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Transcribed by Janet Barrett Hobizal

From Wharton County Historical Museum

April 20, 2007

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wife: Josephine and son Jean said he had been in poor health
Brownshadel Charles F. well known resident of the Jones Creek vicinity in WC,Tx 07/09/1890 02/20/1938 Taiton SPJST Lodge about 10 miles from El Campo died of accidental injury, probably due to heart or fainting attack - envelope inserted in book saying: Felex Brod, Clara Anderson E.H.A./?2-1938/ 9/7/1880/ 11/7/57 Fayette,Tx Phillip Brownshadel Europe Taiton Hall
Graham Willie Negro woman resident Danevang WC & well known in Community/widow/cook 02/15/1899/Beeville,Tx 03/06/1938 found in residence 1 ½ miles from Danevang died of skull fractures from blows of an ax in hands of unknown person 39 years father Bill Noble Mother: Elizabeth Canady, buried Beeville,Tx Pierce Boone Funeral Home/ Joe Johnson principle suspect, warrant dated 03/10/1938 for arrest of Joe Johnson (info from Death Certificate which is in book)
Springs Nora Negro woman - 07/05/1938 El Campo Natural causes - attack of paralysis several months prior to death/daughter Viola Williams
Gildon Richard negro man - 09/03/1938 El Campo heart attack by acute indegestion about 39 years resident of San Antonio here visiting
Bowen Robert Lucian - - 09/20/1938 El Campo died of accidential injuries due to motor truck accident/crushed skull- pinned under upset truck 59 years -
Hargrove Infant negro - 10/16/1938 El Campo symptoms described by arents of deceased child indicate death due to spasms caused by infected umbilical cord produced tetnus/natural causes daughter of Aaron & Fannie Hargrove
Lewis Eula Mae Negro infant d/o John H. Lewis - Hamburger Farm El Campo residence 11/27/1938 natural causes infant afflicted with hydrocephalus since birth
Ware Pearl negro infant - 12/16/1938 J.W. Goode residence convulsions due to hives or navel infection infant -
Clay Martha negro woman wife of Tom Clay - 12/29/1938 El Campo Elo Engbrock Farm natural causes/suffered from diabetes - -
Sagos Dervos Truckman (Greek) residence Houston/ Farmers Truck Farm Market - 02/25/1939 Hwy 96 1 mile east of El Campo motor truck accident 46 single Wheeler Undertaking
Stovall unnamed Infant Infant of Ida Mae Stovall stillborn 04/03/1939 residence in El Campo natural causes prior to birth - Viney Mayberry- midwife
Simmons Johnnie colored infant son of Jack & Zerlee Simmons - 04/28/1939 Kubela farm near Pierce natural causes - child was weakened from mother illness of influenza/ Mandy Carue-midwife
Mason Elnora colored - 05/07/1939 in negro settlement known as Ox Blood Addition El Campo stab wound near heart by another person - Eula Thomas suspect
Blase Alvin male white student lived in Beasley 08/22/1921 in Texas 05/28/1939 Hungerford in West Bernard River known as big sandy bar accidental drowning 17 yrs 9 mo. 6 days Father: Wm Blasé born Germany Mother: No record BP:Tx Foerster Funeral Home Rosenberg (information from death certificate which is in book)
Forgy James Male White Single 07/31/1907 Edna, Tx 08/11/1939 Lost Prong Community @ Alvin O’Briants farm accidental drowning 32 yrs, 10 days Father: J.R. Forgy born Unk, Mother: Nannie Cobb born Gonzales, Tx Burial in El Campo by Wheeler on 08/13/1939 / had epilepsy (info from death certificate which is in book)
Thousgard Anton P. - - 10/18/1939 El Campo natural causes/heart attack - E. Carlson- son in law Wheeler Undertaking
Hart Wallace resident of El Campo - 03/04/1940 Superior Drilling Oil Well Rig Five Corners Community accidental injuries - cable supporting heavy piece of well rig machinery parted and struck Hart. Instant death
Powell William well known resident of El Campo and Louise 04/15/1858 Decatur, Ill 06/05/1940 residence natural causes 82 wife: Harriett Powell Father: David Powell Maryland Mother Martha Ann Cox/ suffered from Hypertension and artier sclerosis (info from envelope in book)
Chambers or Chawers Henry negro man well known resident of Louise - 07/01/1940 near house in Louise natural causes 69 -
Patik Leopoldina well known resident of Louise - 07/05/1940 residence of son Frank Patik natural causes due to old age 88 -
Valdez John mexican - 07/23/1940 on farm @ home near Cresent school struck by lightning 24 Ben Valdez father said was working hay when he was struck and killed instantly
Bennett Dennis Walker colored - 07/26/1940 El Campo residence natural causes 42 paralitic stroke 2 ½ yrs before death
Bezdek Jr. Rudolph Hillje married white 07/23/1908 Hungerford home 08/01/1940 natural causes Pulmonary Tuberculosis for 9 mo. 32 yrs, 1 mth 8 days Father: Rudolph Bezdek Sr born Europe Mother: Anna Pardoch born Europe/ Hillje Cemetery Triska Funeral Home (info from death certificate in book)
McMillon Joe negro El Campo for 36 yrs married 07/04/1881 Colo Co. 09/30/1940 home kidney disease- kidney removed 05/1940 59 yrs, 2 mth, 26 days Laborer, Father: Lyn mcMillon Mother Emma Sledge, Wife Willie McMillon El Campo (info from death certificate in book)
Bennett William colored El Campo resident - 10/01/1940 at home of son Nathan Bennett natural causes - -
Baklik Mrs. Francis res. Of El Campo - 10/13/1940 res of Louis Rod on Franke Farm north of El campo natural causes/heart attack 67 -
Martinez Martin mexican - 02/18/1941 residence near El Campo natural causes/ pulmonary TB 68 Pedro Martinez son, got burial permit 02/18/1941 receipt is in book
Lee Carl - - 02/19/1941 El Campo Natural causes/ Cardiac Block - fell off his horse and died
Otta Joe - - 03/08/1941 El Campo residence natural causes/ coronary thrombosis 69 found dead in his bed
Heinsohn Anton From Colo. Co - - Housard rooming house on Washington St., El Campo carbolic acid poisioning/self inflicted 76 Wheeler Undertaking
Hernandez Clemente Mexican resident of WC - 04/24/1941 on public road near Blue Creek school El Campo accidental injuries 25 Vernie Danielson stated Hernadez sustained injuries causing almost instant death while assisting him to get his pickup out of muddy road where he was stalled
Miles Tom resident of El Campo - 06/12/1941 Greshan farm 5 miles NW of El Campo natural causes 74 had kidney disease death probabley from ureuic poisioning
Hall Daniel Robert H. non resident of WC from Valley - 08/23/1941 Hwy 59 between Pierce and Mackay by H&W Drugstore by RR tracks accidental injuries 20 was taken to hospital by C.P. Gregory to hospital “pt gasping last breath when brought in” card from Nightingale Hosp in book: Dr. Schultz address:Valley? Male/white/ Father: J.M. Hall now at Iago Tx at home of R.D. Leach brought in by Triska
Lemons Beatrice known resident of El Campo - 09/05/1941 El Campo Natural causes/peritonitis of unknown origin 39 -
Durin Linnit Everett El Campo - 10/07/1941 baseball park near El Campo carbolic acid poisioning suicidal 39 -
Danielson Frank Julius El Campo Res - 10/27/1941 at decs. Residence near El; Campo natural causes/Heart attack 69 -
Hemmat Luthur Lewis of WC formerly from Rt. 2 Spartenburg, SC male farmer/single/white SS#458-28-5326 (social security card in book) 11/19/1892 Spartenburg,SC 10/28/1941 Gus Schultz farm abt 12 miles s El Campo natural causes 48 F: Luthur Hammet Spartenburg, SC M: Alice Sutton Spartenburg, SC Admission card from Nightingale Hosp in book
Garcia Guadalupe well known El Campo resident - 12/25/1941 residence of mother Natural causes was sick day before - Brother: Pedro Garcia lived with mother/ Triska funeral home
Valle Raymond - - 03/13/1942 Hwy 71 near El Campo accidental injuries 6 years son of Tom Valle Gson of Regino Valle, struck by a car driven by employee of Whiteside Appling Motor Co, struck boy causing instant death John Kaua stated he was one driving.
Martin Chas. W. El Campo Resident - 06/24/1942 in home 2 miles N of El Campo natural causes/heart attack - had been treated for bad heart
Timms Lonnie colored - 07/10/1942 Richardson Res. In Highlee Addition El Campo natural causes congestive heart failure - Charles Miles was with him said he had severe pains died within hours/Buried in Kilgore, Tx Superior Funeral Home from Pierce Boone here.
Brown John P. well known Louise resident 05/17/1856 Snieder Pendleton Org. (on piece of paper in book) 08/12/1942 at home Natural causes 86 went to milk cow at 8 am when failed to come back wife found him dead in the barn
Florez Virginia Mexican child of Pancho & Ervivio of LaFeria, Tx - 08/30/1942 El Campo cotton oil mill whse. Refugee housing natural causes - parents of thin child stated child had been sick for several days from bowel disorder and died about the time the family arrived in El Campo as refugees during hurricane storm on night of 08/29/1942
Lewis A.D. well known El Campo resident - 09/25/1942 alley st Blk #7 El Campo accidental injuries - fell under a truck as truck started to move away from Jack Rosenbergs store
Rainey Pvt. Irvin B. Norfolk, VA 5’10 150# Serial # (last #’s) 2772 - 10/09/1943 on RR tracks between depot and fire station in El Campo struck and run over by train 25 Witnesses: C.W. Wheeler, Gillie McClure, Perry Stancliff, M.M. Davis condr S.P. Train westbound
Martinez Francisco Mexican El Campo - 10/17/1943 near stone bldg @ 215 E. Jackson St in alley Blk #7 stab wound in neck 32 Jesus Guterras- principal suspect
Simmons Alfred negro child of Arthur Simmons El Campo - 10/29/1943 residence of parents ox blood addition natural causes/ had deep cold - -
Anderson Infant negro son of Margaret 11/14/1943 11/15/1943 residence of Jesse Anderson father of mother of child lack of vitality to survive 1 day -
Supak Mrs. Julia w/o Jacob Supak - 12/24/1943 5 miles w of El Campo Natural causes/ coronary occlusion - -
Morales Juan infant of Francisco mexican - 12/24/1943 El Campo while being carried to Dr. office convulsions caused by high fever natural causes - -
Martinets Edwin Joe son of Thomas Martinets - 12/25/1943 residence of father 7 m se of El Campo gunshot wound self inflicted - clearly suicide
Wilson Daniel Burton resident of El Campo - 03/26/1944 his residence Natural causes - found in his bed as he went to sleep the night before
Ratcliff Wesley son of Dave Ratcliff - 07/01/1944 in irrigation ditch on J.L. Wyatts ranch accidental drowning - A.C. Bitterman, foreman on ranch stated Ratcliff while working cattle with other cow hands either fell or was thrown from his horse when horse jumped into the irrigation canal after a calf and was drowned and body was found some distance down canal 2 hrs later.
Villarell Rachel Infant d/o Manuel El Campo - 09/14/1944 residence of parents born dead premature birth at 8 months - Mother: Petra Villarell
Poncik Sr. Anton El Campo - 12/08/1944 residence 2 m. w of El Campo natural causes - Jno Pancik, son said they left for work without calling father to breakfast, when they returned home from work they found him still in his bed dead
Rodriguez Antonio G. Mexican child of Roseudo of El Campo - 02/02/1945 res. Of parents natural causes/bowel or stomach problems - -
Givens James Rosser El Campo - 05/29/1945 residence of R.V. Johnson El Campo asphyxiation, suicidal - by piping exhaust of his car motor into his car
Simmons Louis negro El Campo - 05/29/1945 residence of Arthur Simmons his son natural causes - paralitic stroke
Micau Frank R. Pecha Community resident - 07/29/1945 residence in El campo strangulation by hanging suicidal - found hanging by neck by rope suspended from frame work of his garage
Tucker Charles Louis Louise resident for 17 yrs male/white/married/farmer 09/18/1879 Arkansas 08/08/1945 residence electrocution, accidental 65 yrs/11m/20d due to contact with radio ground wire which had become charged with electric current from elec high wire/F:Charles Tucker b. Tx M: Susan Moore b. unk. Burial O.D. #5 cemt El Campo on 08/10/1945 Wheeler
Martinez Juana Rosita T. infant child of Juan Trevino Martinez resident of Mercedes, Tx - 08/18/1945 residence of Raymond Matgke El Campo natural causes - child was sick & given treatment on 08/18 in am in Corpus Christi by Dr. child died upon arriving in El Campo in afternoon
Edwards Joyce Marie infant of Clyde & lilly B. Edwards El Campo 09/15/1945 09/15/1945 residence of parents natural causes/lack of vitality-weakness - child was born alive that am dead abt. 12:30pm according to midwife
Samora Ben Mexican El Campo - 10/21/1945 Hwy 71 n side of town El campo accidental automobile accident 21 Cornelius Smidt of El Campo was blinded by lights of car coming toward him and he hit Mexican whom he did not see until hit him on rgt side of front
Westberg Luding F. El Campo resident - 12/26/1945 residence of Hester A. Clapp El campo natural causes/stroke of apoplexy - -
Gordon Wilford Slaughter - - 01/04/1946 Jno L. Russell Chevrolet Co, El Campo was shot by sheriff while robbing safe in buisness - -
Aguiera Marcus Mexican of Jones creek Community - 12/27/1945 residence natural causes - -
Williams Robert aged negro man - 01/08/1946 R.B. Whitler residence natural causes/heart attack - deceased was living and working as a domestic servant and had been ill for quite some time
Long Kenney Robert negro resident of El Campo - 02/25/1946 E. Jackson St El Campo gunshot wounds - Mr. Fred Holland, hwy patrolman stated that he shot Long when Long attempted to shoot Dept sheriff Gillie McClure after having disposed him of his pistol
Orsak Lucas V. resident of El Campo - 03/28/1946 farm of John Socha near El Campo natural causes/coronary occlusion - -
Hart Wallace H. - - 03/04/1940 Pierce, Texas - - letter from L.O. Lundy justice of peace El Campo Wallace Hart vs. Superior Drlg Co from V.T. Bartly sent 03/22/1940 attached to above page
Prochazka Joe resident of El Campo - 07/04/1946 his residence suicidal drowning - -
Valgura Robert resident of Garwood, Tx - 01/20/1947 in woods heart attack - wife Bertha stated he had gone to skull creek to get wood with 3 negros to help him, while loading wood he fell backwards and negros helped him to his car- he died soon after/letter in book by wife and witnesses
Rodriges Antone El Campo resident born Brownsville,Tx mexican - 01/24/1947 El Campo county barn natural causes 73 found dead in his bed at county barn
Green Eliza colored elderly woman - 04/08/1947 at home natural causes/heart attack - son arrived early to make her breakfast as was usual custom, found mother dead in her bed, the body was still warm, suffered heart attack several days ago – son Matthew Taylor d: Leslie Conner
Richmon Val - 04/12/1947 county barn in his room - heart trouble - Frank Smith said he was going to take him to Dr, he fell in his room, picked him up and put him on his bed, he died a few minutes later/had cut between his eye and nose from fall
Cole Diana Fay a child - 08/1947 J. Bilch home - unknown poss heart defect only mark was small bruise on lft side of face. Mr Bilch said child had played all day with other children & ate supper with others, retired early, when he went to check on her childs lips were blue and she wasn’t breathing, called dr
Crockett Ray - 10/18/1947 outside Toney Jones House - artery cut inside of thigh with knife - murder by hands of Toney Jones, trouble started over running gambling game. T.J. told R.C. he wanted him to run the game R.C. objected to running game, then T.J. pulled out knife and started cutting Crockett
Swenson S.P. El Campo resident - 12/18/1947 at residence natural causes/prob. pneumonia - got up and cooked breakfast, wasn’t breathing right o went back to bed was found dead in his bed
Dohestedt George - - 05/03/1948 - in his shop behind his home strangulation by rope some 6ft from floor hung himself in his shop- had been in poor health. (piece of paper with names on it) Clayton, Dave, Arthur Dohestedt
Morena Santiago - 08/26/1931 Goliad, Tx 07/12/1948 E. Nelson Farm Rd blood clot near heart or TB - -
Karney Cornelius colored man 27 yrs in Pierce - 10/29/1948 in his bed inPierce Heart Ailment 65 fell @ door at 6:30 waslayed in bed/wife Cora Kearney
Lichnovsky Joseph - - 02/02/1949 at home - natural causes/heart attack -