These people are listed in the Inventory of John W. Myers dated March 29,1847.

Small Probate Book A Page 1-7 Wharton County Annex Book Room
Name Age Notes
Maria "I give to my yellow woman Slave, Maria her freedom and also to her children which she may have at my death or hereafter and herby emancipate her and her offspring. So long as the slave woman resides on my plantation, I desire she may be comfortablely supported, and when she desies to remove to any other State than Texas, I will that she may be furnished Sufficient Money to bear her there.
Jim 38 -
Tone 40 -
Charles 35 -
Joe 30 -
Grant 28 -
Jepe 30 -
David 28 -
Minor 18 -
Ann 35 -
Josh 14 Child of Ann
Alick 10 Child of Ann
Abner 15 Child of Ann
Green 8 Child of Ann
Seylla 30 -
Alfred 13 Child of Seylla
Henry 12 Child of Seylla
Francis 11 Child of Seylla
Wright 10 Child of Seylla
Christopher 8 Child of Seylla
Eliza 4 Child of Seylla
Mandy 2 Child of Seylla
Martha 28 -
Bob 11 Child of Martha
George 10 Child of Martha
Monroe 4 Child of Martha
Esther 1 Child of Martha
Kentucky 28 woman
Issac 10 Child of Kentucky
Daphne 28 -
Mahala 26 -
Margaret 3 Child of Mahala
Mary Infant Child of Mahala
Patsey 30 -
Emeline 10 Child of Patsey
Caroline 15 woman
Louise 14 woman
Rich 10 -
Quint 8 -
Note: After the rest of the list it says: Maria and her child, Emancipated by his mill......not valued.

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