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Bozeman Genealogy

Peter Bozeman

Peter Bozeman born about 1755, a son of Mordecai, served in the American Revolution,

received on Sept 9 1785, 4 pounds 18 shillings 7 pence for his 69 days

served in the Militia.

There were other payments such as

Peter married Sarah Brown in December 1786 and on the 1790 census he had four females in the household. who might have married and migrated to Alabama

with the entire family, about 1826 - 1827.

In 1826 their property in Darlington SC was surveyed, likely to sell so they could move.

Records indicate that he had been captured at the fall of Charleston,

but managed to escape. The SC Archives on the internet lists Peter, Mordecai, John,

Paul, Phillip, Philemon, Ralph, in their Colonial Soldiers of the South.

It lists Peter receiving 100 acres of land. Paul might have been his brother.

The NC archives lists many more Bozemans in the War.

In 1828 Peter "wrote" letters to the American Revolutionary Claims office from


He died in 1829 and all of his children and his wife attended the estate sale except Meady who must have died young.

His son Peter E Bozeman bought the three slaves.

In 1838 Jesse petitions the court to sell the land that Peter owned .

<>In 1800 Darlington census there is a Jesse living two farms away from Peter, but that is not his son. Perhaps a brother. However, Peter did name a son Jesse M Bozeman in 1793 and a son Meade was born in 1790. One can only guess why the first born son of Sarah and Peter would be named Meade - -perhaps it was her maiden name and perhaps it was his mother's surname. About 1802 he named a son William Henry Bozeman who married Martha Hill. Peter also named a son Peter E Bozeman in 1807 who married Gilly.

Peter had a daughter named Lucy who married Sterling Campbell. Vincent Joiner showed up on the paper that Sarah signed when Peter died, so he may have married one of the Bozeman girls.The 1830 census of Alabama shows most of the children, born to Peter and Sarah. It also shows us many of the other families who followed them from Darlington to Montgomery.

It is an honor to follow up the Bozeman genealogy, from those who have gone

before us, and much gratitude is owed for the many clues they have left behind.

Thanks to cousin Wayne Bozeman, who began this research many years ago,

and shared his father's copy of Sketches with me, and thanks to cousin

Jimmy Bozeman for trying to get Peter acknowledged by the DAR

and hopefully soon that will take place.

This should open doors for many more Alabama Bozemans to locate their ancestors.

I am very greatful for these two leading me to find a portion of the old plantation in Hope Hull, in Montgomery Alabama where the Bozemans had settled near McGeHee, Flinn, Campbell, Hill,Calloway, Shackelford,

and to find the cemetery

where Jesse is buried along with his family.

Someday perhaps, in those same woods,

we will find the grave of his father,

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