Key: KIA: Killed in Action

WIA: Wounded in Action

DNB: Died Non Battle

DOW: Died of Wounds

FOD: Finding Of Death

WIE: Wounded in Europe

KIAE: Killed In Action In Europe

WIAE: Wounded In Action In Europe

M: Missing

Note: These are the only terms in key, I do not know what the other ones mean.

This page transcribed by Janet Barrett Hobizal May 2007,

From a photo copy found at the Wharton County Historical Museum 94.11D 68D Annie Lee Terry 03/23/1964

NOTE: I have transcribed this paper exactly as it is typed, some key terms are not listed and kin is son of unless otherwise indicated.

Adamak Louis J 18010380 Pvt USA - - KIA
Adams Andrew J Jr - 1 Lt USA wife, Julia H Adams Wharton WI PAC
Andrade Patricio C 38244018 Pfc USA Son, Francisca Andrade Mackay KIAE
Anton Emil E - - - Mrs. Gustav Anton Louise WIE
Bacak John J 38055569 T5 USA - - FOD
Barnard John M - TSGT USA Son, Emma Barnard El Campo WIAE
Barrera Fred - Pfc USA Son, Petra Barrera Wharton WI PAC
Barosh Jerome P 38051606 Pfc USA - - KIA
Bartos Florian B - Pfc USA son, Elnora Bartos East Bernard WIA SW PAC
Bayh Russell I Jr - Pvt USA Son, Valeta M Pliler El Campo WIE
Bench Newman L - SSgt USA wife, Evelyn M Bench Boling W I PAC
Bender Wilber - Cpl USA Son, Mary C Bender El Campo W I PAC
Berberick Elwood Harvey - Fireman 2c USMC son, Mr & Mrs Herman Berberick Wharton M I Navy
Bilek Alvin E - Pfc USA Son, Frances Bilek El Campo W I PAC
Birmingham Timothy L - Pfc USA wife, Clara Birmingham Wharton W I E
Bram Otto C 38240521 Sgt USA Son, Christine Bram El Campo W I A Meterranean
Brett Jesse Rudolph Jr - Phar M 2c USNR Son, Agnes Isabel Brett Marsh Wharton D I Navy
Brosman John R 38155294 Pfc USA - - KIA
Brown Frank S 38671598 Pvt USA Wife, Florence M Brown El Campo KIAE
Brown Kenneth F 6274556 TSgt USA - - KIA
Brown Robert E 38547571 Pfc USA wife, Gladys M. Brown Wharton KIAE
Brown Robert W Jr 0-802714 2Lt USA - - KIA
Brownshadel Elton J 0-676615 2Lt USA - - KIA
Carmichael Joe A - Pfc USA Son, Grace N Carmichael East Bernard W I A E
Carroll ?ene L 38549106 Pvt USA Son, Ruth K Carroll El Campo W I A E
Casarez Justice C - Pvt USA Wife, Guadalupe Casarez El Campo W I PAC
Chancy George Washington Jr - Cpl USMCR son, Mr & Mrs George Washington Chancey Sr Iago D I NAVY
Chilek Adolph B - SSgt USA son, Anne Chilek Wharton Germ POW Liberated
Cook Joe N - Cpl USMC Wife, Mrs. Joe N Cook Boling W I NAVY
Cox William J 18061852 SSgt USA - - D N B
Craig Wayne D - Cpl USMCR Son, James L Craig El Campo W I NAVY
Crockett Blas - T5 USA Son, Charlott Crockett El Campo W I E
Dawson George W - Pfc USmc Minnie F Dawson Iago Body Returned
Dettling Anton 6275636 SSgt USA Son, Charlie Dettling El Campo K I A E
Dixon Daniel D - Pfc USA wife Dorothy M Dixon Wharton W I PAC
Dornak Alvin H 38240557 Pfc USA - - D O W
Drenner William L 38672212 Pvt USA Son, Edna L Drenner Wharton W I A E
Dressler Edward J 18009525 Pvt USA son, Frank W Dressler El Campo W I A E
Elizondo Marcos B Jr - Pvt USA Son, Mrs. Gregorio B Elizondo Louise W I E
Englemohr Herbert L 38160480 SSgt USA Son, Gus Englemohr Louise K I A E
Englerock Glenn H - 2Lt USA Son, Elo Englerock El Campo Germ POW Liberated
Esquivel Oscar M - Pfc USA son, Dolores M Esquivel Newgulf W I PAC
Evans James H Jr - TSgt USA Son, Mrs. Hildred Evans Wharton D I E
Fetchner Robert O 01179390 2 Lt USA - - D N B
Finley J R - Pfc USA Son, Elizabeth S Roim El Campo W I PAC
Fitzgerald James A 38416635 Cpl USA Son, Gladys Fitsgerald Wharton K I A E
Fraunberger George N - T5 USA Son, Melvin M Frauenberger Wharton W I E
Gangl Herman O 6959346 T5 USA - - D N B
Garcia Reymundo - Pfc USA Son, Juan Garcia Wharton M I E
Gates Theodore Carson - Av Mach M 2c USNR Son, Jesse Austin Gates Boling D N B
Genzer Emil F - Pfc USA Son, Louise Genzer East Bernard W I PAC
Genzer Jimmie A - Pfc USA Son, Louise Genzer East Bernard W I A E
Gilchrist James F 6250597 TSgt USA - - D N B
Gilcrease William Eugene - Seaman 2c USN Son, Ben E Gilcrease El Campo W I NAVY
Graham Earl E. - Sgt USMC Wife, Mrs. Earl E Graham Wharton D I NAVY
Gusman Manuel 6299525 SSgt USA - - K I A
Harmonson Selser R 0-354116 Capt USA - - K I A
Harriss Hugh Braddock - Hosp Apr 1c USN Son, Walter William Harriss El Campo D I NAVY
Hensley Harold H 18041588 SSgt USA - - F O D
Hlavenka Edward F - Pfc USA Son, Fr Hlavenka East Bernard Japan POW Liberated
Hoelscher Bennard W - Cpl USMCR Son, Mr & Mrs Edmond F Hoelscher Wharton W I NAVY
Hradecky Aldrich T - Pfc USA Son, James Hradecky El Campo W I E
Hradecky James J - Pfc USA Wife, Luella Hradecky El Campo W I E
Hutchins Johnnie David - Seaman 1c USNR Son, Mr & Mrs Johnnie M Hutchins East Bernard D I NAVY
Ingvardsen Ingvart F - T5 USA Son, Ane Ingvardsen El Campo W I PAC
Jaks Vernon E - Pfc USA Son, Mary Jaks El Campo W I E
Hanis Jerry G - SSgt USA Son, Mrs Joe Janis Wharton Germ POW Liberated
Jecmenek Rudolph J 38091668 Pfc USA - - D N B
Jedlicka Joe L C 38203511 Pfc USA Son, Julie Jedlicka Wharton W I A E
Johnson Clifford Albert - Mach M 2c USNR Son, Mr & Mrs John Emil Johnson El Campo W I NAVY
Jones Richard C - Pfc USA Son, Robert D Jones Newgulf Germ POW Liberated
Jurek Denver M - Pfc USA Wife, Mary L Jurek Wharton W I E
Knebel Edmond J 38075409 Cpl USA Son Mrs Francis Knebel El Campo K I A SW PAC
Knudson Sam S 38053962 T5 USA - - KIA
Kocurek Johnnie 38075400 SSgt USA Son, Mrs. Fred Bender El Campo W I A SW PAC
Koenig Willie V 1801662 SSgt USA - - KIA
Kramer Alton W - TSgt USA Son, Bertha Kramer East bernard Germ POW Libera
Krenek Rudolph J 38160409 Pfc USA Sister, Caroline Krenek El Campo K I A E
Kretschmar Flinoi - Coxswain USNR wife, Geneva N Kretschmar El campo WI NAVY
Krutilek Robert J 38596822 Pvt USA - - D N B
Lawson Turner P Jr - Pfc USMCR Son, Mr & Mrs Turner P Lawson Sr Wharton D I NAVY
Lewis Samuel B 0-1049952 1Lt USA Wife Anna C Lewis Louise W I A E
Loera Ladiso 38545077 SSgt USA - - D N B
Luchak Willie J - Pfc USMCR Son, Mr & Mrs John Luchak Wharton D I NAVY
Macias Pedro B 38091708 Pfc USA Brother, Gumecindo Macias El campo K I A PAC
Maly Robert A - Pfc USA Son, Annie Maly Wharton W I PAC
Mangum Wesley W 38549935 Pfc USA Son, Mrs Gill Mangum Newgulf K I A PAC
Martin Kirby C Jr - Capt USA Wife, Mrs. Kirby C Martin Jr El Campo Germ POW Liberated
Matthys William A Jr 38163088 MSgt USA - - D N B
Matula Julius C Jr - T4 USA Son, Cecilia Matula Wharton W I E
Matusek Leo B - Cpl USA son, Mary Matusek Wharton W I E
Matzke Eugene M 0-787941 2Lt USA - - D N B
McAfee Henry - Mess Attend ec USNR Son, J B McAfee El Campo D I NAVY
McCagg Thomas R 38051048 Pvt USA - - K I A
McEntire JImmie 38203551 SSgt USA - - D N B
McCarson Preston G 0-829048 2Lt USA - - K I A
McNeil William P 38032806 Pvt USA - - K I A
Mendoza Ysidro 18010779 Pfc USA - - K I A
Merritt Raymond L - SSgt USA Son, James L Merritt Wharton D I PAC
Miller Albert T 18062474 Sgt USA Son, Ellen Miller Wharton K I A PAC
Molina Francisco G - Pvt USA Son, Felicita G Molina East Bernard W I E
Napolein Francis J jr - Cpl USA Son, Mrs Eddie Napolein Wharton W I E
Noska Adolph - Cpl USA Wife, Matilda Noska Wharton W I Pac
Novak Vic or William - Seaman 2c USNR Son, Mr & Mrs John Steve Novak Wharton D I NAVY
Ochoa Manuel M - Pvt USA Son, Leona M Ochoa Wharton W I E
Ovesney Ladislav J - Pvt USA Son, Christine A ovesney East bernard W I E
Padia Joe J 384k6627 Pfc USA Son, Josephine G Padia Wharton K I A E
Pauler George J - Cpl USMC Son, Mr & Mrs August J Pauler Wharton W I NAVY
Payne Paul E - TSgt USA - - K I A
Perez Fred B 38155326 Pfc USA - - D O W
Peter James 38155282 Pfc USA - - K I A
Pietsch Leonard L 38051620 Cpl USA - - K I A
Praytor Elvin G - Pvt USA Son, Hazel L Praytor El Campo W I PAC
Prazak Joe V - T5 USA Son, Frank Prazak East Bernard W I E
Preuss Charles W - 1 Lt USA Son, Emma Preuss Louise W I E
Ramsey Frank L - 2Lt USA Wife, Leola M ramsey El Campo Germ POW Liberated
Richardson Johnnie Grover - Shipfitter 2c USNR Wife, Nollie Richardson Newgulf D N B
Riha Anton Jr 18043346 Pvt USA - - D N B
Rodgers Alvin G - SSgt USA Son, George F Rodgers Hungerford W I E
Rodriguez Rafael 38422040 Pvt USA Son, Enriqueta M Rodriguez Newgulf K I A
Rorex Aaron B - Pvt USA Wife, Bettie F Rorex Wharton W I E
Rutherford Roy C Jr - Pvt USA Son, Lillian P Rutherford El Campo W I A E
Sablatura Adolph E - Pvt USA Son, Francis M Sablatura El Campo W I PAC
Sablatura Jerome R - Pfc USA Son, Mary S Sablatura El Campo M I E
Salinas Manuel R 38075359 Pvt USA Son, Frances Salinas El Campo K I A SW PAC
Sanchez Tules - Pfc USA Son, Antonia S Sanchez Danevang W I PAC
Sapien Jessie P - Pfc USA Son, Rosie Sapien Hungerford W I E
Sauceda Pete D - Pfc USA Brother Ignacio D Saucedo Newgulf W I A E
Sauceda Raymond D 6299534 Pfc USA - - K I A
Schattel Albert - Sgt USA Son, Caroline Schattel East Bernard W I NAVY
Scherdin Roddy N - Pfc USA Wife, Anna D Scherdin El Campo W I E
Schumacher Melvin C - Pfc USMCR Son, Matilda L Schumacher East Bernard W I NAVY
Scotka Edward L - Pvt USA Son, Mary Scotka El Campo Germ POW Liberated
Shula William E - Pfc USA Son, Ella M Jezicek El Campo W I E
Shelton Curtis - Pfc USMCR Wife, Mrs Curtis C Shelton Wharton D I NAVY
Slovak William R 0-708341 1Lt USA - - F O D
Smith Cecil H Jr - Pfc USA Son, Cecil H Smith Sr Iago W I E
Sobotik Stanley A 0-723454 2 Lt USA Son, Marie A Sobotik Wharton K I A E
Sparkman Luthur H 18139486 Av C USA - - D N B
Stallings Marvin M 18117780 Cpl USA - - K I A
Stansbarry Carl E - Cpl USMCR Son, Mr & Mrs Ocie E Stansberry Boling W I NA Y
Starr Gerard E - SSgt USA Wife, Sara F Starr East bernard W I E
Stunz Robert N - Sgt USA Son, Beulah L Stunz Wharton D I PAC
Sulak Leonard A - TSgt USA Son, Mary Sulak East Bernard W I PAC
Thomas Audrey W - Pfc USA Son, Norene Thomas Wharton W I E
Thomas Melvin J - Pvt USA Son, Hattie Thomas Lane City W I E
Trudell Ambrose J - Pfc USA Wife, Lola D Trudell El Campo W I E
Vacek August R T-000066 F1 O USA - - F O D
Vackar marvin I - SSgt USA Son, Ignac Vackar El Campo W I PAC
Valicek Eddie E 38073485 Pvt USA - - K I A
Vengler Edmund L - Pvt USA Son, Guss A Vengler Wharton W I PAC
Veselka Daniel C 38547676 Pvt USA Son, Cyril W Veselka El Campo K I A E
Vick Roy E - SSgt USA Son, Mrs John W Vick El Campo Germ POW Liberated
Vick Theodore H 18115328 SSgt USA - - F O D
Vi;;arreal Morris 38240583 Pfc USA - - D N B
Walton Mingo H - Pfc USA Son, Mildred R Walton Wharton M I E
Ward L. C. 38162103 Pvt USA - - K I A
Ward Neal P - 1Lt USA Wife, Pauline J Ward Louise Germ POW Liberated
Westerholm Lee L - Pvt USA Brother, Max M Westerholm El Campo Germ POW Liberated
Whittle Vess Beryl - Pvt USMCR Wife, Thyra C Whittle Boling W I NAVY
Willis Otis B 38414642 Pvt USA - - D N B
Williams Oliver D 38051599 SSgt USA - - K I A
Wilson Charlie C 38160412 Sgt USA - - D O W
Zaruba Jerry C 38055569 Pfc USA - El Campo D N B

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