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Family Tree Names

Peckens, Lydia
Peckens, Martha
Peckens, Martha J.
Peckens, Mary
Peckens, Mary Jane
Peckens, Mryon
Peckens, Olive
Peckens, Oscar
Peckens, Sabra
Peckens, Sabra A.
Peckens, Samuel
Pedrick, Martha
Pelham, John A. (?—bef 1869-73)
Pelton, Charles
Pelton, Charlotte
Pelton, Clarissa
Pelton, Phoebe
Pelton, Ruth
Pelton, Terry
Pembroke, Abigail (?—bef 1869-73)
Penfield, William
Perine, Ellen
Perkins, Charity
Perrigo, Rachel
Perrigo, Sally
Perrine, Patty L.
Perry, Abigail (1812—?)
Perry, Abigail
Perry, Abijah E.
Perry, Agnes
Perry, Alma (aft 1823—?)
Perry, Alvira
Perry, Amarillis (1814—1837)
Perry, Amos (abt 1800—1870)
Perry, Ann (aft 1794—?)
Perry, Anna
Perry, Anna Bell
Perry, Arthur W.
Perry, Arvilla (?—bef 1869-73)
Perry, Asa
Perry, Benjamin (aft 1794—?)
Perry, Betsey
Perry, Caroline
Perry, Caroline D. (?—bef 1869-73)
Perry, Catharine
Perry, Catharine
Perry, Charles H.
Perry, Daniel
Perry, David (?—1805)
Perry, David (1808—?)
Perry, David
Perry, Delila (1816—1856)
Perry, Deroy L.
Perry, Edmund (aft 1794—?)
Perry, Edmund
Perry, Edward (aft 1794—?)
Perry, Edward W.
Perry, Elias (?—bef 1869-73)
Perry, Elizabeth (aft 1823—?)
Perry, Ellen
Perry, Emma
Perry, Enos (1810—?)
Perry, Erasmus
Perry, Ezekiel C. (aft 1823—?)
Perry, Fanny (aft 1794—?)
Perry, Franklin ("Frank") (?—bef 1869-73)
Perry, Frederic
Perry, George
Perry, George
Perry, Harriet
Perry, Harriet
Perry, Harriet E.
Perry, Harrison
Perry, Inez
Perry, James
Perry, James (1779—?)
Perry, James
Perry, Jane
Perry, Jane S.
Perry, Jenamy sic
Perry, Jeremiah
Perry, John
Perry, Jonas
Perry, Joshua or Jonathan (?—bef 1800)
Perry, Jonathan (?—before 1869-73)
Perry, Julia
Perry, Julia
Perry, Levi (?—abt 1869)
Perry, Lewis (1804—bef 1869-73)
Perry, Lilly
Perry, Louis
Perry, Louisa
Perry, Mariette (aft 1794—?)
Perry, Mariette
Perry, Martha
Perry, Martin
Perry, Mary (?—bef 1869-73)
Perry, Mary
Perry, Mary
Perry, Mary
Perry, Mary C. (?—bef 1869-73)
Perry, Mary Jane (aft 1823—?)
Perry, Matilda
Perry, Matthew
Perry, Miner
Perry, Olive H.
Perry, Oliver
Perry, Peleg R.
Perry, Phebe (1806—?)
Perry, Phirson
Perry, Robert (aft 1794—1852)
Perry, Robert
Perry, Rowland B. (aft 1794—bef 1869-73)
Perry, Rows (?—bef 1869-73)
Perry, Rows (1764—1853)
Perry, Sally (?—bef 1869-73)
Perry, Sally (aft 1794—?)
Perry, Sally Ann
Perry, Samuel (aft 1823—?)
Perry, Sarah
Perry, Sarah
Perry, Semantha (aft 1823—?)
Perry, Susan (aft 1794—?)
Perry, Susanna
Perry, Theda
Perry, Thomas
Perry, Thomas
Perry, Thomas
Perry, Thomas (1802—?)
Perry, Uriah
Perry, William (1826—?)
Perry, William
Perry, William (?—bef 1869-73)
Perry, William R.
Perry, Woodworth N. (1830—?)
Perry, Zalotus
Peters, Charles
Peters, Susan
Peters, Susan
Peterson, David (?—aft 1860)
Peterson, Emma
Peterson, Joana
Peterson, John
Peterson, Lydia
Peterson, Mary
Peterson, Nancy
Petrie, Edward
Petrie, Joseph (?—1856)
Petrie, William
Pettebone, Harvey (?—bef 1869-73)
Pettengill, Catharine A.
Pettengill, Isabell
Pettengill, John
Pettengill, Paschal P.
Pettengill, William
Pettibone, David
Pettibone, Harvey
Pettibone, William E.
Pettibone, [Dr.] Henry
Pettit, Norman
Pettit, Paris
Pettit, Warren
Pettit, William
Phelps, Angelina
Phelps, Augustus H.
Phelps, Betsey
Phelps, David L. (abt 1809—1859)
Phelps, Hamilton
Phelps, John S.
Phelps, Lovina (?—bef 1807)
Phelps, Luman (abt 1768—1823)
Phelps, Mary
Phelps, Rhoda
Phelps, Sally
Phelps, Sophronia
Phelps, Thomas J. (?—1816)
Philips, Lizzie
Philips, Sylvester P. (?—abt 1812)
Phillips, Amaziah
Phillips, Angeline (?—bef 1869-73)
Phillips, Emily
Phillips, Juliette D.
Phillips, Morey (?—bef 1869-73)
Phillips, Perley
Phillips, Sophia (1790—1853)
Phillips, [Mr.] ______ (?—bef 1839)
Phinney, Hattie G. (aft 1859—?)
Phinney, Lewis G.
Phinney, Thomas
Phinney, Willie (aft 1859—?)
Pierce, Abel (1788—1862)
Pierce, Abner (1792—1862)
Pierce, Abner
Pierce, Adaline (1810—?)
Pierce, Almira
Pierce, Byron
Pierce, Caroline
Pierce, Daniel C.
Pierce, Dewey (?—bef 1869-73)
Pierce, Eli S. (1820—?)
Pierce, Eliza
Pierce, Ella W.
Pierce, Elsie
Pierce, Emily L.
Pierce, Ernest
Pierce, Experience
Pierce, Fanny
Pierce, Fanny C.
Pierce, Francis
Pierce, Frederick (?—bef 1869-73)
Pierce, George O.
Pierce, Helen
Pierce, Herschell W. (1818—?)
Pierce, Horatio L. (1820—?)
Pierce, Huldah
Pierce, Huldah
Pierce, Ireland
Pierce, Irvin
Pierce, Jane
Pierce, Jerusha Maria (1831—1865)
Pierce, Job (1786—?)
Pierce, Job 2d (?—bef 1869-73)
Pierce, John (1792—bef 1869-73)
Pierce, Jonathan
Pierce, Joseph H.
Pierce, Laura L.
Pierce, Levi S. (1820—?)
Pierce, Lucina
Pierce, Lucy (?—1791)
Pierce, Maria J.
Pierce, Marietta
Pierce, Martin
Pierce, Martin R.
Pierce, Martin R.
Pierce, Mary
Pierce, Mary
Pierce, Menty
Pierce, Mercy M.
Pierce, Michael (abt 1756—abt 1840)
Pierce, Michael A.
Pierce, Milan
Pierce, Mryon
Pierce, Nathaniel
Pierce, Otis
Pierce, Polly (?—bef 1795)
Pierce, Ralph
Pierce, Sally (?—bef 1869-73)
Pierce, Samuel (1790—?)
Pierce, Samuel (1790—1864)
Pierce, Sarah
Pierce, Sarah E. (1822—?)
Pierce, Seymour
Pierce, Sophia (1849—?)
Pierce, Thomas (1788—?)
Pierce, William
Pierce, William H.
Pierce, William W.
Pierce, Willis
Pierce, Wylie
Pierce, [Miss] ______
Pierpont, Abigail
Pierson, Caroline S.
Pingrey, [Mr.] ______
Piper, Phebe
Pitcher, Electrus
Pitcher, Elizabeth
Pitcher, Eugene
Pitcher, Roswell C.
Pitney, Aaron R.
Pitney, James (abt 1762—1845)
Pitney, Jonathan (abt 1794—1854)
Pitney, May
Pitney, Phoebe
Pitney, Rebecca (abt 1800—?)
Pixley, Alanson
Place, Ardery
Playsted, Daniel
Playsted, Daniel, Jr.
Playsted, Eva
Playsted, Frederick
Playsted, John P.
Pletcher, John
Pletcher, Matthew
Plummer, Abraham
Plummer, David
Plummer, Elizabeth ("Betsey") (1791—?)
Plummer, George (1763—abt 1855)
Plummer, George
Plummer, Hannah
Plummer, Harry T.
Plummer, Jane (1800—?)
Plummer, John
Plummer, John
Plummer, Josephine
Plummer, Mary (1810—?)
Plummer, Mary
Plummer, Mary A.
Plummer, Nancy (1807—?)
Plummer, Oliver
Plummer, Permilla
Plummer, Susan
Plummer, Thomas
Plummer, William
Plummer, William (1789—bef 1869-73)
Plympton, Aaron (1788—1866)
Plympton, Aaron
Plympton, Daniel L.
Plympton, Deborah
Plympton, Edwin
Plympton, Esther (1782—bef 1869-73)
Plympton, Ezra W.
Plympton, George W.
Plympton, Henry (1798—?)
Plympton, Hiram
Plympton, Ida
Plympton, John, Jr. (1796—?)
Plympton, John, Sr.
Plympton, John
Plympton, Mary A.
Plympton, Mary E.
Plympton, Moses
Plympton, Moses A. (1786—?)
Plympton, Polly (1801—?)
Plympton, Rachel (1784—?)
Plympton, Rachel
Plympton, Rhoda (1794—?)
Plympton, Rhoda
Plympton, Timothy
Pope, James
Porter, Aaron
Porter, Abigail
Porter, Alexander (abt 1767—abt 1856)
Porter, Alexander
Porter, Alice
Porter, Archibald (?—bet 1812-14)
Porter, Archibald
Porter, Charles
Porter, Charles
Porter, Charles
Porter, Charles B.
Porter, Delany
Porter, Deloss
Porter, Edward
Porter, Electa
Porter, Eliza
Porter, Elizabeth
Porter, Esther
Porter, Hannah (?—bef 1869-73)
Porter, Henry (?—bef 1869-73)
Porter, Joel
Porter, Martha (?—bef 1869-73)
Porter, Mary (?—bef 1869-73)
Porter, Mary (?—bef 1869-73)
Porter, Mary
Porter, Mary A.
Porter, Mercy (?—1823)
Porter, Nancy
Porter, Newman C.
Porter, Orson (?— bet 1861-65)
Porter, Robert
Porter, Robert
Porter, Sarah L. (1812—1843)
Porter, Thomas
Porter, Thomas (?—bet 1861-65)
Porter, William
Porter, William
Porter, Wm. L.
Porter, [Judge] ______
Porter, [Miss] ______
Porter, [Mr.] ______
Potter, Alexander (bef 1812—?)
Potter, Alice (1756—?)
Potter, Alvira A. (1823—?)
Potter, Ann A.
Potter, Ann J. (aft 1834—?)
Potter, Arnold
Potter, Arnold
Potter, Augustus W. (aft 1834—abt 1887)
Potter, Benedict Arnold (1761—1810)
Potter, Benjamin (?—aft 1812)
Potter, Benjamin F.
Potter, Catharine (bef 1812—?)
Potter, Charles E.
Potter, Cora
Potter, Edward
Potter, Edward (1768—abt 1850)
Potter, Edward P. (1824—bef 1869-73)
Potter, Eliza
Potter, Eliza (bef 1812—?)
Potter, Eliza (?—bef 1869-73)
Potter, Eliza A. (20 Jun 1809—bef 1869-73)
Potter, Evan J. (aft 1834—?)
Potter, Evan M.
Potter, Evan S.
Potter, Francis M. (?—1865)
Potter, George (bef 1812—?)
Potter, Hannah
Potter, Hazard Arnold (21 Dec 1810—Dec 1869)
Potter, Helen (aft 1834—?)
Potter, Henry A. (1840—?)
Potter, Jephtha A. (1813—?)
Potter, John
Potter, John (1782—1855)
Potter, John A.
Potter, John W. (1816—1856)
Potter, Louisa
Potter, Lucinda (?—1869)
Potter, Maria (bef 1812—?)
Potter, Mariam
Potter, Martha
Potter, Mary
Potter, Mary E. (aft 1834—?)
Potter, Mercy or Marcy (1751—?)
Potter, Monroe B.
Potter, Nannie L. (1839—?)
Potter, Penelope (?—bef 1869-73)
Potter, Penelope
Potter, Penelope (1764—1793)
Potter, Penelope
Potter, Phebe A.
Potter, Samuel J. (1805—abt 1886)
Potter, Sarah (?—1840)
Potter, Sarah Ann
Potter, Simeon (1770—bef 1869-73)
Potter, Susan (1799—?)
Potter, Susan
Potter, Susan (1758—?)
Potter, Thomas Hazard (1753—1807)
Potter, William (1818—?)
Potter, William
Potter, William (?—bef 1869-73)
Potter, William (bef 1812—?)
Potter, William C. (aft 1834—?)
Potter, William Pitt (1766—?)
Potter, William Pitt
Potter, William Robinson (1760—?)
Potter, Ziba H. (1836—?)
Potter, [Judge] William (1722—abt 1814)
Potter, [Miss] ______
Potter, [Mr.] ______ (bef 1812—?)
Pottle, Emory B.
Potts, Catharine
Powell, Charles
Powell, Charles F.
Powell, Cornelia B.
Powell, Emily
Powell, George K.
Powell, Gertrude
Powell, Hattie Bell
Powell, James
Powell, James S.
Powell, John (abt 1794—23 Mar 1852)
Powell, John J. (abt 1826—?)
Powell, Lewis B.
Powell, Margaret (abt 1780—27 May 1866)
Powell, Mary
Powell, Mary
Powell, Mary J.
Powell, Mary J.
Powell, Sarah
Powell, William
Powell, [Mr.] ______
Powers, Alamander
Powers, Martha (?—bef 1869-73)
Poynear, Frederick
Poynear, George E.
Poynear, Lawrence E.
Poynear, Norton
Poyneer, Angeline
Poyneer, Martin
Poyneer, Martin, Jr.
Pratt, Charles
Pratt, Daniel
Pratt, Dorcas (28 Jul 1768—31 Jan 1859)
Pratt, [Judge] Ezra
Pratt, Henry
Pratt, John
Pratt, Latia
Pratt, Lois (abt 1784—1868)
Pratt, Lucy (?—bef 1869-73)
Pratt, Lucy (?—bef 1869-73)
Pratt, Mary
Pratt, Polly (1773—1858)
Pratt, Ransom
Pratt, Seabred Dodge
Prentice, Narcissa (?—abt 1847)
Prentice, ______ [Judge]
Prentiss, Laura
Prentiss, Susan (abt 1799—1861)
Prentiss, Thomas
Prentiss, Thomas
Presler, William
Preston, Hannah
Price, Dexter E.
Price, George E.
Price, John
Price, John H.
Price, Leola B.
Price, Sarah A.
Pritchard, Diana
Pritchard, Ruth (abt 1761—1816)
Pritcher, Barbara
Proper, George (aft 1827—?)
Proper, Gilbert (aft 1827—?)
Proper, Lewis
Prosser, Abraham (abt 1770—1848)
Prosser, Abraham
Prosser, Anna (bef 1808—?)
Prosser, Benjamin P.
Prosser, Caroline A.
Prosser, David
Prosser, David
Prosser, David B. (1805—abt 1884)
Prosser, Elizabeth
Prosser, George S.
Prosser, Isaac
Prosser, Jacob (bef 1808—?)
Prosser, Jonathan (bef 1808—?)
Prosser, Margaret
Prosser, Mary (bef 1808—?)
Prosser, Phebe (aft 1808—?)
Prosser, William (aft 1808—?)
Prouty, Olive (abt 1757—1824)
Prouty, Theda
Prouty, [Mr.] ______
Pruden, Alletta
Pulver, Alice
Pulver, Alvira
Pulver, Cornelia
Pulver, Elias
Pulver, Elijah
Pulver, Ezra
Pulver, Francis J.
Pulver, George
Pulver, George
Pulver, Ida
Pulver, James
Pulver, Janette
Pulver, John (?—1869)
Pulver, Lucy J.
Pulver, Milton
Pulver, Morris
Pulver, Nelson
Pulver, Peter
Pulver, Peter, Sr.
Pulver, Willard
Pulver, William
Pulver, William E.
Pulver, [Miss] ______
Purdy, Abigail (?—bef 1869-73)
Purdy, Abijah (?—1856)
Purdy, Alice F.
Purdy, Ann
Purdy, Arametha
Purdy, Calvin
Purdy, Caroline
Purdy, Caroline M. (aft 1851—?)
Purdy, Charlotte E. (aft 1851—?)
Purdy, Cornelia J.
Purdy, Elizabeth
Purdy, Ella E.
Purdy, Francis (?—abt 1846)
Purdy, Francis H. ("Frank")
Purdy, Frederic
Purdy, George D.
Purdy, George O.
Purdy, Georgiana
Purdy, Hannah
Purdy, Hannah (?—bef 1869-73)
Purdy, Harvey
Purdy, Ida G.
Purdy, Isaac (1814—?)
Purdy, Isaac C.
Purdy, Isaac S. (1793—?)
Purdy, John
Purdy, John (1765—1846)
Purdy, John P.
Purdy, Joseph (1825—?)
Purdy, Joshua
Purdy, Lucinda
Purdy, Mary (?—aft 1869-73)
Purdy, Mary A.
Purdy, Mary C.
Purdy, Miriam (?—bef 1869-73)
Purdy, Oliver W.
Purdy, Russel
Purdy, Sarah A.
Purdy, Sarah A.
Purdy, Stephen (?—abt 1853)
Purdy, Stephen C.
Purdy, Stewart A.
Purdy, Thomas O.
Purdy, Vinton
Purdy, William F.
Putnam, Arvilla
Putnam, Dennis O.
Putnam, Ellis
Putnam, Emeline
Putnam, George
Putnam, Hettie
Putnam, Martin
Putnam, Mary
Putnam, Mira
Putnam, Ogden
Putnam, Peter
Putney, Aaron (1771—1845)
Putney, Aaron M.
Putney, Aurelia
Putney, Decastra
Putney, Foskett M.
Putney, George
Putney, Henry
Putney, Jedediah (?—abt 1845)
Putney, Julia
Putney, Julia
Putney, Lyman B.
Putney, Malvina
Putney, Martha
Putney, Milo
Putney, Nancy
Putney, Needham M.
Putney, Olive
Putney, Rebecca
Putney, Theresa (?—abt 1901)
Quackenbush, Wilson W.
Quick, Albert (?—bet 1861-1865)
Quick, Edward
Quick, Eli
Quick, Hansy
Quick, Helen A.
Quick, James
Quick, Janette
Quick, Leona
Quick, Rachel (?—bef 1869-73)
Quin, Alexander H. (1812—?)
Quin, Andrew (bef 1828—?)
Quin, Betsey (1825—?)
Quin, Daniel (bet 1794-1803—1821)
Quin, Daniel (1823—1847)
Quin, Dominic (bet 1794-1803—1828)
Quin, Edward (bef 1828—?)
Quin, Edward, Jr. (bet 1794-1803—1855)
Quin, Edward, Sr. (abt 1770—1803)
Quin, Erastus W. (1817—abt 1834)
Quin, George E. (1818—1863)
Quin, Hannah W. (1814—?)
Quin, Harriet
Quin, Jane
Quin, Jane (bef 1845—?)
Quin, Maria (bef 1845—?)
Quin, Olive W. (1820—?)
Quin, Patrick (1789—aft 1869-73)
Quin, Theresa
Race, Alonzo
Race, Amanda
Race, Andrew Jackson
Race, Catharine (?—bef 1869-73)
Race, Charles
Race, Charles
Race, Emily
Race, Esther
Race, George N.
Race, Georgiana
Race, Helen A.
Race, Henrietta
Race, Henrietta
Race, Henry H.
Race, Ida May
Race, John (abt 1759—1849)
Race, John Henry
Race, Jonathan
Race, Joseph
Race, Julia J.
Race, Levi
Race, Phebe (?—bef 1869-73)
Race, Philander
Race, Susan
Race, William
Race, William
Race, William
Race, William, Jr.
Rackham, Jane
Radiker, Nettie
Ragg, George
Ragg, [Miss] ______ (?—1835)
Randall, Albert P.
Randall, Alida
Randall, Amos C.
Randall, Angeline
Randall, Anna (1781—?)
Randall, Byron
Randall, Cedrick
Randall, Ceylon
Randall, Charles C. (?—bef 1869-73)
Randall, Charles H.
Randall, Darius C.
Randall, Edwin
Randall, Edwin R. (?—1869)
Randall, Elijah
Randall, Eliza
Randall, Elizabeth
Randall, Elizabeth
Randall, Elizabeth (1776—1856)
Randall, Ella
Randall, Emily
Randall, Esther (1771—?)
Randall, Esther
Randall, Eunice (?—bef 1869-73)
Randall, Francis H. (?—bef 1869-73)
Randall, Frank
Randall, Frank K.
Randall, Frederick
Randall, George
Randall, George (?—bef 1869-73)
Randall, George
Randall, Henry
Randall, Homer W. (?—bef 1869-73)
Randall, James B. (1778—?)
Randall, James H.
Randall, Jarvis W.
Randall, John (1746—abt 1832)
Randall, John
Randall, John (?—bef 1869-73)
Randall, John D.
Randall, John W. (?—bef 1869-73)
Randall, John, Jr.
Randall, Joseph
Randall, Lewis (1783—bef 1869-73)
Randall, Lewis
Randall, Lewis A.
Randall, Lewis B.
Randall, Llewellyn
Randall, Lois (1778—1846)
Randall, Louisa
Randall, Louisa or Loana or Lorania
Randall, Mary J.
Randall, Mercy (1790—aft 1870)
Randall, Myron
Randall, Norton
Randall, Orlin
Randall, Orson
Randall, Palmer (?—bef 1869-73)
Randall, Purdy
Randall, Purdy B. (?—bef 1869-73)
Randall, Rolla
Randall, Samuel (1785—1836)
Randall, Sarah (?—1807)
Randall, Sarah
Randall, Sophia
Randall, Willie
Randolph, Adaline (abt 1834—1850)
Randolph, Azariah (abt 1815—1833)
Randolph, Azariah
Randolph, Betsey A.
Randolph, Byron
Randolph, Daniel
Randolph, Daniel F. (1831—abt 1885)
Randolph, David
Randolph, David F. (abt 1799—1863)
Randolph, Eliza
Randolph, Eliza (abt 1805—1839)
Randolph, Elizabeth
Randolph, Elizabeth (1770—?)
Randolph, Elizabeth (?—bef 1869-73)
Randolph, Finch F.
Randolph, Harriet
Randolph, Helen A.
Randolph, Isabella
Randolph, James
Randolph, Jane
Randolph, Jennie A.
Randolph, Jephtha
Randolph, Jephtha
Randolph, Jephtha F. (?—1850)
Randolph, Jephtha F. (1768—1837)
Randolph, Jephtha F.
Randolph, John
Randolph, John (?—bef 1869-73)
Randolph, John F.
Randolph, Laura
Randolph, Lewis
Randolph, Maria
Randolph, Maria
Randolph, Mary
Randolph, Mary
Randolph, Myra W.
Randolph, Orville K.
Randolph, Reuben (1769—?)
Randolph, Sally (1772—bef 1869-73)
Randolph, Sarah
Randolph, Selah
Randolph, Susan A.
Randolph, Tacey M. (?—1870)
Randolph, William (?—bef 1869-73)
Rapalee, Dorcas
Rapelyea, Abraham
Rapelyea, Abram
Rapelyea, Elizabeth T.
Rapelyea, Firman R.
Rapelyea, Francis
Rapelyea, Helen L.
Rapelyea, James F.
Rapelyea, Kitty R.
Rapelyea, Sarah
Raplee, Abijah
Raplee/Roblyer, Ada
Raplee/Roblyer, Adaline
Raplee/Roblyer, Almira
Raplee/Roblyer, Amanda
Raplee/Roblyer, Andrew (bef 1774—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Andrew J. (1815—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Ann
Raplee/Roblyer, Anna (1799—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Anna
Raplee/Roblyer, Anna (abt 1797—1869)
Raplee/Roblyer, Anson A. (1850—1865)
Raplee/Roblyer, Anthony (?—bef 1869-73)
Raplee/Roblyer, Arnold (?—abt 1894)
Raplee/Roblyer, Arvilla (bet 1827-46—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Arvilla
Raplee/Roblyer, Aurelia or Orilla
Raplee/Roblyer, Avery
Raplee/Roblyer, Betsey
Raplee/Roblyer, Byer (1804—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Byer (?—bef 1869-73)
Raplee/Roblyer, Byron
Raplee/Roblyer, Calista
Raplee/Roblyer, Carrie
Raplee/Roblyer, Castner
Raplee/Roblyer, Catharine
Raplee/Roblyer, Charles (15 Sep 1828—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Christina
Raplee/Roblyer, Clinton
Raplee/Roblyer, Cora
Raplee/Roblyer, Cora
Raplee/Roblyer, Cornelia
Raplee/Roblyer, Daniel (abt 1795—1859)
Raplee/Roblyer, Daniel
Raplee/Roblyer, David
Raplee/Roblyer, Delanson
Raplee/Roblyer, Dorcas
Raplee/Roblyer, Dorcas A. (1838—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Dorcilla (aft 1831—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Elcena (?—bef 1869-73)
Raplee/Roblyer, Electa
Raplee/Roblyer, Eli T. (1857—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Eliza
Raplee/Roblyer, Elizabeth
Raplee/Roblyer, Elizabeth (?—bef 1866)
Raplee/Roblyer, Elizabeth
Raplee/Roblyer, Elizabeth
Raplee/Roblyer, Emma
Raplee/Roblyer, Emma
Raplee/Roblyer, Erastus
Raplee/Roblyer, Eva
Raplee/Roblyer, Ezra (bet 1767-77—bef 1869-73)
Raplee, Ezra
Raplee/Roblyer, Ezra (1799—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Florence
Raplee/Roblyer, Frances
Raplee/Roblyer, Frances
Raplee/Roblyer, Frances ("Frank")
Raplee/Roblyer, Frederick D.
Raplee/Roblyer, George
Raplee/Roblyer, George
Raplee/Roblyer, Gertrude
Raplee/Roblyer, Hannah J.
Raplee/Roblyer, Harriet
Raplee/Roblyer, Harriet
Raplee/Roblyer, Henry
Raplee/Roblyer, Hester
Raplee/Roblyer, Hiram (1808—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Hiram
Raplee/Roblyer, Ida
Raplee/Roblyer, Ida
Raplee/Roblyer, Ira (1804—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Ira
Raplee/Roblyer, James
Raplee/Roblyer, James (1797—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, James, III
Raplee/Roblyer, James, Jr. (bet 1767-77—)
Raplee/Roblyer, James, Sr.
Raplee/Roblyer, Jane
Raplee/Roblyer, Jane
Raplee/Roblyer, Jefferson
Raplee/Roblyer, Jefferson T. (aft 1821—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Jeremiah
Raplee/Roblyer, Jesse
Raplee/Roblyer, John
Raplee/Roblyer, John A.
Raplee/Roblyer, John Tims
Raplee/Roblyer, Joseph
Raplee/Roblyer, Joseph (1826—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Joshua (1767—1823)
Raplee/Roblyer, Joshua (?—bef 1869-73)
Raplee/Roblyer, Joshua
Raplee/Roblyer, Joshua, Jr. (1808—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Keziah
Raplee/Roblyer, Keziah
Raplee/Roblyer, Keziah (bet 1827-46—)
Raplee/Roblyer, Lewis (1797—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Lucinda
Raplee, Lucinda
Raplee/Roblyer, Lucretia
Raplee/Roblyer, Lydia
Raplee/Roblyer, Lydia (1782—1854)
Raplee/Roblyer, Madison (1810—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Madison
Raplee/Roblyer, Margaret
Raplee/Roblyer, Mariette
Raplee/Roblyer, Marilla (aft 1831—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Martha
Raplee/Roblyer, Martha (1813—bef 1869-73)
Raplee/Roblyer, Mary
Raplee, Mary
Raplee/Roblyer, Mary
Raplee/Roblyer, Mary
Raplee/Roblyer, Mary ("Polly")
Raplee/Roblyer, Mary Jane
Raplee/Roblyer, Melissa (aft 1831—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Melvin
Raplee/Roblyer, Merinda
Raplee/Roblyer, Miles
Raplee/Roblyer, Miles
Raplee/Roblyer, Miles
Raplee/Roblyer, Miles G. (1811—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Minerva
Raplee/Roblyer, Minerva
Raplee/Roblyer, Minor
Raplee/Roblyer, Minor (aft 1811—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Moses
Raplee/Roblyer, Myron
Raplee/Roblyer, Myron (aft 1821—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Nancy
Raplee/Roblyer, Nathaniel
Raplee/Roblyer, Nehemiah
Raplee/Roblyer, [Judge] Nehemiah (1800—abt 1880)
Raplee/Roblyer, Nettie
Raplee/Roblyer, Newton
Raplee/Roblyer, Oliver
Raplee/Roblyer, Patty (1793—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Polly
Raplee/Roblyer, Robert
Raplee/Roblyer, Roswell (1806—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Sally
Raplee/Roblyer, Sally
Raplee/Roblyer, Sally (1801—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Sarah
Raplee/Roblyer, Sarah (abt 1842—bef 1894)
Raplee/Roblyer, Sarah
Raplee/Roblyer, Sarah (bet 1827-46—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Sarah (1829—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Sarah B.
Raplee/Roblyer, Spencer S. (aft 1821—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Stephen
Raplee/Roblyer, Stephen (1774—1867)
Raplee/Roblyer, Stephen
Raplee/Roblyer, Susan
Raplee/Roblyer, Susan
Raplee/Roblyer, Thomas (1811—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Thomas (1777—1848)
Raplee/Roblyer, Thomas (1836—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Uriah (1808—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Ursula
Raplee/Roblyer, Ursula
Raplee/Roblyer, Viola
Raplee/Roblyer, William R. (bet 1827-46—?)
Raplee/Roblyer, Zalotus
Rappelyea, Elizabeth
Rappelyea, Joseph
Rathbone, Gracie C.
Rathbone, Thomas
Rathbun, Anna (abt 1770—1807)
Rathburn, Jane
Ray, Michael
Ray, Paulina V.
Raymond, Anna
Raymond, Ayers (?—bef 1869-73)
Raymond, Ayers, Jr.
Raymond, Betsey
Raymond, Charlotte
Raymond, Jason
Raymond, Jeremiah B.
Raymond, Mary A.
Raymond, Patty
Raymond, Priscilla (1763—?)
Raymond, Stephen [Deacon]
Reacher, Kitty
Read, Sophia
Reading, Charles (?—bef 1869-73)
Reading, Margaret
Reading, Susan
Ream, David (?—bef 1869-73)
Ream, Eliza
Ream, George
Ream, Harriet
Ream, John
Ream, Mary


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