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Our Ancestors Speak


~Sketches of Bozeman~



Tracing our roots.

My mom was orphaned at age 4 and raised by her grandmother Lorena Emma Bozeman.  Lorena seems to descend from Mordecai Bozeman of North Carolina who was born about 1735 and served in the American Revolution.  Mordecai and his sons are mentioned in the book "Sketches" on pages 129-130. His son Peter settled in Montgomery Alabama about 1827.

Reverend Bozeman did us all a great honor in his research and writing this book as did his grandson Henry Teer by following up on his Bozeman families.

As we continue their work and I personally write most about the Alabama Bozeman families and preserve it on the internet where others can find us and build their family tree, I can say it is with great pleasure to meet my new cousins online and in person.

Kathy Lorena



Are we Dutch?
The early immigrants, Nathan, Joseph E. William into Maryland
Samuel Bozeman says that his father Meady, brother of Col John Boseman, spoke often of Maryland
Samuel and Ann Richardson Bozeman
Joseph Bozeman's children: Nathan, Etheldred Pendleton, Jefferson Richardson, Eliza, Eveline and Elisha Thompson Bozeman.


Nathaniel born 1812 farmed in Autauga County, married Susan Garrett and had children: Jefferson Elisha, James Michael, Wm Julius, Mary Ellen, Walter W, Emma Tom.
David Wood Bozeman born 1814 to Nathan, married Ann English Browning of Lowndes County Alabama
Henry Joseph Bozeman, son of David, married Lucy L Gary, granddaughter of his uncle Michael, in Clarke County Arkansas
Dr Nathan Bozeman in NY
James G Bozeman, Greenville AL and his sibings
Joseph Woodruff Bozeman born 1833, author of this book, born in Lowndes County AL
Joseph and Ella Sneed Bozeman
Children of Jacob
Phineas born 1830
Dr James Fort Bozeman b 1824
Etheldred and Amy Carter Bozeman
Thomas J Bozeman of MS went to CA - Howell Bozeman of GA
Samuel b 1758 NC married Esther
Samuel Bozeman married Mary Herrington in 1815
Wiliam Bluitt Bozeman and sibling
Etheldred, Burton, James, Jesse, Josiah, Meady, Martha, Dicy - all siblings. Etheldred served in the American Revolution at the age of 16
Etheldred names sons John and Peter.
Lewis born 1760 Virginia goes to SC
Philemon-Lewis, Dan, David
Bozeman Montana
various locations: Alabama, GA, Michigan
Levin born 1750 and brothers Joseph, John
Joseph wounded in American Revolution
John Bozman born 1754 Tyrrell NC
John Leed Bozman born 1753