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Original Colonist Who Came to Wharton County

1824 - 1827

This page transcribed by Janet Barrett Hobizal May 2007,

From a photo copy found at the Wharton County Historical Museum

This is a list of the Original land owners who received land grands in Wharton County. If the museum has more information on a person it will be in bold lettering.

If you have information on any of these people please consider donating copies to the Wharton County Historical Museum. Links on the names will take you to a short biography of that Colonist.

Austin, Stephen F.

Allen, Martin 07/19/1824

Biggam, Francis 07/10/1824

Castleman, Sylvanus 07/07/1824

Clark, John C. 07/16/1824

Crownover, John 08/03/1824

Edwards, Gustavus 08/19/1824

Gilbert, Sarah 05/11/1827

Hamilton, David 05/09/1827

Hudson, C.S. 07/29/1824

Huff, George 08/19/1824

Huff, John 07/10/1824

Hunter, Eli 07/24/1824

Ingram, Seth 07/29/1824

Jackson, Alexander 07/16/1824

Jones, J.W. 08/10/1824

Jones, Randall 07/15/1824

Kincheloe, William 07/08/1824

Kuykendall, Robert

McKinsey, Hugh/Eliz 08/03/1824

Newman, Joseph 08/10/1824

Parks, William 07/24/1824

Parker, Joshua 07/24/1824

Pettus, William 07/10/1824

Philips, I.B. 05/09/1827

Rabb, Andrew 08/10/1824

Rabb, Thomas J. 07/24/1824

Scobey, Robert 08/03/1824

Sims, Bartlet 08/07/1824

Singleton, G.W. 05/14/1827

Tumlinson, James

Westall, Thomas 07/19/1824

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