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If you have a surname from Istanbul or the immediately surrounding regions, then e-mail me with your submission, and I will post it here.

*Surname: ABAZ.
From: Istanbul, Turkey to Hooksett, New Hampshire.
Note: I'm trying to find out about my grandfather's family line. His name was Faik D. Abaz, he was born in Istanbul on June 13, 1889, and died June 9, 1957 in Hooksett, New Hampshire. His parents were Behzat Abbass & Zulbule Mastapha.
Researcher: Debbie Abaz.

*Surname: ANAGNOTIS.
From: Istanbul to New York City, USA.
Note: In order to settke an estate inheritance matter in court, we seek the names and whereabouts, living or decesed of the descendants of PRODROMOS ANAGNOTIS born about 1890-1895 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is alleged to have married to Eleni Karageli and had a daughter Panayota Anna, who was born in Istanbul, Turkey February.1920. The daughter Panayota Anna immigrated to the USA and lived and died in New York City.
Researcher: G.J. Cushing.

*Surname: AKBULUT.
From: Istanbul
Note: I am looking for Aydin Akbulut. My only brother, my only family. He is in the Istanbul area, where I was born. Our mother Sebahat Gokce (Helen Hopkins) passed away 6 years ago, and I am very lonely. Please I need my brother. He is a teacher.
Researcher: Sandy Hopkins.

From: Istanbul, in Skutari.
Note: My grandfather, Nissim Akchote, was born in 1897 in Istanbul, in Skutari. He died in 1980. But I can't find other persons of my family (Akchote). I'm looking for that since a long time. Please, If somebody heard for AKCHOTE or AKSIOTI, he can e-mail me.
Researcher: Stephanie Akchote.

*Surname: ALFANDARI.
From: Adapazari and Istanbul (Istamboul) to France.
Note: My mother was Mathilde Alfandari from Adapazari in Turquey i am looking for more information about my family and I will be so happy to find on internet something about Ladino the language of my family. Can read French or English.
Researcher: Benaroya.

*Surname: AMAR.
From: Istanbul and Salonica.
Note: My ancestors AMAR came from Istanbul/Constantinople as well as Salonica. I am trying to trace them back and I have so far reached a Salomon AMAR born around 1800. Can you help me? Related famalies: Salem, Mallah, Faraggi, Castro, Frances/Franses.
Researcher: Francis Amar.

*Surname: APANIAN.
From: Istanbul, Turkey.
Note: I am looking for Melkon Apanian from Istanbul, Turkey, he was adopted, he had two sisters, Husnuzar(izar) and Seranous. His father died and mother remarried to Cemcemian. He was between 3 and 5 years old, he would be in his late 80's now. the ophanage was somewhere in the middle of Turkey (I am still looking for that information).
Researcher: Sandra.

*Surname: ARABAJIAN.
From: the Istanbul area.
Note: Are there any ARABAJIAN families around the Istanbul area? My great-grandfather was a priest in the Armenian church and to my knowledge he died in 1941.
Researcher: L.Semerjian.

*Surname: ARAS.
From: Istanbul, Turkey to Bad Brueckenau, Germany.
Note: I'm searching for my biological mother. I was born Peter Aras in Bad Brueckenau, Germany in 1974. Shortly thereafter an American military couple adopted me and brought me to the States. Her name is (was) Lale Aras and she was 20 in 1974 (b. 6/30/1953 in Istanbul, Turkey). She lived and worked in a factory in Bad Brueckenau, and apparently moved there in Feb. of '73. She had a Turkish Passport at the time.
Researcher: Travis Boyle.

From: Istanbul to Harrisburg, PA.
Note: My grandfather, Haig Assadourian, came from Istanbul in 1927 after graduating from Robert College. He settled in Harrisburg, PA. His brother Hrant also immigrated to California. His other two brothers, Levon and Ardash, remained in Turkey. Haig was born Oct 30, 1898 and Hrant was born circa 1883. Their parents were named Aztin and Ardem. I would greatly appreciate any info that may exist on the family.
Researcher: Chuck Assadourian.

*Surname: AVRAMIDES.
I am trying to find out more about my grandfather on my father's side. My father was born in Constantinople, Turkey in 1908 and my grandfather was also born in Turkey, but I don't know what city or year of birth. He was a timber merchant and a money loan-exchanger. The surname is Avramides and first name Prodromos.
Researcher: John Avramides.

*Surname: BEHAR.
From: Istanbul, Turkey.
Note: I am searching for Lea/Liza Behar, born circa 1923 in istanbul. she married in 1946 to moshe levi. they had three daughters, the eldest was called suzi. who can help met to find them?
Researcher: John Groenendijk.

*Surname: BENHASON.
From: Istanbul to Malta and then to Liverpool, England.
Note: I am trying to find out about my Turkish grandfather, Behor Shabtai BENHASON, born in Istanbul c.1857-8. According to my uncle, he was orphaned while quite young, but with the help of relatives he succeeded in getting a substantial Jewish education. An orthodox man, he often served as reader or as the leader of the small Sephardi communities he found himself in. Around 1885-6 he married a Salonikan girl, Rachel MENAHEM and moved with her to Malta. There he traded in Turkish rugs. Through connections with his British customers, he decided to move with his wife and first 3 children to Liverpool, England c.1889-90. There he had several more children before moving to London, where he died in 1924. I understand that he had a cousin named Albert BEHAR, also born in Istanbul, and that members of this family moved to France and Palestine. I am not certain of the spelling of the surnames. Once my grandfather reached Liverpool he renamed himself BENAZON.
Researcher: Michael Benazon.

*Surname: BENSUSAN.
From: Istanbul to England.
Note: My Great Great Great Grandfather David BENSUSAN was born in Constantinople and lived in England until his death in 1862. His father's name was Nissim. I am trying to find any relative.
Researcher: Stuart Bensusan.

*Surname: BESSUDO.
From: Istabul (Constantinople), Turkey.
Note: I am looking for help in Constantinople to have the birth act from Bessudo (Alberto in Spanish), born in January 1875 in Constantinople. Son from Bessoudo Samuel and Corinne Dinar. I am french historian. Thanks a lot.
Researcher: Jacky Paul Bentzinger.

*Surname: BILA.
From: Crete, Greece to Constantinople, Turkey.
Note: trying to find any information on the name Bila. Grandfather's name was Husam Bila, born in Crete, Greece, lived in Constantinople, Turkey. His father Husan was a tobacco king. Any clues on how to find information on them. "Bila" is a prefix in old Turkish (Ottoman Turkish), and means "without". It is pronounced with the "i" as a long e sound in english language.
Researcher: Becky.

*Surname: BOSTANIAN.
From: Kayseri to Constantinople to USA.
Note: I am searching for any information on the family of Tateos BOSTANIAN, from Kayseri who died 1887. His wife was Akabi APIKIAN who may have been born in 1852. They had 3 children, Hagop (my grandfather)born in 1879 and migrated to the U.S. in 1896, Ohanes, born in 1882 and migrated to the U.S. in 1902 with Akabi and Veronika, born in 1880. She resided in Constantinople before traveling to the U.S. in 1900.
Researcher: Irene O'Leary.

*Surname: CAMERON.
From: Vera (Pera?) Constantinople, Turkey.
Note: My great grandmother, Isabella CAMERON was born in Vera (?), Constantinople, Turkey in circa 1864, to Scottish parents (Fergus and Barbara CAMERON) I have no idea how to obtain any information from Turkey and was hoping someone could assist me in my search. Fergus Cameron was a Chief Engineer on a boat/ship.
Researcher: Joanne Douglas.

*Surname: CAMOLINOS.
From: Tinos, Greece to Venice to Istanbul and Izmir.
Note: I'm looking for any information anyone would have on Roman Catholic families living in Smyrna (Izmir) or Constantinople between the early 1800's and 1920's. My family lore suggests the families originated from the island Tinos before moving to Turkey (and prior to that, Venice). Family names are as follows with the Greek-ification of their name in brackets:

Camolini (Camolinos)
Damolini (Damolinos)
Philippucci or Filippucci (Philippoussis)

If anyone has any information on these families or sources in Turkey to retrieve information, I would appreciate any help you can provide.
Researcher: Ginette Camolinos.

From: Istanbul (Constantinople) and Canakale.
Note: I am looking for any information on the above names as I am trying to establish the link between the Damoglou family and the Karatheodoris family. The families would have been from Istanbul (Constantinople) and Canakale.
Researcher: Antony Damoglou.

From: Istanbul
Note: I am looking for birth certificate details of John Dimitrescu born in Istanbul, Turkey on 4.5.29. His mother was Greek and father was Romanian. He was Greek Orthodox. I know that John Dimitrescu's parents and grandmother are all buried in Istanbul, Turkey but I don't know where.
Researcher: Vivianne Dimitrescu.

*Surname: DENIZ.
From: Istanbul, Turkey.
Researcher: 99erdemd.

*Surname: DERUSSO.
From: Istanbul, Turkey.
Note: My father was borne in Istanbul, Turkey in 1936. I have no relative further than that. Can you help in exploring my roots?
Researcher: Yaacov.

*Surname: DE VIDAS.
From: Istanbul to Argentina.
Note: Moise de Vidas died in Istanbul at the age of 40, perhaps in 1932. His widow, Sarah, then left Turkey (around 1935) to live near her sister in Argentina and took her two children, Pauline de Vidas and Albert de Vidas, with her. Unfortunately, that is all I know. Does anyone know any Sephardic Jews named DE VIDAS or DEVIDAS from Argentina or Istanbul? Me puede contestar en ingles o en espanol facil.
Researcher: Daniel Kazez.

*Surname: EHRENFELD.
From: Istanbul, Turkey.
Note: My grandfather, Philip Ehrenfeld, was born to German parents in Istanbul on March 15, 1879. He married before he left Turkey in 1919. I have no documentation. Could anyone suggest a starting point for my research? Would appreciate any help.
Researcher: Joseph Biro.

*Surname: ERDEM.
From: Istanbul, Turkey.
Researcher: 99erdemd.

*Surname: HERDMAN.
From: Scotland to Istanbul, Turkey to Woolwich, England to New Zealand and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Queensland, Australia.
Note: James Herdman and Margaret Cuthbert married in Scotland 1835. James remarried Martha Hague (probably in Turkey) and had a second family all of whom were born in Turkey. I am seeking the birth date of James/Margaret Cuthbert's son, also named James born possibly late 1840s, Constantinople and if he had any siblings. Second marriage offspring were: Hiram, Martha, William, Edward, Mary Ann, Rebecca, and Walter. Some of this family returned to Woolwich, England. James Herdman Jr married Nellie Lawrie in NZ in 1886 and his three half sisters may have gone to Ceylon and Queensland. Any information on members of this Herdman family in Constantinople during Crimean war appreciated.
Researcher: Claire Armitage.

From: Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey.
Note: I have my Grandmother's marriage certificate but need help to find out where I can get her birth certificate. She was born Archalouise Hovanessian daughter of Nazaret a tobacconist, in Constantinople. His shop was on the Golden Horn. Her date of birth was 24th August 1905. She was married at the Crimean Memorial Church in Pera and Lived at 22 rue Siba Pera. The witnesses at the wedding were Prapzam Hovansyan and Levon Yeramian. I think she was Armenian and may have been Greek Orthodox. She had at least one sister who I think went to the USA. Any advice or information about these people or places would be appreciated.
Researcher: Helen Wood.

From: Istanbul (Constantinople) and Canakale.
Note: I am looking for any information on the above names as I am trying to establish the link between the Damoglou family and the Karatheodoris family. The families would have been from Istanbul (Constantinople) and Canakale.
Researcher: Antony Damoglou.

*Surname: KLOYAN.
From: Istanbul to Boston, Massachusetts
Note: My Grandmother, Aghavnie Kloyan, grew up in Istanbul 1900-1920 trying to locate passenger ship that sailed to Boston between 1920-1923.
Researcher: Molecule777.

*Surname: GRACE.
From: Northumberland, England to Istanbul.
Note: Looking for GRACE family originally from Northumberland, England.
CHARLES LAW born 1858/59 in turkey
JOHN CHARLES GRACE married ANNA MARIA DUNN GRACE in Constantinople 23 november 1874
Daughter born 13th November 1875 at ARANDHUE. Is this in Turkey?
Any ideas would be gratefully received.
Researcher: Caroline Craggs.

*Surname: GORMEZ.
From: Istanbul, Turkey.
Note: Do you know the names Gormez, Gormezano or Razon in Constantinople/Istanbul, or do you carry this name or know anyone who does?
Researcher: Gormez.

From: Constantinople, Turkey.
Note: looking for information on family of Higanoosh Kiramatjian born 1875-1878 Constantinople. Married Noregian from Harpoot. Any info greatly appreciated!
Researcher: Cathy.

*Surname: KOUPOUYRO.
From: Uskudar, Istanbul.
Note: If you have any information on the Koupouyrou family, originally from the Uskudar area, please contact G.L.Moore.

From: Istanbul via Kherson, Ukraine.
Researcher: Michael Grant.

*Surname: LEVY.
From: Constantinople to Egypt and then France.
Note: Je suis le petit fils de Raphael LEVY, né ¡ Constantinople le 12 avril 1904. Vers les ann饳 20, il s'exila pour la France via l'Egypte. J'aimerais comprendre pourquoi ? Et savoir si une partie de la famille vit toujours à ‰stanbul ou en Turquie ?
Researcher: Thierry Lagree.

*Surname: LYON.
From: Scotland to Koomberhana (possibly Kumbarahane Kislasi) and back to Scotland.
Note: James Lyon L.R.C.S (Licentiate Royal College Surgeons, Edinburgh.) was a 1st class Surgeon, Surgeon General to the Army of the Ottoman Empire. When this Surgeon went to Turkey he may have been accompanied by his wife Anne Lyon and as I cannot find any record of her death in Scotland I wondered if she died in Turkey. He returned to Scotland after the Crimean war but was alone.
Researcher: Jim Hamilton.

From: Scotland to Hasskeni & then Pera, Constantinople, then some to Odessa, and some to Kerch, Russia, then to France and then England.
Note: Robert James McGill born in Old Luce, Scotland in 1834, lived and worked in Constantinople as an engineer/boiler maker. He married his first wife Frances Brown, possibly in Const. and they had 6 children in Constantinople.: James, Frances, Robert, Samuel, John and Grace between 1861 and 1871. Frances Brown then died in Const, in 1871 and Robert remarried (where? I'd like to find the marriage cert.) to Amelia Gresham and had 3 more children in Const. before his death in 1892: Frederick, Arthur and Elizabeth Emily. Amelia his wife died in Pera, Constantinople in 1896. Their son Arthur Mcgill married Alexandra Missouksoudi (sp? possibly Greek) and lived in Kerch where their daughter Nadia was born. Arthur worked for (owned?) a shipping company in Kerch. They moved to France, then England during the Russian revolution where he died in London in 1930. If anyone has any information about Amelia Gresham and her ancestors (they may have been from the Carribean), or information on what happened to her children upon her death, or knows of any other past McGills in Constantinople please contact me.
Researcher: Kathleen Grebneff.

*Surname: MISSOUKSOUDI (spelling is not accurate).
Note: Researching Alexandra Missouksoudi. I am told she was Russian but the name may be Greek or Turkish. She married a Scot, Arthur McGill, around 1900, possibly in Constantinople since Arthur was born and lived there. She lived in Kerch, Russia (Crimea) where her daughter Nadia was born around 1902, and fled Russia during the revolution with her family. After living in France for a year or two they moved to London, England. Nadia died in London in 1982. Anyone who may have heard of this surname of similar spelling please contact me. Researcher: Kathleen Grebneff.

*Surname: MIZRAKI.
From: Constantinople to England.
Note: I am looking for any help on finding Izaak Mizraki who moved to england in the late 1800's or early 1900's.
Researcher: Paul Burcham.

*Surname: MOSCOVIC.
From: Istanbul to Paris, France.
Note: My grand-mother Marie Moscovic (Mocowitch) was born in June 10 of 1881, daughter of Jacob Moscovic and Hannah (Anna) Akermann in Istanbul. Marie Moscovitch came in France and married my grand-father Georges (Gedalie) GOLDBERG the 4 Aug 1903 in Paris where she died in 1955.
Researcher: Denis Goldberg.

*Surname: MUKADDER.
From: Istanbul to Egypt.
Note: Mukadder was born in Istanbul as a red haired girl around 1912. Father's name was Ahmet. She was taken then to Egypt by a pascha's family (adopted ?) in 1922. Any information relating her or her family will be appreciated.
Researcher: Orak Dogu.

*Surname: OKTAR.
From: Istanbul to the UK.
Note: Hi there my Turkish surname was OKTAR, I think my dad was from Istanbul. My full name used to be JAMES EKRAM FARUK OKTAR.
Researcher: James Davidson.

From: Armenia, Turkey and New York, USA.
Note: Searching for birth mother, who was of Armenian descent and whose surname was OZKALFAYAN. She was born in Istanbul in 1948, had 2 sisters, one older sister living in the United States, and a younger sister living in Istanbul. Her father had his own business designing water pumps. He was a graduate of an American college in Istanbul. Her mother was also a college graduate, and taught French. Birthmother attended a French Catholic high school and later an art school. She came to the United States around 10 years before birth of researcher in 1981. She was living in New York City at the time of researcher's birth.
Researcher: Juliette Ozkalfayan.

*Surname: PALABIYIK.
From: Greece to Istanbul to USA.
Note: I am also looking for information for my roots. My ggrand parents moved from Greece to Istanbul. And some part of the family moved from Greece to States. I even traved back my grand father's uncle in NH.
Researcher: Umit Palabiyik.

From: Constantinople to Thessalonika, Greece.
Note: Looking for information on Anastasios Papasotiriou and his family. He married Panayiota Kostoglou, and they had 7 children. Anna, Peggy, Stavroula, Harilaos, Kyriakos, Isakis, and Theodoros. Stavroula died in 1918, and Anastacios moved to Thessalonika, Greece around 1923, with his sons Isakis and Theodoros. Any info, let me know!
Researcher: Gregory Williams.

From: Istanbul (Constantinople) and Canakale.
Note: I am looking for any information on the above names as I am trying to establish the link between the Damoglou family and the Karatheodoris family. The families would have been from Istanbul (Constantinople) and Canakale. See also: DAMOGLOU/DAMOGLU, KARATHEODORIS/CARATHEODORIS.
Researcher: Antony Damoglou.

*Surname: POLITIS.
From: Chios, Elata, Greece to Bulgaria and ultimately to Istanbul, Turkey.
Note: Looking for great-grandfather, Nikolaos Politis, born in a village in 1800 and lived in Istanbul.
Researcher: John Politis.

*Surname: RODITI.
From: Istanbul Province, Turkey.
Note: Jacob Roditi was born circa 1875, Istanbul Province, Turkey. He married Ester, maiden name unknown. Information sought.
Researcher: Jeanne Gold.

Location: Constantinople, Turkey to Ellis Island, New York, America.
Note: I am looking for information on the following rosenstein families from Constantinople Turkey:
Elias Rosenstein arrived 1906 at Ellis Island.
Liza, Bertha, Mathilda and Nathan arrived 1910 at Ellis Island.
Ester, Dora, Fenvel & Schemdel Arrive 1911 at Ellis Island.
Barsilia, Maria and Moise arrive 1914 at Ellis Island.
There ages upon arrival at Ellis Island were:

Elias 48
Liza 43
Bertha 11
Mathilda 15
Nathan 17

Ester 35
Dora 7
Fenvel 10
Schemedal (female) 2

Maria 24
Barsilia 4
Moise 2
Researcher: Barbara McCarthy.

From: Naslic (Neapolis), Kozane, Macedonia to Istanbul, Turkey to Latin America.
Note: Researching father's uncle (brother of grandfather) who left for Latin America and possibly United States between 1913-1921. He was MALIK (ISMAIL or HUSEYIN) SABAN (SHABAN/CHABAN/SABANOGLU) who was born between 1893-1897 to parents SABAN and GULLU (GOULLOU) in the village of VINEANI in the city of NASLIC (now NEAPOLIS) in Kozane, Macedonia, Greece. His brother was NURETTIN (NOUREDIN). He left from PATRAS, AKHAIA, PELOPENOSSOS, GREECE. If you have any information about this lost person, contact Eyup Eldeniz at his telephone/fax 0090 212 544 15 33 or his email.

From: Galata section, Constantinople Note: My grandmother, Rebecca SCHAECHTER, was born in Constantinople, Turkey in 1885, one of eight children born to Berthe Schaechter and her husband in the last half of the 19th century. I believe that her husband (my great-grandfather) was named Eliezar Schaechter and was a rabbi in Constantinople. He may have been born in Palestine. I believe that my great-great grandfather was also a rabbi. My grandmother and her brother and sisters were educated in schools set up by the Alliance Israelite Universelle. The following are the dates of birth I have been able to obtain:
Rebecca Schaechter: April 2, 1885
Israel Schaechter: February 2, 1876
Miriam Schaechter: February 20, 1882
Raphael Eskenazi (Miriam's husband): February 28, 1879.
Researcher: Peter Janovsky.

From: Istanbul, Turkey and Armenia?
Note: Information sought on surname, a common Armenian name in Turkey.
Researcher: Wanda.

*Surname: TOLFREE.
From: Constantinople and London, England.
Note: I have an ancestor who was, according to census returns, born in Constantinople in 1875. His siblings were all born in London, England. His father's occupation is given as civil engineer's assistant. Bit of a long shot, I know, but would anyone know why an English civil engineer's assistant would be working there in 1875?
Researcher: Jackie Tolfree.

From: Tuzla, near Istanbul
Researcher: John Gurlides.

*Surname: UZIEL (variant: UZZIEL or OUZIEL).
From: Istanbul and Bulgaria.
Note: I am looking for any information on Abraham (Avraham) Uziel (Uzziel, Ouziel) from Istanbul. Born around 1877, married Ester Daniel from Bulgaria. Any information on him, his parents, anything would be appreciated.
Researcher: Ted Uziel.

*Surname: WOLNITZER.
From: Austria to Turkey to UK.
Note: In the UK 1901 census, my Joanna WOLNITZER is recorded as being in a UK school and listed as a Turkish Jewess. Her parents were Austrian and she was born around 1890, possibly in Constantinople. Her mother spoke Arabic along with several other languages. Would this be common for them to travel down there? How could I find the birth also. Would appreciate help with this one. Many thanks!
Researcher: B.Corrigan.

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