sarah and Benjamin are mentioned in the Memorials at Providence Chapel, Stainland and their remains were interred at Blackley Baptist Graveyard

Walker, Smith
[18??-18??] Registrar of births and deaths for Elland [1850]

Walker, T. J.
[18??-19??] MA.

Deacon at St Mary's Church, Lister Lane [1904]

Walker, Thomas
[16??-16??] Curate at Southowram [1675,1689] and Curate at Rastrick [1689]

Walker, Thomas
[1787-1832] Of Halifax.

He was a bookseller [1811]; a printer [1812]; a printer, stationer and bookseller at 8 Silver Street, Halifax [1817, 1829].

On 12th July 1811, he married Ellen Walker [1782-1834] at Halifax Parish Church.

Ellen, of Manchester, was a widow

Children: (1) Ellen [1820-1821] who died aged 7 months; (2) James Uriah; (3) Edward Johnson

Members of the family were buried at South Parade Methodist Chapel, Halifax: daughter Ellen [3rd April 1821]; Thomas [6th August 1832]; Ellen his widow [17th March 1834]

Walker, Thomas
[18??-19??] He was a Deacon at Blackley Baptist Chapel. In 1911, he was recorded as a Past Deacon

Walker, Thomas H.
[18??-191?] Of Todmorden.

During World War I, he served with the Durham Light Infantry.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Walker, Thomas Henry
[1854-1928] Director of Bradford boot manufacturers, Thomas H. Walker Limited.

He lived at Craig Royston, Hipperholme.

In his will, he left bequests for several organisations, including Salem United Methodist Sunday School, Halifax

Walker, Thomas Ibberson
[1842-1917] Son of Edward Johnson Walker.

He was Manager of a merchant department [1872].

On 12th November 1872, he married Mary Ann Watson in Morpeth.

Children: (1) Edward Ibbotson [1873-1874]; (2) Eleanor Marion [1875-1940] who married [1905] Christopher Green Noble; (3) James Henry Watson [1876] who died in infancy; (4) George Gibb [1877-1963] who was an accountant

Walker, Thomas James
[1835-1888] Eldest son of James Uriah Walker.

Born 17th December 1835.

Educated at Making Place.

He was a sub-editor with a newspaper [1861]; a newspaper proprietor [1871]; a general printer at 30 George Street, Halifax [1874].

After his father's death, he took over as proprietor of the Halifax Guardian [1864, 1888].

He married Anne Mary [1842-1???] from Liverpool.

Children: (1) Bessie Constance [b 1869]; (2) Annie Louisa [b 1870]; (3) Agnes Millicent [b 1874].

The family lived at 7 Trinity Place, Halifax [1871]; 8 Trinity Place, Halifax [1874]; 5 Ashfield Villa, Halifax [1881].

In 1871, living with the family were visitors, mother-in-law Sarah McNichol [aged 52] and Charlotte Wave / Nave [aged 35].

He died 25th July 1888.

In 1901, the widowed Anne Mary and daughters Annie Louisa and Agnes Millicent were at 62 Alexandra Road, Southport

See Lower Making Place, Soyland

Walker, Tom
[1875-1942] In 1897, he (possibly) married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Whiteley.

Tom and Elizabeth are buried with members of the Whiteley family were buried at Christ Church, Barkisland

Walker, Walter
[1850-19??] Son of Samuel Walker and uncle of George Walker Highley.

Established Walter Walker & Company.

He married Margaret Elizabeth Gotthardt [b 1849] from Wakefield, of Bradford.

Children: (1) Samuel [1882-1883]; (2) Walter Dean [b 1885] who became a market gardener [1911]; (3) Harold [b 1886]; (4) Douglas; (5) Dorothy Mary [b 1890].

He lived at Savile Lodge, Halifax [1911]

Walker, Walter James
[1852-1???] Son of Edward Johnson Walker.

He was a manager (paper manufacturer).

He edited some of his father's work

Walker, William
[15??-1628] One of the first recorded members of the Walker family.

He married Unknown.

Children: (1) William; (2) Abraham [15??-1633]

Walker, William
[1596-1676] Of Scholes.

Son of William Walker.

He married Unknown.

Children: (1) William; (2) Abraham.

In 1654, he bought Upper Walterclough. He later moved to Lower Crow Nest

Walker, William
[1626-1711] Eldest son of William Walker.

In 1656, he married Sarah Smyth [1636-1689].

Children: (1) Mary [b 1657]; (2) Judith [b 1659].

When his father bought Upper Walterclough, William went to live at Lower Walterclough

Walker, William
[1665-1714] Son of Abraham Walker. Originally from Southowram.

On 3rd May 1686, he married Sarah Mortimer [16??-1702].

Children: (1) Abraham [1687] who died in infancy; (2) William.

He lived at Crow Nest, Lightcliffe.

This branch of the Walker family subsequently owned most of the land in Hipperholme, Lightcliffe, and Bailiff Bridge, including Crow Nest Mansion and Cliffe Hill Mansion. The Walker estate was sold by auction in April 1867

Walker, William
[1689-1720] Son of William Walker.

In 1709, he married Elizabeth Haigh.

Children: William

Walker, William
[17??-1793] Innkeeper at the Angel Inn, Halifax.

In 1793, he bought the property – along with 4 adjoining properties – from Sir Watts Horton for £1,575. He then closed the inn and began to redevelop the site.

He died shortly afterwards

Walker, William
[1713-1786] JP.

Son of William Walker. He lived at Crow Nest, Lightcliffe.

In 17??, he married (1) Mary Wainhouse.

In 1746, he married (2) Elizabeth Caygill.

Children: (1) Mary; (2) William; (3) Elizabeth; (4) John; (5) Ann.

He was one of the subscribers to the Leeds Infirmary [1782].

See John Walker

Walker, William
[1749-1809] Son of William Walker.

In 1775, he travelled to Hull to charter a vessel to the eastern Baltic where he bought Russian timber for the construction of Crow Nest Mansion, Cliffe Hill Mansion, and Lightcliffe Old Church. The timber was brought to Brighouse by canal. In 1803, he bought High Sunderland.

He was Treasurer of the Calder & Hebble Navigation Company; Deputy Lieutenant for the West Riding; one of the subscribers to the Leeds Infirmary [1782 and 1792].

He married Unknown.

Children: Ann.

He died 2nd September 1809.

An obituary said

He was a gentleman of the strictest integrity and honour, a kind and affectionate master, and a liberal benefactor to the poor, by whom his loss will be long and severely deplored

After his death, High Sunderland passed to his nephew William Priestley and then to his nephew, John Rawson of Brockwell.

See Robert Brown, Gledhill charity, Rev John Lister, Sutcliffe's Gift and Upper Rookes, Norwood Green

Walker, William
[18??-1???] Of Elland.

He was a labourer [1894].

He married Rebecca [1827-19??].

Rebecca was born in Elland

Children: Frances [1868-1953] who married Isaac Whiteley.

The family lived at Paradise Yard, Elland [1894, 1901].

Living with the widowed Rebecca in 1901 was daughter Frances and family

Walker, Rev William
[18??-19??] Minister at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden [1899]

Walker, William
[1836-1896] Son of Joseph Walker.

Born in Rastrick.

He was post master at Rastrick Post Office [1861]; a labourer [1871].

In 1861, 1871, 1881, he was living at Church Street, Rastrick with his brother-in-law Joshua Bentley

Walker, William Arthur
[1852-1929] Born in Elland.

He was a secretary.

On 25th Aug 1878, he married Julia Pitchforth in Halifax.

Julia was the daughter of
John Pitchforth

Children: (1) Edgar; (2) Percival; (3) Norman [b 1883]; (4) Blanche [b 1888]

Walker, William Edward
[1893-1916] Son of John Walker.

Baptised Edward William.

He was a member of Rhodes Street Wesleyan Chapel, Halifax and Sunday School; a worsted spinner oiler [1911].

During World War I, he enlisted in September 1914, and served as a Private with the No. 1 Company 2nd Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He went to the France [August 1915].

He died after an operation for appendicitis [21st February 1916] (aged 22).

He was buried at the Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1 [II D 17]

Walker, William Swaine

He married Unknown.

Children: Emma [b 1847] who married Samuel Whitley

Walker BMDs

Unattached BMDs for Walker:

Baptism 1856;

Marriages 1804, 1811, 1825, 1855, 1867, 1899, 1907, 1909, 1921, 1941;

Deaths 1808, 1835, 1900, 1905, 1906

Walker families
See The Walker family of Lightcliffe and The Walker family of Sowerby Bridge

Walker surname

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