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Completed April 20, 2007

Transcribed by Janet Barrett Hobizal

from Inquest Book at Wharton County Historical Museum

Turner Greely - Original Image 12/26/1889 Plantation of W.A. Northington Single shot wound by his brother with out provacation 12 years old -
West Gortie - Original Image 09/24/1888 - gunshot wound in the hand by Ed Covington on Sept 5,1888. - -
Hock Serra - - 12/29/1889 Child death caused by being crushed to death by ?follower? block falling on her. 10 yrs old -
Horton Albert 6 ½ feet tall - 08/21/1890 Spanish Camp/King Roundtrees house pistol wound at hands of Ternl? Buster - -
Atkinson F. 6 ft 175 lbs - 10/18/1890 Frazierville Unknown Causes - After court heard all testimony could not determine cause of death.
Stewart Frank - - 12/22/1890 - gunshot wound inflected by Mims Bankstead - Winston Bankstead arrested
Douglas Willey a coffee colored negro about 5 ½ or 6 ft tall - 11/13/1891 R.E. Carters Plantation shot in head by Bob Trasler - No arrest made
Pruit Dock a dark complected negro about 6 ft tall 150 lbs - 12/26/1891 Heard Plantation Death by gunshot wound by Pierce Ashford on 12/25/1891 37 yrs olf G.H. Northington name on bond for Pierce Ashford
Anderson Robert heavy set negro 5 ft 140-150 lbs ginger cake color - 01/17/1892 R.E. Curtis Plantation near Henry Thomas house gunshot by Henry Thomas night of 01/16/1892 - G.H. Northington on bond for Thomas
Bryant Hardy C. a ginger complected darky - 1892 George Bryant house - abt 22 yrs -
Kemper Will 6 ft white american - 06/03/1912 - apaplexy 41 a convict at Bowes Convict Camp/ a piece of paper stuck in book says he received all the attention of Dr. and nurses and was properly fed and nourshed
Manalis Matilda a slim man - 03/06/1893 Louguin Camp - - ”received a note stating G.E. Louguin had found a dead Mexican at his camp”
Castile Maria a low chunky black negro woman - 09/Sat/1893 G.H. Northington Plantation, found near house she was living in deep cuts in rgt side of head above ear & one on top of head with blade of a club ax-found ax laying close by “Bob Castile did the killing” - -
Castile Bob - - 10/02/1893 piece of land belonging to Tom Johnson near Adam Walkers house killed himself by shooting himself in the mouth - was a tenant of Northington in Egypt
Allen Ruffus a tall rather slim negro - 11/04/1893 near Mr. Griffins store house gunshot wound entering right side and coming to skin in the left side just below heart abt 40 . From testimonySam Houston did the shooting
Braddock Dee white man #160 - 02/07/1894 In Egypt near Colo. River gunshot wound by J.S. Townsend on 02/04/1894 under circumstances I consider justified 20-25 residence of J.S. Townsend-Columbus/ out on bail 02/08/1894/ G.H. Northington and J.D. Mygal sureties on bond
Moore H.H. white man - 02/07/1894 Egypt gunshot wound by J.S. Townsend & C.W. Heartt circumstances I deem justifyable - out on bail 02/08/1894 J.D. Northington and J.B. Mygal sureties on bond
Dickson H.B. white man - 02/07/1894 In the botum two miles above ranch of A. Grundy gunshot wound by Dee Braddock while resisting arrest of H.B. Dickson – sheriff of WC - killed by J.L. Townsend while resisting arrest for killing constable Townsend at Mimen, Colo. Co
Brodenhauer Robert B. dark brown hair, brown eyes, sallin complection - 02/03/0894 in his room at his ?neardaur? accidental death by poisioning of overdose of Laudanum 37 taken for relief of cramps and bowel trouble
Robinson Jim light mulatto negro - 12/08/1894 at fathers house- Dick Robinson pistol shot of his own, dropped by himself. The hammer striking a piece of stove causing it to go off & ball entered his left breast and passed through him abt 25 -
Bilney H.D. 200 # - 02/12/1896 In J.B. & J.D. Mygall pasture west of their east gate falling out of buggy & breaking his neck 60 he was seen by Mygall a short time before he fell & Mygall says he was very drunk
Dancy Wesley a darky heavy built and very black - 05/05/1896 south end of Jim Galahan Plantation/found in pool of matter by drowning in pool of matter in Wharton 18 information given by Mark Shelton
Kingston Henry a young man and would be taken for a blond - 06/24/1896 Inq. 27th on Guy M. Jones place- the body was found about 250 yards from Jones house in a field of cane about same distance from where he was killed gunshot 30 June 25th Jones reported him missing & suspected foul play – 27th his body was found by posse
Pehus John Mexican abt 5 ft tall - 05/09/1897 A.C. Duncans Place-Spanish Camp gunshot wound in neck by unknown person abt. 38 notified by John Dorman on 9th of May 1897 that a Mexican was sot on night of 7th May 1897 and was dead
Richardson Matt 5 ft 8 in/ 165# very black - 11/05/1898 near store in Bonus stabbed with ?dink? in the hands of Ed Washington - witnesses: Ervin Hicks, John Douglass, Soloman Williams, Fred Green, William Bnoian – Ed Washington arrested 11/06/1898
Jackson Andrew ginger colored man 6 ft - 06/16/1898 Donavan & Eldridge Plantation knife stab in lft side by May Harris, a colored woman 45 or 50 -
Mitchell Robert a negro eyes black, hair black 160#/ A convict #18173 - 06/10/1900 Jail Rd in cane field conjestion of bowels and liver 2? -
Rodriguez Rosa Mexican girl - 06/07/1901 on Duncan Plantation pistol shot in hands of her brother Dinky Rodriguez while playing with the pistol 18 -
Gains Thomas abt. 145# - 06/21/1901 1 mile west of Egypt depot Stabbed and hit by train 25 The train on the Cane RR came about 5 O’clock and after examining remains I found a cut in his right side as if made by a knife may have caused death before train passed over him.
Gooden Andrew a chunky colored dark - 01/03/1902 on cane belt RR N. of Egypt about Ό mile struck by train abt. 30 -
Woods Itomit black woman - 05/01/1903 on Brown Bros. plantation - Bonus blows to head by Bill Montgomery - witnesses: Henderson Montgomery, Eliza Montgomery, Emma Tayton, Dr. W.L. Davidson “(probabley however with no intent to kill or murder)”
Jones Guy M. - - 05/05/1903 In woods about 300 yards from deceased residence Heart Failure - Witnesses:Mintor Northington & Luticia Williams/ went out with his gun to hunt & while in the act of excavating his bowels fell over on his face and died from natural causes.
Runals Joseph negro - 09/29/1904 at home of Alex Runals gunshot wound abt 19 by white man named Smith near pierce
King Kate alias Six Shooter Kate black negro woman - 05/25/1905 Waterhouse place in old house below Glen Flora Sugar Mill Natural Causes abt 50 yrs fell out of bed
Jones Richard lgt brown complexion - 06/14/1905 home of deseased near Egypt laying on ground near door steps gunshot wound lft side of face by Sam Brooks abt. 30 Witnesses: Addie Blackman & Ginger McClintock
Stevens Mary dark negro woman - 10/08/1905 Bonus gunshot abt. 23 She was alone in her boarding house room and making up her bed. A pistol was in the bed clothes and it fell on floor and accidentally discharged ball entered her lft side of abdomen came to skin just behind left shoulder blade.
Mooney Mary negro woman - 11/19/1905 Waterhouse Place Glen Flora gunshot wound by Douglass Frelton abt. 20 accident
Kendall Alfred Ray negro - 12/10/1905 Gallahans place gunshot 4 times by Bob Anderson abt. 35 -
Kendall Jesse Ray - - 03/30/1906 Frank Allmans house Glen Flora gunshot wound by Frank Allman through left eye - -
Prince Waur? Negro Man 5 ft 9 in Abt. 150 # - 06/26/1906 near Bail Rd truck in Glen Flora shot 3 times by Bowen Toliver 23 -
Ray William negro boy - 07/28/1906 near sugar mill bank of Colo. river drowned 14 -
Young James negro dark 150 to 160 # - 09/30/1906 McDow Wharton Co,. Tx gunshot by Gus Kilan alias Gus Lamar 34 -
Brown Sydney negro woman 200# - 10/07/1906 In public road heart failure 45 -
Caldwell Sam yellow negro man - 11/15/1906 1 ½ miles east of Glen Flora RR hit by train 25 deceased was intoxicated and laying his head on rail when train came and struck his head breaking his skull and neck
Gordon Tom negro man 170# - 03/03/1909 on Heleny Hooks place near Spanish Camp gunshot wound 2 times by Oliver Smith 26 -
Brooks Isaac negro man dark 180# - 03/03/1907 Egypt gunshot in leg, died from blood loss by John Pittman on March 2, 1907 44 -
Hearn Will Negro bay - 03/20/1907 J. Wrigal place Glen Flora gunshot wound by Adilia Lee 18 -
Blocksher Henry Black 5’5 - 12/24/1907 Mrs. Battles place struck in head with spade/murdered 70 wife said he hit his head on stove when he fell
Greer Will yellow negro boy - abt. 01/11/1908 in woods about a mile from sugar mill gunshot wound in back of head at close range 16 been dead 8 to 10 days when found, unknown party
Price Ben - - 10/05/1908 found hanged from pecan tree - - -
Gallaher James white man - 07/14/1909 home throat cut laying in bed, pocket knife in rgt hand covered in blood 68 suicide
Beautillo Jose - - 06/23/1910 Bonus Convict camp stabbed by Manuel Hernadez another convict - -
Palvlicio Vince heavy set Bohemian - 03/05 or06/1911 Glen Flora In a stable heart failure due to excessive use of alcohol 45 or 50 -
Kemper Will white 5 ft American - 06/03/1912 Bonus prison natural causes 41 -
Flores Peter young mexican - 03/23/1913 Gifford place Wharton Co stab wound in heart and top of head 21 or 22 by Adrian Saliz, Manuel Saliz and Robert Saliz
Sanford Robert negro 5’10 - 06/24/1914 5 miles from Spanish Camp accidental gunshot wound 25 he was taking gun out of buggy and accidentally discharged
Simmons J.R. white 5’8 135# - 09/14/1914 near Egypt kicked in head by his mule when he was hitching team up - witness: Mentor Northington
Blaylock Allen negro man – copper color 5’6 or 8 - 01/28/1915 residence of deceased accidental gunshot 45 -
Roberson Liddie negro woman - 05/21/1916 at her residence Glen Flora natural causes 65 or 70 found sitting on foot of bed slumped over with head on knees been dead 30 or 40 hours/ lived alone
Hicks Joe negro 5’8 - 04/22/1916 Bonus Nedra, Tx blow to head by unknown person 22 William Ackner suspect
Caldwell Burt negro 5’9 160# - 07/26/1917 home of Washington Ball natural causes 55 -
Payne Dan - - 09/14/1912 his lumber yard carbolic acid poisioning taken by himself - -
Owen Gale negro boy - 07/22/1923 home of Adley Owens Spanish Camp gunshot wound 11 Accidently by Frank Ray
Moses Abel negro - 04/17/1924 home of Adley Owens gunshot by Adley Owens 36 -
Anderson Eliza negro woman light - 08/28/1924 abt. 100 yrds from her home in Egypt shot by her husband J. Anderson with shot gun - -
Robertson Dick colored 5’5 160# - 07/20/1932 home physical exhaustion bue to bladder trouble, old age and hard work 82 -
Means Sammy colored 5’4 140# - 07/20/1932 in Colo river accidental drowning 17 due to cramps as he was a good swimmer at 8am found body at 10:30pm
Dew Elder H. colored heavy build 5’10 or 11 165# - - - heart failure 60 or 65 Mariah Dew wife, Reverand, said he left field when gone to long she found him outside toilet with trousers down and face in sand
Rushing Gussie - - 12/15/1926 at home in bed Glen Flora natural causes 70 -
Roberts George colored 5’10 150# - 01/08/1927 near plant of the Glen Flora Gin Co. gunshot wound in chest by Lawrence Jenkins a negro boy abt. 15 resident of Glen Flora 18 -
Bryant Jerry colored 180# - 01/20/1927 in his home at Spanish Camp gunshot 23 found on floor with hole in chest and knapsack on shoulder, wife Maggie Bryant said he was going hunting and she handed him his gun and it accidentally discharged
Hundt Julius white 5’10 160# - 09/29/1927 horse lot at home heart failure 63 -
Murdock E.M. 5’9 140# - 05/23/1928 at home in Glen Flora self inficted gunshot wound 80 -
Esom C.C. colored 5’10 150# - 05/23/1928 at his home heart failure 70 found laying on bed with shoes on and pipe in his hand
Reagan Artelia Colored single 170# - 01/04/1929 at place where house once stood neck broken skull crushed 22 laying on cot, walls and rook scattered in every direction, table struck her head during storm
Osborn Elnora colored 100# 5’4 - 05/06/1930 at home of Warren Sharpe Bonus natural causes 48 Arlene Washington - witness
Ernst A.M. 150# 5’5 white - at hi home 10/09/1929 drinking carbolic acid with suicide intent 56 -
Anderson Shepard colored 150# 5’8 - 03/14/1930 home place natural causes 72 found dead by his plow in his field
Dancy Josephine negro woman 160# - 06/05/1931 near her home on road close to Egypt heart failure 70 son Ernest Anderson said he found hs mother dead on the road
Lewis Joe colored 160# 5’10 - 06/29/1931 in his cotton patch on Terrel Farm near his home heart Failure 57 -
Brooks Harry colored 5’5 140# - 02/10/1932 house of Marilla Smith in Egypt ill health and bad attack of goitre 34 -
Jones Rose negress 5’5 150# - 03/09/1932 at home of Millie Brown in Glen Flora general debility, malnutrition, lack of medical attention 80 witnesses: Willie Brown, Joe Brown, Enoch Bryant, Arnie Stephens, said she got sick and just got worse and refused medical treatment
Mitchell Reddie negress 5’8 145# - 03/28/1932 at home of Annie Gilmore unknown disease 49 had bad rashes all over body
Williams Vince 5’ 125# negro - 05/22/1932 home of Della Mason physical exhaustion 84 daughter: Della Mason/ Witnesses Mary Roundtree and Gertie Johnson
Garcia Juan Mexican 5’6 160# - 08/14/1932 at Bonus on Brandt Farm being struck on head with some heavy missle or timber that caused instant death in storm 60 -
Garcia Gstable Mexican 5’ 100# - 08/14/1932 Bonus crushed chest during storm 16 -
Smith T.M. baby boy well developed negro boy - 12/12/1932 at parents home unknown, parents found baby dead in bed 14 months -
Anderson George well developed negro baby boy - 01/24/0933 at Fathers home in Egypt unknown fretful since he was born - -Father: Agana Anderson, Mother: Ivy Anderson, GM: Mary Anderson
Roundtree Mary negro woman bad scar by left ear 165# 5’5 - not known Inq. 11/19/1933 west of Egypt killed with ax blade 37 killed by McDowel Roundtree by chopping her head up, very gruesome scene
McClure Leon 5’6 120# - unknown Inq. 03/23/1934 on highway ½ mile west of Glen Flora was riding on truck load of implements and slipped and fell and thrown to ground while trying to hold on, lost hold and was thrown under rft hind wheel of truck, head crushed 17 Father: Chester McClure
Aldridge James negro 150# 5’9 - 12/16/1934 at his home shot by wife with 38 pistol, he was leaning against wall with an open knife clutched in his hand 25 wife: Mary Aldridge
Rogers J.C. negro man 6’ dark brown 170# - not known Inq. 06/01/1935 3 miles west of Glen Flora on Hwy sedan knocked him off flat bed truck and dragged him 50 -
Turner Hamp negro man dark 6’ 170# - not known Inq.06/15/1935 40 ft north of his house under a tree in Bonus Dropsey of heart 56 family thought he was poisioned after eating
Grisim M.C. dark brown color #130 - Inq. 07/31/1935 one block south of Ice plant in his room in Wharton dropsey 38 -