1786 - 1829?

This page transcribed by Janet Barrett Hobizal May 2007,

From a photo copy found at the Wharton County Historical Museum in the Peach Creek Town file.

Alexander Jackson was born in 1786 in Belfast Ireland, his father owned flour and linen mills and served as a member of the Irish Parliment. Along with his brother Humphrey Jackson he immigrated to the United States in 1808. Alexander Jackson was a member of Austins "Original 300" who were a group of colonist and were granted leagues of land here to settle. Jackson was granted two leagues of land in what is now Wharton County on July 16, 1824, although he was in Texas as early as 1822 or 1823. Inhabitants of the Colorado District met at Jacksons home on December 15, 1823 to elect militia officers for that district. The March 4, 1823 census lists: Alexander Jackson age 37 farmer with cattle, harses & farming utensils

Ann Jackson (wife) 32

Mary Ann Jackson 11

Martha Jackson 9

Alexander Jackson Jr. 7

Esther Jackson 1

3 Domestics: girl Charlott, boy- Sim age 17, Boy-Sharper

In August 1824, Stephen F. Austin mustered men at Jacksons home for an expedition agaist the Karankawa Indians, probably after Jackson had received an arrow wound in his elbow during an Indian skirmish. On January, 1827,Jackson attended a meeting which made a declaration of loyalty to the Mexican government and condemed the Fredonia Rebellion.

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