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* Istanbul Jewish Genealogy Project

*LDS Family History Library Catelogue for Turkey and specifically for Istanbul.

*Telefon Rehberi (Turkish).

*Turkey State Institute of Statistics (English).

*Milli Kütüphane (Turkish National Library) in English or Turkish.

T.C. Basbakanlik DIE (Turkish).

*Ellis Island Family Immigration History Center.

*Ellis Island Database.

*Foundation of the Hellenic World: Genealogy Project -- Traces the genealogy and history of Greek refugees from Asia Minor (including Turkey), Pontos, Eastern Thrace and Konstantinopolis. (Greek)

*Archival Organizations in Türkiye.

*Hanukoglu Family Genealogy.

*Turk Genealogy -- for people with the surname "Turk" and all its variations.

*Immigration History Research Center Guide: Near Eastern Peoples: Turks.

*The Dib Family Tree.

*Learning Practical Turkish.

*Cyndi's List: The Middle East.

*Byzantine Emperors from the Royal Directory (see also Jim Steven's Website).

*Embassies in Turkey.

*Genealogy of the Ottoman Royal Family (See also The Royal Ark).

*Sephardic Jewish Genealogical Information (see also here).

*Sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

*Roditi Clan.

*CIA Worldfactbook: Turkey.

*Burials for the Istanbul Yukeskkaldirim Ashkenazi Synagogue.

*Descendants of Yeshaya and Rivka Maya Home Page.

*Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.

*International Adoption of Turkey.


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*Cybercityguides – Istanbul.

*Discount Istanbul Hotels - Turkey.

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