John C. Habermacher Journal


February 15

Fare on San Antonio Road $2.45; Fare from Houston to Liberty 40 miles, $2.00; Paid Hotel in Houston $2.00; Paid Hotel in Liberty

February 16

Left E.B. at 2:30 arrived in Houston at 5pm saw Mr. Quinan on the train, spoke to him about Bee Co. Land saw McCollough in "virginius" good actor but no the equal of Forrest by any means, saw Mr. _____ of G.H. & Co

February 17

Tood train for Liberty at 9.30am made good time, 8 miles an hour, arrived at L. 2.30pm a dull town, is evidently having a Rip van winkle sleep. Land worth from ¢50 to $1.00 per acre. Found the Rice land. It is a good average tract for land on Pine Island Bayou, five miles from R.R. has good timber, white oak, live oak and Cypress. Land sold for Taxes in 1877. Bought in by state saw surveyor – Minter

February 18

9.30 am, raining, will rain all day. Liberty Co. scrip worth from ¢30 to 35¢ on $. 11 am pouring rain, plenty of Walnut and Cypress on Trinity River. Left Liberty at 1.30 pm Taxes on Land 1877-78-79 $16.90

February 19

W.C. Douglass=Lawyer, arrived at Houston at 5.30; saw Goodwin weathersly Froliques – decidedly amusing performance- Goodwin is the card. Meg sammons of T.W.H. a clever fellow; Left Houston at 8.45 arrived at 6 – B at 11.20 got home at 2.15 and found all well; Paid hotel in H. $2.00; paid R.R. fare $2.00; paid at E.B. .75; Sundries in H. $3.50

February 20

Wrote N. Gallaher to gave security on note with Lean Co. Card

Saw Capt. Chapman, left deed of Trust, saw M. Gallagher, he gave us deed of trust on 300 acres land in ____ to seave note. Capt. Chapman sans cost in Jno Smith suit not legal.

Sunday February 22

Uncle Tom and Aunt Eliza came on a visit, also J.M.G and wife, saw A. Galhoon acknowledged error in collection of Page and Moran acct, and would pay $5.00 on same.

February 23

Traded my racing horse "rocket" to Dick ____ for a mule and 30.00 in corn; am to get corn from Harrison wrote to ____ Galveston; wrote to Mrs. Thatcher; sent 4 oxen to _____ of Mrs. T., 1 to be fed, as they are very poor, wrote to Blair

February 24

Rec’d letter from J.S. Penn he offers 60¢ per acre for Walde Co. land in trade. Rec’d watch chain from S. Bennett, rented oxen, 2 mules, from 1st Jan to 1st September for $15.00 each, land South of Peach Creek, rent free for 1880

February 26

Wrote to H. Bros to return land, wrote to John A. Butler. Got Judgments vs. Johan Johnson on note see Chapman about execution of John Smith colts, must go to Wharton Mon March 1st; see Chapman and pay taxes

February 27

Sold Rugely cow to H. Rugely, traded Ike a cow for a beef and yearling. Wrote J.S. Pemis for 75 acre for Walde land. Planted 6 acres in cotton at home field

February 28

Rec’d the H. W. & Co. bill of clothing.

Sunday February 29

Rained all day

Monday March 1

Planted garden seed; mailed trust deed to C. Clerk in Leon Co.

March 2

Returned 4 suits to be exchanged to H. W. and Co. wrote Jno. Thatcher for information concerning Pones claim to Gomez land also for decree of court in Rice land.

March 3

Planted cotton in home field.

March 4

Went to Wharton, paid all taxes for 1879, I agreed to pay one half the costs in the Sputh case order execution to issue on two colts of Jno. Smith will report Jeff D. to next Grant Jury

March 5

Heard from J. S. Penn, he offers 67 ½ per acre for Walde land, in trade J. U. Mcleans agt arrived paid him in full. Dove had a calf.

March 6

Quarterly meeting occasion, Philpot presiding, good preacher, intelligent man, I am put on committee to raise funds for building church.

8 cow had a calf

Sunday March 7

Church services, Rev. Philpot presiding-Large attendance from Wharton, C. Bernard Spanish camp two good sermons.

March 8

Rained hard, all the day, Bernard up, for first time in 12 months.

March 9

Bernard swimming; no mail. Laid Petty $20.00 on costs in Smith case.

March 10

Bernard still swimming ordered 1 oz; morphia by mail from Wharton. Must post accts with wholesale houses tomorrow

March 11

Church committee met; asked Literary club of Quinan to give performance in aid of Church; sent Patty $9.00 bal due on costs

March 12

Wrote N.T. News Co. No. 18 Beckman St. N.T. went to see Mrs. G and J Godsey; both favor a ____ church.

March 13

A cold rainy day, sent Rob. to ____ Philadelphia for express wage, fear of frost

Sunday March 14

Weather still colder, great fear of frost or freeze, cotton ready to chop out, kept shut up in house all day on acct of cold weather.

Monday March 15

Weather still very cold, freezing at night.

Tuesday March 16

Cold continues – look for frost tonight. Had a letter from Blair of Berville

March 17

Frost last night killed cotton and gardens, must replant everywhere- heard from Miss Kate she consents to perform; will all rehearsal for Monday 22nd, ascertain if Mrs. H. will take part.

March 18

Church committee met and selected my choice of site for church unanimously, ground laid out ready to enclose.

Wrote Blair about Sots League of Land

March 19

Commenced to enclose ground for new church. Subscribed 3.00 for fencing obtained ten trees to set out. Think will not have to replant cotton although frost was heavy. Subscribed 25 post D8

March 20

Finished enclosing ground, and set out 12 trees. Commenced raining 30 cl R.M.

Sunday March 21

Rained Heavily all of the day everything overflowed, could not send for ladies for rehearsal.

March 22

Bernard very high; no business doing, workers set out trees in church enclosure.

March 23

Bernard still up, Uncle Tom walked from Depot, sent him home in buggy. Wanted to send for ladies to rehearse, but failed.

Wednesday March 24

Got the ladies out and rehearsed "Lady of Lyons" and "Swiss Cottage"

Tolerable for first rehearsal. Miss Kate W. and Miss Lizzie R. came to spend the night.

March 25

Jake commenced to replant cotton

Must send programs off on Tuesday 30

Friday March 26

Saturday March 27

Failed to get a quorum [the number (as a majority) of officers or members of a body that when duly assembled is legally competent to transact business] for meeting of church committee- Rec’d a letter from Ella.

Sunday March 28

Church in Wharton; all the young ladies attended; spent the day at Mr. Godseys, Mr. G. not at home.

March 29

Had a second rehearsal of C of T; much improved; Bob Marlow takes the part of Glavis, he is quite a ladies man. The young folks got up a dance at night have a pleasant time; Jake still planting cotton

March 30

Everything quiet and dull. Sent off order for 500 programs. Wrote G Hene and Co. to engage dresses for concert.

March 31

Dullness is the order of the day. Went to the plantation, crops all planted, some cotton up.

Brindle 10 cow had a calf, heifer

Thursday April 1

Much dullness; had an April fool letter from H. Bros, will remember it. Wrote J.S. Person S.A.

Friday April 2

No ___ left for Indiana, sent reg. let. By him to H. Bros $10.00

Saturday April 3

Some little business doing

Sunday April 4

Went to Spanish Camp to Church, Uncle T and Aunt E. gone to B-B-

Monday April 5

Had a third rehearsal of the C of T- only tolerable, not enough attention paid to Bus. Dance at night

Tuesday April 6

Had a letter from Blair of Berville; the Soto League claimed by elder under quit claim deed. Programs arrived, o.k.

April 7

Wrote Blair, sent him P/A to sue for Gomez land, wrote Mitchell to send agreement with Fielding Jones.

April 8

Cold Norther blowing with rain, could not have rehearsal, had to sent to frazers for scenery

April 9

Had rehearsal, everybody perfect, Good prospect for performance, scenery arrived all right.

April 10

Paid 5.00 for Programs

Sunday April 11

Fine day; big turnout from Wharton; ___ Two sermons upwards of 70 people attended church.

April 12

Went to Wharton to prepare for Performance, Everything working smoothly

April 13

Held a rehearsal in Wharton on the stage. Everybody perfect in parts all on finely

Wednesday April 14

Day of performance, had another rehearsal all going on well until 3pm, received word from Kewland, dresses were at New Phil, had to get team to go there and return in five hours.

April 15

J. M. Godsey volunteered to go for dresses, did not return until 10PM mad a good trip and saved the day or rather night. Performance went off all right, but did not get through till 1AM

April 16

Gross receipts from concert $100.00 expenses $50.00 of which $15.00 was for music, a very unjust charge made by Sam D.

Saturday April 17

Wrote Cleveland, enclosing $50.00 per reg letter. Did not hear from H. Bros- They are hard cases-Must quit them

Sunday April 18

Cloudy with little rain, went mullberrying, a proposition started to go to Eagle Lake and give entertainment for church

Monday April 19

Very dull, learned I was appointed delegated to Dem. Con. To meet in Galveston to appoint delegates to ___ Con. Could not go.

April 20

Sent Robinson & Co. 12.00 per reg. let. Had a letter from J. S. Penn Must endeavor to raise some money by 1st May

Wednesday April 21

Went to Spanish Camp T H con to keep clerk Paid $4.15 to Mrs. G. for Blacksmith work

April 22

Went picnic on Bernard to see parties about gathering car of cattle, met ladies from Darsts; will start to gather on Sat 24

April 23

Bought 1-3 year old, 1-2 year old and 2 yearlings from Greasie King – for $26.00

April 24

Commenced to gather cattle; sold Curleys 2 yr old; Tallies 2 yr old; E.P. 2 yr old, J. Smith 2 yr old; IO 2 yr old; Stars 1 yr old, J. S. Penn called to see me.

Sunday April 25

Continue gathering cattle; Boughtt 12 head from A.L. George 4 4-yr olds;4 3-yr olds 3 2-yr olds, 1 1-yr old/ 12 total went to depot with Penn.

April 26

Continue gathering cattle, bought 10 head from J. L. Davis. Went to E. B. got car to ship at Random freight to H. - $15.00. Penn offers 75¢ per acre for Leal Land.

April 27

Loaded cattle at Ranch at 6PM yesterday, left at 3AM this morning consigned to R. B. Howie ___ Houston; left Random at 7:30 AM arrived home at 2PM, Heard from Howie in answer to telegram. O.K.

April 28

Got up "spike" and "brownie" with young calves. Branded 9 calves

April 29

Heard from cattle; arrived safely in Houston but not looking well, will sell at once, some rain

April 30

Bright clear day, good prospect for crops.

May 1

Rained all day

B_____ the may parties

Heard from cattle again, sold, but at a loss of _________

Sunday May 2

Rained all last night; bad for crops. No rain today, but cloudy and threatening no church at Spanish Camp.

Monday May 3

Clear weather, nothing doing

Tuesday May 4

Another heavy rain; red’d letter from C. Gierse Ella, ________; must see Chapman about notes; of the Giers, had letter from Sheriff of Walde Taxes on Leal land, $1

May 5

Saw Chapman; he wants $40.00 on notes for collecting.

May 6

May 7

May 8

Secured J. and H. Blum and Weidenhimers- through their agts Feists

Sunday May 9

Church day- had a fine congregation-Miss Lizzie R. and Mr. Reynolds to dinner

May 10

Rec’d notice from W.W. King to secure other parties to amt of $450.00 started to gather car load of cattle

May 11

Continue gathering cattle; did not get but 20 head, will ship Wed. night, all good cattle

May 12

Went to Wharton, conveyed to Wm an interest in Gomez and Sota land. Secured half _______ ____ Bridge for ___ and Co. and E. P. Blogg.

May 13

Wm Sarley atty at Law, Galveston, Uncle Tom came from Galveston must render a statement of business-did so.

May 14

Went to Spanish Camp; saw Chapman and U.T. wrote Wm. Sarley and Marx and Kemper.

May 15

Wrote editor Walde "Hesperian" wrote W.D. Cleveland, wrote U Koch, Had heavy rain.

Sunday May 16

Took dinner at Ma’s went bathing in the creek; paid Buck for yearlings

May 17

Went to Wharton got Dennis to defend Giles, put Giles under $100.00 ____ bond, saw Patty, but 20 bbls corn at 50¢

May 18

Wednesday May 19

Went to Wharton, Hired Giles for 6 months at $8.00 per month Had some pictures taken, had some rain

May 20

Sent Sarley $10.00 to fight the case with le Giers____ More rain; injurious to cotton.

May 21

Hunted horses and cattle, saw Black Bess, 2 yr old filly with Grants horses- I talked with J.M.G. about J. C. Claim he promised to arrange

May 22

Hunted horses and cattle again; red’d letter from J. T. H.; saw Jeff. D. he promised to adjust matters. Chapman wrote Lee Z. to pay him for collecting, saw Geo, Shanklin;

May 23

Tried to find cattle

May 24

Went to Wharton at request of all parties to get powers to receive papers and information from Jno. Thatcher- got the power and was repudiated by all. I am Done.

May 25

Wrote J. T. Went to see crops on plantation, hands all busy, hired two Bays plowing for Giles

May 26

May 27

Went to see Miner bought his cattle, 6 head at $60.00 brought home bay mare and cattle about 5 days old.

May 28

Went to see Brick to trade for mules, most too old but think will trade

May 29

Commenced to gather cattle got 22 head. Rec’d interrogatories from Sarly.

May 30

Continue with cattle. Annie cow has calf, bull.

May 31

Went to Wharton to answer interrogatories, made out to T. H. must return same, and have made out to me. Gave Interrogatories to Capt. C. ordered execution on J.S. for Wednesday.

June 1

Continue with cattle, Returned Interogs to Sarly. Rec’d letter from Penn. Making another concession o trade fro Austin bus.

June 2

Finished with cattle last eve, wrote Blum with reference to trade with Penn.

June 3

Wrote Jos. Levy costumer. Penn meeting began at Eagle Creek.

June 4

Looked at crops, fine and good stands everywhere, saw full grown balls of cotton, made levy on __ heifer, couldn’t find colts.

June 5

Rec’d corrected interogs from Sarly. Heard from Blair of Breville _________ for suit of Gomez land; sent for gres Duton to cattor & co. sent him $5.00 reg. letter

Sunday June 6

Answered interrogatories went bathing in Bernard.

Junes 7

Went to Wharton; made deposition in L. G. & Co. Suit; Proposition from L to settle J. S. case

June 8

Sent for ring to show bro gal; enclosed $10.00 reg letter. Sent programs to Baker of Columbus for Wharton on the 16; land E.L. on 18

June 9

Ordered costumes for the 15th at 20.00 for 2 night rehearsal on sat. 12th; bought 2 yr old heifer from H. peppers- $7.50; com to paint buggy.

June 10

Took mortgage on Martin for $50.00 red’d letter from Ella

June 11

Must change date of concert; Wharton 15 E + L 17, on acct of Bishop Greggs visitation; Goslin Dr. to 4 bots bear work on pistol 75¢; some rain; bought bill of goods of K & R

June 12

Rain last night

June 13



March 14

Went to Wharton; all hands got deed to Leal land and gave B/x to goods and left same for record.

March 15

Ball cow had a calf steer; Recorded mortgage favor G. Quinan on mules . Left A.C. Geo note with Dennis as collateral for H. Bros $98.00

Wednesday March 16

Bought 3 yr old heifer from Joel Palmer $7.00; bought red cow Grant $12.00

March 17

Went to see L. E. George hogs, brought home Jno. Geo colt, yearling

Friday March 18

Saw Peter about getting cattle, arrange to gather tomorrow, Sat. Curley had calf, steer; agree to give L. E. G. $35.00 for hogs – 15 on a/c

March 19

Brought out following cattle; Dove 2 year old steer, Curley 2 year old heifer, Inez yr. old heifer, Ella’s calf and yearling Pat, brown 2 yr old steer from Phill 6.00 left Jule Davis note with Davis as call for H. Bros. $131.00

Private Memorandum

Buy heating stove

Buy sausage stuffer

Buy baby carriage

Buy suit of clothes

Have razors set

Get _________________

March 21

Went to J.E. George for hogs, he did not come, was very much disappointed, got armstead 7/100 wrote to Ratto for watch.

March 22

Went to see Tom T. not at home, agt for C. Weidenheimer called, gave him order for goods $135.00; 4 m time. Bought 1 bbl oil and 1 bbl can, 4 m time.

Wednesday March 23

Agent for Rosenfield called, bought bill of notion 6 m time. Saw W. T. T. he proposed to bring out engine, use my mill and grind corn on equal shares, think will do so.

March 24

Made a drive through bottom to look for cattle did not find any, but star heifer yearling; heard watch was at depot. O.k. Col Harrison died.

Friday March 25

Col. H. was buried; rec’d watch from depot, saw Tom Taylor, will try to arrange to order lumber for church, union or Methodist? Picnic tomorrow on Bernard.

Saturday March 26

Had picnic on Bernard in bend, Darsts were all present; had a pleasant time; Dance at night at Mrs. Whitters, Miss Lair Rust cam but on a visit have not heard from O. George in a week.

March 27

Saw r’d Lees, Miss Kt___ they favor Union church

March 28

Mrs. Bessie Foote called to spend day. Miss Millie Thatcher and friend called, spent the day, Brought Thatcher engine up.

March 29

Heard from C. Weidenheimer unsatisfactory; Ella had a calf bull, bought black 2 yrs old from Peter P at $6.50

Traded for Dun Horse from Mos Ray $35.00

March 30

Miss Thatcher left and friend heard from O. George, am to meet him tomorrow

March 31

Went to meet O. George to get hogs, he did not come.

April 1

All fools day, fooled Rob, Johnie, Terry; O. George has agreed to take 3 yr old horse from O. E. George for bal plus on his note; am to get hogs tomorrow. Miss Lou R. went home.

Saturday April 2

Failed to get a wagon for hogs; Appoint Tos to get them; ordered suit of clothes for A.C. Foote; Bought cow and calf (heifer) from Johnie, $20.00. Have paid him $18, as rec’d brought set from Galv.

Sunday April 3

Remained at home during the day, rained in the evening

April 4

April 5

Church Funds

Rec’d of Tom Taylor $57.00

Rec’d of D. Hoose $41.60

L___ club $60.00


Succeeded in getting all of the hogs from O.E. George; 20 head – 7 sows, 7 shoats [a young hog usually less than one year old] 6 pigs – 10 weeks old

April 6

Johnie delivered black cow and heifer calf, black. Dove and Grant cow have calves, both steers.

April 7

Pound picnic on Bernard large attendance, pleasant time-realized $52.00 from sale of p______ Paid O. George $17.00 for hogs- bal. due. Dance at night.

April 8

Rec’d machinery for engine; Beverly has $5.00 for mill ink- too much can’t pay it; Bought 100 bbb’s corn of O.E. George at 30¢

April 9

Fixed up mill and engine; ground 8 cust meal; Mr. Stocking arrived, church tomorrow- R.R. Surveyors arrived for N.S. R.R. Gave 60d note to Mrs George for corn $30

April 10

Church day-large turn out, two sermons, picnic announced for snake creek on 14th; church committee met-Lumber for church to cost $185.00

April 11

Got up stream and fixed mill rocks; old Joe palmer sold Jno Thornton spotted sow; bought of O.E. George; A. C. George authorize me to sell wagon @ 65.00 and corn at 50¢ per bushel

April 12

Ordered groceries of G. Seeligson through agent; gave R.R. Co. right of way through land Due p.o. 1. pt $33.00

Wrote unique press co. Haverhill Mass sent 50¢ for dictionary.

April 13

Sold R.R. man 12 bush shelled corn at 45¢ per bushel; Narrow gange R.R. crossed Bernanrd at Tilly crossing

April 14

Picnic at Moore crossings E.B. sold pounds for $27.40; good dinner and pleasant time; heard from B Hegs and Co. cant accept. Frost killed cotton and corn.

April 15

Paid order of Dan Wharton for Mr Quinan $20.00 heard from Cleveland Dft on G Hooge and Co not pd

April 16

Run mill, ground 25 bush corn, made estimates on church; lumber ck to cost $275.00 building $225.00 total $500.00

April 17

Sunday- at home all of the day; Star had a calf heifer

April 18

Called on Mrs Quinan and Mrs. Lipcomb- Spent the day; looked at Esan crop; a lair stand but very late; Hannah heifer had a calf- heifer

April 19

Heard from Seeligson; no goods as yet; still go to Galveston tomorrow; buy lumber for church-Miss Ian Rust and Miss Stella came on a visit

April 20

Paid $2.65 R.R. fare; 25¢ bus ticket. Reached Houston O.K. _____ Put up at Hutchins house; crops suffering drought-no rain in 6 weeks

April 21

Bought lumber of Berings Bros. for church at $190.00 cant fill the order under this week; paid them $150.00 cash. $11.00 expenses; had a good heavy rain; San Jacinto day

April 22

Sunday June 19

Must get reg. ________ crops from Wharton; also 2 lb black paint; pay Clayton $2.35 at once.

June 20

Another maiul from New Phila; borrowed 8 reg _____ from Wharton. Due me $9.00 s____ on Grand Jury.

June 21

Simpson called to see Oxen; will return Sunday 26; must have them up. See about Judgment found for E.P.Clegg

June 22

Wade owes me , ¼ rent; 40 bbls corn and rent of one mule $15.00 must see Judge Q. about Soto land; see Dennis about suits, take all papers.

June 23

Get paint in Wharton; have mill ink enlarged; pay Clayton bal. due after error.

June 24

Got paint from Davis and Davis; 60 2lb, trade for depot closed with Chris’s wife; Will be about 20 acres; must see Judge Q; sold Rowdy and brown ox to E.N.Brooks for $38.00

June 25

Wrote Mrs Johnson; McCullock; J.B. Howard, Heard favorably from J. H____ and S. H. Jacobs

Sunday June 26

June 27

Went to Wharton; got continuance in case of H.W. & Co. and E.P. Clegg; red’d payment for ox $38.00; paid J.C. George taxes.

June 28

A little sick; ordered clothing and groceries

June 29

Mr. and Mrs. Q left for Culing; Showed P/A to Beasly; to J. T. C. all right, will sign

June 30

Wrote C.M. Pearon & Co. and Mc J. Cherry Co. for goods.

July 1

Pres. Garfield shot in Washington city

July 2

July 3

Rec’d goods from Mc J. Cherry Co.

July 4

July 5

Sent $35.00 to Houston P.O. for ___ of 1st quarter/81

July 6

July 7

Started for Uncle C’s and Hempstead; reached U.C’s about 6pm

July 8

Went to Ian Felipe and Sealy

July 9

Still at U C’s; trade horses with J. Simmons, he offers to sell 118 acres land on East Bernard for 1.00 per acre; will take cow and calf and work horse.

July 10

Start for Hempstead; reached there about 6pm- a long drive

July 11

Visit Hempstead with J. T. rather slow place.

July 12

July 18

Note due A. Harris and Bros., $103.82; 12 m int @ 12__ 12.00; note due Cullin and Newman $53.00; 18m int @12 __ $9.00; N.Y.T and M.R.R. pay day

July 19

Pay bal. due on Mrs. George note $15.00; Davis lost note took Mrs. G. receipt. Ordered ______ Cowells of Mc J. Cherry Company

July 20

Go to Spanish camp to confer about Harris attachment must fight H.

July 21

Go to see Mr. Q not at home; see Brown Darsey about debt. He will arrange Sat 23; trade grant 2 yr old for 3 yr old heifer brand E. P and N.

July 22

Saw Al__________, Mose Ray, Mose Dupree, all promise to give mortgage, saw trade, his crop failure. Ian Mc C. Refusing to put depot on Chris land

July 23

Hired Esan to work Wade crop, saw ___________; good about 12 _____ sent P/A to Beasley; Beswill sent claim of title to Blums; Gen. Mc C. agrees to put depot at Quinan.

Sunday July 24

Must write B/S of ____ for Brooks.

July 25

The Harris and Bro attachment squashed; continuance in Halff, Weis and Co. case, for parties. Gen M. Bulloch disagrees again on depot trade.

July 26

Frank worked 2 days in Wades crop- Wade hoeing got Henry to work Wm’s crop; saw Mr. Q. no credit for Mos.; Must get an order from him.

Wednesday July 27

Bryan offer pr of mules for $60.00 or one large mule; M.S.G. saw Cela’s 3 yr old at Milburn lake; George Q. offers cattle for sale; gives me permission to take up black A.J. mare.

July 28

Took mortgage: Elisha Grince, Alex same, Wesly Jeemes, took second mortgage Am Price.

July 29

Wrote A. G. Martin clerk _________; wrote Howard and Harrison, San Antonio; Snake creek camp meeting commenced.

July 30

Heard form Mrs. Johnston favorably; wrote Joe Kaylor

July 31

At home

August 1

Saw Mose Ray, Mr. Q accepts for $30.00; saw one ewe, 3 yr old; saw red, 3yr old; saw black heifer on Milburn lake.

August 2

Rain on Peach Creek

August 3

Went to Wharton, saw J. Godsey about gin house, says he will fix up at once; saw Dennis, can levy on growing crop.

August 4

Had light rain

August 5

J. Wlker called, gave order for goods to G.D. Porter, $250.00; Rec’d bill of Cleveland goods O.K.

August 6

Light rain, john T has my spades, got up sorrel mare of W.S. Gibb band

August 7

Heavy rain-too much for cotton

August 8

More rain-greased buggy harness-rec’d ledger from Galveston no cotton worms yet.



Tenants on Jackson Place 1881

Chas Grant 12 Acres, $3.00 per acre

Wm Kearney 25 Acres

Ned Owens 20 Acres

Wade 15 Acres

Wm Thomas 06 Acres

W.S. Gibb 04 Acres

Quint Tyler 10 Acres

And. Price 10 Acres

A. Young 4 Acres



Vanity Fair

Lorna Doone

Mill on the Floss

Paul Ferrold



Amts Paid in Cash to W.A. Thatcher, for acct of Gillespie Plantation

Paid Jno for Alex, Sam $19.00

Paid Wm on order ____ $37.19

Mose Dupree $6.50

Paid for H.S. Foote for Ginning $7.50



Acct notes to be secured

Mose Dupree ap

Alex, Sam ap

Brown Dorsey note

Martin Armstrong note

Dan D. rent note

Latham Johnson note

Wm Davis acct

A. Ross Note

W.S. Gibb

Esau Gusty

Green Kirkendall

Mose Ray

Peter Palmer

Brown Palmer

J. Van Houten

Miles Godsey



162 Whole tickets, 50 Half

Door Keppter 33 o tkst

Door Keepter 4 ½

Door T. Taylor 4.00

Cash B. Poone .45

Geo Hobkin To cash 50

Jno. Thatcher 2.00

Dick Loc, To cash 7.00

Sold Cordray 3 tkts

Jake Goodman, to 4 per tkts



Corn in Crib 1880

Bbls [cubic meter]

John Allen 210

Clem G. 104

Giles C. 168

S. Mason 18

Wes Jeanes 42



List included but not transcribed



Performance June 15 [1880]

Whole tickets 100

Half tickets 40

Dr. Philips

To 25 While tkts

To 20 half tkts

Buy 21 whole tkts

Buy 18 half tkts

Sold to Rivers 2 tkts pd

Sold Worthington tkts pd

W. Schultz

10 Whole tkts

10 half


To 20 tkts whole

Buy 20 tkts whole

April 7 Ticket Account

J.L.Davis 10 tkts

W.A. Thatcher 20 tkts

To cash on dresser $6.00

To cash on programs $5.00

J.C. Thatcher to 7 tickets

G. W. Hooker to 7 tickets

G. W. Hooker to 5 tickets

R. W. Malone 15 tkts

R. W. Malone 10 1/2 tkts

T.W. Taylor to 6 ½ tkts



J. Phillips by

J.C. Thatcher 7 tkts

Geo Hooker 7 tkts

Geo Hooker 4 ½ tkts

T.W. Taylor 12 o tkts

T.W. Taylor 5 ½ tkts



Lumber saved for Mr. Quinan 9572 ft.

Hauling 8 ½ $


Hlng logs 7.00




Cattle to R.W. Malone

Cattle for Wagon

1 cow & yearling Polly $18.00

1 cow & yearling Sally $17.00

1 cow & calf Gibb $16.00

1 cow & calf Ella Curly $16.00

1 cow & calf Brownie $18.00

1 cow & calf Esan $16.00

1 cow Rob $12.00

1 black bull 2yr $7.00

1 spot bull 3 yr $8.00

2 yearlings $12.00

Red’d 5.00 difference



List included but not transcribed



List included but not transcribed



List included but not transcribed



List included but not transcribed



Cows and 3yr old heifers on hand May 1, 1881

Dove – Star

Snow – Ella

Hannah – Lilly

Kira – Annie

Grant – Nelly sold

Peter – Brendle sold

Ball – Hamilton

Beauty – Cherry

Ike Owens (red) – Speck

Blackie – Fannie


Dun Foote

Spot Foote 1 yearling


Mixed Cattle on Hand

Barley – Stout


Fulko – Foot

Quinan – Doves 2 yr

Balls 1 yr – Beauty 1yr

Stars 1yr – Hands 1 yr

Curley’s 2 yr – Annie 1yr

Ella’s 3 yr – Greasi 3 yr

____ 1 yr

3 yr old +) heifer

3 yr old star Warren

– Rugely

No goods from Seeligson; arrived home from Houston at 1PM. Saw Bob Malone showed him cattle on trade.

April 23

No grinding; engine broke; showed all cattle to Bob M.; closed trade for wagon

April 24

April 25

Had very heavy rain; in evening; ground corn 18 bush

April 26

Went to see Greasy’s horses; got 2 yr old from Johnnie; wrote Seeligson & Co. Bernard very high and rising; wrote A. Harris and Bro.

April 27

Went to see horses at Greasy’s; traded her stove for cow and heifer calf; altered Jeff yearling-also old Burley; saw Gibbs heifer-fat

April 28

Got up cattle for Bob Malone & Branded in evening- Rec’d Wagon

April 29

Delivered cattle to Bob Malone. Bernard fordable; saw R.R. Contractor he wants ____, peles __

April 30

Ground 42 bush corn; Lumber arrived at East Bernard for church; grading force arr’d from San Antonio for work on N. J. T. and Mr. R.R.

May 1

Called on Terry and Minskey; saw Minskey’s 14 acre improvement- wire fence

May 2

Wrote E.J.H. G___ Bryan and controller about land; sent not to W.D.C. 181.00 to close acct, due Oct. 1st

May 3

Heard from Seeligson again, no goods yet; Heard from M. Cullock about land for depot; Clayton has bid for contract to _______

May 4

Wrote Seeligson again; wrote J.W. Hause also; saw R.R. man, offered corn at 45¢ per bbl

May 5

Rec’d stamps from P.O. Dpt.; Ella’s 3yr old came up; W.S.G. killed a beef.

May 6

Saw Chris and Alfred, they agree to trade their land for R.R. depot, looked for Bob all day could not find him.

May 7

Heard from Bob, horse drivers drove him across E. Ber Grant; H.J. bought corn rented 1 yoke oxen from old Jack P., 50¢ a day; rec’d stamped envelopes

May 8

Church Day; heavy rain at 10am; no church; uncle Tom came down, spent day

May 9

Bought red yearling from the … Dull day

May 10

Went to East Bernard; fr__ on church lumber $20.00; Bought Aug 10th, coffee 15 1/2 , Bacon 50; Brought back two a______ R.R. men. Sent to Wharton and chg’d $3.00

May 11

At home; dull day

May 12

Went to Spanish Camp; left all folks there. Dull times; nothing doing; spoke about trip to Lampasas-think will all go.

May 13

Wrote Judge Hawes about giving land to R.R.; Bob horse disappeared

May 14

Wrote G.L. Porter, for bill of goods received cigars, hoes and powder; paid J.R. Morris $15.00; hunted Bob, can’t be found

May 15

Went to Spanish Camp, heard about levy on Uncle Toms goods, for Harris debt; he gave bond and replevyed, trial before Clayton, last Mon in May. Fixed bridge on Peach Creek.

May 16

Looked for Bob and bay all evening, couldn’t find ‘em.

May 17

Johnnie is to turn horse over to me at 35.00 on buggy trade; heard from Harris, he gives land for Depot. Heard from Porter, too early to advance.

May 18

Hunted Bob in edge of Bottom, no find; sold Ella cow to Jim Earls 18.00; wrote Wheeler & Pierson Clothes N.O.

May 19

Dissolved ……

Wrote Moody & Jemison, Andrews & Walsh and C Weidenheimer

May 20

Peter Blmer heifer had a calf, heifer

Saturday May 21

Heard from C. Weidenheimer, Moody & Jemison, no go till July. Served to appear in suit of Halff, Chris & Co. on 30th

May 22

Sunday. Dull day; baptizing for Wharton.

May 23

Heard from Bob horse come from Lavaca Co.; Wrote Beasly Beels.

May 24

Heard from W. P. N. O.; List sow had four pigs.

May 25

Sold small spot sow to Minsky, also black sow lists pig $8.00

May 26

Traded red yearling for heifer yearling brand +) ; traded Ella 3 yr old and Ham yearling and 5.00 for brown ox. Brands, sold ox to Brooks.

May 27

Went to Gordon place to look for Bob; found nothing returned home, heard from him at Camp ground; Pete H. left $13 for A.C. George.

May 28

Went to camp ground, found old bay, discovered the Perkins had Bob up and riding him. Sent Larry after him and got him.

May 29

Sunday. Pleas in suits, no clem and for money note not returned, no statement

May 30

Justice Court am defendant in suit of Halff, Weis & Co. and A Harris & Bro.; both cases continued

June 6

District court begins. I am a grand juror.

June 7

Attend court

June 8

Attend court

June 9

Attend court

June 10

Attend court; close trade with Chris for depot grounds. He signs deed for same.

June 11

Grand jury adjourns till Monday 13th, am a little sick.

Sunday June 12

Still ailing

June 13

Depot trade broken by Chris’ wife refusing to sign deed. T_______ interference of third parties to defeat the depot.

June 14

Am still sick; Grand jury adjourns Sindee found 27 bills; red’d notice of suit of E.S. Wood & Son at Galveston.

June 15

Day at home, nothing doing

June 16

P.O. Office broken up at E. Bernard, must send to New Phila [Lissie, Wharton County, TX.] for mail

June 17

Took buggy to Herry to be painted.

June 18

Failed to grind; received mail from New Phila [Lissie, Wharton County, TX.]

February 21


This journal transcribed and donated by Bill Plageman a descendant of Thomas Habermacher.

From records found at the Wharton County Historical Museum

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