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Family Tree Names

Carroll, James [Rev.]
Carroll, Mary E.
Carroll, Mercena
Carroll, Peter D.
Carroll, Seneca
Carroll, Thomas
Carroll, Will
Carroll, William [Col.] (abt 1809—1860)
Carroll, William, Jr.
Carroll, Worthy
Carroll, Worthy
Carter, Eleanor
Carver, Mehetabel (abt 1786—1869)
Carvey, Alice
Carvey, Ellen (?—bef 1869-73)
Carvey, Emily
Carvey, Francis
Carvey, Hiley
Carvey, Isaac (?—bef 1869-73)
Carvey, Jane (?—bef 1869-73)
Carvey, John
Carvey, John
Carvey, Judson
Carvey, Lewis
Carvey, Samuel P.
Carvey, William, Jr.
Carvey, William, Sr. (abt 1778—1848)
Case, Charles
Case, Christopher
Case, Edward
Case, Fanny
Case, Henry
Case, Henry
Case, Homer
Case, John
Case, Lucy
Case, Patience (1784—1844)
Case, Phebe A.
Case, Reese
Case, William
Case, [Mr.] ______ (?—bef 1869-73)
Casey, Emeline
Cass, Carrie
Cass, Moses
Casselmann, Theodore
Casterline, George
Casterline, Margaret
Castner, Amanda
Castner, Amy
Castner, Andrew
Castner, Ann M. (1807—?)
Castner, Elizabeth F. (abt 1812—7 Feb 1865)
Castner, John P.
Castner, Mary (1774—1811)
Castner, Mary Ann (1798—?)
Castner, Rachel W. (1801—?)
Castner, Rebecca (1796—8 Jul 1836)
Castner, Samuel, Jr. (1762—abt 1837)
Castner, Samuel, Sr.
Castner, Susan S. (1815—1849)
Caswell, Julia (?—bef 1869-73)
Caswell, Thomas
Catlin, Philander B.
Caton, George W.
Caywood, Charlotte E.
Chadwick, Ada (aft 1855—?)
Chadwick, Albert (aft 1855—?)
Chadwick, Charles (aft 1855—?)
Chadwick, Emma (aft 1855—?)
Chadwick, John (aft 1855—?)
Chadwick, Semantha
Chadwick, Thomas M. (aft 1855—?)
Chadwick, [Professor] Edmund or Edward (1812—?)
Chaffee, Orville
Chamberlain, Alvira
Chamberlain, Cornelia
Chamberlain, Electa (?—bef 1869-73)
Chamberlain, Jacob
Chamberlain, Jacob P.
Chamberlain, Jason
Chamberlain, Lucinda
Chamberlin, Alvin
Chamberlin, Charlotte A.
Chamberlin, Francis E.
Chambers, Anna (1779—1869)
Chambers, Barna
Chambers, Charles
Chambers, Christopher
Chambers, Daniel
Chambers, Delilah (?—1844)
Chambers, Dorliska [probably female]
Chambers, Eleanor
Chambers, Eliza L.
Chambers, Elizabeth (abt 1765—1834)
Chambers, Elizabeth A.
Chambers, Hannah
Chambers, Hannah L.
Chambers, Harmon
Chambers, James or Jones (?—bef 1869-73)
Chambers, Jedediah
Chambers, John
Chambers, Lucinda
Chambers, Lucinda
Chambers, Lydia
Chambers, Mary
Chambers, Myron
Chambers, Oliver
Chambers, Polly
Chambers, Ruth
Chambers, Samuel
Chambers, Samuel (?—1832)
Chambers, Sarah Jane
Chambers, Thomas (?—abt 1879)
Chambers, Wakeman
Chambers, Warren
Chambers, William
Chambers, William
Chambers, William
Champlin, Abner Gardner
Champlin, Elisha
Champlin, George W. (1831—?)
Champlin, Icy [not sure if male child]
Champlin, Ira
Champlin, Jeffrey
Champlin, Jeffrey
Champlin, Jeffrey
Champlin, Jonathan
Champlin, Jonathan J.
Champlin, Jonathan J. (?—bef 1869-73)
Champlin, Mariam
Champlin, Mary (1795—1858)
Champlin, Mary S.
Champlin, Melvin
Champlin, Michael (?—bef 1869)
Champlin, Patience (?—bef 1869-73)
Champlin, Rowland (abt 1769—1843)
Champlin, Rowland, Jr. (abt 1798—1868)
Champlin, Rowland
Champlin, Sarah
Champlin, Silas
Champlin, Stephen (?—bef 1869-73)
Champlin, Susanah
Champlin, Susannah (?—bef 1869-73)
Champlin, William
Chance, Sarah (?—1797)
Chandler, Belinda
Chandler, Catharine
Chandler, Ellen
Chandler, Mary Jane (1815—aft 1869-73)
Chandler, William
Chandler, William (?—bef 1869-73)
Chandler, [Rev.] ______
Chapel, Harriet (?—bef 1869-73)
Chapin, Addison
Chapin, Bell
Chapin, Eddie
Chapin, Freddy
Chapin, Nellie M.
Chapin, Stewart
Chapman, Alson
Chapman, Andrew
Chapman, Charles E. (?—5 Sep 1862)
Chapman, Eddington
Chapman, Esther
Chapman, Eugene
Chapman, Fred
Chapman, Grace
Chapman, Heman J.
Chapman, Henry
Chapman, Henry O.
Chapman, Hobart
Chapman, Ida
Chapman, Josiah B. (?—bef Sep 1828)
Chapman, Mary (?—bef 1869-73)
Chapman, Mary A.
Chapman, Mary E.
Chapman, Mary Jane
Chapman, Nancy
Chapman, Russel
Chapman, Samuel H.
Chapman, Sewell
Chapman, [Dr.] J. H.
Chapman, [Rev.] Charles
Chappell, Ruth
Charlton, Adam
Charlton, Anna
Charlton, Elizabeth
Charlton, George
Charlton, Isabella
Charlton, John
Charlton, John
Charlton, Margaret
Charlton, Thomas (?—bef 1869-73)
Charlton, William
Chase, Abner
Chase, Allen B.
Chase, Almeda
Chase, Amanda
Chase, Amos B.
Chase, Candace
Chase, Christopher C.
Chase, Cordelia L.
Chase, Daniel
Chase, Dikens (?—bef 1869-73)
Chase, Elias
Chase, Elias F.
Chase, Eliza
Chase, Eliza J.
Chase, Elizabeth
Chase, Ella
Chase, Emeline
Chase, [Rev.] Ezra
Chase, Fidela J.
Chase, Godfrey
Chase, Hannah
Chase, Huldah (?—1868)
Chase, Ira
Chase, Isaac
Chase, Jane
Chase, John
Chase, John (abt 1793—1869)
Chase, Josephine
Chase, Judah
Chase, Judah (abt 1763—abt 1850)
Chase, Leonard
Chase, Levi
Chase, [Rev.] Levi D.
Chase, Lucy
Chase, Mary J.
Chase, Matilda A.
Chase, Melinda
Chase, Melissa
Chase, Morrison L.
Chase, Permelia A.
Chase, Sarah
Chase, Sarah
Chase, Submit B. ("Mitty")
Chase, William
Chase, William
Chase, William G.
Chatterson, Mary
Cheeney, Kate
Cheeney, [Rev.] George N. (abt 1827—11 Jun 1863)
Cheeny, Celeste
Cheeny, Ellen
Cheeny, Joseph
Cheever, Benjamin (1791—1856)
Chesebro, Henry
Chesebro, Henry
Chesebro, Mary
Chidsey, Ambrose (?—bef 1869-73)
Chidsey, Anna
Chidsey, Augustus (abt 1764—1833)
Chidsey, Augustus A.
Chidsey, Augustus C. (?—bef 1869-73)
Chidsey, Calfurnia
Chidsey, Caroline
Chidsey, Charles
Chidsey, Charles
Chidsey, DeWitt
Chidsey, Elizabeth
Chidsey, Frank
Chidsey, Freelove
Chidsey, Joseph
Chidsey, Mary J.
Chidsey, Rollin
Chidsey, Samuel B. (?—bef 1869-73)
Chidsey, Sarah (1800—?)
Child, Ann Maria
Chissom, Alvah B.
Chissom, Catharine (abt 1797—?)
Chissom, Charles E.
Chissom, Ephraim
Chissom, George
Chissom, Hannah
Chissom, Hannah
Chissom, Henrietta W.
Chissom, Israel B.
Chissom, [Dr.] Israel
Chissom, James H.
Chissom, Jennie C.
Chissom, John
Chissom, John M.
Chissom, Lester B.
Chissom, Mary
Chissom, Mary E.
Chissom, Mary E.
Chissom, Moses (1764—1840)
Chissom, Peter
Chissom, Philemon
Chissom, Philemon
Chissom, Rachel
Chissom, Robert (abt 1771—1806)
Chissom, Robert (?—bef 1869-73)
Chissom, Samuel
Chissom, Sarah A.
Chissom, [Mr.] ______
Chittenden, Mary
Chrisjohn, Rebecca (1811—?)
Christie, Abigail
Christie, Amelia A. (1810—?)
Christie, Andrew
Christie, Anna (bef 1853—?)
Christie, Arminda (1807—?)
Christie, Bathena or Berthena (1806—bef 1869-73)
Christie, Burnett
Christie, Carrie
Christie, David
Christie, Gilbert (1788—?)
Christie, James
Christie, James (1791—?)
Christie, James A. (1805—?)
Christie, Lora
Christie, Mary A.
Christie, Sarah (1808—?)
Christie, William
Christie, William F.
Chrysler, Charity
Chrysler, Clinton (?—bef 1869-73)
Chrysler, Hannah
Chrysler, Henrietta
Chrysler, Marietta
Chubb, Ann Eliza
Chubb, Cyrus (?—bef 1869-73)
Chubb, Philo
Chubb, Stephen
Church, Hannah
Church, Mary
Churchill, Betsey Ann
Churchill, [Mr.] ______
Clapp, David
Clapp, Frances ("Frank")
Clark, Aaron B.
Clark, Abigail (1797—?)
Clark, Adam
Clark, Almira
Clark, Almira or Elmira A.
Clark, Alonzo
Clark, Amanda
Clark, Anice
Clark, Ann
Clark, Ann Eliza
Clark, Anna B.
Clark, Anson
Clark, Arthur
Clark, Arza B.
Clark, Ashley
Clark, Aurilla (1805—bef 1869-73)
Clark, Azuba
Clark, Barton
Clark, Bathena
Clark, Belinda
Clark, Bernice (possible nickname Nabby) (abt 1770-80—1828)
Clark, Betsey
Clark, Betsey
Clark, Caleb
Clark, Caleb (aft 1818—?)
Clark, Calvin
Clark, Carey (28 Apr 1757—?)
Clark, Carey (5 Jan 1734—17 Apr 1830)
Clark, Catharine
Clark, Cecilia
Clark, Charles (abt 1790—1862)
Clark, Charles W. or C.
Clark, Charlotte (1826—?)
Clark, Charlotte
Clark, Clara B.
Clark, Clarissa
Clark, Clarissa
Clark, Clarissa
Clark, Clinton (1821—?)
Clark, Cornelia
Clark, [Rev.] Daniel
Clark, Daniel C.
Clark, David
Clark, David
Clark, David A.
Clark, David, III
Clark, David, Jr. (?—bef 1869-73)
Clark, Desdemona
Clark, Edwin K.
Clark, Elijah
Clark, Eliphalet
Clark, Elisha
Clark, Elisha (1820—?)
Clark, Elisha, Jr. (1801—1867)
Clark, Elisha, Sr. (1773—1853)
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Elva
Clark, Emma (1794—?)
Clark, Emma (bef 1863—?)
Clark, Enos
Clark, Erastus G. (abt 1813—1863)
Clark, Esther
Clark, Ethard
Clark, Ezekiel (1802—?)
Clark, Fanny
Clark, Frank
Clark, Gardiner
Clark, George
Clark, George
Clark, George (abt 1759—abt 1841)
Clark, George
Clark, George
Clark, Gideon (1764—bef 1869-73)
Clark, Gideon
Clark, Haines
Clark, Hamlin
Clark, Harriet
Clark, Harry
Clark, Harvey
Clark, Helen (bef 1863—?)
Clark, Henry (1790—?)
Clark, Ira
Clark, Irvin or Arvine
Clark, Jabez Metcalf
Clark, James
Clark, James
Clark, Jane (1821—?)
Clark, Jane
Clark, Jason W.
Clark, Jennie
Clark, Jeremiah
Clark, Jerome
Clark, Joel M.
Clark, John (bef 1863—?)
Clark, John (1765—?)
Clark, John
Clark, John
Clark, John C. (?—bef 1869-73)
Clark, John D. (?—1864)
Clark, John N.
Clark, John R.
Clark, John W.
Clark, Judson
Clark, Julia
Clark, Julia
Clark, Julia (1823—?)
Clark, Julia A.
Clark, Keziah
Clark, Laura
Clark, Laura
Clark, Laura A. (aft 1818—?)
Clark, Lavina
Clark, Letitia (1817—?)
Clark, Lewis
Clark, Lucy
Clark, Malin
Clark, Margaret
Clark, Margaret (1819—?)
Clark, Maria
Clark, Martin J.
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary (bef 1863—?)
Clark, Mary (?—bef 1869-73)
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary Jane
Clark, Matilda
Clark, Milly
Clark, Morris (?—bef 1869-73)
Clark, Nancy (1796—1841)
Clark, Nancy (?—abt 1840)
Clark, Nicholas (aft 1818—?)
Clark, Olive
Clark, Orisa
Clark, Orison
Clark, Orison
Clark, Orlando B.
Clark, Orrin W. (?—bef 1869-73)
Clark, Pharez
Clark, Phebe (1768—bef 1828)
Clark, Phineas
Clark, Phineas (abt 1750—?)
Clark, Polly
Clark, Rachel (?—bef 1869-73)
Clark, Rachel
Clark, Raleigh
Clark, Ralph E.
Clark, Rebecca
Clark, Rhoda
Clark, Rodmond/Rodman H. (?—bef 1869-73)
Clark, Rosalie
Clark, Rosaline
Clark, Roswell (1795—1857)
Clark, Roswell H. (1831—?)
Clark, Roxana (abt 1820—?1850)
Clark, Ruzilla
Clark, Sally
Clark, Samuel (abt 1777—10 Jan 1862)
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sarah Ann
Clark, Solomon
Clark, Solon
Clark, Spencer (abt 1785—1869)
Clark, Spencer 2d
Clark, Stephen
Clark, Stephen W.
Clark, Submit
Clark, Submit
Clark, Sylvester
Clark, Sylvia
Clark, Thankful (abt 1761—?)
Clark, Thomas (1772—?)
Clark, Thomas
Clark, Thomas
Clark, Thomas, III
Clark, Thomas, Jr.
Clark, Victoria
Clark, Ward
Clark, Wilbur
Clark, William (abt 1770—1851)
Clark, William (?—bef 1869-73)
Clark, William
Clark, William (aft 1818-)
Clark, William
Clark, William (1825—1867)
Clark, William H. (1845—?)
Clark, William J. (?—1829)
Clark, William [Col.]
Clark, Wilson
Clark, [Miss] ______
Clark, [Miss] ______
Clark, [Miss] ______ (bef 1864—?)
Clark, [Miss] ______
Clark, [Miss] ______
Clark, [Mr.] ______
Clark, [Mr.] ______
Clawson, Alexander
Clawson, Charles
Clawson, George
Clawson, Homer
Clawson, John M.
Clawson, William H.
Clayton, Letitia
Clement, Martha
Clement, Samuel
Clemons, Harvey
Clemons, Sears
Cleveland, Caroline M.
Cleveland, Charles D.
Cleveland, Elizabeth (?—bef 1869-73)
Cleveland, Eunice (abt 1812—13 Aug 1880)
Cleveland, Hannah (1810—1845)
Cleveland, Harriet (1822—?)
Cleveland, John W. (?—7 Jan 1864)
Cleveland, Libbeus (abt 1789—1852)
Cleveland, Luther
Cleveland, Mary Charlotte
Cleveland, Naomi (1814—1832)
Cleveland, Stafford Canning
Cleveland, Stephen H. (1816—1865)
Cleveland, Susan A. (?—bef 1869-73)
Cleveland, [Dr.] John L. (21 Sep 1792—aft 1869-73)
Cleveland, [Miss] ______
Clogston, Jeffrey B. (18 Aug 1840—1902)
Clumberg, Anna
Clumberg, Philip
Clute, Elizabeth
Clute, W. Anna
Coan, Claudius C.
Coan, Sarah E. (?—1868)
Coates, Anner (12 Jun 1808—9 Oct 1870)
Coates, Gilbert
Coates, Guy
Coates, Jessie L.
Coates, John L.
Coates, Lucretia (1 Aug 1819—12 Mar 1887)
Coates, Lucretia (1774—abt 1844)
Coates, Minor
Coates, Russ R.
Coates, Russel
Coates, Sanford (1799—?)
Coates, Sidney (?—bef 1869-73)
Coates, Susan A. (1817—1905)
Coates, William S.
Coates, [Miss] ______
Coats, Elisabeth
Coats, Joshua R.
Cock, Anna
Cock, Edmund
Cock, Eliza
Cock, Jesse
Cock, Mary (?—1849)
Cock, Rebecca (1801—?)
Cock, Samuel
Coddington, Benjamin (?—1853)
Coddington, Hannah H.
Coe, Alice
Coe, Charles
Coe, John (?—1816)
Coe, John
Coe, Lucy
Coe, Pamelia
Coe, Patty
Cogswell, Anna (?—bef 1869-73)
Cogswell, Joseph
Cohoon, Abbie
Cohoon, Charles
Cohoon, Charles
Cohoon, Charles
Cohoon, Emma
Cohoon, George
Cohoon, Henry
Cohoon, Ida
Cohoon, Isaiah
Cohoon, Jared
Cohoon, Jared
Cohoon, Jerusha
Cohoon, John
Cohoon, Mary
Cohoon, Mary
Cohoon, Nathaniel
Cohoon, Stewart
Cohoon, William
Coldren, Elizabeth
Cole, Adelaide
Cole, Albert
Cole, Alexander H.
Cole, Allen (abt 1795—1829)
Cole, Allen N. (1833—?)
Cole, Amanda
Cole, Amarilla
Cole, Anna
Cole, Asa (25 May 1788—12 Jan 1860)
Cole, Calvin (1801—1867)
Cole, Calvin
Cole, Caroline
Cole, Caroline (17 Jun 1811—1 Aug 1845)
Cole, Catharine
Cole, Charles (?—bef 1869-73)
Cole, Charlotte
Cole, Charlotte
Cole, Cordelia
Cole, Daniel (abt 1784—1840)
Cole, David
Cole, DeWitt C.
Cole, Delia or Adella
Cole, Delliah (abt 1778—?)
Cole, Dolly
Cole, Edward
Cole, Edwin
Cole, Edwin A. (1835—?)
Cole, Elisha
Cole, Elisha W. (abt 1809—?)
Cole, Eliza
Cole, Elizabeth
Cole, Elizabeth (1790—1858)
Cole, Elizabeth
Cole, Elizabeth W.
Cole, Emma
Cole, Erastus
Cole, Erastus (abt 1793—1860)
Cole, Erastus
Cole, Ezra
Cole, Ezra
Cole, Ezra (26 Apr 1751—1821)
Cole, Ezra M.
Cole, Ezra, Jr. (1799—?)
Cole, Fanny
Cole, Frank
Cole, Frederick
Cole, George
Cole, George
Cole, George
Cole, Gilbert
Cole, Hannah
Cole, Harriet
Cole, Harris
Cole, Harvey
Cole, Henderson
Cole, Henry
Cole, Herman H.
Cole, Hiram (1808—?)
Cole, Hiram (1845—?)
Cole, Israel
Cole, James A.
Cole, James H. (1817—?)
Cole, John
Cole, John
Cole, John (1797—1862)
Cole, John
Cole, John A.
Cole, John B. (?—bef 1873)
Cole, Joseph (abt 1770—1860)
Cole, Joseph
Cole, Julia
Cole, Laura (1802—?)
Cole, Lois (abt 1780—aft 1873)
Cole, Lois
Cole, Lydia
Cole, Lydia
Cole, Lydia (1800—bef 1869-73)
Cole, Marcia
Cole, Maria (?—bef 1869-73)
Cole, Maria (1806—?)
Cole, Martha (1801—?)
Cole, Mary
Cole, Mary
Cole, Mary (?—1816)
Cole, Mary
Cole, Mary A.
Cole, Matthew (22 Jan 1746—?)
Cole, Matthew (abt 1775—6 May 1841)
Cole, Matthew
Cole, Milo (1802—21 Jan 1844)
Cole, Myron (bef 1836—?)
Cole, Nancy
Cole, Nathan P. (abt 1782—1852)
Cole, Nehemiah
Cole, Norman (—bef 1869-73)
Cole, Pamela
Cole, Peleg (1808—?)
Cole, Phila
Cole, Platt (?—1862)
Cole, Polly
Cole, Polly
Cole, Polly
Cole, Ralph
Cole, Rebecca Ann
Cole, Rhoda
Cole, Richard F. (aft 1836—?)
Cole, Ross
Cole, Roxana (?—bef 1869-73)
Cole, Sabra (abt 1796—1855)
Cole, Sabra C.
Cole, Samuel
Cole, Sarah
Cole, Sarah
Cole, Sarah (1810—?)
Cole, Sarah J. (1848—?)
Cole, Sarah L.
Cole, Simeon (1804—?)
Cole, Smith M. (abt 1790—1864)
Cole, Sophia
Cole, Susan
Cole, Sutton
Cole, Thankful
Cole, Thankful
Cole, Thomas (1812—bef 1869-73)
Cole, Timothy Tyler (1 Jan 1768—1828)
Cole, Ursula (?—bef 1869-73)
Cole, Walter
Cole, Ward
Cole, Warner
Cole, Warner P.
Cole, William
Cole, William
Cole, Wolcott
Cole, Wolcott
Cole, [Miss] ______
Colegrove, B. H. [Rev.]
Colegrove, Robert
Coleman, Caroline
Coleman, Caroline E.
Coleman, Charles (1801—?)
Coleman, Charles S.
Coleman, Charlotte A.
Coleman, Daniel (1806—bef 1869-73)
Coleman, Edward
Coleman, Elizabeth (1803- ?)
Coleman, George
Coleman, George S. (?—1861-65)
Coleman, Henry Dwight (?—1868)
Coleman, Henry R. (1800—abt 1880)
Coleman, John
Coleman, John, III (1796—?)
Coleman, John, Jr. (abt 1770—1832)
Coleman, John, Sr.
Coleman, John W.
Coleman, Lydia (1784—?)
Coleman, Margaret (1797—?)
Coleman, Mary
Coleman, Mary
Coleman, Mary C.
Coleman, Ruth
Coleman, Sarah
Coleman, Sarah (1808—?)
Coleman, William H.
Colestock, Agnes
Collier, Richard
Collin, Emeline (1822—1850)
Collin, Harriet A. (1816—?)
Collin, Henry (1792—1835)
Collin, Henry C. (1818—?)
Collins, Austin F.
Collins, Catharine
Collins, Hiram (?—bef 1869-73)
Collins, John
Collins, Minnie
Collins, Oliver
Collins, [Mr.] ______
Colton, Aruna C.
Colton, Edith
Colton, Elmina
Comer, Annie (?—1852)
Comer, Jane (?—1859)
Comer, John (abt 1765—1824)
Comer, Margaret (abt 1788—1868)
Comer, Mary
Compton, Anna (?—bef 1800)
Compton, Eliza
Compton, John
Compton, Lydia
Comstock, Achilles (1757—1832)
Comstock, Alphia (abt 1784—17 Nov 1866)
Comstock, Botsford Achilles (1823—?)
Comstock, Daniel
Comstock, Daniel, Jr.
Comstock, George Botsford
Comstock, Israel (9 Oct 1794—19 Jan 1866)
Comstock, James
Comstock, John Achilles
Comstock, John J.
Comstock, Martha (abt 1788—27 Nov 1866)
Comstock, Mary
Comstock, Robert Israel
Comstock, Sarah A.
Comstock, Sarah Letitia (1831—?)
Comstock, Wilbur
Comstock, [Mr.] ______
Cone, Patty (?—1837)
Congden, Anna
Congden, Bell
Congden, Edward
Congden, George
Congden, Joseph
Conklin, Aaron B. (aft 1819—?)
Conklin, Almina
Conklin, Caroline
Conklin, Catharine
Conklin, Catharine
Conklin, Catharine (1824—?)
Conklin, Charity (22 Jul 1855—?)
Conklin, Charles
Conklin, Charles O.
Conklin, Cornelia
Conklin, Cornelius (?—bef 1869-73)
Conklin, Elias
Conklin, Elias (?—bef 1869-73)
Conklin, Emma
Conklin, Frances ("Frank")
Conklin, Frank
Conklin, Gamaliel D. (1791—1860)
Conklin, George
Conklin, George (aft 1819—?)
Conklin, George H.
Conklin, George L.
Conklin, Hannah
Conklin, Helen (?—bef 1869-73)
Conklin, Henry (1795—?)
Conklin, Henry
Conklin, Isaac
Conklin, Isaac
Conklin, Jacob
Conklin, Jacob
Conklin, Jacob (abt 1775—1853)
Conklin, James
Conklin, James
Conklin, James
Conklin, Jeremiah
Conklin, John
Conklin, John
Conklin, John
Conklin, Joseph G. (aft 1819—?)
Conklin, Julia (1807—?)
Conklin, Martha
Conklin, Martha J. (aft 1819—?)
Conklin, Mary
Conklin, Mary (1778—1811)
Conklin, Mary
Conklin, Mary Ann (bet 1827-28—?)
Conklin, Orilla (aft 1819—)
Conklin, Perceival
Conklin, Peter
Conklin, Philo H.
Conklin, Robert F. (1824—?)
Conklin, Ruth (?—bef 1803)
Conklin, Samuel (1800—1868)
Conklin, Sarah (1836—?)
Conklin, Shadrach (1798—?)
Conklin, Sybil (1825—1860)
Conklin, Thomas J. (20 Feb 1826—?)
Conklin, Walter
Conklin, William
Conklin, William E. (aft 1819—?)
Conklin, William H.
Conklin, Wilmore (1830—?)
Conley, Allen (aft 1863—?)
Conley, Bartholomew (1813—abt 1890 )
Conley, Calista
Conley, Charles
Conley, [Dr.] David H.
Conley, David R. (1815—abt 1872 )
Conley, Eliza (aft 1863—?)
Conley, Ellen H.
Conley, Freddie
Conley, George
Conley, James (1822—?)
Conley, James B.
Conley, James K.
Conley, James M.
Conley, Jane (Jan 1804—?)
Conley, Jerome
Conley, John (1805—?)
Conley, John J.
Conley, John W.
Conley, Laura (aft 1863—?)
Conley, Luke (1808—bef 1869-73)
Conley, Luke (1774—1855)
Conley, Maria
Conley, Martin
Conley, Mary
Conley, Mary
Conley, Mary (1818—?)
Conley, Mary M.
Conley, Matilda
Conley, Michael B. (1824—1856)
Conley, Oliver
Conley, Oscar
Conley, Sarah Jane
Conley, Stewar J. (aft 1863—?)
Conley, William (1810—?)
Conley, William L. (bef 1851—?)
Connet, Lucinda
Converse, Henrietta
Conyers, Mary C.
Cook, Angia
Cook, Anna
Cook, Burnett
Cook, Caroline M.
Cook, Caroline R. (1818—1852)
Cook, Charles A. (1825—abt 1843)
Cook, Creon J. (?—aft 1918)
Cook, D.
Cook, Daniel (1820—?)
Cook, Daniel (1739—bef 1808)
Cook, Delilah
Cook, Eliza
Cook, Ezra D. (1812—1871)
Cook, Erza D., Jr. (abt 1843—1866)
Cook, Foster P. (abt 1841—1868)
Cook, Franklin P.
Cook, George B.
Cook, George W.
Cook, Hannah M. (1814—bef 1869-73)
Cook, Harriet (1827—?)
Cook, Henry (?—bef 1869-73)
Cook, Henry P. (abt 1836—Jul 1863)
Cook, Hermon C. (aft 1849—?)
Cook, John
Cook, John
Cook, John O. (1789—abt 1833)
Cook, John P. (1831—?)
Cook, Lewis B. (?—aft 1918)
Cook, Lizzie
Cook, Martha
Cook, Mary
Cook, Mary A.
Cook, Mary F. (bet 1835-43—?)
Cook, Nathaniel B.
Cook, Owen
Cook, Phebe T.
Cook, Samuel
Cook, Thomas
Cook, Vinnie M. (aft 1849—?)
Cookingham, Augustus L.
Cookingham, Dallas M.
Cookingham, Diana (?—bef 1869-73)
Cookingham, Eliza
Cookingham, John P.
Cookingham, Marietta
Cool, Elizabeth
Cooley, Alfred
Cooley, Lester
Coon, Charlotte
Coon, John
Coon, Mary
Coon, William
Coon, William
Coons, Caroline (?—bef 1869-73)
Coons, Charles
Coons, Charlotte
Coons, Elizabeth
Coons, Ellen
Coons, Margaret (abt 1790—?)
Coons, Margaret
Coons, Maria
Coons, Peter
Coons, Robert N.
Coons, Sally
Coons, Sarah S.
Coons, Zachariah
Cooper, Adele
Cooper, Ezra
Cooper, Ida D. (bet 1851-55—?)
Cooper, Marvin (bet 1851-55—?)
Corbett, Nancy


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