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Family Tree Names

Sovereign, Clark
Sovereign, Emily
Sovereign, Hannah
Sovereign, Joshua
Sovereign, Mary A.
Sovereign, Plummer
Sovereign, Richard
Soverhill, Eliza J.
Spangler, Anna
Spangler, Augusta
Spangler, Catharine
Spangler, Esther or Hester
Spangler, John L.
Spangler, Levi
Spangler, Mary
Spangler, Samuel
Spangler, Sarah (?—bef 1869-73)
Spangler, Susanna
Spangler, Susanna
Spaulding, Arthur
Spaulding, William F.
Spears, Ellen
Speelman, Catharine
Speelman, Charles M.
Speelman, Levi
Speelman, Mary E.
Speers, Barna
Spelman, Sarah
Spence, Amy (bet 1794-1800—?)
Spence, Byron (19 Mar 1825—?)
Spence, Flora (1826—?)
Spence, Henry (bet 1863-73—?)
Spence, [Dr.] Henry (1800—1866)
Spence, Isabella (bet 1794-1800—?)
Spence, John
Spence, John R. (bet 1794-1800—?)
Spence, Mary (bet 1794-1800—?)
Spence, Riley (1835—?)
Spence, Theodore (bet 1863-73—?)
Spence, Thomas B. (bet 1863-73—?)
Spence, William W. (bet 1794-1800—?)
Spencer, Abner
Spencer, Alexander H. (bet 1852-60—?)
Spencer, Almira S. (abt 1798—1830)
Spencer, Andrew J.
Spencer, Angelica or Angelina (?—1801)
Spencer, Anna
Spencer, Annie (bet 1852-60—?)
Spencer, Augusta
Spencer, Augustus T.
Spencer, Beaumont (bet 1852-60—?)
Spencer, Benjamin F. (abt 1824—1855)
Spencer, Caroline (1818—1851)
Spencer, Ceressa
Spencer, Charles
Spencer, Charles P.
Spencer, Charles P. (aft 1862—?)
Spencer, Chester
Spencer, Clarence Eugene
Spencer, Corintha
Spencer, David (8 Sep 1790—18 Mar 1793)
Spencer, David
Spencer, David P. (1795—?)
Spencer, Elijah (abt 1776—1852)
Spencer, Elijah P. (abt 1826—1860)
Spencer, Eliza Ann (?—bef 1869-73)
Spencer, Elizabeth
Spencer, Frank Elijah
Spencer, George D.
Spencer, George E.
Spencer, George W. (1821—?)
Spencer, Gertrude
Spencer, Harriet (abt 1810—1858)
Spencer, Herman
Spencer, Herman S.
Spencer, Horace
Spencer, Isabell
Spencer, James (1813—1849)
Spencer, James (abt 1735—1805)
Spencer, James (abt 1802—1804)
Spencer, James F.
Spencer, James H.
Spencer, James, Jr. (?—1801)
Spencer, Josephine
Spencer, Judson
Spencer, Justus P. (1774—1850)
Spencer, Laura (1798—?)
Spencer, Laura
Spencer, Lois
Spencer, Louise or Laura
Spencer, Lovina (?—1843)
Spencer, Lydia (1806—?)
Spencer, Margaret
Spencer, Martin
Spencer, Martin, Jr.
Spencer, Mary (1814—bef 1869-73)
Spencer, Mary
Spencer, Mary E.
Spencer, Mary Jane
Spencer, Mary Jane
Spencer, Nancy (1792—?)
Spencer, Norman C.
Spencer, Olive (1 Jan 1800—?)
Spencer, Rhoda
Spencer, Rhoda
Spencer, Ruth (1800—1860)
Spencer, Sarah (1763—1821)
Spencer, Sarah Jane (abt 1826—1856)
Spencer, Simeon (?—1805)
Spencer, Theresa
Spencer, Thomas
Spencer, Truman
Spencer, Truman (?—1839)
Spencer, Truman (abt 1764—Apr 1840)
Spencer, Wellington A.
Spencer, [Mr.] ______
Spicer, Catharine (abt 1849—?)
Spicer, James (23 Oct 1827—?)
Spicer, John (abt 1800—bef 1869-73)
Spicer, Mary (abt 1848—30 Mar 1857)
Spicer, Polly Ann
Spink, Anna (1770—1798)
Spink, Charlotte T. (1810—?)
Spink, Elizabeth
Spink, Ezra, Jr.
Spink, Ezra, Sr. (?—abt 1861)
Spink, George
Spink, Mary
Spink, Mary
Spink, Minerva
Spink, Nicholas
Spink, Sabelia F.
Spink, Samuel (abt 1774—1845)
Spink, Samuel, Jr.
Spink, Sarah (?—1864)
Spink, Sarah Ann
Spink, Silas (1757—1830)
Spink, Silas W. (1825—?)
Spink, Thomas
Spink, Thomas L. (?—bef 1869-73)
Spink, [Mr.] ______
Spink, [Mr.] ______
Spooner, Alanson
Spooner, Allen
Spooner, Allen (?—bef 1869-73)
Spooner, Allen
Spooner, Benjamin (bef 1800—?)
Spooner, Benjamin
Spooner, Benjamin
Spooner, Benjamin (?—bef 1869-73)
Spooner, Bennett
Spooner, Berlin (bef 1800—?)
Spooner, Calvin (bef 1800—?)
Spooner, Cynthia
Spooner, Edward H. Allen
Spooner, Eliza
Spooner, Elizabeth
Spooner, Ellen
Spooner, Florence
Spooner, Frederick
Spooner, Frederick
Spooner, Freelove (aft 1831—?)
Spooner, Freelove
Spooner, Hannah
Spooner, Harriet
Spooner, Harriet (?—1866)
Spooner, James C.
Spooner, Jane
Spooner, John
Spooner, Joseph
Spooner, Leonard T.
Spooner, Luther (abt 1768—1846)
Spooner, Luther, Jr.
Spooner, Marvin L.
Spooner, Mary Ann (aft 1831—bef 1869-73)
Spooner, Polly (bef 1800—?)
Spooner, Polly
Spooner, Rowena
Spooner, Sophia
Spooner, William (?—bef 1869-73)
Spooner, William
Spooner, William
Sprague, Daniel
Sprague, Fanny
Sprague, Ira O.
Sprague, James E.
Sprague, James S.
Sprague, Jeremiah
Sprague, Martha
Sprague, Mary E.
Sprague, Mary J.
Sprague, Mercy
Sprague, Olive (bet 1793-1805—?)
Sprague, Oliver
Sprague, Oliver I. (?—bef 1869-73)
Sprague, Phoebe
Sprague, Robert
Sprague, Sarah ("Sally") (?—11 Mar 1836)
Sprague, Seth
Springstead, Phoebe
Springsted, Sarah
Sprowls, Anna (abt 1780—abt 1849)
Sprowls, Daniel
Sprowls, Mary
Sprowls, William
Squier, Abby (aft 1800—?)
Squier, Albert (aft 1800—?)
Squier, Alpha (aft 1800—?)
Squier, Caroline (?—bef 1869-73)
Squier, Charles Y.
Squier, Clarissa (aft 1800—?)
Squier, David (1772?—)
Squier, Eliza M. (bef 1862—?)
Squier, Ezra (aft 1825—?)
Squier, Ezra (bet 1795-1800—?)
Squier, Gideon
Squier, Hannah (aft 1825—?)
Squier, Harriet (aft 1825—?)
Squier, Heman, Jr.
Squier, Heman, Sr.
Squier, Henry (aft 1825—?)
Squier, Jennie
Squier, Jesse L. (1795—abt 1866)
Squier, John
Squier, Judah (aft 1800—?)
Squier, Martin G. (aft 1825—?)
Squier, Minerva
Squier, Murray
Squier, Nathaniel
Squier, Nathaniel (1800—abt 1877)
Squier, Polly (bet 1795-1800—?)
Squier, Sally (aft 1800—?)
Squier, Seba (?—abt 1870)
Squier, Thursday (aft 1800—?)
Squier, William Deloss (?—bef Jan 1862)
Squier, [Mr.] ______
St. John, Amelia
St. John, Charles R.
St. John, Electa
St. John, John C. (?—1864)
St. John, Ludim
St. John, Moses (?—abt 1842)
St. John, Phebe
St. John, Sarah J.
Stacy, William
Stafford, Ann
Stafford, George
Stafford, Harriet (1830—?)
Stafford, Harvey G. (1803—?)
Stafford, Henry
Stafford, John B.
Stafford, Marian (1828—?)
Stafford, Mary
Stafford, Sophronia S. (1832—?)
Stamp, Ada
Stamp, George W.
Stamp, Lelia
Stamp, Mary Alice
Stamp, Rebecca
Stamp, Uriah
Stanford, Corinne
Stanford, John R.
Stanley, Marana
Stanley, Prudence
Stanley, Wesley (?—bet 1861-65)
Stanton, Benjamin
Stanton, George
Stanton, George B.
Stanton, Julius
Stanton, Julius, Jr.
Stanton, Lorenzo
Stanton, Lorenzo
Stanton, Lucretia
Stanton, Martha E.
Stanton, Mary J.
Stanton, May C.
Stanton, Miriam (abt 1776—1856)
Stanton, Richard B.
Stanton, Sherman
Stanton, Sherman E.
Stanton, William
Stanton, [Miss] ______
Stanton, [Mr.] ______
Staples, Hannah
Stark, Aaron
Stark, Aaron
Stark, Alexander
Stark, Ambrose F. (?—bef 1869-73)
Stark, Amy (1811—1851)
Stark, Benjamin B.
Stark, Catharine
Stark, Chloe
Stark, Eliza (?—1846)
Stark, Fitch
Stark, Hattie
Stark, Isaac (?—1824)
Stark, Maria
Stark, Maria (?—bef 1869-73)
Stark, Mary
Stark, Mary L.
Stark, Oliver (?—1901)
Stark, Reed
Stark, William H.
Stark, Wm. H.
Stark, [Mr.] ______
Starkey, Elizabeth ("Betsey") (abt 1792—6 Nov 1828)
Starkey, Frank W. (aft 1857—?)
Starkey, John (21 May 1788—1829)
Starkey, John (bet 1843-55—?)
Starkey, Maria (bet 1814-29—?)
Starkey, Mary (bet 1814-29—1861)
Starkey, Mary (?—1870)
Starkey, Nancy W. (bet 1814-29—?)
Starkey, Susan M. (bet 1814-29—?)
Starkey, William (bet 1843-55—?)
Starkey, William
Starkey, Wilmer W. (1814—1866)
Stearns, Amanda (?—bef 1869-73)
Stearns, Emeline
Stearns, Harry
Stearns, Kitty
Stearns, Robert B.
Stearns, S. Clinton
Stearns, Sylvia (7 May 1811—10 Dec 1857)
Stebbens, Amanda
Stebbens, David (?—bef 1869-73)
Stebbens, Edith
Stebbens, Emily
Stebbens, Emily or Emilla
Stebbens, Emmet
Stebbens, George
Stebbens, Henry
Stebbens, Hollis
Stebbens, Horace
Stebbens, James
Stebbens, John
Stebbens, Laura E.
Stebbens, Mahala
Stebbens, Mary
Stebbens, Mary B.
Stebbens, Matilda
Stebbens, Nancy
Stebbens, Olive
Stebbens, Orrin (or Orren) (abt 1800—1866)
Stebbens, Samuel
Stebbens, Susan
Stebbens, William
Stebbens, [Mr.] ______
Stebbins, Amanda
Stebbins, Michael
Stedman/Steadman, Jane (Irene on IGI) (3 Jan 1771—15 Feb 1860)
Stedwell, Henry
Stedwell, Josephine
Stephens, Charles
Stephens, Stephen R.
Stephens, Thomas
Stephens, Walter
Sterling, Lydia
Sterling, Viola
Stetson, Louisa (?—bef 1869-73)
Stetson, Tomer
Stevens, Asher T. (?—bet 1861-65)
Stevens, Delia
Stevens, Fred
Stevens, George T.
Stevens, Harriet L.
Stevens, Helen E.
Stevens, Jane
Stevens, [Dr.] Job S.
Stevens, Nathan (?— bef 1869-73)
Stevens, Nathan D.
Stevens, Oliver
Stevens, Richard
Stevens, Simon
Stevens, William
Stevens, Woodruff
Stever, Annette (aft 1837—?)
Stever, Arthur
Stever, Cecelia (aft 1837—bef 1869-73)
Stever, Celista
Stever, David (aft 1837—?)
Stever, David P.
Stever, Elbert
Stever, Eli R. (1812—?)
Stever, Elizabeth
Stever, Franklin (aft 1837—?)
Stever, Frederick
Stever, Genevra
Stever, George
Stever, George (aft 1840—1869)
Stever, George
Stever, George W.
Stever, Hannah (aft 1837—bef 1869-73)
Stever, Hester (aft 1837—?)
Stever, James
Stever, James (aft 1840—?)
Stever, Jennie
Stever, Joseph
Stever, Leonard
Stever, Llewellyn
Stever, Lora
Stever, Oscar (aft 1837—?)
Stever, Peter
Stever, Peter D. (1802—aft 1869-73)
Stever, Rupert (aft 1837—?)
Stever, Ruth (aft 1837—bef 1869-73)
Stewart, Abbie (aft 1817—?)
Stewart, Ann E. (aft 1817—?)
Stewart, Augustus
Stewart, Bell (aft 1835—?)
Stewart, Bethulia (aft 1817—?)
Stewart, Charlotte (aft 1817—?)
Stewart, Dennis
Stewart, Eliza (aft 1835—?)
Stewart, Elizabeth
Stewart, Elizabeth
Stewart, [Dr.] Frederick
Stewart, George
Stewart, George B. (aft 1835—?)
Stewart, Gilbert T.
Stewart, Hannah
Stewart, Hannah (aft 1817—?)
Stewart, Hattie
Stewart, Helen
Stewart, Henry Clay
Stewart, Henry M.
Stewart, John D.
Stewart, John P. (?—1858)
Stewart, John W. (aft 1835—?)
Stewart, Mary
Stewart, Rachel (aft 1817—?)
Stewart, Sally (abt 1797—1858)
Stewart, Sarah W. (aft 1817—?)
Stewart, Saunders C. (aft 1835—?)
Stewart, Sophia (?—1867)
Stewart, Susan
Stewart, William H. (aft 1835—?)
Stewart, William Henry (1780—1852)
Stewart, Willie
Steyer, Gertrude (15 Aug 1725—17 Aug 1798)
Stickles, Anson
Stiles, Caroline D.
Stiles, Clarence H.
Stiles, Emma
Stiles, Harmon
Stillson, Andrew
Stillson, Rebecca (1791—abt 1813)
Stillson, Salmon
Stillson, Salmon
Stocum, Ann
Stocum, Eliphalet
Stocum, Hector
Stoddard, Alice
Stoddard, Andrew (?—bet 1861-65)
Stoddard, Ann
Stoddard, Benjamin (1796—?)
Stoddard, Charles
Stoddard, Charles (aft 1818—?)
Stoddard, Chester (aft 1818—?)
Stoddard, Cyrenus
Stoddard, Cyrenus (abt 1759—abt 1829)
Stoddard, Daniel
Stoddard, Ebenezer
Stoddard, Hannah
Stoddard, Henry B.
Stoddard, Ida
Stoddard, Kate
Stoddard, Maria (?—bef 1869-73)
Stoddard, Orra
Stoddard, Philo
Stoddard, Philo
Stoddard, [Dr.] Philo K. (aft 1818—?)
Stoddard, Sarah
Stoddard, Sarah E.
Stoddard, Survina (aft 1818—?)
Stoddard, Susan Ann (aft 1818—?)
Stoddard, Thomas
Stokes, Anna
Stokes, Clement
Stokes, Elizabeth
Stokes, James, Jr.
Stokes, James, Sr. (?—bef 1869-73)
Stokes, John L.
Stokes, Mary
Stokes, Olive
Stokoe, Edward
Stokoe, Eleanor
Stoll, Philip
Stoll, [Miss] ______
Stone, Andrew (?—1818)
Stone, Andrew
Stone, Andrew
Stone, Ann
Stone, Asahel, Jr.
Stone, Asahel, Sr. (1758—1833)
Stone, Aurelia (abt 1781—?)
Stone, Benajah
Stone, Bernice (1761—abt 1815)
Stone, Calvin H. (1815—?)
Stone, Charles A.
Stone, Charlotte (1823—1864)
Stone, Cynthia
Stone, Delila (1812—?)
Stone, Eber
Stone, Eliza
Stone, Hannah (abt 1768—1861)
Stone, Holden (abt 1767—1843)
Stone, Jesse
Stone, John (abt 1785—?)
Stone, John A.
Stone, Laura
Stone, Leonard
Stone, Louisa
Stone, Lucy (abt 1840—?)
Stone, Lucy (abt 1743—?)
Stone, Margaret
Stone, Maria
Stone, Martha
Stone, Mary
Stone, Mary
Stone, Mary
Stone, Naomi
Stone, Rebecca (1826—?)
Stone, Ruth
Stone, Sabra
Stone, Samuel
Stone, Samuel (?—abt 1856)
Stone, Sarah
Stone, Sarah (abt 1786—1862)
Stone, Sarah (1828—?)
Stone, Sarah
Stone, Zerviah
Storm, Eunice
Storm, Eunice
Storm, Harvey
Storm, Thomas
Storm, [Miss] ______
Storms, Sally
Storrow, Bryon A. (4 Jan 1860—?)
Storrow, Carrie Bell
Storrow, Cora Dell
Storrow, Cynthiana
Storrow, Emily E.
Storrow, Hubert (20 Oct 1855—?)
Storrow, Joseph (7 Aug 1828—23 Feb 1895)
Storrow, Joseph Hubert
Storrs, John
Stout, Aaron
Stout, Algernon
Stout, Carrie
Stout, Charity
Stout, Eleanor
Stout, Elizabeth (1823—?)
Stout, Elizabeth
Stout, Fanny
Stout, Floyd
Stout, Frank
Stout, Harriet N. (1831—?)
Stout, Herbert
Stout, Jacob
Stout, James (aft 1817—?)
Stout, Jane (aft 1817—?)
Stout, John (1797—?)
Stout, Jonathan (?—bef 1860)
Stout, Lydia (aft 1817—?)
Stout, Mary (aft 1817—?)
Stout, Nellie
Stout, Samuel
Stout, Samuel
Stowe, William
Stratton, Mary (-bef 1869-73)
Stratton, Samuel
Stratton, Sarah
Stratton, [Mr.] ______
Straughan, Mary
Straughan, Phyllis (abt 1790-1865)
Straughan, Robert
Straughan, [Mr.] ______
Street, Emma
Street, Mary
Street, Samuel, III
Street, Samuel, Jr.
Street, Samuel, Sr.
Streeter, Sally
Streeter, Whipple
Strickland, Electa (?—bef 1869-73)
Strickland, Elizabeth (?—bef 1869-73)
Strickland, Phebe (?—bef 1869-73)
Strobe, Mariah (?—bef 1869-73)
Strobridge, Archibald
Strobridge, Charles H. (aft 1818—?)
Strobridge, Elizabeth
Strobridge, Franklin
Strobridge, Frederick
Strobridge, George W. (aft 1818—?)
Strobridge/Strowbridge, Hattie
Strobridge, James M. (aft 1818—?)
Strobridge, Jane E. (aft 1818—?)
Strobridge, Lyman H. (aft 1818—?)
Strobridge, Maria (aft 1818—bef 1869-73)
Strobridge, Mary Ann
Strobridge/Strowbridge, Morris R.
Strobridge, Orville F. (aft 1818—?)
Strobridge/Strowbridge, Samuel G. (aft 1818—?)
Strobridge, Sanford (1791—1870)
Strobridge, Sanford D. (aft 1818—1894)
Strobridge, Susan (aft 1818—bef 1869-73)
Strobridge, William M. (aft 1818—1864)
Strong, Thankful
Strowbridge, Charles
Strowbridge, [Miss] ______
Struble, Adam
Struble, Adam (abt 1784—1867)
Struble, Alfaretta
Struble, Clinton B. Harrison (1844—?)
Struble, Dean (aft 1814—?)
Struble, Elizabeth (aft 1814—?)
Struble, Ellen (aft 1814—?)
Struble, Fowler (aft 1814—?)
Struble, Hanford Harrison (1842—?)
Struble, Hannah (aft 1814—?)
Struble, Henry (abt 1810—1870)
Struble, Henry Albert
Struble, Henry Albert (1848—?)
Struble, Ira (aft 1814—?)
Struble, [Rev.] Lambert
Struble, Levi (1812—?)
Struble, Louisa (aft 1814—?)
Struble, Margaret (?—aft 1842)
Struble, Mary
Struble, Morgan (aft 1814—?)
Struble, Moses (bef 1814—?)
Struble, Phebe (aft 1814—?)
Struble, Sidney (aft 1814—?)
Struble, [Mr.] ______
Strunk, Polly
Stryker, Henry
Stryker, Samuel
Stufflebeam, Betsey (1798—?)
Stull, Eleanor (?—1831)
Stull, Polly
Sturdevant, Jerusha
Sturdevant, Mary
Sturdivant, Ella
Sturtevant, Mary
Styles, Jane
Styles, Stephen
Summers, Emily
Summers, George
Summers, John (?—bef 1869-73)
Summers, John
Summers, Melissa
Summers, Zerah F.
Sunderlin, Alice
Sunderlin, Alonzo A.
Sunderlin, [Rev.] Alonzo
Sunderlin, Anna
Sunderlin, Byron S.
Sunderlin, Charles
Sunderlin, Cyrus
Sunderlin, Daniel
Sunderlin, Daniel W.
Sunderlin, David
Sunderlin, Delazon J.
Sunderlin, Delmer
Sunderlin, Dennis
Sunderlin, Edward D.
Sunderlin, Eli
Sunderlin, Elizabeth (?—1862)
Sunderlin, Emily Ann
Sunderlin, George
Sunderlin, Helen
Sunderlin, Ida
Sunderlin, Ira
Sunderlin, John Lewis
Sunderlin, Joseph
Sunderlin, Lewis
Sunderlin, Lewis
Sunderlin, Lorenzo (?—bef 1869-73)
Sunderlin, Louisa
Sunderlin, Lydia
Sunderlin, Martin J.
Sunderlin, Nancy E.
Sunderlin, Polly
Sunderlin, Retta
Sunderlin, Tippett
Sunderlin, Ursula
Sunderlin, [Dr.] Van Rensselaer (28 Sep 1826—?)
Sunderlin, William (?—bef 1869-73)
Supplee, Achsa
Supplee, Achsa J.
Supplee, Albert
Supplee, Alwilda
Supplee, Anna
Supplee, Daniel
Supplee, Frances
Supplee, George
Supplee, Hans (Hance) (14 Jul 1714—16 Dec 1770)
Supplee, John
Supplee, John (11 Sep 1758—1841)
Supplee, John, Jr. (?—bef 1869-73)
Supplee, Jonathan (?—bef 1869-73)
Supplee, Mary (3 Dec 1761—1843)
Supplee, Mary
Supplee, Peter (2 Sep 1745—24 Jan 1778)
Supplee, Peter (1793—?)
Supplee, Peter (8 Jan 1778—15 Apr 1859)
Supplee, Rachel (18 Jan 1775—16 Jan 1853)
Supplee, Rebecca (25 Nov 1751—28 Feb 1813)
Supplee, Rebecca
Supplee, Sabelia
Supplee, Timothy (1819—?)
Supplee, Willie
Sutherland, Albert
Sutherland, Albert
Sutherland, Amanda (aft 1799—?)
Sutherland, Anice P. (aft 1830—?)
Sutherland, Annette
Sutherland, Bethana (aft 1799—?)
Sutherland, Charles
Sutherland, Dora
Sutherland, Edwin
Sutherland, Frank
Sutherland, Frankie M. (aft 1830—?)
Sutherland, Frederick
Sutherland, Helen
Sutherland, Helen S. (aft 1830—bef 1869-73)
Sutherland, Herbert
Sutherland, Jane (aft 1799—?)
Sutherland, Judah (aft 1799—?)
Sutherland, Judith
Sutherland, Lewis
Sutherland, Lorana (aft 1799—?)
Sutherland, Louise
Sutherland, Mary
Sutherland, Mary (aft 1799—?)
Sutherland, Mary A.
Sutherland, Mead (?—1857)
Sutherland, Pamelia
Sutherland, Polly (aft 1799—?)
Sutherland, Rebecca
Sutherland, Reuben
Sutherland, Roger
Sutherland, Schuyler
Sutherland, [Rev.] Simon (1779—abt 1865)
Sutherland, Stephen (?—bef 1869-73)
Sutherland, Walter W.
Sutherland, William (1800—1856)
Sutherland, Wilmer
Sutherland, [Mr.] ______
Sutphen or Sutphin, Alida
Sutphen, Amos (aft 1822—?)
Sutphen or Sutphin, Arthur (bef 1791—?)
Sutphen or Sutphin, Charles
Sutphen, Daniel (aft 1822—?)
Sutphen, Elizabeth
Sutphen or Sutphin, Emmet O.
Sutphen, Eunice
Sutphen, Gilbert
Sutphen, Hannah (?—bef 1864)
Sutphen, James (?—bef 1869-73)
Sutphen, James
Sutphen, Jane (aft 1822—?)
Sutphen, John
Sutphen, John
Sutphen or Sutphin, John S.
Sutphen or Sutphin, Lenora
Sutphen, Mary (aft 1822—?)
Sutphen or Sutphin, Mary Rebecca (1822—?)
Sutphen, Minerva (aft 1822—?)
Sutphen or Sutphin, Nelly
Sutphen or Sutphin, Peter
Sutphen or Sutphin, Peter M. (1820—?)
Sutphen or Sutphin, Polly
Sutphen or Sutphin, Richard (1791—1866)
Sutphen or Sutphin, Richard
Sutphen or Sutphin, Truman
Sutphin, Arthur, Jr.
Sutphen, Arthur, Sr.
Sutphin, Elizabeth (?—bef 1869-73)
Sutphin, Ida (1777—1853)
Sutphin, Isaac
Sutphin, James
Sutphin, Jane
Sutphin, John S. (1793—1868)
Sutphin, Martha
Sutphin, Mary
Sutphin, Retta
Sutton, Albert
Sutton, Almeda A.
Sutton, Almon S.
Sutton, Ann
Sutton, Aurelia Jane
Sutton, Daniel
Sutton, Daniel
Sutton, Daniel (1801—?)
Sutton, Daniel C.
Sutton, Emeline
Sutton, Emma E.
Sutton, Frank
Sutton, Hannah
Sutton, Jacob B.
Sutton, Jane (1799—?)
Sutton, John
Sutton, Lewis (?—1828)
Sutton, Lewis J.
Sutton, Lucy Amaretta
Sutton, Martha Jane
Sutton, Reuben
Sutton, Thomas
Sutton, Thomas C.
Sutton, Thomas C.
Sutton, William S. (abt 1814—1854)
Sutton, [Mr.] ______
Suylandt, John
Swan, Albert
Swan, Joshua
Swan, Rosetta
Swan, Sarah
Swarthout, Aaron E.
Swarthout, Alonzo
Swarthout, Amanda
Swarthout, Amy
Swarthout, Andrew D.
Swarthout, Anna (abt 1783—1860)
Swarthout, Annette
Swarthout, Anthony
Swarthout, Asa
Swarthout, Betsey
Swarthout, Birdsall
Swarthout, Charles
Swarthout, Charles
Swarthout, Charles H.
Swarthout, David F.
Swarthout, Della
Swarthout, Derastus or Erastus
Swarthout, Derius
Swarthout, Diantha
Swarthout, Edwin L.
Swarthout, Elijah
Swarthout, Ezekiel
Swarthout, George
Swarthout, George
Swarthout, Hannah
Swarthout, Harriet
Swarthout, Henrietta
Swarthout, Henrietta
Swarthout, Henry
Swarthout, Hortense
Swarthout, Irena
Swarthout, Irene
Swarthout, James
Swarthout, James
Swarthout, James
Swarthout, James A.
Swarthout, John
Swarthout, John
Swarthout, John L.
Swarthout, Lorenzo
Swarthout, Louisa
Swarthout, Louisa
Swarthout, Margaret
Swarthout, Martha
Swarthout, Mary
Swarthout, Mary
Swarthout, Owen R.
Swarthout, Phoebe
Swarthout, Ray
Swarthout, Sackett
Swarthout, Sarah
Swarthout, Sarah
Swarthout, Seymour
Swarthout, Susan
Swarthout, Temperance
Swarthout, Vincent
Swarthout, William
Swarthout, William
Swarthout, William
Swarthout, Zerah
Swarts, Ada
Swarts, Ada
Swarts, Ann
Swarts, Ann
Swarts, Anna (bef 1804—?)
Swarts, Baltus
Swarts, Carpenter
Swarts, Catharine (?—1848)
Swarts, Charity (1785—1869)
Swarts, Clarrissa (1834—?)
Swarts, Daniel
Swarts, Daniel (1787—?)
Swarts, Daniel, Jr.
Swarts, Eliza
Swarts, Elizabeth (1826—?)
Swarts, Emmet
Swarts, Francis
Swarts, Frank
Swarts, Fred
Swarts, George
Swarts, George
Swarts, George
Swarts, Halsey
Swarts, Halsey (aft 1804—?)
Swarts, Jacob (aft 1804—?)
Swarts, James
Swarts, Jane (aft 1804—bef 1869-73)
Swarts, John (aft 1804—1871)
Swarts, John
Swarts, Jonas
Swarts, Lissa
Swarts, Marion
Swarts, Mary
Swarts, Mary Ann (1827—?)
Swarts, Mary J.
Swarts, Melvin
Swarts, Melvin B.
Swarts, Micajah (1804—1865)
Swarts, Miles (aft 1804—?)
Swarts, Oliver
Swarts, Peter
Swarts, Peter (1796—?)
Swarts, Rossiter
Swarts, Ruth
Swarts, Sarah
Swarts, Sarah
Swarts, Sarah
Swarts, Susan
Swarts, Susan A.
Swarts, Susan A.
Swarts, Susannah (1789—bef 1869-73)
Swarts, Tewalt, Sr. (1755—1850)
Swarts, Tewalt
Swarts, Tewalt
Swarts, Tewalt (1829—?)
Swarts, Thomas
Swarts, Ursula
Swarts, William
Swarts, William
Swartwood, Cyrus
Swartz, Ann
Swartz, Miranda
Sweegles, Julia (1794—?)
Sweet, Dorcas
Sweet, Eliza
Sweet, Griffin
Sweet, Hannah
Sweet, Wealthy
Sweetland, Cynthia
Sweezey, Mary Ann
Swift, Anna
Swift, Dan
Swift, Elizabeth
Swift, Hannah

Taft, Chapin
Taft, Nancy (14 Nov 1790—31 Dec 1831)
Taft, Robert
Talmadge, Ellen
Talmadge, Rebecca (abt 1752—18 Apr 1828)
Tanner, Amos
Taylor, Adaline R. (1849—?)
Taylor, Alice
Taylor, Alice
Taylor, Alva
Taylor, Ann
Taylor, Austa L. (1805—abt 1825)
Taylor, Benjamin F.
Taylor, Cecelia L. (bet 1839-47—?)
Taylor, Charles (1847—?)
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Charles C. (bet 1819-31—1856)
Taylor, Charles H. (1859—?)
Taylor, Charles W. (aft 1821—?)
Taylor, Charles W. (1834—?)
Taylor, David S.
Taylor, Dora
Taylor, Edric Seyforth (1801—1837)
Taylor, Eleanor E.
Taylor, Eliza (bet 1819-31—?)
Taylor, Eliza
Taylor, Eliza J. (1845—1860)
Taylor, Elizabeth A. (1827—1860)
Taylor, Elsie (?—bef 1869-73)
Taylor, Ernest E.
Taylor, Esther A. (1850—?)
Taylor, Francis
Taylor, Frank (1856—?)
Taylor, Frank Russel (1860—?)
Taylor, George C. (1854—?)
Taylor, George W.
Taylor, George W. (1830—?)
Taylor, George W.
Taylor, Grace M.
Taylor, Hannah
Taylor, Harriet
Taylor, Harriet (1831—?)
Taylor, Harriet A. (1839—1867)
Taylor, Harriet N.
Taylor, Helen (1864—?)
Taylor, Helen S. (1835—?)
Taylor, Henrietta (1807—?)
Taylor, Henry Chappell (bet 1819-31—?)
Taylor, Henry L. (1854—?)
Taylor, Henry R. (aft 1821—?)
Taylor, Henry S.
Taylor, Hiley E. (?—bef 1869-73)
Taylor, Horace (1826—?)
Taylor, Horace Benton (1799—1864)
Taylor, James (abt 1736—1832)
Taylor, James (abt 1789—30 Dec 1869)
Taylor, James (1798—1869)
Taylor, James E. (1825—?)
Taylor, James F. [Rev.] (aft 1821—?)
Taylor, James L.
Taylor, James W. (bet 1819-31—?)
Taylor, Jane E. (1826—1852)
Taylor, Jennie
Taylor, Joel Ackley (1809—?)
Taylor, John (1771—1857)
Taylor, John
Taylor, John Benton (1823—?)
Taylor, John C. [Rev.] (aft 1821—?)
Taylor, John S. (1843—?)
Taylor, John W. (1851—?)
Taylor, John W. (1828—?)
Taylor, John Wells (18 Sep 1819—?)
Taylor, Jonathan (bef 1800—abt 1876)
Taylor, Joseph (?—1831)
Taylor, Joseph A. (bet 1839-47—?)
Taylor, Kittie A. (1858—?)
Taylor, Laura
Taylor, Margaret
Taylor, Margaret
Taylor, Margaret A.
Taylor, Mark Sibley (1836—?)
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary Agnes
Taylor, Mary Bell (1858—?)
Taylor, Mary C. (1837—1863)
Taylor, Mary E. (1823—?)
Taylor, Mary E.
Taylor, Matilda
Taylor, Matilda
Taylor, Minerva C. (1833—1845)
Taylor, Minnie
Taylor, Nancy
Taylor, Nancy
Taylor, Nancy M. (1847—1848)
Taylor, Nettie M. (1865—?)
Taylor, Phineas (?—1800)
Taylor, Ralph B.
Taylor, Rebecca (1801—1856)
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, Rodney
Taylor, Ruth
Taylor, Ruth (1857—?)
Taylor, Samuel (1822—?)
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, Sarah Ann (1815—1838)
Taylor, Sarah E.
Taylor, Sarah E. (1835—?)
Taylor, Sarah E. (aft 1821—?)
Taylor, Sarah Elizabeth
Taylor, Sarah J.
Taylor, Sarah Jane (1852—?)
Taylor, Sarah Lorain
Taylor, Simon
Taylor, Susan Ann
Taylor, Susannah
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, William (1793—?)
Taylor, William A.
Taylor, William D.
Taylor, William James
Taylor, William M.
Taylor, William Miner (aft 1821—?)


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