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Teaching Staff P - S



Commenced as temporary C.A. in Boys Department on and off from June 1926. Transferred to Oxbridge Lane Boys on March 31st 1930.

PARKER  John Mr -

Senior 3 teacher in Boys Department 1955. Sports Teacher. Left 26th July 1957 to take up post at Frederick Nattrass.


Boys Department 1956.

PATTISON Renee Miss-

School clerk appointed 14th July 1953 . Commenced duty 7th September. Left 31st May 1954.

PENNOCK Doris Miss -

Temporary C.A. in Junior Girls School, commencing 22 June 1925. Left on 24th March 1932 to commence duties as Head Teacher of Tilery Road Girls School, Stockton.


Monitor in Junior Boys November 1885- commenced 24 Aug 1885.

PHILIPSON Jessie Miss -

C.A. in Girls School - commenced 1st June 1932. Died at on the 18th of January 1933, following a brief illness.


Probationer in Senior Boys 1884. Left on 27 April 1885 to work in Telegraph Department of the Post Office.

PLATTS Frank Mr - (B.A. Hons. Durham)

Commenced in Standard VI of Boys Department on September 14th 1933. Called up for duty in World War 2 November 1939. Was a Major in 1943. Returned to Boys Department in October 1945, after 6 years Army service. Left on 11th October 1946, seconded to Padgate Emergency Training College.

POPE Miss F -

 Commenced duties 21 April 1909 in Infant School. Transferred to Newtown Girls School 19 July 1909.  


Monitress in Infant School– 1886  


Appointed as Pupil Teacher  in Infants School – August 1883- transferred from Regent Street Infant Department. Sat Certificate Examination at Leeds on December 14th 1883. Resigned owing to ill health on 12th February 1884.  

PRINGLE Ethel Eva-

Born 8 April 1888, Senior Girls School, transferred to  Junior Boys 31 Oct 1906, left 7 Jan 1907 to return to Senior Girls School.


Appointed as Head Teacher of Infant School 25th April 1927, having been transferred from Hume Street Infant School. Transferred to Bailey Street Infant's School September 1934.


4th year P.T in Senior Boys 1897. Transferred to Bailey St School from Friday January 14 1898.


Trained Certificated Assistant, started Senior Boys on Monday 14 April 1890. Terminated his appointment Friday February 27 1891.

PYBUS Arthur R-

Commenced duties as monitor in Junior Boys Monday April 14th 1890. Left Friday May 2nd - unsuitable for teaching.

RACE Mrs -

Temporary Teacher in Infants School from 14th April 1921. Transferred to Mill Lane Infant School 1st June 1921.

RAINE  Marjorie Mrs  (nee Stokes)-

Commenced duty 1st October 1953, being largely responsible for History and Geography in Senior  Boys Department.  Transferred to Junior Department in 1954 and was Junior 4 teacher in Boys Department 1955. Worked at Bowesfield Primary School until her retirement in July 1986.


Certificated Assistant in Girls School, appointed 1 November  1922. (Commenced work 2nd October 1922 in Junior Girls school according to Log Book entry). Lived at 62 Hartington Road. Retired 31st May 1934.

RAPER David Mr-

Commenced as Cert. Asst. in Boys School on the 2nd of September 1918. Left on Tuesday 30th September 1919 after accepting a post at Hesledon.


Commenced duties in Senior Boys on Monday January 29th 1894, taking charge of Standard III. Left at the end of May 1895.

READMAN Daisy Miss -

Uncertificated assistant transferred to Junior Girls Department Monday 11th June 1917 - Monday 27th August 1917.

REED Wm Ogle - 

Commenced duties in Boys Department, taking charge of Class I, on Monday 21st September 1914. Terminated his services at school on Friday December 3rd 1915 having enlisted in the Seaforth Highlanders. Died of wounds received in action 1916. 

Click HERE to find out more from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.


Commenced duties as Assistant in Senior Boys Tuesday March 3rd 1891. left during the Summer Holidays 1891.


Bowesfield Boys



Commenced duties as 2nd year Pupil Teacher in Infant School on 28th August 1894.  3rd year Pupil Teacher 1896. 4th year Pupil Teacher 1897. Resumed work as Assistant on 1 November 1898. Ex Pupil Teacher 1900 and 1901. Certificated Assistant 1902 and 1903. Concluded duties 31st May 1904.  



Commenced duties in Senior Boys 13 July 1883. Temporarily transferred to Bailey St Boys School 12 Nov 1884 - 8 Dec 1884. Suspended 4 Dec1885 + transferred to Bailey St School 7 Dec 1885.

RICHARDSON John Mallan Mr-

Commenced duty in Boys School on 1st September  1952, taking charge of Senior 2 class. Left in July 1955.

RICHARDSON R J -  ( see below)

Commenced duties as Pupil Teacher in Senior Boys on Monday August 28th 1905. Terminated his appointment on Friday July 26th 1907.

RICHARDSON Rees J- (possibly above person)

born 10 July 1889, commenced Junior Schools 27 April 1908, left 11 Sept 1908 for Westminster College.

ROBERTS Arthur Mr -

Born 19 Nov 1871. Commenced duties in Senior Boys on Monday January 7th 1895.

Commenced Junior Schools 7 Nov 1899. Absent  September 1911 - April 1912, in sanatorium suffering from consumption. Left  school 31 March 1913, after 18 years, being appointed Head Master of the Coatham C of E School.


ROBERTS Harry S - (see below)

Born 29 April 1885, commenced Junior Schools 1 Jan 1904, left 9 Sept 1904

Commenced Junior Schools  7 Jan 1907, left 16 Apr 1908 to go to Newtown Council Schools.

A Mr H Roberts took charge of Standards 6 +7 in Senior Boys on Monday January 6th 1913. Harry Roberts left on Friday February 6th 1914 for the Priory School, Great Yarmouth.

ROBERTS Henry - ( see above)

Of Chestnut Road, Eaglescliffe. Born 29 April 1885. Certificate no. 07/1252. He had been at college for 2 years and was a Certificated Assistant when he commenced duties as Certificated Assistant in Boys Department on Monday 3rd May 1915. (Had been employed as Uncertificated from 1st January 1904 - 9 September 1904 and was  Certificated from January 1906). He left on the 31st of August 1943 to become full time Head Observer at Observer Corps, Eaglescliffe.


Probationer in Senior Boys 1887. Left 16 July 1888 to take up another position.


Commenced duty as Certificated Assistant in Infants School on 2nd June 1913. Transferred to Norton Infants' School on 17th April 1916.

ROBINSON Swinburne - (from Thornley Boys School)

Born 11 Sept 1875, commenced Junior Schools 15 March 1897 with a salary of £65, left 29 Oct 1899 having obtained a position in London.

ROUTLEDGE Elizabeth Ethel Mrs (nee Coates)

Born 14th July 1893. Employed 9th - 17th May 1949, 24th September -  22nd November 1949, 1st May - 21st July 1950, 9th April - 5th May 1951 and 8th September 1952 - ? 

ROWLANDS Joyce Miss-

School clerk, started 12 July 1948. Transferred to Health Department 1953.

RUDD Frederick C -

 P.T in Senior Boys 1881/2. Left Friday 14 Sept 1883.


Commenced duties as Certificated Assistant in Senior Boys on Monday April 25th 1904. Left on Friday December 20th 1912 for new schools on Yarm Road.


P.T- transferred from Oxbridge Lane Schools on Tuesday April 23rd 1901. Left Senior Boys on Friday September 5th 1902 to enter Westminster Training College.

SAWYER Kenneth Cyril Mr-

Boys School 2 September 1946 until 25th October 1946.

SCACE Jonathan  H -

Born 5th December 1887. Lived at 11 Imperial Avenue, Norton. Trained at Sunderland 1920 -21. Credit Maths. Reg. no. 32088. Certificate no. 13/2022.

Boys School  - Head Teacher 1st January 1941 - 28 November 1952



Commenced as Head Master in Junior Boys on 10th December 1906. Transferred to Hume Street Mixed School January 1913.


Born 16 December 1885. From Mill Lane Girls School. Appointed Bowesfield Junior Girls School 1 August 1908 + 3 March 1910. Re transferred to Mill Lane 29 July 1918. Lived 2 Castleragh Road, Stockton.

SHAW Arthur  W A - 

P.T in Senior Boys 1881/2, 1883


Born 11 Oct 1874. Transferred to Infant School from Junior School on 10th October 1894. Sat for Certificate at Newcastle week including 9th December 1894. Attended Certificate Examination at Newcastle 24th June 1895 .Removed temporarily to Regent Street 25th September 1895. Transferred to Junior Schools 18th January 1898 until 1st September 1899.  1 September 1899 - left to go to school in Barnsley.

A Miss Shield commenced duties in Infant School 18th May 1900

SHORT Lottie E Mrs-

Born 3 April 1890. Lived Osborne Rd, Stockton. Commenced duty 9th September 1924 (Appointed permanently July 1925).  Took Motor  Driving Test on 24th November 1947. Retired on the 28th April 1950.

SIMPSON Mrs (nee Flintoff)-

Sheffield M.A. Hons. Hist. Commenced duty in Boys School on 21st April 1941. Left on 30th January 1942.


Trained Certificated Assistant in Infant School, commencing on 3rd November 1924. Left 30 April 1935.

 SMITH  Laura  A  Miss - 

 P T  in Junior Girls School appointed 7.1.1907 (P T 1.8.1906 2 yrs) - transferred from Mill Lane Girls.  Attended Preliminary Certificate Examination week ending Friday 10th April 1908. Left 5 Nov 1908. Commenced duties as Ex P T on 5th February 1909 in Infant School Assisted at Mill Lane for week including 20th November 1911 Attended Certificate Examination week including 27th November 1911.  Lived at 19 Ellicott Street, Stockton.

SMITH Stanley  Mr-

Commenced Boys School 1st September 1954. Senior 2 teacher in Boys Department 1955. Taught History + Geography.


Probationer, Pupil Teacher and Ex P.T in Senior Boys School from 1889. Transferred to Higher grade School on Wednesday 12 February 1896.


Caretaker in Boys School, commencing 9 July 1951.

STAPLES Arthur Collen -

Born 1 Feb 1881,  ( P.T in Senior Boys 1898, transferrd to Junior Boys  on Wednesday March 1st 1899).Commenced teaching  Junior Schools 1 Jan 1900, left 29 May 1903.

STOKOE Arthur Albert

1891 census for 6 Alma Street, Stockton shows Arthur A Stokoe, Schoolmaster, born Stockton. In 1897 A A Stokoe, schoolmaster, was living at 15 Park Road, Stockton. Later lived in Spring Street, Stockton. Certificate no. 12768.Commenced duties as Assistant in Senior Boys on Thursday September 12th 1907.  Was also the third choirmaster and organist at St Peter's Church, Stockton at a salary of £60 per annum. He recruited many of his pupils into the choir. Appointed Head Teacher of  Boys Department on Monday 5th October 1914.  Left on June 30th 1924. According to Christopher Powell, Arthur Albert Stokoe died in 1925, just a year after he retired.  He was a freemason in Lodge of Philanthropy No.940  in Stockton. His 'mother' lodge, i.e. the lodge into which he was initiated in 1894, was Whitwell Lodge, No.2104 in Stockton on Tees. He is very well known in freemasonry today for the  'Visitors' Song' he composed which is still widely sung in Lodges.  He dedicated it to Worshipful Brother Matthew Dunn, Past Master of  Lodge of Philanthropy.


Commenced temporary duty at Senior Boys on Monday November 16th 1914, due to shortage of staff. Finished temporary duty on 23rd March 1915.

STUBBS Sadie McGilvery Mrs (nee Howat)- 

Temporarily in charge of Junior 2 class in Boys Department 1952. Left on 27th March 1953.


Part time music teacher 1956.

SUDRON Elizabeth –

 Monitress in Infant School– 1898 –commenced 18 July . 2nd year Pupil Teacher 1900, 3rd year P T 1901. Sat Scholarship Exam week including 9th December 1901 .Ex Pupil Teacher – 1902 . Concluded duties as Assistant on Friday 28th November 1902  

SUGDEN William -

Born 8th January 1888. Lived 28 Stanley Street. Certificate no. 09/1885. Commenced as a Certificated Teacher April 1910 (Uncertificated service 1907 - 1910).  Commenced duties in Senior Boys on Tuesday April 1st 1913.  Left for London Thursday November 12th 1914 to enlist as a motorcyclist in connection with the aviation arm of the Services. Contacted Malaria whilst on Service. Returned to Boys School. Finished duty on 21st October 1927 before commencing at Bailey St Boys School, Stockton on  31st October 1927.

SUMMERS James Gilbert Mr-

Junior 2 teacher in Boys Department 1955.


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