Below is a list of the old books and documents.

Acknowledgment Records (1917-1940)

American Quarter Horse Stud Book and Registry 1941

Association of Physicians and Surgeons of Wharton County Secretaries Record Book

Boling Junior Historians, 1952,1953,1956,1963,1971-2

B & P Womans Club

Boling Post Office Records (Old)

Bunkick Hotel Guest Registry 1912

Czech's of Wharton County (list of names)

Duncan, G.C. Ledger 1906

General Ledger (1913-1914)

Cash Journal #1 PCO Co. 1927

Cash Sales Journal 1920-28

Lumber Book, A. Peterson Co.,Louise (List of names)

Peterson, A. Hardware Ledger, Louise

Abstract Record Book (large)

Land Acknowledgment Record 1907

Land Book (A.H. Pierce) 1851-1891

Land Journal 1883-1919

Land Journal Wharton

Land Journal

Abstracts #30 &31 George Huff and John Huff League 1859-1879

Ledger (Unknown)

J.F. Estill Cash Ledger 1914-1916

Cash Ledger for Store 1898-1901

The Methodist Church Registry 1879 (List of names)

St. Paul American Lutheran Church 1893-1977 (list of members)

Tre Palacios Baptist Church 1852 (list of members)

United Methodist Church, Lissie 1906-1981

Glen Flora Methodist Church (1906-1960)

W.F.S. Alexanders Journal 1872-75..Transcribed by Janet Barrett Hobizal

Neal, W.F. Ledger


Court and Legal Books

Republic of Texas Court Record Book 1837-1844

Commissioners Court Minutes (1847-1857)

Notarial Record (1922-1938)

Criminal Docket District Court Records (1868-1885)

Criminal Docket Dist Court 1888-1897

Criminal Docket Record 1897-1906

Criminal Docket Record 1899-1905

Criminal File Docket 1847-1963

Criminal Docket District Court 1872-1893

Clerks Criminal File Docket Records 1890-1899

Direct Index and Reverse Index to Execution Docket Records

Civil Fee Books Vols.3,52,53,54 Vol Dist. Court 7 thru 26 and 28 thru 51

Bill Of Costs Records 1929-1935

Fee Book Vol. 1 Clerk District Court

File and Docket Fee Book Vol 4 1929-1928

Execution Docket (1851-1875)

Execution Docket #2 (1889-1918)

Execution Docket (1918-1946)

Execution Docket (1946)

Motion Docket No 2 Dist Court (1899-1932)

Minutes of District Court Clerk Dist Atty (1925-1936)

Medical Register Vol. #'s 3,4

Medical Register (1908-1931)

Medical Register Records 1908-1931

Chiropractic Registration Records 1949-1973

Death Records for Glen Flora/Egypt ..Transcribed by Frank Graves/Janet Barrett-Hobizal

*Record of Inquest 1889-1935..Janet Barrett-Hobizal

*Inquest Record Book 1938-1949...Janet Barrett-Hobizal

*Inquest Record Book 1949-1950...Janet Barrett-Hobizal

Jury Certificates Issued Record 1936-1938

Jurors Time Record Book 1953-1960

*Witness Account & Certificate District Court Records 1954-1968..Frank Graves/Janet Barrett-Hobizal

*Witness Accounts #5 1942-1953...Frank Graves

Clerks File Docket District Court Records (1889-1908)

Clerks File Docket 1895-1914

Clerks File Docket 1891-1899

Judge Civil Docket 1893-1901

Judges Civil Docket Vol 2 County Court 1898-1907

Civil Docket District Court Records 1904-1906

Civil Docket 1895-1939

Civil Docket B 1857-12/1872

Civil Docket #6 1873-1886

Civil Docket District Court Records 1892-1893

Civil Docket District Court Records 1897-1898

Civil Docket District Court Records 1885-1889

Civil File Docket #5 12/29/1914 to 06/29/1914

Civil Docket District Court Records 1894-1897

Civil Docket District Court Records 1894-1903

Civil Docket District Court Records 1896-1901

Clerks File Docket Records 1922-1928

Justice Civil Docket Records 1886-1906

Justice Civil Docket Records 1883-1886

District Court Docket 1854-1864

Appearance Docket District Court Record 1890-1891

State Docket District Court Records 1885-1889

Notary Public Book H.T. Compton 1877-1911 Minutes of Tax Judgments Record 1916-1926

Tax Judgment Records No.2 1928-1937

Delinquent Tax Record 1898-1924....Frank Graves

Various Poll Tax records for WC

Civil War Letters

Civil War letters W.F. Elam

CWL Levi Prewett 1862

CWL Rev. John Shrock

CWL William H. Burkhart

CWL Z.H. Burford 1856

CWL E.H. Ross 1861

Wharton School

WISD Board Minutes 1896-1975

WISD Board Minutes 1896-1914

Wharton Directory of Graduates 1908-1939

P.T. A. Records 1939-57

P.T. A. Records 1957-1960

P.T. A. Yearbook 1940-1, 1946-7

Dr. Davidson

Dr. Davidson's Cash Ledger

Dr. Green Davidson's Journal

Dr. Davidson's Journal 1904

Dr. Davidson's Journal 1910-14

Dr. Davidson's Ledger 1910-14

Gifford Papers

G.C. Kelly Letters

Bound Letters (13) 1886-1909

Ledgers (11)1884-1934

[Large collection through his whole career]

Shanghi Pierce Collection

Various documents, letters, land records, personal correspondance, Ranch correspondence, Journal Ledger from Pierce Ranch 1891 - 1894 (very large collection)
Outlar Drug Co.

Outlar Drug Journal (1950-53)

Outlar Drug Journal 1950-1

Outlar Drug Time Book (2)

Outlar Drug Tax Book 1956

Outlar Drug Narcotics Book 1955

Outlar Drug Cash Book 1946

Outlar Drug Ledger 1952-3

Outlar Drug Prescription Book 1956-7

Outlar Drug Wage Book 1946-7

Outlar Drug Prescription Book 1953-56

George Rust

Rust, Mrs. G.Q. Ledger (1904-10)

Rust, George, Ledger (1910-1917)

Rust, George Ledger (1918-1920)

Shrock Papers

Journal (1860-) in progress by Glynda Black


United Daughters of Confederacy

Minute Book 1917, 1937-51, 53-65

Member Archives 1899-1962

Officers Book 1917-57

Treasurers Book 1918-51

Officers and minutes 1916-1936

Mrs. R.A. Boltons File

Cemetery Books

Wharton County Cemetery Survey I, 1a,II,III,IV (For website)

White Mans Union

White Mans Union 1889-1914

White Mans Union Minute Book 1913-32

White Mans Union Voting Records 1930-34

White Mans Union Minutes 1934-46

White Mans Union Correspondence 1945-6

White Mans Union Election Results 1936-40

White Mans Union Election Results 1948-52

White Mans Union Election Results 1950

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