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Family Tree Names

Rector, Albert
Rector, Amelia M.
Rector, Andrew
Rector, Andrew (1762—1842)
Rector, Andrew, III (1816—)
Rector, Andrew, Jr. (1792—1842)
Rector, Andrew W. (1806—)
Rector, Caroline
Rector, Caroline
Rector, Catharine (1802—)
Rector, Catherine (1822—)
Rector, Charity (1815—)
Rector, Charity (1812—)
Rector, Charles
Rector, Christiana (1789—)
Rector, Conrad (1809—)
Rector, David (1815—)
Rector, Dorothea
Rector, Edward (1820—)
Rector, Eliza (1817—1839)
Rector, Elizabeth (1806—bef 1869-73)
Rector, Elizabeth (1806—bef 1849)
Rector, Elizabeth (1828—)
Rector, Elizabeth
Rector, Emily J.
Rector, Eva (1794—?)
Rector, Fanny Jane (1825—?)
Rector, George
Rector, George
Rector, Hannah (1780—1862)
Rector, Hannah
Rector, Hannah
Rector, Hannah E.
Rector, Helen
Rector, Henry (1820—?)
Rector, Jacob (1812—)?
Rector, Jacob T. (1836—?)
Rector, Jacob T. (1815—?)
Rector, James
Rector, Jeremiah (1827—?)
Rector, Jerome
Rector, John (1813—?)
Rector, John
Rector, John
Rector, John
Rector, John H. (1814—1833)
Rector, Julia A.
Rector, Lewis (aft 1822—?)
Rector, Lucetta (aft 1822—1864)
Rector, Madison
Rector, Madriff
Rector, Mary
Rector, Mary
Rector, Miner
Rector, Nelson
Rector, Norman
Rector, Oscar
Rector, Polly
Rector, Rosa
Rector, Sarah C.
Rector, Simeon (1822—?)
Rector, Stephen
Rector, Teal (1789—1859)
Rector, William (1782—abt 1877)
Rector, William
Rector, William F. (1834—?)
Rector, William J. (1826—?)
Rector, William T. (1820—?)
Rector, William W.
Reddington, Julia
Reddout, Abraham
Reddout, Abraham (1781—1859)
Reddout, Abraham P. (1827—?)
Reddout, Adelbert
Reddout, Andrew
Reddout, Azuba E.
Reddout, Charity (1816—?)
Reddout, Daniel (1821—bef 1869-73)
Reddout, Daniel
Reddout, David
Reddout, David (1802—?)
Reddout, Elisha (1810—?)
Reddout, Eliza
Reddout, Elizabeth
Reddout, Elsie
Reddout, Eunice S.
Reddout, Frank
Reddout, Hester
Reddout, Hester (1806—bef 1869-73)
Reddout, Isabel
Reddout, Jane (1812—?)
Reddout, John (1814—?)
Reddout, John B.
Reddout, Lucinda
Reddout, Mary
Reddout, Mary A.
Reddout, Mary J.
Reddout, Nelson
Reddout, Orrin
Reddout, Peter (1819—bef 1869-73)
Reddout, Peter C.
Reddout, Rhoda E.
Reddout, Ruby J.
Reddout, Susan A.
Reddout, William (1803—?)
Reed, Alanson (?—1869)
Reed, Almon
Reed, Austin
Reed, Bell
Reed, Benjamin
Reed, Byron
Reed, Calvin B.
Reed, Caroline
Reed, Carrie
Reed, Clarissa
Reed, Elisha
Reed, Eliza
Reed, Elizabeth (?—1849)
Reed, Ellen
Reed, Emma
Reed, Emma (?—1869)
Reed, Frank
Reed, Frank M.
Reed, George
Reed, Harriet N. (?—1868)
Reed, Hattie (?—1862)
Reed, Henry F. (aft 1842—?)
Reed, Jane (aft 1842—?)
Reed, Janette
Reed, John
Reed, John
Reed, Joshua
Reed, Josiah (abt 1796—1859)
Reed, Josiah, Jr.
Reed, Laura C.
Reed, Mary
Reed, Mary
Reed, Mary (17 Sep 1846—29 Mar 1936)
Reed, Melancthon S.
Reed, Polly
Reed, Samuel
Reed, Truman (1790—?)
Reed, Wallace
Reed, Wealthy
Reed, William
Reed, [Mr.] ______
Reeder, Adaline (1803—?)
Reeder, Amy (1809—?)
Reeder, Andrew
Reeder, Benjamin F. (?—bef 1869-73)
Reeder, Coe S. (1807—?)
Reeder, Elizabeth
Reeder, George A. (1835—?)
Reeder, George S. (1805—1883)
Reeder, James H.
Reeder, James M. (1811—?)
Reeder, Joseph W. (1807—bef 1869-73)
Reeder, Josiah (1786—1829)
Reeder, Lucy
Reeder, Lyman
Reeder, Maria (?—bef 1869-73)
Reeder, Maria (1838—abt 1859)
Reeder, Morris B. (abt 1812—1837)
Reeder, Samuel
Reeder, Sarah (1809—?)
Reeder, Sarah (1782—1843)
Reeder, Stephen (1773—1830)
Reeder, Stephen
Reeder, Susan (1814—?)
Reeder, Sylvester (1805—1834)
Reimann, Valentine
Remer, Aaron (abt 1781—26 Feb 1841)
Remer, Abraham (1794—1832)
Remer, Abraham V.
Remer, Ann
Remer, Anna F.
Remer, Benjamin M.
Remer, Bryan
Remer, Bryan (1762—1825)
Remer, Caroline
Remer, Catharine (?—bef 1869-73)
Remer, Catharine
Remer, Catharine F.
Remer, Charles B.
Remer, Charles B.
Remer, Charles H.
Remer, Charles L.
Remer, Clarence
Remer, Daniel
Remer, David D.
Remer, Ellen M.
Remer, Enos S.
Remer, Ernest (bef 1866—?)
Remer, Francis E.
Remer, Frederic A.
Remer, George (bef 1866—?)
Remer, George
Remer, George A.
Remer, George I. (abt 1775—1845)
Remer, George N.
Remer, George N.
Remer, Gilbert Y.
Remer, Harriet
Remer, Henrietta
Remer, Henry
Remer, Jane (?—bef 1869-73)
Remer, Jane V.
Remer, John (1744—1819)
Remer, John, Jr.
Remer, John L.
Remer, John S.
Remer, Joseph (1793—?)
Remer, Josephine
Remer, Lawrence T.
Remer, Leah
Remer, Margaret
Remer, Maria (?—bef 1869-73)
Remer, Mary (?—bef 1869-73)
Remer, Mary Ann
Remer, Mary C.
Remer, Mary E.
Remer, Mary E.
Remer, Melville W.
Remer, Nancy A. (?—1868)
Remer, Oscar
Remer, Phoebe (?—bef 1845)
Remer, Phoebe J.
Remer, Polly (1766—1803)
Remer, Ransom O.
Remer, Rebecca (abt 1773—1853)
Remer, Rebecca P.
Remer, Sarah (1789—1869)
Remer, Sarah (?—bef 1869-73)
Remer, Sarah Jane
Remer, Susan (aft 1820—?)
Remer, Theodore
Remer, William A.
Remer, William H.
Remer, William T. (1822—?)
Remington, Maria
Remington, S. W.
Remsen, Ann (1801—?)
Rensselaer, Jacob
Rensselaer, Mary Ann
Renwick, Isabella (1759—1853)
Renwick, John
Renwick, Robert
Renwick, Walter
Reynolds, Almon D.
Reynolds, Andrew J. (1828—?)
Reynolds, Angeline (1828—?)
Reynolds, Ann
Reynolds, Anna
Reynolds, Augustus
Reynolds, Benjamin
Reynolds, Daniel L. (1838—?)
Reynolds, Dorcas (1806—1826)
Reynolds, Eleanor (1821—bef 1869-73)
Reynolds, Eleanor
Reynolds, Elizabeth
Reynolds, Erbin
Reynolds, George
Reynolds, Hannah
Reynolds, Hannah M. (1832—?)
Reynolds, Henry K.
Reynolds, Herbert
Reynolds, Hiram U.
Reynolds, Ida
Reynolds, James
Reynolds, Jerome
Reynolds, Jesse
Reynolds, John
Reynolds, Joseph
Reynolds, Joseph B. (1823—?)
Reynolds, Joseph Fremont
Reynolds, Laura (?—bef 1869-73)
Reynolds, Lewis
Reynolds, Lewis
Reynolds, Lewis
Reynolds, Llewellyn
Reynolds, Louella
Reynolds, Martha
Reynolds, Martha (1758—1851)
Reynolds, Mary (abt 1751—1845)
Reynolds, May
Reynolds, Minerva
Reynolds, Minor Eugene
Reynolds, Oscar
Reynolds, Phebe A. (1817—?)
Reynolds, Sarah (?—bef 1869-73)
Reynolds, Sarah ("Sally")
Reynolds, Sarah E. (1830—?)
Reynolds, Susan
Reynolds, Susan
Reynolds, Thomas (1780—1854)
Reynolds, Thomas B. (1841—?)
Reynolds, Whitman (abt 1792—1819)
Reynolds, Whitman H.
Reynolds, William (1825—)
Reynolds, William Bassett
Reynolds, [Miss] ______
Reynolds, [Miss] _______
Reynolds, [Mr.] ______
Reywalt, Ann M. (aft 1810—?)
Reywalt, Benjamin
Reywalt, Eleanor (?—bef 1869-73)
Reywalt, Hannah
Reywalt, Isaac (aft 1810—bef 1869-73)
Reywalt, John
Reywalt, John (aft 1810—?)
Reywalt, Mary J. (?—bef 1869-73)
Reywalt, Nancy (?—bef 1869-73)
Reywalt, Peter (?—bef 1869-73)
Reywalt, Sally Jane (aft 1810—bef 1869-73)
Reywalt, [Miss] ______ (?—bef 1869-73)
Rhoades, Polly
Rhodes, Benjamin
Rhodes, Ellen
Rhodes, Frank
Rhodes, Henrietta
Rhodes, James
Rhodes, Jane
Rhodes, Leman
Rhodes, Mary B.
Rhodes, Nancy
Rhodes, Vaughn
Rice, Betsey (?—1859)
Rice, Edwin
Rice, Edwin W.
Rice, Ezra (?—bef 1869-73)
Rice, Harriet
Rich, Alfred (1824—?)
Rich, Alfred (21 Apr 1786—1847)
Rich, Alonzo (between 1823-48—?)
Rich, Amanda
Rich, Ansel (abt 1784—1852)
Rich, Ansel
Rich, Belden
Rich, Cass
Rich, Charles B. (aft 1850—?)
Rich, Clara (abt 1790—?)
Rich, Elias (23 Aug 1793—bef 1869-73)
Rich, Emily
Rich, Flora B. (aft 1850—?)
Rich, Franklin (aft 1841—?)
Rich, George
Rich, George (bet 1823-48—?)
Rich, Harriet (1805—bef 1869-73)
Rich, Harris
Rich, Harrison
Rich, Henry (1820—1866)
Rich, John (?—1815)
Rich, John (bet 1823-48—?)
Rich, John (1808—1848)
Rich, John
Rich, Julia Ann (bet 1823-48—?)
Rich, Maria (bet 1823-48—?)
Rich, Mary
Rich, Melissa (bet 1823-48—?)
Rich, Milo
Rich, Milo (1813—?)
Rich, Nelson (aft 1841—?)
Rich, Otis (bet 1823-48—?)
Rich, Phila Ann (1826—?)
Rich, Polly
Rich, Polly (1810—?)
Rich, Ralph (aft 1841—?)
Rich, Rhoda
Rich, Richard
Rich, Richard (bet 1823-48—?)
Rich, Richard (1819—1838)
Rich, Rosanna (abt 1815—1847)
Rich, Sanford (1824—?)
Rich, Sarah Ann (1821—1852)
Rich, Serepta
Rich, Theodorus (bet 1823-48—?)
Rich, Washington
Rich, [Capt.] ______
Richards, Abraham (5 Aug 1754—bef 1791)
Richards, Almena
Richards, Bela (?—bef 1869-73)
Richards, Edward
Richards, Eliza (?—bef Jun 1817)
Richards, Eliza
Richards, James, Jr. [Rev.]
Richards, Maria
Richards, Sarah
Richardson, Isabella B. P.
Richel, Sarah C.
Richie, Ellen
Richmond, Stephen
Richmond, Sybil
Rickey, Wilson
Rider, Silas
Riege, Emile A.
Riggs, Anna
Riggs, Benjamin
Riggs, Betsey (?—bef 1819)
Riggs, David
Riggs, Hannah
Riggs, John (?—bef 1869-73)
Riggs, Mary
Riggs, Phillip (abt 1744—1821)
Riggs, Reuben
Riggs, Saluvia
Riggs, Susan (?—bef 1869-73)
Riggs, William
Riggs, William S.
Riley, Elizabeth (?—bef 1869-73)
Riley, Henry (?—bef 1869-73)
Rine, Christiana (abt 1773—1859)
Ringer, Clarence
Ringer, Emma
Ringer, George A.
Ringer, John
Ringer, Susan A.
Ringer, Willie
Rino, Mary
Rippey, Betsey
Rippey, Hugh (?—abt 1870)
Rippey, John
Rippey, Lydia (?—bef 1869-73)
Rippey, Margaret
Rippey, Mary (1788—1863)
Roat, Joseph
Roat, Mary
Roback, John
Robbins, Adella
Roberts, Adaline
Roberts, Almy (1802—1853)
Roberts, Andrew
Roberts, Charles (abt 1763—1839)
Roberts, Charles H.
Roberts, Charles H. (1806—?)
Roberts, Charlotte (1803—?)
Roberts, Charlotte
Roberts, Clarissa (1816—1838)
Roberts, Clarissa B.
Roberts, Elam (?—bef 1869-73)
Roberts, George
Roberts, Hannah M.
Roberts, Helen E. (aft 1845—?)
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Henry Hurd (aft 1845—?)
Roberts, Horace G. (aft 1845—?)
Roberts, James
Roberts, John
Roberts, John W.
Roberts, Louisa
Roberts, Oril
Roberts, Rachel
Roberts, Robert (1808—?)
Roberts, Sarah Ann
Roberts, [Mr.] ______
Robertson, Amelia
Robinson, Abigail (1802—?)
Robinson, Abraham L. (bef 1825—?)
Robinson, Adaline
Robinson, Addie
Robinson, Benedict (10 Feb 1758—18 Feb 1832)
Robinson, Benedict (aft 1820—?)
Robinson, Carl
Robinson, Carrie
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Cyrus
Robinson, Daniel A. (aft 1820—?)
Robinson, Daniel Arnold (1795—1871)
Robinson, David
Robinson, Diana (bef 1825—?)
Robinson, Diana
Robinson, Edmund
Robinson, Emily (?—bef 1869-73)
Robinson, Floyd
Robinson, George
Robinson, George D. S. (abt 1825—1838)
Robinson, Hannah
Robinson, Hannah (?—bef 1869-73)
Robinson, Huldah
Robinson, James C. (aft 1820—?)
Robinson, James C. B. (bef 1825—1864)
Robinson, James Carr (1797—1856)
Robinson, James P.
Robinson, Jane (?—bef 1869-73)
Robinson, Jeptha C. (—bef 1869-73)
Robinson, Jeremiah
Robinson, Joel (bef 1825—?)
Robinson, John
Robinson, Joseph R. (aft 1820—?)
Robinson, Louisa
Robinson, Marquis
Robinson, Mary P. (—21 Jan 1854)
Robinson, Mary S. (1823—?)
Robinson, Minnie
Robinson, Nancy
Robinson, Phebe (1793—1864)
Robinson, Phebe
Robinson, Polly (bef 1825—)
Robinson, Polly (—1844)
Robinson, Rachel (bef 1825—)
Robinson, Robert (—bef 10 Feb 1758)
Robinson, Robert B. (aft 1820—)
Robinson, Rosa J.
Robinson, Susannah (aft 1820—)
Robinson, Thomas (—1825)
Robinson, William P. (aft 1820—?)
Robinson, [Miss] ______
Roblyer, Mary
Robson, Alice
Robson, Amy
Robson, Andrew (abt 1779—1852)
Robson, Andrew
Robson, Andrew J.
Robson, Charles
Robson, David
Robson, Elizabeth
Robson, Emma O.
Robson, Flagg
Robson, Grace A.
Robson, Grace Ann
Robson, Hannah
Robson, Helen
Robson, Isabella
Robson, James
Robson, Jane
Robson, John H.
Robson, Joseph S.
Robson, Lena
Robson, Margaret
Robson, Mary
Robson, Nancy
Robson, Robert
Robson, Robert
Robson, Robert
Robson, Seward
Robson, Susan
Robson, Thomas
Robson, Thomas S.
Robson, Timothy
Rockefellow, Charity (abt 1766—1838)
Rockwell, Abigail
Rockwell, Hermon
Rockwell, James
Rockwell, Nathan
Rockwell, Sarah J.
Rockwell, Walon
Rodman, Hannah
Rodman, Mary
Roff, Betsey (abt 1801—1864)
Roff, Hannah
Roff, Henry, Jr.
Roff, Henry, Sr.
Roff, [Miss] ______
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, Clayton
Rogers, Eddie
Rogers, Franklin
Rogers, Henry D.
Rogers, John
Rogers, Leah
Rogers, Lot W.
Rogers, Lucy H.
Rogers, Minnie
Rogers, Nellie
Rogers, Obadiah [Dr.]
Rogers, Reuel
Rogers, Sarah (?—abt 1820)
Rogers, Submit
Rogers, [Miss] ______
Rohde, Adelia
Rohde, Caroline
Rohde, Carrie
Rohde, Frank
Rohde, Frederick H. (?—bef 1869-73)
Rohde, Frederick, Jr.
Rohde, Henrietta (?—bef 1869-73)
Rohde, John
Rohde, Lewis S.
Rohde, Lucy
Rohde, Mary
Rohde, Maxwell
Rohde, Spencer
Roof, Ida May (aft 1849—?)
Roof, John
Roof, Philip
Root, Jira
Root, [Capt.] Edward E.
Rose, Catharine N. M.
Rose, Charles A.
Rose, Edward N.
Rose, Frederick D.
Rose, [Dr.] Gavin Lawson (21 Aug 1797—25 Oct 1867)
Rose, George S.
Rose, Henry (1802—abt 1881)
Rose, John Henry
Rose, John Nicholas (1799—abt 1870)
Rose, Joseph (?—bef 1869-73)
Rose, Laura
Rose, Loretta
Rose, Lucy
Rose, Mary S.
Rose, O. J. Cammann
Rose, Susannah (abt 1749—19 Mar 1825)
Rose, [Rev.] Robert
Rose, Robert L.
Rose, Robert L.
Rose, Robert Selden (1827—?)
Rose, Robert Selden (24 Feb 1774—24 Nov 1835)
Rose, Smith K.
Rose, Susan A. (abt 1814—26 June 1848)
Rosekrans, [Mr.] _____
Rosenkrans, Althea
Rosenkrans, Helen A.
Rosenkrans, Magdalen
Ross, Abel
Ross, Abigail
Ross, Alexander (1802—?)
Ross, Almeda
Ross, Alonzo
Ross, Alzada
Ross, Andrew (?—bef 1869-73)
Ross, Ann (1813—bef 1869-73)
Ross, Ann Maria
Ross, Austa
Ross, Benjamin
Ross, Caroline (1811—?)
Ross, Caspar
Ross, Catharine (?—bef 1869-73)
Ross, Catharine
Ross, D. Lanning
Ross, Eli T. (?—bef 1869-73)
Ross, Eliza (bef 1800—?)
Ross, Emma
Ross, Enoch W.
Ross, Francis M.
Ross, Harriet (1797—?)
Ross, Heman H.
Ross, Henry
Ross, Hyatt D.
Ross, James (1800—?)
Ross, Jane (1823—?)
Ross, John
Ross, John (1807—?)
Ross, John
Ross, Joseph (1815—1840)
Ross, Joseph
Ross, Joseph (?—bef 1869-73)
Ross, Joseph, Jr. (bef 1800—?)
Ross, Louisa
Ross, Margaret
Ross, Margaret (1803—?)
Ross, Mary
Ross, Mary (1821—?)
Ross, Mary
Ross, Mary
Ross, Maud
Ross, Myron
Ross, Myron
Ross, Nancy
Ross, Nathan (bef 1800—?)
Ross, Oscar
Ross, Ossian (bef 1800—?)
Ross, Sally
Ross, Sally (bef 1800—?)
Ross, Samuel (1805—?)
Ross, Samuel
Ross, Samuel (1773—1858)
Ross, Sarah
Ross, Terissa
Ross, Theodore
Ross, Thomas (1811—?)
Ross, Thomas (bef 1800—?)
Ross, Webster
Ross, William (1807—?)
Ross, William
Ross, William P.
Ross, [Dr.] ______
Ross, [Miss] ______
Roswell, Thomas
Rounds, Nathan
Rouse, Chauncey
Rouse, Daniel
Rouse, John (?—bef 1869-73)
Rouse, Susan
Rowe, Betsey (?—bef 1869-73)
Rowell, Shepherd
Rowell, [Miss] ______
Roy, Ann
Roy, Charles
Roy, Elizabeth
Roy, William
Roy, William, Jr.
Roy, William, Jr.
Royce, Anna (?—1812)
Royce, [Rev.] Caleb C. (1812—16 Aug 1850)
Royce, David L. (1826—?)
Royce, Deborah (?—1851)
Royce, Dennis K. (bef 1839—?)
Royce, Eliza (1819—1823)
Royce, Harriet Jerusha (abt 1817—1837)
Royce, Harvey (1810—?)
Royce, Harvey (abt 1811—1834)
Royce, James (aft 1793—1827)
Royce, James H. (1800—?)
Royce, John (1805—?)
Royce, Maria (1807—?)
Royce, Mark
Royce, Matthew (10 Mar 1771—abt 1869)
Royce, Matthew (1744—1814)
Royce, Mehetabel (abt 1776—1823)
Royce, Retta [perhaps Loretta] (aft 1793—?)
Royce, Reuben (?—1839)
Royce, Rhoda (abt 1821—1846)
Royce, Rhoda (abt 1783—?)
Royce, Ruby (abt 1821—?)
Royce, Simeon (1808—?)
Royce, Simeon (?—bef 1869-73)
Royce, Sophia (bef 1839—?)
Royce, Sophia
Royce, William
Royer, Betsey
Royer, Catharine
Royer, Conrad
Royer, Hiram
Royer, Margaret
Rozell, Ella
Rudman, William A.
Rugar, Cornelia
Rugar, Elias V.
Rugar, Francis
Rugar, Francis H. (?—1865)
Rugar, Lewis M.
Rugar, Margaret
Rugar, Mary E.
Rugar, Moses L.
Rugar, Moses L.
Rugar, Thomas
Rugg, Mary
Rugg, Nahum or Nathan
Rumsey, Hannah
Runion, David
Runner, Arminda
Runner, Christiana
Runner, Eliza
Runner, Eliza
Runner, Hannah
Runner, Hattie E.
Runner, Jacob
Runner, James
Runner, John
Runner, John
Runner, John
Runner, John (?—1850)
Runner, Lois
Runner, Lovina
Runner, Lovina
Runner, Margaret
Runner, Olive F.
Runner, William (abt 1803—1865)
Runyan, Mary (1770—1813)
Rusco/Ruscoe, Albert
Rusco/Ruscoe, Amelia (1809—?)
Rusco/Ruscoe, David (?—1825)
Rusco/Ruscoe, David
Rusco/Ruscoe, Eliza (bef 1825—?)
Rusco/Ruscoe, Eliza
Rusco/Ruscoe, George W. (1808—?)
Rusco/Ruscoe, Maria A.
Rusco/Ruscoe, Maria A. (bef 1825—?)
Rusco/Ruscoe, Nathaniel (1756—1844)
Rusco/Ruscoe, Sarah R. (1788—?)
Ruscoe, Elizabeth
Ruscoe, Phebe
Ruscoe, [Mr.] ______
Russel, Cyrus
Russel, David
Russel, Demas (bef 1807—?)
Russel, Everett
Russel, James
Russel, John (?—bef 1869-73)
Russel, Jonathan (?—bef 1869-73)
Russel, Ruth A.
Russel, Spencer B.
Russel, [Mr.] ______ (?—bef 1807)
Ryal, Anthony B. (?—abt 1883)
Ryal, Daniel
Ryal, John H.
Ryal, Lucy Ann (abt 1832—?)
Ryal, Mary
Ryal, Otis B. (abt 1840—1863)
Ryal, Rachel (?—3 Feb 1896)
Ryder, Jesse
Ryder, Phebe
Rynders, Caroline (1824—?)
Rynders, William
Ryreson, Ann
Ryress, A. G.
Ryress, Elizabeth W.
Ryress, Gozen A. (?—1800)
Ryress, John P. (abt 1772—1839)
Ryress, Joseph W. (abt 1804—1868)
Ryress, Robert W.
Sabin, Anna
Sabin, Asa
Sabin, Benjamin H.
Sabin, Burtch
Sabin, Francis A. (aft 1825—?)
Sabin, Hannah (?—bef 1869-73)
Sabin, Jerome A. (aft 1825—?)
Sabin, Nathaniel (?—bef 1869-73)
Sabin, Nathaniel E.
Sabin, Olive
Sabin, Sally
Sabin, Timothy F.
Sabin, William B. (aft 1825—?)
Sabin, [Miss] ______ (?—bef 1843)
Sabin, [Mr.] _______
Sackett, Asa
Sackett, Richard
Sackett, Sally
Sadwick, Sally
Sage, Bertie
Sage, John R.
Sage, Julia Ann
Sage, Norton
Sager, Polly
Salisbury, Alfred
Salisbury, Caroline
Salisbury, Charles
Salisbury, Charles S.
Salisbury, Chester
Salisbury, Cornelia
Salisbury, George
Salisbury, Gideon
Salisbury, John
Salisbury, John, Jr.
Salisbury, Margaret (?—1862)
Salisbury, Olive C. (?—bef 1869-73)
Salisbury, Phebe
Salisbury, Samuel
Salisbury, Semantha
Salisbury, [Miss] ______
Salisbury, [Miss] ______
Sammis, Joel
Sammis, Rovaine
Sampson, George
Sampson, George, Jr.
Sanders, Margaret
Sanders, Thomas
Sanders, Thomas
Sanders, William
Sands, Elizabeth
Sands, William P. (?—bef 1869-73)
Sands, [Miss] ______
Sanford, Abigail
Sanford, Eliza
Sanford, Rebecca
Sanger, Pamila (?—1810)
Sartwell, Caroline
Sartwell, Henry P. [Dr.] (?—abt 1868)
Sartwell, Maria (?—1862)
Sartwell, [Mr.] _______
Saunders, Catharine
Savage, Almon (1797—bef 1869-73)
Savage, David A.
Savage, Edgar S.
Savage, Eleanor T.
Savage, Elizabeth
Savage, Emmet B.
Savage, James
Savage, John B. (1822—?)
Savage, Lois J.
Savage, Sarah L.
Savage, Theda
Savage, William H.
Sawyer, Abigail (1821—?)
Sawyer, Adaline (1829—1849)
Sawyer, Adelia A. (1835—?)
Sawyer, Adna (1806—?)
Sawyer, Agnes M.
Sawyer, Betsey
Sawyer, Byron (1840—?)
Sawyer, Cornelius (?—bef 1869-73)
Sawyer, Cornelius, Jr. (1788—8 Jul 1868)
Sawyer, Cuyler
Sawyer, Cynthia (1783—?)
Sawyer, [Rev.] Cyrus (1811—1848)
Sawyer, Cyrus Manly (1843—?)
Sawyer, Deliverance (1750—abt 1830)
Sawyer, Deliverance ("Dill"), Jr. (1781—abt 1845)
Sawyer, Dorothea (1791—1834)
Sawyer, Edward M.
Sawyer, Eliza H. (1832—?)
Sawyer, Elizabeth
Sawyer, Ella
Sawyer, Elliott L. (1831—?)
Sawyer, Eunice (1784—?)
Sawyer, Ida Bell
Sawyer, Joseph (1779—1865)
Sawyer, Lizzie
Sawyer, Louisa (?—1868)
Sawyer, Mahala
Sawyer, Mary (1792—?)
Sawyer, Mary E. (1829—?)
Sawyer, Mercy (1785—?)
Sawyer, Nancy
Sawyer, Nancy
Sawyer, Nash (1800—1862)
Sawyer, Nelson (1819—bef 1869-73)
Sawyer, Olive A. (1810—?)
Sawyer, Olive M. (1823—1854)
Sawyer, Oliver
Sawyer, Orril (1808—?)
Sawyer, Prescott
Sawyer, Richard S. (1823—?)
Sawyer, Samuel (?—bef 1869-73)
Sawyer, Sarah (1786—?)
Sawyer, Semantha
Sawyer, Seymour (?—bef 1869-73)
Sawyer, Sybil
Sawyer, Thomas
Sawyer, William H. (1823—1868)
Sayre, Coe B.
Sayre, Elizabeth (abt 1775—4 Nov 1858)
Sayre, Ferdinand
Sayre, George (?—bef 1869-73)
Sayre, Henry (?—bef 1869-73)
Sayre, Henry, Jr.
Sayre, Job
Sayre, Mary
Sayre, Nathan
Sayre, Wheeler
Sayre, William
Schenck, Addison
Schenck, Agnes (abt 1780—1869)
Schenck, Catharine (1809—?)
Schenck, Christopher (1807—?)
Schenck, Delilah (1813—1866)
Schenck, Eleanor (1810—1865)
Schenck, Eleanor
Schenck, Eliza (1805—?)
Schenck, Elizabeth
Schenck, Ellen
Schenck, Fred
Schenck, Garrett (1815—?)
Schenck, Hester Ann
Schenck, Isabella
Schenck, Jacob
Schenck, Janett
Schenck, Levi
Schenck, Marian (1803—?)
Schenck, Martin
Schenck, Matilda
Schenck, Melvin (1778—abt 1849)
Schenck, Melvin, Jr. (bet 1819-23—?)
Schenck, Rachel (1823—?)
Schenck, Sally Ann (1819—?)
Schneck, Ann (aft 1814—?)
Schneck, Eleanor (aft 1814—?)
Schneck, Jacob (aft 1814—?)
Schneck, John J. (?—bef 1869-73)
Schneck, William (aft 1814—?)
Schoonmaker, Mary
Schultz, John C.
Schultz, William (?—bef 1869-73)
Schuyler, Philip (?—bef 1869-73)
Schuyler, Sarah E.
Sciples, Lucinda M.
Scofield, Aaron
Scofield, Arthur
Scofield, Catharine
Scofield, Charles
Scofield, Elijah
Scofield, Elizabeth ("Betsey") (abt 1791—?)
Scofield, Emma
Scofield, George
Scofield, George
Scofield, Hannah (1815—?)
Scofield, Hattie
Scofield, Henry
Scofield, Herbert
Scofield, Hiram
Scofield, James
Scofield, [Rev.] James, Jr.
Scofield, [Gen.] John M.
Scofield, John P.
Scofield, Lorenzo
Scofield, Margaret
Scofield, Newman
Scofield, Perlina
Scofield, Phebe
Scofield, Phoebe
Scofield, Robert
Scofield, Samuel
Scofield, Sarah
Scofield, Susannah
Scofield, [Brig. Gen.] Wheeler
Scofield, William
Scofield, William (?—abt 1861)
Scoon, Charles K.
Scoon, Helen A.
Scoon, Laura J.
Scoon, Margaret A.
Scoon, William

Scoon, William, Jr.


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