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Volume III,  Number 2                                Apr/May/June 1987      
Published and edited by Wendy L. Elliott, C.G.P.0. Box 417, Salt Lake City, UT  84110
Editor's Message

A big thanks to all those who so graciously supplied articles for the Newsletter!  The issues are much larger now, and that should appeal to all subscribers as well as your editor.  The more information we can distribute, the better our chances of making the needed connections.
Another large issue is already in the making for Volume III, No. 3; it will include the materials collected for the BOYT/BOYETT families in the state of Mississippi, with some ancestral connections, and all the census and other records which have been located for documentation.  The issue has been placed on a computer, and is now being edited and reviewed by one of the chief participants in this project, Frances Parkinson.


Anyone who has evidence or sound oral tradition of a French Huguenot origin of their BOYT/BOYETTE ancestors should contact Deloyce Conrad who is having a search made in the earliest French and Dutch/Flemish (BOYDT) repositories. A photocopy of the earliest Contemporary record of your ancestor is needed, along with your reason for believing the Huguenot origin, even if the ancestor sailed from a British or Irish port.  She also wishes to contact any descendants or researchers of the Huguenot family BOYD who arrived in SC before 13 July 1687.  Mr. James BOYD was the son of Jean BOIDET and a native of de Bordeaux Province de Guienne.  His children were Jeanne, Elizabeth, Jacques, & Jean Auguste born in Carolina.  Deloyce Conrad, Friedinger Str. 6 8031 Seefeld, West Germany.

Seeking information on Abner N. REED who was residing with Martha BOYETT, age 45, in the 1850 U.S. Census of Obion Co., TN (p 342, #329).  Also, included in the household were: William, 20; Barney, 18; Elijah, 17; Anne, 16; Elizabeth, 14; Eliza, 11; Susanna, 6; and Abner REED, age 24.
Roy N. BURNS, #7 Patrick Henry Terrace   Newport News, VA 23602


Jesse Boyet,  son of Etheldred Boyet and Priscilla Jernigan, was born in Wayne County, NC about 1773.

Jesse in Wayne County, North Carolina
14 Feb. 1795. Jesse settles his account with Jo Boon.
26 Jan. 1797. Jesse settles an account for his father.
10 Nov. 1803. Jesse witnessed deed, James Boyet of Screven Co. GA to Mary Page of Wayne Co. NC.

Jesse moves from North Carolina to Tennessee.
1812. He is taxed in James McNiell's Company, Bedford Co. TN.
25 Oct. 1823. Freeman Killingsworth of Maury to Jesse Boyett of Bedford.  $525 for 50 A in Maury on Rock Creek beg. on a beach in the county line the south west corner of Etheldred Boyett’s tract.
6 Nov. 1824. Jesse pays $57.90 for his father the costs in a suit in Bedford Circuit Court wherein Catharine Boyett & others were complainants against Etheldred Boyett defendant.

1830 Census, Bedford Co. TN, Boyett, Jesse, 1 male 15-20,  1 male 40-50, 1 female under 5, 1 female 30-40.
28 Dec. 1830. Jesse signs an agreement appointing commissioners to divide the real estate of Etheldred Boyet.
19 Jan. 1831. Jesse receives lot No. 5 of 12 ½ acres in the division of his father’s real estate.

After the death of his father, Jesse moves to Carroll County.
8 March 1831. Charles Ready to Jesse Boyet and Thomas Hays.
$1000 for land in Carroll Co.
15 Oct.  1833.  He mentions his son Jehu and his Aunt Isabel Hayes in a letter to James Boyet posted from Huntington, TN.
5 June 1834. Jesse sells his interest in above land to Thomas
H. Hays for $333.33.
7  March  1835.  Jesse  Boyet to James  Boyet.  $100  for a 1/8 interest in 350 A in Bedford Co. (His father's whole tract).
12 May 1837. Jesse Boyett of Carroll Co. TN to James Boyett of Marshall Co. TN. Power of Attorney. (Marshall Co. TN Deeds A: 244)
3 Nov. 1838. Jesse receives $33.10 as his share of his mother’s personal estate.
1840 Census. Boyte, Jesse, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 60-70, 1 female
10-15,    1 female 50-60.

The name of his wife is not known. Three children have been identified tentatively:

1.    Jehu Boyet was born about 1810. He was in Warren Co. MS in
2.    James  A.  Boyet married 22 Aug.  1850,  Carroll Co.  TN,  Mary Jones.
3.    Rebecca  Boyet  married 3  Sept.  1850,  Carroll Co.  TN,  S.  A. Pearce. (The name in the record is Boyle but there are no other Boyles in the book so probably Boyte was intended).

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Elizabeth  Boyet,  daughter  of  Etheldred  Boyet  and  Priscilla Jernigan was born about 1775 in Wayne Co. NC.
Elizabeth in Bedford or Marshall County, Tennessee. 1830 Census. Boyett, Elizabeth. 2 males 15-20, 1 female
10-15,    1 female 15-20, 1 female 50-60.
28 Dec. 1830. Elizabeth signs an agreement appointing commissioners to divide the real estate of Etheldred Boyet.
19 Jan.  1831.  Elizabeth  receives  lot  no. 6 of 30 A in the division of her father’s real estate.
July 28,  1832.  Elizabeth receives $35.72 as her share of her father's personal estate.
19 May 1837. Elizabeth Boyett to John F. Boyett. Lot No. 2 of the dower of Priscilla Boyett.
11 Oct.  1838.  Elizabeth receives $33.10 as her share of her mother's personal estate.
1840 Census. Boyett, Narcissa. 2 females 20-30

Marshall County, Tennessee Tax Lists
1839. Boyett, Betey    50 A value $250 District No. 15
1840. Boyett, Elizabeth   50 A value $250 District No. 15
1841. Boyett, Narcissa    50 A value $250 District No. 15
1842. Boyett, Narcissa    50 A value $250 District No. 15
1843. Boyett, Narcissa    50 A value $250 District No. 15
1860. Boyett, J. A.    1 poll District No. 14
1861. Boyett, J. Albert    1 poll District No. 14
1862. Boyett, J. A.    1 poll District No. 14
1864. Boyett, J. Albert    1 poll District No. 14
1865. Boyett, J. A.    1 poll District No. 14
1866. Boyett, J. A.    1 poll District No. 14
1867. Boyett, J. A.    1 poll District No. 14

Since Elizabeth is in the 1840 but not in the 1841 tax list she must have died in 1840.

Marshall County, Tennessee Marriage Bonds
10 Feb. 1839. Narcissa Boyet to Benjamin Wright.
19 July 1843. Minerva A.    Boyet to Amos Phelps.
1850 Census, Marshall Co., District No. 15, page 193
48  Hezekiah Chunn    m 34 Farmer                             NC
    Elisabeth J.    f 39 (Daughter of Jehu Boyet)  TN
    Eliza Ann    f 10                                            TN
    Mary W.    f  6                                             TN
    Philip B.    m  5                                           TN
    John    m 1/12                                       TN
    Narcissa Wright    f  37                                           TN
    Joseph Albert    m 14                                          TN
    Elizabeth A.    f  7                                             TN
    James M.    m  1                                           TN

1860 Census Marshall County, District No. 15, page 133
170 James Boyett    m 69 Farmer                                     NC
Lizzie    f 63 House Keeper                            NC
Zilpha Tucker    f 41 Domestic                                NC
Josiah Boyett    m 39 Farm Laborer                            NC
Jessee    m 37 Farm Laborer                            NC
Edith                       f 33 Domestic                                TN


    Chelly    f 27 DomeStic                            TN
    Thomas    m 21 Farm Laborer                        TN
    James wright    m 11                                                                                                 TN
    Newton Tucker    m 21 Student Phisic                      TN
228       Narcissa Boyett    f 49 Housekeeper                         TN
    Albert G. Boyett    m 22 Farm laborer, school                TN

1670 Census, Marshall Co. TN, Dist. 14, p. 176, Mooresville
39  Boyt, Albert    m 22 Farmer                              TN
    Boyt, James    m 21 Farm laborer    TN
    Boyt, Narcissus    f 57    TN
1880 Census, Marshall Co. TN, District 17, page 512B    
290 Boyet, James M.    m 31 Farmer    TN TN TN
Boyet, Mary    f 27 wife                          TN TN TN
Boyet, Samuel    from  2 son                        TN TN TN
Boyet, Erskine    m 10/12 Aug., Son                  TN TN TN
Boyet, Joseph    m 36 brother, Farmer               TN TN TN

1900 Census, Marshall Co. TN, District 15, page 147B
Boyet, James M.    m May    1849    Farmer    TN TN TN
Boyet, Mary (wife)    f Dec    1851        TN TN TN
   married 24 years,    mother of 6 children -- 6 living
Boyet, Samuel (son)    m Oct    1877    Farm laborer    TN TN TN
Boyet, Margie (dau)    f May    1882        TN TN TN
Boyet, Eva (dau)    f Nov    1884        TN TN TN
Boyet, Clifford (son)    m Mar    1886        TN TN TN
Boyet, Lelar (dau)    f Feb    1890        TN TN TN
Boyet, Erskin (son)    m Aug    1879        TN TN TN


James M.  Boyett was born 11 May 1849 in Marshall Co. TN and died 13 June 1929. He married 4 Jan. 1877, Marshall Co. TN, Mary E. Hill,  daughter of John R. and Louisa T. Hill. She was born 25 Dec. 1851  and died 27 April 1912. They are buried in Hill Cemetery, Duncanville, Marshall Co. TN.
They had six children:
1.    Samuel L. Boyet was born Oct. 1877 in Marshall Co. TN. He is listed with his parents in the 1910 census, Marshall Co. TN.

2.    Lee Erskin "Erk" Boyet was born 3 Aug. 1879 in Marshall Co. TN and died 4 July 1916. He is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Duncanville, TN.

3    Margie Boyet was born May 1882 in Marshall Co. TN. She is listed with her parents in the 1900 census, Marshall Co. TN.

4.    Eva Boyet was born Nov. 1884 in Marshall Co. TN. She is listed with her parents in the 1910 census, Marshall Co..TN.

5.    J.  Clifford Boyet was born March 1886 in Marshall Co. TN and died in 1949. He is buried in Hill cemetery.

6.    Leila Boyet was born 23 Jan. 1890 in Marshall Co. TN and died 4 Sept 1905.  She is buried in Hill cemetery.  She never married.

Jehu Boyet, son of Etheldred Boyet and Priscilla Jernigan, was born about 1776 in Wayne Co. NC. (Jehu is a Bible name, 2 K. 9,10)
Jehu in Wayne County, North Carolina.
10 Nov. 1803. Jehu witnessed a deed from James Boyet of Screven Co. GA to Mary Page of Wayne Co. NC.
30 Sept. 1807. Jehu marries Catherine, daughter of Freeman Killingsworth and widow of John Wilder. She was born 1783 in Johnston Co. NC and died Jan. 1860, aged 76 in Marshall Co. TN. (1860 Mortality Schedules)
27 Feb. 1807. Jehew Boyet and Caty Boyet & Irwin Wilder adm. the will of John Wilder decd. to James Frost, Jr. Johnston Co. NC. (the date should probably be 1808)

Jehu in Williamson County, Tennessee.
1809. Boyt, Jehu 1 white  -- 25.
1810. Boyt, Jehu 1 white  -- 12 -- 5.
20 April 1810. Jehu witnessed his father's note to John Record

Jehu and Catherine in Bedford County, Tennessee.
29 Jan. 1812. Witnessed his father's deed from John Record.
1812. Jehu is in Capt. Lewis L. Medlin’s Militia Company.
28  July 1814. Michael Campbell to Catherine Boyet  [and James Hanegan Administrator of John (should be Jehu) Boyet Decd. $95 for 46 acres & 14 poles in Bedford Co. TN on Rock Creek.
10 March  1827. Catherine Boyet to James Boyet. Power of Attorney to receive legacies due the children of John Wilder and herself from the will of Matthew Wilder in Wayne Co. NC.
28 Dec.  1830. Catherine signs an agreement appointing commissioners to divide the real estate of Etheldred Boyet.
19 Jan. 1831. The heirs of Jehu Boyet receive lot no. 1 in the division of Etheldred Boyet's real estate.
15 April 1842. David W. Wilder to Katharine Boyet. 46 A in Marshall Co. TN and other property to secure payment of $600.
1 Sept.  1842. Catherine Boyet and David W. Wilder to Elisha Hurt. $440 for 46 A in Marshall Co. TN. (Not same as 28 July 1814)
19  Dec.  1845. Hezekiah Chunn and Elizabeth his wife to Catharine Boyet. $125 for 20 A in Marshall Co. TN.
6 May 1857. Catherine Boyett to Elizabeth Chunn. $125 for 20 A. (Same land as in deed dated 19 Dec. 1845).

Jehu Boyet and Catherine Killingsworth had three children:

1.    Jesse J. Boyet was born 1808 in Williamson Co. TN. Re is listed with his mother in the 1850 census. An inv. and account of sales of his estate was made by Hezekiah Chunn 31 Aug. 1859.

2.    John F. Boyet
B.    1809, Williamson Co. TN
D.    1874, Lamar Co. TX
M.    Deborah Louisa Bills

3.    Elizabeth J. Boyet
B.    1811, Williamson Co. TN
D.    1861-1865, Marshall Co. TN
M.    4 July 1838, Marshall Co. TN, Hezekiah Chunn

(continued on page  6)


Martha Boyet, daughter of Etheldred Boyet and Priscilla Jernigan,  was born in Wayne Co. NC and died in Bedford Co. TN before 1630. She married 1 March 1809, Williamson Co. TN, Sprattey Turner. He was born in VA in 1779 and died Jan. 1858 in Marshall Co. TN.

28  Dec.  1830.  Sprattey Turner  signs an agreement appointing commissioners to divide the real estate of Etheldred Boyet.
19 Jan. 1831. Sprattey Turner receives lot No. 4 in the division of the real estate of Etheldred Boyet.
July 2, 1832. The heirs of Martha Turner receive their share of the personal estate of Etheldred Boyet.
21 May 1842. Sprattey Turner, James Turner, Polly V. Turner and Priscilla Turner to John F. Boyet. $85 for 14 A & 55 P  in Marshall Co. TN, District No. 15 it being lot no. 3 of the dower of Priscilla Boyet decd widow and relict of Etheldridge Boyet set apart by the commissioners to the heirs of Spratty and Martha Turner.

Sprattey Turner and Martha Boyet had five children:

1.    William W. Turner in a letter from Pontotoc, MS to James Boyet in Bedford Co. TN dated 10 July 1836 asks his uncle to send the receipt for taxes that he was to pay for him.
2.    James Turner
B.    14 Feb. 1812
D.    24 July 1875
M.    25 Jan. 1840, Marshall Co. TN, Amanda J. Hill
3.    Polly Vine Turner was born 1815  in TN. She is listed with her father in the 1850 census, Marshall Co. TN.
4.    Priscilla  Ann  Turner was born 3  Sept.  1820  in Bedford Co.  TN and  died  18 Dec.  1900.  She married 30 Aug.  1845 Marshall Co.,TN,  Thomas  Harris London. They are buried in Boyet Cemetary, Marshall Co.  TN.  See 200 Years of the London Family in America by Opal London Cox for further information on this family.
5.    Joseph Turner gave a receipt to James Boyet, dated 5 July 1840, for his share of the personal estate of his grandmother Priscilla Boyet. Joseph Turner is in the 1840 Census for Marshall Co.
TN but not in the 1850.


Bethena Boyet, daughter of Etheldred Boyet and Priscilla Jernigan was born about 1784 in Wayne Co. NC and died 1853 in Marshall Co. TN, a spinster.
28 Dec. 1830. Bethena signs an agreement appointing commissioners to divide the real estate of Etheldred Boyet.
19 Jan. 1831. Bethena receives lot no. 2 of 15 A in the division of her father’s real estate.
28 July 1832. Bethena received $35.72 as her share of the personal estate of Etheldred Boyet.
23 Oct. 1838. Bethena receives $33.10 as her share of the personal estate of Priscilla Boyet.
30 Oct. 1838. Bethena Boyet to John Elliott. $100 for 10 A in Marshall county District 15 beg. at a stake the said Bethena Boyets north east corner of the fifty acre tract alloted to her in the division of the lands of Etheldridge Boyet Deceased.

(Continued on  page 7)

24 March  1845.  Bethena Boyet to James Boyet.  $70 for 14 A & 41 square  poles  in Marshall County District  15.  It being Lot No 6 of the dower of Pricilla Boyet decd as set apart to me by the commissioners at the November term of the Circuit Court of Marshall County  1838 except the lifetime possession of the said Bethena Boyet of the house and yard where she now lives.
Bethena  is  listed with her brother James in the 1850 census. She  was  66  years  old.  They  must have  been  living  in  the  house that Bethena had reserved to herself until her death in the above deed -- the house that stands on the property today.
4 July 1853.  Bethena Boyett's will makes bequests to her sister Alsey Jackson,  brothers  Jesse and James  Boyett,  Eliza Boyett wife of  James  and  the  children of  James:  Zilpha Tucker, Jesse, Josiah, Edith,  Chelly  Jane,  James  Etheldred,  Benjamin Franklin and William Thomas Boyett. Allen C. Tucker appointed Executor.
5  Sept.  1853.  Will  of  Bethena  Boyett  proved  on the  oaths of Hugh Houston & William Arthur.
16 Jan.  1858.  Settlement with Jesse Boyet who was appointed administrator with  the will  annexed of  the estate of Parthena Boyet Decd at the November term 1854 of the County Court in the room  and stead of A. C. Tucker executor resigned.


Nancy Boyet,  daughter of Etheldred Boyet and Priscilla Jernigan, was born about 1786 in Wayne County, NC.

16 Sept. 1830. James Atkins receives for the heirs of Nancy Atkins their share of the personal estate of Etheldred Boyet.
16  Sept.  1830. James Atkins sells to James Boyet for $65 the share of  Etheldred Boyet's land due to his late wife Nancy Atkins and agrees to make a deed as soon as the division is made.
19 Jan.  1831. James Atkins was alloted lot No. 8 in the division of the real estate of Etheldred Boyet.
2 July 1832. James Atkins, as guardian for his five children, receives $35.50 due Nancy Atkins decd as her share of the personal estate of Etheldred Boyet.
31 Oct. 1843. Mary V. Atkins to Thomas G. Rainey. Power of Attorney to receive all that is coming to her from the estate of her grandfather Etheldred Boyet and grandmother Priscilla Boyet.
18 Dec. 1844. Thomas G. Rainey & Eliza A. Rainey his wife formerly Eliza A. Atkins, John Atkins, Mary Atkins, Thomas Atkins & Nancy Atkins to James Boyet. $30 for their interest in the real estate or Etheldred Boyet and the dower of Priscilla Boyet.
18 Aug. 1846. Thomas E. Atkins to James Boyet. $27 for his interest in the real estate of Etheldred Boyet and the dower of Priscilla Boyet.
Nancy Boyet and James Atkins had five children:

1.    Eliza  A.  Atkins  was  born 1820  in TN.  She married Thomas  G.
Rainey.  He was  born 1812  in VA.  They are listed in the 1850
census, Giles Co. TN. Seven children can be identified from the
census: Isaac H. b. 1836, Nancy A. b. 1837, Thomas J. b. 1839,
Josiah D. b. 1842, John W. b. 1845, Mary J. b. 1847 and Martha
L. b. 1849.
2.    John Atkins
3   Mary V. Atkins
4,  Thomas E. Atkins
5.    Nancy Atkins

(continued on page 8)



Alice “Alsey” Boyet, daughter of Etheldred Boyet and Priscilla Jernigan, was born 1796 in Wayne Co. NC and died 1850-1858 in KY.  She married James B. Jackson, possibly a son of James Jackson and Rachel Bills. He was born about 1797 in NC. He is in the 1830 and 1840 census, Warren Co. KY and the 1850 census, Christian Co. KY.

28 Dec.  1830.  James B. Jackson signs  an agreement appointing commissioners to divide the real estate of Etheldred Boyet,
19 Jan, 1831. James B. Jackson receives lot No. 7 in the division of the real estate of Etheldred Boyet.
25 Jan. 1833. James B. Jackson receives his wife's share of the personal estate of Etheldred Boyet,
30 June 1833. James B. Jackson in a letter from Bowling Green, KY gives James Boyet all the news about the family.
22  Feb,  1845.  James B.  Jackson receives $33.10,  his wife’s share of the personal estate of Priscilla Boyet,
22 Feb, 1845. James B. Jackson and Alsey Jackson his wife late Alsey Boyet of Warren Co. KY to James Boyet of Marshall Co. TN. $150 for two tracts in Marshall Co. District 15. The first tract was allotted to the said Alsey Jackson in the division of the land of her father Etheldridge Boyet Decd -- known as lot No 3 between the lots No 2 which was allotted to Jesse Boyet and lot No 4 which was allotted to Eliza Adkins and others. The second tract is Lot No 8 in the division of the dower.
10 May 1858.  James B. Jackson receives of Jesse Boyet, administrator with the will annexed of Bethena Boyet, $100 bequeathed to his wife Alcey Jackson, deceased by Bethena Boyet,
James B. Jackson and Alice Boyet had four children that can be identified, but the census indicates that there were others.

1.    Stokely Jackson was mentioned  in a  letter of his father to James Boyet dated 30 June 1833. In the 1830 census, he is probably the male 5-10. There is no male 15-20 in the 1840 census so he either had died or he had gone on his own,
2.    Mary Ann Jackson was mentioned in the letter of her father to James Boyet, In the 1830 census, she is probably the female under 5, There is no female 10-15 in the 1840 census so she either had married young or died,
3.    George Jackson was mentioned in the letter of his father to James  Boyet,  In  the 1830 census,  he is probably one of the males under 5 and in the 1840 census, he is probably the male 10-15.  He is not found in the 1850 census index for Kentucky.
4.    Franklin B. Jackson was born 1836 in KY. He is listed with his parents in Christian Co. KY in 1850.


James Boyet, son of Etheldred Boyet and Priscilla Jernigan, was born 3 Aug. 1790 in Wayne Co. NC and died 25 March 1868 in Marshall Co. TN, He married 30 March 1815 Elizabeth Wise, daughter of Edith Wise (husband's name unknown) daughter of Theophilus Jones, Elizabeth was born 6 July 1797 in Wayne Co. NC and died 6  Sept. 1883 in Marshall Co. TN. James and Elizabeth are buried in Boyet Cemetary on the old Boyet homestead, Marshall Co. 'r~.

2 Feb. 1810. At Franklin, James paid to A. Whitney $8.56 1/4 on account of Etheldred Boyet,

(continued on page 9)

10 Dec.  1812.  James was mustered into a company of Tennessee Militia under Captian Charles Kavenaugh at Franklin, Williamson Co. TN and served until 27 April 1813.
Bedford County. James paid 18 3/4 cents, for his state, county and poor tax for the year 1814.
10 March 1827. Catherine Boyet to James Boyet. Power of Attorney to receive legacies due the children of John Wilder and herself from the will of Matthew Wilder in Wayne Co. NC.
26 June 1827. James delivers to David Wilder and Levina S. Purdom $235.85 ½ each in fulfilment of the above commission.
28 Dec. 1830. James signs an agreement appointing commissioners to divide the real estate of his father. He also serves as co-administrator with his mother of the estate.
19 Jan. 1831. James receives lot No. 3 in the above division.
10 Sept. 1835. James makes a sworn statement before a Justice of the Peace that he was 45 years old Aug. 3, last. (For the purpose of exemption from Militia Service?).
9 Nov. 1850. James applies for bounty land.
7 April 1855. James applies for additional bounty land.
26 Nov. 1861. James makes a sworn statement before a Justice of the Peace that he is 71 years old.  (For the purpose of exemption from the poll tax?)
16 Sept. 1878. Elizabeth applies for a pension. James Boyet and Elizabeth Wise had ten children:

1.    Zilpha Boyet was born 2 Jan. 1816 in Wayne Co. NC and died 30 May 1884. She is buried in Boyet Cemetery. She married 8 Aug. 1854, Marshall Co. TN, Allen C. Tucker. They had no children.
2.    Josiah Boyet was born 26 Jan. 1819 in Wayne Co. NC and died 11 Jan. 1888. He is buried in Boyet Cemetery. He married 19 Nov. 1865, Marshall Co. TN,  Myra Martha Elliott. She was born May 1817 in TN. She is listed in the 1900 census, Marshall Co. TN.
3.    Jesse Boyet was born 28 March 1821 in Wayne Co. NC and died 24 Oct. 1901. He married first 25 Feb. 1853, Marshall Co. TN, Henrietta Killingsworth, daughter of Henry Killingsworth. She was born 25 Aug. 1825 and died 17 Jan. 1854. They are buried in Boyet Cemetery. He married second 9 Aug. 1864, Marshall Co. TN, Nancy J.  Olds.  She was born 22 Sept. 1825 and died 30 April 1887. She is buried in Olds Cemetery. Jesse Boyet and Henrietta Killingsworth  had  twins:  Zilpha H.  and Elizabeth b.  15 Dec. 1853 d. 26 June 1854. They are buried in Boyet Cemetery.
4.    Edith Boyet was born 18 Sep. 1823 in Bedford Co. TN and died 22 April 1894. She is buried in Boyet Cemetery. She never married.
5.    Priscilla Boyet
B.    4 April 1826, Bedford Co. TN
D.    1 Aug. 1908, Marshall Co. TN
M.    10 Nov. 1847, Marshall Co. TN, Jeremiah J. Ownby
6.    Chelly Jane Boyet was born 31 Jan. 1829 in Bedford Co. TN and died 24 May 1898. She is buried in Boyet Cemetery.
7.    James Etheldred Boyet
B.    1831, Bedford Co. TN
D.    May or June 1887, Marshall Co. IN.
M.    25 Oct. 1857 Mary Fredonia J. Stilwell
8.    Nancy Boyet was born 12 March 1833 in Bedford Co. TN and died 5 May 1834. She is buried in Boyet Cemetery.
9.    Benjamin Franklin Boyet was born 24 Sept. 1836 in Marshall Co. TN and died 31 Oct. 1859. He is buried in Boyet Cemetery.
10.    William Thomas Boyet was born 14 May 1839 in Marshall Co. TN and died 27 Feb. 1913. He is buried Boyet Cemetery.


1910 Soundex, Texas, Boyet (B300)
Note. When the person was born in Texas the place of birth is left blank in the original.
Boyett,  Amos C.    56    TN  Collingsworth 40:22
    Joe Anna    w    54
    John E.    S    19
    Eva A.    D    16
    Morton G.    S    14
Boyette, Andrew W.    56    GA  Tyler    162:13
    Fredonia H.    W    55    GA
    Jessie    D    23
    Eva      D      18
    Ledly    S    16
    Rabon    D    15
    Hamilton, Lupe    HB    49    GA
Boit,    Annie M.    53    KY  Bell    17:7
Covinqton, Homer    S    21
    Lula    D    23    TN
Boyt,    Arthur        36    MS  Jefferson    89:183
    Nannie    W    69    MS
Boyett,  Benton    62    LA  Jasper    12:704
    Frances    w    49
Boyett,  Charles H.    61    MS  Harrison    45:77
    Allia I.    W    53
    Virgie    D    21
    Nellie    D    19
    Charley M.    S    17
    James H.    S    15
    Boyett,  Charley        35    Jasper    62:698
    Trudie     w     34
    James      S      15
    Monroe     5     10
    Arrigan    5    7
Boyett,  Claud E.    24    Brazos    9:21
    Jessie    W    22
    Claud    S    3
Boyett,  Columbus    25    Sabine    134:238
    Emma R.    W    21
    Oliver T.    S    2
Boyett,  Cora M.    31    Eastland    44:34
Boyett,  David C.    30    Collingsworth 40:22
    Mabel B.        18
    Amos D.    S    5/12
    Boyett,  Dawson        38        Harris    57:255
    Cora      W      30
    Dany      S      9
Flowers, Mattie      ML    65    MS

(Continued on page 11)

Boyett,    Doc                   36         Howard    121:78
    Dollie        28
    Sidney    S    10
    Ruth    D    7
    Mary    D    5
    Baby    D    1/12
Finey,    Eb    SiL    26
“    Harry    S    9
Boyett,    E. M.        35    AL    Hami1ton    67:352
    Effie    w    23
    Ida    D    5
    Thelma    D    2
Boyett,    Eli H.        34        Eastland    44:34
Boyett,    Eli W.        38    MO    Comanche    7:1
    May C.    w    28    TN
    Emma L.    D    13
    Mirtie N.    D    10
    Barney A.    S    8
    Alvin A.    S    7
    Edith N.    D    3
    Odessa A.    D    9/12
Boyett,    Elias M.        28    Sabine    133:207
    Ola        21
    Conly    S    3
Boyt,    Elmer        34    MS    Jefferson    88:132
    Blanche    w    24
    Vernon    S    4
    Cecil    S    2
Boyett,    Ettel        38    Jasper    62:679
    Sarah        33
Boyett,    Elkie        39    AR    Dallas    27:46
    Arthur E.    S    21    AR
    Levy D.    S    16    AR
Ward,    Dorris    D    18    AR
Boyett,    Fannie        47    McLennan    106:80
    Walter    S    15
    Isaac    S    9
Boyt,    Gus        21        Hood    37:89
    Dorah        20
Boyett,    H. G.        39        Newton    108:485
    Margaret    w    36
    Ollie    D    15
    Bessie    D    13
    Etta    D    11
    Myrtie    D    7
    Russel    S    5
Daugharty, June    ML    71    MS

(continued on page 12)

Boyett,    Hugh        26        Collingsworth 40:15
    Maggie    W    18
    Melvin    S    8/12    OK
Boyett,    Ivian        22        Ellis    136:116
    Agnes        20    AR
    Mary L.    D    3
Boyett,    J. E.        43    Polk    98:9
    Mary E.        33
    Annie Lee    D    16
    Henry E.    S    12
    Dora    D    10
    Gladys    D    7
    Irma    D    5
    Minnie    D    2
Boyette, J. L.    32    Van Zandt    113:262
    Dora        31
    Jessie    S    13
Boyett,    J.    L.        26    Newton    108:99
    Tina    W    24
    T.    E.    B    17
    E.    G.    B    16
    James R.    B    15
Boyet,    Jack J.        24        Wise    253:172
    Estella        14
    Willie    S    1
    Liddie    M    58    GA
Boyett,    James B.        35        Brown
    Sarah B.        29    LA        106:5
    Walter E.    S    11
    Emma B.    D    7
    Carrie E.    D    5
Boyett,    James E.        36    Jasper    62:475
    Phoebe A.        37
    Essie    D    10
    Elphie E    D     9
    Frances M.    D     7
    Etta L.    D     6
    William L.    S     4
    James E.    S    1 6/12
    Selestial I.    D    1 8/12
Boydtt,    Jas, L.    56    AL  McLennan    83:9
    Belle        56
    Frank    5    36
Boydtt,    Jonnie    D    15
Ish,    Mrs. Frank    DL    KY
    Frank Jr,    GS    4
Boyet,    Jessie R.        40    Hunt    128:142
    Anna    W    36
    Mamie    D    16
    Alvin R.    S    11
    Iola    D    8
    Carrie          D        5

Boyett,  Jim C.    51    Brazos    14:1
    Kate M.    W    40    AL
Gallington, Thomas    N    10
Boyett,    Jim M.        45    LA  Brown    96:1
    Jessie M.    W    CA
    Emmiot    S    12
Boyett,    Joe K.        37    Sabine    133:18
    Argent    W    31
    Etta    D    12
    Jesse    S    10
    Mary    D    7
    Powell    S    4
Boytt,    Joe L.    29    Johnson    216:87
Boyett,    John    54    Jasper    62:169
Meadows,    Lizzie    D    32
Boyett,    Martha    D    19
    Minnie M.    D    17
    Ennis    D    10
Meadows, Jennie    GD    9
Boyett,    John    23    Newton    108:237
Boyett, John C.    46    Taylor    270:156
    Lydia E.    W    31    GA
    Callie B.    D    14
    John E.    S    11
    James N.    S    9
    Austin    S    6
    Clarence    S    1
Boyet,    John E.        38    Nacogdoches    104:24
    Willis    W    38
    Zeola    D    14
    Vanie L.    D    11
    George    S    9
    Floy    D    7
    Veleter    D    5
    Holland    5    2
    Arena    D    2/12
Bush,    Rachel    ML    53
Boyett,    John J.        39    Nacogdoches    107:91
    Hattie    W    36
    Willie    S    18
    Etta    D    14
    Georgie    S    12
    Berrace    S     8
    Jeffie    D    1 2/12
Boyett,    John L.        39    AL  Erath         25:136
    Mary E.    M    62    AL
    Lillie V.    Si    26    MS
    Lucien E.    B    15
    Burl D.    S    6
    Mary L.    D    4    (continued on page 14)

Boyett,    John R.    5    Navarro    89:27
Boyett,    John S.        35    San Saba    218:30
    Cloista M.    W    29
    Martha F.    D     4
    Eva J.    D    10/12
Boyett,    Jonnie    30    Fort Bend    16:208
Boyett,    Julius H.        36    MS  Erath    25:188
    Florence M.    W    20
    Early J.    S    0/12
Boyett,    Louise        56    Fannin    58:62
    Hue    D    24
    Jehu    S    20
Boyette,    Martha E.    51    Dickens    99:314
Boyett,    Mary E.    76    MS  Van Zandt    106:113
Boyett,    Marker D.        33    Sabine    131:234
    Minnie L.        28
    Nathan H.    S     7
    Lily B.    D    1 6/12
Boyett,    Mattie E.        35    Sabine    134:121
    Nathan E.    S    15
    George W.    S    12
    Noah A.    S    10
    Ora L.    D    7
    Ross A.    S    5
Boyett,    N. A.        60    VA  Dallas    184:3
    Georgia    D    20
Boyett,    Nellie D.    25    Navarro    89:27
Boyte,    Newbueon        60    MS  Navarro    101:136
    Mary E.        42    TN
    John    S    18    Ti~
    Oscar    5    16
    Isaac    S    14
    Odie    5    12
    Rudy    S    10
    Deola    D    8
    Clam    5    6
    Frank    S    3
    Andrew    S    9/12
Boyett,    Noah    35    Newton    113:50
    Julie    w    35    LA
    Clifford    S    13
    Susan    D    10
    Anna    D     8
    Earnest    S     6
    Kiggie    D     2
Powell,    James    SL    25
    Nettie    D    19
    John D.    GS    1 9/12    (Continued on page 15)

Boyt,    Noah    23    Nacogdoches    103:101
Boyt,    Novel    17    Nacogdoches    103:101
Boyett,    Oren K.    25    Tyler    157:34
Boyett,    Oscar H.        31    Dallas    83:12
    Sarah M.    w    27
    Myrtle    D    8
    Marguerite    D    11/12
Boyett,    R. L.        40    Polk    98:94
    Florence        33
    John    S    10
    William    S    8
    Florence    D    6
    Robert    S    3
    Earnest    S    3/12
Boyett,    Rebecca    40    Stephens    247:73
Boyett,    Rebecca L.    68    AR  Brown    96:7
Boyett,    Richard        17    Van Zandt    113:181
Boyett,    Robert E.        39    Sabine    131:241
    Clarissa A.    W    32
    Aaron P.    S    12
    Willie 0    D    6
    Ernest J.    S    3
    Vida E.    D    10/12
Boyett,    Robert H.        40        Henderson    14:120
    Azalena    W    34    MS
    Lenne T.    D    13
    Robbie T.    D    7
    Irne    D    5
    Sallie M.    D    3
Boyett,    S. E.    28        Gray    114:49
    Wi11ie          W    22    OK
Boyett,    Sarah C.    59    LA  Sabine    134:239
    Ernest E.    S    16
Morgan,    George R.    N.R.    25
Boyett,    Silas L.        63    LA  Kaufman    40:44
    Mary A.        40    AL
    Silas L.    S    3
Terry,    Mary A.    ML    76    AL
Boyett,    Silus        12    Stephens    247:73
Boyett,    Thomas        37    Taylor    270:555
    Rosa P.        21
    Myrtle    D    13
    Dottie M. B.    D    11
    Tommie E.    5    8
    Terrell    D    6
    Thomas B.    S    6/12    (Continued on page 16)

Boyutt,    Thomas J.    28    AR  Comanche    10:144
Boyt,    Thomas p.        54    TN  Hood    37:100
    Mollie    W    54
    Audrey    D    14
Boyett,    Thomas W:        46        San Saba    218:29
    Jane M.    M    62    TN
Boyt,    Tom J.        52    AL    Titus    132:156
Boyett,    Tom M.        34    Polk    98:169
    Annie    W    27
Boyett,    Tom P,        62    Brazos    9:11
    Mary E.    W    57
    Ralph    S    29
    Tom p    S    14
Knox,    Edna    D    34
Kinney,    Will H.    GS    8
Boyett,    Trimble E.    7    Eastland    44:34
Boyett,    Vasper    13    Stephens    247:73
Boyt,    Vince        35    AR  Hays    37:310
    Ada    W    35
    Routh    S    11    OK
    Herbert    S    8    OK
Boyett,    W. H.        21    Burleson    20:10
    Annie    W    22
    Lenard        2
    Baby    S    3/12
Boyt,    Will        32    MS  Jefferson    88:175
    Ida    W    21
    Averil    D    9/12
Boyett,    Will A.        21    Brazos    14:2
    Annie    W    21
    Lenwood    S    3
    Annie B.    D    1
    Jack C    S    2/12
Boyett,    Will C,        49     Brazos        14:4
    Lillie    W    48
    Wirt L.    S    22
    Ima I.    D    19
    Gladys L.    D    17
    Guy F.    S    14
    Norman    S    12
    Orun H.    5    10
    Alton p,    S    6    (Continued on page 17)

Boyett,    Will H.        29    Polk    98:142
    Mary        30
    Bertie        6
    Ettie    D    4
    Carrol    S    3
    Victor    S    2
    Clarence    S    8/12
Boyett,    Willfred        16    Smith    67:238
Boyett,    William             10        Stephens            247:73
Boyette,    William E..        59        Smith    67:9
    Mary C.    W    42
    Lea    D    24
Ashley,    James H.    SL    29    KY
    Myrtle C.    D    23
Smith,    Frank    FL    86    AL
    Martha    ML    69
Boyett,    William E.        41    LA    Henderson    21:24
    Betty    W    35
    Alpha    D    7
Boyette, William F.        38        Smith    63:157
    Hallie G.    W    36
    Hallie C.    D    6
    Hansel       D       3
    William W.    S    1
    Collard, Mary C.       ML        66       KY
Boyett,    William H.        38    Bexar    57:84
    Edna    W    35
    Percy    S    13
    Mitchell    S    10
    Fred    S    8
    Lena    D    1 6/12
Boyett,    William H.        56    TN  Brazos    8:15
    Sallie    W    39
    Horace    S    23
    Willie    D    21
    Chilton    S    17
    Connie    D    14
    Mildred    D     5
    Sallie    D    8/12
Boyett,    William W.        36    Sabine    134:240
    Becky L.    W    28
    Hans H.    S    12
    Sarah E.    D    9
    Nettie D.    D    6
    Annie L.    D    2
Boyett,    Willie    13    Bell



Bond Obtained 18 Oct 1844 in the amount of $200.00, in the names of Thomas C. BOYT and Barzill GREEN both of Lawrence County, Mississippi.  The purpose of the bond was “whereas the above bound Thomas C. BOYT, hath a purpose of joining himself in marriage with Elizabeth GREEN;.....”  Signed Thomas C. (his mark X) Boyt and “Barzella Green."  The witness to "Boyt mark" was Edw'd Bowen.
Marriage record continues:  "I hereby certify that I joined in the bonds of matrimony the above parties on the 21st day of October 1844. Given under my hand and seal this 26th day of October 1844.   Henry Hall, J.P."
pg 467 and 468.

Marriage Record Lawrence County 1846-186?
Ellis P. BOYET and Mary BRISTER were married on the 17th day of December 1850 by Britton Hall, J.P.

Thomas BOYT and Martha Ann MULLINS were married on the 6th day of April 1854 by J. C. Harper.

Ellis BOYTE and Mary Ann GOODIN (sic) were married on the 14th day of September 1857 by Britton Hall, M.B.P.

Hugh BOYT and Miss L. F. PRINE (?) were married on the 23rd day of November 1872?(license is dated 22 Nov 1871) by E. Douglas. M.G.

Thomas BOYT and T. M. BOYT (surety for Thomas's bond) put up bond of $200 on 15 Feb 1890 for marriage bond of Thomas BOYT and Sallie BULLOCK.  Thomas and T. M. both signed their names with an "X."
Thomas BOYT and Miss Sallie BULLOCK were married on the 16th day of March 1890 by Elder John M. Ritchey.
BOYET, Jehu    Washington Parish    776    Franklinton, LA
BOYETT, B. J.    Winn  Parish    886    Goodwater P. LA
BOYETT, Daniel    Winn  Parish    886    Goodwater P. LA
BOYETT, Samuel    Union Parish    597    Cherry Ridge LA
BOYT, John    De Soto Parish    829    Mansfield P. LA
BOYT, W. C.    Catahoula Parish    442    Little River LA
BOYT, W. N.    Catahoula Parish    481    Grffn Creek, LA
BOYTE, William N.    Winn Parish    850    Winnfield P. LA


Volume II, pages 137-138

submitted by Gertrude J. Stephens

"ELIZABETH BOWYER, b. ca. 1720; d. before 10 September 1759, when  letters  of  administration on her estate,  as Elizabeth “Ashton,” were granted to her sister Esther BOYTE;1  m. by New Jersey license dated 27 September 1737, EDWARD AUSTIN . . . On 16 lm 1742, Friends of the Philadelphia Meeting were directed to prepare a testimony against Elizabeth 'Ashton (late BOYER),' for outgoing in marriage . .. "
"ESTHER (HESTER) BOWYER, b. ca. 1722; d. after 1769; m. at Christ  Church  2  April  1741,  PHILIP  BOYTE,  a  shipwright of Kensington; bur. at Christ Church 4 June 1753.  A son of William and Lucy BOYTE of Philadelphia, Philip  had a reversionary right in a house and a lot on the south side of Arch between Front and Second Streets in which his mother Lucy held a life estate.  Both she and her second husband, Thomas BOWLING, were deceased by 1752, nine years after Philip BOYTE's death.  In that year his widow,  as Esther ‘BOYLE,’  appealed to the Orphans Court for permission to sell her husband's reversionary right for the benefit of her two surviving children, Thomas and Esterh BOYTE, and to enable her to pay off the indebtedness of her husband's estate.  Her petition granted, the property was sold to Ephraim

1,    Administration  Book  G,  175,  #3:1759,  estate  of Elizabeth “Ashton.”


Bonham,2 the tenant in the house, who was a brother of her sister Ruth's husband, Samuel Bonham.   In 1769, the Widow BOYTE was assessed as Esther 'BOYD' in the Nothern Liberties; by 1780 the property was assessed as Esther 'BOYD'S estate,1 and was occupied by Richard Salter,3 a shipwright.   Issue, all bapt. at Christ Church:

1.    SARAH BOYTE, b. 27 January 1742, bur. at Chirst Church 30 December 1744.

2.    JOHN BOYTE, b. 26 September 1744; bur. at Christ Church, 23 July 1745.

           3.    THOMAS BOYTE, b. 15 February 1746; living in 1762 at the time of the Orphans Court proceedings.

           4.    ANN BOYTE1 b. 20 July 1747; bur. at Christ Church 27 January 1747.

5.    HESTER BOYTE, b. 17 January 1750; bur. at Christ Church 17  January  1773;  m.  at  St.  Paul's  Anglican  Church, Philadelphia, 30 November 1769, BENJAMIN GEORGE EYRE, b. 1 June 1747; d. 11 July 1789, bur. at Christ Church, son of George and Mary (Smith) Eyre of Burlington, N.J.  Benjamin Eyre was a shipwright, first in Burlington where he was in business with his brothers Manuel and Jehu Eyre.   By the time he m. in New York in 1774 his 2nd wife, MARY CHEESMAN, daughter of a New York shipbuilder, Benjamin had removed to Kensington where he was actively engaged in his trade until his last illness."4

2  Orphans Court Book 6, 109: 12 June 1762.  Joseph Lynn,
    Henry Dennis and a William Pearson audited Esther's accounts.
    For the sale of the Arch Street property, see Deed Book D-4, 134:
    30 )ct.  1762,  Esther “Boyle” et al. to Ephraim Bonham.   The
    Bonham relationship is recited in New Jersey Deed Book A-L, 412:
    6 Sept. 1754, Samuel Bonham to George Eyre, State House, Trenton,

3  Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, XIV, 120; XV, 469.

    4  The notice of his 2nd marriage to 'Miss Cheesman' is from the Pennsylvania Packet, 14 Feb 1774; his death was noted in the same paper, issue of 15 July 1789.  Benjamin Eyre's will, dated 24 Apr. 1788, and proved 1 Aug. 1789, named his wife Mary and children Elizabeth, Ann, Harriett, and Thomas, the latter the

(continued on page 24)


Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families:
From The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine
Volume III, pages 434-441

“The John & Mary Ann (Bedford) YOUNG Bible Records
Philadelphia and Baltimore"1

Extract for article follows:

“JOHN YOUNG, My Father, who was born in Deptford near London, and at about seven years of age came with his Mother to Philadelphia. WILLIAM BOYTE,2 My Grand Father on my Mother's side, was an architect; lived in Philadelphiai when my Mother was born.
LUCY BOYTE, My Grand Mother, was the daugahter of a Mr. Sims of Philada. After my Grand Father's deacease, she intermarried with Captain Thomas Bowling.   All of whom are inaterred in Christ Church burying ground, Arch Street.  Died May 9, 1759, aged 71 years.  Their children:  John BOYTE, William BOYTE, Ann BOYTE, my mother.
JOHN YOUNG, my Father, was born at Deptford in England October

1  Title page autographed at the top John Young's, 1794. The Holy Bible . . . Oxford, /Printed . . . by W. Jackson & A. Hamilton, printers to the University:/And sold by W. Dawson at the Oxford Bible Warehouse in paternoster Row, London, 1786.

2  William BOYTE of Philadelphia, d. intestate, the admin. of his estate granted 18 Jan. 1730/1 to his widow Lucy BOYTE. Burial had been on 12 Oct. 1730 in Christ Church burial ground. He and Lucy STOKES were mar. on 17 Jan. 1711, per register of that church.   The widow Lucy BOYTE mar. 2nd on 11 May 11731, Thomas BOWLING of Philadelphia, who d. testate: burial on 12 June 1748, Chirst Church. The will of Lucy Bowling, widow, City of Philadelphia, dated 1 Aug. 1754, and proved 16 May 1759, names dau. Ann wife of John Young; dau-in-law Hannah, widow of William BOYD (sic) deaced. Philadelphia Wills, Bk L, 257. The burial of Lucy BOWLING on 7 May 1759 in Christ Church burial ground.


12, 1714.  Departed this life June 26, 1790; was buried at St. Paul's Church in this City,  aged 76 years.3

ANN YOUNG, my Mother, was born in Philada.   October 13, 1717.  Departed this life September 5, 1805, aged 88 years in October.......”4

The second part of footnote 2 includes the following data:
“:Issue:  Register of Christ Church, Philadelphia:
1.    John BOYTE bap. 9 Dec 1711; bur. 14 March 1738; mar. 24 Dec. 1733, Hannah POWELL.
2.          Elizabeth BOYTE, bur 27 May 1714.
3.    William BOYTE bap. 20 April 1714; bur. 11 Oct. 1748; mar. 10 April 1738, Hannah BOND.
4.    Ann BOYTE b. 13 Oct. 1717; d. 5 Sept. 1805; mar. 9 April 1737, John Young.
5.      Philip BOYTE bur 4 June 1753; mar. 2 April 1741, Esther BOYER . . .”5

   3  The  will  of  John  Young,  Senr.  of  the  City  of
Philadelphia, sadler, dated 12 June 11785, and praoved 30 July
1790, names children: John, Samuel, Edward, Charles, James and
             Ann wife  of  Richard  Renshaw;  grandchildren: William,  John,
    Hannah,  Benjamin and Mary,  children of son William,  dec'd-
            Executors:    Ann, John and Samuel Young. Philadelphia Wills, Bk U, 559.

    4  Additional information not included as it recounts only the YOUNG offspring.
5  The remainder of the citation, includes information on the BOYER family.    



Henry BOYTE and Miss Ida MILLER were married on the 13th day of January 1895 by J. C. McGuffie.

Lee BURNS and Lizzie BOYT were married, with the “Consent of Parent personally given" but no statement as to whose parent or the name of the parent.  Lee BURNS and Miss Lizzie BOYT were married on 21 Feb. 1900 by W.C. Summers, J.P.

Cicero BOYTE married Miss Jennie RUSSELL on 4 Oct 1900 by W. C. Se?????, J. P.

R. L. WILLIAMS and Miss Adeline BOYTE were married  on 25 Oct 1900 by W. C. Summers, J. P.

Martin A. BOYTE and Miss Susan WILLIAMSON were married on 21 April 1901 by W. C. Summers, J. P.

W. A. KEES and Miss Anna BOYTE were married on the 12th day of February 1903 by R. J. Boone, M.G.

L. F. KYZAR and Miss Lulah May BOYT were married on the 26th day of June 1904 by W. C. Summers, J. P.

Pink BOYTE and Miss Ella KELLY were married on the 19th day of Nov. 1905 by C. M. Brister, M.G.

A license for George BOYTE and Miss Ollie HEMPHILL was issued on 17 January 1906.  The license was returned with the notation "Cancelled, Jany 26th 1906."

Murphy PRICE and Miss Clara BOYT were married 25 November 1908 by C. M. Brister, M.B.S.

Luther BOYTE and Miss May BRISTER were married on 20 December 1908 by T. J. Gill, J. P.

Rufus BOYT and Miss Mabel BYRD were married 26 Feb 1909 by Rev. W. E. Phifer.

Jullen HOWELL and Miss Emma BOYTE were married on 27 Nov 1910 by J. G. R. Reeves, Preacher.

George BOYTE and Miss Lula MARTIN were married on the 9th day of January 1911 by S. F. Buttram, M.G.

Willie E. BOYTE and Miss Nora F. MARTIN were married on 30th day of May 1911 by Rev. S. T. Buttram, M.G.

(continued on page 24)

(continued from p. 23)

R. L. HALL married Miss Opal Janie BOYT on 22 May 1912 by R. S. Butler, J. P.

Robert J. FURLOW and Miss Eva BOYT were married on the 14th day of July 1912 by Edw. Smith

Willie R. BRISTER and Miss BERTHA BOYTE were married on the 22nd day of Dec 1912 by J. S. Barnett, J. P.

Lee WILLIAMS and Miss Maude BOYTE were married on the 25th day of October 1913 by R. S. Butler, J. P.

Tommie BOYTE and Miss Lillie HEMPHILL obtained a license to marry on 27 June 1914, but no marriage return was recorded.
(Ed. comment?  Two HEMPHILL girls obtained licenses to marry BOYTE men, but neither license was returned.)

A. W. BOYTE and Miss Etta MARTIN obtained a license on 30th day of Sept. 1915 but no return was recorded.

J. R. THORNHILL and Miss Nettie BOYT were married on 28 July 1916 by R. S. Butler.

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Editor’s note:   In the original text, some capitalization of names was used, this has been incorporated; additionally, when the surname BOYTE was used in the text without all capital letters, your editor took the liberty to do so in this version in order that proper notice might be given all BOYTE entries.

Also, the footnotes includes in the text were numbers 71-74, but my computer will only allow footnotes to begin with number 1, so please note this difference.

Since this BOYTE family includes given names that appear in several generations and many BOYT/E BOYET/T/E families in the Southern States,  it appears that my long belief that all the BOYT/E BOYET/T/E families originated in Virginia was wrong. If anyone has additional information on this Thomas BOYTE, please share the data with the Newsletter subscribers.


only known surviving child of his 1st wife Esther (Hester) BOYTE. Will Book U, 329, #132:l789.


BOYET, George T.  pvt. Co. E 13th Batt'n, LA (Partisan Rangers). Enlisted 15 Aug 1862 at Monroe, LA. Roll for Nov & Dec 1862 shows "absent, sick;" roll dated 1 Jan to 30 Apr 1863 is marked "Absent without leave."

BOYET, J. T. pvt. Co. E 27th LA Inf. Enlisted at New Orleans, LA on 14 Mar 1862.  Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured and Paroled at Vicksburg, MS. 4 July 1863. Undated list of men reported for POW exchange at Shreveport, LA, 1 Apr 1864.

BOYET, Jacob B.  pvt. Co. C 9th LA Inf. Enlisted 15 Mar 1862 at Bienville, LA.  Roll for May and June 1862 shows “Present. Wounded at Fort Republic June 9th." Rolls from 30 June 1862 to 31 Oct 1862 is marked "Absent, sick."  Roll for Nov and Dec 1862 shows "Died at White Sulphur Springs Dec 4th." New Orleans Memorial Hall record includes data that he was born in Georgia, his age at enlistment was 19; he was single, a farmer, and his residence was Buck Horn.  The record noted "Supposed to be dead."

BOYET, John   pvt. Co. A 3rd (Wingfield's) LA Cav. Enlisted at Camp Moor., LA on 13 May 1862. Undated roll shows Present. Substitute of S. J. Warren.

BOYET, Noel  Pvt. Co. E 27th LA Inf. Enlisted at New Orleans, LA on 14 Mar 1862.  Rolls report that he was present to Dec 1862.  Federal  Rolls of Prisoners of War,  Captured and paroled at Vicksburg, MS 4 July 1863.  Undated list of men reported for POW exchange at Shreveport, LA 1 Apr 1864. Admitted to SCA Gen. Hosp. at Shreveport on 6 Jan 1865 for chronic rheumatism, transfered 8 Jan 1865 to Keachi.

BOYET, S. L.  pvt. Co. A 3rd LA Cav. Listed as Prisoner of War rolls. Paroled Ganesville, AL 12 May 1865. Lived Washington, LA.

BOYET, T. W.  pvt. Co. E 27th LA Inf. Enlisted at New Orleans, LA on 14 Mary 1862. Present on rolls to Dec 1862.   Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War show that he was captured and paroled at Vicksburg, MS 4 July 1863.  Undated list of men reported for POW exchange at Shreveport, LA 1 Apr 1864.

BOYET, W. N.   pvt. Co. E 3rd LA Cav.  On rolls of Prisoners of War. Paroled at Alexandria, LA 26 June 1865. Lived Catahoula Parish, LA.

BOYET, Westley D. (also D. W.) pvt. Co. C 9th LA Inf. Enlisted 7 July 1861 at Capt Moore, LA. Present to Aug 1861. Died 12 Sept 1861 at Camp Bienville.   Born Georgia,  age 21 at enlistment, single, farmer, and lived at Buck Horn.


BOYET, William N. (also filed at BOYT) pvt. Co. F 11th Batt'n LA
Inf. Enlisted at Harrisonburg, LA 5 May 1862. Rolls from May
1862 to Oct 1862 note that he was "Rejected by Examining

BOYETT, Ethe, pvt. Co. 1 31st LA Inf. Enlisted 16 Mar 1862 at Monroe, LA; Present on rolls through Feb. 1863.

BOYETT, Francis M.  pvt. Co., K 31st LA Inf. Enlisted 14 Apr 1862 at Monroe, LA; Present on rolls through Feb 1863.

BOYETT, J. R.  pvt. Co. E 17th LA Inf.  Enlisted 23 Sept 1861 at Camp Moore, LA.  Present on Rolls to Feb 1862. Roll for Mar and Apr 1862 show that he died 1 Apr 1862 at Corinth, MS.

BOYETT, J. W. pvt. Co. G 28th LA Inf (Gray's). Enlisted 7 July 1862 at Monroe, LA. Present on rolls for Jan and Feb 1863. Deserted 1 June 1863.

BOYETT, Samuel  pvt. Co. 1 12th LA Inf. Enlisted 13 Aug 1861 at
   Camp Moore, LA.  Present on rolls to Aug 1862. Sept and OCt
   1862 roll notes "Detailed as Regtl. Teamster."  Rolls for
   Nov 1862 to Aug 1864 show that he was present.   He was
listed  on  Rolls  of Prisoners  of War,  and paroled at
Greensboro, NC 26 Apr 1865.

BOYETT, W. H.  pvt. Co. G. 8th LA Inf. Enlisted 15 Mar 1862 at Minden, LA.   Roll for 31 Aug 1862 shows "Absent, Missing since Valley Campaign, May 1862."  On Prisoner of War roll as BORDETT, D., captured at Fishers Hill 22 Sept 1864. Rec'd at Point Lookout, MD from Harpers Ferry, VA 1 Oct 1864.  New Orleans Memorial Hall records shows that he was a farmer, single, and missing in action since May 1862, "Supposed to be dead."

BOYETT, Y. R. pvt. Co. F 4th Batt'n LA inf. Enlisted 24 Mar 1862 at Monroe, LA.  Roll for May and June 1862 records that he died 19 May 1862.


    James A. BOYET    married Mary JONES    on 22 Aug 1850.
    S.    A. PEARCE    married Rebecca BOYLE    on  3 Sep 1850.

    1830    Jesse BOYET    000100100- 10000100000

    1830    -    Thomas H. HAYS    102000100 - 11010010001    page 148
    1830    -    Henry J. HAYS    011000100 - 00100010010    page 148
    1840    -    Thomas H. HAYS                  001010010- 00101001000    page    46
    1840    -    Henry HAYS                          001200010- 00000010000    page    46
    1840        Jesse BOYTE                          001000001- 00100001000    page    61

Notes:    Jesse BOYET was born about 1773 in North Carolina.  He was in Bedford County, Tennessee in 1830.  Jesse BOYET was in Carroll Co., Tennessee on 15 October 1833 when he wrote a letter to James BOYET (a brother) in Bedford County.  In the letter he said he had heard from his son Jehu who was in Warren County, Mississippi and that old Aunt Isabel HAYES was well.

Isabel HAYES  and Priscilla BOYET were sisters,  daughters of Thomas and Isabel JERNIGAN.   Their daughter Priscilla JERNIGAN married Etheldred BOYET and were the parents of Jesse and James. Their daughter Isabel JERNIGAN was the wife of Jesse HAYES.  She was listed in 1830 as between the ages of 80 and 90, but was probably closer to 80 than 90 and is probably the older woman residing with Henry J. HAYS as shown above.

Jesse BOYET went into partnership with Thomas H. HAYS to buy land in Carroll County on 8 March 1831.   He sold out to Thomas on 5 June 1834.


October Court 1815: 28 July 1814.   Michael CAMPBELL in his own right and as executor of Philip PHILIPS dec'd of Davidson County to Catharine BOYET and James HANEGAN, adms. of Jehu BOYET dec'd of Bedford County, $95 for 46 acres, 14 poles, on the waters of Rock Creek beginning at John AKINS southwest corner in Michael CAMPBELL’s old line at a cedar stake running west 80 poles to a cedar stake and hickory then north 100 poles with the county line to an elm then east 70 poles to a hickory and stringwood to John AKINS northwest corner then with his line south 100 poles to the beginning.    Signed:    Michael  CAMPBELL,  Executor  of  Philip PHILIPS. Witnesses:  Rob’t McCRECY, John AKINS.



29 January 1812, Bedford Co., TN.   Deed from John RECORD to
Etherald (sic) BOYET.  There were four witnesses to this deed:
Sion RECORD, Jehu BOYET, Jonathan McMUREY (sic), and James BOYET.
The deed was proved in court on the oaths of Jonathan McMURRAY
and James BOYET.


    A deed from Jesse and PAtience WATKINS to Etheldred BOYET, dated 8 October 1801, is recorded three times.   These are in Volume 8, page 75, Volume 9, page 2, and Volume 9, page 281.  Of particular interest, is that the witnesses in the first two deeds are listed as John HAYS and John BOYET, but in the third record it clearly shows that it was JEHU BOYET.  In this last recording an additional notation is added that the deed was proved at the August 1804 term of court on the oath of Jehu BOYET.  This is the deed  Lazarus  HOWELL  wrote  to  Etheldred  BOYET  about  after Etheldred had moved to Tennessee.

Note:  These records show that Etheldred's son was named JEHU and not JOHN.  The handwriting of the period, as well as the unusual name Jehu, have caused the names to be used interchangeably in the records of Etheldred's descendants.

Therefore, in the Newsletter, Volume I, Number 2, page 15, the marriage of John BOYT to Cathy WILDER should read:

Jehu BOYT to Cathy WILDER.

Richard Sassman reports:   "Reading a photostatic copy of the original bond, Jehu BOIET (sic) appears twice in the text and the signature is either Jehu BOYT or Jehu BOYET.   The curly line surrounding the word "seal" goes over the "e" if there is one. Catherine KILLINGSWORTH married first, 27 February 1798, John WILDER."


submitted by Jesse White
Calvin Jasper BOYETT    7    10/17/34    3A    306
Mary Ann BOYETT*    4 da    7/17/40    4    1252
Jerry Dan BOYETT*    2 da    7/15/40    4    1253
Pauline BOYETT    18    9/25/46    5    2993
Alfred Lee BOYETT    49    6/18/48    6    3516
Eli Hickman BOYETT    73    8/6/48    6    3564
Thomas N. BOYETT    77    10/19/56    6    3917
Cara M. BOYETT    78    12/8/56    7    5518

*    These twins were the children of Oma Lee BYRD and L.A. BOYETT of Rt. 2, Carbon, TX.  They were buried in Flatwood Cemetery in Eastland.


1891  Mrs. E. BOYETT to J. T. SWEDGE  Book 2A, p. 45.
1902  E. H. BOYETT to Cora May TRIMBLE  Book 3, p. 359.
1905  Leona BOYETT to C. A. CARROLL  Book 4, p. 432.
1915  Callie BOYETT to H. H. SNOW  Book 7, p. 202.
1917  John BOYETT to Lottie May STAMFORD  Book 8, p. 12.
1917  Ella BOYETT to J. G. McCLAQRNEY  Book 7, p. 347.
1922  Jimmie BOYETT to Mrs. J. HENRY  Book 10, p. 270.
1931  J. L. BOYETT to Rose BRONKEMA  Book 13, p. 346.
1931  Thelma BOYETT to C. 0. WILLIAMS  Book 13, p. 385.
1935  Bostene BOYT to Davis L. HOLLIS  Book 14, p. 242.
1937  Cleo BOYETT to Virgie DAY  Book 14, p. 545.
1938  Herman L. BOYETT to Frances PHILLIPS  Book 16, p. 13.
1940  E. M. BOYETT to Mrs. Lillie HERNDON  Book 16, p. 369.


submitted by Laura Stickland

George Baptist BOYETT  b. 11 Feb 1871 in Mason Hall, Obion
Co., TN (son of Lycurgus and Louisa Ellen (CLARK) BOYETT); m.
1894 TN to Hattie May MEADOWS  b. 2 Mar 1876 in Kenton, Gibson
Co., TN (daughter of John Augustus and Mary Elizabeth (BRENTS)
MEADOWS; d. 4 Feb 1938 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.  Hattie May
Hattie May d. 7 Sep. 1932 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. George Baptist and Hattie May's children:
1.    Damon Eloise b. 3 Oct 1897 Obion Co., TN; m. Jess W. HALL; d. 26 Sep 1971 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.
2.  Mary Ellen b. 25 Sep 1899 Obion Co., TN; m. Frank THORNBURGH; d. 7 Mar 1950 Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.
3   Georgia Novell  b. 1 Mar 1904 Obion Co., TN; m. 25 Dec 1924 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX to Byron Holloway CALDWELL; d. 28 Sep 1979 Bellflower, Los Angeles Co., CA.
4.  John Lycurgus  b. 2 Nov 1905 Obion Co., TX; m. Nona ROY; d. 3 Oct 1977 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.
5.    Virginia Iris  b. 20 Sept 1914 Jackson, Madison Co., TN; m. Charles BARNETT; d. 26 Nov 1952 Tampa, FL.
6.   Ruth  b. 11 Mar 1919 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX; m. Guy CRUSE; lived Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.

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