Journal of William F. S. Alexander

Fleetwood Plantation

1872 to 1875

Transcription & copy by Janet Barrett Hobizal June/July/August 2007

W.F.S. Alexander
William F.S. Alexander was born in William County, Virginia on November 21,1823,son of William S. Alexander (1787-1836), who was born and died in Virginia. William Alexander came to Texas sometime before 1850.,

Gerard Alexander was born in 1826, son of Gerard Alexander who was born in 1784 in Virginia and died in 1834 in Kentucky.

William and Gerard were 1st cousins, their common ancestor being their grandfather Lt. Col. William A. Alexander (1744-1814), a hero of the Revolutionary War.

It was believed that W.F.S and Gerard were brothers, however in the petition filed by William to administer Gerald’s estate. In the second paragraph, William says he “is of kin to the deceased and has been requested by the oldest brother of the deceased, said brother residing out of this state to administer upon said estate.”

There is not to much information about his early life that I have found as of yet. He left his journal and most of the information I have found people have taken from this. However, a descendant of the Hooe family has contacted me and donated some letters that were written by Alexander and the Hooe family. So hopefully we will learn more about his early soon.

He is on the 1850 census as being 26 years old with a value of $174.00, which can't be right as on the slave property list he records 33 male and 15 female slaves. Again in 1860 he shows owning 46 slaves.

In February of 1861 the Commissioners Court appointed W.F.S. Alexander and Joel Hudgins of Quinan along with James O. Meyers of Wharton to build a bridge across the West Bernard. They were given a budget of $500.00 to be paid upon completion.

He was a cousin to Albert Burr Harrison. Who was also a large landowner in Wharton County. In 1861 he joined The Wharton Rifles, a volunteer company in the Civil War under captain T. S. Deadrick.

A petition was made by some citizens for Dr. Gerard Alexander to not go into service because he was so valuable to the people of Wharton County as a doctor and they needed him there. In the 1920's a monument was erected on the courthouse lawn honoring all Civil War veterans, however W.F.S. Alexanders name was not included although his brothers name was.

William Alexander was very close to his cousins and you can tell when reading his journal that he missed his cousin, Gerard if he didn't "come home" for several weeks. He would write "home alone" or "Dr. A. hasn't been home in two weeks". He also fretted over the lives of Dug and Mack Hooe who were also cousins.We see more insite into this relationship through the letters.

After the war was over W.F.S. Alexander went back to his plantation on the 1,090 acres in the northern part of Boling which extended all the way to the Needville Highway (Hwy 36). His plantation was called "Bear Camp" because there were so many bears in this area. Many Bear hunts were organized as late as 1890's.

Alexander acted as somewhat of a banker, loaning money and charging interest. There were no banks in the area and he represented banks from Galveston. His principal occupation was as a landowner of which he rented to sharecroppers and he bred horses for selling. He and his brother grew corn and ginned it and then sold it. He also acted as lawyer for many people and wrote up contracts and wills. On occasion he also surveyed land for others.

In 1872 Mr. Alexander offered to pay Nute Smith a salary of five dollars for him being a postmaster at the Station in East Bernard.

His plantation residence had a fine library, a large quarter for entertaining and a billiard hall. Alexander was one of the first people Texas and in Wharton County to register a cow brand.

He also owned "Fleetwood" plantation. In 1873 Maj. Dennis had possession of Fleetwood as he was letting the buildings get ran down and Alexander chastised him for it as the agreement was that Dennis would keep them in good repair until he (Dennis) had finished paying for it.

One court document I found shows his property as called "Alexander Plantation". He was a very compassionate and fair man as you will see as you read about his life in his own words. He told it like it was, as in one instance when a man asked him what he thought about this man working in the school system and he told him he drank to much to be in that line of work and he had better straighten himself out. He would give children a quarter once in awhile, and even took in a little boy to raise.

He planted an orchard and bought and planted rose bushes and rose hedges and exotic grass, so he enjoyed gardening for pleasure and also had a large vegetable garden year round.

On January 12, 1879 William F.S. Alexander died in Columbus, Colorado County, Texas. His body was brought back to Wharton County and he was buried at City Cemetery next to his cousins Dr. Gerard Alexander and Burr Albert Harrison and his family.

As you read this journal you get to know the man that he was. In 1879 W.F.S. Alexander made out his will. He gave to The Foote family which, it was Albert Foote he took in when he was a boy, 100 acres that they resided on, he also gave them all his cash, all his cattle and any horses they had in their possession when he died. He built a home for this family because they were destitute, he and his hands worked day after day the day after he promised Mrs. Foote he would build her a house, all at his own expense. He hauled over 3000 bricks and went as far as Harrisburg for lumber. He said the reason he did it was because "They were some sort of family and because of their destitute situation". Within a couple of weeks the house was built and he sent his man to go get the family in an "ambulance" (his cousin Dr. A's no doubt, who stayed with him most of the time)and he moved them in.

He released his friend G.C. Duncan from any debt he owed him and gave Mary Bowie Duncan, G.C. Duncan's wife his buggy and buggy horses.

He gave his property besides Bear Camp, which he gave to his cousin in Virginia, to the children of Burr Albert Harrison. He made sure that W.J. Anderson would continue to manage his "Fleetwood" plantation after his death.

From David Surles:

My great grandfather was Douglas McLean Hooe. He farmed in Wharton

County from c. 1860 to c. 1882. He was a distant cousin to William

F.S. Alexander, and is mentioned frequently as "Dug Hooe" (along with

his brother Mack Hooe) in the journal you published on the web site.

He married Mary Eliza Tilley, daughter to George W. Tilley and

Frances George, also early settlers in Wharton County.
Douglas was born at Longwood Plantation in Virginia in 1838. According

to family tradition, Douglas' father Howson saw war clouds on the

horizon in 1859, and sent his oldest surviving son to Wharton County

to keep him out of the Civil War, and to preserve as much of the

family assets as possible. It is presumed they chose Wharton County

because William F.S. Alexander had maintained a plantation in Wharton

County since prior to 1850. Douglas arrived in Wharton County in late

1859 or early 1860 with a group of family slaves. Alexander purchased

land for the Hooe family in Wharton County near Hungerford. Service

records show that Douglas was a private in Company C of the Texas

Cavalry (Brown's Regiment) during the Civil War.

While they were in Wharton County, Douglas, Daniel and cousin

Alexander kept up a steady correspondence with Douglas' family back

in Virginia. It is presumed that letters sent during the Civil War

were lost or destroyed, but a number of post-war letters survived.

These letters give a rare and personal view of the situation in

Wharton County after the Civil War.

Douglas and Mary moved from Wharton County around 1882, first to Belton and then Dallas.

My transcript of the letters from Wharton County is attached. The

original letters are in the possession of descendants of Howson Hooe in Virginia.

The link below is to transcriptions of 12 letters written by W.F.S. Alexander and the Hooe family from 1865 to 1880s

Hooe/Alexander Letters

This journal is transcribed exactly as it was written. Each new page starts with a header of the month and year, which is how he wrote it. If I felt I needed to add something I put it in [brackets].

This journal tells us so much about the way of life a plantation owner had in the 1800's, as well as the price of things. It also mentions many Wharton County early citizens, as many people stopped by Alexanders place to dine and stay the night, he writes of other plantations in the area and how they adapted after the emancipation.

Alexander also describes his feelings of other people in the area and their personalities. This transcriber feels this journal has great historical value for Wharton County.

January 1872

Mon. 1st Gave Mr Harrison a memorandum of some things I want from Galveston. Bivens and I put up some of the orchard fence. Paid Ike Owens $2.50 a ballance due him for cutting wood. Agreed to let Tom Quinan have a filly for 40 bushels of corn and Major for 80 bushels We had a turkey and eggnog; J. W. George dined with us. Jef started to Bear Camp for a load of corn for Ben Z Boon. Mahoney came at night.

Tues. 2nd Mahoney commenced boring holes. Henry Rust dined here and bargained with me for a cow at $20.00. Bivens and I worked on the orchard fence. Jef got back with the corn.

Wed 3rd Jef took the load of corn to Ben Z Boon which finished paying for the stud "Mack". Went to look at some posts got out by Fred Douglas. found them too small and engaged Alec Washington to get some for me. Tom Quinan delivered me 53 bushels of corn on account of "Major".

Thurs 4th Brought from the North pasture 5 mares and colts and three fillies and put them all in the bottom except one which was left here on account of the mares being so poor. Ben Z. Boon was here and assisted me with the horses. He left with me some money collected for Dr. A. Tom Quinan finished delivering me the 80 bushels of corn for "Major" and I delivered and gave him a bill of sale for the horses. Paid Alec Washington $6.00 for getting out 200 post. Mr Harrison got back from Galveston. G. Hooper and Hathaway, with his wagon came at night. Fancy calved.

January 1872

Fri 5th Paid Mr Harrison 47.00 for articles purchased for me in Galveston. This included 2 plows for Jesse and one for Jef, $9 each, $6.20 for dried peaches, $1.20 for beans, tea kettle$1.25, saw set 75c Fosset $1. A rainy day. I had a headache and laid down, Mahoney left with Hooper. Got over my headache by night. Dr. A and John Rives came, the latter on his return from Galveston.

Sat 6th Rainy and cold. Dr. A and Rives left. Jef took some to the mill for me. (2 bu) Paid Fred $1.25 for the little posts he got for me.

Sun 7th Ice this morning. Cato came to get a horse but we made no trade. Loaned L. Harvey 5 No. of Blackwoods Magazine.

Mon. 8th Went to Wharton to see Maj Dennis but did not find him at home; Left a letter for him. Paid for dinner .50c, rope .20c.

Tues 9th Went to Mr. Myers and saw Ervin Thomas and George Tilly married by Mr. Cottingham Made an agreement to go to Texanna the last of this month with Wm. Cottingham to get some rose cuttings for a hedge. Still very cold. Jesse work on fence. Counted the holes dug by Mahoney 71c Mr Hooker handed $310.00 to be credited on H.S. Rusts note (gold) also $20 gold from Rust for a cow & calf. Jessee did no work.

Wed 10th Criss Commenced diging holes. Jef hauled 72 posts. Hathaway with his wagon staid all night.

January 1872

Thurs 11th Bevens and I hauled planks to the fence. Jesse setting posts. Ross left. I offered him "Frentis" and $40.00 for his horse. Dr. A and Green Duncan came by a Negro accidentally shot himself near here. Mahoney has quit my work and gone off without a settlement, he is in my debt.

Fri 12th Took "Coby and Larry" to Dr. A and got "June & Red". John Rives and Jim Ford talked of going to Nevad to drive cattle with Mr Ross. Paid Rives 78c for copper rivets. Received a note from Maj Dennis saying he had 4 bales of cotton ready for me and would have the balance this coming week. Mr Harrison with his wagon staid all night. Jesse nailed plank on the fence and Criss commenced working by the day at noon. Sat 13th Criss & Jesse did not work but went to mill. I went to the Station with Mr Harrison paid freight .90, and postage .75, for a tea kettle $1.25, for cheese and apples .80 Told Nute Smith I would pay five dollars towards a salary as post Master

Sun 14th Rode in the bottom to look after my horses but found none of them. J.W.George went with and dined with me. We kiled two ducks.

January 1872

Mon 15th Jesse, Criss and Jef worked on the fence Bevens and I plowed the garden and hauled posts. Hathaway staid all nigh he had 4 bales of cotton on his wagon from Maj Dennis for me.

Tue 16 Went to see Mr Quinan in relation to the debt in which I am security for L. Veazey and paid him $1400.00 on account of it. Dr. A paid me $4.00 which Ned Owins owed me for a beef. I paid Hathaway $4.00 on account of the 4 bales of cotton and still owe $2.00. He came by and brought Jesse and Jefs plows, and a sack of salt for me. Jesse, Criss and Jef worked on the fence. Jim Bradfor came to dinner and assisted Bevens and I to haul plank to the fence. Dr. A staid the night.

Wed 17 Loaned Jim Bradford $90.00 in gold at ten percent interest. This money is to pay for splitting rails to fence a field in Dr. A�s land; And he verbally agreed that the field should be security to me for the rent. Paid Dr. A $2.00 as balance due on freight of cotton. Also paid him $3.00 for a sack of salt. Planted English peas. Jesse and Criss finished the fence and I paid Criss $4.75 as a balance due him on settlement. Dick Barnes paid me a balance due for a horse $41.00. Dr. A paid me $77.00 as a settlement on money he got from Godsey on my account.

Thur 18th Bivens and I fixed the fence at the crossing. Ben G Boon dined with us. A cold rain.Dr. A staid the night.

January 1872

Fri 19 Hung up the bacon. Ned Owens paid $8.00 for Jef hauling his corn. Dr. A sent seven fat pigs.

Sat 20 Hauled wood. Kiled three hogs an traded them to Tom Quinan for 75 bushels of corn to be paid early next fall. H.S. Rust came by and I gave up to him the note I held as a mortgage on his plantation and took his note for the balance due me.

Sun 21 Had a settlement with Jef for the last years account and paid him a balance of $11.00 and let him have my interest in the Abe Kincheloe horses. Went to the bottom and saw some of my horses. J.W. George and A. Ross to dinner, the latter staid all night.

Mon 22 Bivens commenced plowing the orchard. Drove stray stock out of the south pastures and repaired the fence. "Sandy" came and got G. Hoopers oxen. Sandy promised to split me a thousand rails for ten dollars. One of Lawsons and two of my heifers had calves found young colt dead.

Tue 23 Planted onions and turnips and fixed two gates. Huf came at night with a letter for Wm. Harrison.

Wed 24 A fresh norther with snow and sleet. Dr. A came to breakfast and went on to the station. He said Duncan (G.C.) has bought Jack Walkers place for $10,000.00 gold. Jesse took the letter to Wm Harrison.

Thur 25 Ice and sleet. Thermometer at 24

Fri 26 Cloudy and thawing went to see Joe Palmer about the black; He refused to pay me the $40.00 but offered thirty which I refused. The horse was not up but he promised to send him to me. An Irish man named Welch came to set the hedge for me. J.W. George was here for dinner.

January 1872

Sat 27th Welch cut two short ditches for me. Weather cleared at 10 o'clock. Dug, Mack and Erwin Thomas to dinner. Ned paid me .50 for salt and I sent by him $1.50 to Alfred Young for digging post holes.

Sun 28 Thermometer at 24. Welch took walk and did not return. J.W. George came and rode over to the north pasture to look at the stock; have several young calves; stock look pretty well. Gave George some stricknine to kill two wolves that have been catching his pigs.

Mon 29 Thermometer at 22. Hauled a load of wood. I saw two wolves near the pasture. Made a road to the north gate.

Tue 30 Thermometer at 24. some snow. Dr. A called and left a bag of gold for John J. Lawson. Goats rutting.

Wed 31 Thermometer at 28 Rain and hail. Messers Harrison and Lawson were here to dinner on their way to the Station to meet some immigrant laborers. Dr. A. also called on his way to see Mr. Vanhooten. Jesse made me an ox yoke.

Feb Thu 1st Weather moderate and cloudy. Hauled two loads of wood. J.W. George called at night. He wants to get some white hands if Wm Harrison has more than he wants.Mp> Fri 2 Clear with north wind. Bivens plowing I filed mud holes at the yard gates. Wm Harrison staid all night he has gotten twenty white laborers.

January 1872

Sat 3 Bivens plowing. I trimmed the orchard. Lawson called and got his bag of money.

Sun 4 Rode in the bottom to look after horses. Mack Hooe came to ask my advice about taking a situation in the public schools; I gave him a lecture about his drunkenness, and told him he was not fit for that business or any other unless he would quit drinking. And also notified him I would write to his father about him. Dr. A. staid the night. Mason Brent was here and I paid him $6.00 for lime to build his chimney one dollar for work on the gin house at Bear Camp.

Mon 5 Loaned J. Cordray 300 ft of fencing lumber to floor a cabin. Paid Dr. A. $30.00 gold for mulberry gotten off Montgomery land. I went to see Wm Veazey about Mrs. West note he did not give me much satisfaction. Paid Wm Thatcher $3.40 for articles gotten at Lipscombs store last summer paid for shot $2.75 and a rope .30. Bivens plowed. A stif norther at dark.

Tue 6th Thermometer at 22 High north wind.

We 7th Moderated. Bivens finished plowing. I salted stock.

Thu 8 Put 2 mares and two colts in the bottom. Dr. a. and Ben G Boon called. Ross and Lawson staid night.

Fri 9 Lawson gave me $4.25 for Geo. Snoddy. I went to Wharton and executed a deed of release to H.S. Rust. Maj Dennis promised to let me have 4 bales of cotton on Tuesday. Paid for dinner .50 toilet soap .25 Got rid of the black cow with a young black calf.

Sat 10 Looked after stock and nailed up some fencing

Sun 11 At home. Dr. A. and G.C. Duncan came at night.

February 1872

Mon. 12 Let Duncan have $3.00 in gold and a check on Ball, Hutchins & Co for $500.00 gold and one for the same amount on Wm. Hendley & Co. For all of which he gave me his note for $1500.00 gold with 10 percent interest payable Jan 1st 1873. Bivens and I went to station with Dr. A. and Duncan, the latter going to Galveston to complete his trade with Col. Walker for a tract of land; The former going to New Orleans to visit his sisters. Steve Galagher took dinner with us. Paid Alfred Young $1.00 as balance due for digging post holes. Jef brought up "Beauty" with a young calf.

Tue 13 Bivens beding his cotton land. I scattered manure in the garden.

Wed 14 Dug holes to plant trees in the yard. J. T. Lawson called by and brought me the chestnut stud I gave his son Frank six years since; He insists on making me a present of him. Lawson staid all night.

Thu 15 Vanhooten came to breakfast and spoke to about buying some horses next fall. My head ached so much I was complied to go to bed..

Fri 16 Went down to Ben G Boons and staid all night. Sat 17 Dug up nine young wild peach trees brought them home and set them in yard.

Sun 18 Friendship stinted [studded] to Fannie E. Paid Geo Shanklin $6.00 for hauling 4 bales of cotton from Maj Dennis.

Mon 19 Soed peas & radishes. Fixed stud lot "Friendship" jumped out and ran off: Dug Hooe brought him home Ross called and I paid him $12.00 for 6 shirts.

February 1872

Tue 20 Commenced planting irish potatoes. G/L/ Duncan came to dinner. A shower of rain at noon and a norther at night.

We 21 Went with Duncan to Wm Harrisons got some early potatoes. Bivens planted the late potatoes. Found Wm Harrison very much discouraged with white laborers he has introduced from Alabama; He thinks they will prove a failure; many of them have left him.

Thur 22 Finished planting the potatoes and hauled a load of wood. Mack Hooe, E. Thomas and Dug Hooe called, gave the latter $22.75 to pay my school tax. Frost this morning.

Fri 23 High South wind. Set ten peach trees in the garden. E. Brooks staid all night.

Sat 24 Went to the station with Brooks paid for sundries $6.15. waited until the evening train expecting to meet Dr. A. But he did not come. Brought Wm Quinian home with me and loaned him a horse to go home. He gave me a box of cigars. Got my book from Robinson & Co by express bill $27.00 Paid by Hendley & Co. Dug Hooe put 6 of my horses in the pasture. Bivens has gone turkey-hunting.

Sun 25 Went in the Bernard bottom and brought out 6 head of horses.

Mo 26 Hauled rails and put up cow pen. J. Ford dined with me. Dug Hooe returned me the money gave him to pay school tax; The collector would not receive it because I would only pay him the amount fixed by law as decided by Judgment.

Tu 27 Speck took "Bernard". Dun has her first calf. Jim Ford staid all night.

February 1872

We 28 J. Ford, Jesse, Jef, Ned and myself went in to the Bernard bottom to collect horses and camped. E. Thomas, Dug Hooe and John Cordray joined us at night borrowed of Jef .65 and paid it for eggs and corn. Found a great many carcasses of cattle that the freedmen have killed for their hides.

The 29 Got two bottles of whiskey of J. Godsey. T.J. and Jas Whitten joined us. Gathered horses all day and at night took 36 head of mine with a number of J. Fords and other horses. Mack Hooe came here at night.

February 1872

March Fri 1st Cold and rainy. I have sore throat from camping out. J. Ford came at night.

Sat 2nd We all went horse hunting again, Dave Myers hands I got home 40 head of horses. J. Lawson came

Sun 3 Hathaway, E. Brooks, Mack Hooe & Dr. A to dinner All left in the evening except Mack and Dr A.

Mon 4 Jese, Jef, Mack and myself went in the bottom to hunt horses, Brought out a Spanish mare and colt.

Tue 5 Planted beans, peas and pepper. Dr. A. Bivens and Mack went turkey hunting

We 6 I went in the bottom and found no horses. J. Ford came home with me and I traded to him Mary Edwars mare for a sorrel stud for Ben Boon. Bivens brought home a wild turkey.

Thurs 7 Ford and I went up the Bernard but found some of our horses. Jef hauled a load of corn from Bear Camp. He brought me 75c which I had paid for E. Brooks.

March 1872

Fri 8 Divided the horses. G.C. Duncan came at night. Dr. A. and Mack kiled seven geese.

Sat 9 North wind and rain in morning. Nailed up fencing. Dr. A. and Duncan kiled twenty partridges.

Sun 10 Bivens and I took sorrel stud to Ben Boon for which I get the brown A.K. stud back Dr.A, Duncan, J.W. George and Mack went to Doc Cannons and brought some sheep back in the night.

Mon 11 Duncan and others left with their sheep. I went to the north pasture to meet Habermacher, and agreed to let him have a piece of land for a sawmill & c. Mack went with me in the evening into the bernard bottom from which we brought three horses. Geo.Hooper gave me a fat wild turkey.

Tue 12 Got up Cairo. Bivens planting corn.

Planted butter-beans, tomatoes & ocre. and corn. Geo Hooper dined here and I gave him some cotton seeds.

Thurs 14 I.N. Dennis came for breakfast. He renewed his note to me and I gave him written permission to mortgage the crop raised by the hired hands on Fleetwood. I called at Tom Taylors and at Steve Tillys. Bivens planted water-millens.

Fri 15 Went in the Bye Bottom with Mack,Jef,Jesse and Ned and brought out nine head of horses and a young colt.

Sat 16 Drove out stray cattle and separated the horses again. "Friendship" jumped out

March 1872

with Edwin Thomas' mares. Wm Easom and Frank Lawson came. Bivens & George returned with no game.

Sun 17 Rainey Norther. went to Dug Hooes and brought home "Friendship." Mack went in to the bottom.

Mo18 I have a bad cold from getting wet yesterday. Bivens and I hauled a load of wood and hauled plank and fixed the fence at the ford- Dug Hooe and G. Hooper were here for dinner the former gave me a wild turkey. Dr A. and J. T. Lawson called took Easom and Frank off with them.

Tue 19th a norther Still in the house sick. Lawson was here to dinner and Dr A came at night. Habermacher was here to get his horse and I notified him he could not have a road through my pasture to the mill.

Fri 22 Cold and raining stuck some peas. Dr A kiled some partridges

Sat 23 Dr A left Bivens and I went to the station. Having received a letter from Mrs. Bettie Foote informing me of her misfortunate situation I sent her $80.00 gold through Carlton & Co of Columbus and also gave her an order for $20 allready in their hands. Paid for sunderies $5

Sun 24 J. Beine came and I went with him to Gabe Davis

March 1872

in search of a mule. He staid all night

Mo 25 Hunted horses in the morning. Planted radishes and Dr A's millet in the garden. Ned brought home five head of horses for which I am to pay him $5.00. Jef hauled wood. E.G. Mathis and Jack Minard came at night.

Tue 26 Got up two head of horses from Bernard bottom. Jef hauled wood.

We 27 Mathis and Minard left. Quinan and D. Hooe called by, going to divide the Z. George land. Three strange dogs attaked my calves and bit one of them badly. Bivens and I shot two of them but did not kill them. I went to Wm Harrisons and staid all night. His house was crowded twenty of his white laborers have left and he has now only ten He thinks them very poor laborers.

Thurs 28 Jef hauled a load of corn. I went to Bear Camp. Let Louis Simmons have 75 barrels of corn for which he is to pay me $37.50 in the fall. Let Ike have 30 bu. for he is to deliver me 30 barrels at Singleton or 40 barrels at Bear Camp next fall Let "Mose" have 10 barrels for which he is to return 15 barrels on that place. Let Jim Smith have 30 barrels to be returned here. Abe Johnson standing his security. Let Frank Griffin have 15 barrels, Mason Brent security for it's return at Singleton.Let Calvin Timans have 15 barrels to be returned at Singleton. Let Bill Washington have 30 barrels to be returned Singleton. Dick Brent has got 50 and is to have 50 barrels more to be returned

April 1872

at Singleton. Abe Johnson has got 80 and is to have 20 barrels more to be returned at singleton. Bob Carter is also to have 60 barrels to be returned to Singleton. These amounts Mason Brent is authorised to deliver. Also 75 barrels to Spence for which he is to return me 91 at Bear Camp. On my return home in evening I met Cain Robins and promised to let him have a load of corn to be returned to Singleton. Paid 50c for partridges for Frank Lawson.

Fri 29 Made a stall for "Richmond". Osker George to dinner.

Sat 30 Put the stud "Peter Cheek" in the front pasture, "Mack" and the Hudgins colt in the north pasture Tim Tales & Will Hudgins assisted me in getting the colt in the pasture. Dr A, Ben G. Boon, Brook and Tom Taylor to dinner E. Brooks got Dr A. well tools. Jef took up the AK Stud to break drizzly weather. Will Hudgins staid all night.

Sun 31st Barganied with Dr A for Kitson, he to take Jim Owins, in which she settles $16.00 a ballance due me from Ned Owins for a mare. I paid her $26.25 and gave her a receipt for $500.00 deposit

April Mo 1 Worked in the garden. J. Cordray came at night and brought "Kitson" to me.

Tu 2 Rainy. Cordray went to Galveston.

We 3 Cloudy. Jef brought a load of corn from Bear Camp Jesse worked 1/2 a day in horse pen.

Thu 4 Jesse worked a horse Jim. Ben G. Boon came and we went horse hunting. Put 4 head of Bernard horses in the

April 1872

pasture. Bivens went to Hoopers hunting. Wm Harrison and family and J. Lawson came at night. Rainy in the evening.

Fri 5 Lawson and Wm Harrisons family went to Galveston taking Ada with them. Wm Harrison here to dinner and brought me a barrell of flour and two kegs of nails from Station J.W. George called and got some tomato plants. I set out cabbage plants.

Sat 6 Nailed some of the fencing in the morning. Dr. A came to dinner and I went to Bach Creek fishing with him.

Sun 7 G. Hooper came to dinner. Loaned him "Black Boy". Dr. A was called to Wm Hooe at night.

Mo 8 Rainy

Tue 9 Got two horses from Bernard bottom; also Boons filly and A. Georges mare. G.C. Duncan came to dinner and Dr. Brown and Jim Ford at night.

We 10 Went with Duncan home to dinner returned in the evening. Paid for matches 50c for smith work $2.50.

Thu 11 J.T. Lawson was here to dinner. Paid him $11.00 for Jess' barrel of flour and $1.25 for a tooth saw & tool. Paid a pedler for pictures $4.00 Bivens and I cleaning out the stables.

Fri 12 Cleaning stables in the morning. Bivens took a head ache and we quit work. G. Hooper to dinner & staid all night. He brought in three head of horses from Bernard bottom this all the stock from that bottom except two colts.

Sat 13 Drizzly. Fixed up some pictures over the windowes. Hooper left & Dr. A came home sick.

April 1872

Sun 14 J. Lawson and his son Frank and Wm Easom came at night. We had green peas for dinner. Gave Jim 50c.

Mo 15 Paid Wm. Cordray $3.50 for a knife & fork. Branding calves and sawing the horns of the cattle to prevent them gouging horses. Hired Criss to assist us.

Tu 18 Took my pants to Wm Cheek to be made. Met Wm Quinan on the road and talked to him about the West security debt and he assured me he would not require further payment of me. and that he had authority to this effect.

Thu 18 Sheled corn

Fri 19 Took my corn to Habermachers new steam mill.

Sat 20 Took some stock to the north pasture. Lawson and Mack Hooe staid all night.

Sun 21 Lawson and Mack started to Navasoto with two cows. I went to Brooks store and saw Wm. Harrison. Paid for cigars $7.00 tobacco $2.75 potatoes 75c cheese 60c and a tab on my buggy 25c. Dr. A came at night.

Mo 22 Criss assisted and we bored a well at the horse pen 12 feet deep.

Tu 23 Commenced boring a well for Jef.

We 24 Dr. A went to the smith to have some work done on the augur. D. Hooe, G. Davis & Wm Harrison to dinner. The latter much troubled about two judgements just rendered against him for $7000.00 and $1000.00. Paid Criss $2.50. Finished Jefs well.

April 1872

Thu 25 Took Wm Harrison to the station on his way to Galveston. Paid for towels and ticking $2.30 freight on flour and nails $2.10

Fri 26 Cleaned the shucks out the crib and worked the garden.

Sat 27 Gathered rescue grass seed. Dr. A Bivens and J.W.G. went in a camp hunt. Parson Cottingham here to dinner. Paid him $5.00 for his patent churn. Paid Jef $60.00 on account.

Sun 28 Floyd staid all night with Wm Harrisons carriage. White Armstrong came to see Dr. A at night.

Mo 29 Armstrong left after dinner Wm Harrison and family staid all night on their return from Galveston: He gave me his note for $250.00 currency for a check I had given him.

Tue 30 Rainey. Dr. A and G. C. Duncan came at night. Sold to Duncan "Kitsen" and "Geo Burt" for a check for $250.00.

May We 1st Dr. A and Duncan left. Got my pants from Wm Cheek and paid him $1.50 for making two pair. Stuck the tomatoes and weeded the millet.

Thu 2 Plowed the garden

Fri 3 Built colt pen in north pasture. Bivens assisting

Sat 4 Hung a gate at horse pen.

Sun 5 J.W. George to dinner. Jim Ford and Osker George staid all night.

Mo 6 Jim Ford and Osker George assisted me to bottom of Richmond. Gave the Jack Broadmax to Jim Ford. Put biting harness on "Fly". Dr. A Mack Hooe and Jef went on the middle Bernard in search of a stud colt with our brand they had heard of. Geo Hooper came at night. Jesse at work on horse pen.

May 1872

Tu 7 Geo. Hooper assisted me in working "Fly" to the buggy. Mack Hooe left and G.C. Duncan came to dinner suffering very much with tooth-ache. Dr. A extracted it. Jesse & Jef at work on pen

We 8 Jesse. Jef with the wagon and myself went to Wm Rieves plantation and got gin running gear I have bought from Wm Sorrel. Jef did not git home but staid at Dr A's plantation.

Thu 9 Jef got home before dinner and we stored the wheel in the barn. G. Hooper came to dinner and brought me a saddle of venison and told me where to find missing colt.

Fri 10 Rainy: a heavy rain storm. Dr A. came at night having been to see Dr. Brown.

Sat 11 Jesse and I went in search of "Cad" but did not find him. On my return found Wm Yates and Albert Can the having swam Peach Creek in a buggy while drunk. The Bernard is swimming.

Sun 12 Wm Harrison and G. C. Duncan were here to dinner. Jack Duncan came at night.

Mo 13 Jack Duncan and myself went to Houston to the State Fare were joined at the Station by G. C. Duncan. Paid $2.50 fare to Harrisburg and am to return free. We got a room and staid at the Hutchings house.

14.15.17 & 17 Remained in Houston until Saturday 18th. attended the State Fair which was well conducted. Saw a number of old friends, some of whom I had not seen in a number of years. A great number of persons were in attendance. The Radical Republican Convention for the State held it's session. The most distinguished persons attending it were Gov. E. J. Davis, and Judge J.H. Bell, Judge Nortin, R. Taylor and Ruby. They nominated Judge Nortin and -- Eaveans for congress, also presidential elections and delegates to the republican Convention to be held in Philadelphia. There was a good deal of political speaking on three nights, by both shades of Republicans and the Democrats. Among the latter speakers were Judge Reagan Geris- Robinson and Harrison. Shannon and Quinan. and Coln Hatch of Missouri. The Democrats were in favor of Horace Greely for President. I met with Geo. Snoddy and paid him for case knives $5.00., two pocket knives $2.00 locks 1.50, chisel $1.50, paper of screws 80c, copper tacks 80c. for saddle bridle & c $20.00 for 10 lbs of wine $1.80. Butter dish 75c for a gun coat $5.00 for tobacco $5.50 pipes 75c 2 shirts for Bivens $5.00, Hat for myself $5.50 vest $1.25 for mosqueto bar $1.00, pants $5.00 Collars & cravat 75c Loaned Mat Shanklin c.m. $4.00 one of the Brooks (freedman) $1.00 for a pair of boots $15.00, shoes $7.00 for Almanac & map. Diary and envelopes $2.50 for an umbrella #2.75. Spent for drinks, cigars & c. $21.70. G.C. Duncan paid me $2,50 gold for a pair of horses.

Sat 18 Paid my hotel bill $17.75 and came home paying for refreshments passenger & fare to Harrisburg $2.50.

Sun 19 Wm Harrison and H.N. Spooner came to dinner the latter staid all night.

Mo 20 Beven went with Spooner to the Station with the cart to take some pigs for him. I went to Wm Cheeks and got Beven's pants paid for making them $1.50. G.C. Duncan and Dr A came to dinner.

May 1872

Tu 21 Nailed up fencing and ground the tools. Duncan and Dr A. left. Loaned Tom Quinan $10.00 for which he is to pay me $12.00 out of his crop unless he pays in work, when he is only to return the amount loaned.

We 22 Started to Wm Foote's in Colorado Co. to get his little son Albert, who he has given to me to raise. Took dinner with G.C. Duncan and staid all night with Wm Good at Eage Lake.

Thu 23 Wm horse "Smoky" being lame from a snake - bite gave 25c for a bottle of linament to rub it with and Quinan Heard loaned me a horse to drive to Wm Foote's and back to the Lake. Got the boy Albert and gave his mother $20.00 to buy clothes for him. Was much please with Alberts polightliness and that he was so willing to come with me. We again staid all night at Wm Goods.

Fri 24 Paid for Sundries at Eagle Lake $8.00. Returned home to dinner. W. Hudgins came and got his mare. G. Hooper staid all night.

Sat 25 "Bruns" was foundered this morning. I bled him freely, gave a spoon full of alum and tied him in water to his knees with but little apparent benefit. G. N. Boggan came at night.

Sun 26 Boggan remained and J.W. George came to dinner. Wm Cordray sent and got the pony "Frentis" for Bill Davis, came for which he is to pay me $40.00 when J. Boltons house is completed.

Mo 27 Bivens took Wm Boggan to the Station and brought Dr A. home on his return from Houston races. I worked on a new horse pen and had headace.

Tue 28 Jesse worked all day and Jef half the day on the horse pen

May 1872 (June)

We 29 Kiled a small beef. Jesse & Jef worked 1/2 a day in finishing horse pen. Bivens and I dug potatoes which are very good.

Thu 30 Branded colts. 34 in all. Ned Owings assisted

Fri 31 Sheled corn in the morning and went seining in the evening with Dr A., Dug Hooe and J. Rieves. Have given Albert Foote a black pony with which he is very pleased.

June Sat 1 Took corn to Habermachers mill. Dr A. J. Rieves, Beavens, Jef, Jesse and myself put a floating bridge over the Bernard in the lower pasture.

Sun 2 Rieves left in the morning and Wm Godsey came to dinner and took Dr A. to Wharton to see Dr Phillips who has been thrown from a horse and is badly hurt. I paid Godsey 60c for salts Dr A. got of him for me.

Mo 3 Jef hauled 95 rails from H. Fraziers and hauled 85 last Friday. Loaned Nelson Jefferson $20.00 gold and sold him a horse for $75.00 to be paid in the fall. Paid Green George $4.50 for wood cut last winter. Wm Rodgers was here and I paid him $50.00 gold for the Rieves running gear.

Tue 4 Jesse worked on the bridge 1/2 a day. Bivens is sick. J.W. George and I went to the Station paid freight $1.25. Paid for Sunderies $3.00 Jef went to the smiths shop to get some work done on the wagon.

We 5 Went to Dug Hooes & J.W. Georges and got two pair of hinges for the bridge. Jim Davis assisted me to work "Fly". The goats are having kids.

Thurs 6 Jef brought a load of corn from Bear Camp. Went to Wharton and my property assisted. Paid for Alberts socks 80c. book 25c for shoeing my horse 75c. B.G. Boon was home and paid me

June 1872

$15.00 for a B.C. Beef and and $28.00 for Wm Godsey, which latter I gave Dr A. for him.

Fri 7 Got Jesse & Jef to work for Dug Hooe. i am sick.

Sat 8 Still sick Paid Dave Tumer for cutting saw stocks $6.00 Pid Jef on Ac 10.00.

Sun 9 Raining in the morning. Duncan (G.C.) came at night

Mo 10 Wm Cooper came to dinner. Duncan left in the evening. He told me he would shortly marry Mary Bowie of Matagorda Co. Wm Harrison came at night. Jef took the wagon to the Station to haul a boiler for Wm Harrison.

Tue 11 Took Wm Harrison to the Station and back in my buggy. Paid for vinegar 75c rope 35c and 85c for some trimmings for Ada. Wm H. went home at night.

We 12 Hoed the garden & gathered clover seed.

Thur 13 Looked after stock

Fri 14 Took of "Richmond" to gentle. worked on a gate. Rainy.

Sat 15 A heavy shower. Went to the Station. Paid for trimmings for Ada $1.00 buttons 20c. Starch 80c for a coat $2.50

Sun 16 Albert and I spent the day at Wm Harrisons. He gave me a can of lard. Crops are much improved by the late rains.

Mo17 Making small buggy harness. Bivens cut the millet.

Tue 18 Jesse repairing the horse rake. Jef hauling stocks to the mill, Bivens assisting him. Paid for whiskey $2.00.

We 19 Jef & Bivens assisted me half a day in making a watering place for the horses. Jesse finished the rake and hauled lumber for gates. H.S. Foote came down and brought me clothes for Albert.

Thu 20 Jef hauled wood. Jesse and I making gates for the

June 1872

horse pen. J.T. Lawson & son Dick, Wm Easom, Geo Hooper and Jim Ford staid all night.

Fri 21 Jef hauled wood half the day, a shower came and he stopped to sit out potatoes Jesse hung the gates. G. Hooper staid all night.

Sat 22 H.S. Foote left. Got up the horses. Hooper, Cordray and Jack Myers to dinner.

Su 23 J. Rieves came and he, Albert and I took a buggy ride and kiled a buffalo fish. J.W. George to dinner

Mo 24 Went to Wharton, paid 25c for sharpening a plow and 25c for buttons.

Tue 25 J.W. George got a sow and some pigs I gave him, Dr A. and J. Rieves came to cut some millet but could not work my machine.

We 26 All of us went to Joe Galaghers and got his mower Which Dr A. started up in the evening.

Thurs 27 Dr A. went to see Wm E. Mercer. J. Rieves failed to get the mower to work. Jef hauled wood. Jesse assisted me to haul hay in the evening. Steve Galagher came at night

Fri 28 Jef hauled wood. Jesse assisted me in repairing fence in the morning. Rieves cut a little hay and went home. I raked the hay. A shower.

Sat 29 Rain. Looked after the horses. Found the stud "Mack" with his shoulder very much swollen, which I suppose to be a snake bite. Took him up home. G. Hooper came to dinner and brought me some venison. Jesse is sick.

Sun 30 A. T. McCarty and O. Walker spent the day and took bog Bones with them. I gave McCarty $4.00 to pay for two pair of russett shoes to be sent me. Geo Snoddy came at night.

July Mo 1st Snoddy left. A heavy rain

July 1872

Jef hauled wood half a day. Took "Peters" [?menather?] a cross the Bernard on account of the scarcity of grass south of the Bernard.

Tue 2nd Jef hauled wood. Jesse at work a gate to be laced at the west of the front pasture. I went to the station in the ox cart and brought a cistern for Wm Harrison. Got a barrel of flour from Habermacher for which I owe him. Paid $1.25 freight on wheel barrow and $5.05 freight on cistern. Paid for oysters & candy 50c Rader owes me one dollar currency. G.C. Duncan & R. Rieves came at night.

We 3 Jef hauled wood. Jesse assisted me in hauling hay. J. Biene cut some hay and left. Albert had some fever.

Thu 4 A heavy rain last night. Jesse took the cistern to Wm Harrisons. Albert still sick. Dr. A came to see him. I took medicine.

Sat 6 Jesse returned at noon. I was attacked with fever.

Sun 8 Sick. Jesse worked on same gate.

Mo 8 "

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Tu 9 "

We 10 "

Thu11 "

Fri 12 " sold the horse Blue Devil to John Themter he is to pay me $60.00

Sat 13 Mised my fever. Wm Harrison returned from Galveston and paid me $220.00 loaned money.

Sun 14 Still in the house but feel like getting well

July 1872

for the first time. John Rieves came at night.

Mo 15 Dr A and others looked after the horses. The sorrel mare died in the pen of fever.

Tue 16 I am still in the house Wm Harrison took dinner here.

Wed 17 Rode out hunting

Thu 18 Went fishing

Fri 19 Looked after the horses. No worms yet.

Sat 20 Dr. A. and Bivens are both down with the fever. I went to the sulpher spring in the west Bernard and got some water for Bivens. S. M. Rowe was hear and promised to adminster on Dr. Veazleys estate and get the lot in Wharton and a tract of land turned over to pay the debt to Wests estate.

Sun 21 Mack Hooe spent the day. Chuck Darst and Menter Galagher called to see Dr. A

Mo 22 Jesse and Jef hauled logs. Paid Habermacher for Whiskey, Ale and lemon syrup $4.00 matches 50c Paid a peddler $6.00 for a pair of specks for Bivens & myself each. Also paid him $13.00 for goods Sarah got of him.

Tue 23 Went to Wm Harrisons and spent the day. Paid Brooks for lemon sugar 50c, blueing 20c mentioned to Wm Quinan the proposition of S. M. Rowe said he would attend to it immediately and that I would probably get back the money paid for Veazley; But I have little hope of this. Jesse & Jef hauled logs in the evening.

Wed 24 Jef and Jesse hauling logs. Looked after the stock in the morning and had another fever in the evening and took some medicine.

Thu 25 Jef & Jesse hauling logs. A barbecue on the Bernard. I am sick and can�t go. Dick Brent and Abe Johnson came to see me about sharpening the gin: I agreed to loan them money to pay for it.

Fri 26 Dr. A Jef and Mack Hooe looked after the horses Albert and I both sick. Dr A. and Mack went camp hunting.

Sat 27 Missed my fever. Albert and Sarah sick. James Greg called and engaged to deliver me some fruit trees next January for which I am to pay him $37.50.

Su 28 No fever

Mo 29 Having been sick so long I determined to go to Eagle Lake for a change and to get ice. Jef went with Albert and myself to the station. Paid Sarah $4.00 borrowed money. Gave Jef to pay for smiths work on chain $3.25 Rail Road fare $1.50 Ale & c. $1.50 Arrived at the lake and took board and lodging with Wm Good.

Tue 30 Paid for sundries $1.60

We 31 " " ice and drinks 50c

Aug Th 1 " " 90c Had a slight fever.

Fri 2 " " 15. Took quinine

Sat 3 " " 65 quinine $3.75 a. cost $2.25

Sun 4 A light fever got some pills from Dr. Jones $25.00 M 5 Paid for a jacket $4.50 tobacco $3.50 Rope 15c Paid hotel bill $7.00 RR fare $2.00, fifty cents of

Aug 1872

this was changed as fare for a puppy given to Albert by Mr. Good. Paid for lemonade 75c lemon sugar $1.00 Charlotte Lowrey met at the station and borrowed $5.00 on account of Nelson Jefferson. Dan Brent was witness to the transaction found Jef waiting for me with the buggy. Albert and I both arrived at home with a fever. Found Allen, one of Habermachers hands in the house sick. W.J. Anderson staid all night. Albert got home with a high fever.

Tue 6 Jesse & Jef looked after the horses I staid in the house & took quinine. Allen left. Dr. A went to Wharton to court and brought home some ice.

We 7th Dr. A killed a small beef. Sarah and Albert still sick. I feel well.

Thu 8 Albert sick. Weather very hot Thermometer at 94.

Fri 9 Looked after the horses. Dr A. Bivens, Jef and Jesse sick.

Sat 10 Bivens & Dr. A sick. Bob Carter (colored) came & went with him to Wharton & paid $45.50 in gold as cost & fine enforced for beating his wife. Paid $1.25 for a horse color and 15c for lemonade.

Sun 11 Dr A. and Bivens missed their fevers

Mo 12 Jef and Albert went with me to Lipscombs to show him my ponies. He having expressed a wish to see them with a view to buying. He was not at home having gone in search of Dr A. to see his wife. Dr A. went home with him. Paid for Mackrel $5.

Tu 13 Dug Hooe assisted me with the horses.

August 1872

no worms in the horses weather very hot: Thermometer at 93 everything burnt up by the drouth.

We 14 Albert and I went to Wm Harrisons found them all well except Wm Harrison who complains of great dibility. He got a new engineer and set hands to work in his sugar house, from New Orleans.

Thur 15 At leaving Wm Harrison talked very despondently of his health. And said his wife worried him so at times he was tempted to blow his brains out. He has frequently before this expressed himself similary. He gave me his will to look over. And to me to ask Dr A. to come down and talk to his wife as he the Dr., had more influence with his wife than any one else. Paid Brooks for mackerel $2.75 tobacco $2.50 whiskey 1.00

Fri 16 Louis Simons came up from Bear Camp and I handed him $16.00 to be paid for sharpening the gin. This money is to be refunded to me by the hands.

Sat 17 Went to Wharton and gave Wm Hamilton two papers to record for Wm Harrison. Settled with Jesse woods to date, paid him $20.00 and owe him $2.50. Jesse allways has seven days work on his notch stick than I have in my book, but I settle by his notches. Settled with Jef to date, paid him $10.00 and owe him $28.00.

Sun 18 Loaned Bivens $1.50 to pay cotton picking. Cordray & J. Rieves were here for dinner. I went with the latter to Habermachers Mill.

August 1872

where he got some lumber for well [?kindsing?] from Allen. Felt like I have fever.

Mon 19 Showering. Had a fever. Dug and Mack Hooe called the former sold me a yoke of oxen for $40.00 of which I paid him $20.00. Dug, Hooker and Tilly are having a squabble about a field fence. Dr A. went to Lipscombs.

Tu 20 Raining. I still have fever. Dr. A. went to Stith's My old Durhams Cow Fancy died.

We 21 Still laid up. Showering Jesse & Jef looked after the horses.

Thu 22 Sprinkle of rain. I am clear of fever and Albert has some. Dr. A. went to his plantation to see W. Easom who is thier sick. G. Rust and young Bogans staid all night.

Fri 23rd We all doctored horses. Took up "Friendship" on account of his jumping in the corn field. Paid freight on Nelson Jefferson's ballances. Dr A. went to his plantation and John Rives came home with him with his finger smashed.

Sat 24 Went to Mr. Sorils mill and got three bushels of meal. Rogers said Dr. A. ordered the meal charged to his account as Mr. Sorel was owing him. Got a bottle of ale at Lipscombs for which I owe him. Had fever at night.

Su 25 Sick

Mo 26 Rives and Dr. A. went into the bottom Jesse worked half a day getting poles for the horse pen. G. Hooper & Jim Ford came at night.

Tu 27 Dr. A. and others including Hooper & Ford

August 1872

doctored horses.

We 28 Dr A. and J. Ford went seining and caught some fish. Hooper had fever.

Thu 29 Hooper & Ford left W Harrison and a carpenter were here to dinner.

Fri 30 Doctored horses; no worms & not many ticks. A heavy shower in the evening.

Sat 31 Kiled a shoat. Jim Ford to dinner. Another good shower.


Su 1st Went to Dug Hooes' and paid him $20.00 ballance due him in the yoke of oxen. West Tilly called to see Dr. A.

Mon 2nd Dr A. went to see Mr. Still. J. Ford came. Jesse plowed turnip patch in the morning. Showery. Wiley Croom from Richmond staid all night.

Tue 3rd Doctored horses. Worms in two yearlings. Paid "Joarina" for ticking. Bivens cotton 75c. Abe Johnson and Dick Brent came to see and got permission to sell cotton they had ginned. Rain.

We 4th Soed turnips. Sold John Thornton a beef for which he is to pay me $10.00. Blacksmith Burns was here and I paid him $1.75 for work done on the big wagon some months since. Went to Mr. Habermachers store and paid him $2.00 for bitters 25c for caps and 25c for heart powder

Thur 5th Nailed up pasture fence. G. Hooper staid all night. The old corn is out.

Fri 6th Doctored horses, worms in one.

Sat 7 Paid for shoeing "Smokey" 75c J. Lawson and Dr A. came in the evening. The latter is sick.

September 1872

Tom Quinan paid me the 70 bu. of corn he owed for pork last winter. Jef hauled the corn for which Tom has to pay.

Sun 8th Jack Newsome, J.W. Singleton, Mr White's, Wiley Hall & son and a Mr Clark to dinner. Dr A. has a high fever.

Mo 9 J. Lawson left. Jef is hauling his cotton. Paid Jesse $4.00 in full all demands to date, which is one dollar more than is due him. Dr A. and Albert have fever. Greased my harness.

Tue 10 Doctored horses in the morning; no worms. Jef hauled his cotton in the evening. Dr A. went to Wharton to see Jack Rust.

We 11 Went to the Station paid freight $2.35 coin and $3.60 specia $3.22 was for ale and sugar the ballance for Nelson and Mason. Paid for vinegar $4.00 Tilly brought my sugar and Mason's baging to his house and I brought them home with the cart.

Thu 12 Called to see J.W. George. Got my papers from Habermacher.

Fri 13 Doctored horses, worms in one. Took up the young stud Morgan to gentle.

Sat 14 Went to Mr. Sorels mill and got three bushels of meal. Paid Lipscomb for ale and tobacco 60c

Su 15 Called to see Mr. Guin and in relation to the sale of the Veazley land. He said Mr. Rowe would administer and sill it. He also talked of making a trade with me for some land from this league. Mr. Cordray and Menter Galagher to dinner.

Sept 1872

Sold Dr. A's dun horse to "Bob" a negro on G. Duncans place he is to $100.00 out of his crop the horse to be taken from him at any time before he is paid for if he is not well treated. Jack and Geo. Rust staid all night. The former on his way to Galveston.

Mo 16 Gave Jack Rust an order to Hendrix & Co for $100.00 with which he is to get me some articles. Mattie Foote and Albert Spooner said all night.

Tue 17 Doctored horses and brought "Peters Minather" to this side of the creek. Jesse Woods, "freedman" who has been (?) living with me seven years was taken ill last night and died this night. He was a Cristian and good man.

Wed 18 John Rieves made Jess's coffin and he was buried this evening. took some Calafornia clover seed to the north pasture and soed it and brought some lumber from the saw mill. Paid $4.50 for Bivens bagging and ties.

Thur 19 Hauled another load of clover seed and brought back a freed man in the neighborhood was kiled by his horses falling on him, the horse also broke his neck. Albert Spooner and Mattie Foote staid all night on their return from Mr. Harrisons. Fri 20 I gave Mattie $20.00 with which she is to buy and make some winter clothing for Albert. Albert went home with her to remain until I go up for him. Doctored horses. No worms. Ned Owins came and assisted me with the horses in the place of Jesse Woods; Which he has contracted to do at a dollar a day to be paid out of Jesse's crop. Took some horses to the Bernard bottom in the evening.

Sept 1872

Sat 21st Put biting harness on "Morgan" and after wards turned him loos in the pasture. Jim Davis and West Tilly to dinner looking for Dr A. who came at night. Mack Hooe spent the day and staid all night. Jef had the wagon thursday and to day.

Sun 22nd Jim Ford came to dinner and staid all night.

Mo 23 Jef had the wagon. Ford and I went in search of Donavans jennies, found one we supose to be his colt too young to travel and left her. Mack Hooe staid all night.

Tue 24 Doctored horses. no worms. Took 99 head to the Bernard bottom. G. Hooper came at night.

We 25 Jef had the wagon and finished gathering his corn. Criss Kerney is gathering Cloeys corn. I went up the Bernard to watch for deer. Dr. A, J. Ford and Mack Hooe camped out to five hunt at night.

Thu 26 Went up the prairie and brought down some jennies I supposed to be Donivans as they had his mark, but finding Mr. Newels [brand mark] brand on their necks turned them loos. Mr. Bivens took the ox-cart to the station and brought home some salt, coffe and flour. Paid freight $5.25. J. Rust called by and handed me $64.50, a ballance of the $100.00 handed him by Mr. Hendley & Co. Mr. Harrisons wagon staid all night.

September 1872

Fri 27 Sheared the Spanish mares. Barganined to sell mare to Criss Kerney for $40.50 one to Jef for $20.00 and two mares to Ned Owings for $70.00. Edwin Thomas, Mack Hooe and Dug were here to dinner the took home a paint colt I had given him. Maj. Dennis came to learn how much money I would require of him, and promised to pay me so much as would reduce the debt to $800.00

Sat 28 Went to see Mr. Nelson about the jennies. Paid Cloez $1.50 for picking cotton for Bivens. A. Ross and Ben Lee came at night. The former is just back from Kansas. The latter is so cripel with Reumatism he can scarcely get about with crutches.

Sun 29 Rain last night and this morning. Ross & Lee staid. Bargained with Cloey for her fodder at $1.50 per hundred

Mo 30 Started to Mr. Foote's for Albert. Paid for dinner and horse feed at Eagle Lake $1.25 ferryage 50c staid all night with Mr Broom.


1st Went to Mrs. Foote's and spent the day and night. I promised to build for her a house and make a field in my land. This I do because they are some kin to me and very destitute circumstances.

We 2nd Started home, Albert with me. Paid for hub bands for my buggy 75c ferrage 50c hotel bil at the Eagle Lake $2.00 for sunderies 50c for sunderies of Jim McCarty $7.40. met with T.T. Lott at the Lake said he was making a good crop of cotton and would have some money and would shortly come down and settle with me.

October 1872

got home at night and found Jim Ford

Thur 3 Paid Ada $1.00 for picking Bivens cotton. Jef reported 400 bundles of cloey fodder and 203 slabs brought from Habermachers. Looked after the horses, found one mare with worms in her breast. Dr. A & J.F. went to Blossom prairie hunting.

Fri 4 Jef and Criss doctored horses in the morning and hauled two throghfs home in the evening. Bevens took his cotton to the Station. loaned him $1.00 paid freight in bools $1.00. Mentor Galagher came over to cut my hay in shanes broke the machine went to Schultzs in Wharton and got it mended paid $1.50

Sat 5 Jef worked 1/2 day & Criss Al and Bevens and I got in the hay cut we stoped cutting on account of bad weather, had a light sprinkle of rain this morning with a prospect of more.

Sun 6 Rainy

Mon 7th Bevens, Cris and Jef are assisting at the saw mill in order that I may get the sills for Mrs. Foote's house sawed Dr A and Jim Ford came home drunk and assisted me in doctoring a calf.

Tue 8 Same hands worked at the saw mill; Habermacher is to pay me a dollar a day for them. I to pay them. Paid Jef Owins on account $5.00 I went to Harrisburg and I stoped at the Lane [drew 3 triangles two side by side on top of one] hotel. Paid R.R. fare $2.50, lunch 60c.

Wed 9 Bargained with Cattlin, Dullahan & Co for lumber also with J. Curry for Harrisburg lumber paid the latter through it. King giving him a check in Mr. Hendley $ Co for 78.00 and in cash $17.75 cur. Gave the former a check for $144.00 by invitation. I went to A Kerney's

October 1872

house. Paid hotel bill $1.50 for tobacco 35c.

Thu 10 Gave A. King $10.00 gold with which he promises to buy oysters in the barrel and forward to me during northers. Returned home. J. Ford having brought my buggy to the station. Charley Dennis came at night. Paid R.R. fare $2.50 $2.50 for lunch and apples $1.25

Fri 11 Bevens and C. Dennis went to a Radical Republican barbecue and speaking in Wharton I made an unsuccessful hunt for J. Galagher jennies. J. Lawson and B.F. Lee came at night.

Sat 12 Looked after horses, doctored a calf and necked a yoke of young steers. Lawson and Dennis went to the station and returned. Dennis looked at my bull Leppard and will probably give me a hundred dollars for him.

Sun 13 Lawson, Lee and Dennis left. Doctored the mare "Pretty" for worms. Haltered up the stud Taylor to break. Settled with Jef paying him $11.11 which leaves him $5.00 in my debt.

Mo 14 J.W. George went with me to the Station. paid freight on lumber for Mrs. Foote's house $30.00 gold. paid for bitters $1.00. Jef took his 3 bales of cotton to the Station and brought home a load of lumber. Made a trade with Tom Taylor for Miss Sue Northington two year old bay stud colt brands [N with half circle above it] and has the left ear notched. He gave me a bill of sale and I gave him his own note to me for $45.00 and my own note for $15.00. M. Galagher, Bevens, Dr. A and Dug Hooe cut hay.

Tue 15 Went to the Station and brought out Fitzhugh Ward.

October 1872

Paid $160 for pillow slips. Jef broke down wagon with a load of lumber by careless driving. John Rieves hauled a load of lumber for me. Galagher cut hay. finished.

We 16 Jef took the wagon to lipscomb's shop to be repaired. and brought home the cotton-seed huller for which I had traded with Ben J. Sanford. G. C. Duncan came to dinner and staid all night.

Thu 17 Mr Ward went to J. Bolton's and returned at night. Bevens and I worked on the stables. M. Galagher loaned me his wagon and Jef hauled home the lumber left on the road.

Fri 18 Jef hauled sills and blocks. Mr. Ward being with me, I did nothing. Jef hauled Jesse's cotton to the gin.

Sat 19 Jef hauled sills and blocks. I took F. Ward to the Station driving Smoky and Cairo. Paid freight on lumber &c. for Mrs. Foote's house $26.95 specia and $2.80 currency for apples 25c

Sun 20 Spent the day at Mr. Harrisons and advised him to change his will so that his wife would be sure not to get less than a fourth. He requested me to write a new will making a change to that effect.

Mo 21 John Rieves came and commenced work on Mrs. Footes house, assisted by Mr. Bevens, Criss Kearney and myself. Henry Foote came down last saturday to assis in building the house and I sent him to take my horse "Bruns" to Mr. Brant at mr. Sorels. I having loaned him until next month. Jef hauled a load of lumber.

October 1872

Tu 22 Jef and Criss hauled lumber; the rest of us worked on the new house.

We 23 Criss worked in the house with us and Jef hauled his cotton seed in the morning and worked on the house in the evening.

Thu 24 Jef hauled lumber. The others worked on the house. I went and brought the wagon home. Paid black-smith $4.00 and for axel-grease 25c.

Fri 25 Worked as yesterday. Doctored a colt.

Sat 26 Jef hauled last load of lumber. worked as yesterday until 12 noon when we all quit , looked after horses. and turned Habermachers oxen out of the pasture.

Sun 27 Dr. A doctored "Pretty" for worms. Henry and I alone at dinner.

Mo 28 John Rieves was sick and worked half a day. Jef came late and worked on the house. Bevens, Criss and myself built a cotton seed house.

Tue 29 went with Jef & Cris to doc. Myers to get bricks. Myers offered one choice of his cots by Morgan and I selected one. A heavy rain fell to day and I soed some more turnips. 1137 bricks hauled.

We 30 We Jef and Criss hauled 1026 bricks. "Pretty" can not be found. A norther. Rieves and others worked on the house.

Thur 31 First frost this fall. Work as yester day except Dr A. who went to Wharton. I sent by him a letter to Jane A. Slaughter containing $10.00 currency to be registered


Fri 1st H. Foote went to the Station in the cart expecting to get a barrel of oysters. But they did not come. he brought Bevens Cotton money $145.00. I borrowed of Bevens $50.00

November 1872

Criss and Jef finished the 1000 bricks from Doc Myers. Rieves, Bevens and I worked on the house. Rieves left at night.

Sat 2 No work on the house. Jef and Criss hauled 100 bu of corn from Mr Dean's. I looked after the stock and put down my carpet. Henry Foote went home in the evening.

Sun 3 paid Mr. Dean $40.00 on the corn and owe him $10.00. Dr A. and John Rieves came at night. "Pretty" is found drowned in the creek.

Mo 4 Jef and Cris worked, hauled sand. Others worked on the house.

Tue 5 Every one went to the Presidential and State election except Bevens and I. We took Galaghers wagon home bought a barrel of Habermachers for $150 and fixed it on a slide to haul water and worked on the house in the evening.

We 6 A heavy rain last night and some in the morning. Cold wind from the North. Bevens and I went tot he election and voted the democratic ticket. I gave P.H. Petty a check on Mr. Hendley & Co for $184.00. He paid me $119.00 cash and is to pay J. Cordray $5.00 on saturday. I paid Cordray $75.00 specia and retain $14.50 specia with which I am to buy $29.00 in county scrif for him. I owe this to Cordray on account of my taxes which he paid $175.00 in currency.

Thu 7th Rained all day. Mr. Simmons called and proposed to build the chimney to the new house. Sent Mr. Dean by his son. Dick $10.00 to finish paying for the 100 bushals of corn. Henry Foote returned to dinner in the rain. Jim Galagher and a stock driver staid all night.

November 1872

Fri 8th Simmons commenced work on the chimney which he is to build for $18.00. Dr A., Bevens and myself and Henry at work. The latter had a severe [?e] at night.

Sat 9th Simmons, Bevens and I worked on the chimney. Dr A. is treating Mrs. L.B. Harvey who gave birth to a child which died the same day.

Sun 10th Clear. Bevens, Albert and I went hunting with some success. Jim Bradford staid all night and John Rieves came at night.

Mo 11 Jef hauled a load of cotton seed. john Rieves, Cris and others worked on the house. Bevens plowed the rescue grass patch. John George staid all night. A very brisk day.

Tue 12 Jef hauled cotton seed, all others worked on the house except Bevens who is still plowing.

We 13 Jef brought a load of corn from Dr A's plantation. Others worked on the house, Soed rescue grass seed. Thur 14 A cold norther. Jef brought a load of corn. All hands quit work on the house at noon. Cris sawed wood in the evening. Rieves went home. I went to Wharton in the morning to make an affidavit in the case of West and veazley. Paid John Rieves tax $15.00 in currency and $3,50 in gold and 25c for apples.

Fri 15 Therometer 28o. Jef brought a load of corn. Rieves, Henry and I worked in the house in the evening. Bevens went down the Bernard in a boat and brought home a swarm of bees in a tree limb.

Sat 16 Dr. A was taken very sick last night and I remain with him all day. Rieves Cris & others worked on the house. Bevens had a fever in the evening. Jef hauled wood for himself. Therometer at 28o

November 1872

Sun 17th Thermometer at 28o. Dr A very sick. T. Whitten and A Ross staid all night. Felipe Laguno a mexican who has been keeping some horses near my pasture and lost fifty head rented my front pasture for his horses at three dollars per day.

Mo 18 Thermometer at 28o. Rieves and Cris at work on the house. Dr A still very sick

Tue 19 Rieves at work on the house. Jef hauled a load of corn from Dr. A. Dr. A is a little better and hired Jim to wait on him. Mr. Simons finished the chimney and I paid him $18.00.

Wed 20 Jef hauled last load of corn from Dr. A's plantation. Rieves and Bevens worked on the house. Cris and i set feed troughs in the little pasture. Weather moderated.

Thu 21 Rieves and Bevens worked in the house. Cris, Jef and myself took Spanish mares to the pasture Peach Creek bottom. Mack Hooe came to stay with Dr A.

Fri 22 Rieves and Bevens working on the house. Jef and Cris hauling cottonseed.

Sat 23 Jef and Cris hauled cotton seed in the morning. Rieves, Bevens and I worked in the house and repaired some fence in the North pasture.

Sun 24th L. Harveys wife died last night. I went hunting in the morning. Mr. Bryan and mis Maxly Sorel were here to dinner.

Mo 25 Jef, Bevers and Henry Foote stacking hay. Albert and myself went through Wharton to Mr. Harrisons. Paid for Kersey $9.00 for shoeing my horse $1.00. The later freaze kiled and greatly injured the sugar cane at Mr. Harrisons.

November 1872

Tue 26 Went to Bear camp and returned home. bargained to sell about 400 acres of land to Mason Brent; Abe Johnson and others at $15.00 per acre. And agreed to let other tenants keep their tracts and to furnish Bob Carter and Peter Anderson lumber to build houses. Abe Johnson paid me his rent $226.00 got some articles of Mr. Brooks without paying for them. Rieves worked on the house. Jef with the wagon and Henry with the ambulance left to move Mrs. Foote's family to the new house.

We 27 Rieves, Bevens, and I worked on the house. Dr A is reformed enough to be out of his room.

Thu 28 Bevens and I worked in the house. Rieves went to the Station for Mrs. Sorel.

Fri 29 Rieves, Bevens and I worked on the house and finished it except the gutters. Jef and Henry got back with Mrs. Foote's family who staid all night with us. Felipe Laguno paid $36.00 and took his horses away. He is now satisfied the missing horses have been stolen. Also thirteen head that have disappeared from the pasture. He tried to get Jim Ford to again search of them; but Ford thinks there is a large band of thieves concerned in the business and is afraid to pursue them.

Sat 30 Mrs. Foote moved into new the new house. Rieves left, Bevens took his tools home in the cart. Mr. Hughes brought a note from Mr. Harrison asking the loan of $70.00 for a few weeks and I sent it to him. I received a message [no?] got to the Station to meet Mr. Lawson with

December 1872

some blooded cattle and started but met Mr. Lawson on the road without the catle he not having been able to get them brought from Galveston. Mr. Lawson staid all night.

Sun 1st Paid Jef $40.00. High South wind. Bevens kiled eleven ducks.

Mo 2 Went to the Station with Mr. Lawson to being some blooded cattle but they did not come up on the cars. Paid freight $6.00. Paid Habermacher for sunderies $2.80. Lawson let me have $12.00 county scrif for which I am to pay him $6.00 specia.

Tu 3 Went to Wharton. Paid for shoeing horses $1.50 for dinner 50c. Went to G.C. Duncans and staid all night. Lawson and Albert went to the Station and brought the cattle. I get a rid Durham bul seven months old for $90.00.

We 4 Returned home at night.

Thur 5 Rain last night. Dr. A, Bevens and I went netting and caught nineteen partridges.

Fri 6 kiled a beef and sent Hooker and Mrs. Foote a quarter each. Bob Carter brought me 25 barrels of the corn he owes me. I agreed to advance money to pay for building a house for him.

Sat 7 Dr A and Bevens kiled 17 ducks. I pickeled the beef and made stalls in the stable. Settled with Frank all my business with Cloey Woods. He left with me $14.36 for W. Thatcher. For J.HJ. Rieves $5.00 for Dr. A $17.50 and paid me a ballance due me of $2.85. Henry Foote got 20 bu of corn from Armsted on acct of 40 bu from J.W. George.

December 1872

Sun 8th Dr A. and Bevens kiled two ducks. I called to see Mrs. Foote in the evening "One-horn" calved a bull calf.

Mo 9 Drizly went netting, caught two birds. henry Foote got the remainder of the corn from Armistead. "Teaney" calved a red and white heifer.

Tue 10 A cold N.E. rain last night and this morning. I fell from a ladder and hurt my face badly.

We 11 Very cold N. wind. I have taken cold and feal very badly. Dug Hooe and J.W. George kiled hogs.

Thur 12 Thermometer at 28o wind laid, weather moderated after morning. Nelson Jeferson was here and I wrote a letter for him and drew some checks for him. one in my favor for $104.00 to pay for horse and some loaned money.

Fri 13th Drove the stray hogs and cattle from lower pasture. Loaned J.W. George $10.00 for ten days. Paid West Tilly $7.50 for turkeys. Paid Habermacher $1.30 for whiskey and lamp chimney. Joe Brown paid me $158.00 for rent and ballance on mule. Maj Dennis gave me a check for $250.00 as part payment of intrest on his note. Maj. Dennis, Patten, A. Ross and Wooley staid all night. Agreed to let Joe Keep his land at three dollars per acre. Dr A and Bevens kiled 18 ducks.

Sat 14 Dr A, Ros, Jas Galagher and I went netting and cought twelve birds.

Sun 15 Dr. A. left for Bolton's and Kincheloe's. I wrote letters

December 1872

Mo 16th Drizley. Very sloppy. Bevens and I sheled corn. Albert unwell.

Tue 17th Rainey. Paid Habermacher $1.00 for a pair of gloves. Habermacher (John) has moved his store from the saw mill on the east side of the Bernard to the west side of the creek near our west lines. Dr A returned and reports Guarad and Dan Kincheloe both died the same day (yesterday) of pneumonia and whiskey.

We 18 Cloudy and drizly. Sheled more corn.

Thur 19 Bevens took the corn to the mill. Cris and Jef went with me to the saw mill to float some lumber over; but the weather becoming cold and drizly we diested and turned the stray cattle out of the north pasture. Paid for syrup and a lamp chimney 95c

Fri 20 Bevens, Jef, Cris and I kiled eight hogs. Mener Galagher assisted no part of the time. Paid for eggs $1.00 go ttwo bottles of whiskey from Habermacher.

Sat 21st A cold norther went to the station for a barrel of oysters sent me from Harrisburg, but a negro had taken them to Mr. Godseys in Wharton and I sent him word to eat them paid freight on oil 55c for an oil can't $2.00 whiskey and apples 1.50 Thermometer at 35o

Sun 22nd J.W. George paid me $8.50. Ben Lee staid all night on his way home.

Mo 23 Went to Mr. Harrison. Gave him $60.00 to hand Mr. Lawson for corn he has bought for me. Jef and Cris hauled 1700 ft roughage lumber from mill. a fresh Norther at night.

Tu 24 Thermometer at 22o. Paid Habermacher for whiskey $4.00 for candy $1.05. Took to Mrs. Foote a turkey for her.

December 1872

Christmas dinner.

We 25 Bevens and henry Foote with me. had an egnog and turkey by way of keeping up old memorys. But the day has ceased to bring to me the enjoyments of former days. Dr A. left in the morning and spent the day at Habermachers store and did not return at night. Thermometer at 20o in the morning, but warm in the middle of the day and a fresh norther at night.

Thur 26 Clear with cold north wind. Repacked the pork joints which were taken up in tuesday. Thermometer at 21o. H. Rust and Jas. Davis staid all night. Paid John Norton $150.00 on account. He is now in my debt.

Fri 27 Peter Hudgins reported he had cut three cords of wood for me and I paid him $2.00 on account. Cold.

Sat 28 Thermometer at 25o Staid in the house.

Sun 29 Weather moderated but drizly. Rode out in the pasture in the morning.

Mon 30 Mr. Hudgins came and borrowed $50.00 from me for Tom Taylor which he said would be returned in two days. This was the first pretty day we have had this month. Bevens and I rode in the bottom to see the horses found but a few of them. have heard that five of our mares are dead: And it is now reported that a disease called Epigote is among the horses of this vicinity. This disease originated in ?Zorron? to Canada and has extended through all the Eastern citied to the South; Paralizing business in all the Cities by disabling the horses for transporting freinght. Several persons were here to dinner and Mr. Hudgins

December 1872

and Jas. Davis staid all night. Mr. Galagher who has brought me some fruit trees also staid all night.

Tue 31st Very rainy in the morning and a fresh norther at 11 o'clock A.M. Borrowed of Mr. Beavens $2.50 and paid Mr. Greg $32.50 for fruit trees. Cris and I hauled posts and put up some fence around the rescue grass patch.


January 1873

Sun 5th .....his old will and a new one written by Dr. A. This one has a slight alteration in favor of his wife made at my suggestion. Mason Brent met me at Mr. Harrisons and paid me his last years rent $375.00 and gave me a receipt from W. Daniels for $30.00 for lumber for which I gave him his note of $20.00 for hogs and a credit of $10.00 on his note for a mule. He also handed me $60.00 from Bill Washington as a part payment for a mule.

Mo 6 Came home by Brooks store and settled with him for some articles purchased some time since and got some tobacco; he paid me a ballance of $19.00 as a part of $40.00 left with him by Peter Anderson for me. Paid for a shirt $1.25. Came through Wharton. Paid for boots $5.00 a tooth brush 40c ginger 40c have the children at Mr. Harrisons $2.00 as New Years presents. Took dinner with J.T. Rieves and paid $35.00 in full all dues to date including $5.00 left for him by Frank. Cris sawed wood part of the day.

Tue 7 A pretty day. Dr. A. went to Sanfords. Albert went with Robedan to Mr. Harrisons for some sausages. Louis Simons came and paid me $80.00 for a mule he got last year. Paid Jef $30.00 on account of work done last year. Cris sawed wood part of the day.

We 8th Cris with the cart went to the Station and brought me 6 sacks of salt and my fruit trees and some for parties in Wharton. I sent by him $5.00 to pay freight: Jef hauled wood.

Thur 9th Cris helped me to plant fruit trees all day. Jef helped me half the day and went for Dick Brent

January 1873

cotton in the evening. Paid Cris on account $5.00. Mr. Greig staid all night.

Fri 10 Paid Grieg $3.50 for six dwarf pecans and a [guince?] which Tom Taylor had refused to pay for. Pruned the orchard in the morning and Bevens and I took the drift off our bridge in the evening. Jim Davis called and paid me $50.00 which I had loaned Tom Taylor some time back Osker George and Mr. Grieg staid all night.

Sat 11th Went to Wharton and talked to Mr. Quinan about my business with Maj. Dennis and my claim against Veazley estate; Enquired at Maj. Dennis' and found he has gone to Galveston. Paid postage on my paper for a year in advance also paid one quarter box rent 25 & 50c. Came back by Mr. Quinana and and got the compas. I met Mr. Cordray in the road and gave him $30.00 in county scrif which I owed him for paying my taxes. He still owes me $91.00 for two horses, promised to pay soon. Dick Brent came and paid me $27.00 in a c of corn. Wm Glasner staid all night.

Sun 12th Called to see Mrs. Foote in the morning. Wrote a letter to P.E. Williams's notifying him I was about to reposses myself of the Fleetwood plantation. Also wrote to J.V. Brooke in relation to my Foote claim. Mack Hooe was hear to dinner, sais he has quit drinking and got into business in Wharton. Mr. Harrison staid all night on his way to Galveston.

Mo 13 [?Robedaw?] went to the Station and brought back

January 1873

Mr. Harrisons horse. Cris, Henry Foote and I laid off Henry's field 27 english acres, and planted eschalots in the evening. Paid $3.00 for a tonic for Mrs. Foote.

Tue 14 Menter Galagher gave me $2.50 currency to send for garden seed. Dr A. and Vanhootan came to breakfast and said D. V. Myers had died yesterday. A. Ross came over and brought a trunk, which he said contained D.V. Myers papers and that he had requested they should be opened and and [word repeated]examined by Ross and myself. I went to the burying in the evening and Mr. Davis returned with me. I promised to give him my young horse "Bever" when I get him out of the bottom in the Spring. Mr. Ables also came to dinner and staid all nigh in consequence of the cold, a norther having come up. Got two lamp chimneys of Habermacher for which I owe him.

We 15 Paid Mr. Davis $2.50 as subscription to the "Austin Statesman" paper, Gave Mr. Foote some bacon. Went to the Station in my buggy and Thurs 16 brought Mr. Harrison home with me. He went on home on his horse. Paid freight $5.50 one dollar and five cents of this was paid in Nelsons money. Paid for a pair of boots $4.50 for a pair of oil cloth pants $2.00. Mr. Harrison paid me $70.00 borrowed money A. Ross came and staid all night.

Fri 17 A. Ross, Dr. A, J.W. George and I looked over D.V. Myers papers. We found three wills the latest two appoint me executor. The first of these expressly relieved me from giving bond, But the last made no such provisions in consiquence of which I declined

January 1873

to accept the trust. The papers remain in my charge until called for by the proper person. Dr. A sent six pork hogs which I packed down today. Cris sawed wood.

Sat 18 Cris took his and our corn to the mill in the cart. Bevens went to Wharton. Ross came to dinner and J.W. George and Mrs. Myers called in the evening. The latter to induce me to take the management of D.V. Myers affairs. Maj. Dennis sent me a check in Guin & Hill for $500.00 gold and promises more in ten days.

Sun 19 Paid 25c for a picture. Dennis wrote to know if I was satisfied to wait the ten days. I informed him his note was satisfactory. Gave sarah $230.00 gold for Jef. Also gave her the bag with $113 for Nelson Jefferson. Went to Mr. Harrison in the evening; Broke my buggy on the way.

Mo 20 Took my buggy to the shop and paid Warner 50c for mending it. and went on th Bear Camp with the compas and chain run off 411 acres which I had bargained to sell the negroes. Tue 21 marked off land rented to the negroes this year Bob Carter has 469 acres and is to pay me $179.50 rent and to make and put up 400 rails on the fence. He is to take to Richmond 3 bales of cotton for me to pay his first years indebtness and I am to buy lumber then build his house. Joe Brown is to pay $133.50 rent (49 1/2 acres) and put up 375 rails. Peter Anderson gets 31 acres and is to make and put on the fence 250 rails to pay $93.00 as rent.

January 1873

Spence is to pay $42.00 rent and to make and put in the fence 100 rails. And to deliver to me one good bale of cotton to pay his past indebtness. There was twelve and a half acres left beside Mose Chase, but he was sick and I did not see him. But he has allready bargained for the land he had last year at $75.00 he still owes me the rent and $5.00 for corn. Abe Johnson paid me $20.00 on acct of corn and $480.00 on account of the land purchased, Louis Simons, Ike Webster, Doc Jefferson and Billy Hall are parties to this purchase. Dick Brent paid me $100.00 on account of his land which I marked off. Abe still owes me a ballance in corn for a cow and a mule and $16.00 paid for sharpening the gin. Came to Mr. Harrisons at night. and paid J.T. Lowe $90.00 for a bull and $13.00 as a ballance due him on account of corn and county scrif.

We 22 Came home. sarah handed me $7.00 left by Mr. Calew for Mr. Greig. Jef hauled a load of corn from Mr. Harrisons on the 20th & 21st. Jim Carson from the Austin Military School and Mr. J.T. Lawson staid all night.

Thur 23rd Mr. Lawson and I left for Galveston. Cris went with us to the Station to bring the buggy back. Mr. Lawson went to Houston from Harrisburg. I got to Galveston to supper. Stoped at the washington Hotel, kept by Mr. Collet. As I came through Richmond called to see Mr. Ike McFarlane and gave him $85.00 gold to pay for some lumber and nails for the freedman in my Bear Camp Plantation. Paid [?R.Rond?] fare $4.75. Went to the theater with Fred Duf.

January 1873

Fri 24th Sold $100.00 in gold for $113.25 and spent the day in making purchases of such articles as I need. Gave E.S. Wood a check in Mr. Hendley & Co for $57.22 currency a part of this was for a plow for Cris Kerney and Jef owing costing $7.50 each. Paid Robinson for books including subscription to Appleton's Journal for myself and Frank Lestil for Lilly Foote $8.00 Shoes for the Foote's $10.25 for lamp, lantern & c $8.00 Lawson and Jack Rust came down from Houston. The latter stoped with me at the Washington and Jack went to a resturant.

Sat 25 Continued my purchases. Mattie Foote assisted me in making some purchases of clothing for her mother and sisters. Paid Klopman and Fillman $30.00 in currency by check in Mr. Hendley & co. Paid W. Joksuch & co $112.35 for a wagon for Ned Owins by check on Mr. Hendley & co. Paid Gray [or Gary] and Olifbrant $24.25 cur for groceries for Mrs. Foote by check on Mr. Hendley & co. Paid D.T.C. Thompson & co $8.00 for drugs. for a gun coat $4.00. Repairing pistol 3.50 for Mrs A.P. Hills cook book for Mrs Harrison $2.00 for a pair of specks $6.00 fruit, cigars, blacking boots, & c $3.50. Hotel bill $10.50.

Sun 26 Remained in Galveston. dined with W.J. Robedan.

Mo 27 Lawson and I came home. Cris meeting us at the Station with the buggy. Saw Charley Kendal in this train and he talked to me about D.V. Myers esteate and said he would come over and see about it in a short time. Paid freight to Mr. Rader $15.30 a part of this was for Cris and Jefs' plows. Paid Habermacher for pair of gloves $1.00

Tue 28 A norther with hail or round snow. Thermometer at 29o

January 1873

We 29 Snow continued l;ast night. Thermometer at [?10 1/4o?] in the house which is eight degrees lower than I have ever seen the thermometer in the state. Mr. Lawson still remains, owing the cold. Ice in the horse trough two inches thick. Dr A. and Jim Ford to dinner. Fred Duglas came and reported 600 rails cut for me for which I paid him $7.50.

Thur 30 Thermometer at 29o. J.W. George and A. Ross were here, The former handed me $100.00 for F. Longorias' farm Simon Peppers and borrowed of me $7.50 to pay his expenses. Mr. Lawson left and I went out to look at the stock and brought home the mare Secessian, very poor. I am compeled to feed her on corn to keep her alive.

Fri 31 Looked after the cattle and put "Beauty" and "Bramah" with young bull calves in the lot, they are very poor and must he fed. Jim Ford came and staid all night.

Sat 1st

Feb Went with Jim Ford to Mr. Quinans and got some fig plums and Althea bushes to plant. A norther came up at 10 o'clock. Henry Foote to dinner Settled in full with Cris to date and he paid me $21.00 for Dr. A.

Sun 2 Drizly. Jim Ford came to dinner; Mr. Quinan and Mr. Harrison came in the evening, the latter followed Mr. Q. here in relation to business with Maj. Dennis and gave him some papers to make a deed or deeds from for Dennis. Mr. Quinan promised to try to git from Mr. Foster 200 acres of wood land for at $3.00 per acre. I wrote to Cattin Duklaham & co in

February 1873

relation to the inferior quality of lumber they had sent up. The visitors left.

Mon 3 Drizly. Jef hauled Cris corn. The cow "Brindy" is down and can't get up. She has a fine heifer calf which I gave Mr. Quinan. Jim Ford came for the calf and brought me some more Fig and Plum sims which I sit in the orchard. Ford staid all night. I took some present to Mrs. Foote and family.

Tue 4 Drizly. I cleaned out stable and Mr. Bevens made a horse trough. Ford left and Mr. Alison came at night looking for Dr. A. to visit Mr. Harrison who is taken ill. Jef paid me $2.00 for use of wagon in hauling Cris' corn.

Wed 5 Cleared at 10 o'clock. Had a settlement with Jef. He paid me $5.50 for Tom Quinan and $3.50 due me on his plow, and left with me $12.75 for D. M. Hooe. C. Brooks called looking for Dr A. to see Mr. Harrison and went in search of him. Robedun went to the P.O. for me. C.S. Betts, Walter Andrews and G.M. Bryan came at night.

Thur 6 Light norther and sun-shine. Lent Bryan a horse to go to his plantation. J.W. George sent for W. Anderson Mr. Betts staid with me. Planted onion cloves. Bevens breaking up the prchard.

Fri 7 South wind and sun-shine. Bevens plowing orchard.

February 1873

$90.00 which J. Cordray sent to me to pay for two horses he got from last year. Jef and Cris hung up my pork some which was spoiled (a few joints).

Sun 9 A clear day. Dr. A. went to see Mr. Harrison. Henry Foote to dinner. Spent the day reading the news papers which had not lately seen. Jefs child died.. and sarah and Ada went over there in the night.

Mo 10 Henry Foote went to cart to Mr. Harrisons got about 2000 pounds of bacon. Bevens and I made a coffin for Jef's child. Dr A. Dug Hooe and G. Thomas were here. Mr. Simons called and I loaned him $30.00 to make a payment on his land. Joe Brown c. was here and I gave him a letter of credit to Llagume for $120.00 to pay for 2 mules.

Tue 11 Bevens, Cris, Jef and myself repairing the rescue pasture fence. I went to ZDr. A's and brought home one of my post auguers. A strong west wing in the evening.

We 12 Cris & Jef finished the fence by morn, and hauled a load of hay. Wallter Andrews, J.W. George, Jack Myers and J. Ford called. Delivered to Walter Andrews all of D.V. Myers papers. J.W. George paid me $10.00 borrowed money. Ford and Henry Foote made hair ropes.

Thur 13 Went to Lipscombs store. Paid for shoeing my horses $2.00, Tilly a wagon wheel 3.50. Mending shovel 75c for a kit of mackerel $2.50. tobacco 1.50 a shovel $1.50 went to G.C. Duncans, but he was not at home, saw his wife and Mrs. Bowie, his mother in law. A great number of dead cattle on the prairie

February 1873

Fri 14 Drizly. The death of Geo Snoddy and other circumstances having made it necessary I wrote a new will. For I make it a rule to keep one by me, and have done so for more than 20 years, so that I may not be annoyed by business in case of illness. sawed wood in the evening.

Sat 15 Frank was here and i bought of him Cloey's white bull paying $5.00. Got some rose bushes from old George place and planted some in the garden and some in the yard.

Sun 16 Went into the bottom to look after the horses all I saw looked very poor. Mr. Simmons sent me his note for the $30.00 I loaned him to make a payment on his land.

Mo 17 Albert went with me into the bottom to get some young wild peach plants. Gave some of them to Mrs. Foote and planted some on the north side of the orchard and a few in the yard. Mr. Greig was here to dinner and I handed him $15.00 paid me by some partie for him. He gave me some peach and pear trees left in his hands. I do not need them and if I can dispose of them will send him the money.

Tue 18 Went down to Mr. Harrisons and surveyed a tract of 112 acres of land for them. Ben Boon and E. Brooks carried the chain. Old Tom was with us. Came by Dr A.'s and got my garden seed, which had come by mail from Philadelphia. Dr a. and J. Rieves came at bed time.

We 19 Bevens suberiled the garden yesterday and to day. I set out lettuce and dwarf pear tree, and

February 1873

soed white mustard. Mason Brent came and informed me of the burning of my gin house with 20 bales of cotton belonging to those on the plantation last night. He suspects a negro on the place of being the incindiary. Ford and Hooper called. Vanhooten was here and left a dun horse for Llagund and a stray sorrel.

Thur 20 Rieves took Dr A. to the Station on his way to Galveston. Llaguns came: and I handed him the $100.00 lef by Mr. George to Simon Pappers' horses, and paid him $130.00 for Dr. A and $120.00 for Joe Browns' 2 mules an took a bill of sale to myself for the mules. Sold Ned Owins bales of cotton to John Habermacher for $76.44 which I received in part payment for a wagon purchased for him. Paid Habermacher $10.95 sundries gotten of him at diffrent times, so I owe him nothing to this date. Set out peach trees in the rescue pasture J. Ford and Hooper came at night.

Fri 21 A norther. Jim Ford, Geo Hooper, Cris, Jef, A. Ross and myself went horse hunting in the Byr bottom. T.J. Davis and Jack Myers joined us at night. Camped in the Colorado at Bottom's ditch. Paid for corn $1.00 eggs 25c and got 1/2 gal whiskey from Habermacher an 3 tin cups for who I did not pay.

Sat 22 A little drizly. Hunted horses in the morning and brought them home in the evening. About 30 head of mine. Loaned Maj. Dennis 2 young mules for the year. Found a Mr. Ward at the house who has been to the Station for Mr.

February 1873

Lawson and is to stay here until Monday. Ford, Hooper & Ross staid all night.

Sun 23 Mr. Hughes and Mr. Smith from Mr. Harrisons came at night on their way to the Station. I was at home all day.

Mo 24 Hughes and others left. John Rieves had promised to come to day to set up Mrs. Footes cistern. I sawed blocks for it to set on, but Rieves did not come. Planted in the garden 3 rows of English peas one of early York Cabbage and two of early turnips. Jim Ford came at night.

Tue 25 Ford, Geo Hooper & Jef, Albert and myself went in the Peach Creek bottom and brought out some horses. We 26 Ford, Geo Hooper & Jef, Albert and mysef went in the bottom and brought out some more horses. Mack and Dug Hooe were here to dinner. The latter drunk. Henry Foote brought from the Station some Brazillian grass roots sent me by G. M. Bryan: This grass is said to be a native of Brazil, brought thence to Cuba thence to Toucepan, Mexico and recently from thence to Galveston, where Mr. Bryan got it. Sent Mr. Grey a check on Mr. Hendley & co for $8.00 paid me by Jas Whitten for peach trees

Thur 27 Went to the Station paid $66.80 speca freight and $21.00 cur. $11.00 of this was for Neds wagon. I also left $10.00 gold to pay freight on Sarah's buggy expected up. Paid Habermacher $3.25 for potatoes &c. Bivens went camp hunting for turkeys and I set out a part of the Brazillian grass in the evening. Fri 28 Sheled corn and repaired fence. Bivens came back with no

February 1873 March

game and plowed the garden.


Sat 1st Cris and I hunted horses. Geo Hooper joined us and we brought out two. Drizly. Dined with Dug Hooe on wild turkey by invitation.

Sun 2nd Gabe Davis and M. Galagher called. gave the latter his garden seed. Dr A. Mr. Harrison, Lawson and Geo Hooper staid all night.

Mon 3rd Mock Hooe came soon in the morning to start to Virginia. I handed Mr. Harrison $100.00 in gold to pay Macks expenses to Galveston and get him a through ticket to Va. for which he gave me an order on Sandy Washington and John Thornton for part of their rent. Hooper, Cris, Jef and others went with me horse hunting. brought out 18 head.

Tue 4 Biven gone to Hoopers hunting. went horse hunting again. Ned and Ike with us.

We 5th Dr A. brought from the Station $4.00 gold for Nelson Jefferson. Hunted horses in Back creek brought home the Taylor stud..Ross & Ford came at night.

Thur 6 Ross, Ford, Tom Davis and I hunted horses. Brought home Jefs mare and colt. John Thornton got back with a load of the Mikrofalia rose cuttings from Dr. Thompsons in matagorda Co. where it makes a good hedge fence. T.W. Hardeman also sent me a few roots of the Cherokee rose. Dr A. and C.B. Betts came at night.

Fri 7th Dr. A took Mr. Betts to the Station and brought home a new buggy. Jef and Cris assisted me in setting the rose cuttings in the morning. B.G. Boon was here in the evening and left with $15.00 gold for Dr. Tom Thompson of Galveston.

March 1873

Sat 8 A fine rain this morning: Bully in my roses. Dr. A returned at night.

Sun 9th Went up the prairie and brought home five head of horses, Gabe Davis, M. Galagher, A. Ross, Jim Ford and Henry Foote to dinner. and G.C. Duncan who gave me a picture of the race horse "Kentucky."

Mo 10 Cris, Jef, Albert and I hunted horses. J. Ford and Ross also brought out some of our horses. Gave Nelson Jefferson $400.00 sent him by Mr. Hendley & co. Dr. A is sick.

Tue 11 Ford, Cris, Jef and I went into the Peach Creek bottom and brought out two of Fords horses. Put B.G. Boons mare in the pasture. Dr A. still sick. A man came for him to see the Taylors at G.C. Duncans' place in Matagorda Co. Two of them, T. Bertrand and a man named Rice being badly cut up by a mexican. Dr A. was not well enough to go.

Wed 12 Planted the garden and went to the saw mill in the evening.The.- Bradford to dinner.

Thur 13 Albert went with me into the Colorado bottom from which we brought 5 head of horses. Dr A. is still complaining.

Fri 14 Collected and divided the horses into five menathens. Friendship and the others put outside. Cris brought home five head of Spanish horses.

Sat 15 Looked after the horses. worked in the garden. "The Stith" bargained to build a house for Bob Carter, he is not to charge more than $45.00. B.G. Boon and M. Galagher called.

Sun 16 Called to see Joel Hudgins and paid Tom Taylor $15 ballance due for a stud branded [brand:half circle over a capitol N] Drizly.

March 1873

Mo 17 Showery. Jef hauled wood. I looked after the horses.

Tue 18 Jef hauled rails. Cris brought a cart load of cane to stick peas and beans. Bevens planting cotton. I looked after horses. have now eight colts.

We 19 Showery. stuck peas and made a bridge at the garden gate.

Thur 20 Jef hauled rails. I fixed a gate. Dr A. & J. Rieves came and put a new pump in the well.>p> Fri 21 J. Rieves and I set up Mrs. Foote's cistern. J. Galagher came with Dr A. at night. He made me a present of a gennet and a colt. Jef hauled rails

Sat 22 Jef hauled rails. Rieves, Dr A. and I put up gutters to Mrs. Footes house; They went camp hunting for turkeys at night. Ross and J. Ford came at night.

Sun 23 A heavy rain last night the hunters came home with no game. Ross and Ford spent the day. J.W. George called in the evening. all left.

Mo 24 Rives came and finished the gutters.

Tue 25 Went to John Habermachers and got some Vinegar paid him $6.00 for sunderies. Dr A. assisted Rives to bore a well for Habermacher. Strong notrh wind.

We 26 Black frost and ice. snap beans kiled. Hoed in the garden and did some work on the fence. Thermometer at 28o.

Thur 27 Went to Lipscombs. paid for shoeing horse 50c tobacco & cigars 45c a cruffer for saddle 75c Dr A. Rives, Bevens and others gone camp turkey hunting on the head of the Bernard. Dick Barnes paid me $5.00 for cotton hauled

March 1873

half of this belonging to Jef and I gave it to him.

Sat 29 Paid Cris for a wild turkey 75c. went to Mr. Harrisons and spent the day and brought home some peas Mr. J. Lawson got for me. Paid E. Brooks $5.00 for tobacco. Mason Brent came up and brought me $25.00 from Cain Robins for corn he owed me.

Fri. 28 Jef and Cris plowed Mrs. Foote's fence row in the morning. Hived a swarm of bees.

Sun 30 The hunters came back in the evening. Rives brought a turk: the others a few sandpipers. Mr. Lawson with Mr. Harrison and family came and staid all night on the way to Galveston.

Mo 31 Paid Mr. Lawson $3.75 for blackeyed peas for Bevens to plant. Jef planting his cotton. Cris and Ned worke 1/2 a day moving my lumber from saw mill. Jef finished hauling the rails. last saturday. Tue 1st Got up the colts to be casterated. G. Hooper and John Rives staid all night

We 2 Casterated 27 of our colts and Neds mule Jim Ford and Geo Hooper assisted me. Dr A. operated assisted by Ford in a few cases. Put Sodique on the cords. A. Ross and J.W. George here to dinner. Ross brought over from D.F. Myers a jack which he loans me. Hooper and Rives staid

Thur 3 E. Thomas paid me $10.00 for the colt but an I found him dead from casteration at night. Repaired fence in North pasture and turned out stray cattle. B.G. Boon and S. M. Bowe to dinner. the latter said he would take my ponies at $12.oo if I do not dispose of them before he goes up

April 1873

the country. Settled with Sam Damon for sawing lumber paid him $53.00 he said I have 7,000 Jef and Cris hauled fence posts.

Fri 4 Four colts died one young colt colts leg broken; Dr A. set it. Jnes Hudgins called. C.B. Betts came and staid Jef & Cris hauled posts.

Sat 5 Went down to Brooks & Jones store to meet the Negroes from Bear Camp Mr. Betts went with and I took him to Wharton in the evening. Executed a bond for title to Abe Johnson and party and received of them their note for $2290.00 still due on the land. They paid me today $230.00 on the land. Louis Simmons paid me $12.00 and still owes me $8.00 on account of corn. Jim Smith gave me his note for 45 barrels of corn. Abe Johnson paid me $8.00 on account of the $16.00 I loaned to sharpen the gin. Ike Webster gave me his note for 49 barrels of corn. Peter Anderson promised to pay E. Brooks for me $41.50 I forgot to leave this note with Brooks. Dick Brent paid me $10.00 on account of what he owes me for corn. He still owes me $23.00 on ac of corn. in refrence to my book I find Dick has paid me in full for his corn. But Abe Johnson still owes mw a ballance for corn of $40.00 for which I forgot to take his note. There is some misunderstanding about Dick Brents land he sais he was to have 51 acres. I did not make him a bond for title or take his note on this account. Paid E. Brooks for whisk and two spelling books $1.36 and left with him on deposit $30.00 to be paid to The Watkins.

April 1873

Sun 6 At home alone

Mo 7 Drizly. Jef hauled 2000 ft lumber from the saw mill. Cris is on the jury. Walter Andrews staid all night. A norther came up at night.

Thermometer at 38o Loaned Geo. Hooper $10.00 to take him to Galveston. D.M. Hooe brought me from the Station $2.50 curr from Hendley. Covered the potatoes beand and cucumbers.

We 9th White Frost. Theremometer 32o Albert George called and gave me his note for $20.00 as six months intrest for money to take up judgement against him: when he pays punctually I will deduct $5.00. Paid Jef on Ac $5.00 went to Wharton. Gave Quinan a check in favor of R.J. Calder for $213.75 cur for the judgement against A. George. Loaned J.W. George $5.00 cur and 50c specia. Paid A.L. Kern for harness $4.25. S.M. Rowe proposed to me a partnership in horse trading. Which i take under consideration. Am disposed to accept but will mention to Dr. A first.

Thur 10 Took Mattie Foote to a barbcue at Lipscombs store and to a dance at Mr. Heards. J.T. Rives took Lilly F we staid at G.C. Duncans at night. Looked at Duncans corn which was badly frost bit. Thought it should be plowed up and planted over. Paid for shoeing my horse 50c and for rope and to [?baces?]$1.41

Fri 11 Came home to dinner and went to Wharton in the evening; being appointed with J.T. Lawson to affairs the estate of D.V. Myers dec. Bevens went with me and brought home Dug Hooe's ambulance.

April 1873

Sat 12 Jef hauled 1015 ft lumber from the saw mill 1/2 days work. Looked after the horses and found we had lost six colts from casteration and may lose more.

Sun 13 Showery. At home alone. Sold John Thornton my pony harness for which he is to pay $10.00.

Mon 14 A strong north wind and rain last night: The Bernard high and rising. Set out some cabbages and nailed some plank on the division fence. Bobedeau and Henry assisted me in turning out stray cattle in the evening.

We 16 Bevens and I worked on the little horse pen Paid Habermacher for whiskey tobacco & nails $1.70

Thur 17 we finished the horse pen on one side of it and I soed radishes and hoed a little in the garden the ground is too wet for work.

Fri 18 Bevens, Alfred, Henry and I put a shed in front of Mrs. Foote's house. Mr. Lawson with Mr. Harrisons ambulance and wagon staid all night on the way to the Station for Mrs. harrison and children.

Sat 19 Rich Watson rode the colt Richmond for the first time. I dined at Dug Hooes. Went to the North pasture in the evening and sold to Henry Rugely a gray Spanish mare for which he is to pay $40.00 on the first of december next. Called at Mr. Tillys in the evening.

Sun 20 Spent the forenoon and took dinner with Mr. Joel Hudgins. He is in very bad health and looks as yellow as a pumpkin. Dr. A is treating him is treating him [repeated twice]: But Dr A. went off to Galveston yesterday, with out coming here; he having been staying at hios plantation the last two weeks.

Mon 21 Turned out side Mack's menather. Put Taylors menather in the north pasture. Put the mules in the lower pasture. Kiled the broken leged colt, seeing could not recover. My horse "Smoky" ran on a jack ass and fell throwing me over his head my left collar bone is broken. Dr A. being in Galveston I sent for Dr. Dunklin, Dr. J. Bolton came with him and set it for me.

Tue 22 In bed suffering no pain. Ross and Thos. Dennis called to see me

We 23 Jef went to the Station and brought a load of lumber and 2 kegs of nails. Paid $5.50 freight $2.65 of this was freight on Dr M. Hooes shingles. Dr A. got back from Galveston at night. He sais the papers report five inches of snow in New York yesterday.

Thur 24 Jef went to the station and brough another load of lumber. Dr A. made a sling for my arm. Lawson called on his way to LaGrange. Ross staid the night.

Sat 25 S. Tilly, L.B. Harvey and John Thornton were here. I drew up writings between Tilly and John for the purchase of Tilly's place. The papers left in my hands. Tilly is to get an order of court to sue and to get a more perfect deed from Hudgins. Jef hauled lumber. Cris and Bevens nailed plank ont he fence next to Hookers in the morning.

Sun 27 At home alone. Bevens spent the day at Tillys and Albert spends his sundays with his mother.

Mo 28 Walked over to Habermacchers. B.G. Boon and J. Ford called in the evening and brought two of my missing colts. Ford staid all night. Jef hauled lumber.

Tue 29 Jef hauled lumber Little Cris commenced hearding Friendships men athen on the Bernard to keep them out of the Dutchmans field. Rives, Ford and Cornet to dinner. bevens kiled a shoat

We 30 Jef gone to the Station for the last load of lumber. I rode out to see the horses. G. C. Duncan spent the day with me.


Thur 1 Alfred commenced work on Mrs. Footes fence. Cris worked 1/2 the day with him. J.W. George here to dinner.

Fri 2nd Alfred and Cris at work on Mrs. Footes fence. I rode to the north pasture to look after the horses. Quite cool.

Sat 3rd Alfred and Cris finished Mrs. Footes fence by noon. J.W. George called by on his way to Harrisburg and having an order from Mrs Myers I gave him a bag of money left by Walter Andrews. I gave Henry Foote a yoke of young steers.

Sun 4 J.Ford came in the morning and staid all night

May 1873

Mo 5 Raining all day and very heavy in the evening Loaned Alfred Young 116 ft lumber to be returned.

Tue 6 Llagunia called. J. Ford left with him. Looked after the horses.

We 7 Bevens and I went to lipscombs store. Paid for sunderies $3.50

Thur 8 Went to the saw-mill, engaged lumber for G.C. Duncan. Dr A. and J. Rives came sick.

Fri 9 At home with Dr A. and Rives. G.G. Boon to dinner.

Sat 10 Col. Dennis sent for Dr A. last night, he and Rives left. Albert and I looked for Lawsons bull but did not find him.

Sun 11 Bevens and I at home.

Mo 12 Laguna came and went with him to Wharton. he executed to me a power of attorney to attend to his horse matters. Saw McLean who beged indulgence for the money promised by I.N. Dennis. On my return home found S.M. Rowe agreed upon our proposed partnership in buying horses. He to go to Mexico in July I put in $1000.00. Cordray called.

Tue E. Brooks came at night.

Tue 13 Taking Albert, I started with E. Brooks to the State fair at Houston. Paid freight on flour $1.15 for R.R. ticket $3.00. Stoped at the Hutchings House in Houston but were given beds with no misquets bars in a large ware house.

We 14 Attended the fair. No so many persons as in former occasions: But the display of stock is much better. Collin is better represented than any other county in stock.

May 1873

Thur 15 Attended the fair

Friday 16 made some purchases in the evening was greatly disappointed in some trotting races There was a meeting of the Veteran of the Texas revolution addresed very ably and apprpiatly by Guy M. Bryan. The oldest veteran was Capt. Randall Jones 84 years and Capt's Duncan J.E. He and and others 82 years.

Sat 17 We returned home and E. Brooks went on to his home. A stranger staid all night.

Sun 18 The stranger remained. Hooker, Simons and Mr Dean called. I had a sick head-ache. J. Rives came at night. My expences at the fair were $92.00 cur and $15.00 specia.

Mo 19 The stranger is an agent for the Brenham nursery. I engaged of him some plumb trees and blackbery amounting to $15.00, $2.00 to be deducted for his bill. Looked after the horses G. Hooper returned me $10.00 loaned him some time since, gave Hawson 50c.

Tue 20 Went to a pleasant pick-nick on the Bernard near Dug Hooe's. A Ross returned with me and staid all night.

We 21 Bevens and I went to Lipscombs store. Paid $7.50 for Sarah: $2.50 for harness irons and 50c for shoeing my horse.

Thu 22 Albert and I went in search of the Myers Jack but could not drive him home. am a little sick.

Fri 23 Rainy. Sheled corn to grind gathering rescue

May 1873

grass seed.

Sat 24 Dr A. returned home sick he had not been hear in four weeks. Jim took the corn to Habermackers Mill. I called to see Mr. Quinan about Mrs. Foote's business. He offers to give her 500 acres of woodland for her claim. Went to Wharton paid subscription to Galveston News $4.56 and 50c clearks fee. Bargained with J. Rust for 6 chains at $12.00.

Sun 25 Paid Alfred Young $4.00 due him for labor. Dr A. still sick. Dug Hooe, Hooper, M. Galagher and J. Rives to dinner. Ross and Ford staid all night.

Mo 26 Rain in the Morning. Looked after horses.

Tue 27 Went to a barbecue and dance in Wharton. Paid Rust for chains $12.00 for ale 75c sat up all night. Rain prevented my return.

We 28 Came home and slep all day. Rainy

Thur 29 Went to D.V. Myers sale. Bought 2 Jacks a paint mare and a brown mare and colt and a yearling colt. Dr Tate, Oliver Walker and Mr. Ficklin came home and staid all night with me.

Sat 30 Rainy at Myers sail. bought nothing.Everything is in mud and mire and confusion. The sale conducted with no system whatever and many times purchasers have no oportunities of seeing which animals are offered. A. walker $ G.C. Duncan at night.

Friday 30 Rainy. At the Myers sail bought nothing


Sun 1st Went over to Myers and brought over the yearling colts purchased by Walker and Armstrong and those bought by myself. Jef, Cris and Mr. Harrison.

June 1873

Mo 2 The Armstrong and Walker yearling colts divided. I acting for Armstrong for for Armstrong 12 filly colts and 7 horse colts and one horse colt for myself. Gave Peter Parmer $6.00 for assisting in the division. Walker took his colts home int he evening. He gave two fillys to Dr A and one to Dug Hooe. Went to Myers in the evening and paid Mr. W. Andrews for the yearling colts giving him $300.00 in gold and A. Walkers check for $300.00 om Mr. Hendley & co. Also handed him G.C. Duncans note with myself for security for $31.00. Rainy, and the sail still going on in mud and mire. Rainy

Tue 3rd Joe Brown c. came up and gave me his note for rent and for mules. He paid me $20. on account of the $120.00 I paid Laguns for mules. Rainy

Wed 4 Showery. Staid at home. Dr A. came home at night and with him Osker George and Cris Milican with 80 head of horses from Myers the pens their having become too myrey to contin brand horses.

Thur 5 George & Milican brande a part of their horses but were stoped by a heavy rain. In the evening they took the horses to the prairie to graze and returned at night having the horses at Hookers. J.T. Lawson was here to dinner on his way to Austin I returned him $15.00 by he paid for a silver lade which I presented to Mrs. Harrison. The Bernard is higher than it has been in three years.

June 1873

Fri 6 Rainy in the neighborhood but nine here. O. George and Milican left swimming their stock over the bernard. E. Brooks was here to dinner and bargained to take on eof the Jack I purchased ay Myers' sail for $15.00. Dr A. an is laid up with a carbinkle on his neck. Albert with a fever. W. Andrews & J. Ford spent the day gave the latter my note for stock purchased by myself, Cris and Jef and signed one as security for Osker George.

Sat 7 Rain nearly all last night. Cool and clear to day. Paid Habermacher $1.50 for vinegar.

Sun 8 Clear, Dr A. and I at home he is suffering with a carbunkle.

Mo 9 Clear. nailed up fence, and looked after the horses

Tue 10 Showery. Cris and looked after and brough home the two Jacks bout at the Myers sail. Kiled a small beef in the evening. J. Ford staid all night. Thurs 12 Sprinkles of rain. Ford is sick here. Nine of the Whites and Oskar and Bob here to dinner the latter stayed all night. I looked after the horses.

Fri 13 Clear. S. wind. Bevens plowing. I worked in the garden the Georges left after dinner and John Carson staid all night Ford still sick. Edward Andersin went to the Station and got the money for his cotton and paid Geo. Hooper $10.00 through me.

Sat 14 Clear. worked in the garden. Ford left.

June 1873

Bargained with Alfred Young to cut a ditch 1x6 for 35c per rod. Sarah Brent paid me $8.00 for a cow I sold Dan several years since. John Carsen went to the Station and returned and staid all night.

Sun 15 Looked after the horses north of the Bernard. One colt with foot evil and one choking with siveled throat. Ross, Dug Hooe and Hooper to dinner. Mr. Harrison and Brooks called in the evening. The latter gave me his note for me of the Myers jacks $50.00 and took him home.

Mo 16 Assisted Ross to make out his account against the Myers estate. M Rain at noon. turned some cattle and oxen out int he pasture. Ross left.

Tue 17 Turned some horses out from the front pasture A heavy rain. Dr A. left, the carbunkle on his neck is not yet well

We 18 Went to Wharton; A.D. McLane gave me a check on Guin & Hill for $750.00 gold on account of Maj Dennis' indeptedness to me. Dr A. returned. The crops I saw are ruined with grass and weeds.

Thur 19 Rainy. Wrote som eletters one to Hendley inclosing McLanes check: But do not know when they will go as the Bernard is higher than it has been in three years. Sheled corn. J. Ford staid all night.

Fri 20 Ford and I looked after the horses and put "Star" with a young foul in the pasture. Found a colt of Dr A's snaged; removed the snag. Paid Habermacher $2.00 for a tub and $2.00 for cloth to make night shirts. No rain Bevens kiled a deer.

Sat 21 Clear. Bevens off hunting beer again. Ford trained Cairo to come to him. Cris took the corn

June 1873

to the mill at Wharton. Ross came to dinner with Dr A. went to his plantation to see Mr. Rogers Ross & Ford left. henry Foote rode round with me to look after the horses. The mule coalt with sweled throat has died; I should have opened it. The minsquetoes have been very troublesome to the horses for some time past.

Mo 23 Ford, Ross and I went in the bottom and searched the plantation for our missing colts. Ross found two of his with the brands burnt out: we all returned at night, found C.S. Betts in the house in his way north.

Tue 24 Clear. Ford and Ross lef. I looked after horses north of the bernard took dinner with Ben. G. Boon. John Dullahan came at night.

We 25 Went with Dullahan and saw G.G. Boon in the prairie who came with us to dinner. Boon sold to him a horse for $125.00 worth of lumber, the note left with Dr A. if he wants it. Dullahan went to Habermachers and returned here and staid all night.

Thur 26 Dullahan left. Clear Muisquetoes very bad.

Fri 27 Mr Sellers called and bargained to let me have the real estate inbraced in the mortgage from Veazley for my claim.

Sat 28 Looked after horses, and called on Quinan and notified him of the transaction with Sellers. Paid Habermacher 30c for lamp chimney and 60c for hickory to make a horse bord.

Sun 29 Took Mattie Foote to cousin Alber Harrisons to spend the day he bargained with her to

June 1873

to teach his children for $125.00 per year on my return heard Dr A. had been taken very ill at Mrs. Sorrels.

Mo 30 White Armstrong with Geo Zaire came and got his nineteen colts bought at the Myers sale. I paid him $15.00 for the colt I got. Brooks and Hathaway came and borrowed my wagon.


Tue 1st Paid Cris $11.00 for a $22.00 jury certificate. Looked after the horses and put three of Macks mares in the pasture.

We 2 Looked after horses. Paid for shirts for Albert $3.00 gloves $1.00 tobacco 30c G. Hooper and Jim Ford staid all night.

Thur 3 Put in the windowes aome panes of glass. Dug Hooe came to dinner and he Hooper, Bevens and I took the drift off our bridge.

Fri 4 Looked after the horses. B.G. Boon and Geo Tarver to dinner. Forgot it was the 4th of July until Tarver mentioned it in the evening have heard of no one celebrating the day. Cris anf Jef did some work at the front gate.

Sat 5 Marked and branded calves in the north pasture. Cut and branded a bull got of Doc Cannin. Jim Ford to dinner sais there have been a good many horses stolen from the range

Sun 6 Bevens and I alone, he kiled a buffalo fish. Dr A. has not been at home for two weeks The weather id very hot with north wind Thermometer at 91o

Mo 7 Looked after horses in the morning. Cris hauled lumber from the mill 1/2 the day.

July 1873

Oliver Walker and Mr Woods to dinner; They took Dr A's dog "Ross" home with them.

Tue 8 Looked after horses in the morning. Jef hauled wood. Commenced surveying Tilly's land

We 9 Looked after horses. Could not find Mack's [?cana-yard?]. Jef hauled lumber

Thur 10Finished surveying Tillys land, Cris and I found Macks Canay and I took a fever in the evening and took some medicine

Fri 11 Have a high fever. Bevens went to Wharton and got for me an oz of quinan $3.50. Dr A came to see me at night.

High fever. B.G. Boon to dinner. Dr A. and Bevens both sick. Jef and Cris hauled a load of millet from Dr A's plantation.

Sun 13 All of us sick. G.C. Duncan and W. F. Davis to dinner and J.W. George at night.

Mo 14 Dr A. left in the morning and returned at night. Beves getting well. I had no fever in the morning and returned at night. Davis left for Matagorda. Jef and Cris hauled another load of millet. Dug Hooe called and as agreed on I gave him $12.00 to pay expences in going to Eagle Lake to search for our missing colts. But he was drunk and I have but little faith in his trip.

Tue 15 still sick. Jef and Cris looked after the horses a heavy rain.

We 16 Showry. Dr A. left and did not return. I had some fever in the evening.

Thur 17 Clear of fever

Fri 18 No fever. Dismissed Jim who has been waiting

July 1873

on me.Paid him $3.00. A heavy rain last night. Dr A. came back to dinner.

Sat 19 Rainy, Cris took our corn to the mill. Paid Gibs $5.00 through Geo. Hooker, for breaking the horse "Beven" which I gave Mr. F. Davis. Dr A. at home at night. J. Rives came at bed-time.

Sun 20 Rainy. Dr A. and Rives went into the bottom.

Mo 21 Rode out with Dr A. this morning: First tim eI have been out of the yard since I have been sick.

Tue 22 Went to John Habermachers and paid him $7.00 on account of oil & c. Sent Mr. Raden by Dr A. $3.00 on account of freight on coffee & c. saw Friendships and Morguns [?caving ands?].

We 23 Jef and Cris assisted me in planting some things in the garden until 10 o'clock A.M. when rain stoped us. raint in the evening. Paid George Skinner $1.00 on account of cutting wood.

Thur 24 Rainy. Paid Habermacher for sunderies $2.75 Paid Jef $23.20 on account of labor and still owe him $20.00. sarah came in for a settlement which was made and she has my due bill for $425.00 which she will want in a short time. A few days since Mr. Cordray surprised party of negroes who had driven a heard of cattle from Blossom prairie area near to the Horton plantation and kiled 28 head. The stock raisers went in to wharton to try to stop this business: Those who had been buying hides gave up & paid for what they had and promised to buy no more from the negroes who have

July 1873

been killing cattle have been arrested and a posse are trying to catch two others

Friday 25 Heavy Rains. want to go to Galveston to stay a month for my health. Am afraid the Bernard will get up so I can not cross it. Bevens is trying to poison the worms in his cotten with Parris Green & e.

Sat 26 paid Alfred on account of ditching $2.50 Paid Rich & Golden $3.25 for cutting wood Paid George Calaway $1.00 on account of cutting wood.

Sun 27 Offered Sarah her money: She said I had misunderstood her she did not want the money now. Dr A. came at night with his buggy broke.

Mo 28 Cris plowed up the turnip patch in the morning Bevens mowing the yard. I felt sick again and had a slight fever in the evening.

Tue 29 Rainy. Laid up with a fever again. Ike Whitten came and staid.

We 30 A very heavy rain. E. Brooks came for Dr A. to see Mrs. Harrison in child bed. T.J. Whitten came and staid all night.

Thurs 31 Showery. Still sick. J. Ford came to dinner and staid all night.

Aug 1st

Loaned Ned Spivy 50c Gave Bevens $20.00 Fri Ike Whitten and Ford left. A Ross came and staid. No fever to day but very weak.

Sat 2 Paid Jesse 50c [i think he meant Jef as Jesse alreay died] for which he promised bring me a piece of fresh bud: But failed to do so.

Sun 3 Do not know that I have any fever

August 1873

or not. But am certainly in a very bad fix. And Dr A. is so much occupied in with his practice in the bottom he has no time to treat me. Will start to Galveston in the morning if I can ge to the Station in hopes the change of place may help me and I can there get daily medical treatment, which I ned; not knowing what to do for myself.

Mon 4 Left with Mr. Bevens 16. to pay for cutting wood. Cris took me to the Station on my way to Galveston; but the train having gone down thence hours earlier than usual I mised it an took the up train to Eagle Lake; gave Miner Cooper $15.00 gold for Doc Cannon as payment for a bull. paid for refreshments 75c Left with Mr Rader in gold $5.00 in cry[currency] $5.00 for freights fare to Lake 50c

Tue 5 Took the train for Galveston in company with Jas Harber arrived at the Washington Resort to dinner at two o'clock P.M. R.R. fare $6.00 hotel bill at the $1.00 potenage and a drink 75c.

We 6 GOt og Mr. Hendley & c $50.00 cry. An gave Ayers &co a check on them for $49.50 paid for a pipe and tobacco $4.00 for machine needles for Lilly Foote 50c for Sarahs Linsy and Maerguets netting $13.50 cy. for 4 pair shoes for Sarah $7.75 for B.Z. Boons side of harness leather $7.35, B.Z. Boons 2 gals train oil & can $2.55.

Thu 7 Took lodins at the Ocean hous at $35.00 per mo. They gave me a cup of coffee in the morning and I get two meals a day at the washington

July 1873

Resturant at $1.25 per day. Paid hotel bill $9.00 cartickets 50c Paid T.C. Thompson & co for Dr A's drugs $17.70 by check on Hendley & co.

Fri 8 Paid for wine, crackers & tobacco $2.50

Sat 10 Paid out nothing

Sun 10

Mo 11 Begin to feel stronger. Walk to my breakfast at resturant. Paid for a Texas Almanac and map and the Weekly news for Bettie Ashly $1.10 P.O. stamps $1.00 Rain.

Tue 12 Rain. Paid for this book 90c. My health appears to be returned but expect to stay here until September.

We 13 Dined with Dr Wm Dunklin. Paid for pipe stem 35c drinks 65c Hot.

Thur 14 Bathed in the Gulf in the morning, having been advised by Coln W. T. Austin that this is the propper time. Paid for refreashments 75c.

Fri 15 Called to see Mrs. Bolling and Mrs. Shearer. Paid for repairing my watch $5.00 for beer 20c tobacco 50c

Sat 16 Put out my clothes to be washed. Paid for beer and a paper 50c Sun 17 Spent the morning with F. Ward at the office of Mr. A. Dunklin & co. Mon 18 Gave Lawthen & co a check on Mr. Hendley & co for $41.20 cry in payment of a bit for B.A. Harrison. Paid E.S. Wood $7.50 cry for grass blades for Mr. Harrison. Got of Wm Hendley & co $20.00 cry. Tue 19 Took lunch on Jewfish which was very good. Paid for lunch 25c Street cat tickets $1.00

We 20 Paid for lunch and soda water 35c a thunder

August 1873

and rain storm at night.

Thu 21 A heavy rain in the evening paid for a fishing line 75c

Fri 22 Went to the circus $1.00 car tickets .25c refreshment 15c washing $156

Sat 23 Paid for pants $6.00 beer 50c

Sun 24 payed for apples and ice cream 50c

Mo Paid for tobacco 50c

Tue 26 Paid for collars, buttons & c. 1.35

We 27 " beer 30c

Thu 28 Got of Mr. Hendley & co. a check on the bank for $75.00 and purchased sundery articles to send home amounting $102.15. Dined with Mr. N.N. John of the firm of Wm Hendley & co. There is now a good deal of talk of yellow fever. Paid for beer 45c.

Fri 29 Got of Mr. Hendley & co $25.00 cry. Paid for beer 30c Want to be off from here: Judge Sulivan sais he can smell yellow-fever in some of the streets; though the streets are the cleanest I've ever seen and meet with no bad smells in my walks around the city.

Sat 30 Had a slight fever last night. Called to see Dr. Wats who prescribed for me. Paid for medicine $1.50. Changed my board and lodging to the Exchange Hotel; For the use of a furnished room at the Ocean House twenty three days gave Mr. Goldman a check on Mr. Hendley for $30.00 and for board at the Washington Resturant the same I hage a check on the same for $28.75. Paid for washing 50c Draggage on trunk 75c

September 1873

Aug 31 Sunday. Dr Wats called at the hotel and took me in his buggy to a drug store where I paid $1.50 for medicine. have had no return of fever.

Sept 1st Monday. Paid T.C. Thompson & co for drugs $6.60

Tue 2nd Got of Mr. Hendley & co $50.00 cry.Paid my bill at the Exchange Hotel for five days $15.00 cry. Met with Pensiper Smith from New Orleans who has been spending some time at my place.

We 3rd Preparing to leave Galveston

Thur 4 Left Galveston for home. Cris met me at the Station with the cart and my horse. Paid portage on trunk 50c R.R. fare %.75 Refreshments 1.00 freight (.80 Found Dr A. sick in bed with fever and Jim Bradford here sick

Fri 5 Cris and Jef doctored horses.

Sat 6 Alfred made double gate for horse pen. John Thornton and Tilly were here and I assisted them in fixing up their trade for Tilly farm. John paid me $10.00 he owed for harness. Got of John Habermacher 35 bu corn at 50c paid for unloading $1.00

Sun 7 A cool north wind. Paid Sam Damon $10.00 gold for work on my mower.

Mo 8 Cool North wind went to Mr. Harrisons. Got of E. N. Brooks two bottles of Whisk to make bitters. Paid Wallace Tasker $13,00 for cutting wood.

Tu 9 Looked after the horses. Paid Habermacher for corn, vineger & c. 29.25

We 10 Jef and Cris brough from Ned Owins 71 bu corn

September 1873

which I git at 50c. Called to see Mr. Quinan. G.C. Duncan and two of his freinds spent the day with us.

Thur 11 Went to Wharton to try to buy corn. Saw Maj Dennis who said he was going to take the benefit of the bankrupt act. Bargained to sell Mr. J. Cordray a deed with G.W. Hooker $2.50 for rope 43c Tom Quinan brought me 39 bushels of corn for which I paid him $20.00

Fri 12 Doctored horses. Put Mack Menathan in the north pasture

Sat 13 A heavy rain last night and to day. Bevens and Dr. A making a new harrow.

Sun 14 Albert and I went down to Mr. Harrisons on horse back Engaged of Mr. Hide 200 bushels of corn at 50c per bushel. Henry and Mattie Foote came down at dark.

Mo 15 Brought up Mr. Harrisons ambulance to go to the Station for Mrs. Shearer. Cris plowed the turnip patch. Tobe paid me $6.00 on account of a hog and still owes one dollar on it. Ross came at night.

Tue 16 Doctored horses. Ross doctored his colt and left. Dr T.C. Thompson came and staid all night.

We 17 Loaned Dr. Thompson a horse to ride to his plantation: Got up a yoke of oxen for Cordray. Mason Brent and others from Bear Camp were here, and I promised to pay the tax on their land. Gave Mason and Dick Brent bonds for title to land

September 1873

taking their notes. Louis Simons gave me a mortgage in all his property to secure the payment of money he owes me. Dr A. and Ross came at night.

Thur 18 Cris cut weeds yesterday and to day. Jef has had the wagon two day and a half. went to a picnic on the Bernard and then on to Station to meet Mrs. Sheaner: but she did not come up.Paid freight $1.15

Sat 20 With Dug Hooe and Hooker I looked for a missing colt. But did not find him.

Sun 21 J.W. George went with me to take Mr. Harrisons carriage home. Gave Mr. Harrison $100.00 to pay Hide for the corn. Paid for matches 50c a heavy rain

Mo 22 Cris hoed weeds. Soed cabbage; rain at noon. called to see Mrs. Foote and Mrs. Spooner H.N.

Tu 23 Doctored horses in the morning. A disease which I call rotten distemper is affecting the horses very much, it prevails mostly amongst the colts. Tumors appear under the throat and on diffrent parts of the hind and wen opened discharge large quantities of thick white pus. these tumors occur in diffrent places on the grown horses. Went to Habermachers and paid him $4.50 for a gallon of whisky to make bitters for Mrs. Footes family who are having chills. Paid for a pair of styrup leathers $2.50

We 24 In doctoring a colt and moving it from the gate I stumbled over a stub driven in the ground and broke my right ancle badly. Sent for

September 1873

Dr. A who was at his plantation and Dug Hooe, Geo Hooper came with Dug. Dr. A. set my leg and put me in bed on my back. Where continued until the 15th of October when I got out on crutches. Cis Kerney Kerney nursed me remarkably well. My sufferings were light, but was prevented from sleeping some nights by the presume of my heal in the bottom of the box in which my leg was place. The colt died an hour after my leg was brokin.

Thur 25 Paid Fred Douglas $5.00 on account of spliting rails. Paid 50c for a turtle. Jef hauled a load of corn from Mr. Harrisons.

Sat 27 Ned Owins assistin with the horses in the place of Cris who is waiting on me in all six days.

Mo 29 Paid Ike Owins $1.00 for going to the Station for some freight.

Tue 30 Jef brought a load of corn from Hyde's. G.C. Duncan spent the day. Eastham and Dullahan staid all night. Paid Dullahan $4.00 for 150 ft of dressed lumber he is to send to me.

Oct 3 Ned rode the pony "Fly" to death. Raden called to see Dr A. and I paid him $6.00 due for freight on bacon. Jef brought a load of wet corn from Hyde's.

Mo 6 Got a beef of Tom Taylor at 15 in Mason Brent and Dick were here.

Tue 7 Cool theremometer at 46o G. Hooper went to Wharton to pay our

October 1873

taxes: gave him $139 in money and a jury certificate for $20.00 to pay any taxes and the land tax of the freed men at Bear camp. He did not return. Jef brought the last load of Hyde's corn.

Thur 9 Jef went to Bear camp for a load of Bob Carters corn. Ike and Dock brought me 40 bu of corn from Bear camp.

Fri 10 Paid Fred Dougles $6.75 on account of splitting rails. Cris is sick and little Cris has come to wait on me. Albert George called and paid me $20.00 as interest on money I had loaned him.

Sat 11 sent Timmons and Brown a check in Mr. Hendley & co for $80.00 as fees in the Veazley debt also wrote to Isa Fellows.

Sun 12 E. Brooks spent the day with me and offered to pay for the Myers Jack, but as it is doubtful if he is any account, I declined to receive the money until he has a chance to try the Jack next spring

Mo 13 Mrs. John Cordray died. Jef hauled some hogs for J.W. George. M. Galagher is cutting my hay. Ned Spivy and sons putting it up. Cris dug Cris potatoes. Dr A is working in the barn.

Tue 14 Cris assisted the hay party. Jim Smith brought the 35 bushels of corn I had loaned him.

We 15 Mason Brent brought me 26 bushels of corn I had loaned Calvin Timions and Frank Griffin. Ned Owins assisted for the last time in doctoring the horses. I got out of bed to day for the first time on crutches.

October 1873

Fri 17 Paid The Watkins $15.00 a ballance he claimed as due for building Bob Carters house at Bear camp. Two negroes have been murdered near Eagle Lake and there is great excitement at that place and on the Bernards. Jef brought the last load of corn from Bear camp.

Sat 18 A heavy rain last night and this morning. Let Tom Brent have a dun Spanish mare for which he is to pay $45.00 next fall He gets no bill of sale until the mare is paid for. A wolf caugh some gots.

Sun 19 A cool Norther. A fine all day. G.C. Duncan brought me a puppy "Jack". Bevens put out poison for wolves and kiled a dog.

Mom 20 I am feeling much better to day than for some time pas. A large wolf is found in the pasture kiled by the poison.

Tue 21 I allowed Albert to gather pecans yesterday and he now has a chill. A Ross came and staid all night.

We 22 Dr Dunklin, J. Rust H.N. Spooner and others called. Ross left in the evening. A little rain.

Thur 23 my leg is much improved can get about pretty well.

Fri Dressed myself without assistance. Maj Dennis called to see me and we had a talk about teh Fleetwood plantation and I told him I was not satisfied with the

October 1873

condition of the fencing and buildings which he had promised to keep in good repair until the debt was paid.

Sat 25 Showry Dr A sick in bed. Ross and H. Duke staid all night.

Sun 26 H.N. Spooner was here. A norther came up at night.

Mo 27 Rainey. The wolves having kiled all our young goats. A small beef was kiled and poison put out. J.W. George to dinner. Jef hauled wood.

Tue 28 Little Cris quit waiting on me. Dug Hooe came and assisted in branding the colts. The mare "Match" died suddenly in the pen and one of the colts had his fore leg broken when roped and was kiled. Dr A. brought Gibs home with him at night.

We 29 Cold. H. Rust came at night.

Thurs 30 M. Galagher came to cut hay again. Rust left.

Fri 31 Ned Spivy and others cutting the hay. There has been more rain in this than any other October since I've been in this state.


Sat 1st Mr. Gallagher finished cutting the hay: but a very high N.E. wind prevented the stacking. Mr. Gibs left.

Su 2 Rainey. Mr. Jas Newsom and Mr. Bryan called

Mo 3 Rainy. The Bernard is very high. Dr A left and did not return. W.J.W Hughes staid all night.

Tue 4 Dr A returned and I kiled one of Dug Hooes shoats

October1873 November

Mr. Lynch from Eagle Lake came for Dr A to go to see his wife, and staid all night.

We 5 Showery in the morning. I gave Mr. Lynch a description of our missing colts which he promised to look for.

Thu 6 E. Brooks came up for Dr. A. who went to see Mr. Harison. H. Rust came to dinner and staid.

Fri 7 H. Rust started to Richmond. Dr A. returned.

Sat 8 Emory Darst came and brought his son for Dr A. to treat. Greg Frank shot the sherif Baughman in the shoulder on account of an insult to franks wife

Sun 9 Dr A. went to see Baughman. Mr. Montgomery staid all night.

Mo 10 E. Darst and son left. The horses were gotten up and some colts branded. Gibs with Dr A's wagon staid all night.

Tue 11 Dr A with Cris and Jef took the horses to the bottom. H. Rust came back to dinner; he did not go to Richmond for fear of Yellow fever. Sheled corn.

We 12 A cold norther. Jef hauled wood. Gibs came back at night.

Thu 13 went with Bevens to Habermachers gin. A.D. McLane died of Black jaundice.

Fri 14 Jef took Bevens cotton to the gin. His child died while he was gone. paid Alfred on account $5.00 Cris took up "September" and "April" two

November 1873

colts I bought at D.V. Myers sale to raise for studs.

Sat 15 T.J. Whitten staid all night.

Su. 16 E. Darst and son called.

Mo 17 Bevens went to the gin and sold his bale of cotton to Habermacher for 10c per #. He brought home our meat Jef hauled wood. Cris cleaning out the cow-shed 1/2 a day.

Tue 18 Jef hauled wood. Cris and Bevens flooring cow-shed. High north wind- but not cold. Dr A. called and went to Wharton had not been here in a weak.

We 19 Thermometer 34o Old Mik died at Jef's house. It is is eight weeks since my leg was broke and I am still on crutches.

Thur 20 Weather moderated Ned and Dismane put up a stack of hay. Cris work at the cow shed till noon.

Fri 21 I am forty nine years old today. Sarah went to Colorado County on a visit. I gave her $1.50 to buy some nails for me. Paid Fred Douglas $10.00 on account of splitting rails. Sent Ike McFarlane $21.75 by Walter Andrews Cris brought home "Lenna" a gray Spanish mare sold to H. Rugeley and for which he failed to pay. Mrs. Foote sent me two turkeys.

Sat 22 Cris worked 1/2 the day. Jef hauled wood. Paid Ned Spivy $14.50 for putting up my hay A stranger got dinner and put some blooded cattle in the pasture.

Sun 25 Rainy. G.C. Duncan spent the day with me. Dr A. and Chuck Darst called.

November 1873

[he wrote the dates this way]

Mo 24 Jef and Cris went to Dr A.'s plantation and brougt eight hogs. Henry Darden came with a ?[writ?] for Cris

Tue 23 Cris and Jef turned out the mules

We 26 J. Ford staid all night

Thur 27 Went fishing on horse back. Albert caught three buffalo fish. Gibs brought me a barrel of flour and nails from th estation. Cris & Jef branded some calves and commenced taking the plank off the North pasture fence

Fri 28 A Norther. Thermometer at 38o Kiled 6 hogs. Maj Dennis called and informed me the Edwards heirs were bringing suit against me for confederate money paid during the war. Ford left.

Sat 29 Thermometer at 38o G.C. Duncan spent the day with me. A Mr Taylor from Matagorda co staid all night

Su 30 Went to Mr. Quinana, gave him a deed from Veazleys Admin. , talked to him about the suit brought brought by Williamson heirs. and told him to bring suit for the Edwards plantation called to see Geo Hooper in the evening.


Mo 1 Austin Shanklin paid me $25.00 on account of money loaned Mack Hooe and $10.00 on half the hire of a mule Felipe Llagune called and I loaned him $15.00 Paid Jef 10.00 on account. Spence came up and commenced sawing wood for me on account of his indebtness to me. Bevens and I went to G.C. Duncans and staid all night

Tue 2 Bevens, Duncan and I went to Wharton to the

December 1873

general state election, and voted the Democratic ticket for state, district and county offices. Some of the Democratic county officers for candidate for office played a huge trick on the colored voters who were going to vote Republican ticket: in this way; Having secured a number of the republican card back tickets, they made spaces for county and district offices filed with democratic candidate names, and hired some negroes to distribute them among republican negroes and thinely procurred their election. Dined with W.J. Godsey.

Wed 3 Went to Fred douglas' and counted the rails. and paid him $9.25 which was $8.00 more than he was intitled to as some rails split by Alfred Tilly were counted in. Also caounted monroes rails and paid him $7.50 and still owe him $4.00 Jef & Cris hauled lumber Jim Ford staid all night.

Thur 4 Paid J. Habermacher $3.90 in full of account to date. H. Foote and I went to Tom Taylors to see about getting a beef; he was not at home. Thermometer at 38o, took up the pork.

Fri 5 Jef & Cris hauled plank. Sat 6 Jef & Cris hauled plank

Sun 7 Went fishing. Dr A. came at night

Mo 8 Paid Monroe ballance due on rails $4. Jef taking down fence. Henry and Cris went to Tom Taylors and got a bef to pickle Called to see Geo Hooper who is improving

Tue 9 Gave Robedean $1.00 to pay for a barrell to put up some beef for Mrs Foote. Jef & Cris knocked

December 1873

down north pasture fence 1/2 the day. Paid Habermacher $1.50 for Alberts shoes: for a knife 75c buttons 25c Nat Morris staid all night

We 10 Jef & Cris hauling lumber. Sarah sick Jim Ford and B.Z. Boon to dinner the latter paid me $10.00 for articles purchased for him in Galveston last summer.

Thur 11 Jef & Cris hauling lumber

Fri 12 Jef & Cris hauled posts. A rainy Norther. Jim Ford, Lawson and A. Harrison jr. staid all night.

Sat 13 Theremometer at 34o. staid in the house.

Sun 14 Went fishing

Mo 15 Cris and I went hunting in my buggy he kiledeight geese and a prairie chicken. Paid 50c for shot

Tue 16 Cris, Jef & Tobe assisited in burning the grass in Mrs. Footes field. George Shanklin paid me $20.00 on account of Mack Hooe's rent. Maj Dennis came to dinner and I had an understanding about the debt he owes me. Told him I should bring suit, and if I got possession of the plantation before next year was out I would not take th ecrop provided $1000.00 was secured to me out of it, this he agreed to.


Fri 17 Bevens and Dr A. went in to the bottom and camr home in the night; the latter sick. I was at Dug Hooe's Jef and Cris are hauling rails to repair the field fence.

Thur 18 Dr A. is very sick with neuralgia. I went to Osker Georges to ee Albert George but did not see him. J. Davis came and staid all night

December 1873

Fri Dr. A still sick. I put in some wind o glass

Sat 20 Dr A still sick. Colld and showery. Mack Hooe came and staid. Sun 21 Cold and Drizly. T.J. Whitten came after dark for Dr. A to see Mrs. Dr. Dunklin. Morten came in the night.

Mo 22 Dr. A went to Wharton to see Mrs. Dunklin. The others left. Bevens plowed the garden he sold his remnant cotton to Jef for $5.94 paid Jef $6.00. Put down my carpet.

Tue 23 Rain last night. Dr. A and Jas Whitten came by on their way to Galveston, after after leaving here one of the bridle bits broke and the horses ran of and broke the buggy: Dr A. was a good deal bruised by his fall from the buggy. They continued their trip to Richmond on horse back.

We 24 Cold North wind Mack Hooe to dinner.

Thurs 25 X Mas! Dug and Mack Hooe, G. Hooper, A. Ross, Erwin Thomas, Jim Ford and Henry Foote to dinner. We had an eggnog and a turkey for dinner. Ross staid all night.

Fri 26 Called to see Mr. Quinan and showed him Mike Powell letters; Dick Brent was here and bargained to rent 40 acres of land and pay $80.00 in money and 160 bushel of corn.

Sat 27 Mack went to the Station in my buggy for Dr. A but he did not come up. Mack came back drunk. Will not risk him with any of my horses again.

Sun 28 At home

Mo 29 Cris went to the Station for Dr A. but he again failed to come. Albert George sent me $50.00 by Gabe Davis on account of a judgement I hold against him. Went to Mrs. Myers as a commissioner to divide the lands of J. O. Myers dec. Met Messrs, Harrison, TJ.T. Lawson, G. Davis, Dug Hooe, Maj Dennis. Mr. Quinan and Henry Schley. John VanHorten staid all night and proposed to train my colt Richmond a little for a race.

Tue 30 A Norther Ther 38o. Kiled 3 hogs, took the bone out, having lost all the joints of the 6 hogs kiled some time since, nearly every one has lost their pork joints who attempted to save them with the bone in them, The cold spels are so short. Austin Shanklin brought home the mule I rented him and paid me $5.00 and still owes me $5.00 on that account. I delivered the mule to Henry Foote. Dr A. got home at night, his nephew Lt. R.H. Lee Alexander with him, the latter has consumption and comes to spend the winter with us.

We 31 Dr A. went to Wharton.

January 1874

Thur 1st Settled with Ned Owins payed him $16.80 in full to date. Settled with Jef Owins to date payed him $11.25 and owe him a ballance of $20.00 Mr. Simmons called ang gave me a verbal order on Alfred Young for $12.50 for building a chimney that amount to be credited on this note in my hands. Dr A. came back and worked on his buggy. Lee, Albert and I dined with J.W. George.

Fri 2 Settled with Austin Shanklin for 128 post holes and paid him a ballance of $1.40. Cris went to the mill (1/2 day) Geo Tarver staid all night.

Sat 3 measured 3972 ft of lumber for G.W. George. JIm Bradford and a Mr. Whitten staid all night.

Sun 4 A Norther came up last night. Ther 36o Took up the pork. J.T. Lawson staid all night.

Mo 5 Ice, snow and hail. Settled with Cris paid him $8.50 Cordray to dinner. Settled with Alfred paid him $5.00 and loaned him $1.00 A Mr Taylor from Milican staid all night.

Tue 6 Therm 20o snow 2 1/2 inches deep. Settled with Sarah allowing her $36.00 extra for Ada. She allowed me $40.00 on account of John Thornton. I paid her $48.25 cash and gave my note for a ballance due her of $500.00 for which I am to pay her ten per cent interest. I offered eo give her the 20 acres of land on the Milburn labor if it suits her to live on.

We 7 Steve Tilly and John Thornton came here and I wrote a deed and fix their business for them

January 1874

and paid John Thornton $15.00 on account of the $40.00 settled through Sarah the ballance of it goes towards Mack Hooes order for rent Cris and Jef dug 31 post holes at 5c each. John Lawson with Mattie & Willie Shearer and Albert Harrison jr staid all night on their way to the Station.

Thu 8 Lee and I went to Wharton and returned. Paid Dr A. $12.50 for articles purchased for me in Galveston.

Fri 9 Measured to J.W. George 6100 ft lumber at $25.00 per M.John Vanhooten staid all night and proposed to take Richmond and prepare him for a little race with Jim Fords colt

Sat 10 Richmond beat Jim Fords colt easily. VanHooten proposed and took Richmond to keep until his race with Osker George on the 27th with I to furnish oats to feed him. Albert George paid me $50.00 on account and let J.W. George to have a sorrle at $80.00 to be credited on my note to D.V. Myers' estate. Paid $5.00 to G. Davis of Quinan & Whitten as my share for defence against the one per cent school tax. Gave the rider of Richmond 50c.

Sun 11 E. Brooks, L.P Jones, G.C. Duncan and H. Foote to dinner, A Mr Taylor & Jim Ford staid all night. Dr A. came at night.

Mo 12 Dr A. went to see Mrs. Dunklin at day light Jef & Cris went to B.Z. Boons and brought 9 hogs Dr A. had bought of him.

Tue 13 Ford and I rode in the bottom to see the horses all we saw looked well. A norther came up

January 1874

after dark.

We 24 Thermometer at 42o Kiled the 9 hogs from Boons' weights 211,200, 180, 165, 163, 161, 150, 146 total 1539#. Gibs hauled a load of lumber that Dr A is borrowing of me.

Thur 15 Thermometer at 38o packed down the pork, and put out poison for the wolves.

Fri 16 Settled with Walter Andrus and there is still due on my note a ballance of $78.00 Thermometer at 27o. Ford left. Cris & Jef are hauling rails for the field fence.

Sat 17 paid Albens clothes $4.25. for Whiskey $1.00 Gave Bevens $1.50 to pay a ballance on his working bill.

Sun 18 Dr A. worked on his buggy. Robedean Foote to dinner.

Mo 19 went to the Station with Dr A. paid freight on meal and oats $7.00 and still owe $1.70

Tui 20 Robedean went to the Station and brought 4 barrels of meal gave Mrs. Foote 2 of them.

We 21 Lee A and I took dinner at Mr. Harrisons. Paid for tobacco $8.00 mending Alberts boots 50c

Thur 22 Paid ballance of freight to Dr A. $1.25 Planted eschalots and English peas. A light norther at night.

Fri 23 mason Brent was here and bargained to rent Joe Browns land at $3.00 per acre. He paid me $10.00 I had paid in taxes for him.

Sat 24 Quinan came by going to Shulenburg to sell some land: I loaned him $20.00. Dr A. drove his horses for the first time since they ran away with his buggy. A cold Norther. Took up the pork

Su. 25 Pork repacked no[?beviton?]. Dr A. delivered Alfred Georges wife of a boy

January 1874

Mo 26 Cleaned out the cistern. A light shower.

Tue 27 We all went Vanhootens to see a race. Osker George paid forfeit. By request of Oliver Walker Richmond ran against his horse Scott Andersen and beat him badly. Jim Galagher paid me $10.00 for a beef. Gave Sussex, who rode Richmond $1.00 to Albert 50c

We 28 Ross and Jim Ford to dinner. Dr A. and Lee went to Mr. Harrisons and returned.

Thur 29 No Visitors

Fri 30 Paid 45c for shot. Bevens plowing the orchard.

Sat 31 Drizly. Bevens finished breaking the orchard.


Su 1st Mr Harrison & J.T. Lawson staid all night on their way to Galveston. Jim Ford came.

Mo 2 Cold and Rainy. Theremometer at 28o. Harrison & Lawson staid. Dr A. came home having been absent since thursday.

Tue 3 Took Harrison and Lawson to the Station. Ross & Jim Ford here.

We 4 Cris and Jef hauling lumber to Mrs. Footes fence 1/2 a day. Ross & Ford still here.

Thur 5 Rainy. Jef & Cris hauled lumber to Mrs Footes fence. Dr A. took Lee Alexander to the Station on his way to San Antonio. Ford & Ross here.

Fri 6 Cold. Bernard high. Jef took horses to the Station for Mr. Harrison and Lawson and they went home. Ross and Ford left.

Sat 7 Bevens and I made a new seat for my buggy. Gibs and Dick Dean to dinner. Dr A. swam the Bernard twice in his buggy. He did not come home.

Su 8 G. Hooper and Mack Hooe to dinner. Dr return staid all night. He promised to leave

February 1874

$15.00 for me with J. Rust as rent for the Veazley place.

Mo 9 Cold north wind, Bevens, Cris and Wash building Mrs. Footes fence. Jim Bradford came at night in search of Dr A. He appears to have dropsey very badly. Steve Galagher called and paid me $20.00 on account of some lumber he got several years since. He still owes me a ballance of $10.00

Tue 10 Bevens, Cris and Wash finished Mrs. Footes fence.

We 11 Got of J. Habermacher some buk-eye with potatoes, paid for in beef hide he still owes me 50c. Soed a row of english peas.

Thur 12 Went to Wharton, Jas Whitten returned with me to dinner. Dr Tatum paid me $15.00 rent. Paid $2.25 as portage account for the year in advance for a saddle tree $5.50 owe Hamilton $1.00 for linament. Jim Bradford here waiting for Dr A. Quinan was here and lef with Bevens for me the $20.00 I loaned him a short time since.

Fri 13 A strange old gentleman from Brinham and J.T. Lawson with two negroes staid all night. Dr A. came home sick.

Sat 14 J.T. Lawson paid me $30.00 for Mr. Harrison and I paid him $1.75 for a new book and a bottle of linament. Jim Bradford and others left.

Su 15 Jim Ford to dinner. He, Bevens and Dr A. went turkey hunting.

February 1874

Mo 16Turkey hunters had no luck Bevens and I planted buts, turnips, cabbage and radishes. Spring is opening trees fruit ting out leaves and some horses coming out of the bottom. Gibs & E. Thomas to dinner.

Tue 17 Dr A and Vanhooten brought "Friendship" and some other of our horses. I went down to Mr Harrisons takeing Albert with me.

We 18 Went Bear Camp. Surveyed Richard Brents land in the field "24 acres". He paid me $3.00, a part of the tax I paid for him.

Thur 19 Came home by Brooks, and wrote a petition for a new road to Wharton. Paid Hamilton $1.00 I owe on linament. Paid Kern $4.00 on a saddle tree made by Kemp on acct to pay $3.00 more. Henry Schley, Jack Stubs and Ross staid all night.

Fri 20 Stubs staid until evening and proposed to take our horses up the country: He also talks of buying the bull "Lep"

Sat 21 Went to G.C. Duncans but he was not at home Returned by Chapmans store. Saw Kern and Paid him the $3.00 due on the saddle-tree. Mack Hooe staid all night.

Su 22 A Norther came up last night. G.C. Duncan came and spent the day. He gave me a check for $33.00 for Walter Andrus. some rain Mack & Henry Foote to dinner.

Mo 23 Thermometer at 32o. Riged a saddle for Cris

February 1874

Bevens put up some book shelves for me. Mr. Quinan called and got R.M. Powels letters and the bond of 1862 to Edwards. He gave me a good account of my lawsuit and said I can-not he much hurt by it.

Tue 24 J. Stubs came and brought a note from Quinan showing he had found more evidence in my favor in the suit with Edwards heirs. Jef & Cris hunted horses but found none.

We 25 Jef and Cris brought in 50 horses from the Bach Creek bottom. Offered Stubs one fourth of the incrias to take care of my horses; But he wanted a third. so we made no trade. Bevens went to Dug Hooes to hunt turkeys in the morning "Jim" assisting with the horses.

Thur 26: Stubs left. Beves came back with no game and went to Erwin Thomases; I dined on Wild turkey at Dug Hooe's by invitation.

Fri 27 Jef and Cris brought in about 30 head of horses. "Bruin" lame. at night.

Sat 28 Drizly. B.Z. Boon to dinner. He paid me $60.00 for 2,000 ft of lumber. Bevens absent after dinner. Hendley bill for 2 barrels of flour $21.87 currency

March 1874

Sat 1st 3 colts now foalded, G. Hooper, Mack Hooe and G.W. Hooker & son to dinner.

Mo 2 Soed in the garden English peas, beans, sweet pepper caunnon pepper, cucumbers, radishes and onions. stuck the early peas. Jef and Cris brought in 34 head of horses.

Tue 3 Jef and Cris found no horses to day Bevens commenced getting white oak timber to fill the big wagon.

We 4 Jef and Cris found one mare to day. Dr A came home having been absent two weeks, Ross came with him Bevens finished getting the timber

Thurs 5 Dr A. and Ross hunted horses to day and returned at night. Bevens hauled home the timber. Llaguns and his interfreter [interpretor] staid all night. Bargained to sell John Thornton a cow for $15.00 he to pay in the fall. Paid freight on 2 barrels of flour $2.15.

Fri 6 Llaguins returned the $15.00 I loaned him last fall. Bevens planted potatoes in the morning and worked at the spoke timber in the evening. Albert had a birth-day dinner party at his Mothers. He is now Ten years old.

Sat 7 Sold Mat Shanklin a stack of hay for 16 bushels of corn to be paid in the fall Bevens finished riving the spoke at dinner time Mr Mars Taylor called and left his horse and I loaned him one to go to Wharton. Alfred put braces under the sleepers of the house. we now have eight foals.

March 1874

Sun 8 Oliver Walker and Mack Anderson staid all night.

Mo 9 Divided the horses. Taylor and 17 mares put north of the creek Bevens boiling the timber to [?sean?] on it

Tue 10 Paid Habermacher $1.oo for potatoes and a curry comb. Bevers finished boiling the timber.

We 11 A norther came up last night thermometer at 42o. W. Andrus called and I gave him the check from G.C. Duncan for $33.00 Dr A. took him to the Station. Paid Bevens $6.50 for getting spoke timber

Thur 12 Looked after horses and dined with B.Z. Boon.

Fri 13 Dr A. called. T.J. Whitten summoned me as a witness in A. Ross's horse case of which I know nothing. Jef & Cris brought a colt and mule from the East Bernard.

Sat 14 Hard rain last night and rainy to day. Bernard rising. Jef and Cris hauled some lumber round the front pasture: half a days work. B.B. Brown and Geo Hooper to dinner.

Sun 15 Rode out to see the horses have now 13 horses. Mack Anderson to dinner having started to Richmond and turned back from high water.

Mo 16 Rain again last night. Bevens and Cris repairing the fence. Paid Habermacher for vinegar $3.75.

Tue 17 Paid for a circingle for Cris 75c

We 18 H. Rust and Mack Anderson staid all night

March 1874

Thu 19 Gave H. Rust 50c to buy a tooth brush for me. Gave Allen 25c to buy coppy book for Ada. Traded with Cordray for the AK stud, intend to use him as a teazer for the Jack. Jim Ford and Osker George staid all night. They brought in two colts for Dr A. and two horses for E. Brooks.

Fri 20 Loaned "Cairo" to Ford to go after some stolen horses. Paid J. Habermacher $1.50 for corn for H. Foote to plant and $1.25 for rope and circingle. Gordon Sorel to dinner, bargained to sell him a filly for $50.00

Sat 21 Sorel came back and selected a horse at $60.00 in prefference to the filly:Had "Bald Hornet" roped up for him: He and H. Foote to dinner. Put some riging on AK to keep him from covening mares and turned him in the front pasture to tease for the Jack. Got two ropes of Habermacher Bargained with Ike Owins to gentle "Pace" and "Jerry".

Sun 22 Gave Cris a pair of new boots and some old clothes. Cloudy and Drizly. A heavy rain at noon

Mo 23 Drizly norther, the Bernard high Bevens set out some dagers behind the kitchen.

Tue 24 Bevens & Cris finished setting dagers around the lot back of the kitchen and commenced setting them around the rescue lot.

We 25 Bevens and Cris set out dagers. Rainey

Thur 26 Bevens and Cris Thursfinished setting out the dagers by 9 o'clock. Cris worked with the horses.

March 1874

Rain last night and cloudy to day Simon Peppers came at 10 o'clock and sawed wood paid him 75c Bernard still high. Heard to day that Allen, Bird and Mitchel Brooks had been shot to death; This was done in revenge for L.P. Jones who was murdered by them; Able Brook was also wounded B.B. Brown and Dr A came last night.

Fri 27 J.T. Lawson and Mrs Harrison and family staid all night on their way to the station Heard that E.M. Brooks and others were arrested for the murder of the Brooks negroes

Sat 28 Gave Mrs. Harrisons children $2.00. Mr Lawson on his return from the Station brought Mr. Pearson and took Lilly Foote down to Mr. Harrisons.

Su 29 Gordon Sorel called to get the horse bargained for but he was not here G. Hooper and J.T. Cordray to dinner. Agreed to let Cordray have the use of my Veazley lot until fall he to pay me[?] thing for the use of the house for the use of the jury during court. Vanhooten called and I offered him a heifer and cow for $47.00 Hooper staid all night.

Mo 30 Pearson rode Cairo to Wharton and returned at night G. Hooper with him Simon Peppers finished the wood paid him 60c.

Tue 31 The Bernard is very high. Pearson got over in a boat and left. Rainy and a Norther at night.

April 1st We The Norther increased, Themometer at 36o at sun rise 52o at 3 o'clock P.M. 42o at bed-time. This cold weather having occured on the full moon

April 1874

will go far to confirm the popular belief that cold weather and frosts are to be feared for the crops on the full moons of March and April. Kiled a pig. Heard that E. N. Brooks and others were cleared at the examining court yesterday.

Thur 2nd Theremometer at 36o. no frost to be seen. Paid JOhn Habermacher $1.25 for rope and $1.00 for tobacco. Mr. Lipscomb to dinner, sold him a heefer for $40.00 gold, he gave me a check on J.D. Rogers & Co.

Fri 3 There must have been some black frost yesterday; for beans and other tender vegetation are scorched. Paid Bevens $2.50 for seting daggers. Gordon Sorel came at night and got the young horse "Bald-hornet" for which he is to pay me $60.00 in the fall, or return the horse in good condition if he choses. Albert had a chill and fever, gave him some medicine

Sat 4 Tried "Smoky" in single harness; he cut up no capers, but evidently did not like it: and being cripled I gave up a contemplated trip.

Sun 5 Henry Compton to dinner. Dug Hooe sent me a black slut shephard-dog pup.

Mo 6th Went to Wharton and qualified as foreman of the grand-jury composed of B.Z. Boon, W. Cooper, G.C. Duncan, Oliver Walker, Jack Rust, W.T. Taylor, Tom Habermacher, Fred Jervis, Mr. Walace from the mustang, Mr. Lipscomb, W.J. R. Minnis, White anf John Thornton, Nelson Herd, Alph Pinkney and woods Colored and Tom Quinan, colored. Paid 50c for dinner. B.Z. Boon, returned with

March 1874

me at night. J.T. Lawson, Albert Spooner, Steve Perry and Mr. Shepperd staid all night.

Tue 7 Lawson got Mr. Harrisons mule that has been with my horses two years and took her home. Boon and I went to court and returned paid for dinner 50c

We 8 A cold Norther and some rain, went to court paid for dinner 50c, coppy books and pens $1.00 for a set of harness $17.00 Paid Auldag for sunderies $6.40, Sold to Auldag, Lipscombs check for $40.00

Thur 9 Thermometer at 40o at 6 o'clock A.M. and 56o at 6 o'clock P.M. went to court, Boon returning with me as usual; Paid for dinner 50c tobacco 25c

Fri 10 Frost. This frost contrary to popular notions hapens on the dark of the moon. Boon and went to court, the jury adjourned until monday. he went home. Ned Owins went tot he Station with the cart and brought some meal for himself an freight for me, paid $8.00 freight and owe ballance of $1.75 nothing materially hurt by the frost.

Sat 11 Looked after horses, 40 mares have fouled 18 colts are alive. J.T. Lawson staid al night on his way to the Station gave him $1.75 to pay ballance on freight.

Sun 12 Rode out to see some horses

Mo 13 In town on the jury, dined with Jack Rust. The grand jury having gotten through

April 1874

with their business and found 39 inditements were dismissed. Paid for tobacco $1.00.H. N. Spooner, Felipe Llanguno and interpreter to supper after which they left.

Tue 14 Took H. N.Spooner to the Station in my buggy.Bevens repairing the fence near Dug Hoo's.

We 15 Looked after the horses.Cut Mrs.Galeofies gray colt.

Thur 16 Cold rain with some hail.made a colt halter.

Fri 17 Looked after the horses.Paid J.Habermacher $3.00 for apairof shoes,and owe him 65c for matches and tobacco. Albert has a chill. A cold north wind one of the oxen [?goned?]and Kiled.Dr A.senthomea pair of gray horses.

Sat 18 Drizzly with north wind. Fleas been very troublesome for amonth and worse to day than usual.

Su 19 Col north wind but clear.Rode out and calle at Mrs.Foote's.

Mo 20 Jef and Cris hauled rails.Dr A. came and stayed; Mack Hooe brought a piece of vensisen and stayed.

Tue 21 Jef and Cris hauled a load of lumber. Mr. Quinan brough his mare "Kitty" to my colt "Richmond". Mack Hooe assisted DrA. to drive his gray horses to the Spanish Camp and back.G. C. Duncan spent the day with me.Showry.

We 22 Cold and drizly.Dr A. went to Eagle Lake. Quinan called in the morning.Jef & Cris hauled lumber.

April 1874

Thur 23 Cold with a little rain. Jef and Cris hauled rails. Dug and Mack Hooe called on me to assist them in a division of their tract of land. They each agreed that the land should be divided from North to South equally and as their was only one house on the lower side; They agreed that the Calafornia house one occupied by Dug and the log kitchen should go with the lower side to be moved at the expense of the party getting the lower or East side. I prepared two pieces of paper exactly alike one marked upper and one marked lower placed them on the table blank side up, - Mack drew the lower side. He afterwards mentioned the gin and mill and Dug gave them to him. zthe each agreed that the plantation should continue as at present until the end of the year. G. Hooper came and stayed all night.

Fri 24 Jef and Cris hauled rails. Cold. A little frost. Quinan sent and got his mare. Jim Ford stayed all night.

Sat 25 Jef and Cris repaired fence in the morning and worked with the horses in the evening Friendship is sick with aweld cods and sheth: bled and put him in the lower pasture. Put Morgan in the front pasture. Paid Simon Peppers 75c for cleaning out the barn

Su 26 Looked after horses and called on Gabe Davis.

April 1874

G. Hooper came home with me and stayed all night. Counted the panels of fence that Jef got 115.

Mo 27 Looked after horses. Friendship no better. Jef and Cris hauled rails. Got some tobacco and crysalie ointment from John Habermacher, disolved the ointment in water and sprinkled the barn to kill fleas.

Tue 28 Albert went with me to the Spanish Camp Paid $4.75 for sunderies. Saw Dr A. on our return the coupling pin of the buggy broke and gave me a fall, but no hurt or material damage. Jef and Cris hauling rails

We 29 Jef & Cris hauled rails. Gave Bevens $10.00 Paid Frank Saunders $5.00 for an ax

Thu 30 Jef and Cris hauled rails. Bevens Simon Piffers baile some old hay off the meadow and moved a gate.


Fri 1 Went to very pleasent Pick=nick at the Spanish camp amongst the ladies were Mrs. Sorel, Mrs. B.J. Sanford, Mrs. Chapman and daughter, Mrs. Dill and, Miss Hallie Alkins. Lillie Foote, Kate Whitten, Roger and Mitchel and Mrs. Dug Hooe, Mrs. G.C. Duncan and others some of the gentlemen were, Maj. Dillans, Capt Chapman, G.C. Duncan, Maj. Dennis. Tom and John Habermacher with them their wives, A. Ross, Dr. Alexander, Dug Hooe, B.J. Sanford, G. Hooper and many others. Paid 25c for a deck of cards and $2.50 for repairing my buggy which broke again before I got home Jef and Cris hauled

May 1874

rail and Bevens and Simon repairing fencing.

Sat 2 Chuck Darst, B.Z. Boon, A. Ross and Geo Hooper to dinner. Mr. Lipscomb called and looked at my bull "Leppard" Loaned Geo Hooper $4.00.

Su 3 Dr A. called in the morning and left, again for Eagle Lake.

Mo 4 Cold: have a fever. Jef and Cris working their crops. Bevens and Simon Peppers fixed H. Footes fence. Brought Fannie Edwards home to fead.

Tue 5 Looked after horses. Counted the panels of fence left for Mentor Galagher 189

We 6 Mornings and night cool. Albert had another cill.

Thu 7 Albert went with me to Wharton paid $2.00 for mending my buggy: $1.00 for our dinners. $1.00 for cloth for Alberts jacket. and 65c for oil cloth. Dr A. returned and a crippled man came at night.

Fri 8 The crippled man claims to have been a confederate soldier and wounded in battle. We believe him to be a fraud, but I gave him $5.00 and Dr gave him $2.50. B.Z. Boon to dinner. M. Galagher gave me a piece of beef. The cripple went to Wharton and returned at night.

Sat 9 Looked after the horses. G. Franks turned loose a gray stud colt to allow me time to see if I would purchase him. Doc Jefferson got a Dun Spanish mare frome for which he is to pay $40.00 in the fall

May 1874

Sun 10 E. N.Brooks sent and got his mare. Henry Foote to dinner

Mo 11 Albert and I spent the day at Mr. Harrisons. Got of E. N.Brooks 1.2 lb tobacco and five gallons of tar, which is charged to me, as he owes me for a Jack.

Tue 12 Paid Jef ($20.00) twenty dollars for Clarissa to take to Galveston.Got up colts to Casterate.

We 13 Altered colts, A Ross did the work.G.C. Duncan and Mr. Crogier to dinner.Ross staid all night.Traded to A.Ross a stud colt. ("Boston") for a gray [here he drew a mark like a backward and frontward J against each other] mare five or six years old

Thu 14 Two colts dead

Fri 15 Sent J.Habermacher two beef hides to place to my credit.Albert George paid me $32.00 through J.Habermachers ballance due on judgement.Paid freight on Meal and oil $5.00. Paid Simon Peppers for work $2.50. Carter brought to me his mare sick and I bled him.

Sat 16 Ross assisted in getting up the altered colts and we doctored them for screw worms. Haveing had bad luck and the screw worms being troublesome conclude to casterate no more colts this season.

Su 17Dined alone.Ross called in the evening and J. Ford staid allnight.

Mo 18 Dug Hooe and family started to Palacious.

Tu 19 Looked after the horses. Nelson Jefferson called to talk to me about his land which he has lost in a law-suit.Weather very hot

We 20 Went with Cris and Jef and brought home aJenet given me by Jas.Galagher Also a

May 1874

Al young jack, given to Dr A. by J.Winston and which Dr A. gave me to day, he thinks the jack a yearling but I think he is two years old and have but little hope of his being servisable to us. Dr A. and G. C. Duncan were here to dinner.Bevens is mowing the weeds in the yard.Paid Henry Summer 75c for choping wood.

Thu 21 Cris built a new cow-pen.Bevens finished mowing the yard

Fri 22 Looked after horses.Hunted for the gray mare I got of A. Ross, but could not find her.

Sat 23 Paid Henry Frazier $5.50 for getting boards.Paid a freedman $5.95 for cutting cord-wood. Gave $10.00 to Lilly Foote who is going to the Volks-fest at Columbus

Su 24 Spent the day with B. Z. Boon.

Mo 25 Cris and Jef are hunting the young horse "Tom" which got loos from a freedman with a rope on him last wednsday. Looked after horses. Alfred came at 3 o'clock to do some white-washing for me.B. B. Brown came to make a new gutter at the west end of the house: Bevens is working on his cotton house.

Tue 26 B. B. Brown and Alfred at work

We 27 Brown and Alfred at work in morning.A heavy rain in the evening. I looked after horses in the morning: have heard nothing of the missing horse."Temp" was here and by authority of Gray Franks

May 1874

traded to me a gray horse colt for the "A.K." studJohn Vanhooten called and wanted to let Dr A. have 2,000 shingles.Albert Spooner with Mrs.Bolling staid all night on their way to the Station.

Thu 28 Rainey. Brown finished the gutter for which I paid him $3.00.Alfred abandoned his white-washing until the weather improves.Albert Spooner and a stranger to dinner.Jef horse "Fiarnot" is sick. I think with disease of the Kidneys..gave him saltpeter and rubed linament over the loins.

Fri 29 Showery.Looked after horses north of the Bernard.Bled Jef'shorse and repeated the treatment of yester-day. There is now a good season in the ground which the crops were beginning to need.

Sat 30 Got up counter branded and put my [circle with 8 in the middle] brand on the left shoulder of the mare I got from A.Ross. Sent my derringer pistols to Habermacher, who raffled them and Mr. Ross saddle, Tom Taylor won each.Paid 50c for coffy books for Albert and rain.

Su 31 Mr. Alison spent the day with me.No rain.

June 1Cris went in search of the missing horse"Tom" and returned at noon; Having learned that Dick Brent had recovered the horse from a Negro who had stolen him.Nailed up the fence.Got of J. Habermacher four shirts and eight lbs of tobacco. Dug Hooe called to borrow a horse.J.Ford and T.J.Whitten were with him.

June 1874

Tue 2 Looked after horses: They are doing well have now fifty colts.

We 3 Spent the day with G.C. Duncan. Heard that Dr.A was at Oliver Walkers and had been very ill,but is now improving.Duncan gave me a cane and a young dog.Mrs Duncan gave me a Verbena.

Thu 4 Alfred fixed a chicken-roost.Bevens, Jef, and Cris are plowing their crops.

Fri 5 Alfred repaired the barn-shed.

Sat 6 Looked after horses North of the Bernard.The Negroes have a fish fry on the Bernard. Albert went to the P.O. Got a soft shell turtle from Monroe Farmer

Su 7 Mr. Harrison and Lawson spent the day, the latter staid all night on his way to the Station. Jos.Galagher called and said he had a beef of Mr. Harrison's in his heard.Mr H. told me to get him.

Mo 8 Bevens, H,. Foote and Cris went and got the beef which we divided out.Looked after the horses J. Ford came and staid Light showers.

Tu 9 Ford and I looked after horses south of the bernard.

We 10 Ford and I looked after the horses North of the Bern and and doctored a colt for worms in the navel

Thu 11 Doctored a colt with worms in the navel.Paid Monroe 50c for the turtle. Jim Ford and Cris drove "Richmond" with Beaumont to my buggy. Feal like I have a slight fever.

June '74

Fri 12 Bevens and Cris drove Smoky and Richmond to Wharton to get latter shod, But Tom Gorden, the smith was sick so he was not shod. Heard that Lee Lacy shot and killed Gray Franks in Wharton yesterday.A good rain at noon. Gave Bevens $1.00 Took a dose of medicine, had fever.

Sat 13 Very slight fever.Went to J. Habermachers got some articles and paid him a ballance due him to date $6.80.Paid Jim 50c for a soft shelled turtle

Su 14 Bevens and I dined on the turtle, a young man called hunting for Dr A. to see Mr. Herbert at Eagle Lake. Negroes all gone to Old Mikes funeral service: He was a most notorious old thief and none of his family cared a cent for him when alive.

Mo 15 Sheared most of the colts, doctored two of them for screw worms. One of them badly snagged. Bevens assisted.

Tue 16 Looked after old "Mack's" menather.A good rain. Cordray to dinner. Lilly Foote is sick; I was sent for to see to her, but met Dr A. thear who came home with me.

We 17 Dr A. was taken very sick last night; but is better to day.

Thur 18 Raining.Dr A is still sick

Fri 19 Showry.Dr A. is better but still in the house. Menter Galagher spent the day Albert had a chill

Sat 20 Looked after horses. Dr A. went to see Maj. Dillard and

June '74

returned after we has gone to bed.J. Ford to dinner. Albert had another chill. I looked after horses. Paid J. Habermacher $1.15 for cloth for Alberts shirts and a white wash brush

Su 21 Albert still sick. Dr A. went to see B.Z. Boon,and returned.G.C. Duncan spent the day and offered to give me a load of millet

Mo 22 The paint mare is sick, think she has the bots, gave her Cloriform and a dose of Epsoms salts. Dr A went to see Maj.Dillard and returned.A heavy shower.

Tue 23 The paint mare is dead.Doctored horses. One colt with a few worms. Gibs to dinner; He took Dr A's Bill filly to break.Albert still sick.A heavy rain at 11 o'clock and showery all the evening.

We 24 Still rainy.Alfred Young went to Glaveston gave him $3.00 to but Thompson's "Dead Shot", to kill cotton worms for Bevens, Cris and Jef.Loaned Alfred $5.00 Cris nailed some fencing in the west side of the pasture. Albert has missed his fever.

Thu 25 No rain.Looked after horses. Cresy JOhnson - C. Came to get me to act as guardian for her childrens property which I declined. loaned her $2.00. Dr A. and Mack Hooe came at bedtime.

June 1874

Fri 26 Doctor A.and Mack went to his plantation. Doctored horses. no rain to day.I have now a boil which is likely to keep me in the house a while.

Sat 27 A fine breeze andno rain. The weather appears to be cleared.And I regret to be kept in the house.Let Lary take a beef hid to sell Habermacher out of which he is to get a pair of shoes and repay me in the fall. Albert went down to his mothers to stay all night. Mat and Lilly Foote call to borrow some books, I was feeding the horses and did not see them. I.N. Baughman returned to Wharton a few days since: He has been absent since last April court.

Su. 28 A very pleasant day. H. Foote got my buggy and "Cricket" to take his mother down to Mr.Harrisons.G. Hooper came at night.

Mo 29 Hooper and I went in the buggy (driving "Richmond)to see B. Z. Boon who is sick. Cris got an elm tree to make a new Ael for the cart. Gibs was here to supper.Dr A. and Mack Hooe came at bed-time.

Tue 30 Looked after the horses.No worms. Devil fouled.Dr A. went down to see B.Z. Boon. Old John Williams came her sick for Dr A. to treat him.

July 1 Jef and Cris went to G. C. Duncans with the wagon and got a load of millet.Paid John Habermacher $2.10 for sunderies.Paid Frank Saunders $6.00 for a dun Cow bran-

July 1874

ded [Box with T in middle of it]. Left with J.Habermacher $3.00 for Creasy. Dr A. returned from Boon's.

Thu 2 Dr A.was sick last night and to day John Williams remains. Received Mr.Hendley & Co bill.for flour, Meal Oats and Eucalyptus see $40.80

Fri 3 Looked after worms. B.Z. Boon called. Mr. Bryan to dinner, he brought invitations to a party at Mrs.Sorels.Dr A. in the evening mentioned that tomorrow was the 4th of July. which I had not before thought of nor he and any one mentioned.

Sat 4 Independence day! But no one about here takes any notice of it. It has lost it;s glory with the Southern people.paid for watermellons 50c. Dr A left.

Sun 5th S.M. Rowe was hear and I sold him the old stud "Mack", he to pay me at the end of the year.I to send the horse to him in the course of a month.

Mo 6th John Williams not showing any disposition to leave.I told him it was not convenient for me to keep him longer and he left. Went for B.B. Brown to come and put a new axel in my cart: said he would come next saturday.Albert is sick. Cris two youngest children were taken very sick yesterday.

Tue J. Ford came at night and told me that Albert had been in the Bernard yesterday. About which he had lied to me. Gave Albert sincere lecture about lying - will try if possible to correct that fault in him.for I hate a liar.

Tue I looked after the worms.Got a

July 1874

quarter of a small beef from Cris

We 8 Went to Wharton and got the cart skins mended for 50c. Lacy was on trial before Squire Kern for commitment for kiling Gray Franks.Signed with Mr.Godsey a bond for Mr.Galagher as guardian of Frank's children.

Thu 9 Went up the prairie with Cris & Jef to look for some Jacks but did not find them.

Fri 10 Looked after the horses: Devils colt had worms in the navel. Alfred Young has been white- washing three days and finished.

Sat 11 My horse "Smoky" has a his back a little hurt with the saddle so I will not ride him. Jef brought me some freight from the Station paid $5.90 freight.A good rain at noon; which ensures good crops of corn for all who have property worked thern. Cotton is also very promising, no talk of the Cotton worm yet.

Su 12 Mr Gibs to break fast and he, Albert Spooner and H. Foote to dinner.A large Commet Comet has been visible near the horizon in the North East for several evenings.

Mo 13 Looked after the horses over the creek. Cris gathered some clover seed

Tue 14 Cris and Jef looked after the horses.I went to to a pick-nick at the Spanish Camp:We were interupted by a heavy rain and removed the dinner to Habermachers gin house, some persons got very wet.Henry Foote started off to day with a load of cane fishingpoles to the up country;

July 1874

I thought he had much best stay at home and attend to his crop. Dr A. and mack Hooe came at night.

We 15 Dr A. and Mack repaired the hay rack and left.Jim Ford and Osker George staid all night.

Thu 16 Looked after horses.Quinan called.Paid for matches 50c

Fri 17 Doctored horses.One young colt with worms in the navel bad: kept the mare in the lot. Rain Bevens is on a spree.

Sat 18 Brown came over and worked on the cart axel.Heavy rains during the day.The colt with worms in the navel died.Let Ike Owins have $1.50 on account.

Su 19 Dr A. came out and went to see Minter Galaghers child,which died at night.G. C. Duncan spent the day with me.

Mo 20 Mrs.Galaghers is very sick from the los of her child and Dr A. is staying with her A shower

Tue 21 Looked after the horses - no worms in them and fewer ticks than I have ever known. No rain here but showers in sight.Mr Quinan called.

We 22 Dr A still with Mrs.Galagher.I now here of the Cottom worms having made their appearance in a number of places.But still have hope they will not destroy the crop from the fact that I see none of the millen about the lamps at night as is usual when

July 1874

worms appear in sufficient numbers to destroy the crop Nelson Jefferson and Ada returned from a trip up the country,and report Sarah's old horse "Beaumont" strayed or stolen.

Thu 23 Paid Ned 50c for cutting weeds in the horse lot. Messrs Greg and Moore from LaGrange came to look at some land near here and staid all night.

Fri 24 Went with Mr.Greg to show him his land: They left after dinner.Jim Ford brought a mule of Llaguna and put him in the pasture.

Sat 25 Let Ned and Ike Owins have fifty cents each: The left in search of "Beaumont" J. T. Lawson came and staid all night. I sent by him $5.00 to be left J. Habermacher for Jim Ford of bringing Llaguna's mule Albert is sick

Su 26 G.C. Duncan and Brooks spent the day.

Mo 27 The day is clear and every thing dry: Carter, Clem and Dan came and commenced cutting hay at noon. I am to pay them $1.50 perday, they to cut an acre of grass per day. John Thornton sprinkling his cotton with poison to kill the worms. Paid for a piece of beef 50c

Tue 28 Bevens commenced picking worms in his cotton.Looked after the horses. No worms. Hay cutters at work and Dismone raking.

We 29 Hay hands at work.B.B. Brown finished the cart Axel and i paid him $3.00.G.C. Duncan is getting Cyprus on the Bernard and staid all night.

July 1874

Thur 30 Hay hands at work.Very hot Thermometer at 88o

Fri 31 Stacking the hay:Jef assisting.Cris and I looked after the horses,an repaired a pen gate. Old "Mack's" testicle and shith are swollen.

Aug Sat 1 Jef and Cris doctored some colts. Henry Foote got back from Austin sais he made $30.00 clear on his load of fishing poles.Commenced feeding my horses on Jefs green corn. The hay hands finished stacking hay at noon having cut four acres and put up four stacks;they have cut but little more than the fourth of an acre per day nisted of the acre they promised. I paid them a dollar per day and loaned $20.00 a part of the grass is still uncut.

Su 2nd Dug Hooe and H.Foote spent the day and They and Bevens fixed the pump;which had gotten out of order. Dug staid all night.

Mo 3rd Looked after the horses. Rab and Cloman came to look after the Gilbert land.

Tue 4 Went and showed the Gilbert land to Rab and Coleman in the morning. And we gave Henry Hunt notice he was on Mr Gregorys land and that he must leave.We all went to Wharton in the evening.As agreed on Rab signed a deed to me for 442 acres of the Gilbert land and took the deed to Fayette Co to be signed by [?Aris or Cris?] sisters for which I am to execute to them my quit claim to an equal amount of said land.The District Court is in session and I am supeoned as a witness.

We 5 went to court.dined at the hotel paid 50c

Thu 6 went to court. Talked with Quinan about the suit agains me by Williamsons heirs.He feels

August 1874

confidant of gaining it. And I think the evidence Conclusive: But law is uncertian and this suit may ruin me.Dined with J. Rust

Fri 7 Went to court to look after my business.I was not needed as a witness.Got a judgement against I.N. Dennis on account of the Edwards plantation for nearly $10,000.00 no defense was made.The trial of the suit by Williamson heirs was commenced,most of the jury are negroes who cannot read or write the other side having challenged six white men,so we were compeled to go to trial in a complicated suit involving ten or more thousand dollars with only four white men on the jury.Luckily two of them are intelegent, none live near me or are particular friends, nor have they had bad feelings for me that I know of.

Sat 8 The trial went on. The case was given to the jury at 11o'clock; verdict for me rendered at 1o'clock a great relief.Feel very greatful to Quinan who has worked like a beaver and been nurtining, another lawyer might have lost the case wenes, Messers Morgan, Alison, Bon and Fred Jones whites, John Wheat, Henry Rugeley and other other negroes I did not know. Paid for dinner 50c cigars 50c ang gave Cris $5.00 Brought Quinan to his house in my buggy.

Su 9 Weather hot and dry. At home alone. wrote letters.One of the to Henry Dreer inclosing $1.50 cur.for seed.others notifying papers of my changes to the new P.O. called Quinan

Mo 10 Went to the Spanish Camp to have some

August 1874

work done on my buggy paid $1.00 for the work. J. T. Lawson and W.L. Hathaway who are on the grand jury came out and staid all night.

Tue 11 Looked after horses. No worms. but two mares, "Kern"and "Luna" died of loin fever. Hot! Hot! one thermometer at 92o the other at 94o.I have taken a light cold

We 12 Not as hot as yesterday.A sprinkle of rain for a quarter of a minute. Am better of my cold and started to White Armstrongs in the evening to get some young cedar plants.Staid all night at B.Z. Boons.

Thu 13 Got to Armstrongs before dinner, he went with me in the evening and got twenty five small cedars. A wolf came to Armstrongs at night kiled several sheep four gees some chickens, and whiped his dogs.but eat nothing.Armstrong thinks the wolf was rabid. One came to Sam Damons a short time since and acted in the same way, but he was kiled the next day near the house.

Fri 14 Came to B.Z. Boons by 10 o'clock and remained until 5o'clock P.M. on account of the excessive heat. Gave John Habermacher four of the little cedars and gave three of them to Mrs. Foote Jef and Cris doctored horses two with worms in the ears.

Sat 15 Cris assisted me in setting out the little cedars in the morning.One thermometer at 96o the other at 97 1/2o. This is the highest temperaturs I've ever known in this State. The ground is very dry and cracked open And water scarce in our well.

August 1874

Dr A. came home after bed time.

Mo 17 Looked after the horses.A high wind and light Shower at noon Cooled the air.Jim Ford to dinner.Paid John Habermacher $3.25 for Ada's shoes.$1.50 for Alberts shoes.$1.00 for Calisa tonic and 75 for Crysalic ointment

Tue 18 Doctored horses, three with worms in their ears. A good many ticks. Paid Albert $1.00 for picking Bevens cotton. Thermometer at 85o

We 19 Looked after Dr A.'s filly.Ford and Ross spent the day and the latter staid all night.

Thu 20 Spent the day with G.C. Duncan: worms have eaten his cotton. He is trying to poison them. Dr A. O.Walker and Mr Whitie were at Duncans hunting prairie chickens.A light shower.

Fri 21 Doctored horses.Worms in several.

Sat 22 Looked after horses and doctored one.

Su 23 Bobedeau Foote to dinner.A Spooner called in the evening. A pleasant day. Paid Albert Foote $2.00 for picking Bevens cotton. Paid Cris for a soft shell turtle 50c.Nat Morris staid all night on his way to the Brazos in search of a mule

Mo 24 Morris gave me $2.50 to pay for recording a deed for Mr H. Morris.A shower

Tue 25 Looked after worms. Brooks and H. Foote to dinner.Alfred commenced repairing the fence at 11o'clock. Got some nails of J. Habermacher

We 26 Went to Wharton and bargained with Minnis to put spokes in the hind wheels of my wagon for $10.00: I to furnish the timber Mr Haws was acting at deputy clerk and I paid him $2.50 for recording Morris' deed.Dennis talked to me about buying a homestead at Fleetwood.John Bolton complaining to me about the condition of Fleetwood fence. I promised to try to repair it.

Tue 27 Lo0ked after horses and went swimming with the Hudgins boys.

Fri 28 Doctored horses: Three with worms. Dr A gave Jef some whiskey at noon and he was drunk and slept all evening. Got of Will Thatcher a quarter of beef.

Sat 29 Looked for some horses, and called to see J.W. George who has returned from the coast. A Ross to dinner, Traded with him a bay filly branded [drawing of two J back to back] on the neck: And Afterwards traded the filly to Ike Owins for a sorrel horse branded AK. Sarah went to Eagle Lake to see her daughter Siley who is sick. Diley is in her place.

Su 30 Gordon Sorel married his first cousin Mattie Gordon yesterday. And by invitation Lilly Foote spent the day with others at Mrs.Sorels. only a few were present.

Mo 31 Jef took the wagon to Minnis for repairs. Gibs came and took up young "White Jaw" to break and staid all night.


Tue 1st Rain up the creek, but none here.Looked after horses: no worms

September 1874

took up to ride,"Frank" a gray pony Mrs. Quinan has loaned me."Smokey's" back is a little sore.Gibs took up "Young Pits filly to break for Dr A.

We 2 Sold Dismone a beef [?risemary?] one quarter for $6.00

Thur 3 Went to Wharton and saw Dennis with regard to building fence.Took Lilly Foote with me to spend the day with Miss Hallie Adkins.I dined with Mr Godsey, who talked to me about purchasing Fleetwood. John Thornton returned to me fifteen bushals of corn loaned to him in the spring.

Fri 4 Doctored horses one with worms in ear. A Freedman brought to me fifteen bushels of "Torn" that I loaned to Dick Brent for which I paid him $1.00.A black cloud and a light sprinkle of rain in the evening.

Sat 5 Rain all day; very hard in the evening and continued all night. This ends the six weeks drouth which has prevailed all over the State injuring the cotton crop very much in the upper counties.

Su 6 Showery all day

Mo 7 Showry. Went to see Quinan and talked to him about Mike Powell's business. Got wet by rain comeing home.Dr A Will Hudgins and Jas Ford come after we had dined. Said they were going to see some Negroes who had threatened their lives: But they were all drunk and I prevailed on them to wait until they got sober which Dr A agreed to, but they went to the grocery and did not better their condition.

September 1874

Dr A returned and staid all night.

Fri 8 Tom Davis came and Dr A. went with him to see Mr Godseys child.Showry all day.Fixed my boot Paid little Cris $1.55 for gathering corn.

We 9 White litties in bloom. Rainy Cris gathered a cart load of asage oranges for me

Thu 10 Hard rains. soed clover in the rescue patch.Had a fever in the evening that lasted all night.

Fri 11 Rainy. No fever.Took medicine.

Sat 12 Clear.No fever. A letter from Llagune containing $10.00 currency. This is to reimburse me for the $5.00 paid J.Ford for bringing home a mule and to pay for another if I get him.

Su 13 Albert and I went on horse-back to Mr Harrisons. Road very muddy

Mo 14 Gave "Bruin" to young Albert Harrison, let Albert Foote ride my horse and I came home in an ambulance with J.T. Lawson.Came through Wharton where I talked with J. Rust, and ascertained he had no idea of biding on Fleetwood farm at the sale. Spoke to Kern about the condition of the bridge over Peach Creek and told him if an accident hapened to my wagon in crossing I would try to make some one pay the damage. He promised it would be fixed.Got of E.N. Brooks a pair of russet shoes and some tobacco

Tue 15 Showry.Lawson remained with me.Looked after the horses.Larry paid me $1.50

September 1874

J.Ford staid all night. Musquetos are worse than they have been this year. The horses are badly scatered did not find them all to day. Cotton is sprouting in the bools

We 16 Clear. Lawson left.Ford and I went up the prairie and got his gray mare that was with my horses. Jef and Cris are gathering corn.

Thu 17 Mailed letters to Gen Hunton,Col. R.M. Powell, Felipe Llaguno and Stringer.Looked after my missing mares did not find them, G.Hooper was with me in search of his mare that has gotten away from Bob George. soed turnips.

Fri 18 Looked after horses: found those that were missing.Gibs came and got Dr A's filly "Flamagin" [?bing?] Stewart called to sell me his land.He asks $8.00 per acre and offers to give me time. I want to get some of it for fire wood but am not inclined to go in debt for it.

Sat 19 A hard rain all morning, cleared up in the evening.

Su 20 Clear. Henry and Bobedeau Foote to dinner. Sold Ben A Jefferson a stear for 30 bushels of corn to be delivered here

Mo 21 Laid off a mile race trac at J. Habermachers.J. Ford J. Davis, Brit and Osker George to dinner and assisted at the trac. Jef went to town and got the wagon and paid Minnis $10.00 in full for filling the hind wheels.

Tue 22 Looked after horses: They are much scattered

September 1874

by the musquetoes.Doctored one for worms. J. Ford is with me.

We 23 Rained all day.Ford remained

Thu 24 Heavy rain until noon.Bernard swiming and the prairie covered with water.Ford left.

Fri 25 A shower in the morning.Cris and I looked after horses. still scatered, did not find all. Gibs staid all night.

Sat 26 Found some of the missing horses Cris took up "Friendship" to feed a month for which am to pay him $5.00.Loaned Pete Hudgins 50c Ben A. Jefferson brought me the thirty bushels of corn and got the stear I traded him. Dr A.came at bed time.Harry Diggs was here and told me of the burning of his house and this wish to remain on the Fleetwood plantation in case I buy it.

Su 27 A light norther which trust will bring us clear weather,. A Mr Wheat from Big Creek staid all night.

Mo 29 The Norther continues Put on a thick coat this morning.Looked after the horses.Met with Quinan who told me to forbit the sale of the 100 acres advertised to be sold off of the Edwards league for cost of the suit agains me.

Tue 29 Still up the colts and Dug Hooe branded them for me. When John Vanhooten staid all night I promised to let him have "Richmond" to train and run this fall.

We 30 Dug branded colts for me again to day

October 1874

all are branded except four.Put the horses acrossin to bottom across Peach Creek Jim Ford staid all night

Thur 1st Put the beel mare and most of the mules in the lower pasture. five mules are with the Gotch stud over Peach Creek.

Fri 2 Went to the Station.Received by express from Mr Hendley & co $458.45 in currency.Paid freight on lumber $15.00 on nails 50c on bagging and ties $3.10 express charges on money $2.25 G.C. Duncan to dinner.J. T.Lawson and Mr Harrisons wagons at night Weather warm again.

Sat 3rd Looked for "Orleans" horse Paid $1.50 for beef. S.M. Rowe ro dinner.

Su 4 Looked over a- [account] from Mr Hendley & co found it all right Heard Charley Battle had shot Floyd the Smith. Dr A. is at Dug Hooe's sick

Mo 5 Dr A.was here in the morning and went to Wharton Nelson Jefferson was hear and he and Sharak had a row about the horse that was stolen from Nelson some time since Jef hauled wood with the cart.Lawson and Henry Compton came from the Station and staid all night.

Tue 8 Went to Wharton to attend the sale of the Fleetwood plantation, which was sold on account of judgement in my favor for the purchase money I bid it in for $5,000.00 no one else bidding.Paid J. Cordray $120.50 as costs and am to pay him $3.00 more when he makes the deed.Paid Cordray $3.00 as my share of costs in the judgemention suit against the school tax of one per cent. Forbid a sale of the part of Edwards league

October 1874

for B. M. Powel by instruction of Powel and Quinan. Dined with J.Rust who has sold his house and is living in the hotel.Bargained with Borden to move and put up a house on Fleetwood for me.

We 7 Went to the Spanish Camp and paid $2.00 for mending the ox chains.Dined with Capt. Chapman: A heavy rain storm while there and got wet by shower as I came home. Cris did some work in the garden.

Thur 8 Looked after the horses and put [?tren-tail?] in the pasture. Cris did some work in the garden in the morning. we put some young mules in the lower pasture in the evening. Got og J. Habermacher some sheeting and a pair of boots for ALbert.Paid Habermacher $10.00 on account and engaged of him some of the lumber from Tillys house which has been torn down.A Ross staid all night.

Fri 9 A shower last night.Went to Tillys and selected some lumber. i have taken cold from my weting and a headache sent me to bed. Loaned Mattie Foote $10.00 JOhn Thornton hauled a load of lumber from Tillys for me.A. Ross staid all night.

Sat 10 Cris and Bevens hauled shingles from Tilly's house John T. Lawson got his ambulance broken by a kicking horse and took my buggy and horse to the Station for Mr Harrison.Loaned Mr Harrison a horse to get home.Paid for flour and lime by Mr Harrison $12.25. Cris has worked 3 1/2 days this week.Jef brought 40 bushels of corn from Dick Brent at Bear Camp.

October 1874

Su 11 J.T. Lawson came to dinner and staid all night- A barrell of Dick Brent's corn shelled out 45 pounds making the load 40 bu. an 10 lbs.

Mo 12 Jef went for a second load of Dick's corn. Paid J.Habermacher $53 cy. in full for lumber from Tillys house and $7.00 in full of articles gotten from his store to date. Bargained with A.Jacksons stock man for two mares and a colt at $90.00 cy. Cris went to Henry Fraziers for boards.

Tue 15 Having heard that some colts that were stolen from me were near Dr Web's.I took Cris with and went and saw young Web, and ascertained the colts were not mine. And returned home at night.Jef got back with a load of Dicks corn which measured 45 bushels which made

We 14 Bevens and Cris fixed two gates and Cris took nails out of the Tilly shingles.B.Z. Boon was here to dinner and by his request I wrote to J. Dullahand of Harrisburg for one thousand feet of the Geo Calcasiew lumber

Thu 15 Went to the Station, paid freight on flour and lime $1.50 for cups and saucers $1.25 for cloth for a vest $2.25 Saw Mr.Simmons, engaged of him 700 pickets at $5.00 per thousand, got of and paid him for a piece of beef 75c Cris getting nails out of shingles.

Fri 16 Cris brought a second load of boards from Henry Fraziers making 1300. Bevens worked on the hog pen and garden fence. Jef brought a load of Dicks corn, 45 bu.

Sat 17 Paid Abe Heard $5.00 for bring to me a mare and colt which proves to be Oscar George's. Some of the young mules haveing got out of the lower pasture we put them back this morning.Bought of A Jackson's agent two mares and a yearling horse colt, for which I paid him $90.00 currency.They were counter-branded and my brand put on. G.C. Duncan, H. Foote and a Mr Gomez to dinner the latter talks of renting a part of Bear camp to put some [?Pousians?] on it.we made no bargain

Sun 18th Went to Mr.Quinans met him and Maj Dennis coming to see they went with me back to Mr. Q's. Found Maj. D. wanted me to buy his mules and have them sold and buy them in to keep conditions from interfereing with him which I agreed to it is understood I am not to take the mules from him. Maj.D. also gave me a note for $1000.00 as rent for Fleetwood to be paid out of the crop after deducting any advances he has gotten on it not to exceed $600.00 Mr.Quinan requests me to buy up Mrs. Erwin Thomas's claim against him as security for Dennis and Whitten.

Mo 19 Went to Wharton: Bargained with Bodin Armstrong to complete Henry Diggs' house with floor and chimney, I to furnish every thing, but he to haul brick and sleepers I to pay him $30.00 in all. Looked at Fleetwood with Maj Dennis offered to sell him $1 150 acres off of the river end for $25.00 per acre Dined with J. Rust and went to Mr. Harrisons and staid all night. Found his house crowded. A Dr. Smith and his wife occupied one of his rooms. Paid Warner 50c for a buggy bolt.

Tue 20 Went to Bear Camp, had a talk with the negroes and arranged my business with them satisfactorily. Abe Johnson is to pay me $150.00

October 1874

and some interest before he takes his cattle off, Agreed to take from him 150 barrels of slip shucked corn at 50c per barrel. I to grind it and he to haul two thousand feet of lumber from Richwood with out charge.Ike is to pay me his note for $55.00 before he takes his cotton off.

Came home by E. Brooks and got some articles for my-self and a pair of pants as a present for Bevers. Jef brought a load of Dick Brents corn. Bevers and Alfred Young are covering Cris' house. Cris making places to feed mares and colts.

We 21 Cris hauled 31 barrels of corn from Frank Aikins which finished paying for a Red Roan horse sold him. Dr.A came home sick. Dug Hooe and Geo Hooper to dinner. Jef is badly hurt by a fall from his horse, which fell with him.

Thu 22 Went to see Jef and to a pick-nick near the old bridge crossing on the west Bernard. Spent a pleasant day with Capt. Charman and family, B. J. Sanford and family, Mrs.Hooe, Mrs Thomas and Mrs. Anna Kincheloe. The day was very warm. Cris brought 700 boards from H. Fraziers.

Fri 23 Fearing Jefs arm was dislocated I brought him to see Dr A. and took him back in my buggy. He is only bruised. Bevens and Alfred finished Cris house. Cris at work on horse pens.

Sat 24 Cris took "Friendship" (stud) to the bottom, and mecke a stear I got from John Vanhooten and

October 1874

brough home a yoke of stears I have rented from Monroe Parmer for six weeks for $5.00

Su 26 Still warm. Dr A. is better but still has some fever. Geo Spooner called. J.W. Godsey was here to dinner. Came to see me about the sale of Dennis mules feared there was some trick to interfere with his mortgage on them which I assured him was not the case.

Mo 26 Cris went to Bear Camp for corn. Bevers is dressing lumber for the [?Crull partition?]

Tue 27 Dr A. is better and went with me to the Spanish Camp and back. Notified Tom Habermacher to get his money from Dennis on his mortgage. B.Z. Boon was here to dinner. Cris brought 75 bushals of corn from Abe Johnson on account of his indebtness.

We 28 Dr A. is improving; he went fisheing and hunting. G. Hooper staid all night. Hear that was trying to quit her husband Erwin, and that he had threatened to kill he uncle J.W. George.

Thu 29 Cris gone to Bear Camp for corn. Bevens at work on partition. A Mr. Phillips from Lagrange and John Lawson on his return from Grimes County staid all night

Fri 30 Mentor Galagher came to Breakfast and I went with him to the Sherman place in search of an ox I saw Nelson Jefferson who agreed to by unsold part of Bear Camp plantation at $15.00 per acre. Cris brought 50 bushels of

Nov 1874

Abe Johnsons corn and 15 bushels that Doc Jefferson owed me. Wooley with three of Mr. Harrisons wagons staid the night. Paid Henry Frazier $9.00 for getting brands. Dr. A. and Bevens put up the hall partition. I was pained to see Dr A. was drinking again; I had hopes he was going to quit.

Sat 30 Got of John Habermacher a hat at $3.50 copper tacks 50c and a paper of iron tacks. Paid Josia Hudgins $2.00 for a quarter of veal. Dr A. went to Wharton and did not return. Let Lewis Simmons have a 2 year old bay horse mule bloled brand on the shoulder and a wart on the neck. Let Dock Jefferson have a black horse mule 3 years old four white spots on the right thy one on the left stifle. Let Ike Webster have a 3 year old black horse mule wit small white spot on the neck: and a 3 year old blaze faced dun horse mule. They are to have the use of these mules this year for breaking with the prividlge of buying at the end of the year for $55.00. John Pierson staid all night. A cold norther

Su 1st Pierson went to Wharton and back to dinner and on to Richmond in the evening. A man brought me stear from John Vanhooten. Spence was here and agreed to let me have a blae of cotton on account of his indebtedness which is to square our accounts. Kept up a fine all day. Mo 2 A white frost. Cris gone for corn. Bevers working on the yard fence I framed a horse sack.

November 1874

B.Z. Boon called and loaned me $200.00 cur and requested me to order 1,000 ft of ceiling lumber for him.

Tu 3rd Dr A. and Mack Hooe come to breakfast. We all went to the election at Wharton I voted for John Hancock for Congress and P.E. Pierson for representative in the Legislature. W.J. Godsey having attached some cotton intended for me by I.N. Dennis. I gave a replivry bond of $500.00 for the 5 bales. Paid Kern $7.20 for a side of leather. Bargained with Kern for seven hogs at $50.00 J.W. George sold me a young sorrel horse for his indebtness to me. Cris brought 75 bushels of corn from Peter Anderson.

We 4 Put up my new horse rack. Went to J. Habermachers and gave him Mrs. Sorels check for $60.00 (which I had received as payment for a horse) to be credited on my note to W. Andrus, on which note I still oew $18.00. S,M. Bow came to dinner and I signed as security for him a note for $880.00 due Nov 1st 1875. Cris gone to Bear Camp for corn. Bevens working on yard fence. Tom Habermacher started his gin again to day. it was burned three weeks since.

Fri 6 Dr A. came home at noon drunk and went to bed: In the evening he commenced putting spokes in my buggy wheels. Cris brought

November 1874 October
25 bu. of corn from Peter Anderson making in all 100 bu and 15 from Doc Jefferson and some rent corn from Spence.

Sat 7 Sent Alfred Young $1.00 by Ned Owens. Mack Hooe came to breakfast and assisted Dr A. to put two spokes in my buggy wheels. Dr A. went down to Geo Spooners and returned after bedtime. Cris brought a load of post from the north side of the Bernard. Bevens and I went hunting in the evening and kiled some squirrels. Jim hauled wood two days this week and went to Mrs. Sorels mill to day at 50c per day Su 8th Dr A. Bevens and I went fishing and hunting up the Bernard Cris went with us Kiled some buffalo fish, ducks and squirrels. Mo 9 Went to Wharton took Cris and ran a line for a plank fence on the north end of the Fleetwood plantation. Jef took in a load of fence posts and brought out the seven hogs bought of Kern. Paid Kern $54.00 currency for the hogs. Paid Dennis $2.00 for [?ivm?} tines for arch bars. paid $1.75 for oil cloth. Bargained with Kern for his corn at 50c per bushel to pay him at christmast. He is to keep the corn for me until that time.

Tue 10 paid for stamps and envelopes $2.25. Jim hauled wood yesterday and to day.

We 11 Dick Brent came som in the morning and informed me he had sent six bales of cotton to Mr Hendley & co for me. Went to Harrisburg to get lumber for Fleetwood: Taking with me $216.00 in currency. Paid $2.50 for a ticket and left $2.50 in Raders hands. Arrived in Harrisburg at

November 1874

2 o'clock. Paid John Dullahan $64.50 for lumber he has sent me for Fleetwood, and $15.50 for a 1000 ft Texas lumber for B.Z. Boon. Bargained with Dullahan for some more lumber to be sent up immediatly on which he is to give me time. By invitation I staid all night with Dullahan.

Thu 12 Gave Dullahan $20.00 of this $15.00 is to buy a boat and $5.00 to be placed to my credit with him. Came home: paid for ticket $2.50 Bevens met me at the Station with my buggy. A sprinkle of rain. Found Dr A. at home very sick. But he got up in the evening and went to see Em Darst against my earnest entreaty to stay. A. Ross was here to dinner. I now have fears that Dr A. may died any day- perhaps before he returns home. Jef and Cris hauled lumber, Jef also hauled yesterday.

Fri 13 Went to Wharton and bargained with Dennis to rent him Fleetwood next year and left with Quinan a memorandum to draw up our agreement. Some of my friends have advised me strongly not to do this: But the hands on the place have no teams and I am not prepared to furnish them: Dennis has beans and corn. Dined with J. Rust. On my return was glad to find Dr A. had returned though he is sick. Bevens had gone with him to Darsts and back. Cris hauled in a load of lumber and brought out a load of cotton for Dr A. I hauled 700 pickets from Simmons.

Nov 1874

Sat 14 Cris took the cotton to the Station and brought home a load of lumber. Dr A. is in bed very sick. Paid for beef $2.00 Paid Jef on account $5.00

Sun 15 warm, cloudy and threatening rain. Dr A. vomiting through the day. Dug Hooe staid all day and night with Dr A.

Mo 16 Jef and Cris hauled lumber. Dr A. being worse and his mind a little flighty. I sent Dug Hooe to Columbus for Dr Bowers. Gave him $10.00 for expences. Mr. Quinan called. Geo Hooper came to dinner and promises to remain while Dr A. is sick

Tue 17 Jef and Cris hauling. J. Rust and Gorden Sorel to dinner. Dr Dunklin and Mr. Godsey called. Dug Hooe and Dr Bowers of Columbus came in the evening.

We 18 Jef and Cris hauling posts from the north side of Bernard.

Thu 19 Dr A. is better and Dr Bowers returned home. A cold drizzly day. Jef and Cris hauled posts. Bob Thompson and his nephew came and brought home a stolen mare from Coln Hawkins'.

Fri 20 Still cold. Paid Bob Thompson $10.00 for bringing the mare. Jef and Cris finished hawling the posts. Cris took a load of posts to Fleetwood. Dug Hooe returned me $2.50 of the money from Dr Bowers expences.

Sat 21 Dr A was not so well in the morning, but better in the evening. Cris took Bevens Cotton to the gin and brought me a load of cotton seed. Paid Jim $1.50 for hawling. Paid for beef 50c.

November 1874

warm with strong south wind East wind. Dr A came to the table Mack Hooe to dinner. Quinan called int he evening.

Su 22 G.C. Duncan called int he evening and staid until 10 o'clock P.M. Dr A sat up in the hall very late.

Mo 23 Jef hauled wood. Cris took his cotton to the gin. Dr A is not so well as he was. Mrs. Foote sent me some young turkeys. W.J. Anderson staid all night.

Tue 24 Jef Cris went to the Station and brought 4 sacks of salt and 4 kegs of nails. Mack Hooe came to stay with Dr A. G. Hooper staid all night. I covered my old buggy with oil cloth. Jef hauled wood.

We 25 Went to bear Camp to see about some cotton the negroes owe me they had not gined and none of them were at home and I returned after stoping several hours at Brooks' store, where I got a canister of powder for Dr A. and one for myself. Jef hauled wood

Thu 26 Jef hauled wood and stoped for the present: leaving 15 cords in the woods.

Fri 27 Jef hauled cotton seed from Mr. Galispies gin. H. Rust, S. Borgers and Josh Hooper came at night to stay but as my beds were full the went to Dug Hooe's. Paid Ned $1.50 for sawing wood

Sat 28 Paid Alfred Young $5.00 currency by Ned out of

December 1874

which he is to let Ned have $4.00 and to pay Josia Hudgins for a quarter of beef. Llaguno called and got his mule and encamped in the lower pasture. Dr A is confined to bed again.

Su 29 Llaguno called said he had a dun horse mule at White Armstrong who would send him to my plantation. and a black mare mule at S. Wheat's which he wishes me to send for he left with me $10.00 and the $4.25 I have of his to pay expences. I am to sell or dispurse of the mules as best I can or I can keep the two mules and send him $100.00. John [?Nortnt?] has agreed to fetch the mule from Wheats for $3.00. I went to the station to see about my lumber; it had not arrived. I heard Jos. Deadrick and Mr. Montgomery were dead, both from too much whiskey. The former was for many years leader in the church and head of a temperance society in Wharton, and commenced excessive drinking nine years since.

Mo 30 Jef hauled cotton seed. Alfred and Cris worked on horse pens. Bevens and I worked on the yard fence.

Dec 1st Went to Wharton. Paid Kern $1.50 for work on harness and $1.50 for work on Adas saddle for recording deed to Ulyses Rabb and others $1.00 for fresh peaches for Dr A. $1.20 for drugs and putty $1.40 Loaned J.W. George $2.50, I.N. Dennis promished to have a load of cotton ready for me by the last of the week. Jef hauled to Fleetwood blocks for a

December 1874

house and a barrel of lime. Cris got up some yearling colts to gentle and feed this winter. Mason Brent came up to let me know he has some cotton ready for me.

We 2nd Went to Bear Camp and marke some cotton which Mason Brent is to take to Richmond to be sent to Mr. Hendley & co of Galveston for me. 5 bales from Mason Brent marked M.B.[A in triangle], 1 bale from Spence Thomas marked ST [A in triangle], 1 bale from Abe Johnson marked AJ [A in triangle], 1 bale from Ike Webster marked I W [A in triangle], 1 bale from Peter Anderson marked PA [A in triangle], and 4 bales for Mason Brent marked [B in circle]. Came home by Brook's store. paid for tobacco $1.00 for oranges $1.20 Jef hauled cotton seed. Cris got up the gray morgan colt.

Thu 3 Ment Galagher loaned me $2.75 cur and I sent to W.A. Taylor at Brenham in a registered letter $17.75 as a special revenue tax of 1866. Jef hauled cotton seed Cris working with the colts. Wrote to Mr Hendley in respect to a check from Effa Hunter and wrote to Ulyses Rabb enclosing a deed to him and his deed to me to be certified and returned.

Fri 4 Dr A. is out of his room again. Cloudy. Jef brought some lumber from the Station Cris got up the mules. Gordon Sorel came and got his filly

December 1874

Sat 5 A heavy rain last night. Cris hauled wood for himself. Had a head-ache and staid in the house.

Sun 6 A raw north wind and rain. Henry and Robedeau have gotten through with work at Cousin Alberts and come here to get their Sunday dinner as usual.

Mo 7 Being summoned as a petite juror I went to Wharton to attend the District Court Judge Burkhart presiding. Sent my horse home by Jef and by invitation from Mr. J. Rust I staid at the hotel which he is keeping at present. Mr. Harrison notified me to collect of Dick Brent $10.00 for which I am security Louis Simmons paid me $10.25 a ballance he has been owing me for corn several years. He also informed me there was for me a bale of cotton at Schleys gin house to pay intrest due me to date on land. Maj. Dennis turned over to me 7 bales of cotton which I marked [A in triangle} D and sent to the station by Jef to be forwarded to Mr. Hendley & co of Glaveston. Jef brought to Fleetwood a load of lumber and took out a load of cotton. J.W. George returned me $2.50 loaned a short time since. Gave Jef 25c paid for counterpane $5.00 handkerchiefs $1.00 socks $1.80 and to Schultz $1.00 for nails gotten of Alfred Young.

Tue 8 Beautiful weather. Dr A. sent me $20.00 special to pay for his lumber and freight.

We 9 Borrowed Joe Galahers horse and went home at night.

Thu10 Returned to court. sent J. Habermacher $3.80 to pay for trees. paid for shoes for Ada $1.75

Fri 11 On the jury

December 1874

Sat 12th Paid Shanklin for hauling shingles to Fleetwood $1.00 Paid Mose Watkins $2.50 and still owe him $7.50 and a bushel of irish potatoes for 20 bushels of sweet potatoes. Was released from jury and found B.F. Lee at my house on my return.

Su 13 Lee staid with us. Jim Ford and H. Foote to dinner.

Mo 14 Rainy. Lee left for his plantation. Jef took a load of lumber to the st Fleetwood. Dr A. is riding about against my protests.

Tue 15 Jim Ford staid last night. still rainy and Dr A. continues to ride about.

We 16 A beautiful and pleasent day. Went to the Station and received by express from Mr. Hendley & co. %500.00 currency and $200,00 gold. Paid Rader a ballance on freight of $42.10 including B.Z. Bon's. Dr A's and Sarah's. Called by to see Askar George and saw the scotch sorrel stud I've traded with him for. Jim Davis came home with me and got Dr A's sorrel filly to train for a race. The Bernard had risen, since I crossed and we swam it. Dr A. kiled a beef and gave me a quarter Jef id hawling his cotton to the gin and brings back a load of cotton seed. Dr A. gave me $1.50 to pay freight on his lumber.

Thu 17 Sent by registered letters to J.A. Slaughter $20.00 to Bettie Ashby $50.00. To F. Ward a check in Mr. Hendley for $100.00 and directed Hendley & co to pay to the Bayland Orphants Home $12.00.

December 1874

17 Showery: went with Dr A. om his buggy to Wharton. Handed the cleark to be recorded a deed to twenty acres of land I;ve given my cook Sarah Owens. Paid my taxes $110.50 currency and $22.00 in county scrip. Paid P.H. Petty $18.00 in full account to date. Paid Mose Watkins $7.50 a ballance that was odue him for sweet potatoes. Paid difference in exchange $6.00. Called by Mrs. Quinans and paid her $75.00 gold for a gray ponie. Cris went to Mr. Harrisons and brought home a jack I've gotten for Oskar George.

Fri 18 Rainey and cold. Staid in the house.

Sat 19 Cold and rainy in the morning. Cleared at noon and Dug Hooe kiled his hogs. Paid Jim A. $3.00 and someone else $1.50 for Sarah. Paid little Cris $1.25 Paid Alfred Young $20.00 specia and $5.00 cy.

Su 20 Thermometer at 30o, some ice seen. Clear. Took dinner with G. Quinan and gave him a check for $500.00 currency and two of his note which with intrest would amount to about $400.00 and got from a receipt in full for all dues to date.

Mo 21 Paid J. Habermacher in full to date $65.15 this included a ballance that remained on my note to W. Andrus and $1.36 for nails for Sarah and $26.25 for shingles and $2.51 on account of ox [?hine?]. Dr A. left in the morning and has not returned at night. He is drinking again. And I think

December 1874

must be diliberatley trying to kill himself with whisky. And I fear he live but a short time perhaps not until the new year.

Tu 22 A fresh norther. Thermometer at 36o. Kiled our hogs; Bevens Cris, Jef and Monroe doing the work. I remained in the house with a bad cold. Paid Monroe $3.50 in full for his oxen and to days work weather warms int eh evening.

We 23 Still have a soar throat. Paid Alec Washington $1.50 for two white oak baskets. Gilphin paid me $9.00 for a cow, of which I gave Jef one dollar. Marked for Joe Palmer 3 bales of cotton JP [in a square].

Thu 24 Dr A's horse with saddle and bridle in was found on the prairie, which made me very uneasy for his safety; I with several others went in search of Dr A. who I found at home on my return in the evening. The horse got away from him on the prairie last night. Gave Sarah $2.00 to pay Simon Peppers. Loaned Ned $1.00, Jef hauled lumber for Sarah. Jim Ford staid all night.

Fri25 Christmas. Had our eggnog in the morning, and went to see the two year old colt race at J. Habermachers. The race was nearly even the colts coming out well together as follows Oskar George's first Jim Davis second M. Galaghers third followed by Jim Fords: Dined at Dug Hooes with Mrs. Meyers, Gave Bevens $3.00 to lose on the races. Paid Jerry $7.50 for turkeys, Geo. Shank

December 1874

lin came and bargained with me for the Veazy lots. He paid me $81.75 cash and is increase the cash payment to $151.00 in January and give his note for the remainder of the $500.00 he is to pay for the lots. Mack Hooe came drunk and went to bed John Vanhooten also staid the night. Jim Ford staid all night.

Sat 26 Cris went to Habermachers mill for me. Salted down the pork a second time. Vanhooten took Richmond to train for a race with McJunkins Bismark colt on the 10th of January.

Su 27 At home alone. J.W. George called in the evening, It is very warm; am uneasy about my pork Bevens has been drunk at the grocery for several days.

Mo 28 My cold is much better. Weather still very warm. Went to see Adam and Henry Frazier about boards. Have no fire int he house.

Tue 29 Drizzly. G.C. Duncan to dinner. He took home with him "Beautys" bull calf. Cris brought from B.Z. Boon's a beef cow for me. Dick Brent was here and gave up his trade with me for a mule, Paid him $15.00 on account of his cotton. Steve George came to see me about the rent of the Stewart place; he agreed to pay three dollars per acre for the field of twenty acres. Bevens launched the new boat I bought for him. Jef hauled lumber for Sarah yesterday and to day

December 1874

We 30 Kiled cut up and scaled in brine the beef cow brought from Boon's. Vanhooten was hear to dinner and said the persons who had made the race against "Richmond" had rued the bet. But he is training Richmond and Mr. Harrisons horse to run on the 11th of January. Paid Sarah $50.00 in cash and let her have 21 lbs of 3 nails $1.60 Jef brought a load of lumber from the Station for Fleetwood. Dr A. came home at night.

Thur 31st Cold and Drizzly. Packed down beef


Fri 1st Cold and Drizzly. staid in the house

Sat 2 A fresh Norther. Thermometer at 38o. The first sunshine we've had for a long time. Took up my pork and Cris kiled his hogs. Jef took a load of lumber to Fleetwood and brought back a small bale of cotton from Maj Dennis.

Sun 3 A heavy rain in the morning and clear in the evening. Cris salted down the pork again. Bevens caught four large cat-fish on set hooks. Jane had a bull calf last night. Lipscombs cow has a calf four days old

Mo 4 Wen in to Fleetwood and to Wharton. Dined with Maj Dennis. Paid for a pair of boots $5.50 A Norther in the morning with increasing cold all day . Theremometer at 32o at night. "Janes" calf was dead on my return. Dr A. went home with J.W. George.

January 1875

Thur 5 Ice The Norther continues with thermometer at 22o. Bevens is crippled with rheumatism in this right knee. Dr A. returned and brought me $6.00 from Dismone

Wed 6 Theremometer at 32o. Drizzly. Went to John Habermachers and got some tobacco. Dr A. went to see Mrs. Foote and did not return.

Thur 7 Cold and Drizzly. Setled with Cris. Paid him $32.25 and he left in my hands $70.00 to pay Dr A. on his land and $5.00 to pay his tax Mr. Hooker took "Jane" to milk this winter.

Fri 8 Raw and Misty. Mr Hooker brought Jane back because his daughter was afraid of her. Rode over to J. Habermachers and got some apples. A fresh norther came up at 9 o'clock P.M.

Sat 9 Stif norther Thermometer at 14o rose to 16 during the day. everything frozen. This is the lowest degree I've noted in this county and have been here 29 years.

Su 10 Hominy snow fell during the night, and the ground is white with snow thermometer at 14o in morning and 20o at night.

Mon 11 Theremometer at 200 at 8 o'clock A.M.: The ground still covered with snow. This is the day for the races at John Vanhootens but I think they surely will not run, in the condition of the track. Settled with John Habermacher for articles gotten to date. paid him $15.35 for Sarah and $10.36 for myself. This embraces my postage for last year.

January 1875

Paid also $1.00 for envelopes and $5.00 for a coat. A peddler was hear to dinner and I paid him $3.00 for a pair of table cloths

Tues 12 Cloudy, foggy and damp. Thermometer at 36o snoe gone by noon. Mud and mire under foot.

We 13 A fresh Misty Norther. Thermometer at 38o in the morning and at 34 at sun-down. Sarah over hauled my pork and found the joints all spoiled.

Thur 14 Cloudy. Thermometer at 20o the ground frozen. Sarah got some hogs from Oscar George and Will Hudgins and kiled them to day Paid Mrs. Galespie, through John Cordray $25.00 for Sarah's bricks. Paid Will Hudgins $17.70 for Sarah and $7.80 for Cris both for pork.

Fri 15 Cloudy: Theremometer at 26o Settled with Jef for last years work to date. I owe him $53.85, gave him a recept for $50.00 paid in his 25 acres of land paid him $3.00 and am to hand him 80c when change can be made. Paid Henry Frazier $12.00 for riving 2400 boards for Fleetwood. John Moses brought from the Station a load of lime and cement paid him $4.00 of this $2.50 is for Fleetwood. Moderated weather in the evening.

Sat 16 G.C. Duncan came and spent the day: He brought me a Berkshire boar and two

January 1875

sow pigs, mostley of the Essex breed. Paid Oscar George $25.50 for Sarah's pork. and he returned to me $3.00 I had paid Alec Heard for getting his mare. The norther freshened at night.

Su 17 Drizzly north wind Thermometer at 27o Dr A. is about in the neighborhood and I see him occassionaly but he has not staid hear a night in two weaks: He is still drinking hard.

Mo. 18 Foggy and damp North wind, At Habermachers store, to day, Dr A. introduced to me a Dr. Stark from Virginia and requested me to bring him home with me, which I did. He has a bad cold and went immediately to bed after dinner. Cris commenced cleaning up his ground. My best heifer, Young Fancy died calving and the "Red Lady" heifer calved a heifer calf.

Tue 19 Cold N.E. Wind, Cloudy & foggy int he morning, the sun shine in the evening and sit clear "Spee" Calved a bull calf.

We 20,. Cloudy & Foggy. Went to Wharton, Dined with J. Rust offered him the Fleetwood house for $4,000.00 to give possession the first Jan '76. He said the property was cheap and he thought we could trade. Bough for Alber a saddle and for Ada a dress. paid for tobacco 25c Staid all night with Maj Dennis.

Thur 21 Still in Wharton. Weather foggy, drizzly and warm. Went to see Austin Shanklin who promised to haul some rails for me. i agreed to let him have the horse "Starling" for $60.00 in a credit. Gave P.H. Petty a check on W. Hendly & co for

January 1875

$50.00 in silver. Paid for Alberts saddle $5.00 for Ada's dress $1.20 for shirts $5.25 for tobacco $3.60 Paid Dr. Bolton $2.50 for mulberry posts for Fleetwood. Returned home at night Dr Stark still here, Bevens sick with diareah, gave him some medicine

Fri 22 A thunder and rain storm last night, a sun-shiny norther this morning. John Vanhooten came at night and brough "Richmond" and other horses to run tomarrow. Bevens still sick.

Sat 23 Heavy rain storm last night and this morning; which prevents the races. M. Galagher, G. Hooper and Robedean Foote to dinner.

Su 24 Cool North wind and some sun-shine. J. Vanhooten left, leaving with me Mr. Harrisons horse "Temp".

Mo 25 sprinkle of rain, Went to Dug Hooe's to see Dr A. who is very sick there. Called to see J.W. George who loaned me some tobacco.

Tue 26 Foggy and showery went to the Murphy place to look at a mare Pink Black has he had rode her off. Gave Robedean $4.00 to buy a pair of boots. Let Sarah have 12 lbs of nails.

We 27 Strong S.E. Wind. Thermometer at 68o Paid Sarah $20.00, she and Ada left for their home in a tract of land I have given her. Cris went with a wagon and brought Jane and Berily, Jane is to cook for me.

January 1875

Alfred is covering my buggy house.

Thurs 28 Warm and drizzly in the moning and a fresh norther in the evening. Alfred finished covering my buggy house. G. Hooper came and said Dr A. is worse, I went to see him and thought he was doing well. The Bernard has been higher than for years before, but it is again fordable. I have never seen so cold and wet a January as this the stock are becomming very poor.

Fri 29 A cold sunshiny norther. Mr. Harrison and J. Lawson to dinner; They took the horse "Temp" home with them. Paid two negroes for hauling rails at Fleetwood $10.00

Sat 30 Clear, Thermometer at 32o. Albert went with me to the Station. Paid freight and express charges on sunderies $3.90 of this 90c was for Dicks plows. Received by express $300.00 gold from Mr. Hendley & co Alfred fixed the kitchen window. I was very sick at the Station but got better on my return and took some medicine at night.

Su 31 Clear. Thermometer at 32o Went to see Dr A. who is better and out of bed. B.F. Lee, Bat Stevens and E.N. Brooks staid all night on their way to the Station.


Mo 1st Cloudy. S.E. wind. Went with the buggy and brought Dr A. home. wrote to Dullahan for 5000 shingles for Dr A. sent H.A. Dreer $1.16 for garden seed. Gave E.N. Brooks an order to buy some things for me in

February 1875

Galveston: He to get money from Mr. Hendley & co to pay for them. Alfred worked on the dairy.

Tue 2 Alfred worked 1/2 day. Warm & drizzly

We 3 A norther came up last night ther 34o. Agreed to let Sarah have a barrell of lime.

Thur 4 Thermometer at 28o, Brooks' wagons came for his cotton last night but staid here all day on account of the cold. Alfred Moore came out and brought me an account of Kerns corn 185 1/2 bushels

Fri 5 Cold and a little drizzly. Went to Wharton and saw Dr Dunklin in relation to a situation as a school teacher for Mattie Foote. I got up a subscription to complete the Peach Creek bridge, about $80.00 was subscribed. Barganined with Sy. to put up a rail fence at a cent a panel. Gave P.H. Petty a check on Mr. Hendley for $100.00 Coin, he paid me $10.00 of this and is to pay the remainer as called for; Bargained with Bodin Armstrong to put on a cabbin roof at $2.00 per square. Dr A rode over to the grocery and staid until night. Rain at night.

Sat 6 Cloudy and light sprinkle of rain. Called on Mattie Foote and told her of the probibility of her geting a teachers situation. Paid John Habermacher for tobacco gotten some time since $1.00. Paid him for Sarah $10.50 of this $1.50 was for a window from Tillys house. Dr A was at Habermachers' drinking all day

February 1875

Bevens staid at the groceery all day:Came home under the influence of whiskey: got in a fret with me and left.

Sun 7 Another Norther. Thermometer at 28o sun-shiney. Frank Sorel brought home the horse "Ike" and took the bay horse "Tom" on trial. If he keeps the horse he is to pay $75.00 cash or $80.00 in the fall.

Mo 8 Went to superintend work at the Peach Creek bridge Took a saw to Barney Brown to sharpen. Dr A. and Dr Stark went to Oliver Walkens.

Tue 9 Rainy

We 10 Rainy in the morning; sun-shine in the evening. Set some Eupen bushes in the yard. Sent Sarah $80.00 by Ada. John Vanhooten staid all night.

Thur 11 Went to Wharton: paid for plough lines for Alfred Hundley and Ben Vollentines, also two bridle bits for them $1.25. Paid for recording Sarah's deed. $1.50 Received of P.H. Petty $20.00 on account of the check I let him have some time since, he still owes me $70.00 on it. Dr A. came home drunk having left Stark drunk at Habermachers grocery Mason Brent came up and staid all night.

Fri 12 Handed to Mason Brent the net proceeds of his 4 bales of cotton $203.78 gold also $12,50 due the estate of Richard Brent. Paid Nelson Jefferson $10.00 for hauling 5,000 boards to Fleetwood and still owe him $5.00 in this ac. Mr. Hendley paid for subscription to Magazines. Got some young wild peach plants Paid Mrs. G. Thomas through Mrs. Myers $25.00 as

February 1875

rent for land cultivated by Henry Foote last year. A Ross staid all night.

Sat 13 Warm and cloudy. set out in the yard my wild peach plants. Paid Martin Armstrong $3.00 as a ballance due him for work at the bridge. Dr A went hunting and did not return at night. Let Green Kuykendall have two young mules to break. "Friendship" came up very poor and surfeited and I have commenced feeding him again.

Su 14 J. Habermacher and Mrs. Foote's boys to dinner. In the evening several of us went up the Bernard in search of a sutiable place for a bridge. Agreed to let John Thornton have the dun mare I formerly sold Thos Brent (and for which he failed to pay) for $40.00

Mo 15 Rainy in the morning. John Thornton came an hauled off Brooks' 4 bales of cotton. A Mr. Mirie came in the evening with a wagon and two horses and asked to stay a few days. Sent Bader $5.75 by John Thornton to pay freight.

Tue 16 Rain nearly all last night. Cloudt and drizzly. Bernard high Cut down the hedge in the front yard. Mack Hooe staid all night

We 17 Damp and raw. Rode with Mr Mirie to look at the Stewart place. Bernard swimming

Thurs 18 Went to the Spanish Camp with Mirie, who took his wagon to Mrs. Sorels and sold it to her. Paid Flooyd 80c for two arch bans

February 1875

for Sarah 75c for laying a plow, for screws and nails 40c. Tom Habermacher and IO agreed to squar accounts and he to give up the piece of land I had agreed to sell him. Cris took some shingles to Fleetwood and brought back a gate. Bernard still swimming. Will Hudgins brought Dr A home drunk and staid all night.

Fri 19 Drizzly in the fore noon. F. Sorel came and got Miries wagon and one horse. Dr A went to Mrs. Sorels. Dug Hooe to dinner. Mat brought some things from Brooks' and took off Dicks two ploughs. A norhter at 9 o'clock A.M. Put the yearling colts I been feeding in the lower pasture.

Sat 20 A clear cold Norther, Mirie left. He paid me $9.00 for staying here. Cris and Jef put up the double gates in the front yard. John Thornton sent me a wagon and a stove. Will Hudgins brought Dr A. home drunk.

Sun 21 Sunshiny. Dug Hooe and Geo. Hooper called and Dr A. left with the, and did not return. Wrote to Dullahan and Kerney sending them checks for lumber.

Mo 22 Cloudy and sprinkle of rain. Bev set out daggers round the orchard. Paid Henry Frazier $5.00 in full for all the boards I got of him. John Thornton brought from the Station a barrell of potaotos and a wringer. He gave me an arder on E.N. Brooks' for $4,00 and paid me $4.00 Cash in full of last years account.

Tue 23 Went to Fleetwood and Wharton and to Mr.

February 1875

Harrisons. Paid for buttons 12c cy

We 24 Dined with I.N. Brooks. Paid him $17.00 as ballance due on articles purchased for me in Galveston. Engaged a box of cigars at $4.00. Returned throught Wharton and P.H. Petty paid me $28.00 on account of the check I let him have. Paid Burton Jones 50c for two grith bucels. Brought from Mr. Harrisons some oats and left them at fleetwood to be soed.

Thurs 25 A clear norther. Bev finished setting dagers round the orchard and I set some roses. Garden too wet to plough yet. Dr A brough Mr. Sutton, a carpenter home with him last night.

Fri 26 Shinshiney. Dr A. went to Schley's. Sutton proposes to build a bridge over west Bernard for $725.00. B.Z. Boon to dinner, I paid him $100.00 on account of my due bill for $200.00 which he holds. Paid "Buck" $1.00 for bringing home my white nose filly. Alfred set up the stove and I gave him a pair of old andirms for the job. B.B. Brown and his son Jack came to stay with me a few days.

Sat 27 Finished setting roses round the orchard and cut some seed potatoes. Agreed to subcribe $50.00 towards a bridge over the West Bernard Paid Jim Fenix $17.50 in full for building a houses at Fleetwood.

Su 28 High South wind. B.B. Brown and I at home. Dr A. and Lawson came after dark

March 1875

Mo 1 Lawson left. Cris, Jef, Ike and Buck went with me to get the horses out of the bottom. we brought out 75 head. E.N. Brooks came to supper and went in to the Station. John Vanhooten staid all night.

Tue 2 Went over Peach Creek and brought out 30 head of horses. Paid Buck $1.50 for his days work. Geo Shanklin paid me $27.25 on account of the Veazley lot. John Vanhooten staid all night. A cool norther

We 3rd Thermometer at 32o went into bottom between Peach Creek and the Bernard and brought out 16 head of horses. John Vanhooten came after supper and staid all night.

Thur 4 Cloudy. Cris and Jef went above Dr A's place and brought out six head of horses. Planted Irish potatoes and other vegtables in the garden.

Fri 5 Went to Wharton. Paid Sy $1.50 for hauling bricks. Petty paid Bodin $35.00 for me. got of Petty 10 papers of garden seed, 2 pair of trace chains and a pair of breast chains Paid ALfred Moore $4.00 for plowing millit ground. Paid 75c for yoke staple. Albert had his young freinds to dine with him on this his twelfth birth day.

Sat 6 A strong North wind, went to G.C. Duncans and got some Millet seed. Paid for a shawl 50c on my return found Dr A and JIm Ford both drunk. G. Hooper has an order on me from Sarah for

March 1875

$36.00. Jef and Cris went in the bottom and brought out two head of horses. Some horses we had brought out, had returned.

Su 7 Dr A. and Jim Ford went to the grocery and did not return. Dug Hooe spent the day and J.W. George called int he evening.

Mo 8 Got up two more mare mules for Barney Jefferson to break Gave John C. Habermacher a check on Mr Hendley & co for $100.00 currency for which he is to credit me with $93.00 silver, and out of this to pay Geo Hooper $36.00 for Sarah's order. Bev is ploughing the orchard.

Tu 9 Took some millet seed to Fleetwood to be sown. Paid for plowing $1.00 for Ale 25c Came back to late dinner B.Z. Boon with me. Albert is off some where without permission. A commercial traveller with buggy and two horses staid all night.

We 10 Sunshiney. The traveller paid me $1.50 Hung my buggy house doors. Dr A. and others are building a school house. Cris and Jef are planting corn.

Thur 11 Planted seeds in the garden. Showery in the evening. Set out some roses for hedge round the orchard. A. Ross staid all night

Fri 12 Ross and V.A. Stewart to dinner. made the following agreement with Virge for his 200 acres of land in Peach Creek. Gave him an order on John Habermacher

March 1875

for $50.00 cash. I to take up his note with John Habermacher and when he makes me a deed to increase the cash payment to $300.00 and give him my note for $200 payable the first of Nov next and another note pay able in two years for $500.00 both notes to bear ten per centum interest and payable in silver. Dr A. and others are building a school house. I set some peach sprouts in the garden. Mack Hooe staid all night

Sat 13 Put Mahoney and spot match in the pasture with young colts. Gave John Habermacher a check on Mr Hendley & co for $200.00 cy. and gave him my note payable Jan next for $62.00 this was for the half of V.U. Stewarts note which I took up. Received of him V.A. Stewarts receipt for $125.00 Bevens came and got his trunk and I gave him $10.00

Su 14 G. Hooper and Robedean spentr the day.Lawson staid all night on his way to the Station for Mrs Bolling: Paid him $2.50 freight on Dr A's shingles

Mo 15 Cris, Albert and I went on an unsuccessful hunt in the Colorado bottom for horses. Lawson, Mrs Bolling and grand daughter an Mr Allen and John Dullahan staid all night. Dr A's horses ran with and smashed his buggy and bruised him a good deal.

Tue 16 Gave Dullahan a check for $126.00 as payment for a car load of lumber he

March 1875

has sent me. Sold him my stud Richmond for $500.00 to be paid in lumber, first class Caleasieu at $25 per m. or other lumber at the market price at Harrisburg. Gave him a bill of sale for the horse and took his obligation for the lumber. I to have use of the horse until the 15th of April. Pup Taylors mares in the lower pasture with sorrel gotch.. won $2.50 from Jef on the height of our horses. Got of Habermacher stirrup leather and bridle rains some quinine pills

Wed 17 Mentor Galagher cut for me three young horses and a yearling mule (reared then) Mr. Allen staid all night on his way to Galveston. Jef hauled a load of lumber from the Station. Ben planted roasting ears.

Thur 18 V.A. Stewart brought me a deed to two hundred acres of land on Peach Creek, for which I made him the cash payment of $300.00 as mentioned on the 13th inst and gave him my two notes dor $700. Traded with Albert George for his brown stud Scott gave him three ponies and am to pay him $25.00 cash. Showery and cold Pid J.C. Habermacher $5.00 on account. Jef brough another load of fencing lumber from the Station. Dr A traded Prince for another horse.

March 1875

Fri 19 Took Richmond out of the big pasture because his fore leg is swolen from a kick. Rubed it with Arnica linament. A norther came up in the morning. cold and drizzly all day. Sent Albert to Wharton for linament. Dr A is very sore and lame from his fall from the buggy.

Sat 20 Fixed up some fencing in the morning and got up the Spanish cabalado in the evening and put "Scott" with them. Send Albert George a three year old black poney for a debt due him from Alfred Moore for $32.45. Grand paid me $5.00 for a barrel of lime. J. Ford staid all night.

Su 21 Dr A,. and Jim Ford attened Ross' Boston colt and cripple yearling mule. Dug Hooe to dinner drunk. The bees swarmed. Mr Harrison staid all night on his way to the Station.

Mo 22 Took Mr Harrison to the Station in mt buggy and looked after horses in the evening. Jef brought a load of lumber from the Station. Mr Harrison proposed to loan to G.C. Duncan $500.00 and would perhaps increase it to $800.00. Albert and Jim commenced hearding the Spanish mares yesterday.

Tue 23 Started to G.C. Duncans, but hearing he had gone to Wharton, waited at Chapmans store until nearly night but he did not come. Paid for work on ox chains and bolts $1.90. Paid Habermacher $1.80 for meal gotten some time since.

March 1875

Received from Capt. Chapman a check for $30.00 as part payment for a mare sold Mitchel Jones last year. T. Habermacher gave me the cash for it. Dined with Capt Chapman. Jef took a load of lumber to Fleetwood

Mar 24 Carried "Rob" (the gotch sorrel bought of Oscar George) and his mares over the Bernard. Put bay gotch and his mares in the lower pasture. Mentor Galagher cut eight colts for me. Oscar George and G.C. Duncan to dinner. Duncan left with me his note to B.A. Harrison for $500.00 which I am to get and gave him a receipt for that amount. This Amount is also credited on Duncans note to me. Dr A and Alford Young repaired a wagon wheel. Vanhooten took supper with us.

Thu 25 Went to Wharton. Paid Sy $1.50 for getting rafter and miveing a gate. Got of Petty a pair of stirrup leathers and a bridle for Mattie Foote. Paid Sorfman $2,00 for linament for pills 75c and $50c for a toothbrush. Jef took a load of lumber to Fleetwood. Cris brought Morgan and two mares from the bottom. Alfred YOung is at work on the fence at Fleetwood. Geo. Shanklin bargained to do dome plowing for me at $2.50 per day and to plow 4 1/2 acres per day with two plows. John Dullahan staid all night

March 1875

Fri 26 Dullahan took "Richmond" to pre pare him for the fair at Houston in May, after which I am to have the use of him if I chose. Went to the Station and brought home Mr Harrison. Paid for dinner $1.00 Mr Harrison handed me $140.00 currancy and $100.00 gold as a part of the five hundred dollars on Duncans note. Jef brought a load of lumber from the Station. Turned Friendship woth his mares.

Sat 27 Marked and branded the calves and carried Bernard and some of the cattle over the Bernard. Let Barney Jefferson have 2 black horse mules to break. and paid him $5.00 I still owed him for hearding horses. Jef brought a load of lumber from the Station. Dr A's nephew Gerard Wollfork from Ky came on a visit.

Su 28 Sold Ben A. Jefferson, Lightfoots brown three years old horse mule for $40.00 to be paid first November next. Let a negro at Mrs. Thomas' place have the pony "Mitchel" to break and he broke the ponys neck. Sent Rodin Armstrong $14.80 to pay for bulidin chimey, putting a sill under a house and for discount on some currency paid him. Sent Rader by Ned Owins $10.00 in payment of freight. Robedean brought me from Cousin Alberts a pair of pigs and some lard

Mo 29 Jef took a load of fencing lumber to Fleetwood

March 1875

Dr A. was called to deliver Mrs. Thomas before day. John Lawson came at night and brought me some cabbage plants Paid Larry $1.00 for four hens.

Tue 30 Branded yearlings and cut "Grazers" horse mule, Gray Bells yearling mule and the "Morgan" stud. Mr Lawson staid all night on his return from the Station.

We 31 Jef took started with a load of posts to Fleetwood; but a cold rain came up and he was affraid to cross the Peach Creek bridge. Dr A. went to deliver Mrs. Harrison. Gerard Woolfork and I looked in the bottom for horses.

W.S.F. Alexander Will

Estate of

W.F.S. Alexander



Dated….Feb. 8 1877

Filed…..Jan 30 1879

Recorded…Vol C p 7

Wharton Co Pro Min


Know all men by these presents that I, Wm F. S. Alexander of said State and County, being in good health and of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of life, do therefore make and declare this to be my last will and testament. That is to say after all my just debts are paid, the residue of my estate both real and personal, I give and bequeath as follows, to wit:

First to Mrs. B.H. Foote and her children, Martha J. Foote, Henry S. Foote, Lilly Foote, Robedeau Foote, Albert H. Foote, Cora Foote, Bettie Foote and Stephen Foote, jointly one hundred acres of land on which they now reside, being a part of the G.W. Singleton league, said hundred acres to extend from Bernard to the North line of the Nivolas George tract and to be parallel to the east line of the C.W. Singleton league. To hold jointly during their lives, if they shall continue to reside on said land; But if either of them shall remove from said land or absent themselves from it for the space of two years, He or she shall forfeit all interest in this bequest. It is also my wish that none of the above mentioned legatees shall have power to alienate any part or all of this parcel of land, until the youngest of them shall have become of lawful age. I also give to said legatees my cart, all of my cattle (except oxen) and any horses of mine they may have in possession at the time of my death.

Secondly. I bequeath to my cousin Bettie Ashby of Prince William County Virginia all of my Bear Camp plantation including the timbered land on the Bernard river formerly a part of the tract except twenty five acres in the South west corner of the plantation, which I give to Mason Brent during his life time and at his death it shall revert to Bettie Ashby or her heirs or assigns.

Thirdly. I give to G.C. Duncan any money he may be owing me at the time of my death, and to Mary Bowie Duncan his wife I bequeath my buggy horses and buggy.

Fourthly. I bequeath the residue of my property to the children of my cousin Bur Albert Harrison.

Fifthly. It is my wish that my contract with W.J. Anderson for the management of my Fleetwood plantation shall be continued as long as he chooses to continue and faithfully perform his part of the agreement.

Fifthly. I appoint my friends G.C. Duncan and Edwin Hawes as my executors, to set without giving bonds, but to make annual settlements of their accounts. I hereby revoke all former wills. As witness my hand using a serool for a seal this 25th day of October one thousand eight hundred and seventy six.

Wm. F.S. Alexander (seal)

(Endorsed) Filed Jany. 30, 1879 H.H. Kirkpatrick Co Clk Wharton Co.



COUNTY OF WHARTON I, Wm F. S. Alexander being in good health and sound mind declare this as a codicil to my will; to wit: That in the event of my death that W.J. Anderson shall if he chooses continue to carry on my Fleetwood plantation under the contract now existing between us as long as he shall see fit to do so, and executes his part faithfully as witness my hand this eighth day of February one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven. Wm F.S. Alexander

(Endorsed) Filed Jany 30, 1879 H.H. Kirkpatrick CCWC


COUNTY OF WHARTON In the event of my death it is my wish and will, that George W. Ashby and Elizabeth G. Ashby be released from all debts due me especially a note secured by deed of trust to K.K. Combs for two hundred and thirty dollars and six cents and dated the 6th day of April 1874, which note is transferred by K.K. Combs to me. As witness my hand and scrool for seal this 15th day of May 1878 Wm. F.S. Alexander (Seal)

Page two

Estate of

W.F.S. Alexander


Instrument…..Proof of Will

Filed…..Mar 20 1879

Recorded…Vol C p 9

Wharton Co Pro Min.



In the County Court of said County March Term 1879.

A business of the probate of the will of William F.S. Alexander Decd.

The affidavit of Jackson Rust, E.N. Brooks & Geo. Quinan of said County who being duly sworn in open court each for himself, doth depose and say, that they are all resident citizens of Wharton County and over the age of 21 years, that they well acquainted with William F.S. Alexander deceased, and with his handwriting, having often seen him write, and that they recognize the instrument now produced purporting to be the last will of the said William F.S. Alexander dec. and the codicils dated 15 May 1876 and 8 February 1877 respectively, to be wholly in the handwriting of the said Wm. F.S. Alexander decs. And that we have no interest in his estate and are not in any degree related to him and that at the respective dates the said Alexander was of sound mind and memory and capable of making a will.

E.N. Brooks

J. Rust

Geo. Quinian

Sworn to and subscribed before me in open court this 30 March 1879

H.H. Kirkpatrick, Clerk County Court, Wharton County, Texas

Gerard Alexander Will

Estate of

Gerard Alexander,


Instrument….Petition, etc

Filed…Dec 13 1876


Wharton Co Pro Min


COUNTY OF WHARTON In the County Court for Wharton County

To the Honorable Edwin Hawes, Judge of said Court.

Your petitioner W.F.S. Alexander a resident of Wharton County and State of Texas shows your Honor that Gerard Alexander a citizen and resident of Wharton County departed this life on the 20 October 1876 intestate leaving a considerable estate in this county and being largely indebted to various parties. That there is a necessity for administration of said intestates estate.

That your petitioner is of kin to the deceased and has been requested by the oldest brother of the deceased, said brother residing out of this state, to administer upon said estate.

Your petitioner shows that the condition of said estate is such as to require the immediate appointment of a temporary administrator to preserve the personal property and to provide for the proper management of the plantation of the deceased for the ensuing year. Wherefore petitioner prays that the proper notice of this application be given and at the next term of your Honor Court for the transaction of business in matters in probate that your petitioner be appointed administrator of said estate. And he prays that in the meantime and immediately your Honor will appoint petitioner temporary administrator of said estate with full power to preserve all the personal property of said estate and to control and operate the plantation belonging to said estate or to rent the same as shall appear to him to be most for the interest of said estate. That your Honor will appoint appraisers and make all other orders necessary or proper to the opening and conduct of said administration.

A. P. McCormick

For Petitioner

THE STATE OF TEXAS County Court pertaining to estates.

WHARTON COUNTY January Term 1877

To all whom these presents may come-----Greeting:

Know ye, that W.F.S. Alexander as principal and B.A. Harris and G.C. Duncan as sureties, are held and firmly bound unto the County Judge of the county of Wharton & his successors in office, in the sum of Eighteen thousand dollars for the payment of which, well and truly to be made unto the said Chief Justice, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.

Signed with our hands and sealed with our seals, (the seals being scrolls), the Nineteenth day of January, A.D. 1877.

The condition of the above obligation is such, that, whereas, the above bound W.F.S. Alexander has been appointed Administrator of the Estate of Gerard Alexander deceased; Now, if the said W.F.S. Alexander shall well and truly perform all the duties required of him, under said appointment, then this obligation shall be null and void, otherwise to remain in full force and effect.

Wm. F. S. Alexander (seal)

B.A. Harrison (seal)

G.C. Duncan (seal)


WHARTON COUNTY I, W.F.S. Alexander do solemnly swear that Gerard Alexander deceased, died without having any lawful @Will, so far as I know or believe, and that I will well and truly perform all the duties of Administrator, of the estate of said Gerard Alexander, deceased.

Wm. F.S. Alexander.

Sworn to and subscribed before me, H.H. Kirkpatrick County Clerk of said county, this 23rd day of January A.D. 1877.

(L.S.) H.H. Kirkpatrick C.C.W.C.

Approved this 23rd day of January A.D. 1877

Edwin Hawes. Co. Judge Wharton Co.

Estimative appraisement and Inventory of the property belonging to the Estate of Gerard Alexander deceased.

Lands in Matagorda County*****

Lands in Wharton County

550 Acres plantation tract part of Kincheloe League $4400.00

45 Acres in Prairie part of the Jackson League 45.00

800 Acres between East & West Bernard part of G.W. Singleton League 240.00

Personal Property

********** WE the undersigned appraisers appointed by the Hon County Judge of Wharton County to appraise the property of the Estate of Gerard Alexander deceased on oath say that the foregoing appraisement is just and correct.

J. Rust

I.D. Ford

W.S. Gibb

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day of January 1877.

H.H. Kirkpatrick C.C. W.C.

M.D. Kirkpatrick, Dy

List of claims belonging to Estate of Gerard Alexander.

I, W.F.S. Alexander administrator of Est of Gerard Alexander on oath say hat the foregoing is a full inventory of al property and this attached list is full list of claims due the estate of said Gerard Alexander so far as the same have come to my knowledge. Wm. F. S. Alexander.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 24th day of January 1877.

H.H. Kirkpatrick C.C. W.C.


WHARTON COUNTY In the County Court in matters in Probate.

In the matter of the Est of Girard Alexander deceased.

To the honorable Edwin Hawes County Judge of Wharton County.

Your petitioner W.F.S. Alexander administrator of the estate of Girard Alexander deceased shows to your honor that it will be necessary to sell the whole of the real estate belonging to said estate to pay the expense of administration and the indebtedness of said estate.

Hereto attached is an exhibit of the claims against said estate already allowed and approved and a memorandum in reference to the rejection of claims, suits thereon to and an estimate of the expense of administration which is here made a part of this application. Petitioner shows that he will be unable to make the plantation yield any considerable profit and the other real estate is wholly unproductive. That the proceeds of the sale of all personal property will be greatly inadequate to meet the indebtness of the estate. He prays your Honor will make an order authorizing petitioner to sell on a credit of twelve months at public sale at the court house door in Wharton County, the following described lands belonging to said estate for the payment of the debts of said estate, namely Eleven hundred and seven acres of land in Matagorda County, it being the North East quarter of the L. Ramy League.

550 acres of land in Wharton County being part of the Kincheloe league and known as the plantation tract, described more particularly as follows: All that tact of land conveyed by Eveline Carson to Gerard Alexander by deed dated 1st November 1860 and recorded in Wharton County.

This journal transcribed by Janet Barrett Hobizal in June/July/August 2007,

From a photo copy found at the Wharton County Historical Museum donated by Alexanders heirs, _____ Harrison.

This transcription is copyrighted by Janet Barrett Hobizal. You need permission to use any part of this transcription.

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