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The entries for people with the surname Edwards are gathered together in this Sidetrack.

These do not include other forms of the surname.

The individuals listed here are not necessarily related to each other.

Edwards, Albert L.
[18??-191?] He served in World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on Copley War Memorial

Edwards, Alfred
[1859-1927] Son of Benjamin Edwards.

Partner in B. Edwards & Sons [1905]

Edwards, Allan
[1716-1780] Son of Richard Edwards.

He moved to Huddersfield and became a tailor.

In 1738, he married Immeon Heywood in Huddersfield.

Children: (1) Joel; (2) John; (3) child; (4) child; (5) child; (6) child; (7) child

Edwards, Arnold
[1906-1987] Born 4th March 1906.

Midgley man who did much work for the church and the community.

He died 30th June 1987.

Gardens in his memory stand on the site of the former Midgley Co-operative Hall.

His son, Malcolm, is a music professor at the University of Calgary in Canada.

See Halifax-Aachen Society

Edwards, Major Arthur Hancock
[1847-1924] MA, JP.

Fourth and youngest son of Sir Henry Edwards.

Born in Halifax.

He was Deputy Lieutenant for the West Riding; a Major in the Second West Yorkshire Yeomanry Cavalry.

In 1874, he married Eleanor Louisa [1853-1911].

Eleanor Louisa was the daughter of Colonel Joseph Walker Pease [1820-1882] of Hesslewood, Yorkshire, a former MP for Hull

Children: (1) Eleanor Churchill; (2) Geoffrey Otho Charles; (3) Barbara Florence [1879-1952] who married Captain Basil John Orlebar; (4) Winifred Delia; (5) Henry Arthur Rolleston.

The family lived at Ash Grove, Southowram [1881]; Pye Nest House, Halifax [1901]; Castle Ruins, Fowey.

Living with them in 1901 was their nephew Roger Greville Hazlerigg.

Edwards was the last of the family to live at Pye Nest House, Halifax

Edwards, Benjamin
[1???-1786] Son of William Edwards.

On 20th August 1767, he married (1) Mary Taylor [1???-1784].

Children: (1) Sarah; (2) William; (3) John; (4) Ann; (5) Nancy who married John Hey.

On 30th October 1785, he married (2) Hannah Thompson.

Children: child [b 1786].

Benjamin and Mary were buried at Halifax Parish Church

Edwards, Benjamin
[1777-1832] Son of John Edwards.

He became a stone mason and quarry owner at Stainland and at White Rock Quarry, Sowood.

In 1799, he married (1) Sarah Salley Taylor [d 1807] at Elland.

Children: (1) Joseph [1799-1841]; (2) Thomas; (3) John [d 1806]; (4) Salley [d 1808].

In 1809, he married (2) Ann Nancy Hellewell [1787-1864] at Huddersfield.

Children: (5) Elizabeth [d 1884]; (6) Robert; (7) Marie Moriah; (8) Benjamin; (9) John [1820-1880]; (10) Jonathan [1823-1881]; (11) James; (12) Ann Nancy [1830-1872]

Edwards, Benjamin
[1818-1886] Son of Benjamin Edwards.

He established B. Edwards & Sons.

On 7th September 1836, he married (1) Susannah Stansfield [18??-18??].

On 23rd August 1840, he married (2) Rhoda Lindley [1822-1867].

Children: (1) Joseph; (2) Sarah Hannah / Ann [b 1847]; (3) Nancy Jane [b 1849]; (4) Walter [b 1853]; (5) Henry (Harry) [b 1854]; (6) Fred; (7) Alfred; (8) Annie [b 1861]; (9) Benjamin [b 1863].

In 1868, he married Mary Ann [1830-1878] from Thornton.

Children: (9) Albert [b 1870]; (10) son

Edwards, Benjamin
[1850-1891] Son of Thomas Edwards.

Stone mason and ornamental mason of Stainland. He was a musician, playing the organ and composing music.

He married Grace Stott [1852-1910] from Stainland.

Children: (1) Frank; (2) Louise

In 1882, he emigrated to Pittsburgh, USA with his nephew Eli Edwards. He kept a diary of his voyage across the Atlantic.

His wife and children followed later.

He died of lung disease associated with working with stone

Edwards, Bertram Cecil Priestley
[1880-1906] Son of ??.

He drowned in the River Waveney, Suffolk

Edwards, Dr Bogdan Edward Jastrzębski
[1860-1923] MBE.

Son of Stephen L. Jastrzębski.

Born in Halifax.

He was born Bogdan Edward Jastrzębski and changed his surname to Edwards.

He studied medicine at Edinburgh University, and went on to become heavily involved in medical services in Halifax and Brighouse

Edwards, Major C. C.
[18??-18??] JP.

Honorary founder member of the Halifax Art Society

Edwards, Charles
[1809-1842] Of Pye Nest and Darcey Hey. Second son of Henry Lees Edwards.

On 8th November 1836, he married Catherine Waterhouse at Halifax Parish Church.

They both died of fever after a few days illness, Catherine on 17th September 1842 and Charles on 19th September 1842, whilst in Strathpeffer, Scotland. They are buried in the churchyard of Contin Parish Church. The church is on an island; the only other building on the island is the manse.

The epitaph on their memorial in Halifax Parish Church is recorded in the book Monumental & Other Inscriptions

Edwards, Charles Grove
[1843-1904] MA, JP.

Third son of Sir Henry Edwards. He was a Colonel in the Second West Yorkshire Yeomanry Cavalry. He was at Ashday Hall, Southowram [1874, 1881], Wicklesham, Farringdon, and Lambourn Place, Berkshire.

On 10th October 1871, he married Beatrix Hippisley at St James's Church, Piccadilly, London.

Beatrix was the daughter of Henry Hippisley

Edwards, Charlotte Lydia
[1821-1901] Daughter of Henry Lees Edwards.

She married Major Samuel Waterhouse

In March 1860, she had a blanket club which loaned blankets to the poor

Edwards, Sir Christopher John Churchill
[1941-] Son of Henry Charles Sorrell Priestley Edwards.

He is a professor in Denver, Colorado

Edwards, David
[1677-1756] Halifax merchant.

Son of John Edwards.

Baptised at Halifax Parish Church [11th November 1677].

He married (1) Sara Robinson [1675-1747] at Halifax Parish Church [2nd November 1699].

Children: (1) William; (2) Ann; (3) David; (4) John; (5) Sarah; (6) Ruth

On 25th November 1748, he married (2) Sara Aspinal [17??-1769]

Edwards, David
[17??-17??] He was Constable of Northowram [1739]

Edwards, Delia Priestley
[1807-1892] Eldest daughter of Henry Lees Edwards.

In 1844, she married Courtney Kenny Clarke of Whitechurch, County Dublin.

She died a widow at Old Well Head on Easter Day 1892

Edwards, Eleanor Churchill
[1875-1???] Eldest daughter of Major Arthur Hancock Edwards.

On 20th June 1900, she married William Henry Boger from St Willon, Fowey and The Gardens, Lambourn, Berkshire

Edwards, Eli Aspinall
[1861-1940] Stone mason of Stainland.

Son of James Edwards.

In 1882, he emigrated to the USA with his uncle, Benjamin Edwards. Like his uncle and others in the family, he was a mason.

Eli first settled in Monte Vista, Colorado, USA where he formed a partnership with another English mason, James S. Campbell. The partnership designed and built several buildings including the Monte Vista Episcopal Church, the Presbyterian Church, and the Blanca Hotel.

In the summer of 1887, the two went to Denver, Colorado, USA, to assist in the stone construction of that city.

Some of their buildings in Colorado are on the US National Historic Register.

Eli died in Denver, Colorado.

Edwards, Elisabeth
[1764-1834] Daughter of John Edwards.

Baptised 23rd May 1764 in Sowerby Bridge.

Some sources gives her dates as: 16th March 1767 – 13th March 1836

She married Law Atkinson

Edwards, Eliza Lees
[1810-1820] Daughter of Henry Lees Edwards. She was buried at Crofton, near Wakefield

Edwards, Ellen
[1820-1887] Daughter of John Edwards Baptised 3rd May 1819.

She married William Huntriss.

She was buried 14th July 1887

Edwards, Eric Lea Priestley
[1877-1914] Oldest son of Lea Priestley Edwards.

Born in Scarborough [2nd March 1877].

He was educated at Harrow & Royal Military College, Sandhurst.

He never married.

He lived at Warberry Court, Torquay.

He was a Captain with the 1st Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment.

He served with the Tirah Expedition on the Indian frontier [1897-1898].

At the outbreak of World War I, he joined the Expeditionary Force.

He was killed in action [20th September 1914] whilst leading his company near Troyon, at the First Battle of the Aisne.

He is remembered on the La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial, Seine-et-Marne, France

Edwards, Frank
[1872-1959] Son of Benjamin Edwards.

Born in Skircoat Green.

In 1883, he, his mother and his sister Louise followed Benjamin to America. He was a photographer with his own photographic business. He lived in Huntingdon, PA.

He died in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

He was an ancestor of Mary Louise Louden, the microbiologist who discovered that life could exist in boiling water

Edwards, Fred
[1856-1907] Son of Benjamin Edwards.

Partner in B. Edwards & Sons [1905]

Edwards, Fred
[1858-19??] Born in Stainland.

He was a stone merchant (employer) [1901].

He married Annie [1864-19??].

Children: Donald [b 1890].

The family lived at New Road, Stainland [1901]

Edwards, Geoffrey Otho Charles
[1876-1916] BA.

Son of Major Arthur Hancock Edwards.

Born at Ashgrove, Elland.

During World War I, he served as a 2nd Lieutenant with the 3rd Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was killed in action [7th July 1916].

A full congregation attended a memorial service conducted by Canon Ivens in at Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge [Sunday 16th July 1916] when Canon Ivens

in his sermon on Self-sacrifice, referred in eulogistic terms to Second-Lieutenant Edwards, Captain Ernest Edward Sykes and Lieutenant Noel Hadwen, all of whom had recently died

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial

Edwards, George
[1794-1861] Son of John Edwards.

Halifax attorney.

He was at 10 Lord Street, Halifax [1829, 1834].

In February 1839, he was elected a Trustee of Boocock's Charity.

On 28th December 1822, he married Eliza Smith from London.

The family lived at Lightcliffe [where he died 13th February 1861]

Edwards, George
[1839-19??] Born in Laughton, Buckinghamshire.

He was a state pensioner (general labourer) [1911].

In [Q4] 1857, he married Harriet Payne? [1839-19??] from Deddington, Oxfordshire, in Newport Pagnell.

Children: (1) child who died young [before 1911]; (2) child who died young [before 1911]; (3) child who died young [before 1911]; (4) child who died young [before 1911]; (5) child who died young [before 1911]; (6) child who died young [before 1911]; (7) child who died young [before 1911]; (8) child who died young [before 1911]; (9) child; (10) child; (11) child; (12) child; (13) child; (14) child; (15) child; (16) Sarah Jane [b 1867] who was a worsted drawer [1911]; (17) E. A. [b 1872] who was a twister [1911].

The family lived at 53 St Stephen's Street, Copley [1911].

Living with them in 1911 was granddaughter Harriet [aged 21] (machinist) 

Edwards, Harriet Mary
[1823-1871] Of Old Well Head. Daughter of Henry Lees Edwards.

She never married.

She died in Oxford. She was buried at Holy Trinity Church

Edwards, Harry
[1903-1975] He was a Vice-President of Brighouse & Rastrick Band; an Alderman; Mayor of Brighouse [1956-1958].

and, after his 2-year term of office, it was decided that future mayors would only serve for one year.

His wife, Mrs Eliza Edwards, was a member of Brighouse Borough Council [1958]

Edwards, Henry
[1???-18??] Of Craven Lodge, Halifax.

See West Yorkshire Railway Company

Edwards, Henry
[1799-1884] Son of John Edwards.

Born in Halifax.


He married Unknown.

Children: (1) Frederick who was a civil engineer [1884]; (2) Ellen [b 1841] who never married; (3) Louisa who never married

The family lived at 46 Canonbury Park South, Middlesex [1884].

Henry died 4th July 1884.

Probate records show that he left a personal estate valued at £7,366 15/-.

His will was proved by his children

Edwards, Sir Henry
[1812-1886] JP, CB, Bart.

Third son of Henry Lees Edwards.

Born at Pye Nest.

He became a wealthy landowner – probably the largest landowner in the district – and a local magistrate.

See Underbank, Sowerby Bridge, Buzzer & Whistle Nuisance [1873], Canal Mills, Sowerby Bridge, Freemasons' Hall, Halifax Church Institute and Sowerby Bridge Waterworks

Edwards, Henry Arthur Rolleston
[1881-1934] Younger son of Major Arthur Hancock Edwards.

Born in Halifax.

He was a student of civil engineering [1901].

He left Pye Nest House to live at Lambourn Place, Berkshire. He took with him much of the family jewellery and silver which had thitherto been stored in the strong room at Canal Mills, Sowerby Bridge. Pye Nest House fell into disrepair after he left.

In August 1911, The Times announced that a marriage had been arranged with Maria Gladys Lee-Warner of London. In October 1911, there was an announcement that the marriage would not take place.

He died unmarried in Berkshire

Edwards, Henry Charles Sorrell Priestley
[1893-1963] 4th Baronet. Second son of Henry Coster Lea Edwards.

He married (1) Margarita Ethlyn [18??-1932].

Margarita Ethlyn was the daughter of John Brindaham King Kalri of Panama

In 1935, he married (2) Daphne Marjorie Hilda Birt.

Children: (1) Christopher John Churchill; (2) Peter Henry [b 1944]

Edwards, Henry Coster Lea
[1840-1896] JP, Bart.

Oldest son of Sir Henry Edwards. He was educated at Harrow. He lived at Pyenest House. He was a Lieutenant in the Second West Yorkshire Yeoman Cavalry. He was appointed County Magistrate [1869].

In June 1872, he married (1) Agnes Harcourt Clark.

Agnes Harcourt was the daughter of Edward Rawson Clark

The marriage was dissolved in 1886.

On 29th September 1887, he married (2) Laura Selina Clark at Iver Parish Church, Buckinghamshire.

Laura Selina was the second daughter of John Capes Clark of Bridgefoot House, Iver, Buckinghamshire

Children: (1) John Henry Priestley Churchill; (2) Henry Charles Sorrell Priestley

Edwards, Henry Lees
[1775-1848] Son of John Edwards.

He was a partner in John Edwards & Sons. He was a director of the Halifax & Huddersfield Union Bank.

On 10th May 1804, he married Lea Priestley.

Lea was the daughter of Joseph Priestley

Children: (1) John Lea; (2) Delia Priestley; (3) Charles; (4) Eliza Lees; (5) Henry; (6) Thomas Rawson; (7) Lucy Ann; (8) Joseph Priestley; (9) Charlotte Lydia; (10) Harriet Mary; (11) child.

He was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax

Edwards, Rev Herbert
[1???-1???] L, Th.

Curate at Illingworth [1913-1919]. He wrote a series of articles in the Illingworth Parish Magazine about Illingworth Church. He left to become Vicar of Langcliffe-with-Stainforth

Edwards, J. M.
[19??-19??] Headmaster at Hipperholme Grammar School from 1960

Edwards, J. R.
[18??-19??] Partner in Edwards & Warren.

He lived at 49 Emscote Grove, Halifax [1905]

Edwards, James
[1739-1810] Coiner.

He avoided execution and died at the Halifax Workhouse.

The Halifax Historical Almanack [1810] writes that he was ...

... the last of the notorious gang of coiners who resided in the upper portion of this parish in 1767, 1768 and 1769. He would have been hanged at March Assizes in 1770, along with David Hartley, alias King David, and James Oldfield had he been tried.

He was a very expert and active member of the gang; and was deep in the mysteries of clipping, cutting, coining and britting light gold

Edwards, James
[1756-1816] Eldest son of William Edwards. He was a famous book-collector, book-seller and book-binder.

In 1784, he opened a large bookshop Edwards & Sons in Pall Mall, London. In 1785, he was granted a patent for the production of transparent vellum.

He was known for out-bidding the King for the illuminated Bedford Missal.

He followed Napoleon's army into Italy, buying from them books and manuscripts which they had looted from palaces and monasteries.

He lived at Harrow on the Hill. He left instructions for his coffin to be made from the shelves of his library. There is a memorial to him in Harrow Church where he is described as:

one of the most eminent Collectors and Booksellers in Europe

He was an ancestor of Sir Oswald Mosley, the English politician and Fascist

Edwards, James
[1826-1906] Son of Benjamin Edwards. Of The Cross, Stainland.

In 1851, he married Sarah Ann Lindley [1831-1899] at Elland.

Children: (1) John Lindley; (2) Edwin [1853-1923]; (3) Lucy [1856-1928]; (4) William Willie [1861-1935]; (5) Sarah who died in infancy; (6) Rhoda who died in infancy; (7) Herbert [1866-1876]

Edwards, James
[1835-1890] Stone mason of Stainland.

Son of Thomas Edwards

He married Hannah Aspinall [1836-1913].

Children: Eli Aspinall

Edwards, Jane
[17??-181?] Daughter of William Edwards.

On 11th August 1803, she married John Ackroyd.

Children: (1) William; (2) Dorothy; (3) Thomas Longbottom; (4) Richard; (5) John; (6) James.

He died after 1816

Edwards, Job
[1796-1877] Son of John Edwards.

Born in Highfield by Huddersfield.

On 6th December 1818, he married (1) Hannah Helliwell [1800-1833].

Children: (1) Emma [b 1820]; (2) Mary [b 1822]; (3) Rebecca [1825]; (4) Joseph; (5) Martha [b 1831]; (6) John [b 1833]; (7) son.

On 21st April 1834, he married (2) Alice Shaw [1805-1838] in Halifax.

Children: (1) Betsy / Betty [b 1835]; (2) Louisa [b 1836]; (3) John.

Alice died 6th August 1838 (aged 33).

On 27th November 1843, he married (3) Martha Haywood [1800-1871] in Elland.

Martha died 5th April 1871, (aged 71).

Job died 27th March 1877 (aged 80) 

Members of the family were buried at Providence Congregational Church, Stainland. There is a transcription of the epitaph [number 5] at Stainland in Alan Shaw's CD Monumental Inscriptions in the Ripponden Area

Edwards, Joel
[1741-1813] Son of Allan Edwards.

He was a tailor, like his father.

He married Mary. They had no children.

See Joel Edwards & Sons

Edwards, Joel
[1778-1852] Son of John Edwards.

He was a tailor, like his father.

In 1773, he married Hannah Scarr.

Children: about 11 – including Joel Heywood - some of whom continued the family business.

See Joel Edwards & Sons

Edwards, John
[1638-1704] Yeoman cordwainer of Halifax.

Around 1664, he married (1) Anna.

Children: (1) Thomas; (2) Sarah; (3) James [16??-1721]; (4) John Thomas; (5) William [16??-1714]; (6) David.

In 1679, he married (2) Mary Atkinson [1651-1???].

Children: (7) Anna [16??-1687]; (8) Francis [16??-1684]; (9) Elizabeth; (10) Maria [16??-1689]; (11) Anna [16??-1701]; (12) Jonathan [16??-1693]; (13) Richard; (14) Joshua [16??-1742].

William Edwards and John Edwards are descended from the children of his second marriage.

See Thomas Edwards

Edwards, John
[17??-1???] He married Mary Thompson [17??-1???].

Children: John

Edwards, John
[17??-17??] He was Constable of Northowram [1744]

Edwards, John
[17??-18??] Plasterer. He was at Horton Street, Halifax [1822], Back Horton Street [1829], and Horton Street [1837]

Edwards, John
[1706-1793] A wealthy Portuguese Merchant.

Son of David Edwards.

Between 1730 and 1735, he bought Northowram Hall from William Wood.

He was a first cousin of William Edwards of Edwards of Halifax, booksellers.

He married Mrs Mary Hargreaves [1712-1749] from Craven. [13th October 1743]

Children: (1) John; (2) Sarah; (3) Joseph.

Mary died at Northowram Hall [9th November 1749].

John died in Lisbon [9th December 1793] and was buried in the British cemetery there.

The epitaph on the family memorial in Halifax Parish Church is recorded in the book Monumental & Other Inscriptions.

See Eli Dyson and Northowram Hall bath house

Edwards, John
[1735-1809] Son of William Edwards.

He was a weaver at Halifax and Stainland.

On 6th May 1759, he married Elizabeth (Betty) Sutcliffe at Elland Church.

Children: (1) Ellen; (2) John; (3) Sally [b 1769]; (4) Joseph [b 1772]; (5) Jonathan [b 1772]; (6) Betty [b 1774]; (7) Benjamin; (8) Thomas [b 1779]

Edwards, John
[1737-1823] JP.

Originally from Birmingham.

Son of John Edwards.

Born 6th February 1737.

A friend of Joshua Hudson.

He was a merchant. He came to work for the Lees family at Lower Willow Hall Mills, Halifax. He set up a cotton-spinning business as John Edwards and worked from Pye Nest, House.

On 15th July 1762, he married Elizabeth Lees.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Samuel Lees


(1) Henry Lees; (2) Thomas Grove; (3) Mary [1763-1823] who married John Walker; (4) Harriet [1779-1865] who married John Dyson; (5) Lucy who married [14th June 1810] John Plowes of Rio de Janeiro, in London; (6) Elisabeth.

In November 1769, he attended the enquiry which had been called by the Marquis of Rockingham to discuss the problem of the coiners and the murder of William Deighton.

In 1771, he built Pyenest House on land which he bought from Japhet Lister.

He was one of the subscribers to the Leeds Infirmary [1782 and 1792].

Around 1812, his 2 sons joined him to establish John Edwards & Sons.

Elizabeth died suddenly 19th August 1803.

John died 14th July 1823.

See William Wilberforce

Edwards, John
[1745-1819] Eldest son of John Edwards from whom he inherited Whithill, later Northowram Hall.

He also lived in Lisbon.

He never married.

It is said that

... on the shortest day of the year, he would have all the children in the immediate neighbourhood arrange themselves in order and march through the grounds, and afterwards assemble in front of the Hall. He would stand over the front entrance and throw the pennies down singly, and was delighted to see the youngsters scramble for them: and as each one succeeded in getting a coin, he or she was ordered to stand aside, and so on until all had been served

He died in Lisbon [16th March 1819].

His will refers to the estate as Northowram Hall and the property was then owned by William Moore.

On 6th October 1810, Alexander Turner and James King borrowed £7,000 for 1 year from Edwards. Using figures for average earnings, £7,000 in 1810 is roughly the equivalent of £4,680,000.00 today. The loan was secured as a mortgage against land and property owned by the pair; much of this was at Blackshawhead. By 1824, the loan had not been paid back, and Thomas Fournis Dyson, Edwards's beneficiary, was pressing for payment. When Turner's daughter Mary, wife of Rev James Armytage Rhodes, inherited the estate, she insisted that her husband pay the debt on her behalf. Rev Rhodes paid back the loan in full – plus interest – out of his own pocket, on the condition that all documentation relating to the matter be destroyed.

His will of 1813 left legacies to his nephews Thomas Fournis Dyson and John Dyson, and nieces, Nanny and Maria Dyson – should they remain unmarried.

The epitaph on his memorial in Halifax Parish Church is recorded in the book Monumental & Other Inscriptions.

See Harriet Dyson

Edwards, John
[1750-1831] Son of Allan Edwards.

Like his father and brother, he was a tailor. He remained in Huddersfield.

He married Unknown.

Children: Joel

Edwards, John
[1757-1823] Halifax attorney.

He married Elizabeth (Betty) Vause [1758-1832].

Children: (1) Ellen [1783-1861] who married (1) Joshua Bates and (2) George Armytage; (2) John; (3) Ann [1794-1851] who married William Hoyland; (4) George; (5) Henry

Edwards, John
[1758-1791] Son of William Edwards.

He was a partner with his brother James at their bookshop in London.

During the French Revolution, he went to France to buy books. It is said, that he was executed as an aristocrat on the guillotine there

Edwards, John
[1761-1837] Of Stainland. Aka Joseph.

Son of John Edwards.

On 8th June 1783, he married Mary [Barrand] Baron [1757-1841] from Sowood, at Elland Church.

Children: (1) Sarah / Salley [b 1784]; (2) William [b 1785]; (3) John [b 1787]; (4) Betty [b 1789]; (5) Mary / Malley [b 1791]; (6) Jonathan [b 1793]; (7) Job; (8) Ruth [1798-1833] who married Charles Bromley.

John and Mary are mentioned in the Memorials at Providence Chapel, Stainland

Edwards, John
[1781-1862] Son of Benjamin Edwards.

On 18th October 1802, he married Sarah Ramsden [1778-1856].

Children: Mary [1803-1837] who married Richard Hill

Edwards, John
[1787-1751] Of Stainland.

On 28th July 1811, he married (1) Mary (Malley) Draper [1793-1847]

Children: (1) John [1812-1815]; (2) Hannah [1815-1815]; (3) Mary [b 1816] who married Abraham Walker; (4) Joseph [b 1819]; (5) William; (6) Sarah [b 1825]; (7) Maria [b 1830]; (8) William [b 1825].

Around 1850, he married (2) Rebecca [1792-18??] from Elland. Rebecca had a daughter, Sarah [1813-18??] from a previous marriage Sarah married John Norcliffe

Edwards, John
[1789-1841] Son of John Edwards.

Halifax attorney. He was articled to his father.

He married (1) Unknown.

Children: (1) Elizabeth who died young; (2) Ellen; (3) John [b 1823]; (4) Henry [b 1825].

He married (2) Sarah Elizabeth Appleyard from Warley.

Children: (3) Mary Ann [b 1838]; (4) Sarah Elizabeth [1840-1898] who married Jubal Riley

The family lived at High Street, Halifax [1841]; 3 Ward's End, Halifax [1851]

Edwards, Rev John
[1816-1864] Son of Thomas Edwards.

Curate at Todmorden [1846-1864].

Edwards, John Cox
[18??-18??] BA.

Educated at Emmanuel College Cambridge. He was Usher at Heath Grammar School [1861]

Edwards, John Henry Priestley Churchill
[1889-1942] 3rd Baronet. Elder son of Henry Coster Lea Edwards.

He was a Lieutenant with the 4th Battalion Rifle Brigade, and the 23rd Battalion London Regiment.

During World War II, he served with the Australian Forces and died on active service. He was unmarried

Edwards, John Lea
[1805-1835] Of Darcey Hey, Halifax. Oldest son of Henry Lees Edwards.

On 17th October 1833, he married Anne Elizabeth Waterhouse of Well Head at Halifax Parish Church.

Children: Catherine Frances who married Rev Canon Philip Robin, Rector of Woodchurch, Cheshire.

He was one of the subscribers to John Horner's book Buildings in the Town & Parish of Halifax [1835].

In 1835, he was one of the subscribers to the Halifax Dispensary, giving 1 guinea

Edwards, John Lindley
[1852-1898] Son of James Edwards.

Printer and compositor at The Cross, Stainland [1895].

In 1878, he married (1) Sarah Ann [1852-1893] at Stainland.

Children: Mabel [1887-1964] who married [1915] Irvin Taylor.

In 1893, he married (2) Maria Clarke [1851-1908] from Manchester at Stainland.

He was buried at Providence Congregational Church, Stainland.

He is mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1898

See John Bottomley

Edwards, John Thomas
[1672-1756] Son of John Edwards.

On 30th August 1697, he married Ann Westrop [1670-1748].

Children: (1) John; (2) Anne; (3) William; (4) James; (5) Joseph; (6) Sarah; (7) Alice; (8) Ann

Edwards, Joseph
[17??-1???] He was Usher at Heath Grammar School [181?]. He went on to become a Master at King's College School, London

Edwards, Joseph
[1747-1808] Son of John Edwards.

He married Sarah [1744-1813].

Children: Sally [1774-1797].

He was one of the subscribers to the Leeds Infirmary [1782].

He died at Northowram Hall [10th June 1808] and was buried 15th June 1808.

The epitaph on the family memorial in Halifax Parish Church is recorded in the book Monumental & Other Inscriptions

Edwards, Joseph
[1828-1901] Son of Job Edwards.

Born in Stainland.

He was educated at Rishworth School [1841]; head master of St Mary's School, Mill Bank for many years [until around 1890]; a committee member of the Sowerby Bridge Flour Society; Chairman and committee member of the Sowerby Bridge Industrial Society Limited; Secretary and member of the Foresters.

He owned much property in Sowerby Bridge – including houses in West Street and Terrace Street – and had shares in the Chapel Field Mill Company, the Ripponden Commercial Company, the Ryburn Mill Company, and the Lancashire & Yorkshire Bank Limited.

He married Betty (Bessie) Fitton [1825-1898].

Betty was the daughter of Mary and William Fitton of Sowerby.

She was also a schoolteacher


Children: son who died aged 5.

Joseph lived – and died – at 25a The Hollins, Triangle.

He left an estate of £2,068 7/1d.

He was buried at St Mary's Church, Cottonstones

Edwards, Joseph
[1843-1884] Son of Benjamin Edwards.

He was a stone mason.

In [Q2] 1866, he married (1) Emma Speight in Halifax.

Emma was the daughter of James Speight

Children: (1) Benjamin James [b 1868]; (2) Rhoda Mabel [b 1871].

In 1873, he married (2) Emma Paton [1847-1926].

Children: (3) Annie [b 1874]; (4) Ida [b 1877]; (5) Edith Emily [b 1879]; (6) Florence Hartley [b 1881]; (7) Josephine [b 1885].

On 30th July 1884, he and a friend, H. Priestley, fell into a quarry at Stainland

in the dark of night

Joseph was found dead, and Priestley was unconscious

Edwards, Captain Joseph Priestley
[1818-1868] JP. Fourth and youngest son of Henry Lees Edwards.

On 16th January 1844, he married his cousin, Margaret Jane, daughter of James Edward Norris.

Children: (1) Priestley August; (2) Lea Priestley; (3) Alfred Delafonte [b 1848]; (4) Adolphus Henry Lees [1853-1854].

He lived at Darcy Hey and Fixby Park and built Castle Carr. In 1851, he bought the Lower Wat Ing estate at Norland.

He was a Captain in the Second West Yorkshire Yeoman Cavalry; Deputy Lieutenant for the West Riding; Lord of the Manor of Oxenhope.

He lived at Fixby Park.

He was killed on 20th August 1868 – along with his eldest son, Priestley August – when the Irish Mail train crashed at Abergele as he was returning from a weekend shooting party. He was so badly injured that he could only be identified from a bunch of keys. They and 31 other victims were buried near the scene of the accident.

See Castle Carr footpath trial

Edwards, Laura Maude
[1850-1924] Daughter of Sir Henry Edwards.

She married Edward Egerton Leigh.

She died at Broadwell Manor House, Moreton-in-the-Marsh, Gloucestershire

Edwards, Lavinia
[1843-1915] Daughter of Robert Edwards.

Children: Louisa [b 1862].

On 18th August 1869, she married George Benson from Barnsley, at Square Congregational Church, Halifax.

Children: (1) Emma Gertrude [b 1870]; (2) George Herbert [b 1872]; (3) Walter Edwards [b 1874]; (4) Fred Herbert [b 1880].

Lavinia died in Doncaster

Edwards, Lea Priestley
[1845-1922] Younger son of Joseph Priestley Edwards.

He completed Castle Carr, Luddenden Dean after the death of his father and his older brother in 1868.

In 1873, he spoke on behalf of the complainants during the enquiry into the Buzzer & Whistle Nuisance. saying that the whistles from the local mills in Luddenden kept him awake when he was unwell in 1872.

In February 1873, he married his cousin, Emily Gertrude, daughter of Sir Henry Edwards.

Children: (1) Eric Lea Priestley; (2) Charles Egerton Priestley [1879-1925]; (3) Lionel Priestley [1831-1941].

He inherited the Lower Wat Ing estate at Norland.

The family lived at Brandsby Lodge, Easingwold, North Yorkshire; Warberry Court, Torquay [1911].

He died at Torquay. He was buried at Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Luddendenfoot

Edwards, Leah Matilda
[1858-1936] Daughter of Robert Edwards.

She married (1) Benjamin Briggs.

She married (2) Rowland Norcliffe, becoming his third wife.

Leah and her first husband Benjamin were buried at Fall Springs Graveyard, Stainland

Edwards, Lewis John
[1904-1959] Son of a railwayman, Lewis John Edwards.

Born in Aylesbury.

He worked for a time in a bank. He studied for the priesthood at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield. He took a degree in economics at Leeds and lectured in economics for the Workers Educational Association. He was general secretary of the Post Office Engineering Union.

In 1931, he married Dorothy May Watson from Ilkley.

Children: (1) a daughter; (2) a daughter.

He was Labour MP for Blackburn [1945].

He came to Brighouse in 1951. He had a majority of 437 – beating Major W. E. Woolley – when he was elected Labour MP for Brighouse & Spenborough [1950-1959].

He held various posts in government, including Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health, Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.

In 1953, he was appointed Privy Councillor. He was interested in European integration. He became President of the Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe.

He died in office after suffering a heart attack in Strasbourg.

Boulevard du Président Edwards in Strasbourg is named for him

Edwards, Louise
[1876-1941] Daughter of Benjamin Edwards. She was born in Blackpool, Lancashire.

She married Unknown.

She had 5 children, including identical twins.

During World War II, one of the twins was in the US Army, and the other was a conscientious objector. After the war, the twins published a book of their letters to each other.

Louise died in Pittsburgh, PA

Edwards, Lucy Ann
[1817-1835] Daughter of Henry Lees Edwards.

She died at Torquay

Edwards, Owen
[18??-1???] Brighouse architect. He was (possibly) in partnership with Thomas William Helliwell in Brighouse.

See John Leeming

Edwards, Priestley August
[1845-1868] Eldest son of Joseph Priestley Edwards. He and his father were killed on 20th August 1868 when the Irish Mail train crashed at Abergele as they were returning from a shooting party

Edwards, Priestley Churchill
[1841-1908] Second son of Sir Henry Edwards.

He lived at Pyenest House. He was a Deputy Lieutenant for the West Riding

Edwards, Reuben
[1894-1954] Son of Robert Edwards.

Born in Philadelphia, USA.

He was a Corporal in the US Army during World War II.

On 11th May 1921, he married Elsie Hitchon.

Children: (1) Doris Edith ; (2) Gladys Ethel ; (3) Marjorie Ellen .

Edwards, Richard
[1691-1767] Son of John Edwards.

He was a stationer; a schoolmaster.

He married (1) Unknown [16??-1716].

Children: (1) Allan.

In 1718, he married (2) Martha Hellewell [1693-1773].

Children: (2) Mary [1723-1724]; (3) Joel [17??-1722]; (4) Joel [1723-1784]; (5) William

Edwards, Richard
[1768-1827] Youngest son of William Edwards.

He moved to carry on the family business in London.

Between 1795 and 1797, he commissioned William Blake to produce 537 water-colour illustrations for an edition of the poem Night Thoughts by Edward Young.

About 1799, he was presented by George John, the 2nd Earl Spencer, to the appointment of Head Registrar of the island of Minorca. He held the post until Minorca was repossessed by Spain in 1802.

In 1793, he married (1) Miss Chapman.

In 1803, he married (2) Miss Howard

He died in St Omar of liver problems [10/10/1827]

Edwards, Robert
[1812-1882] Son of Benjamin Edwards.

He was landlord of the Duke of York, Stainland [1861-1882].

On 3rd April 1836, he married Hannah Whiteley [1815-1889] from Barkisland.

Children: (1) William Whiteley [born 27/1/1836]; (2) Charlotte Ann [b 1837]; (3) Benjamin [b 1838]; (4) Jonathan [b 1840]; (5) John [b 1840]; (6) Lavinia; (7) Priscilla [b 1845]; (8) Ann Phoebe [1847-1908] who married George Bray; (9) Eliza [b 1849]; (10) Nancy Jane [b 1851]; (11) Robert; (12) James Reuben [b 1856]; (13) Leah Matilda

Edwards, Robert
[1853-1925] Son of Robert Edwards.

He was an ornamental plasterer.

In 1874, he married Frances Berry [1852-1931] from Lancashire.

Children: (1) Robert [b 1876]; (2) James William (Will) [b 1877]; (3) Lavinia [b 1880]; (4) John (Jack) [b 1885]; (5) Hannah (Annie) [b 1887]; (6) Reuben.

In 1889, the family moved to Philadelphia, USA, where Robert worked on the new City Hall there.

He died in Philadelphia

Edwards, Ruth
[1710-1???] Daughter of David Edwards.

On 3rd June 1734, she married (1) Thomas Bullman.

On 20th June 1740, she married (2) William Hoggart

Edwards, S.
[17??-1801] A currier of Halifax.

On 3rd May 1801, he attempted to cut his throat with a razor in a field near Uppingham. He severed his windpipe, but managed to reach the town, a quarter of a mile away, where, making signs for a pen and paper, he wrote

My name is S. Edwards, of the town of Halifax, in Yorkshire – under the pressure of misfortunes, have committed this act

The surgeon was called and it was reported that he was likely to recover.

It seemed that he was unable to find work, and had not eaten for 3 days

Edwards, Sarah
[1708-1756] Daughter of John Edwards of Halifax.

In July 1721, at the age of 13½, she married 14-year-old William Ware

Edwards, Sarah
[1745-1810] Only daughter of John Edwards.

In 1764, she and Daniel Dyson eloped in an attempt to ease his father's financial situation, as John Edwards was the chief creditor of Daniel's father.

They married at the English Episcopal Church in East Lothian, Scotland [19th July 1764].

She died at Willow Hall, Halifax [10th January 1810].

She was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax.

The epitaph on her memorial in Halifax Parish Church is recorded in the book Monumental & Other Inscriptions

Edwards, Thomas
[1762-1834] Son of William Edwards.

Halifax bookseller. He kept up the family bookshop business. He was listed at Old Market, Halifax as bookseller and stationer [1816, 1817] and seller of scarce & valuable books [1822].

He encouraged the artist J. M. W. Turner.

He employed Roberts Leyland as a bookbinder.

He retired in 1826 and the business was sold at auction.

On 5th January 1808, he married Caroline Matilda Lister [1776-1860] at Halifax Parish Church.

Children: (1) Jane [b 1808]; (2) Maria; (3) Caroline [b 1812]; (4) Catherine [b 1813]; (5) Walter Fawkes; (6) John; (7) Elizabeth [b 1818]

Edwards, Rev Thomas
[18??-18??] Wesleyan Minister.

He lived at York Street, Todmorden [1845]

Edwards, Thomas
[1803-1860] Aka Tommy. Stone mason of Stainland.

Son of Benjamin Edwards.

He married Nancy [1808-1872].

Children: (1) William [1827-1859] who died in Canada; (2) David [1829-1849] who died in Canada; (3) James; (4) Martha [1844-1868]; (5) Benjamin; (6) (possibly) Thomas.

Thomas died 3rd March 1860 (aged 57). Nancy died 6th October 1872, (aged 64).

Members of the family were buried at Providence Congregational Church, Stainland. There is a transcription of the epitaph [number 107] at Stainland in Alan Shaw's CD Monumental Inscriptions in the Ripponden Area

Edwards, Thomas
[1846-1876] He was the great-great-great-great-great-grandson of John Edwards of Halifax.

He married Ruth Ann Taylor [1848-1922].

After his death, Ruth Ann married William Wood

Edwards, Thomas Grove
[1783-1855] Youngest son of John Edwards of Pye Nest.

He was a partner in John Edwards & Sons; one of the 19 original shareholders of The Llynfi Vale Iron Company [1853].

He went to live at Regent's Park, London.

He died unmarried

Edwards, Thomas Rawson
[1814-1823] Son of Henry Lees Edwards

Edwards, Walter Fawkes
[1815-1836] Son of Thomas Edwards.

He was one of the subscribers to John Horner's book Buildings in the Town & Parish of Halifax [1835].

He was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax

Edwards, Walter Molesworth
[18??-18??] Son of Rev John Edwards.

He was a midshipman on the steamship London which was lost in January 1866 whilst sailing from London to Melbourne. He was one of 16 of the crew who were saved

Edwards, William
[1700-1774] Halifax cloth manufacturer.

Son of David Edwards.

On 6th September 1731, he married Dorothy Whitfield [1???-1774] at Halifax Parish Church.

Children: (1) Sarah; (2) John; (3) Whitfield; (4) David; (5) Thomas [b 1742]; (6) Robert [b 1746]; (7) James

Edwards, William
[1701-1774] Son of John Thomas Edwards.

On 27th November 1721, he married Catherine Hobson [1???-1767].

Children: (1) Sarah; (2) Elizabeth; (3) Joseph; (4) Alice; (5) William; (6) Benjamin

Edwards, William
[1723-1808] Son of Richard Edwards.

Baptised at Halifax Parish Church [6th January 1722/23].

He was a first cousin of John Edwards of Northowram Hall.

He founded Edwards of Halifax, said to be one of the finest bookshops in the country.

He married (1) Hannah Birks [1716-1749] at Halifax Parish Church [5th March 1746/7].

Children: (1) John [d 1748].

He married (2) Jane Wood [1726-1772] at Coley Church [6th February 1753].

Children: (2) William; (3) Mary [1755-18??] who married Dr Disney Alexander; (4) James; (5) John; (6) Sarah [b 1761] who married James Macaulay; (7) Thomas; (8) Joseph [b 1765-1771]; (9) Richard.

His work and interest in the arts was continued by his sons James, Thomas, John, and Richard.

He attended Northgate End Chapel, Halifax.

He died at the Old Market bookshop on 10th January 1808. In a notice of his death, The York Herald described him as

a character of distinguished eminence in his profession, and of no common estimation for the vigorous faculties of his mind

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church [b 35].

There is a memorial tablet for members of the family Halifax Parish Church

Edwards, William
[1731-1794] He was a dresser [1763]; landlord of the Pine Apple, Halifax [1794].

He married Elizabeth.

Children: (1) Mary [1763-1798] who married Henry Watkinson; (2) Ann; (3) John.

After William's death, his son-in-law Henry Watkinson took over at the Pine Apple [1796]

Edwards, William
[1753-1786] Son of William Edwards.

He married Unknown.

Children: (1) Jane; (2) William; (3) Elizabeth; (4) John

Edwards, Dr William
[1875-1969] MA, LittD.

He was Head and senior classical master at Bradford Grammar School before becoming Headmaster of Heath Grammar School [14th March 1908-1916].

He returned to Bradford in 1916, and remained there until his retirement in 1936.

He married Fanny Spence Thomson

Edwards, William Cecil
[18??-1949] Aka Teddy.

He lived at Well Royd, Stainland. He served with the Indian Police.

He married Micky.

Children: Pamela.

He died following an operation at Halifax

Edwards, Winifred Delia
[1880-1946] Youngest daughter of Major Arthur Hancock Edwards.

In 1902, she married (1) Captain Spencer Allen Hickley RN from Oxford.

Her husband died in 1914.

On 20th March 1920, she married (2) Lieutenant-Commander George William Seymour Seton RN from Aberdeenshire

Edwards BMDs
Unattached BMDs for Edwards

Marriages 1803, 1811;

Deaths 1801, 1907

Edwards families
See The Edwards family of Halifax and The Edwards family of Pye Nest

Edwards surname

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