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Family Tree Names

Francis, Delilah (?—bef 1869-73)
Francis, Eliza
Francis, Nathaniel
Francisco, Michael
Francisco, Michael L. (1781—aft 1870)
Francisco, [Miss] ______
Franklin, Augustus W.
Franklin, Henry T.
Franklin, Richard W.
Fraser, Anna M.
Fraser, Arthur C.
Fraser, Charles
Fraser, Charles K.
Fraser, Davis
Fraser, George H.
Fraser, Jefferson
Fraser, Olive H.
Fredenburg, Jacob (bef 1800—?)
Fredenburg, [Miss] ______
Freeman, Archibald
Freeman, Benjamin
Freeman, Charlena
Freeman, Helen
Freeman, Henry
Freeman, Joanna
Freeman, John
Freeman, John
Freeman, John
Freeman, William
Freer, Rachel
French, Ada
French, Amanda (?—abt 1902)
French, Amasa A. (1801—?)
French, Andrew
French, Ann (1807—abt 1832)
French, Ansley
French, Asenath
French, Benjamin (1830—?)
French, Benjamin (1794—bef 1869-73)
French, Benjamin (1776—1808)
French, Betsey
French, Bradley
French, Charles (1802—?)
French, Chester (1813—1868)
French, Cordelia A.
French, Corydon C.
French, Cynthia
French, David (1811—?)
French, David
French, Deborah
French, Ebenezer (1793—abt 1875)
French, Elias (1799—?)
French, Eliza
French, Eliza H. (aft 1860—?)
French, Elizabeth
French, Elizabeth
French, Elizabeth
French, Elizabeth (abt 1791—1847)
French, Elizabeth (Betsey) (1811—1863)
French, Elizabeth E. ("Betsey") (1815—1846)
French, Elmer
French, Esther (1815—?)
French, Eunice (1809—?)
French, Floretta
French, Galen
French, Grace G. (aft 1860—?)
French, Hannah
French, Harlow (1798—?)
French, Hattie B. (aft 1860—?)
French, Henry M. (?—bet 1861-65)
French, Henry S.
French, Jabez (1766—?)
French, James H.
French, James M.
French, Jesse J. (1800—?)
French, Joanna (1806—?)
French, Joel (bet 1808-13—?)
French, John (1809—?)
French, John
French, John (1778—1861)
French, Johnson
French, Joseph (1798—1821)
French, Joseph
French, Joseph
French, Julia
French, Levi (1782—1870)
French, Levi (1805—1868)
French, Lewis (1803—?)
French, Linus H. (1813—?)
French, Margaret A. (1839—?)
French, Maria (1814—?)
French, Maria
French, Maria (1804—?)
French, Marian A.
French, Mary (1778—1868)
French, Mary J.
French, Mary Janett
French, Matilda
French, Morton
French, Nancy (1824—?)
French, Orpha
French, Peter
French, Phebe J.
French, Philemon (1774—1860)
French, Philemon (1809—?)
French, Rachel
French, Raleigh
French, Robert (1805—?)
French, S. Martin
French, Salina L.
French, Sally (1808—?)
French, Samuel (1791—aft 1869-73)
French, Sarah (1795—?)
French, Sarah M. (1827—1862)
French, Smith
French, Sophronia (1805—?)
French, Susan (1808—?)
French, Susan A.
French, Sylvester H.
French, Theodocia
French, Uriah B.
French, Warren
French, William H.
French, [Mr.] ______
French, [Mr.] ______
French, [Mr.] ______ (?—bef 1800)
Freshour, John
Frisbie, James
Frisbie, Laura
Frisbie, Martin
Frisbie, Nathaniel
Frisbie, Phillip
Frisbie, Sophronia
Frost, Susan
Frost, Sylvester
Frost, Theresa
Fryer, Sarah A.
Fulkerson, Anna
Fulkerson, Caleb, Jr.
Fulkerson, Caleb, Sr. (1762—1848)
Fulkerson, Caleb (aft 1834—?)
Fulkerson, Deborah
Fulkerson, Deborah
Fulkerson, Deborah E.
Fulkerson, Eleanor (bet 1803-07—?)
Fulkerson, Ellen (1833—?)
Fulkerson, Francis ("Frank")
Fulkerson, George G. (? -bet 1861-65)
Fulkerson, Harlan P.
Fulkerson, Joseph
Fulkerson, Letitia (abt 1803—1866)
Fulkerson, Letitia
Fulkerson, Lydia A.
Fulkerson, Margaret
Fulkerson, Margaret
Fulkerson, Mary
Fulkerson, Mary Augusta
Fulkerson, Monroe
Fulkerson, Nancy
Fulkerson, Norman
Fulkerson, Penelope ("Nettie")
Fulkerson, Peter M. (1807—?)
Fulkerson, Philip (abt 1788—1829)
Fulkerson, Prudence
Fulkerson, Ruby
Fulkerson, Samuel
Fulkerson, Samuel H. (1807—abt 1851)
Fulkerson, Vandevere
Fulkerson, Wallace W. (1834—?)
Fulkerson, Washington
Fulkerson, William
Fulkerson, William G.
Fuller, Amanda
Fuller, Elizabeth (1765—1837)
Fuller, Harriet
Fuller, Henry (?—bef 1869-73)
Fuller, Jane
Fuller, Maria (?—bef 1869-73)
Fuller, Mary Ann
Fuller, Orinda
Fuller, Orrin
Fuller, Sarah
Gabriel, Alanson (1794—1869)
Gabriel, Benedict
Gabriel, Calista (1842—?)
Gabriel, Charles
Gabriel, Charlotte
Gabriel, Deja
Gabriel, Eliza (aft 1799—?)
Gabriel, Elizabeth
Gabriel, Ella M.
Gabriel, Er C.
Gabriel, George
Gabriel, Harriet
Gabriel, Henry
Gabriel, Hester (abt 1825—1850)
Gabriel, John Plummer
Gabriel, Leverett (1795—1865)
Gabriel, Leverett
Gabriel, Lewis (1799—1864)
Gabriel, Lucia
Gabriel, Lyman
Gabriel, Mahala
Gabriel, Maria (1821—?)
Gabriel, Mary Jane (1825—?)
Gabriel, Permila ("Millie")
Gabriel, Peter
Gabriel, Peter
Gabriel, Sarah
Gabriel, Serepta
Gabriel, Spencer
Gabriel, Susan (1797—1830)
Gabriel, Thomas
Gabriel, William E. (1821—?)
Gage, Aaron (1766—?)
Gage, [Dr.] Aaron D. (1808—?)
Gage, Abigail M.
Gage, Albert
Gage, Albina
Gage, Ambrose
Gage, Ann M.
Gage, Ann M.
Gage, Anthony
Gage, [Dr.] Anthony (abt 1771—1826)
Gage, Arminda Jane (1820—?)
Gage, Arnold C.
Gage, Asenath B.
Gage, Augusta D. (1822—?)
Gage, Benjamin
Gage, Betsey (1800—aft 1869-73)
Gage, Buckbee (1765—1837)
Gage, Byron
Gage, Caroline
Gage, Carrie
Gage, Charles (?—abt 1873)
Gage, Charles C.
Gage, Charlotte C. (1808—?)
Gage, Clarissa
Gage, Daniel (?—1861-65)
Gage, David
Gage, DeWitt C.
Gage, E. Darwin (?—1861-65)
Gage, Eliza
Gage, Emma
Gage, Emma
Gage, Frances M.
Gage, Francis G.
Gage, Franklin
Gage, Franklin
Gage, Genevieve
Gage, George (?—bef 1869-73)
Gage, George G.
Gage, Glover
Gage, Harriet J.
Gage, Helen Arabell
Gage, Helen M. (?—1858)
Gage, Heman
Gage, Henry
Gage, Henry H.
Gage, Henry Harrison (1813—?)
Gage, Henry Hazard
Gage, Hobart
Gage, Homer
Gage, Horace (1800—1851)
Gage, Huldah A. (1815—?)
Gage, Isaac D. (3 Mar 1773—21 Jan 1854)
Gage, Isaac N. (1804—?)
Gage, Isadore
Gage, James
Gage, James P.
Gage, Jesse
Gage, Jesse T. (abt 1797—1858)
Gage, John
Gage, John M. (1810—bef 1869-73)
Gage, LaFayette
Gage, Lewis
Gage, Lewis D. (1817—1862)
Gage, Loraine
Gage, Lucretia
Gage, Lyman W.
Gage, Mariam (1803—1864)
Gage, Martha
Gage, Martha (?—1859)
Gage, Martin (1790—abt 1841)
Gage, [Dr.] Martin Rockwell
Gage, Marvin
Gage, Mary
Gage, Mary
Gage, Mary A.
Gage, Michael
Gage, Michael
Gage, Miriam or Mariam (abt 1759—22 May 1854)
Gage, Moses (1732—1812)
Gage, [Dr.] Moses B. (1802—?)
Gage, Murray
Gage, Myron
Gage, Nancy M. (1806—?)
Gage, Oliver N.
Gage, Patience
Gage, Remoin
Gage, Reuben (abt 1768—1845)
Gage, Reuben P.
Gage, Robert Bloomer
Gage, Ruth
Gage, Ruth M. (abt 1832—1860)
Gage, Sabra
Gage, Sally (1798—?)
Gage, Samuel B. (1833—?)
Gage, Samuel Governeur (1795—1867)
Gage, Samuel Granger
Gage, Sarah
Gage, Sarah
Gage, Sarah J.
Gage, [Dr.] Seneca H. (1811—?)
Gage, Susan Ann
Gage, Sylva or Azuba
Gage, Texas B.
Gage, Webster
Gage, William H. (1810—?)
Gale, Rufus
Gallagher, Catharine H.
Gallagher, [Mr.] ______
Gallett, John A.
Gallett, Mary
Galup, Ann
Galup, Charles
Galup, Jerusha
Galup, Joseph (?—bef 1869-73)
Galup, Ruby
Galup, Weldon
Galusha, Almina
Gambee/Gamby, Harriet (bef 1812—?)
Gambee/Gamby, Hugh (?—1812)
Gamby, Elizabeth Betsey (1800—1862)
Gamby, Emily
Gamby, Isaac (bef 1812—?)
Gamby, James
Gamby, James H. (bef 1812—?)
Gamby, Laura (bef 1812—?)
Gamby, Mary
Gamby, Sally (bef 1812—?)
Gamby, Seth (bef 1812—?)
Gannon, Jemima (1797—?)
Gano, Darwin S.
Gano, Emmet J.
Gano, Frances M. (1827—?)
Gano, J. Elbridge (1837—?)
Gano, Joseph B.
Gano, Martha (1833—?)
Gano, Richard
Ganung, Anna
Ganung, Asa
Ganung, Edward (?—bef 1869-73)
Ganung, Hannah (?—bef 1869-73)
Ganung, John
Ganung, Mary
Ganung, William
Gardiner, Ann
Gardiner, David N.
Gardiner, [Rev.] Joseph
Gardiner, Sarah
Gardiner, [Miss] ______
Gardner, Abner (1825—?)
Gardner, Abner
Gardner, Abner (1781—1860)
Gardner, Abner
Gardner, Abner E.
Gardner, Almeda
Gardner, Byron
Gardner/Gardiner, Caleb C. (?—bef 1869-73)
Gardner, Catharine
Gardner, Charles
Gardner, Deborah
Gardner, Dorcas (1779—?)
Gardner, Ebenezer (?—bef 1869-73)
Gardner, Elizabeth
Gardner, Elizabeth N. (?—bef 1869-73)
Gardner, Ezekiel (1776—1866)
Gardner, Ezekiel W. (?—abt 1875)
Gardner, Frank
Gardner, Frank
Gardner, George
Gardner, George, III
Gardner, George, Jr. (1783—1866)
Gardner, George, Sr.
Gardner, George W. (1817—?)
Gardner, Hannah
Gardner, Hiram S.
Gardner, John
Gardner, John
Gardner, Jonathan J.
Gardner, Kate
Gardner, Lydia
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Mary (?—bef 1869-73)
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Mary E.
Gardner, Mary L.
Gardner, Mary S. (abt 1815—1839)
Gardner/Gardiner, Mary
Gardner, Melville G.
Gardner, Peleg (27 Nov 1808—abt 1880)
Gardner, Phebe
Gardner, Phebe (?—bef 1869-73)
Gardner, Rebecca
Gardner, Rowland J. (1821—?)
Gardner, Rowland J.
Gardner, Rowland J.
Gardner, Ruth
Gardner, Ruth (abt 1762—1837)
Gardner, Sarah
Gardner, Sarah
Gardner, Stimpson
Gardner, Ulysses G.
Gardner/Gardiner, William
Gardner/Gardiner, William (?—bef 1869-73)
Garlick, Almira (?—1866)
Garrison, Apollos
Garrison, Olive (?—bef 1869-73)
Gaston, Lyman
Gates, Amy
Gates, Granger
Gates, Grove C.
Gates, Mary S.
Gates, Minerva
Gates, Olive
Gates, Perley
Gates, Sally
Gates, William (?—bef 1869-73)
Gauntt, Adin
Gay, Allen
Gay, Amy (?—bef 1869-73)
Gay, Calvin P.
Gay, Caroline
Gay, Martha
Gay, Mary
Gay, Polly
Geer, Charles M.
Geer, Emma F.
Geer, Fanny M. (?—1847)
Geer, George
Geer, George LeRoy
Geer, Hubert D.
Geer, Mary Jane
Geer, Nellie
Geer, William B.
Gelder, George A.
Gelston, Mills B.
Genung, Albert
Genung, Amos
Genung, Ann M.
Genung, Artelissa
Genung, Carrie
Genung, Esther
Genung, Esther A.
Genung, Melissa
Genung, Newton G.
Genung, Sarah (abt 1781—1863)
Genung, Sarah M.
Genung, William
Genung, William
Genung, William, Jr. (?—abt 1869)
George, Susan A.
German, Almira
German, Honor
German, Stephen
Gerould, Betsey Ann
Gerow, Millicent (1765—1848)
Gibbons, Mary
Gibbs, Elizabeth
Gibbs, John
Gibbs, Joseph F.
Gibbs, Thomas
Gibson, Ira
Gifford, Francis M.
Gifford, Harriet
Gifford, Isaac
Gifford, John
Gifford, Lydia (abt 1795—1854)
Gifford, Margaret
Gifford, Peleg (?—bef 1869-73)
Gifford, Phebe
Gifford, Stafford
Gilbert, Abner
Gilbert, Daniel (?—bef 1826)
Gilbert, David (16 Apr 1785—bef 1869-73)
Gilbert, Eleanor (abt 1809—1833)
Gilbert, Elias (6 Oct 1748—20 Jul 1828)
Gilbert, Ephraim (28 Oct 1791—?)
Gilbert, Harriet
Gilbert, Jesse (19 Sep 1778—bef 1869-73)
Gilbert, Laura J.
Gilbert, Lavina (21 Dec 1776—bef 1869-73)
Gilbert, Lydia (14 Apr 1789—30 Nov 1822)
Gilbert, Mary Ann
Gilbert, Porteus C.
Gilbert, Richard (6 Jun 1794—?)
Gilbert, Samuel (23 Jun 1783—bef 1869-73)
Gilbert, Simeon (19 Jan 1781—bef 1869-73)
Gilbert, Solomon (28 Jun 1787—bef 1869-73)
Gilbert, Wilson
Gildersleeve, Frederick P.
Gildersleeve, Grace
Gildersleeve, Nellie
Gildersleeve, Romulus
Gilkerson, Catharine (abt 1753—?)
Gillet, George W. (1835—1909)
Gillett, Edward A.
Gillett, Elizabeth
Gillett, Eugene
Gillett, Eveline
Gillett, Evelyn
Gillett, Francis
Gillett, Frederick
Gillett, Harmon M.
Gillett, Harriet
Gillett, Huldah (aft 1830—?)
Gillett, Ira (aft 1830—?)
Gillett, Isabella
Gillett, Jabez (abt 1793—1862)
Gillett, Jabez, Sr.
Gillett, Jeremiah T.
Gillett, John (aft 1830—?)
Gillett, Maria (?—abt 1848)
Gillett, Mary (aft 1830—?)
Gillett, Oliver (aft 1830—?)
Gillett, Osbert
Gillett, Rachel
Gillett, Reid (aft 1830—?)
Gillett, Sophia
Gillett, Watson
Gillett, ______ (?—bef 1869-73)
Gillpatrick, W. W.
Gilman, Clarinda
Gilmore, Jane
Gleason, Arrilla (possibly Orrilla) (aft 1821—?)
Gleason, Benjamin
Gleason, Edward (aft 1821—?)
Gleason, Edwin Henry (19 Feb 1836—28 Feb 1837)
Gleason, Emerancy
Gleason, George Henry (1 May 1830—29 Dec 1831)
Gleason, Harriet Ann (6 Jan 1835—?)
Gleason, Helen Mary (9 Jun 1840—?)
Gleason, John
Gleason, John
Gleason, John H. (6 Apr 1799—?)
Gleason, John S. (aft 1821—?)
Gleason, Loren (1802—?)
Gleason, Louisa (aft 1821—?)
Gleason, Martha J. (aft 1821—?)
Gleason, Mary (aft 1821—?)
Gleason, William S. (aft 1821—?)
Gload, Eliza
Gload, Elmira or Almira
Gload, Emily
Gload, Frank
Gload, James
Gload, John
Gload, John
Gload, Sarah Ann
Glover, Catharine A.
Glover, Thomas
Goble, Truman
Gold, Martha (?—bef 1869-73)
Golden, Rachel
Goodenough, [Mr.] ______
Goodheart, Augustus
Goodheart, John
Goodrich, Alfred
Goodrich, Anna B.
Goodrich, Edwin H.
Goodrich, Eliza
Goodrich, Harriet
Goodrich, James R.
Goodrich, Julius
Goodrich, Susan R.
Goodsell, Desire
Goodsell, Louisa
Goodwin, Alfred (1803—?)
Goodwin, Annette
Goodwin, Charles S.
Goodwin, Fanny
Goodwin, Firman (1807—?)
Goodwin, Frank
Goodwin, Hiram (1813—1846)
Goodwin, John (abt 1781—abt 1860)
Goodwin, Mary
Goodwin, Prudence (1809—?)
Goodwin, Richard
Goodwin, Seneca (aft 1813—?)
Goodwin, [Rev.] William H.
Gordon, Calista A. (?—bef 1869-73)
Gordon, David
Gordon, Jane
Gordon, Samuel B. (1834—1865)
Gordon, Sarah
Gormley, George W.
Gorsuch, Washington
Goss, Simeon H. {Dr.]
Gould, Adella E.
Gould, Caroline
Gould, Emeline
Gould, Mary E.
Gould, Nancy
Gould, Niel
Gould, [Mr.] ______
Goundry, Agnes (?—bef 1869-73)
Goundry, Caleb
Goundry, Caroline
Goundry, Castner
Goundry, Catharine
Goundry, Catharine (bef 1798—?)
Goundry, Cornelius (1795—aft 1869-73)
Goundry, Deborah
Goundry, Deborah
Goundry, Eliza
Goundry, Elizabeth (bef 1798—?)
Goundry, Flora
Goundry, George
Goundry, George, Jr. (bef 1798—bef 1869-73)
Goundry, George, Sr. (abt 1753—1838)
Goundry, George
Goundry, Jane
Goundry, John
Goundry, Josephine
Goundry, Julia Ann (bef 1798—bef 1869-73)
Goundry, Margaret M.
Goundry, Maria
Goundry, Matthew H. (aft 1795—bef 1869-73)
Goundry, Nancy Ann (bef 1798—bef 1869-73)
Goundry, Thomas (?—bef 1869-73)
Goundry, Thomas
Goundry, Thomas (bef 1798—bef 1869-73)
Goundry, William (bef 1798—?)
Grace, Katy
Graham, Abagail (abt 1804—1839)
Graham, Alice A. (bet 1838-48—bef 1869-73)
Graham, Almira Adaline (abt 1806—1852)
Graham, Alura
Graham, Amelia (?—bef 1856)
Graham, Amy
Graham, Andrew J.
Graham, Azora A.
Graham, Azuba
Graham, Caroline
Graham, David
Graham, Edward (?—bef 1869-73)
Graham, Edward B.
Graham, Electa
Graham, Elisha B. [Dr.]
Graham, Eliza
Graham, Elizabeth (abt 1805—1849)
Graham, Elizabeth ("Betsey") (abt 1805—1849)
Graham, Emily M.
Graham, Emily M. (bet 1838-48—bef 1869-73)
Graham, Emma
Graham, Eunice
Graham, Eunice (?—1862)
Graham, Fidelia
Graham, Francis M.
Graham, Francis P.
Graham, Francis S.
Graham, Gilbert
Graham, Gorton (?—1862)
Graham, Guy D.
Graham, Helen
Graham, Homer A.
Graham, Huldah
Graham, Ira S.
Graham, James
Graham, Jane
Graham, Jeremiah
Graham, John B. (?—1850)
Graham, John G.
Graham, John J.
Graham, John, Jr. (1784—?)
Graham John, Sr. (abt 1757—1834)
Graham, Jonathan (abt 1785—1855)
Graham, Lewis B. (1816—abt 1903)
Graham, Lewis C. (bet 1838-48—bef 1869-73)
Graham, Lucy
Graham, Lydia
Graham, Martin P.
Graham, Mary
Graham, Mary
Graham, Mary Ann
Graham, Merrit
Graham, Nancy (?—1848)
Graham, Nancy
Graham, Nellie
Graham, Nora
Graham, O. Lucretia (bet 1849-60—?)
Graham, Olive P.
Graham, Oracy S.
Graham, Orison (1794—aft 1870)
Graham, Orison E. (abt 1826—1848)
Graham, Orison W. (bet 1849-60—?)
Graham, P. Theodocia (bet 1849-60—?)
Graham, Patrick H.
Graham, Phebe (abt 1818—1848)
Graham, Phebe Lucretia (abt 1830—1848)
Graham, Rachel (?—1848)
Graham, Rachel A.
Graham, Rebecca
Graham, Robert H. (abt 1833—1862)
Graham, Robert H.
Graham, Robert Henry (aft 1862—?)
Graham, Robert, Jr. (abt 1772—1835)
Graham Robert, Sr.
Graham, Sally
Graham, Sally A.
Graham, Samuel
Graham, Seba Ann
Graham, Semantha
Graham, Susan A. (bef 1853—?)
Graham, Susan M.
Graham, Thankful
Graham, Valentine (?—1864)
Graham, Valentine, Jr.
Graham, Washington
Graham, William
Graham, William D.
Graham, William D. (abt 1811—1864)
Graham, [Mr.] ______
Grainard, Mariette
Grainard, Mary
Granger, Hezekiah L.
Granger, Mary Anne (21 Dec 1805—16 Apr 1879)
Grant, Eleanor (?—bef 1869-73)
Graves, Austin
Graves, Charles
Graves, Chauncey
Graves, Eli
Graves, George
Graves, [Mr.] ______
Gray, Almira Jane
Gray, Harry
Gray, John
Gray, John
Gray, Samuel
Greek, Amanda
Greek, Cyrus
Greek, David
Greek, James
Greek, Olive
Greek, William
Green, Addie B.
Green, Alice (5 Dec 1777—14 Jan 1858)
Green, Alice V.
Green, Alvira
Green, Amy (aft 1833—?)
Green, Ann (?—bef 1869-73)
Green, Ann Eliza
Green, Anna (aft 1833—?)
Green, Arzelia S.
Green, Asahel H.
Green, Benjamin
Green, Benoni
Green, Bingham (27 Sep 1806—?)
Green, Carrie
Green, Champion K.
Green, Charles
Green, Charles H. (aft 1810—?)
Green, Charlotte A.
Green, Clark (?—1834)
Green, Eliza
Green, Ella
Green, Emily A.
Green, Emory
Green, Erastus
Green, Erastus
Green, Esther
Green, Esther
Green, Esther A. (aft 1810—?)
Green, Eva O.
Green, Frances H.
Green, Franklin
Green, Franklin J.
Green, George (1761—1851)
Green, George W. (aft 1810—?)
Green, Hannah
Green, Hannah (?—bef 1869-73)
Green, Hannah
Green, Harriet (aft 1810—?)
Green, Harvey
Green, Henry (aft 1810—?)
Green, Henry (abt 1763—1849)
Green, Henry
Green, Henry L.
Green, Henry, Jr. (?—1835)
Green, Herbert
Green, Hezekiah (23 Aug 1764—11 Sep 1812)
Green, Hezekiah (25 Jan 1804—?)
Green, Hezekiah (13 Oct 1733—16 Mar 1826)
Green, Hezekiah (?—abt 1903)
Green, Hiram (bef 1828—?)
Green, Huldah (aft 1812—?)
Green, Ira
Green, James
Green, James S.
Green, Jared (bef 1828—?)
Green, Jarvis (bef 1828—bef 1869-73)
Green, Jerusha
Green, John
Green, John
Green, John (abt 1788—1865)
Green, John
Green, John R.
Green, John R.
Green, Joseph L.
Green, Joshua (?—1864)
Green, Kelley
Green, Keziah (?—bef 1869-73)
Green, Laura (bef 1828—?)
Green, Laura J.
Green, Locke (bef 1828—?)
Green, Lois (bef 1828—?)
Green, Lucy
Green, Lucy L.
Green, Lydia
Green, Lyman H. (aft 1810—1849)
Green, Margaret
Green, Mary
Green, Mary
Green, Mary
Green, Mary
Green, Mary C.
Green, Mary E.
Green, Miles
Green, Oren (?—1841)
Green, Pamela S. (abt 1831—1860)
Green, Pamila S. (aft 1810—?)
Green, Phebe (bef 1828—?)
Green, Philomela
Green, Phoebe
Green, Robert (?—bef 1869-73)
Green, Sally
Green, Sarah J.
Green, Semantha (aft 1810—?)
Green, Staats (?—abt 1863)
Green, Submit C.
Green, Susan (aft 1833—?)
Green, Walter D.
Green, Wells
Green, William
Green, William (?—1860)
Green, William
Green, William
Green, William A.
Green, William S. (bef 1810—?)
Green, [Miss] ______
Greenwood, Rebecca
Gregg, Euphemia
Gregory, Aaron Y. (?—1862)
Gregory, Ezra E.
Gregory, George W.
Gregory, Lewis
Grey, Martha
Gridley, Revillo
Griffin, Epenetus H.
Griffin, Henry A.
Griffin, Henry C. (aft 1820—?)
Griffin, James M. (aft 1820—?)
Griffin, John (1774—1846)
Griffin, William
Griffin, William H. (aft 1820—?)
Griffin, [Miss] ______ (aft 1820—?)
Griffith, Ann (?—abt 1846)
Grimes, [Mr.] ______
Grinnell, Louisa
Griswold, Alonzo
Griswold, Esther
Griswold, Fisher W. (bef 1842—?)
Griswold, Francis
Griswold, Henry L.
Griswold, Jason (abt 1797—1842)
Griswold, Jerusha
Griswold, John
Griswold, Leverett
Griswold, Lois
Griswold, Lucia Ann (bef 1842—?)
Griswold, Lyman H. (?—bef 1869-73)
Griswold, Mary Ann (bef 1842—?)
Griswold, Nancy
Griswold, Reuben (?—bef 1869-73)
Griswold, Rhoda (abt 1787—1853)
Griswold, Richmond
Griswold, Samuel
Griswold, Sarah (1785—1823)
Griswold, Sophronia (bef 1842—?)
Griswold, Tavia
Griswold, Walter
Griswold, William
Griswold, William
Griswold, William
Griswold, William, Jr. (?—bef 1869-73)
Grott, Georgiana
Grotwick, William H.
Grow, Charles
Grow, Charles H.
Grow, Danforth C.
Grow, Laura
Guernsey, Anna
Guernsey, Daniel (abt 1760—aft 1837)
Guernsey, Elijah
Guernsey, Guy (?—bef 1869-73)
Guernsey, Lois
Guernsey, O.
Guernsey, Pamelia or Meliscent
Guernsey, Polly (?—bef 1869-73)
Guernsey, Raphael (?—bef 1869-73)
Guernsey, Rebecca
Guernsey, Southmit
Guernsey, William
Guile, Charlotte
Guile, Libbeus B.
Gulick, Dwight E.
Gulick, Egbert
Gulick, Elisha D.
Gulick, Mary
Gulick, Nicholas
Gunn, W. Sterling
Gustin, Jane
Guthrie, Charles
Guthrie, Edward F. (aft 1850—?)
Guthrie, Eleanor (?—bef 1869-73)
Guthrie, Henry A.
Guthrie, Henry W. (aft 1850—?)
Guthrie, Horace C.
Guthrie, Jane
Guthrie, Jane
Guthrie, John C. (?—1850)
Guthrie, Joseph (1784—17 Feb 1861)
Guthrie, Joseph C.
Guthrie, Myron A.
Guthrie, Oliver P.
Guthrie, Rhoda A.
Haas, Eva P.
Haas, John B.
Hacket, Phebe
Hackett, Jacob (1772—1859)
Hackett, [Mr.] ______
Hadsell, Lillias
Hagedy, John
Hager, Peter
Haggerty, Ira
Haggerty, Josiah
Haggerty, Mary (abt 1750—1833)
Haggerty, Otis
Haight, Andrew N.
Haight, Daniel
Haight, Elizabeth
Haight, George
Haight, Hiram
Haight, Jacob
Haight, Jemima (1797—?)
Haight, Mary
Haight, Priscilla
Haight, Sarah
Haight, Stephen
Haight, Susan
Haight, Sylvenus
Hainer, Emily
Haines, Benjamin
Haines, Coe
Haines, Eliza
Haines, Frederick (?—bef 1846)
Haines, Frederick
Haines, Harrison
Haines, Henry
Haines, Huldah
Haines, John
Haines, Letetia
Haines, Lydia
Haines, Maria
Haines, Peter
Haines, Phila Ann
Haines, Sarah
Haines, Simeon
Haines, Simeon
Haines, Susan
Haines, Susan Ann
Hair, Aletha
Hair, Byer
Hair, Elias
Hair/Haire, Elwyn
Hair, Emeline
Hair, Ezra (?—abt 1873)
Hair, Francis
Hair, Francis
Hair, George
Hair, Hannah
Hair, Huldah
Hair, James
Hair, Levi
Hair, Luther (1803—bef 1869-73)
Hair, Maria
Hair, Mary
Hair, Mary
Hair, Mary
Hair, Mary
Hair, Mary Ann
Hair, Mathew
Hair, Nicholas (?—abt 1831)
Hair, Robert
Hair, Russell (?—bef 1830)
Hair, Sophronia
Hair, Uriah (1825—?)
Hair, William
Hair, William


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